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Final Fantasy Tactics cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes for more Final Fantasy Tactics cheat codes.


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Chapter 3 ending battle
This is Ramza's one on one battle against Wiergraf. Start by running away each turn, and use scream each turn. Keep doing this so you hve, around 5-7 turns before he has his. Now attack him and kill him. Then it's his demon form, just use your powerful Ramza and go around, killing off the other demon's. Finally kill Wiergraf's demon form.
easy battle
This tip could help you fight a battle easier with only 2 or 3 character per battle. All you need are :
1. Ramza (squire)
2. A ninja (with math skill ability:frog, zombie, raise or raise2, don't move)
3. A thief (with battle skill ability and equiped crossbow) ---> optional.
All you have to do is keep ramza cast yell on the ninja that has math skill until her/his speed above 15. Then use the ninja to cast math skill:frog the first time he/she act by choosing the aproriate enemy ct or level. It wont be hard because the enemy will usually have about 70 or 90 ct for your first move, and the exact lvl of your highest character level (maybe 2 or 3 lvl less). Then cast zombie and raise/raise2, and walla you win the battle less then 10 minutes.

Or you can cast math skillon't move on enemy that stand on primary number of height (2,3,5,7,11), cast frog, zombie and raise/raise2.

Don't worry if your character turned to frog, just wait until his/her ct or level is the only one that can be choose to cast frog again.

Warning: this tip cannot work with boss that have ???/??? attribute.

Fighting Gafgarion
When Ramza fights Gafgarion alone it's not very easy at all. To make this easy you can have a Black chocobo fly over the gate and help. Also try seeing if you can get a human on first this way you can beat Gafgarion and attack his group(who can't attack over the wall unless they have Geomancer abilities) at full force.
First Battle on Mandalia Plains
In your first battle at Mandalia Plains, you're given the choice to "Save Algus" or "Defeat All Enemies". Choose "Defeat All Enemies" so you don't need to protect Algus (he will not die if his HP is 0, which will result in a game over). The battle will be much easier because you don't have to focus on keeping Algus alive.
Get all or most jobs early!!
In chapter 1, between Dorter and the castle place(long time since I played), there are two fighting places: The fields and the swamp! When I started, I got all the way to the mime job, all mastered, before going to Dorter. By the by, if you train to level 50 before going to Dorter, you could cut all those Goons until they cry; in other words, attack at triple there HP and instant kill. I did this and went all the way to the end of the game without training, and just earning Ultima and the special summon at a later date in the game! Trust me, it's time consuming, but in the long run, your game time will drop to a mere 40:00 Hours! I finished mine in 34:26 HOURS! TRY IT YO! YOU KNOW YOU WANNA!
Great Combinations
Learn and equip the abilities:
MP switch
Move MP_UP
The abilities are found in the oracle and time mage.
All the damages, that was not given by crossbow/bow, will be transferred to your MP. Even if you receive damage above the maximum MP you have in the moment.
To make the effect maximum put your brave in a high level.

To avoid physical attacks use the samurai ability BLAD GRASP also with high brave level

Credit to my friend: Mois├ęs The Ted bear.
Higher HP
When you have reached level 99, step on a trap that
permanently reduces one level from you. Keep stepping on and off
that trap. If you have the patience to go to level 1 and level
up to level 99 again, you will get an additional 300 HP.
In battle with Holy Knights
For high level battle, have all knights equipped with Excalibur. Make sure at least one has calculator and priest near mastered. Every turn or less for these chars. use your calculator to select Holy on as many enemies including yourself. With the Excalibur your knights will only gain HP while all enemies selected will pay. If possible, first put faith on as many as you can. Know you'll also have Haste with this sword.
Incoming health
When somebody with an item that causes reraise is about to die, have somebody with white magic, to have a cure ready cause revived people don't usally last long.
Leveling up
The best way to level up is the exploit the use of getting JP for any move that changes the status of the target.
The easiest way to do this is to simply attack yourself. Then using the person who you want to improve, make them heal their wounds with a simple potion. Continue doing this until the persons Job level is at 8 and job points are easily attainable.
The best map I found on Barias valley. Kill everything but a panther, move your party to the other side of the river. The tiger wont cross if you keep one soldier on the one space stone in the center of the river since they can't swim. Then use your remaining party to attack and heal each other while the tiger is trapped. It takes time but it's MUCH faster then doing a bunch of battles. And trust me, Level 99 characters are well worth the effort!
Obtain Zodiac
When you do tricks like the 9999 JP trick on the summoner class you will realize that that job is not mastered. In order to master the Summoner class go to the tenth floor of the deep dungeon and have a summoner get hit by Eldibs Zodiac ability once you have done so that unit should now have the mastered the summoner class.
If your pistol-users are having trouble with close range combatants, aim somewhere behind them. You might get lucky and hit them with a bullet!
Pretty good I believe
After you have completed the deep dungeon side quest, make sure that you have Ramza know or learn the two swords skill. You should have the Chaos Blade plus a Ragnarok from the deep dungeon quest. Equip both of them to Ramza with him knowing the two swords skill. He should attack twice and innflict a lot of damage to the enemy. This will also be helpful while in the last few battles.
Happy gaming.
Raise does not kill undead creatures. You need a higher level of raise or phoenix down to do so.
Super Samarai
From what I have comprehended, samarai's are fairly strong! I have created the ultimate samarai

SKILL 1: Samarai skill draw
SKILL 2: Guts (Ramza), Monk (Other)
Counteract: Hamedo
Extra: Doublesword (not to be confused with doublehand)
Foot extra: (does not matter, I put EXP. UP)

Weapons:Best "knife" x2
Armor:Genji Armor
The AB System
I know most of you hate starting a new game with the classes you hate most, squires. Do you want to know how to make them move around controlled by a computer? Well here it is. For some of you, who already know about Auto-Battle, won't need to read this. The AB System is when the computer takes your place in a battle. You can see the icon Auto-Battle in the list below:

Auto Battle

Click on Auto Battle. It should bring up a screen like this:

Fight for life
Protect allies
Save fading life
Run like a rabbit

Here is what they do:

Manuel - Fight by hand

Fight for life - Pick an enemy, and the AB controlled person will defeat him by any means nescessary.

Protect allies - Pick an ally,and the AB controlled person will protect him/her by any means nescessary.

Save fading life - This is like "Protect allies" but will protect all allies.

Run like a rabbit - Guess. But, if you really want to know, it means go to the corner farthest away from battle, and keep using a Job Point boosting spell. If an enemy gets close enough, he will use long range attacks.

Hope that helped clear up the AB system .

Wild Frogs!
First, get a wizard that knows frog. It's secondary skill should be Yin Yang Magic and should know Blind Rage. At the beginning of the battle, use frog on all the enemies, and then use frog on your units(except the wizard). Use Blind Rage on your units. When your entire team is Blind Raged, use the autofight "run like a rabbit" feature and sit back. After a few hours, and you should have won the battle, and gained a ton of experience and JP.


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max jp glitch
1. On the overworld map hit start and go to formation

2. Choose the person that you what to give 9999 points for lerning skills in a certain class

3. Go into ability and select learn

4. Select the class you eant to get 9999 JP in

5. Make sure the skills of this class are longer then the page( meaning you can scroll down)

6. Select a skill you can learn and select it without learning it ( press 0 once) instead hold down the [] buttion and hit down.

7. If the skill you landed on cannot be learnd ( you don't have enough JP for it) make sure it says you do want to learn " the move you picked in step 6" and hit yes

8. Now you should have 0 points, now hit X until you come back to the characters info page

9. Now go back to abillity and hit learn agin, that class should have 9999 JP


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"Undead death"
Use a phoenix down on an undead monster and it will automatically be KO'd.
Black chocobo without Mediator
To get a black chocobo without a Mediator first get to chapter two of the game. Then save Boco in the second battle. Walk around all over the map and eventually he will lay eggs. Walk around the map again so the eggs will hatch. Eventually a black chocobo will hatch from one of the eggs(keep your yellow chocobos to get more eggs to increase the odds).
Duplicate Weapon trick
1. Get a knight with the 2 Swords ablitity.
2. Put a shield on the right, and equip the weapon you want to duplicate on the left hand.
3. Go to a shop where they only sell a weapons that are weaker than the weapon you want to duplicate.
4. Go to the changing-room, and perform the "equip strongest"
5. De-equip your lefthand and you should have an extra.

*Note you will have to pay the price of the weapon. This is useful for rare weapons like Excalibur which is only like 10 gil but the weaker Defender is like 40,000 gil lol*
Easy JP
Go to the easiest stage of the game no matter what level your characters are at; to Mandalia Plains. Get into a battle and hopefully, you'll get a Chocobo in your enemy group. Kill off every other enemy except the Chocobo, then surround it with four characters so that it cannot move. Have your team hammer on it to gain JP, but just enough to keep it at low HP for awhile. The Chocobo will be forced to heal itself, and since your characters have it trapped, it will also heal any damage inflicted on you during the attack. Then, have your extra fifth character, most likely Ramza, keep tabs on the team if they need help. If they don't need assistance, have him keep using Accumulate or Scream over and over again to jack up his JP. Also, you'll want to have Gained JP Up on all your characters. Spend a ridiculous amount of time doing this every so often, and your characters will be ready for anything.
Elemental mastery
Geomancers and the 9999 JP cheat don't work. That's what they always said. But I have discovered how to work it out. First get 300 JP...then buy local quake... nothing else. Then, go all the way to the bottom then go to sandstorm. click circle. DO NOT BUY IT!!! click square and press up. It should now be on local quake. buy it. Your JP will be gone. back out.. go back in and voila...9999 JP. now buy all you want.
Find out what will be born ahead of time cheat
On the formation screen, put any eggs you might have into the bottom row. Place the curser on top and press right or left slowly or rapidly. You should be able to get a glimpse of the monster's face that's going to be born.

(Note: This cheat does not necessarily work with all versions of Final Fantasy Tactics. --Bloodsin)
full HP
are those meanies in Dorter mopping the slum's ground with your butt? maybe those summoners at the top of the building are pelting you from afar. maybe you find yourself at a loss as the last boss bashed you repeatedly about the face and neck with a violent beating motion? easy to fix. with a high faith character as a priest, cast regen on the desired people. as the spell takes the CD door. the game stops but Regen doesn't. after a while you'll be good as new. this works for FF7 too.
Get Reis the Dragoner
Anytime in Chapter 4, head to Goug Machine City and view the "Steel
Ball" Scene. Besrodio comments that the Steel ball is unpowered. It has
an Aquarius sign etched into its surface.

2) See the rumor at Goland Coal City's bar about monsters underground, and
you return to the World Map.

3) Meet Beowulf at Lesalia Castle's bar. He's interested in exploring the
coal mines, and Ramza decides to go with him. Once you return to the
world map, Goland Coal City has turned into a red dot, signifying a story
batle. What you'll face, however, is a battle series, so prepare

4) Go underground Goland and fight the Underground Colliery Battles.
Eventually, you will have to save Reis (the purple dragon) from the
Archaic Demon and Plagues. You get the Aquarius Zodiac Stone.
Beowulf and Reis (the Holy Dragon) join up. It's not the "true" Reis.

5) Go back to Goug and re-energize the Steel Ball using Aquarius.
Worker 8 joins the party, and Ramza issues his first command to a Steel
Giant, with hilarious results. Continue the game until you can get to
Zeltennia Castle.

6) Unlock Nelveska Temple area at Zeltennia through rumor at bar. Despite
the red dot, there's no battle here yet (as noticed if you go to the dot,
nothing happens.) Just continue the game.

7) Buy Aeris' flower at Zarghidas Trade City (plot event, there's only
1 chance to do so, it is on the way to Limberry Castle to fight Elmdor.
(It's just 1 gil! Buy it!)

8) Return to Goug Machine City. Besrodio has unearthed a new toy. This
strange device has a Cancer sign inscribed on it and is called a
"Celestial Globe."

9) Go back to Nelveska Temple. The battle will now occur, the only
battle there ever. Fight Worker 7 *NEW (don't forget the 4 great items!)
After the battle, you win the Cancer Zodiac Stone (Worker 7 *NEW's power

10) Try to leave and Reis regains her humanity by Cancer's power. A
touching reunion between lovers ensues (don't worry, nothing
JP Scroll Glitch
This is a working cheat to get 9999 JP without using a GameShark. This glitch only works on jobs that you can scroll down on the page (example: archer only has one full page of abilities, but a wizard has more so you can scroll down). Go to the cheapest ability you can get and push the circle button. It will ask for you to confirm that you want to learn this ability, but instead of clicking yes, hold square button and push down, let got of square and make sure you've landed on an ability you cannot access (grayed out), which you can control by selecting a different ability to start on. Press yes, and you should now have 0000 JP. Go out to the main job screen, go back in, and you will have 9999 JP for that job.
Sometimes it takes a little JP away or simply learns the ability but it's worth it when you have a master summoner and wizard at your disposal!
Level Down Trick *Power Up*
After gaining levels on a character with high growth rate jobs (like ninja), perform "level down" to them after changing into low growth rate jobs by purposely going on to traps. After going up to Lv 99, coming back to Lv 1, and going up to Lv 99 again, the HP increase is up to 300!
Nearly Invincible Female
To get an invincible character, find a chantage, which can be stolen from Meliadoul or poached. Equip this on a female. Every time this female dies, she will revive later on. Chantage is blessed with permanent Re-Raise.
Permanently Increase Your Bravery
Once you reach Chapter 2 Ramza can learn the "Guts" ability Cheer Up. Learn it. During battle this Cheer Up skill will increase your bravery temperarily for 5 points. It also increases you bravery permanently by 1 point. This will work only up to 97 Bravery.