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guys I don't know what to make of this one


The Squaresoft and Enix merger was something of a curse for the JRPG genre – while it's nice that Dragon Quest could finally become profitable in the west, it had also effectively eliminated whatever competition Squaresoft had. Everybody else was too small and they just made games we've already played a thousand times before. Some were better than others, but the point was that by this point, the genre had grown stale and people were becoming less interested. Not everybody made a game like Shadow Hearts, unfortunately. The rising monolith that was and still is the western RPG likely wouldn'...


Best Final Fantasy game ever made and a wonderful sequel. Absolutely flawless.

The good:

Battle system is better and less easier to exploit.
Non-linear gameplay
Many secrets and mini-games give the game a high replay value
Great soundtrack that's actually uplifting

The bad:

Getting 100% completion is VERY difficult.


Final Fantasy X-2 was an amazing sequel to X. But if you haven't played X first, you shouldn't play this game. I don't really see why this game gets so much hate. Personally, I love the changes. X-2 is very upbeat and joyful as opposed to the more depressing atmospheres you see in previous FF games which gets old really fast. I also love that there's an all-female cast which defies a lot of stereotypes and sexism. The battle system was a big overhaul from X and while it is much easier than X, it's also more complicated as well. The dressphere and Garment Grid system was also a great additio...


Quite the disasterific sequel


Trying to review Final Fantasy X2 as directly and honestly as possible without pissing off the fanboys and cheerleaders is as likely as trying to find a straw of hay in a large pile of needles without getting pricked and potentially losing most of your blood supply; it is undoable. I cannot provide an honest review without the need to mention how terrible this game is. It’s not just because it’s not even remotely true to the Final Fantasy series or the fact that it’s an underwhelming sequel to Final Fantasy X (which was a decent RPG), but because it reeks of Final Fantasy finally, after 15 ...


It's Not a Real FF, So What?

The good:

-Beautiful, detailed graphics
-Still sounds great
-Still very fun, but in a different way
-Sidequests galore
-The ending is determined on how you played the game
-Lots of familiar faces as well as new characters
-You can revisit nearly every FFX location, most with extensions
-Dresspheres are cool and fun to experiment with
-The new airship rocks
-Instead of running from place to place, you get to select locations for missions
-Yuna can jump and climb, and she runs faster than Tidus
-You can skip some scenes
-Pretty clever story, sometimes
-The storyline gives you lots of options and possible outcomes
-More humorous than FFX

The bad:

-The combat system can often leave you open for attack when healing or charging, and the energy meter wastes time
-Controlling Yuna can feel clunky or irresponsive
-Hardly any new locations
-Can leave you clueless on the next objective or how to do a certain mission
-No Sphere Grid, so stats and abilities are almost unpredictable
-Only three party members
-Not as many save points, which means you end up redoing more if you die
-You still go back to the starting menu if you die instead of a last checkpoint
-The story can get weak, confusing, or random at times
-A couple of Dresspheres are harder to acquire than they should be…
-Shorter overall than FFX


Judging from the surprisingly low scores this game has received, I had my doubts about this one. But at the same time, I thought a sequel to an amazing game had to be good. And I ended up having mixed feelings about it. It's a great game, but there are some issues I wish I could work out.

Graphics: 10 -- Although the graphics look more of the same, they are still quite astonishing with a few slight improvements. This is especially noticeable in the character models and background animations. Most characters still maintain their original design, while others have adopted a fresh new look...


Final Fantasy X-2


The best thing in this game I personally found was the story. Even though it wasn't amazing it was well done. Not like really the other Final Fantasy games. This is a whole new thing you could do really. Other good things was keeping Yuna/ Rikku as basically in the main characters. I wouldn't have minded having some of the past characters also there but it was interesting to have them. Also what they decided to do with Killika in the whole new looks for the island. It just looked great. I found the music to have suited the game very nicely. Even though it was music I am not sully fond of I ...


[Truly not the] Final Fantasy [X-2]

The good:

-Non-linear storyline (Waot, the game actually HAS a storyline??! Call the press!)
-Not being confined to a particular set of abilities... Which means the Dressphere system is good. No more having to rely on Holy to kick @$$ with Yuna now!
-No whiny Tidus! Yay!
-It makes a total mockery of Roman Numerals

The bad:

-The fact the storyline is, well, poor...
-Brother loving Yuna more than what is suitable for family members. If we wanted *bleep*, Square Enix, we would've called...
-Rikku's lack of clothing for almost EVERY SIGNLE FRIGGIN DRESSPHERE!
-The massage mini-game... For one obvious reason...


Okay. Let's not waste time making false claims. Final Fantasy X-2 is a HUGE step down from X. I'm not talking about any of the following aspects:
I AM talking about the following aspects:
-Playable Characters (Severe lack of)
-Storyline/Plot (Poor... Even for a Square game...)

Easy to play through in a few months, but you'll have to put in a lot of work for 100% completion.

Something that always makes me cringe, is Brother and his constant pursuit of Yuna. I discovered something I hadn't seen before whilst playing through the game again today.
"Yuna, when you get your unif...

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