[edit] Background

Final Fantasy X is a role-playing game and is the tenth entry to the Final Fantasy series; it is set in a fantasy world called Spira where a group of adventurers set out on a quest to defeat a monster called Sin.

The main protagonist and his friends are taken to the world of Spira by the Sin and they must work together to discover a way home with the help of their new allies. The group must travel across the world to stop the Sin from destroying villages and towns in it's wake and ultimately, to end the monster for good.

The game was first released in 2001 for the PlayStation 2. Later a high-definition version was re-released for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in 2014 for North America and Europe before finally being released world-wide on the PlayStation 4 in 2015. The remake for the game is called Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster.

[edit] Gameplay

The game is played in third-person and the player is able to explore the world to some extent; the player is not send to a world map for travel and they can travel to most locations on the ground. The fastest method of travel is an airship which becomes available later in the game, the airship allows the player to travel across the world at high speeds. However, coming across enemies will start a turn-based battle area where the player is restricted to a certain area until the battle is complete.

Combat in the game is turn-based where both the player and the enemy take a turn to attack the other; during battle, the player may control up to three characters and the UI for battle includes a graphical overlay which displays which character will get to move next. It is also possible to switch out characters during the fight and switch in another party character instead. Specific abilities and spells can change the battle turn order by increasing speed and other abilities may need longer cooldown time which can cause characters to miss turns.

There are a variety of minigames which can be played throughout the world, the main one in this game is Blitzball; the game is played entirely underwater and is a cross between water polo and soccer (football) where the player is able to manage their team by recruiting and kicking players. Chocobo Racing can also be played where the player can participate in challenges to train their chocobo before racing another one. There is also a battle arena called the Monster Arena and players can quest for their ultimate weapons called the Celestial Weapons.

Less prominent minigames can be found across the world also such as a Butterfly Hunt and Lightning Dodging however these are much smaller that the main minigames.

[edit] HD Remaster

The HD Remastered version includes both Final Fantasy X and it's sequel, Final Fantasy X-2 in the same game. This version has had a graphics overhaul and some of the music has also been rearranged.

The Sphere Grid was added to the game which allows the player to raise their stats and learn new abilities; the abilities from this grid are mixed and the player can learn a range of different abilities which allows the player to take on any role they choose.

Another new feature is the Creature Creator System where players can capture enemy monsters and have them trained by various NPCs from across the world. These monsters can fight alongside the party in combat and can even be trained in the arena.

[edit] Features

Fight in turn-based combat - Fight enemies in strategic turn-based combat where each character takes a turn to strike

Become stronger – Use the Sphere Grid to raise the stats of characters

Explore – Travel across the world on the land or take to the skies with the airship

Minigames – Take a break from the story and play a range of minigames like Blitzball

Monster allies – Capture and train monsters to use them in battle

[edit] Players liked:

  • Great story
  • Sphere Grid is a nice concept
  • Good graphics

[edit] Players didn't like:

  • Lots of cutscenes
  • A bit too easy
  • Repetitive at times

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