Final Fantasy IX review
The Crystal has returned...

The good:

The 9th chapter of the Final Fantasy series.

The Plot is about a couple of thieves, you play as one of the popular ones, Zidane, and you are on a mission to kidnap the princess for Gil.

What he tends to fail is that, Zidane got attracted to the princess (though he is a flirt) and you run into other characters, Vivi and Steiner to be some.

The battle system may be like Previous FF's but the trance function and level ups are unique. This project was to reunite with FFV's level up patterns and crystals, which did better at some. Of course The game's plot will be more devoted and suspensful as you progress on. What is great is that you can use 4 characters in battle as you did in the first 5 chapters in the series, making battles more easy and fun to use! As for the enemies and eidolons, they look awesome as they look, but very challenging if you dont take the time to train your characters, be careful!

The game isnt about the story all the way, there is a chocobo game where you dig out treasure maps to find treasures scattered around gaia, all of them are really worth getting, including the almighty Ultima Weapon

If youre into card playing, Tetra master is a good one to play in the game, though its very difficult from FFVIII's Triple Traid, Take time to practice and you'll eventually be a champion (though if you take on me, ill show you no mercy ^^ )

As for the game time, It will really be a heck of a trip, but also another good FF series to be added to your collection!!!!

The bad:

The game tends to lack in graphics a little, though its about airships and wild beasts in some, it would look a little like papers drawn with scribble scrabble.

As for the level up system, its really painful to be powerful, some characters abilities are worthless and some take too much mp to excecute or not even have enough to use. Zidane's for example, although he is the most agiled character with his Trance ability "Dyne" his normal attacks are meaningless, dont bother using "grand thief" ..you'll be unlucky all the time

The chocobo game may be fun and easy to learn, but for treasures, the small images for hunting can get your eyes tired in a jip, so be prepared for endless sleeping if you take a long time on one treasure.

Evasive manourvering attacks is impossible, be prepared to equip the most best equipment you can to resist damage and status changes, in the early parts of the game Eiko and Vivi can be knocked out easily by massive behemoth attacks, ect. and the enemies tend to use "death" spells often, be sure to save the game every time you have.


If you like FF, get all the games you can, it is rated the best in RPG's or so i think....

this is a good around game to use. good luck!!!!

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