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Final Fantasy Anthology cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Easy Money (FFV)
After the two worlds have melded together, and once you've acquired the Black Chocobo from Mirage Village, head toward the Phoenix Tower. Inside the Phoenix Tower, you'll encounter an enemy called Disabler. Make sure at least one of your characters is a Thief, or have the "Steal" ability equipped, and then begin stealing Wall Rings from every Disabler you encounter. Repeat the process as much as you like and then head to any town to sell the Wall Rings. One Wall Ring alone will sell for 10,000 GP!

You can encounter Disablers anywhere inside the Phoenix Tower, but it's best just to stay on the 1st floor, because you'll have easy access to the entrance where you can rest and save outside the tower.
FFV Boss Tips
X Death:
Have a chemist with the mix ability. when you get in the final battle with X Death mix Holy Water with Maidens Kiss to make "Kiss of Blessing" on X Death which automatically kills him.

Triton, Negrade, and Phobos:
Cast Odin and they are gone

Summon Shoat and Carbuncle will get petrified
Gilgame (5)
Now this guy is really annoying. In the second world (the only time you can get him)there is a cave north of Val castle go in it, it should come up gilgames cave walk around every where until it says you obtained 10 gil. If you keep moving up you will obtain more and more gil. Until you have a battle. (you know who it is) gilgame pops up (it is a very good trap of that damn wizard turtle)he will instantly keep casting fire 2 on you you.
Kill Undead Easily
When in a battle against a ghost or undead enemy you can use a Revivify or Fenix Down from the items menu, and any life magic. This will kill undead enemies in one shot.
Magic Lamp (FFV)
A great item called the Magic Lamp is hidden away in the world of FFV. The location of the Magic Lamp is as follows: Once the two worlds have melded together, hop on your Yellow Chocobo and head toward Easterly Falls. Ride the Chocobo through the narrow river to reach the top of the falls. Enter, and press the X button to obtain the Magic Lamp!

The Magic Lamp calls upon random Summons during battle, and you can use it over and over! However, each Summon can only be summoned once, except Chocobo, which will end up being the ONLY Summon you can call upon. But do not fear! There is a way to "refresh" the Magic Lamp so that you can call upon each Summon once again!

Once you have the Submarine, head toward the Dwarf Village. Inside the village, there is a spring (B7). In the bottom-right hand corner of the spring, there is a gap which appears to be a passageway, but not quite. Enter the gap and the screen will flash. There, now the Magic Lamp has been refreshed! You can return here at any time to refresh the lamp.
Mirage village
Right at the bottom of Cresent Island there should be a weird shaped forest (you can only do this in world 3) walk around there and you should get a screen transition as if you encountered monsters, but it isn't a battle it is Mirage Town (the town you go through while in the x-zone. You can buy coral rings here (easy way to beat Shinru) and your black chocobo!
Never use a status recovery item (FF6)
Heres a little tip I came across when getting status ailments like darkness or poison. If you get it in the battle first finish the battle. Then go to your menu and then to your relics. Equip a relic that protects against the status your in and it will be gone. Then replace it with what you had before and it will not return. This is key in random battles so you do not waste items. Granted if your in a Boss battle and it is key to cure yourself then do so then. But if your exploring it will help a lot.


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(FFVI) Instant Kills
This trick can only be done if you have X-Zone and Vanish.

First cast vanish on the enemys. Then cast X-Zone, they should instantly die. This also works on most bosses.
Clocks (Final Fantasy VI)
When ever you see a clock, examine it. There will always be somethin very important. From a key in South Figaro in The Riches person mansion, to (ussualy) elixers. Yes, I said Elixers, The X-Potion and the Full Either (oe whatever, they restore full MP). The greastet item ever. Just check clocks. I don't know if one is in al of them or not but all of the ones I found had one in there.
Easy Economizers
Make sure LOCKE is level 35+ and equip him with the Offering, Theifknife, and all your best armor (The Marvel Shoes help as well). then save and bet the "Strato" at the Colosseum, you will have to fight an Aquila, LOCKE will attempt to steal from it about 50% of the time and if you're lucky you'll get an Economizer, if you only get a Pheonixdown just hold (L1,L2,R1,R2,Start,and Select) reload and try again, once you have successfully stole an Economizer and you win the fight you will get a "Pearl Lance" just bet that in the Colosseum and you'll win another "Strato", you can repeat this as many times as you like and it is a lot easier then running around the Pheonix Cave looking for an Aquila, hoping to win one from the bracosaur, or giving up your handy Gem Box.
(Note: this will also work with SHADOW)
quick levels 4 low chars ( FFV)
In world 2 after being blown away by X-death's barrier. When you've managed to get on your feet, change to trainer (only works with control ability), save and enter the sealed castle of koozer. Run into shield dragon and defend with all characters except the trainer. Keep using control until he is at your beckon. Then pummel him with his own blaze spell. After 4 or 5 times he will die leaving you with 1000 gold and a nice 2500 experience points. A nice start to a bad beginning.
Weird Glitch (FFVI)
This isn't a cheat or a tip, but I think this is worth mentioning. After you clear Zozo in the World of Balance, you must take along Celes and Locke to do the Opera House scenario. But guess again! You can take along any other two characters. Just switch them with Celes and Locke. For instance, take Cyan and Edgar.

Talk to Impresario in Jidoor, and he will STILL say that you look like Maria! There is even some dialogue that is spoken by Celes and Locke, even though they aren't with you!! Now head to the Opera House, but as soon as you talk to Impresario, the game will freeze.
Win Exp. Eggs
At the Colosseum in the World or Ruin, you can win many Exp. Eggs, an awesome relic that doubles the experience points earned in battle! To win an Exp. Egg, you'll need to bet an Elixer. Elixers are rare, but if you had checked all the clocks throughout the game, you should have plenty, that is of course you haven't used them up.

Start off by betting an Elixer, win the battle, and you'll win a Rename Card. Bet the Rename Card and win the battle to win the Marvel Shoes relic. Bet the Marvel Shoes and win the battle to win the Tintinabar relic. And finally, bet the Tintinabar and win the battle to win an Exp. Egg! Repeat the process to win Exp. Eggs until you run out of Elixers.