Final Fantasy VIII review
Timeless classic

The good:

New System,A whole new way to acquire magic and improve your characters with unique abilities such as Junction and Draw

Hours of Gameplay: a breath-taking main story and dozens of optional quests, including the addictive triple triad!

Stunning Fmvs: High quality scenes added into gameplay.

characters: Lifelike in both personality and appearance the game allows players to become totally involved in the story and the characters

plot: An intriguing plot with twists and turns. A tale of magic, love, rivalry, and war.

Soundtrack: Dozens of skillfully composed pieces enhancing the story

The bad:

The occasional unclear plot point found within the story occasionally hampers the development

Not as challenging in many respects as previous ff installments. Battles are easier in most cases, even boss battles.


Plot summary:
17 year old Squall Leonhart is a cold and independent young man, an Elite fighter in the Millitary Academy of SeeD. His first mission is the beginning of an Epic journey of a new evil revealing itself to the world. Throughout the quest he meets a collection of trustworthy friends and fellow warriors ; a lively,emotion-fuelled fist Fighter Zell, a spunky young messenger Selphie, his fiercely intelligent instructor Qusitis, a smooth talking Sniper Irvine, and a beautiful spirited resistance leader Rinoa.

The typical seed mission these characters embark on soon turns into something much more, with the emergence of a mysterious sorceress bent on world domination. a journey that leads them to discover things about the world they never knew and things about themselves, their past and their future. Will this group come together to save the world? And will the reluctant hero find a way to let love into his cold heart?


The game is excellent. The story is engrossing and engaging and although slightly fantastical it maintains an element of realism throughout by focusing on the humanity of the characters.
The setting of the game is excellent, a whole new world with cities and villages to explore, each with its own significance to the games story.

As well as the story there are many entertaining side quests such as the traditional FF Chocobos!
The optional Gfs are a nice touch, they require some exploration and often puzzles to get them, but again this adds a nice touch to the game and allows the player flexibility.
These extend the game play and make sure there is always something for the player to do.
The features, specifically the music and graphics are excellent even compared to its more technologically advanced succsessors. The occasional glitch in graphics is inevitable, but in no way spoils the game.

Although the new junction/draw system can be difficult to grasp in the early stages, it allows the player to take complete control of their characters performance in battle and the range of junction abilities really make things interesting. The element of drawing also adds a new dynamic to the battle, using enimies magic to your advantage or 'draw and cast' to get out of a tricky situation!

Overall, its combination of story, the interesting new system, the life like characters and the traditional elements of final fantasy make it one of the best in the series, if not the best. As my favourite game of all time,I would recommend it to everyone.

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