Final Fantasy VIII Game Script
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Final Fantasy VIII Game Script

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¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| TABLE OF CONTENTS |
DISC ONE                                                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

  01. Post-fight, Infirmary, Classroom, Main Gate ...................... WK01
  02. Fire Cavern ...................................................... WK02
  03. Balamb Garden & pre-SeeD-Mission Banter .......................... WK03
  04. The SeeD Mission ................................................. WK04
  05. Balamb Garden, SeeD Inauguration, Training Center ................ WK05
  06. The Train to Timber .............................................. WK06
  07. Laguna Sequence I ................................................ WK07
  08. Timber & The Owls ................................................ WK08
  09. The TV Studio and the Ticket Out ................................. WK09
  10. The Forest & Laguna Sequence II .................................. WK10
  11. Galbadia Garden and Irvine Kinneas ............................... WK11
  12. Far East Station & a Meeting with General Caraway ................ WK12
  13. The SeeDs, The Sniper, The Sewers, and the Sorceress ............. WK13


  14. Laguna Sequence III .............................................. WK14
  15. D-District Prison ................................................ WK15
  16. Galbadian Missile Base ........................................... WK16
  17. Balamb Garden .................................................... WK17
  18. Drifting at Sea .................................................. WK18
  19. Fishermans Horizon ............................................... WK19
  20. Balamb Town ...................................................... WK20
  21. Trabia Garden .................................................... WK21
  22. Attack on Galbadia Garden ........................................ WK22
  23. Galbadian Garden Infiltration .................................... WK23


  24. Balamb Garden Opening & Edea's House ............................. WK24
  25. Laguna Sequence IV ............................................... WK25
  26. Return to the Orphanage and the White SeeD Ship .................. WK26
  27. Bridge to Esthar & Great Salt Lake ............................... WK27
  28. Laguna Sequence V ................................................ WK28
  29. Esthar -- Presidential Palace .................................... WK29
  30. Lunar Gate & The Lunatic Pandora Over Esthar ..................... WK30
  31. Lunar Base & The Ragnarok ........................................ WK31
  32. Sorceress Memorial ............................................... WK32
  33. Edea's House ..................................................... WK33
  34. Esthar Presidential Palace ....................................... WK34
  35. Lunatic Pandora .................................................. WK35


  36. Lunatic Pandora, Pt. II .......................................... WK36
  37. Ultimecia Castle ................................................. WK37


  38. Legality ......................................................... WK39
  39. Updates .......................................................... WK40
  40. Contributors ..................................................... WK41

        [-]           Denotes speech that can be said by a     
                      party member, but depends on the party's 
                      lineup. Although there may be many who   
                      can say a line here, only one actually   
        [*]           Denotes speech that will always be said  
                      if the character is in the party.        

01. Post-fight, Infirmary, Classroom, Main Gate                          [WK01]

[After the opening FMV, the teen who tasted the blade first lies
on his back on a bed in the infirmary. A motherly doctor stands
over him, having just patched him up.]

Dr. Kadowaki: "How are you feeling?"
               R1 --> (Ok, I guess)
               R2 --> (My forehead hurts)

               R1 (Teen): "......Ok."

                  Dr. Kadowaki: "Take it easy next time, you hear?"

               R2 (Teen): "...My forehead hurts."

                  Dr. Kadowaki: "No kidding."

Dr. Kadowaki: "Looks like your eyes are focusing. You should be
              fine. Say your name for me."

[The player names the teenager, with the default being Squall.]

Dr. Kadowaki: "Why don't you take it easy in training? Next time
              you might not be so lucky."

Squall: "Tell that to Seifer."

Dr. Kadowaki: "That Seifer...Won't listen to anyone. Why don't you
              ignore him?"

Squall: "I can't just run away."

Dr. Kadowaki: "You wanna be cool, huh?  Well, don't get hurt in the
              process. Let's see, your instructor is...Quistis! I'll
              call her now. Just wait here a minute."

[The doc walks out of sight and Squall can hear her talking in the
other room.]

Dr. Kadowaki: "Quistis? Come get your student. Yes, yes...His
              injury's not serious. It'll probably leave a scar.
              ......Right. Now please come by."

[A girl walks into view in one of the windows and looks down at
the injured fighter.]

Girl: " we meet again."

[Squall looks over and the girl walks away without saying another
word. Squall's instructor, Quistis, then walks into the infirmary.]

Quistis: "I knew it'd either be you or Seifer! Come on, let's go.
         Today's the field exam."

[Quistis and Squall start down the hallway.]

Quistis: "Squall. Is there something on your mind?"

Squall: "Not really."

Quistis: "Not really. Hahaha!"

Squall: "What's so funny?"

Quistis: "Funny? No, no, it's not that! I'm just happy. I feel like
         I'm finally beginning to understand my student a little.
         That's all."

Squall: "I'm more complex than you think."

Quistis: "Then tell me. Tell me more about yourself."

Squall: "It's none of your..."

Quistis: "...Business!"

[The two walk through the massive structure, and it shows other
students walking around. The two finally arrive in one of the
classrooms and the students lounging before the bell walk to their

Quistis: "Good morning, class. Let's start with today's schedule.
         There seems to have been some rumors flying around since
         yesterday...Yes, the field exam for SeeD candidates will
         begin later this afternoon. Those not participating and
         those who failed last week's test are to remain here in
         study hall. Field exam participants will have free time
         until the exam. Just be sure you're in top condition.
         Meet in the hall at 1600 hours. I'll announce the team
         assignments there. Any questions? Oh, and Seifer! Do NOT
         injure your partner while training. Be careful from now

[Seifer looks over at Squall and slams his hand on his desk.]

Quistis: "Field exam participants. I will see you all later."

[Everyone starts to leave.]

Quistis: "And Squall. I need to talk to you."

[Squall walks over to Quistis.]

Quistis: "You haven't been to the [Fire Cavern] yet, have you? You
         won't be able to take part in today's SeeD exam if you don't
         pass this prerequisite."

Squall: (...I was gonna go this morning, but Seifer...)

Quistis: "Hm? Do you have a good excuse?"

Squall: "...Not really."

Quistis: "Then let's get going. If you're not too confident yet, you
         can review your studies at the [study panel]. I'll be waiting
         at the [front gate], so come down when you're ready. You can
         access the [study panel] from [your seat]."

[Squall walks out into the large hallway outside. He hears someone
yelling from down the way:]

Voice: "I'm late, I'm late, I'm LATE!!!"

[A girl in uniform runs down the hallway and bumps into Squall,
knocking her to the ground.]

Girl: "Waaah!"

Squall: R1 --> Are you ok?
        R2 --> ......

        R1: "Are you ok?"

          Girl: "There. Tee-hee, I'm fine. Sorry. I was kinda in a 
                hurry. Oh yeah! Hey, did you just come from that 
                class? Is......homeroom over?"

        R2: "......"

          Girl: "There. Sorry. I was kinda in a hurry. Oh yeah! Hey,
                did you just come from that class? Is......homeroom

[Squall nods.]

Girl: "Woo...Oh, nooo...This place is soooo much bigger than my last
      Garden! Oh, hey, hey. I just transferred here. Do you think you
      could give me a quick tour of this Garden?"

Squall: R1 --> Sure
        R2 --> Don't have the time

        R1: "Sure."

            Girl: "Whoo-hoo! Alright, let's go!"

            Squall: "We'll take the elevator to the 1F lobby and I'll
                    show you the [directory]."

        R2: "Don't have the time."

            Girl: "Oh, bummer. That's too bad. Well, see ya."

[If Squall doesn't have the time, the girl will walk into the
classroom he just left; if he finds the time, he'll take her down to
the lobby directory via the elevator.]

Squall: "That's the directory."

[They walk over.]

Squall: "Well, this is it. Balamb Garden is pretty big. It's a good
        idea to check where you want to go, and select it here."

Girl: "I have a question! How do you use this?"

Squall: "Move the cursor and press (X) to select. Next, I'll give a
        quick explanation of the various facilities."

Girl: "Yes, sir!"

Squall: "You'll find a dormitory to the north. A majority of the
        students live in the dorms. There aren't too many students
        who commute."

Girl: "Yeah, I'm in the dorms, too!"

Squall: "You can rest and change in there. West of the North Block
        is the cafeteria. There's always a big rush for the hot
        dogs. You better get used to waiting in line."

Girl: "Got it!"

Squall: "East of the North Block is the parking lot. We usually take
        the Garden car when a mission comes up. The front gate is
        located to the south..." (That's right...I have to go meet
        Instructor Trepe at the front gate.)

Girl: "Hm? What's the matter?"

Squall: "Nothing...Next, we have the quad, located in the West Block.
        There's an event being planned there..."

Girl: "I know! I know! It's the Garden Festival! It's going to be
      great! I'm planning to be on the committee. You wanna help
      out, too!?"

Squall: "Let's just continue. South of the West Block is the
        infirmary. This is where you get treated for your injuries,
        but a lot of students just come here for advice."

Girl: "What's the doctor's name?"

Squall: "Doctor Kadowaki. Now the East Block. This is the training
        center. It's the only facility open during the night. It's
        used for training, and they have real monsters running loose
        here. If you don't take it seriously, you may end up dead.
        Just be careful."

Girl: "(gulp)...Okay."

Squall: "South of the East Block is the library. There's a lot of
        material you can look up here, but the terminals in the
        classroom are a lot more efficient. And you already know
        about the classroom on the 2F, right?"

Girl: "Yep, I remember that one."

Squall: "By the way, the headmaster's office is located on the 3F.
        You need permission to get in."

Girl: "Another question. What's the headmaster's name?"

Squall: "Headmaster Cid. That's about it. Anything else?"

Girl: "Got it! Heeey, um...are you taking today's SeeD exam?"

Squall: "Yeah."

Girl: "Then maybe I'll see you again, later. I've already finished
      my training at my previous Garden. I'm taking the Seed exam
      today, too. Good luck to both of us, huh! Thanks a lot!"
      [She walks off.]

[Squall arrives at the front gate. If he hasn't checked his desk at
all and gotten his GFs, Quistis'll say:]

Quistis: "Squall, you're forgetting something...your GF."

[Squall can name the two, default Quezacotl and Shiva, respectfully.
If Squalls already collected his two Guardian Forces, she'll skip
right to:]

Quistis: "I have a few things to explain before we head off. GF gives
         us strength. The stronger the GF, the stronger we become.
         ...So, here's a brief explanation of junctioning a GF.

[The tutorial screen opens up.]

Narrative: Junction enables characters to power up and use abilities.
           This means a GF must be junctioned in order to power up and
           use abilities. Let's begin by junctioning a GF. Right now,
           no GF is junctioned. All other commands in gray cannot be
           selected yet. Once Junction is selected, the GF and Magic
           commands appear. Since no GF is junctioned, Magic is
           displayed in gray. Let's junction a GF. By selecting GF,
           a GF list appears. Press ([]) to see abilities possessed by
           a GF. The abilities are HP Junction, Vitality Junction,
           etc. Let's choose a GF. When GF Quezacotl is selected, its
           abilities, HP-J and Vit-J make the stats HP and Vit appear
           in white. Magic can now be junctioned to HP and Vit. But,
           since there is currently no magic, we will move onto
           setting abilities. There are 3 command abilities and 2
           non-command abilities for characters and party. A total of
           5 abilities can be set. Depending on the GF's abilities,
           the maximum is 4 non-command abilities. This means that up
           to 7 abilities can be set. Let's set some abilities. First,
           select a slot. The top window is for Command abilities used
           during battle. The bottom window is for character and party
           abilities. Selecting the top window displays command
           abilities, and selecting the bottom window displays
           character and party abilities. Since there is currently no
           magic, let's set the command ability, Draw, to get some
           magic. When an empty slot is chosen, the cursor moves to
           the right. Select Draw to set the command, Draw. This is
           how command abilities used during battle are set. Let's add
           GF and Item to the list of command abilities. Now GF and
           Item are set. Let's set a non-command ability. By moving
           the cursor down, a character ability is displayed. Now, to
           set Mag+20%, select an empty slot, and select Mag+20%.
           Mag+20% is now set. Abilities have now been set. This 
           concludes the tutorial. Thank you, and good luck.

Quistis: "Everything ok up till now? You can always check back by
         accessing [Tutorial] from the [Menu]. Once we get to the
         [Fire Cavern], I'll explain how to junction magic. Use the
         command 'Draw' during battle and stock magic from your
         enemies. Be sure to have some stocked! Ready to go? The
         [Fire Cavern] used for the test is located [east of here]."

02. Fire Cavern                                                          [WK02]

[During the party's first battle:]

Quistis: "Squall, you still remember? The R1 is the trigger. Pull it
         just as you strike. Same for the Renzokuken!"

[Quistis and her student walk to the cavern in question, past a forest
and to the west of the Garden. They arrive on a dirt road which leads
to the entrance.]

Quistis: "Ok...Junctioning magic. Now pay attention. I'll be
         explaining how to utilize the magic you've stocked.

[The 'Junctioning Magic' tutorial begins.]

Narrative: By junctioning magic, you can raise the character's stats.
           If the GF has learned the ability to junction onto stats,
           that particular stat will be displayed in white. By
           selecting Junction here, the GF and Magic commands will
           appear. You are able to junction magic by selecting Magic.
           When Magic is selected, a list of magic appears. Use the
           cursor to select which stat to junction. When Str is 
           selected, choose a magic with the cursor. You can see how
           the stat value changes with each magic. When a magic is
           selected, the magic will be displayed next to the stat and
           the value will change. Only one magic can be assigned to
           each stat. However, there is no need to junction magic
           manually, one by one. Select Auto after junctioning. 'Auto'
           junctions magic automatically. There are 3 commands to 
           choose from. Atk favors Strength, Mag favors magic, and Def
           favors raising HP. Thus, magic can be junctioned easily by
           using Auto. For example, let's select the Atk junction.
           Magic has been junctioned to favor Strength. This concludes
           the Magic Junction tutorial.

Quistis: "When you draw a new magic, try experimenting with it when
         you junction. This is how you become stronger. Ok, ready to
         go? Oh! You know how to use your gunblade...?"
         R1 --> (...I guess I'll review it)
         R2 --> (...I already know)

         R1: "It's better to go over it." The Status Screen displays
             each character's basic data. The first status screen
             shows stats such as HP, Str, etc. The second screen shows
             all the status and elemental-related information. The
             third status screen shows GF-related information. The
             fourth status screen shows Limit Break information.
             Squall's gunblade settings can be changed in the Limit
             Break screen. There are two settings: Gunblade Auto,
             Renzokuken Indicator. If you select Gunblade Auto to ON,
             Renzokuken hits automatically without having to press
             [R1]. However, a 'Perfect' may not be possible with this
             option. You must select OFF and press [R1] manually at
             the right time. If the Renzokuken Indicator is turned
             OFF, the indicator will not be displayed during
             Renzokuken. If the Gunblade Auto option is turned ON,
             the Renzokuken Indicator is turned OFF automatically.
             That's all for Squall's Limit Break. "Alright, let's go!"

         R2: "Oh, ok. I was just concerned, that's all. Alright, let's

[The two walk to the entrance. It's guarded by two men in red robes
and yellow caps.]

Robed Man: "Objective: To obtain a low-level GF. A SeeD member must
           support. Are you ready?"

Squall: R1 --> (Yes)
        R2 --> (Still need to prepare...)

        R1: "I'm ready."

        R2: [Dialogue cancelled; cannot enter Fire Cavern]

[After picking R1:]

Quistis: "I'm his support. Instructor No. 14, Quistis Trepe."

Robed Man: "Select a time limit. Choose one suited to your abilities.
           Challenging yet reasonable."
           R1 --> 10 min
           R2 --> 20 min
           R3 --> 30 min
           R4 --> 40 min

[After picking the time setting:]

Robed Man: "Very well. Good luck."

[The two enter, racing against the clock to defeat the Fire Cavern

Quistis: "My job is to support you in battle. Everything else is up
         to you."

Squall: "Fine."

Quistis: "You now, the boys often choke on this test when I come 
         with them. I guess my charm makes them nervous."

Squall: (...Whatever.)

Quistis: "I'm just kidding! Trying to keep you relaxed, that's all."

[Soon, the party's run into a Bomb monster.]

Quistis: "Bomb...An elemental monster. Use an ice attack for these.
         Check the monster's weakness with Scan."

[They defeat the monsters and run towards the center of the cavern.]

Quistis: "I guess I was right. You and Seifer are in a class of your
         own. You both have amazing strength and potential."

[They finally reach the destination, a fiery hole in the back of
the cave.]

Quistis: "Ok, this is it. Are you ready?"

[Squall waves her off.]

Quistis: "You seem confident enough."

[A large demonic creature rises out of the hole and attacks the two.
If Shiva should be used on the creature (Ifrit):]

Ifrit: "They have Shiva!?"

[After awhile, Ifrit winds up for a punch.]

Ifrit: "Impudent humans!"

[Soon, the party's laid waste to the boss.]

Ifrit: "For me to lose to a human...Very well, I will join you."

[Squall completes the trial by getting the Ifrit GF.]

Quistis: "There isn't much time, but let me go over this real quick.
         Good, you got yourself a GF. If you junction that GF, you'll
         be able to use the Elem-J ability. Here's an explanation on

[The tutorial screen comes up again.]

Narrative: Junction can change basic parameters such as Strength and
           Magic, as well as elemental parameters. By junctioning a
           GF with elemental junction ability, as magic is junctioned,
           the El-A/D slot above HP turns white, indicating an
           elemental junction. When (D-pad left) is selected, the
           elemental junction screen apears. Elemental junction works
           like any other junctions. First, select a stat to junction,
           then choose a magic to finish the junction. However,
           non-elemental magic like Cure cannot be junctioned.
           Elemental junction affects attack and defense differently.
           Junctioning to Elem-Atk links that element to a character's
           Attack. The % indicates how much of the attack's damage is
           linked to that element. At the maximum value of 100%, the
           Attack becomes entirely elemental. In the example, Ice is
           at 50%; this means that damage only increases by 50%. When
           junctioned to Elem-Def, the damage from that element is
           reduced. Reduction of damage is shown in %. At 100%, damage
           is reduced to 0. In the example, fire damage is reduced to
           20%, because Elem-Def is at 80%. (Star) is displayed when
           the value goes over 100%, indicating that damage is
           absorbed. In this state, you can absorb the amount of
           damage indicated in %. In the example, 50% of fire damage
           is absorbed. Multiple magic types can be junctioned to
           Elem-Def, depending on the GF's ability. Junction multiple
           magic types with the same elemental for a cumulative
           effect. Try junctioning different magic to check the 
           effect. You can also select Auto to automatically junction
           the most effective elemental magic. This concludes the
           Elemental Junction tutorial.

Quistis: "There's a lot of Fire elemental monsters here, so junction
         Blizzard to your Elem-Atk. You'll have an easier time with
         Fire elemental enemies."

[The party heads back to Balamb Garden once the task's completed.]

03. Balamb Garden & pre-SeeD-Mission Banter                              [WK03]

[At the main gate:]

Quistis: "Well done. Let's see...I thought there was something else
         I needed to go over with you before you take the SeeD exam...
         Oh yes! Taking care of your GF. This is something you have to
         watch out for."

[Yet another tutorial opens.]

Narrative: A GF will level up as it gains experience (EXP), and learn
           new abilities by gaining AP (Ability Points). From EXP to
           AP: EXP gained from battles automatically levels up the GF,
           while AP gained during battle can be distributed, to learn
           different abilities. Decide how to distribute the points.
           Let's go over how a GF can learn different abilities.
           Select GF from the menu to display the GF acquired. When
           Shiva is selected, Shiva's stats are shown. This displays
           its EXP, LV, and compatibility between characters, etc.,
           but by selecting Learn, Shiva's ability list is displayed.
           Abilities in white, such as Str-J are abilities already
           learned, while abilities in gray have not been learned yet.
           The first number in gray shows the AP spent towards 
           learning, and the second number shows the AP required to
           complete. Vit-J shows that 50 AP are required, of which 0
           AP has been spent. In order to learn the ability
           Elem-Atk-J, move the cursor to Elem-Atk-J and confirm.
           Elem-Atk-J wil then be displayed to the left, under
           Learning. From here on, all AP gained will be used for
           Elem-Atk-J. When all 160 AP are gained, Elem-Atk-J is 
           learned. Once an ability is learned, AP will automatically
           move on to an ability not yet learned. With each learned
           ability comes a different set of abilities to learn. The
           order of learning affects the GF's powers. Therefore, it is
           recommended to return to this screen to set the next
           ability. This concludes the tutorial. Thank you, and good

Quistis: "Now change into your uniform and assemble at the 
         [1F Lobby]."

[Squall goes to his room and returns to the lobby, dressed in his
SeeD attire. Quistis is waiting for him.]

Quistis: "Squall! Over here! I'll be announcing the squad assignments
         for the exam now. Let's see...You'll be with...Zell Dincht.
         Quite a lively fellow."

Squall: "Lively? He's just loud. Can't I switch members?"

Quistis: "I'm afraid that's not possible. Over here, Zell!"

[The flamboyant Zell comes over to the two after a quick demonstration
of his martial arts skills.]

Zell: "Whoa! I'm with you!?"

[He sticks his hand out, but Squall doesn' take up the offer. A
tutorial for Zell starts up.]

Narrative: Zell's Limit Break can also be changed in the Status
           screen. If Duel-Auto is turned ON, the Limit Break Duel
           will execute automatically. The Limit Break moves listed on
           the screen are selected randomly. That's all for Zell's
           Limit Break."

Zell: "You don't get along with Seifer, do you? Heard he whooped you
      pretty bad this morning."

Squall: "We weren't fighting. We were training."

Zell: "I bet you he doesn't think so. Look, Seifer's just being a pain
      in the ass. All you have to do is ignore him."

Squall: "That's none of your business."

Quistis: "That's none of your business. Ahem...Excuse me, but...That
         Seifer you're talking about...He's your squad leader."

Zell: "SAY WHAT!?"

Quistis: "It can't be changed. Seifer! Are you here?"

[Seifer and two other people walk over.]

Squall: (Fujin and Raijin tagging along as usual...Guess that makes
        up the whole disciplinary committee.)

Quistis: "You're the squad leader. Good luck to you."

Seifer: "...Instructor. I hate it when people wish me luck. Save those
        words for a bad student that needs them, eh?"

Quistis: "Ok then. Good luck, Seifer."

[Seifer beckons to Fujin and Raijin.]

Seifer: "Add Instructor Trepe to the list!"

Squall: (The list...? What is it?)

Quistis: "Well then. You're all assigned to Squad B. I'll be the
         instructor in charge. Teamwork is of the utmost importance.
         Let's get through this exam, everyone!"

Seifer: "Listen up! Teamwork means staying out of my way. It's a
        Squad B rule. Don't you forget it!"

Headmaster Cid: "Everyone here?"

[The headmaster walks into the screen.]

Headmaster Cid: "It's been a while, everyone. How's everyone doing?
                This exam will involve 12 members from Squads A 
                through D...You will be proceeding to a real
                battlefield. Obviously, the battles are for real. Life
                and death, victory and defeat, honor and disgrace...
                Each of these go hand in hand. There's only one way or
                the other. How 'bout it? Are you still up for it? You
                will be accompanied by 9 SeeD members. Should you
                fail, these members shall get the job done. They
                always do. Well, that's one less worry on your mind.
                The pride of Balamb Garden! The elite mercenary force,
                SeeD! Learn from them, obey their commands and
                accomplish the mission. Prove yourselves worth of
                becoming a member of SeeD. Best of luck."

[Squad D heads to the parking lot, where they all hop in a Garden
vehicle. Inside:]

Zell: "Yo, Squall. Show me your gunblade, will ya?"

Squall: "........."

Zell: "C'mon, man!"

Squall: "........."

Zell: "Just a peek!"

Squall: "........."

Zell: "Tch, fine...Yeah, yeah...Why you bein' so selfish!?

Squall: "........."

Zell: "Say somethin', will ya!? W-What's on your mind?"

Squall: "...Nothing."

Quistis: "...Nothing."

Zell: "........."

[Zell stands up and starts punching the air.]

Seifer: "Stop that...It's annoying. ...Chicken-wuss."


Seifer: "Heheheh..."

Quistis: "Knock it off!"

[Everyone calms down in their seats.]

Squall: "...Instructor...Who was that girl in the infirmary this

Quistis: "Was someone there? I didn't notice anybody. Is there a

Squall: "No...not really..."

Seifer: "This is great...I have a Chicken-wuss and a guy who just
        reached puberty in my squad..."

[The car heads to the Balamb docks, where there are numerous ships
stationed for departure. Everyone hops out and heads to the pier.]

Squall: "So that's the vessel...?"

Seifer: "Ain't no turning back now. Huh? You scared, too?"

[A man yells from the pier.]

Garden Staff: "Hey! You guys are the last! Hurry up and get in!"

Seifer: "Don't disappoint me now."

Quistis: "Come on, move it!"

[They all go to the docks.]

Quistis: "Hurry, Squall!"

[Everyone piles into the ship and it speeds across the ocean, with a
tiny town on the horizon: the destination. Inside, everyone sits.
Quistis stands when another woman walks in.]

Xu: "Hi, Quistis."

Quistis: "Well, these are the members of Squad B."

Zell: "Nice to meet ya!"

Squall: "Pleased to meet you..."

Xu: "Seifer, how many times has it been now?"

Seifer: "Oh, I just love these exams..."

Xu: "I'll explain the current situation and the mission. Be seated!
    Our client for this mission is the Dollet Dukedom Parliament. A
    request for SeeD was made 18 hours ago. Dollet has been under
    attack by the G-Army since about 72 hours ago. 49 hours into the
    battle, Dollet abandoned their position in the inner city.
    Currently, they have retreated into the nearby mountains and are
    reorganizing their troops. That's the current status. Now onto the
    mission objective. According to our reports, the G-Army is mopping
    up the Dollet troops in the mountain region. We're to make a
    landing at Lapin Beach. We're to eliminate the remaining G-Army
    within the city and liberate it A.S.A.P. Afterwards, SeeD members
    will intercept any G-Army forces trying to make their way into the
    city from the mountain region."

Seifer: "So, what are WE supposed to do?"

Xu: "SeeD candidates are to eliminate the G-Army inside the city."

Zell: "Sounds important!"

Seifer: "Sounds boring. So what you're saying is, we do all the
        little, dirty work..."

Xu: "......... Oh, it hardly needs to be said, but...The order to
    withdraw takes priority. Do not forget. We're almost there. We
    anticipate a battle as soon as we disembark. Just be prepared.
    That's all. Any questions, talk to Quistis."

[Xu walks out.]

Squall: (Hmmm...)
        R1 --> Talk to Quistis
        R2 --> Talk to Seifer
        R3 --> Talk to Zell
        R4 --> Do nothing

        R1 (Quistis): "What is it Squall?"
                      R5 --> Explain that again
                      R6 --> It's nothing

        R2 (Seifer): "Listen up. Our goal for this mission is to
                     mop up all the Galbadian soldiers still left
                     in Dollet. All you boys have to do is take
                     orders from me, the captain."

        R3 (Zell): "My first real battle...I'm gettin' pretty

           Seifer: "Better not piss in your pants."

            Zell: "Hah!? You talkin' to me?"

           Seifer: "Heh heh..."

            Zell: "...Bastard."

           Quistis: "Ok, enough talk. We'll be landing pretty soon.
                    Get ready."
            Zell: "Roger."

           Squall: "Alright."

           Seifer: "Yeah, yeah...Well then, Squall. Go see what's
                   going on outside."

           Squall: "........."
                   R7 --> ......Ok
                   R8 --> No

        R4: "We'll be landing pretty soon. Get ready."
            Squall: "Alright."

              Zell: "Roger."

            Seifer: "Yeah, yeah...Well then, Squall. Go see what's
                    going on outside."
            Squall: "........."
                    R7 --> ......Ok
                    R8 --> No

        R5: "Here's a quick explanation. The goal for this mission is
            to eliminate the Galbadian forces that have entered 
            Dollet. The order to withdraw takes priority. Be sure to
            make your way back to the shore when you get this order."

        R6: "We'll be there soon. Be ready for anything, Squall."

        R7: "......Ok."

            Seifer: "Good. Because it's MY order."

        R8: "......No."

            Seifer: "This is an order from your captain, Squall. Now
                    go outside."

            Squall: "......Ok."

[Squall goes outside and takes out a map in an FMV. The boats sail
across the gleam of the moon on the sea's surface, and he looks at
the areas where the attack is going to take place. Explosions are
already detonating on the beach as the ships arrive for the rescue

04. The SeeD Mission                                                     [WK04]

[Everyone piles out of the ship as its back end opens.]

Quistis: "Ok, you are to secure the [Central Square]! Be sure to equip
         your GF before you head into battle!"

Seifer: "Let's move out."

[The party runs up the nearby steps and are attacked by G-Army 

Soldier: "They're Dollet reinforcements?"

[They cut the two men down and continue on until some more G-Army
members jump off a branching walkway between streets and attack.]

Soldier: "Look out, it's Seed!"

[They fell the soldiers and continue on into the next section.]

Seifer: "The [Central Square] is up ahead. Hey! All you Galbadian
        cowards out there! Come out'n show your faces! Don't leave
        me hangin' now!"

[Seifer runs off ahead.]

Zell: "...What an idiot."

[They run to catch up with Seifer, and are quickly attacked by
a stray soldier, who they deal with promptly.]

Squall: "There may be more..."

Seifer: "All right, I want you guys to scout the area for enemies."

[Near a vehicle blockade, the party finds some more soldiers. They
lay them to rest in a quick battle.]

Squall: "I think that's all of them."

Seifer: "Well then, we're on standby 'til the enemy comes. 
        Standby... How boring..."

[The party hears a loud noise.]

Squall: "Sounds like it's starting."

Seifer: "Bring it on."

[A dog starts nipping at Seifer's heel.]

Seifer: "Get outta here! Scram!"

[Seifer runs to the other side of the fountain that sits abandoned
in the town square.]

Seifer: "Hey! Galbadian Soldiers! What are you waiting for!? Come
        show me what you got!

Squall: "...Nothing."

Seifer: "Still keeping us waiting...? That's it...! I can't take
        it anymore! What is this, some kind of dog training!?"

[The dog that was annoying Seifer previously runs off and howls.
The party ducks down as a Galbadian scout checks around and leads
some troops out of town.]

Squall: "It's the enemy..."

Zell: "Where the hell they goin'?"

[Zell looks at the top of the mountain.]

Zell: "Hey? What is that up there?"

Seifer: "Our next destination."

Zell: "But that's against orders!"

Seifer: "Weren't you just saying how bored you were?"

Zell: "Squall!"

Squall: "I stand by the captain's decision."

Seifer: "...Captain's decision? You want to wreak some havoc too,
        don't you?"

Squall: "It's a good opportunity to test out my training. Thanks to
        you, I feel like I can take on anyone. Even if they do fight
        dirty, like you."

Seifer: "You'll thank me when the time comes."

Zell: "What the hell...I thought you guys didn't get along? You're
      like, all buddy-buddy now. Listen. This ain't no ordinary
      battle. It's an exam, an important one. I'm tellin' ya, we
      have to stick to orders."

Seifer: "Then you stay here. I don't need any boy scouts."

Zell: "What was that!!!?"

Squall: "Don't take him seriously, Zell. Seifer, if we're gonna
        go, let's hurry."

Seifer: "The enemy is headed for the [facility]. We, Squad B,
        are to secure the summit. Move out!"

Squall: "Alright."

Zell: "Tch...Fine."

[Seifer's crew heads across the nearby bridge that links to the
mountaintop. As they head up one of the stairways, a Dollet soldier
crawls into sight out of a bush.]

Dollet Soldier: "Ahhh! W-W-Who are you!?"

Squall: "Don't worry. We're SeeD candidates. We've been dispatched
        by Garden."

Seifer: "So what's going on up there?"

Dollet Soldier: "The Galbadian soldiers have entered the
                [Communication Tower]. On top of that...that place has
                always been a nesting ground for monsters. If you guys
                are goin' up, be caref...H-HELP!!!"

[An Anaconduer attacks from in its hiding place, and the party starts
battle with it.]

Seifer: "Listen up! The finishing blow determines the EXP. Save it
        for me!"

[The party fends off the snake.]

Squall: "Monsters, huh?"

Zell: "That sucks."

Seifer: "More fun for us. Come on...."

Zell: "...Fun? Pu-lease..."

[They follow Seifer up the mountain, finding him lying on his stomach
watching some soldiers from an outlook above. A soldier runs out of
the Communications Tower to the guards near the door.]

Galbadian Soldier: "The generator is up and running!"

Galbadian Soldier 2: "No problem with the boosters!"

Seifer: "...the hell they doing?"

Galbadian Soldier: "Cable disconnection confirmed! Beginning exchange

Galbadian Soldier 2: "Roger."

Squall: "Repairs...?"

[The soldiers run inside.]

Seifer: "Who cares. This must be your first real battle. You scared?"

Squall: "...I don't know. I try not to think about it."

Seifer: "I love battles. I fear nothing. The way I look at it, as long
        as you make it out of a battle alive, you're one step closer
        to fulfilling your dream."

Squall: "What!? Your dream?"

Seifer: "You have one too, don't you?"

Squall: "...Sorry, but I'm gonna pass on the subject."

Zell: "Yo! Let me in on it, too!"

Seifer: "Mind your own business."

[Zell starts punching air at Seifer again.]

Zell: "Frickin' hell..."

Seifer: "What's the matter, Zell? Swatting flies?"

[Seifer walks away.]

Zell: "Damn you...!"

Voice: "There you are!"

[A girl stands nearby, coming to talk to the party. She tumbles and
lands near everyone. This is also the girl that Squall talked to when
she ran into him earlier.]

Girl: "Are you...Squad B? Wait a minute...You're the guy who showed
      me around, right!? Thanks! I don't so lost anymore. Oh yeah, I
      haven't told you my name yet. I'm...a messenger. Name's Selphie,
      from Squad A. The squad captain's Seifer, right? Where is he?"
      [NOTE: If you didn't show her around, she begins at "I'm...a
      messenger," obviously not recognizing Squall.]

[They see Seifer down at the entrance, and he stops to look up at

Seifer: "One of these days, I'm gonna tell ya 'bout my ROMANTIC

Selphie: "(sigh) This sure is tough... Captain! Wait up...!!!"

[Selphie jumps down the cliffside and walks to where Seifer just was
before he entered the Comm Tower.]

Selphie: "What are you waiting for!? Come on! Come on!"

[If Squall takes the winding road down to where Selphie is:]

Selphie: "What took you so long? It would've been much quicker if
         you'd just jumped."

Zell: "...Much quicker? Pu-lease... ...You wouldn't normally jump
      off a cliff, OK!? Ain't that right, Squall?"
      R1 --> Yeah, I guess so
      R2 --> I don't know about that...

      R1 (Squall): "...Yeah, I guess so. You wouldn't normally jump

          Selphie: "Hmm...I don't know... Well, anyway. Well, let's
                   get goin'. Has everyone equipped a GF? You haven't
                   forgotten... Have you...?"

      R2 (Squall): "...I don't know about that. Perhaps anyone but
                   the Chicken-wuss can make it."

             Zell: "WHAT DID YOU SAYYYYY!!!?"

          Selphie: "...Hm? Since you're so angry, I guess you're the

             Zell: "What the...!!! WHY IS EVERYONE...? I am not a

          Selphie: "Well... If you don't like CHICKEN, how 'bout...
                   a PIG! Oh, but you look more like a CHICKEN,

             Zell: "Chicken, pig, whatever... Call me what you want!!!
                   I don't care anymore!!!"

           Squall: "Don't take it so personally, Zell."

             Zell: "Tch..."

          Selphie: "Well, let's get goin'. Has everyone equipped a GF?
                   You haven't forgotten... Have you...?"

[If Squall walks to the cliff to jump off:]

Zell: "Squall...You're not gonna...It's a cliff, man...You're not
      gonna jump off...?"
      R1 --> That's the plan
      R2 --> No way...

      R1: [Squall jumps off.]

          Zell: "Are you serious...!? Geronimoooooo!!!"

         Selphie: "Well, let's get goin'. Has everyone equipped a GF?
                  You haven't forgotten... Have you...?"

      R2: "I didn't think so..." [No one jumps off.]

[Once Selphie's finished speaking, they head towards the Communication
Tower. Its many layers tower above everyone.]

Zell: "So this is the [Communication Tower]...?"

Selphie: "Sure is big..."

Galbadian Soldier: "Ah...AHHH!"

[Two soldiers flee from the tower with Seifer swinging his Hyperion
right behind them.]

Seifer: "Cowards."

Selphie: "HEEEY!"

[Seifer walks back inside.]

Selphie: "The captain's getting away!"

[Inside, the elevator is just coming down and Seifer's nowhere to
be seen.]

Squall: "...Did he go up?"

Selphie: "Heeey! Squad B captain!!!"

Squall: "I think we can take this lift up..."

Selphie: "Wanna go up?"
         R1 --> Go up
         R2 --> Stay

         R1: [They all get on.]

             Selphie: "Wow, this lift is pretty cool!"

                Zell: "Don't get too excited, or you'll fall!"

             Selphie: "Like I'm really going to!"

         R2: [They don't take the lift.]

[Once they take the lift, a cutscene takes place where two Galbadian
soldiers are up on the top of the tower. The red one is repairing some
circuitry and a normal soldier walks over to him.]

Wedge: "Major Biggs! There has been a report of a monster-shaped
       shadow on top of the tower. Major Biggs!"

Biggs: "Be quiet! I'm busy! This goes like this...and...Geez, what's
       with these crappy old tools? And...and...Why do I have to make
       all the repairs!? AHHH!!!"

Wedge: "Sir, I'll check around while the repairs are being done."

Biggs: "Let's see...Hmmm...Put this here...and...This goes here...
       and...There, it's complete!"

[Squall's team comes up right as Biggs says its complete. From deep
within the bowels of the tower, a large piece of machinery shifts
upwards: a gigantic satellite dish. It quickly starts sending out
a signal to...somewhere]

Squall: "What do you think you're doing!?"

Biggs: "Huhhhh? Likewise, MISTER! What do you think you're doing!?
       H-HEY! What happened to all the soldiers down below!? WEDGE!
       Take care of these twerps!!! W...Wedge?"

[Wedge is out of sight, still patrolling.]

Biggs: "I...ah...Well...ah...I seem to be done here, so I'll just
       be on my...I-I'm leaving...Move! Move! Move!

[Seifer arrives and bats Biggs' gun out of his hand.]

Seifer: "Sorry to crash the party."

Biggs: "Ah...AHH...AHHHHH! Are you CRAZY!!!"

Seifer: "Just shut UP!"

[Biggs attacks everyone.]

Biggs: "Prepare for the worst, you brats!"

[Soon, Wedge appears in battle, too.]

Wedge: "Major Biggs...Have you finished the repairs, sir? What
       is the enemy doing here!?"

Biggs: "WEDGE! Where were you!? No pay for you this month!"

Wedge: "...Should've stayed home!"

[After awhile, the two Galbadian soldiers take a beating.]

Wedge: "Major! We're doomed!"

Biggs: "Stop your whining!

[Biggs uses Cure on Wedge. After awhile, a breezy tornado comes
down from above and starts whipping the two off the side of the

Biggs: "What the...!?"

Wedge: "Ahhhhh!"

[A large monster sinks down from above and takes the place of Biggs
and Wedge in battle.]

Zell: "What the hell is it?"

[The party defeats 'it', an Elvoret.]

Selphie: "Squad B Captain? S'cuse me! I have new orders! All SeeD
         members and SeeD candidates are to withdraw at 1900 hours.
         Assemble at the [shore]!"

Seifer: "Withdraw!? There are still enemies around!"

Selphie: "I know, but I'm just a messenger."

Squall: "An order to withdraw takes priority. I don't want to miss
        the vessel."

Seifer: "What time d'you say?"

Selphie: "Like I said...! All SeeD members and SeeD candidates are
         to withdraw at 1900 hours. Assemble at the [shore]!"

Seifer: "1900 hours...We only have 30 minutes! You got 30 minutes
        to get down to the [shore]! Better run!"

[Seifer takes the elevator down.]

Selphie: "Heeey! Wait for us!"

Zell: "Who the hell does he think he is!"

Squall: "Why don't you ask him. Let's go."

[They take the elevator back down (Selphie asks same options as when
you take the elevator up, minus the extra dialogue like before.) As
the party exits, the defeated Biggs crawls to a control panel and
gives directions to "something".]

Biggs: "Those little twerps are the targets. Now GO!!! Go and DESTROY

[As they leave the tower, a giant spider drops down from the top of
the tower. This is the "something" Biggs had sent after them. The
party defeats the X-ATM092.]

Zell: "Let's get the hell outta here!"

Narrative: [L2], [R2] buttons to escape.

[The run from battle and into the next screen. Unfortunately, the
spider is following them after a minor defeat.]

Zell: "I thought we already busted that thing up!?"

Squall: "Forget it! Let's go!"

[The party leads the spider towards the beach in their haste. By the
cafe, two SeeD hopefuls run out from their position.]

Squad C Leader: "Squad C, withdraw!"

SeeD Candidate: "Roger!"

[FMV. On the beach, Squall runs towards the departing SeeD ship 
that everyone's already hopped on. As the spider draws into a close,
Quistis mans the machine gun atop the boat and dismantles the spider
with her quick firing. The ship departs with Squall safely aboard,
and the last thing he sees is the spider blowing up on the beach.
Back at the Balamb docks, Seifer climbs out and the rest of the
'disciplinary committee' comes to meet him.]

Raijin: "SEIFER! How'd it go?"

Seifer: "Man...All they did was get in my way. Being a leader ain't

Fujin: "SAFE?"

[The three walk off together.]

Quistis: "Good job!"

[She looks around.]

Quistis: "Where's Seifer? Just be back at Garden by sundown. You're
         free 'til then. Ok, dismissed!"

[The party heads back to the car, but Seifer and his crew have
commandeered it and drive off without them.]

Zell: "H-Hey!!! Not again, man! There goes Mr. Ego..."

Squall: "Might as well walk it."

[The party heads back to Balamb Garden without Seifer.]

05. Balamb Garden, SeeD Inauguration, Training Center                    [WK05]

[Zell immediately stretches when he comes to the gate.]

Zell: "Huuuwahaah! Finally made it back..."

Selphie: "Seriously..."

Zell: "Well, I guess we just wait for the test results. 'Til then.
      See ya, Squall."

Selphie: "See ya!"

[Selphie and Zell depart. At the Directory, Squall sees the headmaster
talking with Quistis and Xu.]

Xu: "Mission complete! I think we did a pretty good job. The 
    candidates are back safely, right?"

Quistis: "Although we didn't realize the Galbadian Army was after the
         abandoned communication tower..."

Headmaster Cid: "We've just received word from the Dollet Dukedom. The
                Galbadian Army has agreed to withdraw as long as the
                communication army is repaired and the uplink remains

Xu: "Well, in any case, Galbadia is out of there. We could've made
    more money if they'd stayed and caused more ruckus."

[Squall heads towards the dormitories when he sees Seifer.]

Seifer: "Squall! D'you hear about the communication tower in Dollet?
        We would've been heroes if it weren't for that withdraw

[Xu and Quistis walk over.]

Quistis: "You were only looking for a fight."

Seifer: "My dear instructor, I'm hurt. Those are rather cruel words
        for an aspiring student. A mediocre instructor like you will
        never understand."

Xu: "Seifer, don't be so stuck on yourself. You'll take all
    responsibility for leaving the designated area."

Seifer: "Isn't it the captain's duty to take the best possible

Xu: "Seifer, you'll never be a SeeD. Calling yourself a captain is a

[Xu leaves and the headmaster comes over to talk to Quistis, who then
leaves also.]

Headmaster Cid: "Seifer. You will be disciplined for your
                irresponsible behavior. You must follow orders exactly
                during combat. But I'm not entirely without sympathy
                for you. I don't want you all to become machines. I
                want you all to be able to think and act for
                yourselves. I am..."

[A man in a red robe, like at the Fire Cavern entrance, walks over.]

Garden Faculty: "Headmaster Cid, you have some business in your

Headmaster Cid: "There are so many issues at hand here."

[As Squall leaves towards his dorms once more, a loudspeaker clicks

Loudspeaker: "All students who participated in today's field exam,
             report to the [2nd floor hallway]. I repeat: All 
             students who took the field exam, report to the [2nd 
             floor hallway]."

[Squall detours to the second floor. There, everyone who took the
test is lounging and waiting around for the test results. Soon a
faculty member with a list comes.]

Garden Faculty: "Dincht...Zell Dincht."

Zell: "OHHHHH YEAHHHHHH!!! See ya!!!

[Zell runs off quickly.]

Garden Faculty: "Squall...Squall from Squad B. Please step forward."

[Squall walks off.]

Garden Faculty: "That is all. Dismissed."

[Up in the headmaster's office, the students who completed the exam
stand rank and file in front of Cid.]

Garden Faculty: "These are the 4 stuents that passed today's exam."

Headmaster Cid: "First of all, congratulations. However...From now on,
                as a member of SeeD, you will be dispatched all over
                the world. We are proud to introduce SeeD, Balamb
                Garden's mercenary soldiers. SeeD soldiers are combat
                specialists. BUT...That is only one aspect of SeeD.
                When the time comes..."

Garden Faculty: "Headmaster...It's almost time for the meeting. Please
                make this short."

[The faculty turns to the new SeeD recruits.]

Garden Faculty: "SeeD is a valuable asset to Garden. It's reputation
                is solely dependant on each one of you. Handle your
                mission with care. Is that what you wanted to say, 
                sir? Here is your SeeD rank report!"

[The headmaster takes the reports and goes to Selphie, handing her
SeeD rank.]

Headmaster Cid: "Psst...Psst... (I'm looking forward to the Garden

[He goes down the line to a yet-unnamed person.]

Headmaster Cid: "Psst...Psst... (Do your best, even if you don't stand

[He goes over to Zell.]

Headmaster Cid: "Psst...Psst... (Try to control your emotions a

[He goes over to Squall last.]

Headmaster Cid: "Psst...Psst... (Finally...A gunblade specialist.)"

Garden Faculty: "This ends the SeeD inauguration. Dismissed!"

[Squall walks back to the hallway he was just at. Seifer approaches...
and starts clapping. Embarrassed, the new SeeDs just stand and scratch
their heads. At this time, the player sees his/her SeeD "report card,"
which tells their actions and how good they did in their exam."

Narrative: As a SeeD member, you will be paid a salary at regular
           intervals. The salary is determined by SeeD rank. SeeD rank
           goes up according to your actions in battle. Some actions
           will cause your rank to go down.

[Later on, Squall walks back to his dorm. Selphie is there already,
and dressed in a new uniform.]

Selphie: "HAH! Found you! Well, well!? What do you think? My SeeD

[Squall gets changed.]

Selphie: "Heeey! Lookin' good! Alright! Let's hit that PAAH-TAY!"

[They go to the inauguration ball. Playing to his loner persona, 
Squall stands at the back of the ceremony and drinks champagne by 
himself. Zell walks over.]

Zell: "Yo! S'up, Squall? Heh-heh, I guess we're both SeeDs now, huh?
      Put it there, man."

[Again, he doesn't shake his hand.]

Zell: "Hah, even as a SeeD, you're still the same. Well, that's
      typical of you. See ya."

[Zell walks away. Off-screen, Selphie talks to Zell.]

Selphie: "Oh...hey, Zell. Wanna join the Garden Festival committee

Zell: "Sorry, I...ahh...Just remembered something! G-Gotta go. See

Selphie: "Hmmmm...Squall! Hi!"

[Selphie runs over.]

Selphie: "Wanna join the Garden Festival committee? You can help out
         whenever you have time. Please?"

Squall: R1 --> Yeah, I guess so
        R2 --> .........

        R1: "Sure. You seem to be putting a lot of effort into this."

            Selphie: "REALLY!? Whoo-hoo! I know we'll be busy with a
                     lot of SeeD stuff, but let's work hard on the
                     Garden Festival, too. Bye!"

        R2: [Selphie runs away to someone else.] "S'cuse me! You,
            right there!"

[Cue FMV. Squall and a girl meet eyes from across the room. The girl
holds off the conversation she was having and walks over.]

Girl: "You're the best looking guy here. Dance with me? Let me 
      guess...You'll only dance with someone you like. Ok then...
      Look into my eyes...You're-going-to-like-me...You're-going-to-
      like-me...Did it work?"

Squall: "...I can't dance."

Girl: "You'll be fine. Come on. I'm looking for someon. I can't be
      on the dance floor alone."

[FMV again. She drags him to the dance floor and he stumbles around
like a third-grader. He gets the hang of it after a sec and at the
end, the two share a skyline look at some fireworks. She pardons 
herself afterwards to go talk to someone else. Later on, Squall is
standing on the balcony. Quistis walks over.]

Quistis: "You really are an excellent student. Even that dance was

Squall: "Thank you."

[Quistis just stands there.]

Squall: "Yes?"

Quistis: "So you'll dance with someone you don't even know, but you
         can't even stand being around me?"

Squall: "...Whatever. You're an instructor, and I'm your student. It's
        kind of awkward when you don't say anything."

Quistis: "That's true. I was like that myself. ...Oh, I completely
         forgot. I wonder what's to be come of me? I've come to give
         you an order. You and I are to go to the 'secret area'. It's
         where students secretly meet up and talk after curfew. It's
         inside the [training center]."

Squall: "What do you want to do there? Are we going to tell everyone
        they're violating curfew? If that's the case, forget it. Leave
        that for the disciplinary committee."

Quistis: "Go get changed and meet me in front of the [training
         center]. This will be my last order."

[Squall walks off to get changed.]

Squall: (Get changed and meet at the training center? What's this all

[Squall finally meets up with Quistis in the hallway to the Garden
training center.]

Quistis: "Squall, I was just wondering...Have you fought T-Rexaur in
         the training center?"

Squall: "I'm not sure..."

Quistis: "You can defeat it quite easily by using [Status-J]. Let's
         go over the Status changes in the Tutorial!"

[Cue the Status Junction Explanation tutorial.]

Narrative: By junctioning a GF with status junction ability, as magic
           is junctioned, the ST-A/D slot above HP turns white, 
           indicating a status junction. Press (D-pad left) here twice
           to see the Status Junction screen. Status junction works 
           the same way as elemental junction. First, select a stat to
           junction, then select a magic to complete the junction.
           However, magic with no status change, like Fire, cannot be
           junctioned. Status junction affects attack and defense
           differently. Junctioning to ST-Atk gives that status change
           to Attack. The status change probability is indicated in %.
           In the example, there is a 90% chance of afflicting an
           enemy with Darkness. 100% is the maximum value, but there
           are enemies who may not be affected, even with 100% ST-Atk.
           Junctioning to ST-Def reduces the probability of a status
           change. Probability is displayed in %. No status change
           will occur at 100%. In the example, the effect of Sleep
           attack is reduced by 80%. However, depending on the enemy
           attack, status change may still occur at 100%. You can
           junction multiple magic types to ST-Def, depending on the
           GF's ability. Some magic, like Esuna, will defend against
           multiple status changes. Try junctioning different magic to
           check the effect. Select Auto to junction the most
           effective status magic automatically.

Quistis: "Well? Use a Sleep attack against T-Rexaur. Just junction
         'Sleep' onto your ST-Atk-J and attack. Come on, let's go to
         the 'secret area'. It's just inside the training center."

[Together, the two go to the after-hours meeting spot and find a few
people there.]

Quistis: "I haven't been here for a while."

[They both go stand by the ledge.]

Quistis: "What time is it?"

Squall: "It's after midnight."

Quistis: "Oh well... I, Quistis Trepe, am no longer an instructor as
         of now! I'm a member of SeeD now, just like you. Who knows,
         maybe we'll end up working together."

Squall: "...Oh really?"

Quistis: "Is that all you're going to say?"

Squall: "If that's how it was decided, you have to abide by it."

Quistis: "They told me that I failed as an instructor. Basically,
         that I lacked leadership qualities. I was a SeeD by the age
         of 15, got my instructor license at 17...It's only been a 
         year since I got it... I wonder where I went wrong... I did
         my best... Are you listening?"

Squall: "Are you done yet...? I don't wanna talk about it. What am I
        supposed to say about other people's problems?"

Quistis: "I'm not asking you to say anything. I just want you listen."

Squall: "Then go talk to a wall."

Quistis: "Aren't there times when you want to share your feelings with

Squall: "Everyone has to take care of themselves. I don't want to
        carry anyone's burden."

[Squall walks away.]

Quistis: "...No leadership qualities... Failed instructor... Perhaps
         they're right..."

[The two start heading back until:]

Voice: "Somebody help!!"

Quistis: "Come on, Squall!"

[The two run to the aid of a woman, the same one who visited Squall
that morning in the infirmary, who's being attacked by a rather large

Girl: "Squall!!! Squall! Quisty?"

[Quistis and Squall kill the insect and its cohorts. The girl
falls to her knees after the battle's over, just as two men in 
white jump into the screen.]

Man in White: "It is not safe here. Please, let's go."

Girl: "...Alright."

[The two men lead her off.]

Quistis: "Who was that...?"

[Squall and Quistis walk to the hallway where they met.]

Quistis: "Squall. It's not like everyone can get by on their own,
         you know?"

[Quistis departs.]

Squall: "...Says who?"

[Squall walks back to his dorm. Zell finds him in en route.]

Zell: "Finally! There you are! Where the hell were you? I was lookin'
      all over the place. We're both now members of SeeD, right? Well,
      guess what!? We got our own rooms, baby! Your new room's right
      across the hall from your old one. That's what I was asked to
      tell you. Man, it took me forever!"

[Squall walks to his new room.]

Squall: "I'll just go to sleep..."

06. The Train to Timber                                                  [WK06]

[When Squall wakes up, he can hear Selphie outside.]

Selphie: "Squall, it's our first SeeD mission! Looks like we're going
         to [Timber]. Meet [by the front gate]. Hurry!"

[Squall goes to the gate. Selphie, Cid, and a faculty member are both
there, but...not Zell...]

Garden Faculty: "...One more minute..."

[Zell bounds over the turnstiles on a hoverboard-type craft and 
comes to a stop near everyone.]

Zell: "Made it!"

Garden Faculty: "T-Boards are prohibited within Garden. Have you

Zell: "Oops, sorry! But this is really cool. It may come in handy on
      a SeeD mission, someday."

Garden Faculty: "We'll be the judges of that. Confiscate it."

[Another faculty member comes over, takes the t-board, and leaves.]

Garden Faculty: "All of you are members of SeeD, but...nevertheless,
                you're still students at this Garden. Furthermore,
                because you are SeeDs, you must set an example to all
                others and abide by the Garden's rules. Understood!?"

[Cid steps forward.]

Headmaster Cid: "Well, about your first mission...You are to go to
                Timber. There, you will be supporting a resistance
                faction. That is your mission. A member of the faction
                will contact you at Timber Station."

Garden Faculty: "This person will talk to you and say, 'The forests
                of Timber sure have changed'. At this time, you must
                reply, 'But the owls are still around'. That is the

Headmaster Cid: "Just follow the faction's orders."

Zell: "Uh...Just us 3?"

Garden Faculty: "Correct. We have agreed to do this mission for very
                little money. Normally, we would never accept such
                requests, but..."

Headmaster Cid: "Enough talk about that. Well then, Squall, you are 
                the squad leader. Use your best judgement based on the
                situation. Zell and Selphie, you are to support Squall
                and give your all to carry out the faction's plans."

[The three SeeDs go into Balamb and buy their train tickets. Once
onboard, the train heads into the underground tunnel connecting the
island to the mainland.]

Selphie: "This train is awesome!"

Zell: "An intercontinental railroad, baby! It even runs through an
      underwater tunnel to get to Timber. Pretty cool, huh?"

Squall: "Sure is..."

Zell: "Guess you're not interested... By the way, Squall... You have
      to use the ticket to get inside."

[Squall walks over to the monitor on the wall and uses the ticket.]

Squall: "Ok, we can go inside now."

ID Check: "Confirming... Access granted..."

Selphie: "I'm gonna go check out the front. Tee-hee! Thanks!"

[Selphie runs into the towards the train cabins.]

Zell: "Let's go check it out, Squall.

[The two men walk after Selphie.]

Zell: "Yo, check it out! So this is SeeD's private cabin...!"

[Zell walks in.]


[Squall walks in, finding Zell bouncing around on the couch.]

Zell: "Heh-heh. This is sooo cool!"

Squall: "...I'm glad you're so excited."

Zell: "They even have magazines here." [He gives Squall a 'Pet
      Pals Vol. 1' magazine.] "This is pretty damn amazing. It
      pays to be a member of SeeD! Squall, y'know anything about
      R1 --> I don't care
      R2 --> Not too much
      R1: "C'mon, Squall. Don't be like that... I wanna tell you!"
          R3 --> Nah, it's ok
          R4 --> All right...

      R2: "Thought so. Well, let me fill you in. Timber used to be
          a country surrounded by deep forests. But 18 years ago,
          Galbadia invaded. Timber fell quite easily to Galbadia.
          So now Timber is under Galbadian occupation. It's said
          there's a whole bunch of resistance factions, big and

          Squall: "...And?"

          Zell: "Nope, that's it."

          Squall: "......... ...Thank you, Mr. Know-It-All-Zell."

          Zell: "Hey, no prob!"

          [Selphie enters.]

      R3: "C'MON! I wanna tell you what I know!"
          R5 --> Just be quiet
          R6 --> Fine... Talk

      R4: "Yep, that's what I wanted to hear. Allow me to explain
          briefly." [Insert R2 here.]

      R5: [Zell suppresses his frustration and Selphie walks in.]

      R6: [Same as R4.]

[Selphie enters whether or not Zell gets to tell the history of

Selphie: "I'm not...feeling well..."

Squall: "You should get some rest if you're tired."

Selphie: "I'm really sleepy..."

Squall: "You ok?"

Zell: "Hey...? Huh? What the...!? Somethin's wrong with me, 
      too... I...feel...sleepy..."

[Selphie goes to the couch and instantly passes out. Zell falls back
in his seat, sleeping like a baby (or chicken-wuss ;p).]

Squall: "What's going on? Ugh!? ...What is this?"

[Squall clutches his head as he, too, passes out on the floor.]

07. Laguna Sequence I                                                    [WK07]

SeeD: (Hmmm...?)

[Off in the jungle, three men dressed in Galbadian uniforms run
down a path. This sudden appearance elicits odd responses from
the three SeeD members who are nowhere to be seen (they'll be
denoted as 'SeeD' because they have no labels in this state of

SeeD: (What the...!?)

SeeD: (Huh?)

Man: "Uhh, Laguna, are you sure this is the right way?"

[The three soldiers run into the next screen, a bunch of burning
grass lighting the battle-ready mood.]

SeeD: (Where am I?)

SeeD: (Dream?)

SeeD: (?)

[The large man with a harpoon, Ward, speaks up.]

Ward: "Hoo-boy, not again..."

[In the next screen:]

SeeD: (?) [This comes up seven times, so it's probably not the same
          person thinking it.]

[In the next screen:]

Ward: "Hey, aren't we here to fight a war? You know, against the
      almighty Timber army?"

Kiros: "Yeah, so why are we wasting our time messin' with these

Laguna: "Well, you see... It's just that, uhh..."

Kiros: "Don't tell me we're lost again."

Laguna: "Anyway... We're goin' home. Deling City, here we come!"

Ward: "W-Wait! Laguna!"

[The three men rush to the truck nearby and drive out of the
Timber area. They don't stop 'til they come to a large city
setting. Laguna parks in the middle of the street.]

Ward: "H-Hey! You can't park in the middle of the street!"

Laguna: "Chill man, it's cool. Alright then! How's about a drink!?"

Kiros: "Whatever! Like you drink... We already know you're not in
       it for the drinking. Just admit it already!"

Ward: "Yeah, just drink some juice like a weenie. And then gawk
      at the piano lady."

Laguna: "DON'T CALL HER THE 'PIANO LADY'! That's it, forget it!
        I'm not going!"

Kiros: "We know you will..."

[The men head down to the Galbadia Hotel bar and find a waitress

Waitress: "Welcome! Your usual table is ready."
          R1 --> (I'll walk around a bit first.)
          R2 --> (Alright, I'm there!)
          R3 --> (Huh? Excuse me?)

NOTE: For R3, it's one of the confused SeeDs controlling the men
      thinking it, not Laguna, Kiros, or Ward.

          R1 (Laguna): "I'm gonna walk around."

          R2 (Laguna): "Thanks."
          R3 (Laguna): "What?"

                Kiros: "What's wrong?"

               Laguna: "I... I dunno."

[After picking R2, the soldiers walk to their table.]

SeeD: (Is this a dream...?)

SeeD: (Laguna's pretty cute!)

SeeD: (What's goin' on!? W-What's happening to me!?)

Laguna: "At ease, men."

[They all sit down.]

Laguna: "We're goin' all out tonight, right boys!?"

Waitress: "May I take your order?"

Laguna: "The usual!"

Kiros: "Me, too."

Ward: "Keep 'em coming!"

[The waitress leaves and a girl in a red dress walks down the
stairs and takes her seat at the piano.]

Ward: "So, Laguna... Julia should be making her appearance soon.
      You goin' for it tonight?"

Kiros: "Yeah, go for it!"

Laguna: "What-ever, man! Can't you see she's working?"

Kiros: "Don't go back on your word. C'mon, go wave to her."

Laguna: "Give me a break..."

Ward: "So you say, but we know you'll do it."

[Laguna approaches the piano where Julia is set to play.]

Laguna: (Ah... To be this close to Julia...)

SeeD: (Is this guy serious...?)

Laguna: (...Uh-oh... My leg's cramping up...! Argh...)

SeeD: (Sad...)

[Laguna limps back to the table with a fairly pitiful wave to Julia.]

Kiros: "Good work, Laguna."

Ward: "Mission succesful!"

Kiros: "Here, have a seat."

Ward: "I didn't think you'd actually do it. Our popularity rating's
      gone up a point."

Kiros: "Yeah, but you cut a pretty pitiful figure up there. I'd say
       you're about a -3 on the manliness scale."

Laguna: "Say what you want! (sigh...) Julia sure is pretty..."

[Ward looks behind Laguna.]

Kiros: "Aaa..."

[Ward looks, too.]

Ward: "Hunhhh...? Laguna, we're takin' off."

Laguna: "H-Hey! What's the rush?"

Ward: "It's on us tonight. Relax and stay awhile, Laguna."

[They leave because they saw Julia approaching. So, they bolt and
leave Laguna to fend for himself in unfamiliar waters.]

Julia: "May I?"

Laguna: "Aaaaa..."

[Laguna limps over and opens the way for her.]

Julia: "Did I interrupt anything?"

Laguna: "N-N-N-Not at all. P-Please, s-sit down." (Oh man, oh man,
        it's really HER! What do I do!? Kiros? Ward? HELP! What do
        I say!? But man, she is pretty...)

SeeD: "What's this guy thinking...?"

Julia: "You ok now?"

Laguna: "Kind of..."

Julia: "How's your leg?"

Laguna: "L-Leg? Oh, this!? Y-Yeah, it's fine. Happens all the time
        when I get nervous. (cough)"

Julia: "Were you nervous?"

Laguna: "Oh, yeah. I'm still kinda..."

Julia: "You can relax. You don't have to get nervous around me."

Laguna; "Oh, sorry."

Julia: "Say... (Would you like to talk somewhere private? I have
       a room here...)"

[Laguna bolts upright.]

Laguna: "I-In your room!?"

Julia: "Well... (It's pretty hard to talk freely here. Everyone's
       listening in.)"

[Everyone, including Ward and Kiros, are standing right near the
two's table, picking up every word.]

Julia: "If you'd like to, please come by. I've been wanting to talk
       to you. You don't want to?"

Laguna: "Of course I do!"

Julia: "Then I'll go ahead and wait for you. Ask for my room at the
       front desk, ok?"

[Julia leaves.]

Laguna: (Am I dreaming?)

SeeD: (...This is a dream...This is a dream...)

Laguna: (No, this can't be a dream!)

SeeD: (This is too weird to be a dream...)

Laguna: (Julia...? Wants to talk to me...?)

SeeD: (...He talks to himself too much...)

Laguna: (And just the two of us! Get it together Laguna...)

SeeD: (Whatever.)

Laguna: (I always screw up by talking about myself too much. It's
        always been like that. But not tonight! I'm all ears for
        Julia! Ahh, time to use my manly charm, and help Julia with
        her problem.)

[Laguna goes to the receptionist's booth.]

Receptionist: "Welcome! Checking in?"
              R1 --> Which is Julia's room?
              R2 --> Ahh...nothing

              R1 (Laguna): "Whi-Whi-Which..."

                     SeeD: (Is he really going?)

                 Receptionist: "...Aah, Mr. Laguna Loire? I've 
                               been expecting you. Let me show you
                               to Ms. Julia's room."
              R2 (Laguna): "Aah...Umm...Err...Well...Umm, it's not

                 Receptionist: "?"

[After picking R1, the receptionist drops Laguna off in Julia's
room. She's waiting for him at the door.]

Julia: "Thanks for coming."

Laguna: "No... Not at all, uh... Thank you for inviting me."

Julia: "Have a seat."

[Laguna takes a seat around the room, not finding a comfortable
place. He walks back over to Julia when he meets this dilemma.]

Julia: "Going so soon? We haven't even talked yet."

Laguna: "No, it's not that. It's just that I'm a big fan of yours,
        so I'm really kinda nervous, y'know?"

Julia: "So that's why you come to hear me play so often."

Laguna: "You... You saw me?"

[Laguna starts pacing.]

Julia: "You were always smiling while listening, right? You have
       beautiful eyes. Though they look a bit scared now. Don't
       worry, I'm not going to pluck 'em and eat 'em. I just want
       to talk, gazing into those eyes. Would you like a drink?
       Wine perhaps?"

Laguna: "I must be dreamin'..."

[Fade out and fade in. Laguna's got his composure this time, which
has to be the wine talking.]

Laguna: "Yeah, I don't like fightin' too much, but you get to travel,
        y'know? Seeing new places n' stuff. And it's fun, 'cause Kiros
        and Ward are always with me. Hey, we should all go out 
        drinkin' sometime! Whaddya say? And, uh... What was I talkin'
        about? Oh yeah, so I want to quit the army and become a
        journalist! So I can tell people 'bout all the things I've
        seen on my travels."

SeeD: (He's already loosened up...)

Laguna: "So, like, the other day, one of my articles made the
        reader's column. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, that was way cool..."

Julia: "I'm happy for you."

Laguna: "Oh yeah, and then..."

[Fade out, fade in. The scene slightly differs based on the Timber
Maniacs read at Balamb Station or Balamb Hotel; or, if neither was
read (Hotel's sleepy version default).]

[Laguna's snoozing on one of Julia's bed as she just watches him.]

Julia: "I'm sorry. I didn't know wine made you sleepy. You look
       adorable when you're asleep."

Laguna: "Argh... How'd I fall asleep?"

[Laguna walks over to Julia.]

Julia: "Yes?"

Laguna: "I...I must have fallen asleep, talking on like that... Tell
        me about yourself. dreams for the future."

[If the Timber Maniacs @ Balamb Station was read, this conversation'll
play instead. Fade out, fade in...]

Laguna: "Yikes...I'm talkin' too much again."

[He walks over to Julia.]

Julia: "Yes?"

Laguna: "Tell me about yourself. dreams for the future."

Julia: "I...I want to sing. Not just play the piano, but sing, too."

Laguna: "Oh, I'd really love to hear it."

Julia: "But I can't. I'm no good at writing lyrics..."

Laguna: "Hmm... That must be tough."

Julia: "But, thanks to you, I think I can come up with something."

Laguna: "Thanks to me...?"

Julia: "Yes... The many faces you've shown me. Times when you were
       hurt, worried... Or felt pain deep inside you... Your smile,
       your face, your eyes... You've shown me something... I think
       I can come up with a song."

Laguna: "Wow... I must be dreamin'..."

[Julia takes his hand.]

Julia: "It's not a dream, is it?"

[Laguna turns to the door as he hears someone outside.]

Kiros: "Laguna! New orders! Meet by the Presidential Residence,
       on the double!"

Julia: "Can we meet again?"

Laguna: "Of course! I have to come hear you sing!"

[Fade out, end the entire dream sequence. Selphie and Zell wake
up, but Squall still snoozes on the floor.]

Train Announcement: "Next stop, Timber... Timber... Next stop. 
                    Timber... Timber..."

[Squall picks himself up.]

Squall: "Were we...all asleep?"

Zell: "Maybe someone released some sleeping gas? There's lots
      of people who resent SeeD."

Squall: (...Maybe. Better be careful.)

Selphie: "Am I missing anything? Anyone hurt?"

Squall: "...I don't think so."

Selphie: "What a relief! Everything's cool with me! Hee! I had such
         a nice dream!"

Squall: (I had a dream, too. It wasn't nice though... I dreamt I
        was a moron...)

Train Announcement: "We will be arriving in Timber shortly. For those
                    getting off, please be sure to have all your

Selphie: "But seriously, Sir Laguna was sooo cool!"

Zell: "Hey! There was a Laguna in my dream, too! He's a Galbadian
      soldier, right!?"

Squall: "Laguna, Kiros, and Ward..."

Zell: "Huh!? That's it!"

Squall: "That's what...?"

Selphie: "There's no way we can understand this... Let's just
         concentrate on our first mission!"

Squall: (...I guess you're right.) "We'll put this incident on hold.
        I'll report it to the headmaster once we get back to Garden."

Zell: "We should be there soon, eh? Here we go...Psyche yourself up,

[Zell walks out.]

Selphie: "Whew...Still sleepy."

[Selphie walks out, too.]

Squall: "........."

[Squall follows his subordinates out. The train comes to a halt in
the Timber Station, after a lengthy ride underneath the ocean's

08. Timber & The Owls                                                    [WK08]

[The party descends the stairs from the station when a man yells

Man: "Oh, the forests of Timber sure have changed!"
     R1 --> But the Moogles are still here
     R2 --> But the Chocobos are still here
     R3 --> But the Owls are still around

     R1: "What are you talking about, sir? In the forest there are
         Ow... Nothing, yeah, it's nothing, sir."

         [The man runs away and stops near the railroad tracks, 
         beckoning the train on.]

         Man: "OK, keep comin', keep comin'."

         [The train screeches to a halt a foot from the man, 
         and he falls to the ground.]

         Man: "Ahhhhhh! Look outtttt!!!"

         [A guy runs around the corner to the Man.]

         Guy: "What are you DOING? How many times do I have to 
              tell ya not to stand in front of the train!? Hah! 
              (Hey, so...that them?)

         Man: (Hmmmmm... They... said the wrong... password...

         Guy: (Arhhh! Just call 'em over! We're payin 'em a fortune,
              we can't hav'em leave now!)

         Man: (......) "Welcome to Timber...sir. Please follow me,

         Squall: "......"
         Selphie: "......"
         Zell: "......"

         Guy: "Don't be so rude! C'mon, get up! Please excuse
              us... Come on, this way."

         Man: "Aaaaahhhh, sir... Give me a break..." 

         [The SeeDs get on the train that the Man was calling.
         It takes off before the Man can get on, and he yells
         before running after it:]

         Man: "Hey...!!?" Don't leave me, sirrr!!!"
     R2: [Same as R1]

     R3: "Welcome to Timber, sir. Come with me, sir. Please, 
         please, this way, sir!"

         [A train comes over and everyone piles aboard.]

[Inside the train:]

Zone: "So, you guys are SeeDs?"

Squall: "I'm the squad leader, Squall. This is Zell, and Selphie."

Zone: "Nice to meet ya. I'm the leader of the Forest Owls."

[He sticks out his hand to shake it, but Squall only nods. He
shakes Selphie's hand, but leaves Zell hanging (laughably).]

Squall: "So, let's get on with it. What do we do?"

Zone: "Just take it easy. Here, let me introduce you. Looks like
      you already met Watts. I guess it's just our princess then."

Watts: "It's the princess' nap time, sir."

Zone: "Ahh, man... Hey Squall, sorry, but could you go get the
      princess? She's in the [last room], up those stairs. Some of
      our other guys are in the room on the way. Ask 'em if you
      get lost."

Squall: "...Were we hired to run errands? Well?"

Zone: "A-Are you angry!?"

Squall: (We're not gophers... We're SeeD...special forces.) "This
        is the last time for this kinda thing."

[Zone gets a stomach ache and crouches in the corner.]

Zone: "OwOwOuccchhh."

[Squall goes to get "the princess" and finds her in the last room.
It's the girl from the inauguration ball.]

Girl: "Hey... You're...! You know, from the party... So...does that
      mean... You're a SeeD!?"

Squall: "I'm Squall, the squad leader. There's 2 others with me."

Girl: "YEEESSSS! SeeD is here!"

[She jumps up and hugs him.]

Squall: "Take it easy."

Girl: "It's just that, I'm so happy! I've been sending requests to
      Garden forever, but nothing... I'm so glad I spoke to Cid

Squall: "Oh... So you were looking for the headmaster at the party?"

Girl: "You know Seifer?"

Squall: "...Yeah."

Girl: "Well, he's the one who introduced me to Cid. Cid is such a
      nice man. I really didn't think SeeD would come out to help
      a measly little group like us. But after explaining our
      situation to him, Cid gave the go ahead right away! Now that
      you guys are here, we'll be able to carry out all kinds of

[Squall walks over to her when she finishes talking.]

Girl: "Yes?"

Squall: "I'm goin' back to the others."

Girl: "Ok, let's go! Umm, Squall. Is 'he' here?"

Squall: ('He'?)

Girl: "Seifer."

Squall: "...... No, he's not a SeeD."

Girl: "...Oh. Oh yeah, my name's..."

[You can name her at this point. Default: Rinoa.]

Rinoa: "Very pleased to meet you, Squall. SeeD members dance quite
       well, don't they?"

Squall: "Approach your target inconspicuously at a dance party...
        There may be missions requiring this sort of subterfuge. It's
        expected of SeeD to learn various skills."

Rinoa: "Ohhh... So it's work related. That's too bad..."

[A dog walks into the room.]

Squall: (......)

Rinoa: "Here, let me introduce you. This is my partner..."

[You can name the dog, too. Default: Angelo.]

Rinoa: "Angelo is really smart! Here, let me tell you..."

[A tutorial opens up.]

Narrative: Rinoa's Limit Break uses Angelo. The tricks Angelo can
           learn are listed on the Status screen. The fourth status
           screen lists all the tricks that Angelo can learn. The
           gauge on the right indicates how much has been learned.
           When the gauge is full, the trick has been learned. If the
           gauge is not full, the trick has yet to be learned. To 
           learn a new trick, move the cursor to the trick name and
           press (X). Now as Rinoa walks around, the gauge will fill
           up, and Angelo will learn the trick. If you select a trick
           that has already been learned, there will be a message
           before you close this screen. If there is still a trick to
           learn, be sure to select it. You can learn new tricks by
           reading a magazine called Pet Pals. After reading Pet Pals,
           access this screen to change the settings. That's all for
           Rinoa's Limit Breaks.

Rinoa: "Smart, huh? I have some important work to do now. Be good,
       Angelo. Ok, I'll meet you there."

[Rinoa runs off ahead. Squall lets Angelo be in the room and follows
her out. They both walk to the car where they were before.]

Squall: "This is Zell... ...And Selphie."

Rinoa: "Hi everyone! This way."

[They all head into another room.]

Zone: "Just stand anywhere you want. This is a full-scale operation.
      Our resistance, 'The Forest Owls', will be forever known in the
      pages of Timber's independance! Exciting, huh? It all started
      when we got a hold of top-secret info from Galbadia."

Watts: "I got the info, sir!"

Zone: "There's a VIP from Galbadia coming to Timber."

Watts: "Super V-I-P!!!"

Zone: "The guy's name is Vinzer Deling! Our archenemy, and the 
      President of Galbadia."

Watts: "Vinzer Deling is a scoundrel!!! He's a dictator, not a 
       president. Not even popular in Galbadia, sir!"

Rinoa: "President Deling is taking a private train from the Galbadian

Zone: "Our plan is to..."

Selphie: "...Blow it to smithereens with a rocket launcher!?"

Zone: "Ahh...not quite..."

Zell: "So get to the point! Just tell us what to do!"

Rinoa: "Shall we begin?"

[Everyone looks at a small train model on a table nearby.]

Rinoa: "First, I'll go over the model. The yellow train in the top
       right is our 'base'. We're riding in it right now. Right next
       to it is the 'dummy car'. We made it to look just like the
       president's car. Their train has three cars. First, there's the
       'locomotive' followed by the '1st escort'. The red car is the
       'president's car'. Deling should be inside. The last car is the
       '2nd escort'. Once we get on this one, we begin the operation.
       Our ultimate goal is to seize the president in his car using
       our 'base'. That means, we'll have to switch our 'dummy car'
       with their 'president's car'. We'll use the 2 switch points
       leading up to Timber to carry out this operation. Ok, now I'm
       going to explain the procedures in seven steps."

Narrative: 1) Sneak on board the '2nd escort'. 

Rinoa: "We'll get on the roof of the '2nd' escort' by jumping from 
       our 'dummy car'."

Narrative: 2) Proceed cautiously across the roof to the '2nd escort'.

Watts: "The '2nd escort' car is the only one that is equipped with
       sensors, sir."

Rinoa: "A high tech officer is onboard. I'll talk about the sensors

Narrative: 3) Proceed across the roof to the 'president's car'.

Rinoa: "We can move across the roof of the 'president's car' without
       worrying too much."

Zone: "Deling hates the company of his guards and being surrounded by
      sensors, and keeps them away from his car.

Narrative: 4) Uncouple the '1st escort' car.

Rinoa: "We'll have to complete the uncoupling before the 1st switch
       point. If we don't..."

Selphie: "BOOM! ...Game over, right?"

Rinoa: "...Yeah. So we'll have to move fast. I'll explain the
       uncoupling process later."

Narrative: 5) Have the 'dummy car' and our 'base' move in after

Rinoa: "After the car is uncoupled... We'll have the 'dummy car' and
       our 'base' move in. At this point, our train and their train
       will be linked and be moving together."

Narrative: 6) Uncouple the '2nd escort' car.

Rinoa: "This is the last uncoupling. The process will be similar to
       the first one.

Narrative: 7) Escape with the 'president's car' and our 'base'.

Rinoa: "If all goes well, we should be able to escape with the
       'president's car'. After that, we'll return to our base and
       prepare to confront Deling. We have exactly 5 minutes to
       complete the 7 procedures. If we fail, our train will collide
       with theirs at the switch point and it'll be all over. Don't
       forget that."

Narrative: 1) Get on the '2nd escort'.
           2) Proceed across the '2nd escort'.
           3) Proceed across the 'president's car'.
           4) Uncouple the '1st escort' car.
           5) The 'dummy car' and our 'base' move in.
           6) Uncouple the '2nd escort' car.
           7) Escape with the 'president's car'.

Zell: "5 minutes...? You sure that's enough?"

Zone: "According to the simulation that we ran, it should take only
      3 minutes to complete the operation. Piece of cake for SeeDs,

Selphie: "Of course! Too easy!"

Squall: "......"

Rinoa: "Ok, now let's talk about how to avoid the sensors on the
       '2nd escort'. ......Go ahead Watts."

Watts: "The guards have a 'sound sensor' and a 'temperature sensor',
       sir. Any sound will trigger the 'sound sensor' so move across
       very quietly, sir! The blue guard is carrying this sensor. The
       'temperature sensor' will go off if you remain stationary, sir!
       The guard in red is carrying this one, sir. When a guard opens
       the blind, that means he is checking the sensor, so be careful!
       The range on these sensors is equal to the length of one
       window. So keep an eye on the window below, sir."

Zell: "...So exactly how do you avoid 'em?"

Watts: "Umm...basically, run or stop, depending on which guard is
       below you."

Narrative: STOP if there is a blue guard below you.
           RUN if there is a red guard below you.

Rinoa: "That's about it for the sensors. Next, let's talk about how
       to uncouple the escort cars."

Selphie: "Question...! How can you uncouple the cars from a moving

Rinoa: "Umm...we can't uncouple the cars directly."

Zone: "Instead, we'll have to tamper with the control system that
      manages the coupling. If we temporarily disable the circuit for
      the connection, the car will uncouple automatically. To disable
      it, we have to enter several codes."

Watts: "...And we have the codes. Rinoa has them, sir!"

Rinoa: "I'll be in charge of relaying the codes to Squall. Squall,
       you'll slide down on the side of the train using a cable and
       enter the codes into the system. Now, I need you to listen
       carefully. Each code is made up of numbers between 1-4 and has
       4 digits: 2341 is an example. But the keypad won't have
       numbers. Instead, it'll have four buttons." (X) (/\) (O) ([])
       "For instance, if I relay the code 3124, you'll push ([]) (O)
       (X) (/\), in that order. You'll have to be quick and precise.
       You'll have about 5 seconds to enter each code. Otherwise, the
       code will change and the past entries will become invalid. So
       like we said, we have to enter all the codes to disable the
       connections. After we uncouple the cars, we'll wait for the
       others to operate the rail switch. Remember, we only have 5
       minutes to do everything, so make sure that you're prepared.
       Ok, let's try practicing entering the code. Enter 3 codes and
       you'll be finished. If you want to quit, hold down [L1].

[Squall does the code-entry test run.]

Rinoa: "You got it? In the real thing, there's a strict time limit
       leading up to the switch point. Don't forget that. Umm...that's

Selphie: "By the way...this model's nice but the president's car looks
         kinda shabby. ......Why is that?"

Watts: "Yeah, Rinoa made it. That's why. We bought everything else at
       the gift store."

Zell: "Oh... I thought some kid made it. The paint job sucks, too."

Squall: (......? Yeah...It kind of does.)

Rinoa: "Oh, shut up! I made it look like that on purpose. It
       represents my hatred towards Deling."

Zell: "Hatred, eh...? Yeah...right."

Selphie: "It's one of the...ugliest things that I've ever seen in
         my life. You must really hate him."

Squall: "......"

Rinoa: "Are you guys finished!? Enough about the model! Can we get on
       with it now!? Do you understand?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> Explain it again.

       R1: [See below.]

       R2: "Explain which part?"
           R3 --> About the order of events
           R4 --> About evading the sensor
           R5 --> About uncoupling the cars
           R6 --> Everything

       R3: [Rinoa repeats herself, from "First, I'll go over the
           model..." to where the narrative lists all seven steps
           in order.]

       R4: [Rinoa repeats the dialogue from "Ok, now let's talk..."
           to "That's about it for the sensors."]

       R5: [Rinoa repeats the dialogue from "Next, let's talk about
           how..." to "That about covers the uncoupling process."]

       R6: [Rinoa repeats R3, R4, and R5 in sequential order.]

[After choosing R1:]

Rinoa: "Let's decide on the party!"

Watts: "Gathering information is my specialty, sir!"

[Watts leaves.]

Zone: "OuuuucHHHHH......My stomach!"

[Zone crouches in a corner, holding his's almost like
he's faking (he is). The train starts moving again at this point.]

Rinoa: "We're moving again...I'll go take a look. Talk to Watts when
       you're ready. The sooner the better."

[The SeeD team goes to talk to Watts.]

Watts: "Have you seen the dummy of the president, sir? If you haven't,
       please take a look-see! It's like a piece of art! I know the
       kidnapping plan must be tough, but best of luck to you, sir!
       Are you ready, sir!?"
       R1 --> Not yet
       R2 --> Yeah

       R1: [Cancels dialogue; Squall and co. can run around train.]

       R2: [Initiates the mission.]

[After picking R2, Squall and Rinoa run atop the president's dummy
car as the base speeds along the track.]

Rinoa: "Squall, over here!"

[Squall's crew runs over.]

Rinoa: "We'll catch up with the [2nd escort] soon. Let's get ready.
       We should time our jumps well after we catch up with them to
       save some time. From now on we have exactly......5 minutes to
       complete the operation. Let's try to use every second."

[They jump aboard the president's 2nd escort.]

Rinoa: "Squall, over here!"

[Squall runs over.]

Rinoa: "This is the president's car. After we get across, we'll
       proceed with the first uncoupling."

[They continue on. Inside the train car, Vinzer Deling sits in his
cabin, reading the paper. A guard comes in.]

Galbadian Soldier: "Sir, everything is in order, sir!"

President Deling: "You again... That's 27 times now. How many more
                  times do you plan to disturb me with that 
                  meaningless report?"

Galbadian Soldier: "Sir, I'm sorry sir. ...But it is my duty, sir!"

President Deling: "......It's hard to believe that anyone would put
                  up with this nonsense. I guess it's none of my
                  business. Dismissed."

Galbadian Soldier: "......! Sir, yes, sir!" (There goes next month's
                   paycheck. How am I gonna propose to her now? I'm
                   gonna have to put it off again...)

[Back on top, Squall and his party have made it to the 1st escort.]

Rinoa: "This is the [1st escort]. We're gonna uncouple this first.
       Like Watts said, there should be 2 guards on this car. Selphie
       and Zell, you guys keep an eye on the guards. Let us know
       early if you see them coming."

Zell: "Alright. I'll watch the blue guard."

Selphie: "I'll take red."

Rinoa: "The red guard is closer. Squall, you might want to keep an
       eye on him, too. Hold down [L1] to look to your left, and
       release it to go back. Ok, are you ready to enter the codes?
       You remember everything, right?"
       R1 --> Yeah
       R2 --> ...I forgot

       R1: "We'll have to enter 3 codes to disable the circuit for
           this uncoupling. Ok, Squall. Get the cable ready."

       R2: "Squall! Come on! Ok, let's go over it again one more time,
           fast. Each code is made up of numbers between 1-4 and has 4
           digits: 2341 for example. But the keypad won't have
           numbers. Instead, it'll have four buttons." (X) (/\) (O)
           ([]) "For example, if I relay the code 3124, you'll push
           ([]) (O) (X) (/\), in this order. You'll have to be quick
           and precise. You'll have about 5 seconds to enter each
           code. Otherwise, the code will change, and the past entries
           will become invalid. If that happens, you should stop right
           away. you can either wait for me to give you the next code,
           or come back up. We'll have to enter 3 codes to disable the
           circuit for this uncoupling. Ok, Squall. Get the cable

[Squall fastens the cable.]

Rinoa: "The system to enter the code is down there. You can't miss it.
       Press [down] on the directional button to go down. To come back
       up, press [up]. You won't be able to come up while you're 
       entering the codes so be careful. Ok, let's do it. We have 4
       minutes left! Good luck Squall!"

[Squall puts in the three codes.]

Rinoa: "Squall, this way!"

[The disconnection happens again, and the Timber Owls base moves in
to catch the real Vinzer Deling's car. It scoots back up and hitches
the dummy car back up. Inside, the guard patrolling enters, unaware
that the president is only a dummy.]

Galbadian Soldier: (What should I do...? I know he's not gonna like
                   it. But it's my job.) "S-Sir......Everything is in
                   order, sir! (Huh...... He's not angry. Phew. That's
                   strange. Oh, he's reading the paper. I wonder where
                   he got it?)

[A red officer runs into the room.]

Galbadian Officer: "What!? Is there a problem!?"

Dummy President: "I'm in a bad mood right now! If there is nothing in
                 particular, I order you to leave immediately!"

Galbadian Officer: "S-S-Sir aye aye...YESSIR!"

[He turns to the petty soldier.]

Galbadian Officer: "YOU! Don't just stand there! Get back to your

Galbadian Soldier: "S-Sir, yessir!" (There goes another paycheck.
                   That's two in one day.)

[The officer runs off and immediately comes back in.]

Galbadian Officer: "W-W-What the HECK!? Is this the right train? (The
                   interior looks different. Looks shabbier. Maybe

Galbadian Soldier: (What am I gonna do? No ring, and now no more
                   candlelight dinner. I'm never gonna be able to get

[Back on top of the train, the sabotage party is back at the 2nd

Rinoa: "This is the [2nd escort]. After this, we're home free. I think
       there are 2 guards on this car, too. Zell and Selphie are up
       ahead, working on uncoupling our train from theirs. So you're
       on your own this time. Watch your right side. To do this, hold
       down [R1]. Let's get this over with. You know how to enter the
       codes, right?"
       R1 --> Yeah
       R2 --> ...I forgot

       R1: [See below.]

       R2: [Same dialogue recital as last time.]

[After picking R1:]

Rinoa: "We'll have to enter 5 codes to disable the circuit for this
       connection. Are you ready, Squall? We have 3 minutes left! 
       Good luck, Squall!"

[Squall uncouples the car with the five codes, pulling himself back
up afterwards.]

Rinoa: "Squall, this way!"

[He shadows Rinoa as the FMV sequence shows the base swiping the
president's car out from under the Galbadians' noses, leaving the
dummy car in their hands instead. Back inside the base:]

Zone: "Finally...We've waited so long for this encounter with Vinzer."

Watts: "Was that perfect, sir!? Amazing, sir! You're the best, sir!"

[The SeeD rank may or may not go up at this time.]

Rinoa: "Well then..."

Watts: "Leave the intelligence up to me, sir!"

Zone: "OwOwOuccchhh."

[Zone runs off.]

Rinoa: "You 3! Tell me when you're ready to go. As soon as you're 
       ready, I'll begin 'serious negotiations' with the president!"

Squall: ('Serious negotiations'...Better make sure my GF's

[When the SeeD squad is prepared:]

Rinoa: "...Ready?"
       R1 --> Not yet
       R2 --> Yeah

       R1: [Dialogue cancelled.]
       R2: [Rinoa enters Vinzer's cabin.]

[Inside the president's cabin:]

Rinoa: "...President Deling! As long as you...don't resist, you
       won't get hurt..."

President Deling: "And if I do resist... What would you do...? Young

Rinoa: "!!!"

Squall: "What's wrong?"

President Deling: "Boo-hoo... Too bad... I'm not the president. I'm
                  what they call...a body double."

[The presiden gets up from his seat and approaches Rinoa.]

Fake President Deling: "All these rumors about the many resistance
                       groups in Timber...You pass along a little 
                       false information and they fall for it... How
                       pathetic... Seems like there are only amateurs
                       around here."

Rinoa: "Ama...teurs...!?"

[The fake president starts to move strangely.]

Fake President Deling: "Ahh... My butt hurts from all this sitting...
                       Young...LADY... Ahh... So what did you have in
                       stORE for me had I resiSTED...? Why doN'T you
                       teLL mE... QuiTE aMUsing thouGH... For beINg
                       such amAtEurs...!!! HoW daRe YOU InSUlt tHe

[The fake president attacks.]

Fake President Deling: "YOu...fEll...FOr...iT"

[When enough damage has been dealt:]

Fake President Deling: "aMusINg... tHIs iS AmuSinG!"

[They swiftly defeat the body double, but it comes back with a second
wind as a Gerogero monster.]

Squall: "What the...?"

[The party defeats the undead monster with a little effort. Everyone
heads back to the cabin with the model train.]

Zone: "Man, I can't believe the president was a fake!"

Rinoa: "I can't believe we fell for it!"

Watts: "Info, sir! New info! It's big news! I found out the real
       reason why the president's here, sir! The president's going to
       the [TV Station]! Security's super tight, sir!"

Rinoa: "...The [TV Station]? Why in Timber? They can broadcast just
       as easily from Galbadia."

Selphie: "Do you think the Dollet communication tower has anything to
         do with this?"

Zone: "What's that?"

Squall: "Dollet has a communication tower that can transmit and
        receive radio waves. It had been abandoned for a long time,
        but the Galbadian Army got it up and running yesterday."

Zone: "Ohhhh...I get it... The only TV station that can handle
      broadcasts over the air is in Timber. Other stations ues HD
      cable, which only supports online broadcasting."

Rinoa: "So, what's that supposed to mean?"

Zone: "They're planning on using radio waves. This way, they can
      transmit images to regions without cable."

Rinoa: "I know that...! What I want to know is, what is the president
       going to broadcast!? Why use radio waves? There must be
       something they want to say to the whole world. What can it be?"

Selphie: "Everybody! Love! And Peace!"

[Everyone kind of looks at Selphie funny.]

Zone: "If I remember correctly, radio waves haven't been used in 17

Rinoa: "It's been that long? Wouldn't it be wonderful if the first
       broadcast could be the declaration of Timber's independance!?"

Zone: "Hey! That might be possible."

Rinoa: "Let's come up with a plan then!"

[The Owls huddle on the floor.]

Rinoa: "Can you guys give us a minute?"

[Squall walks over to Rinoa.]

Rinoa: "Oh, good timing! We've come up with a plan!"

Squall: "Before we get into that, can I see your contract with our

Rinoa: "Oh, sure."

[She fishes out a piece of paper. Squall reads it.]

Zell: "What's it say?"

Squall: "...... 'Balamb Garden (hereafter referred to as 'Party A')
        acknowledges 'The Forest Owls' (hereafter referred to as 
        'Party B') as the hiring party. SeeD (hereafter referred to
        as 'Party C') shall be dispatched upon signing of this
        contract. Party C shall operate under the supervision......'"
Zell: "...The hell......?"

Selphie: "I don't get it."

Rinoa: "Oh yeah, that's one's pretty confusing. When I told him I
       didn't understand, he gave me a different one."

[She gives Squall another leaf of paper.]

Rinoa: "Cid is such a nice man."

Selphie: "What's it say this time?"

Squall: "......"

Narrative: To the Forest Owls,

           This SeeD deployment contract will last until Timber
           achieves independence. Please make good use of each SeeD

           I wish you the best with your objective. Please understand
           that this contract is an exception, and no replacement of
           any SeeD members can be made.

           Balamb Garden Headmaster Cid Kramer

Zell: "Until Timber's independence!?"

Selphie: "That is soooo vague!"

Rinoa: "Hey, you're paid professionals. No complaining! Ok, let's
       decide on the parties!"

Watts: "Gathering information is my specialty, sir!"

[Watts bolts out of the room. Zone looks around at everyone.]

Zone: "OuuuucHHHHH...... My stomach!"

Rinoa: "So, of the 4 of us, the ones who'll be heading to the [TV
       Station] will be..."

[Squall forms his party ranks and goes to talk to Watts.]

Watts: "The [TV Station], sir!? It's quite close if you take the local
       train... But the local and transcontinental tains have stopped
       running, sir... Nothing to worry about, sir! There must be
       someone in town who knows. Are you ready, sir!?"
       R1 --> Not yet
       R2 --> Yeah

       R1: [Dialogue cancelled.]
       R2: "Best of luck, sir! I'll be keeping watch here!"

[The train goes back to Timber. Meanwhile, somewhere in town, an
officer of the G-Army is lecturing some soldiers.]

Galbadian Soldier: "A guy dressed as a cadet... Gathering 

Galbadian Soldier 2: "He was asking about the president's stay! I
                     found it strange that a cadet would keep asking
                     about the president. He was very polite and kept
                     addressing me as 'sir'."

Galbadian Soldier 3: "I think I know who you're talkign about! He was
                     taking care of 3 suspicious looking characters
                     from Balamb! I'll go question every teenager in
                     the area!!!"

[The third soldier runs off.]

Galbadian Soldier: "No! We can't just go up to anybody and... Ahem.
                   These are citizens. We can't inflict any..."

Galbadian Soldier 2: "How dare they try to kidnap the president! Not
                     only is it disrespectful to the president, but
                     also to us Galbadian soldiers as well! I'll be
                     sure to find 'em and throw their sad be-hinds in

[The other two soldiers run off to find their be-hinds.]

Galbadian Soldier: "...Please... Hear me the very end..."

[Back at the train station, the train is just coming to a halt. The
SeeD members get off, as does Watts.]

Watts: "...Say! I remember now, sir! I think the [TV Station] is
       located behind a building called [Timber Maniacs]! Please head
       in that direction, sir! I hope you find it!"

[Zone yells from inside the train.]

Zone: "WaaaaaaTTTS!!! C'MON! The Galbadian soldiers are comin'!!!"

[The train takes off without Watts.]

Watts: "Lots of guards patrolling the city now! Please be careful,
       sir! Seems like the hotel's not available, either! Should you
       need to recover, use the [Owl's Tear], sir! Heard it works
       wonders! I believe you can find it at the old man's house...
       ...I guess you won't be needing it anyway. You're all SeeDs,
       you'll be fine, right, sir!?"

[Watts notices the train's left and starts running after it.]

Watts: "Hey...!!!? Don't leave me, sirrrr!"

09. The TV Studio and the Ticket Out                                     [WK09]

[The party continues around Timber and comes to a stairway near the
other train tunnel. Two Galbadian soldiers walk around.]

Soldier: "That was too easy, man. Heh heh...for a country bumpkin he
         sure had some good stuff."

Soldier 2: "Yo, better ease off a little. These Timber hicks hate us
           enough as it is."

Soldier: "......!"

Soldier 2: "!!! Let's get 'em!"

[They attack Squall's party, but get laid out quick. Afterwards, they
find a Buel Card that the soldiers had stolen. They head inside the
bar nearby, and hear someone ranting.]

Drifter: "I've had enough of this city! I came from Dollet to have
         me a good time. And now... Trains are no longer running...
         Can't even stay in a hotel because of some stupid
         official...! Harrassed by Galbadian soldiers... Had my
         precious card stolen... This hasn't been my day... Those
         jerks... They think they can use brute force to get anything
         they want. Hell... This town's a good example... Yeah...
         Everything's jacked up because the resistance tried to kidnap
         the president. Thanks to them, the trains have stopped...
         There's Galbadian soldiers all over the place... ......All
         because of them!!! Don't they understand I'm the one 
         suffering from their reckless actions!? Stupid, boneheaded, 
         good-for-nothing, resistance! You can just kiss my..."

Rinoa: "Hey!"

[A person sitting at a table jumps up.]

Patron: "You don't understand anything! The resistance is fighting for
        Timber's future! They're all doing the best they can. It's the
        Galbadian soldiers and their leader who are at fault!"

Drifter: "Pshhh..."

[The party buys the drifter a drink, since it's the only way to
get his inebriated be-hind out from in front of the door.]

Drifter: "Hey, punk, you got good manners! I ain't the rude type,
         either. Here, take some o' this! Ha ha ha...(hic)"

[He gives Squall the Forbidden Card.]

Drifter: "Hey, owner. I can't stand up. Can ya help me?"

[The owner moves the drifter out of the way and the party heads out
through the back alley. If Squall chooses the generous route to moving the

Squall: What should we do?
	  R1 --> Observe

           Squall: "We need to get through."
           Drifter: "Geez, and now I'm getting dissed by some punk...!? Owner,
                    gimme another drink!"

                    R3 --> Buy him a drink
                    R4 --> Tell him about the card

                           Squall: Is this your card?

                           Drifter: Huh? ...It is! Why do you have it!?

                           Squall: ......Found it outside.

                           Drifter: Are you serious? ......Okay. Thanks. Know
                                    what? I'm feelin' generous! So you can keep
                                    that card. And also...this one! I'll move
                                    out of the way now." [Received Tonberry
                                    Card]! "Hey, owner. I can't stand up. Can
                                    ya help me?"

                    R5 --> Do nothing

	  R2 --> Talk to him


[The TV monitor nearby is gigantic, and before anyone continues past it,
Zell/Selphie notices it.]

[-] Zell: "Whoa, an outdoor TV!"
[-] Selphie: "Heeey, an outdoor TV!"

Rinoa: "This is creepy...What is it?"

Squall: "This noise is broadcast over most of the frequencies. Something has
        to be done about this before they can broadcast it over the air."

[-] Zell: "Oh, really? Actually, I was wondering myself."
[-] Selphie: "Right on!"

[Watts runs up the stairs.]

Watts: "The president's in the studio now, sir. Too many guards now,
       so we won't be able to storm the place, sir!"

[Watts retreats.]

Rinoa: "So we can't just rush in... We've gotta come up with a new
       plan now! If the president leaves, maybe the guards will be
       gone, too? That's when we do OUR broadcast. It might not be
       as influental but it's better than nothing, right? We don't
       stand a chance if we take 'em head on, right?"

Squall: "Don't worry about us. We'll fight your enemies based on your
        decision. That's our duty."

[-] Zell: "You tell us to go, we go. Even if it is a losing battle."
[-] Selphie: "Heeey, I'm a SeeD, too. Just want you to know. I'm
             ready for anything.

Rinoa: "How sad... Act on my decision? That's your duty? Oh, what an
       easy life it must be, just to follow orders..."

Squall: "Call it what you want. All we want is for you to achieve 
        your goal using our help. I find it hard to believe that you
        can do it, though..."

Rinoa: "W-What did you say!? If you have something to say, just say
       R1 --> Yeah, I'll tell you
       R2 --> Forget it

       R1 (Squall) : "How serious are you...? Really...? The 3 of you
                     plop down on the floor to discuss strategy? On 
                     top of that, you can't make a decision without 
                     our input, right? How do you think we feel, 
                     working for such an organization?"

           [-] Zell: "(You're being too hard, man.)"
           [-] Selphie: "(You're being a little too hard.)"
                        R3 --> ...Guess I'll follow up
                        R4 --> We'll just leave it at that

       R2: "You started it. The least you can do is finish it.
           Come on, what's on your mind?"

           Squall: "...Just forget it."

            Rinoa: "...Tell me. This is an order. An order from
                   your client!"

           Squall: "How serious are you...? Really...? The 3 of
                   you plop down on the floor to discuss 
                   strategy? On top of that, you can't make a
                   decision without our input, right? How do you
                   think we feel, working for such an 

           [-] Zell: "(You're being too hard, man.)"
           [-] Selphie: "(You're being a little too hard.)"
                        R3 --> ...Guess I'll follow up
                        R4 --> We'll just leave it at that

       R3: "...Sorry. Guess I got a little carried away."

           Rinoa: "You know...Maybe this was all a big mistake. I
                  thought everything would work out fine once SeeD
                  came to help us. But, I guess it's not that easy.
                  You were all hired. It's not like you're one of
                  us. Um, let's see... We'll cancel the plan, and
                  we'll disperse for now. We don't stand a chance
                  if we take 'em head on, right? guys
                  probably think this is all a game to us. ...Well,
                  it's not! We're serious. So hurts."

                  [Rinoa flees. See below.]

       R4: [Squall doesn't say another word on the subject.]

           Rinoa: "You know...Maybe this was all just a big mistake.
                  I thought everything would work out fine once SeeD
                  came to help us. But, I guess it's not that easy.
                  You were all hired. It's not like you're one of us.
                  Um, let's see... We'll cancel the plan, and we'll
                  disperse for now. We don't stand a chance if we
                  take 'em head on, right? guys probably
                  think this is all a game to us. ...Well, it's not!
                  We're serious. So hurts. 

                  [Rinoa flees. See below.]

[After Rinoa bolts, and Selphie or Zell, depending on who wasn't
in the party, comes up the stairs and meets Rinoa as she runs off.]

[-] Zell: "...Huh? They starting?"
[-] Selphie: "...Heeey? Are they starting?"

[The screen's static clears and a crew can be seen moving around
in front of the screen. A man in a pin-striped suit walks to a

Announcer: "T-Testing...1...2...Testing... Testing... Ohhhh!
           P-People of the world! Can you see me!? Can you hear
           me!? Oh, this is incredible! Ladies and gentlemenn, this
           is not a recording! This is an actual broadcast over the
           air! Yes, it's been 17 years since a live broadcast has
           been possible! Oh, please excuse me... I seem to have lost
           my composure. We would like to present to you today a
           message from lifelong President of Galbadia, Vinzer Deling.
           Ladies and gentlemen, President Deling."

[Deling walks to the podium and the announcer walks off-screen.]

President Deling: "Greetings. I am Vinzer Deling, lifelong president
                  of Galbadia. Today, I stand before you to make the
                  following proposition. We the people of the world
                  have the power to end all wars."

[Selphie yells at the screen.]

Selphie: "See, see! It's a peace proposal to the world. I knew it!"

[Deling continues.]

President Deling: "Unfortunately, there are some trifling problems
                  standing between Galbadia and other nations, and
                  they must be resolved. I plan to convene with other
                  nations' leaders immediately to resolve these
                  problems. At this time, allow me to introduce the
                  ambassador who will be my representative for the

[Zell takes his turn shouting this time.]

Zell: "Man! All this just to introduce an ambassador."

President Deling: "The ambassador is the Sorceress..."

[Squall chips in.]

Squall: "...The Sorceress?"

[At that moment, Seifer runs on the screen and starts a tussle with
Deling. Some soldiers restrain him, but he knocks them over, and the
camera stand, too, in the process. Quistis runs on screen at this 
time and watches Seifer hold Deling hostage with his gunblade.]

Selphie: "Heeey!"

Zell: "Seifer!"

Selphie: "What's he doin'!?"

Zell: "Instructor Trepe!?"

[The armed guards ready to attack Seifer.]

Quistis: "Stay back!"

Zell: "Squall, what are we gonna do!?"

Quistis: "For the last time, stay back! You're only going to provoke

Squall: "...Nothing. Our job is to assist the Owls. It's none of our

[Quistis turns to the knocked-over camera.]

Quistis: "Timber Team, are you still watching? Get over here right
         now! You HAVE permission! I need your help!"

Zell: "Squall!?"

Selphie: "Squad leader!"

[The team bolts it up the stairs and enters the studio.]

Quistis: "We need to restrain him!"

Squall: "What do you think you're doing?"

Seifer: "It's obvious, ain't it!? What are you planning to do with
        this guy?"

Squall: "...Planning to do?" (That's right... He knows Rinoa. Is 
        that why he's here?)

Zell: "I get it! You're Rinoa's..."

Seifer: "Shut your damn mouth! Chicken-wuss!"

Quistis: "He broke out of the disciplinary room, injuring many in
         the process."


Squall: (Zell, please.) "Be quiet."

Zell: "Instructor, I know! You're going to take this stupid idiot
      back to Garden, right!?"

Squall: "Shut up! NO!"

President Deling: "I see... So you're all from Garden. Should anything
                  happen to me, the entire Galbadian military will
                  undoubtedly crush Garden. You can let go of me now."

Seifer: "Nice going, Chicken-wuss! You and your stupid big mouth!"

[Zell immediately becomes crest-fallen at his error.]

Seifer: "Take care of this mess! Instructor and Mr. Leader!"

[Seifer and Deling back out of the room with Quistis following them
carefully. The Timber Team has no choice but to follow as well. In
the next room, a strange haze is in the room.]

Seifer: "!?"

[A woman appears from out of thin air and approaches Seifer and
Deling. Quistis and the others are not present yet.]

Woman: "...Poor, poor boy..."

Seifer: "Stay away from me!"

Woman: "Such a confused little boy. Are you going to step forward?
       Retreat? You have to decide."

Seifer: "Stay back!"

[Quistis runs in, but the woman summons some force to hold her in

Woman: "The boy in you is telling you to come. The adult in you is
       telling you to back off. You can't make up your mind. You
       don't know the right answer. You want help, don't you?
       You want to be saved from this predicament."

Seifer: "Shut up!"

Woman: "Don't be ashamed to ask for help. Besides, you're only a
       little boy."

Seifer: "I'm not... Stop calling me a boy."

Woman: "You don't want to be a boy anymore?"

Seifer: "I am not a BOY!"

[Seifer lets Deling go, who promptly leaves the room.]

Woman: "Come with me to a place of no return. Bid farewell to your

[Squall runs in just in time to get hit with the same treatment that
Quistis got. Seifer and the woman vanish. Later on, the party's
recovered and Quistis inspects the spot where the two once were.
Rinoa enters.]

Rinoa: "Hey guys! Where's Seifer?"

[Quistis shrugs.]

Squall: "We don't know."

Rinoa: "...He'll be ok, right?"

[Everyone leaves the station. On the way out, the party catches up
with Rinoa and Quistis.]

Rinoa: "They found our base. It's completely destroyed."

Selphie: "And everyone else?"

Rinoa: "They're fine. They're good at escaping."

[Everyone regroups at the bottom of the stairs near the TV monitor.]

Rinoa: "We have to stay away from Timber for a while. Is there a
       safe place you can take me? This is an order, an order from
       your client, remember?"

Squall: "...Alright."

[Everyone enters the Aphrora and one of the bartenders talks to 

Woman: "Rinoa! I heard your base is in serious trouble. Come
       over to my place until things settle down."

Rinoa: "I appreciate it. Thank you..."

Quistis: "What are you waiting for, Squall? Come on!"

[The party starts walking.]

Rinoa: "This way!"

[They stop in front of a house next to Timber Maniacs.]

Rinoa: "This is it."

[Everyone piles inside.]

Woman: "I'll let you know if anything chanes. 'Til then, make 
       yourself at home."

Rinoa: "Thanks, chief."

[The woman walks out of the house.]

Squall: "Chief?"

Rinoa: "She's the leader of the 'Forest Fox'. Almost everyone's a
       resistance member in this town. But right now, we're the only
       ones that are really active. Let's stay here for a while."

Selphie: "I still don't get it. What did Seifer come here for?"

Rinoa: "I think...he came to help us, the 'Forest Owls'. I talked
       about it a lot with him. So please...don't think too badly
       of him."

Galbadian Soldier: "Anybody in here!?"

[The voice is coming from outside.]

Voice: "What is this!? I have 2 small children in here. Don't do
       anything to frighten them!"

[A woman comes down the stairs.]

Woman: "Upstairs... Hurry!"

[Rinoa turns back to the door.]

Rinoa: "Will she be ok?"

Woman: "She'll be fine. The legend goes...that my mother took down
       many soldiers with her strength, cooking, and beauty."

Selphie: "That 'beauty' part sure makes it sound like a legend."

[Everyone enters the upstairs section of the house and starts to
lounge around the room.]

Quistis: "He was so angry when he found out it was only the 3 of you
         dispatched to Timber. 'What!? They might end up fightin' the
         whole Galbadian force! And all they dispatch are 3 rookie
         SeeD members!? Dammit! I'm going to Timber!' I never would
         have guessed he was serious about it."

Squall: (That guy's always serious. You should know that by now...)

Quistis: "What's going to happen to Seifer?"

Squall: "He may already be dead."

Rinoa: "How can you be so casual? I feel...sorry for him."

Squall: (...Feel sorry? Seifer would hate to hear that.)

Rinoa: "What's so funny!? You're terrible! So...why do you think
       Seifer may already be dead?"

Squall: (Because...) "The president of Galbadia and the sorceress
        joined forces. Seifer attacked the president. It's no
        surprise that Seifer may have been killed because of it."

Rinoa: "Even so! I still hope he's alive."

Squall: (Think what you want. ...Reality isn't so kind. Everything
        doesn't work out the way you want it to. That's why...) "As
        long as you don't get your hopes up, you can take anything...
        You feel less pain. Anyway, whatever wish you have is none of
        my business."

Rinoa: "...You're mean. MEANY!!!"

Squall: (What's with her...?) "...Sorry."

[The Forest Fox leader comes up the stairs.]

Forest Fox Leader: "The Galbadian forces are withdrawing. Only the
                   soldiers normally stationed here will stick around.
                   If you're gonna leave town, now's your chance! You
                   know how persistent those soldiers can be!"

[Everyone walks downstairs now that the thread of a Galbadian
intrusion is fading away.]

Quistis: "Squall, any thoughts on where to go?"

Squall: (We have to get out of here first...)

Quistis: "Getting out of here is only the first step."

Squall: "What do you mean?"

Quistis: "Garden Code, Article 8, line 7."

Squall: (8:7... In the event that returning to the assigned Garden is
        not possible, report to the nearest Garden......) "Head for
        the nearest Garden..."

Quistis: "Very good! From here, that would be [Galbadia Garden]."

Rinoa: "We can take the train from here and get off at a station
       called [East Academy]."

Quistis: "From there, we have to go through the [forest west of the
         station] to get to [Galbadia Garden]. I've been there several
         times. We should be ok."

Squall: "...Ok then... We'll escape from Timber and head to [Galbadia
        Garden]. The party will be..."

[Squall sets up the party.]

Squall: "Let's go!"

Forest Fox Leader: "You be careful, now. Take this with you."

[She gives them a Potion, Phoenix Down, Soft, Antidote, and a Remedy.
Outside, the party heads to the entrance to the train station that's
on the other edge of town, but a man stops them. It's Zone disguised
as an old man.]

Mystery Man: "Rinoa, Squall! It's me!"

Rinoa: "Zone!"

Zone: "You need to go to [East Academy], right? There's no more
      tickets left."

Selphie: "Super-Duper-Mega-Bummer!"

Squall: "We'll do whatever it takes to get on that train."

Zone: "You won't have to do that. Looky here! I have everyone's
      ticket right here! One for you. 3 for you SeeD people. Here,
      I'll give them to the leader. And the last one is for me......"

[Zone looks at Quistis who hasn't got a ticket. He walks over and
gives her the remaining one.]

Zone: "Go on. Take it."

Quistis: "I can't take that! It's yours!"

Zone: "Ouch!"

[He shoves the ticket in her hand and runs to a corner, clutching
his stomach in mock pain.]

Zone: "OuuuuuuucH! My stomach hurts! Ouch! Just get going! The
      train's leaving."

Quistis: "Thank you."

Rinoa: "Zone...... We're gonna see each other again, ok? No matter
       what, you have to survive. We have to liberate Timber together,

Zone: "I know, I know. I'll go hide in a bathroom or something. Now
      get going."

[The SeeDs and Rinoa go to the last train.]

Loudspeaker: "This train is bound for Dollet, stopping at [East
             Academy]. This is the last train for today. Please hurry
             on board."

Squall: "The last train..."
        R1 --> Get on
        R2 --> Not yet

        R1: [See below.]
        R2: [They don't get on; they can walk around freely]

[After picking R1:]

Squall: "Let me double check... Get off at [East Academy] and go
        through the [forest, west of the station]. [Galbadia Garden]
        is located up ahead... Is that correct?"

Quistis: "Indeed. Glad we have a leader with a good memory."

[Everyone gets onboard and the last train rolls out of town. Inside:]

Train Announcement: "This train, bound for East Academy, will depart

[Selphie looks at the locked door.]

Squall: "We'll..."

Selphie: "Open, Open, OPEN!"

Squall: "...Make it."

Selphie: "Please... Open up!

Squall: (...Better let her have her way.)

ID Check: "Confirming...Access granted..."

[The door opens.]

Selphie: "Tee-hee! Thanks

[Squall goes over to Zell when Selphie leaves.]

Zell: "........."
      R1 --> (Leave him alone)
      R2 --> (Stay put)

      R1: [Self-explanitory, the scene ends and the party gets
          off at East Academy]

      R2: [Self-explanitory, the scene doesn't advance and the
          train doesn't rumble on yet.]

[The party eventually gets off at the East Academy stop and heads
to the nearby forest that Quistis talked about.]

10. The Forest & Laguna Sequence II                                      [WK10]

[When Squall's team arrives, his other two party members are 
waiting at the grassy path that leads through the forest.]

Quistis: "We're not too far from Galbadia Garden now!"

Selphie: "Heeey, I was just thinking... There might be some bad news
         from the Galbadian government. What if we get caught and
         then get broadcast to the whole world...!?"

Zell: "Whatever happens, happens! Now come on! Let's just keep going!
      I, I'm worried about Balamb Garden. If anything happens to
      Garden, it's all my fault. I'm the one who said we were all from
      Garden... You think the president will retaliate on Garden?"

Squall: "Maybe."

Zell: "...Figures... B-B-But, we have a whole bunch of SeeDs at
      Balamb Garden! They won't lose to the Galbadian army, would

Squall: "Depends on how strong the army is."

Zell: "I know, but..."

Rinoa: "Oh, you're just a great leader, aren't you... Do you actually
       have fun acting so callous towards your comrades?"

Squall: (...Not again.)

Rinoa: "Zell wants your support."

Squall: (I knew it was gonna be something like that...)

Rinoa: "Any kind of encouragement will make..."

Squall: (That's just to ease your mind. Am I the only one who thinks
        that? No, I'm sure Seifer...)

Rinoa: "Don't you ever worry about or even think about the well-being
       of your comrades!?"

Squall: (I don't believe in relying on others.)

Rinoa: "Don't you understand!?"

Squall: (...Whatever.)

Rinoa: "Are you listening, Squall?"

[Squall clutches his head, just like during the "experience" on the
Timber-bound train.]

Squall: (...What the!? ...This sensation...)

[Rinoa backs off as Squall topples over. Quistis soon follows.]

Quistis: "Uhhh..."

[...and then Selphie.]

Selphie: "M...Me, too..."

Rinoa: "What's going on!?"

Zell: "I think...they went to the 'dream world'."

[Inside the 'dream world,' the party (Laguna/Kiros/Ward, that is) 
finds themselves walking around a rocky place.]

Ward: "Kiros, you sure this is the place."

Kiros: "Positive."

Ward: "I don't wanna be patrolling the wrong place, like last time."

Laguna: "Ahh, sorry... This ain't the place."

Kiros: "This is it. Let's go, commander."

Laguna: "?"

[Laguna takes out a map and looks at it."

Laguna: "I brought the wrong map. Somehow, I have a bad feeling
        about this..."
        R1 --> Nah, just my imagination
        R2 --> Yeah, a bad feeling...

        R1: "Nah, everything's cool... Hey, make sure you guys are
            fully equipped. Well, we are on duty... Let's get a move
            on and check things out."

        R2: "Seriously, I have a BAAAD feeling...! There's
            somethin' fishy goin' on here! You know what the old
            folks say... The unfamiliar always happens..."

            Kiros: "You mean...'unexpected', right?"

            Ward: "You only got the 'un' part right."

            Laguna: "Aah, shut up! Stop your clamorin' and make
                    sure all your gear's equipped. Now, let's
                    move out!"

[The party continues and comes upon an excavation site. Conveyor
belts constantly haul rock and dirt out of the earth off to some
place offscreen. Laguna stops to look around.]

Laguna: "But seriously... This place sure is strange... What the heck
        is this big pile of rocks? You think these are natural rocks
        used for carving tombstones?"

Kiros: "Who knows...or cares?"

Ward: "Speaking of strange... Why have you been...running around so

Laguna: "Strange...? What do you mean strange? ...Just bein' cautious.
        That's the basic rule of thu... ...Hey?"

[A man appears in the distance.]

Laguna: "Looks like we've got company. Esthar soldiers. Still wearin'
        those flashy uniforms."

Kiros: "...?"

Ward: "Laguna...!!!"

Laguna: "Don't be such a weenie! What the...!?"

[Laguna turns around to see three more Esthar soldiers behind Ward.
The party crushes the first'un with style.]

Kiros: "Wasn't our mission just to patrol...?"

Ward: "Why does it have to turn out like this?"

Laguna: "Seriously...! I wasn't expecting this at all!" 

[They lay the other three to llrest, too.]

Ward: "There's more coming...?"

Kiros: "There's no end to this!"

Laguna: "Better make a run for it!"

[Laguna sees a ladder on one of the paths.]

Laguna: "Huh...? A ladder. Guys, it's a ladder. Looks like it leads

[They climb down into the next area, and Laguna gets a leg cramp.]

Laguna: "Ooou...cH!"

Ward: "What's wrong?"

Laguna: "My...leg...cramped up!!!"

Kiros: "......"

Laguna: "Phew... It's fine now! I'm so out of shape. Gotta stretch
        before I exercise..."

Ward: "That last battle we had doesn't really count as exercise."

Laguna: "...What? D'ya say something?"

Kiros: "...Ahh, no."

[The party eventually comes out of a stairwell, finding themselves
on a small cliff overlooking the ocean. Some Esthar soldiers also
follow them up, blocking off the exit.]

Laguna: "Don't tell me..."

Kiros: "Of all the worst possible..."

Ward: "...Predicaments?"

[The party beats down the Esthar soldiers, but more come up to take
their place.]

Laguna: "Arghhhh! I'm gettin' hungry!"

[They beat up the soldiers, but more rise to take *their* place.]

Laguna: "Uhhhh! The tip o'my nose itchessss!"

[The Esthar soldiers get another loss handed to them.]

Laguna: "Darn it! I wanna scratch the bottom of my feeeet!"

[They defeat the last of the soldiers, but not before one of them
uses a Soul Crush attack on Ward. Afterwards, all three Galbadian
soldiers plop down, fatigued.]

Laguna: "Look, the ocean... We're saved! Lady Luck is on our side!
        We can escape to Galbadia!!!"

Kiros: "One would say we've been run down... That's what they'd 
       normally say..."

Laguna: "Don't say that. It might come true. Didn't your grandmother
        tell you that?"

Kiros: "...If you say something bad... It will come true... Yeah,
       I think she did."

Ward: "Ggghh...rrrhhh..."

Laguna: "What'd you say?"

Kiros: "I think...his throad...was injured... He lost...his voice."

Ward: ""

Laguna: "Say again?"

Ward: ""

Laguna: "Ward, that's way uncool. It's not cool to say things like
        that. Just for that, you're gettin' the Cuchi-Cuchi treatment!
        How's that, huh!? Want more!? Well!?"

Ward: "......"

Laguna: "......"

[Laguna looks over the side of the cliff and notices ships.]

Laguna: "WHOA!!! Check it out, a boat! We're gettin' on!"

Kiros: "A...vessel... ...They'"

Laguna: "Boat, vessel, whatever. We're going back to Galbadia!"

[Laguna picks up Kiros and flings him off the side of the cliff.
Ward gets the same treatment, too. Laguna walks to the side himself and
looks over.]

Laguna: "You guys...sure have guts. You know how high this cliff

[Laguna tries to go down slowly but falls instead, yelling:]

Laguna: "! ...No way...! AHHHH!!!"

[The sequence ends and the party wakes up, with an anxious Zell and
Rinoa waiting around for them to come to.]

Zell: "Was it Laguna again...?"

Selphie: "Sir Laguna's in BIG TROUBLE! I hope he'll be ok...!!!"

Quistis: "Doesn't seem like the first time for you all. What is this?"

Squall: (If it were just me, I could tell the others it was only a
        crazy dream...) "We'll just be wasting our time trying to
        figure it out. Let's keep going."

Zell: "Yeah, let's go! I think we're almost there."

Rinoa: "Umm...Squall...I think I may have said too much. I'm sorry."

Squall: (Forget about it.)

[On the other side of the forest, the towering structure that is
Galbadia Garden makes its presence on the horizon.]

11. Galbadia Garden and Irvine Kinneas                                   [WK11]

[The party walks towards the Garden, a gleaming red as opposed to
Balamb's sea-colored blue. Cadets in flying devices travel around 
and people walk by without a notice for the new arrivals. Everyone
heads inside, stopping at the turnstiles.]

Selphie: "Wow... Completely different..."

Zell: "Sure is quiet."

Squall: "...I like it."

[Rinoa giggles, and Quistis walks forward.]

Quistis: "Could you leave this one up to me? I've been here several
         times, and I know the headmaster pretty well. I'll go and
         explain our situation."

[Quistis leaves and the party walks around, eventually being
directed into a room on the second floor where they can wait for
the headmaster's notice. Quistis enters after a little while.]

Squall: "How'd it go?"

Quistis: "They understood our situation. And Balamb Garden is safe.
         The attack on the president in Timber was classified as an
         independant action. There was an official notice from the
         Galbadian government saying that Balamb Garden is not being
         held responsible."

Zell: "So, Seifer's taking all the blame?"

Quistis: "The trial's over, and the sentence has been carried out..."

[Everyone's taken aback.]

Rinoa: "...He was executed? ...Of course he was. He attacked the
       president. He sacrificed himself for the 'Forest Owls'..."

Quistis: "It was your group that got Seifer involved in all this.
         You're a resistance faction, right? You must have been
         prepared for the worst. I'm sure Seifer was prepared, too.
         So don't think of it as Seifer sacrificing himself for you.
         I'm sorry. I guess that wasn't much consolation."

[Squall walks over to Rinoa.]

Rinoa: "I...really liked him. He was always full of confidence,
       smart... Just by talking to him, I felt like I could take on
       the world."

Selphie: "Your boyfriend?"

Rinoa: "I don't really know. I... I think it was love. I wonder how
       he felt...?"

Selphie: "Do you still like him?"

Rinoa: "If I didn't, I wouldn't be talking about it. It was last
       summer... I was 16. Lots of fond memories..."

[Squall walks over to Selphie.]

Selphie: "You really hated Seifer, didn't you, Zell!?"

Zell: "Yeah, but... He was from Garden... He was one of us.
      If I can, I wanna get revenge."

[Squall walks over to Quistis.]

Quistis: "I don't have any good memories of him. I've seem some
         troubled children, but he was beyond troubled. Well, he
         wasn't really a bad guy."

[Squall walks over to Zell.]

Zell: "I didn't like the guy, but executed...?"

[After talking to the three SeeD members (in any order), Squall
will reflect to himself.]

Squall: (I liked him... wasn't really a bad guy... He was one of 
        us... Seifer... You've become just a memory. Will they...
        Will they talk about me this way if I die, too? Squall was
        this and that. Using past tense, saying whatever they want?
        So this is what death is all about... ...Not for me. I
        won't have it!!!)

Quistis: "What's wrong, Squall?"

Squall: "I won't have it!"

Zell: "W-What?"

Selphie: "Are you MAD!?"

Squall: "I'm not having anyone talk about me in the past tense!"

[Squall runs out of the room. He heads downstairs, towards the exit,
but someone yells at him from the upper balcony.]

Raijin: "Yo! Squall!"

[Raijin runs downstairs with Fujin close behind.]

Squall: "What are you doing here?"

Raijin: "What am I doin'? I'm a messenger, ya know? Brought you a new
        order from Headmaster Cid, ya know?"

Squall: "What kind of order?"

Raijin: "I dunno. Gave it to the head honcho here. Just did what
        Headmaster Cid wanted, ya know?"

Fujin: "EXPLAIN."

Raijin: "We were suppose'ta go to Timber. But the trains have all
        stopped, so we had no other choice but to come here. Kinda
        relieved to see you guys here."

Fujin: "SEIFER?"

Raijin: "Oh yeah! Wasn't Seifer with you?"

Squall: "I believe Seifer may be dead... I heard he was tried in
        Galbadia and then executed..."

Fujin: "LIES!"

Raijin: "BWAHAAHAAHAA! That's gotta be a lie, ya know!? There's no
        way he'd put up with a trial, ya know!? Or an execution for
        that matter! It's just so not Seifer, ya know!?"

Fujin: "FIND!"

Raijin: "O'What...! We're gonna meet up with Seifer? Well, see ya,
        Squall. We're gonna head off to Galbadia to look for Seifer."

[Fujin and Raijin beat it out of the Garden. Squall hears an message
on the intercom telling him to head to the main gate, which he does.
He talks to Quistis first:]

Quistis: "Ok, it's time to meet. Let's go."

[...and his party's sprints there, but the Galbadian Headmaster
isn't present yet. Squall walks over to Rinoa, who looks down
the road.]

Rinoa: "Oh! I think that's him!"

[A car grinds down the path and a man gets out.]

Rinoa: "Just pretend I'm a SeeD, too. It'l be less complicated
       that way."

[Everyone gets in line and salutes the man.]

Martine: "Good day. I have official orders from Headmaster Cid
         addressed to you. Following regulations, I have gone over
         these orders. After careful consideration of our options,
         we have decided to fully assist and cooperate with Headmaster
         Cid. Actually, we too, have been planning this for quite some
         time now. In order to stress the importance of this mission,
         I must first brief you on the current situation. At ease.
         You all know about the sorceress being appointed as the 
         peace ambassador for the Galbadian government. However, this
         ambassador thing is just a cover up. There will be no peace
         talks, only threats. The sorceress creates fear among people.
         Therefore, peace talks are impossible. Galbadia is planning
         to use fear to negotiate favorable conditions for itself. It
         is clear that Galbadia's ultimate goal is world domination.
         Garden is no exception, either. It is a fact that the
         sorceress is planning to use this Garden as her base. ...We
         have very few options available to us. We entrust world
         peace, and the future to you. Details of the mission are
         enclosed in these official orders."

[He gives them out to Squall.]

Martine: "Any questions?"

Squall: "The orders say by means of 'a sniper'. We have no one with
        that skill."

Martine: "Don't worry about it. Let me introduce an elite sharpshooter
         from Galbadia Garden. Kinneas! Irvine Kinneas!"

[Off on a knoll, a man dressed in western attire gets up, carrying a
gun on his shoulder. He walks to the party.]

Martine: "This is Irvine Kinneas. He will be your sharpshooter. Leave
         whenever you're ready. Failure is not an option."

[Martine heads into the car and Irvine points at him.]

Irvine: "BANG!"

[Martine drives off. Squall talks to one of his party members,
who will ask about the orders (except Irvine, who introduces
himself, makes Zell mad, and calls everyone a "rube"):]

[-] Zell: "So tell us the new orders!"
[-] Rinoa: "What kind of orders did we get?"
[-] Quistis: "What's our mission?"
[-] Selphie: "What's our next mission?"

Squall: "Our next mission... This is no ordinary mission. It's a
        direct order from both Balamb and Galbadia Garden. We're to...
        ...assassinate the sorceress. We're to shoot her from afar.
        Kinneas will be our sharpshooter. We're to support Kinneas to
        our fullest. Should the sniper fail, we are to attack head 

Irvine: "Thanks for the support, but I never miss my target."

Squall: "Eliminate the sorceress. That's our order. We're going to
        head to the capital of Galbadia, Deling City. There, we'll
        meet up with General Caraway to go over the details of the
        plan. Let's get going."

Irvine: "Well then... We'll need to choose a party for the trip to
        Deling City."

[Irvine forms a party that includes himself, Selphie, and Rinoa.]

Irvine: "How's this?"

Squall: R1 --> (Yeah, whatever)
        R2 --> (...That's no good)

        R1: (Yeah, whatever.) "Have a good time..."

            Selphie: "Are you being sarcastic!? You are, aren't you!
                     Well, fine then! We WILL have a good time!"

              Rinoa: "We understand very well."

            [Rinoa grabs Irvine's arm.]

              Rinoa: "Come on Mr. Kinneas, let's go!"

             Squall: (...H-Hey.)

             Irvine: "Call me Irvine. I'm a pretty lucky guy. Hand
                     in hand with two beautiful girls!"

            [Selphie fawns over him, now.]

            Selphie: "Irvy Kinnepooo! I'll make you happy!"

             Squall: (Did I say something terrible? Women... I
                     don't understand women.)

             [Irvine walks off with his catches.]

            Quistis: "I think I feel sick..."

               Zell: "Irvine Kinneas... Loser...!"

             [Quistis grabs Squall's arm.]

            Quistis: "Come on, Squall. Let's go!"

             Squall: (...H-Hey.)

               Zell: "Squall, let's get going! We have to get there
                     before they do!"

             Squall: (Grow up! I may need to switch party members
                     often. Let me just confirm how to go about

             [A tutorial starts. See below.]

        R2: "I'll decide."

            [Squall chooses the party.]

            Squall: "There."

            Irvine: "What!? Are you serious...?"
            Squall: "I've balanced out the party." 

Additional dialogue based on who's in Irvine's party:

[If Zell's paired:]

Zell: "So you want me to take care of this guy, eh?"
Zell: "I'll teach ya some SeeD manners!"
Irvine: (leaving) "Catch ya later, alligator!"
Zell: (pursuing) "HEY!"

[If Squall pairs Irvine with Selphie/Rinoa anyway, or himself...]

Irvine: "Excellent choice, Mr. Leader."


Squall: (I may need to switch party members often. Let me just confirm how to
        go about it...)

[The tutorial starts no matter the option.]

Tutorial: At the Switch, party members and junctions can be switched.
          To change party members, select Switch Member, choose a
          replacement, then select the member being replaced. The
          members will switch places. However, please note that there
          are times when certain characters cannot join the party. The
          other command, Junction Exchange exchanges the magic, GF,
          junctioned magic, and abilities between characters. This
          way, the replacing member can take over all abilities at
          once. The process is the same as Switch Member. Select a
          replacement, then the member to be replaced, to active the
          command. Please note that this process may change the
          member's current HP. This concludes the Switch explanation.

[Outside, the world map opens up and the party heads to the station
to catch a fast track to Deling City.]

12. Far East Station and a Meeting with General Caraway                  [WK12]

[The party members buy a ticket and board the train. Squall walks in.]

Squall: "........."

[He immediately goes and opens a door into the hallway.]

ID Check: "Confirming... Access granted..."

[Everyone piles in. Selphie goes to the door and it opens.]

Selphie: "Hee! You caught on!"

[She leaves.]

Train Announcement: "This train, bound for Deling City, will be
                    departing shortly."

Rinoa: "This is the only train bound for Deling City anyway."

Irvine: "Hmm... Perhaps it's fate?"

[He disappears into the hallway where Selphie went.]

Zell: "So, what do we do about HIM?"

[At his party members' urging, Squall follows Irvine, finding him
serenading Selphie with sweet nothings.]

Irvine: "Selphie... We're destined to be together!"

Selphie: "Y-Yeah right...!"

Irvine: "A sigh of love?"

Selphie: "N-No..."

[Now that Selphie's worked up, Irvine starts walking back to the
others, tipping his hat to Squall as he passes.]

Irvine: "Pardon me..."

[Squall follows him in, finding him pulling the same stunt with

Irvine: "Rinoa..."

[She runs away from him.]

Quistis: "Irvine Kinneas! You're playing a major role in this 
         mission. Now behave yourself!"

Irvine: "No one understands me... Sharpshooters are loners by
        nature... We hone our instincts, pour our whole being into a
        single bullet. The pressure of the moment... An instant of
        tension... That's what... I have to face alone... ...It's not
        easy. So like... Just do me a favor, and let me be! You get
        my drift?"

[Zell punches the cabin floor and the women shake their heads. The
train also undergoes a shake, probably from the coupling of the
other cars (or maybe hitting the vehicle blocking the tracks further

Train Announcement: "Err, there was no damage to the train from that, 
                    err, minor vibration...I, uh...repeat...Err, 
                    there was no damage to the train from that, err, 
                    minor vibration..."

[The train speeds out of the station and snakes the railways until
its come to a stop in the underground tunnels of Deling City. Once
there, everyone piles out and runs up the escalators. The majestic
sites come into view, particularly a large arch in the center that
rises above the other architecture.]

Rinoa: "We're going to Caraway's Mansion, right? Just take bus 08."

Zell: "Sounds like you know this place pretty well."

Squall: (So this is where Laguna's from...?)

[The party runs through the city and approaches the entrance to
Caraway's mansion.]

Squall: (Caraway is the head of the Galbadian army... Could this be
        a coup d'etat? No... I don't think he's out to overthrow the

[The party comes up to the entrance and finds a guard standing
watch over the mansion. They can't get past him either...]

Caraway's Guard: "General Caraway's mansion is right through this
                 gate, but... I can't just let you walk in."

Squall: "I believe he's been informed of our arrival."

Caraway's Guard: "Yes indeed, but... I was ordered not to let you
                 through until your skills have been tested."

Zell: "What the hell's he talkin' about!?"

Squall: "Test our skills? What does he want us to do?"

Caraway's Guard: "The [Tomb of the Unknown King] to the northeast.
                 All you have to do is go there. It's real simple,
                 but... You have to bring back proof that you were
                 there. A code number."

Squall: "A code number?"

Zell: "We came all the way out here for some stupid test of courage?
      Who does he think we are!?"

Caraway's Guard: "There are many students like yourself who wish to
                 call on General Caraway. There was a student from
                 Galbadia Garden yesterday, who has yet to return
                 from the test at the [Tomb of the Unknown King]. The
                 [Tomb of the Unknown King] is located [northeast] of
                 the city. Your objective is to go to the [Tomb of
                 the Unknown King], look for traces of this lost
                 student, and return with his ID number. You should
                 be able to find what you're looking for shortly
                 after you go in. The ID number is written on it. I
                 don't recommend going any further than you have to.
                 You may never make it back alive. Anyway, here's a
                 map for you. Press the [SELECT] button while inside
                 the [Tomb of the Unknown King] to bring it up. Press
                 (/\) again while the map is displayed to escape
                 from the dungeon. But just remember, your SeeD rank
                 will go down."
                 R1 --> Ready to answer
                 R2 --> Buy a hint for 3,000 Gil
                 R3 --> Buy a location displayer for 5,000 Gil
                 R4 --> Talk
                 R5 --> Have him escort us out of town

                 R1: [You don't know the answer yet, so I'll just
                     cover this soon. Look a little ways below.]

                 R2: "There is a GF inside the [Tomb of the Unknown
                     King]. If you feel confident enough, it may be
                     worth the challenge. If that is the case, I
                     recommend you buy the location displayer. You
                     may regret not buying it.
                     [The next hint you can buy is:]

                     "The GF in the back of the cavern has a weakness.
                     'Stay above ground'. Keep that in mind."

                     [After buying the second hint, he says:]

                     "I have no more hints."

                 R3: "Press the [SELECT] while inside the [Tomb of the
                     Unknown King] to bring up the map. Your current
                     location is indicated by the X mark."

                 R4: "The [Tomb of the Unknown King] is located 
                     [northeast] of the city. Your objective is to go
                     to the [Tomb of the Unknown King], look for
                     traces of this lost student, and return with his
                     ID number. You should be able to find what you're
                     looking for shortly after you go in. The ID
                     number should be written on it. I don't recommend
                     going any further than you have to. You may never
                     make it back alive."

                 R5: "Alright, I'll accompany you out. It's quite
                     convenient if you rent a car when you travel
                     outside." [The party is "moved" to the screen
                     with the Rent-A-Car in it.]

[The party sets out and finally arrives at the Tomb, with or without
the aid of a motor vehicle. As they enter the grown-over structure,
two female cadets come fleeing out of there, one of them shouting:]  

Female Cadet: "F-Float!"

[They run past Squall and leave; Squall does the opposite. Inside
he finds a gunblade lying on the floor without a master.]

Squall: "Student ID No. ______" [The actual number changes each
        time, so it's not listed here, obviously.]

[Squall heads back to Caraway's Mansion after the short excursion
and goes to the gate guard.]

Caraway's Guard: "Yes, what is it?"
                 R1 --> Ready to answer
                 R2 --> Buy a hint for 3,000 Gil
                 R3 --> Buy a location displayer for 5,000 Gil
                 R4 --> Talk
                 R5 --> Have him escort us out of town

                 R1: Enter ones (list of numbers, from 0 - 9)
                     Enter tens (list of numbers, from 0 - 9)
                     Enter hundreds (list of numbers, from 0 - 9)

                 R2: [Already covered; look above]
                 R3: [Already covered; look above]
                 R4: [Already covered; look above]
                 R5: [Already covered; look above]

[When you put in the right three-digit number, he'll say:]

Caraway's Guard: " '_ _ _' That's correct! Please, right this way."

[The guard lets them run to the mansion.]

Squall: (Both Balamb and Galbadia Garden are joining forces with the
        general from the Galbadian Army. ...Why? ...No point in me
        thinking about it. 'SeeDs aren't meant to question why.')

Rinoa: "Umm... Is my contract...still in effect?"

Squall: (...What is it this time?)

Rinoa: "Don't leave me in this house, ok? Want me to explain why?"

Squall: (This might take a while...) "You should know by now. Just
        tell us what to do and we'll do it."

Rinoa: "Okay, then. Thanks."

[The party enters the General's office, but after awhile, they start
to stand around waiting. Squall goes to Rinoa.]

Rinoa: "Hmph... He always does this! So discourteous...making people
       wait. I'm gonna go complain. Everyone just wait here."

[Rinoa exits and comes back a second later.]

Rinoa: "Oh, by the way, this is my house. So don't worry."

[She leaves again.]

Squall: (...Hope it doesn't lead to any trouble.)

Zell: "What the hell's goin' on!?"

[At moment, the General enters.]

Squall: "Where's Rinoa?"

General Caraway: "She has not receive the type of training you all
                 have, and may become a burden. It's for the best
                 that she stays out of this operation."

Selphie: "So you're Rinoa's father?"

General Caraway: "I can't remember the last time she called me that."

Zell: "So the father's a top military officer, and the daughter's a
      member of an anti-government faction!? That's bad... Really

General Caraway: "Yes, indeed. It's a serious problem. But it doesn't
                 concern you. It's our problem."

Squall: (That's not the case...)

General Caraway: "Besides, we have far more important things to worry

Squall: (Garden's directive and Rinoa's orders have the same value 
        to us.) "Once our mission is accomplished here, we're working
        for Rinoa, as per our contract. I don't know what your
        situation is, but please don't interfere when the time comes."

General Caraway: "And if I do?"

Squall: (What's his problem?) "We're all SeeDs here. We'll act

Irvine: "Hey, hey, hey... Fellas... We're here to knock off the
        sorceress, right? So let's get down to business."

General Caraway: "...... Ok, let me explain the plan."

[The General walks outside and Squall can form his party.

General Caraway: "I'm sure you know about the Galbadian government
                 reaching an agreement with Sorceress Edea.

Squall: (So the Sorceress' name is Edea... Edea...)

General Caraway: "There is going to be a ceremony tonight to 
                 commemorate the event.]

[The party follows the General out into the public streets and to
a curb on one of the main intersections.]

General Caraway: "It'll be held at the Presidential Residence. During
                 the ceremony, you will split up into two teams and
                 get in position. The [gateway team] will enter the
                 gateway and stand by. The [sniper team] will stand
                 by at the front of the Presidential Residence until
                 the ceremony is over. This is where the [sniper team]
                 will wait, right here, where I am standing."

Squall: (So, we're gonna divide into 2 teams: the [sniper team] and
        the [gateway team].)

[The party turns to face the destination. It has a high podium and
a large gate in front of it. A large digital clock also stands on

General Caraway: "That's the Presidential Residence. Once the ceremony
                 ends, a parade for the sorceress will begin. That's
                 when the gate will open. Lay low until then. The
                 parade may be cancelled if there is a commotion. We
                 must avoid that at all cost. Once the gate opens, the
                 [sniper team] will move out. With the parade drawing
                 the crowd and the guards' attention, it should be
                 rather easy to move about. The [sniper team] will
                 head for the roof of the residence. In the [corridor]
                 by the sorceress' room, there is a [hatch] that leads
                 to the clocktower. There's a clock tower there
                 housing a carousel clock. You'll find the sniper
                 rifle there. Stand by in the clock tower until
                 exactly 20:00. The parade will begin by the gate.
                 The sorceress will be riding on the parade vehicle.
                 After it leaves the gate, the vehicle will turn left.
                 Like this. This way."

[The General walks the empty street, mimicking how the vehichle will
go when the ceremony is initiated.]

General Caraway: "The parade will circle once around the city along
                 the outer road and return to this space. It will
                 return on this side. Then it will turn right...
                 ...and head this way. Here's where the [gateway team]
                 comes into play.

[Everyone heads to the giant arch in the town's center.]

General Caraway: "At exactly 20:00, the parade will pass under the
                 gateway. At this point, the [gateway team] will
                 operate the console to drop the gates. The sorceress
                 will be trapped inside the gateway. At 20:00, the
                 carousel clock will rise out of the roof, carrying
                 the [sniper team] up as well. There will be no
                 obstruction between the [sniper team] and the
                 sorceress. Take the open shot............BANG! That
                 is all. Now we wait. You're free to go anywhere. Go
                 check out the city if you wish. Just one thing. Stay
                 out of trouble."

Squall: (Who do you think we are? ...We're not like your daughter.)
        "We are SeeDs."

General Caraway: "...... Report to my [residence] when you're ready.
                 We'll hold a final meeting then. After that, we'll
                 proceed with the operation."

[The General relieves himself out of the tour and walks away, giving
the gateway and sniper teams time to prepare...'cause they'll need

13. The SeeDs, The Sniper, the Sewers, and the Sorceress                 [WK13]

[When all is ready, the two parties mosey on back to Caraway's 
estate, ready to put a thwart the Sorceress' plans. General Caraway
is waiting for them.]

General Caraway: "It's time to form the teams. The sniper and the
                 leader of this operation will form the [sniper team].
                 The leader's role is vital."

Squall: (...What does he mean?)

General Caraway: "If the plan fails for some reason... ...or should
                 the sniper miss... ...the leader must carry out a
                 direct assault against the sorceress. The plan was
                 devised carefully, because we intend this to be a
                 covert operation. But our ultimate goal is to
                 eliminate the sorceress, and we must achieve this at
                 all cost. Even if they uncover our identities. So,
                 who's going to lead the operation?"

[Everyone looks at Squall.]

Squall: "I will."

General Caraway: "Fine. I'll leave the rest up to you."

Squal: (...The [sniper team] is decided.) "Irvine and I will make up
       the [sniper team]. The [gateway team] will be..."

[The other SeeDs stand up.]

Selphie: "Whoo-hoo!"

Quistis: "Roger."

Zell: "Let's DO IT!!!"

Selphie: "So who's gonna be the leader of the [gateway team]?"

[Zell starts air-punching, like his role's in the bag.]

Squall: (Sorry, Zell.) "Instructor Trepe. ...Quistis Trepe, you're
        in charge."

Quistis: "Ok! Leave it to me."

General Caraway: "Ok. Let's begin."

[The General and the sniper team leaves for their positions. At that
moment, Rinoa runs in and bumps into Quistis.]

Rinoa: "Hi! Finally got out of there! Did that man say something?"

Zell: "No, not really."

Rinoa: "Where's Squall?"

Quistis: "I'm sorry Rinoa, but we have to get going."

Rinoa: "Hold on a sec."

[She takes out a bracelet-type thing.]

Rinoa: "Take a look at this!!! This is called an Odine Bangle. I
       found it in that man's room."

Zell: "Odine!?"

Selphie: "Whatcha gonna do with it?"

Rinoa: "It's supposed to suppress the sorceress' powers. But, its
       effects are still unknown. So I don't think they're going to
       use it for this mission."

Zell: "If it's Odine brand, it should be pretty effective! They're
      NO. 1 when it comes to magical goods."

Rinoa: "Right! Right!"

Quistis: "So what exactly do you want to do with it!? Are you planning
         to have the sorceress put it on!? Who? When? How?"

Rinoa: "That's what we're going to discuss!"

Quistis: "We don't have time for that. Squall and Irvine are already
         standing by. We have an operation to carry out, too. You
         understand, don't you? This isn't a father-daugher quarrel.
         This isn't a game."

[The gateway team leaves Rinoa to herself.]

Rinoa: "Who said this was a game...? I understand what's going on...
       It's not like I don't have a plan..."

[Outside, the General and the sniper team are leaving the residence.
The gateway team is just emerging from the doorway.]

Squall: "I'll make the first charge when we make the full-on attack.
        I'll try to buy some time."

Irvine: "That won't be necessary... I'll get the job done."

[The party walks out into the street, where soldiers are blocking
the streets and crowds are already amassing in the pre-ceremony

Irvine: "So lie... Is it true that SeeDs aren't supposed to question
        their mission?"

Squall: (There are times I'd like to know myself. for
        example. But...) "What do you care?"

Irvine: "So like...if you knew that your enemies were pure evil, you'd
        get more fired up to fight them, right?"

Squall: (...An enemy that is pure evil? Right and wrong are not what
        separate us and our enemies. It's different standpoints, our
        perspectives that separate us. Both sides blame one another.
        There's no good or bad side. Just 2 sides holding different

[The parties come to the archway.]

General Caraway: "The [gateway team] will wait inside the gate until
                 20:00. You can enter through this door. The sorceress
                 will pass through the gateway at exactly 20:00. In
                 that instant, lower the gates using the control
                 console located on the top floor and trap her inside
                 the gateway."

[Quistis, Zell, and Selphie enter the structure and Caraway walks
off. The sniper team heads to the curb where they'll wait to get
their positioning.]

General Caraway: "You two will wait here."

Squall: "General, why has the sorceress decided to have such an
        extravagant parade?"

General Caraway: "She wants to establish her place in Galbadia 
                 Garden, sine she has chosen it to serve as her
Squall: (So that's why Galbadia Garden wants her out...)

General Caraway: "It's starting. I'm returning to my residence. Good

[The General leaves. At that moment, Quistis abandons her position
in the arch and walks out a bit.]

Zell: "Instructor, what's up?"

Quistis: "Maybe I was too hard on her..."

Zell: "Too hard?"

Quistis: "I'm going to go apologize..."

Zell: "You mean...Rinoa?"

Selphie: "But...but...We can't just leave our post!"

Quistis: "We still have time until 20:00. You two wait here."

Zell: "We can't just..."

[Selphie runs off after Quistis.]

Zell: "Hey, wait up!"

[The party follows Caraway silently until they get to his residence.
He doesn't see them. Inside, Caraway finds his daughter sitting on
the ground still.]

General Caraway: "It'll be chaos out there soon. You'll be safe here."

[Rinoa waves him off, so he leaves. She hears the door mechanism
start to operate.]

Rinoa: "Oh no! He's gonna lock me in!"

[She runs to the door.]

Rinoa: "I... I can do it..."

[Hightailing it out of there, Rinoa makes it out before the door
locks. Unfortunately, the gateway team runs in.]

Quistis: "Rinoa, I'm sorry I..."

[The door mechanism locks the door.]

Quistis: "!"

Selphie: "!"

Zell: "!"

Quistis: "??? Did we get...locked in?"

Selphie: "...That Caraway guy!?"

Zell: "We're smack dab in the middle of a family quarrel here!"

Quistis: "This is bad. I'm worried about Rinoa, too."

Zell: "What do you mean?"

Quistis: "Rinoa's probably on her way to see the sorceress as we
         speak. She wanted to help us..."

[Fade to black. Rinoa's somewhere unfamiliar, which, by checking the
screen name, the player finds out it's the Presidential Residence.
She starts climbing on some boxes, aiming to get up to where the
sorceress is.]

Rinoa: "I'm not a SeeD, but... I can do this... This isn't some kind
       of game..."

[Rinoa uses the boxes as stepping stones to the roof. She enters
the sorceress' chamber and finds it draped in veils for the most 
part, with a single chair in the middle. The lighting's pretty
somber, too.]

Rinoa: "Umm... Excuse me... I'm...the daughter of, um...Galbadian
       Army's, um...General Caraway. I...thought I'd...come pay my
       respects...You know...'cause of my father and all... So, I...
       um...brought you a small gift. Please..."

[Rinoa approaches but is knocked back by some force. The Odine Bangle
in her arm starts to shake and soon she's hanging from thin air,
unable to let go."

Rinoa: "Ugh."

[She drops to the ground, unconscious. FMV time. The woman who's
sitting in the chair stands up, her red-beak-like veil disappearing
and two large sheets of cloth coming out of the fan structure on her
back. She walks to the door and simply walks right through it, out to
where the podium overlooking the crowd is. Vinzer Deling is nearby,

Irvine: "Here she comes."

[The Sorceress walks to the microphone, with Rinoa behind her in
some hazy trance state of mind.]

Irvine: "H...Hey... That girl...!"

Squall: "Rinoa...?"

[Edea speaks into the microphone.]

Edea: "...Lowlifes. ...Shameless filthy wretches. How you celebrate
      my ascension with such joy. Hailing the very one you have
      condemned for generations. Have you no shame? What happened to
      the evil, ruthless sorceress from your fantasies? The 
      cold-blooded tyrant that slaughtered countless men and destroyed
      many nations? Where is she now? She stands before your very eyes
      to become your new ruler. HAHAHAHAHA."

President Deling: (...?)

Edea: "A new era has just begun."

President Deling: "E-Edea... Are you alright...? Ede...!"

[Edea outstretches her hand and Vinzer is stricken by something. She
lifts him up for the crowd to see, as purplish gases flitter around

Edea: "This is reality. No one can help you. Sit back and enjoy the

[The crowd cheers for Edea's speech. Edea tosses Vinzer's body out
of their sight, and his dead (?) body smokes; she then turns back to
the microphone.]

Edea: "Rest assured, you fools. Your time will come. This is only the
      beginning. Let us start a new reign of terror. I will let you
      live a fantasy beyond your imagination."

[Edea leaves the podium, walking by Vinzer's lifeless (?) body. She
walks into the screen with the hatch to the carousel and stops.]

Edea: "Let us end this ceremony with a sacrifice."

[She uses her magic and something happens outside. FMV Time. Two
lizard-like creatues that had adorned the face of the gateway arch
come to life and run through the streets. They jump up towards Rinoa,
who's still in her dizzy swagger up near the podium. Irvine and Squall
can see the tails of the creatues whipping the air from where they
stand below.]

Irvine: "Hey, hey, hey, she's in trouble big-time! We've gotta go
        help Rinoa."

Squall: "The parade hasn't started yet. The gate's not open."

Irvine: "You've gotta be kidding!"

[Back at Caraway's house, Quistis is looking out the window.]

Quistis: "Oh no! It's starting! We need to get out of here, quick."

[Examining the room, she takes a martini glass from the wall and
goes to a statue in Caraway's room, putting it in its open-palmed
grasp. It spins back, revealing a passageway.]

Zell: "NO WAY!"

Selphie: "Pretty sneak-y!"

Quistis: "Let's go."

Selphie: "But we don't even know where it leads!"

Zell: "No use stayin' here!"

[The party descends a ladder and comes into the underground sewer
conduits, complete with water-wheels and the whole works. Above, the
crowd's chanting signifies that the parade's in full swing.] 

Zell: "It's starting."

[FMV. Up above, Irvine and Squall watch as the gates fling open and
the festivities for Edea are put in motion. Dancers lead the way for
Edea's float, with the woman of the hour sitting in a throne. And,
back from the dead apparently, Seifer Almasy is also in attendance
by her side, if one pays close attention."

Irvine: "Now's our chance. Come on! What are you waiting for!? Rinoa
        might die!"

[The two start running as the FMV starts. Seifer waves to the crowd
with his gunblade, smiling at the fireworks and neon displays all
around him. Squall and Irvine run through the FMV in interactive
style, heading into the opened gates to help Rinoa. They take the
same route that Rinoa did up, except they come out by the podium.
Deling is still lying there, but they pay him no mind. Inside, they
find the two lizard-creatures standing over Rinoa's lifeless body."

Squall: "Rinoa!!!"

[The battle starts with Irvine.]

Irvine: "Oh, I forgot to tell you...For my Limit Break, Shot, pull
        the trigger with the [R1]. Got it?"

[Squall and Irvine defeat the two creatures (Iguions). Squall runs
over to Rinoa, who, surprisingly, is aware of her surroundings.]

Rinoa: "I was scared..."

[Rinoa clings to his arm.]

Rinoa: "...Really scared."

Squall: "It's over now."

Rinoa: "I was scared... I was really, really scared."

Squall: "You're used to battles, aren't you?"

Rinoa: "I couldn't...I just couldn't. I couldn't fight alone..."

Squall: (...You're not ready for all this.) "Better get going."

[Rinoa clings to his arm again after he bats it away.]

Squall: "I haven't forgotten your order. Just stay close to me."

[Squall and company head into the hatch where the carousel is. A
gigantic sniper rifle lies carelessly on the floor. Squall picks
it up and hands it to Irvine.]

Squall: "Irvine Kinneas, it's in your hands now."

[Irvine takes it slowly and walks off by himself.]

Squall: (Huh...? Why'd he get all quiet? Oh, he must be concentrating.
        Loneliness of the sharpshooter... I guess he has a point.
        Can't hear anything from in here. ...What's going on with the
        parade, I wonder? Seifer... So he's alive.) "Rinoa. Seifer's
        alive. He was in the parade with the sorceress."

Rinoa: "...What does it mean?"

Squall: "Who knows." (If I were to face the sorceress directly...
        Would I have to go through Seifer? ...That's the way it goes
        as a SeeD. You can't choose your enemies...) "I may end up
        killing Seifer."

Rinoa: "You're both...prepared, right? That's the kind of world you
       live in. You've had a lot of emotional training. But... Of
       course, I'd rather it not happen..."

Squall: (............) "It's all up to Irvine."

[Squall walks over to the sharpshooter, who's twitching a little.]

Squall: (Huh...? Is he freakin' out!?) "Don't tell me you're getting
        the jitters..."

Irvine: "I...I can't do it."

[Squall slaps himself in the face. The view switches back to the
sewer-bound gateway team. They navigate the serpentine area and
make it out. But where, one asks? Right inside the gateway. They
go up and see the parade in full bloom.]

Zell: "Phew! Just made it."

[Everone looks outside, seeing the clock strike the hour of no return.
The carousel opens up and the sorceress' vehicle passes underneath the

Zell: "Instructor, now! Hit the switch!"

[Quistis pulls the lever.]

The gate blocks the vehicle inside when both of 'em fall. On the
carousel, Squall yells at the hesitant Kinneas.]

Squall: "Irvine Kinneas!!!"

Irvine: "I...I can't...I'm sorry, I can't do it. I always choke like
        this... I try to act all cool, joke around, but I just can't
        handle the pressure..."

Squall: "Forget it. Just shoot."

Irvine: "My bullet... The sorceress... I'll go down in history. I'd
        change the history of Galbadia... Of the world! It's all too

Squall: "Enough! Just shoot!"

Irvine: "I can't, dammit!"

Squall: "Irvine, calm down. Everyone's waiting on you. I don't care
        if you miss. Whatever happens, just leave the rest to us. Just
        think of it as a signal. A sign for us to make our move."

Irvine: "Just a signal..."

Squall: (That's it.) "Please."

[Irvine kneels down, holding the sniper rifle steadily.]

Irvine: "...Just a sign."

[Irvine aims an fires, but the Sorceress, who's had ample time to
prepare on account of his slow-movingness, puts up a barrier and
absorbs the impact without a scratch. Irvine plops down on his

Irvine: "...I'm sorry."

Squall: "It's ok. Your aim was perfect. Just leave the rest up to me.
        I'm goin' in for the sorceress. Irvine, Rinoa, just be ready
        to back me up. Take care of Rinoa."

[FMV time. Squall jumps off the podium and hijacks an unattended car,
making no time in riding to the Sorceress' float. She stands waiting,
as does her right-hand man, Seifer. Squall pulls himself up.]

Seifer: "Well, this is how it turned out."

Squall: "So you've become the sorceress' lap dog?"

Seifer: "I prefer to be called her knight. This has always been my

[Squall and Seifer duke it out...]

Seifer: "Squall, you're mine!"

[They keep fighting.]

Seifer: "Thought I was dead, eh? Not until I fulfill my dream!"

[Squall starts to hammer away.]

Seifer: "Ugh, not bad..."

[...and Seifer eventually coming off as the losing party.]

Seifer: "I...lost...!?"

[Squall stands over the defeated Seifer.]

Squall: "You're losing it, Seifer."

Sorceress Edea: "...A SeeD. ...Planted in a run-down Garden."

[Edea attacks this time, but Irvine and Rinoa run in as backup.]

Rinoa: "I can fight if I'm with you! That's why I'm here!"

Irvine: "I have to redeem myself."

Edea: "...the accursed SeeD."

[Edea starts casting high-leveled magic, but it doesn't do much good
in the face of the unwavering strength of SeeD. They finally defeat
her after awhile.]

Edea: "Impudent SeeDs!"

[Edea forms a giant chunk of ice out of thin air and careens it into
Squall. It goes right through him. He falls in slow motion off the
edge of the float and the disc ends on a cliffhanger...sort of.]

         ######  # ###### #####      ####       ###### #### # ######
         ##    # # #      #             #       ##     # ## # ##    #
         ##    # # ###### #             #       #####  # ## # ##    #
         ##    # #      # #             #       ##     # ## # ##    #
         ######  # ###### #####     #######     ###### # #### ######

14. Laguna Sequence III                                                  [WK14]

[The second disc opens with Laguna in a room. A little girl in a
blue-green dress runs in.]

Girl: "Uncle Laguna! There's someone here to see yoo."

Laguna: "Huh? Me? What's this person look like?"

Girl: "He was wearin' funny clothes. He's tawking to Raine right now."

Laguna: "Hmm? Is he at the pub?"

Girl: "Yup. That's why I came over to get yoo. Uncle Laguna! Am I
      a good girl?"

[The girl's addressed as "Elle" now.]

Laguna: "No, you're not! It's dangerous to be out there by yourself.
        What if a monster comes and attacks you?"

Elle: "It's only next door. It's ok."

Laguna: "It's still dangerous! And since you're such a cute little
        girl, the monsters will especially be after you! They'll 
        catch you and then they'll suck all your blood out! If
        anything like that should happen, Uncle Laguna's gonna cry..."

Elle: "I'll be ok. I'll just call yoo, Uncle Laguna! You'll come
      rescue me, right!?"

[Elle runs out.]

Laguna: "H-Hey! Ellone! Wait!"

[Laguna walks outside and finds Ellone on the stoop. He walks to
the pub and then looks back.]

Laguna: "Ellone! Now's your chance!"

Ellone: "Cha-nce!"

[She runs over and heads in the pub. When Laguna finds his way in,
a woman is scolding the little girl.]

Raine: "You understand, Ellone? Now go to your room and play."

[Ellone turns to her uncle.]

Ellone: "(I got in twouble.)"

Laguna: "(That's 'cause you broke your promise. Too baaad...)"

Raine: "Laguna! Use proper English when speaking to Ellone!"

Laguna: "(I got'n trouble.)"

Ellone: "(Toooo baaaddd!)"

[They both snicker. Just at that moment, Kiros walks into sight. 
He's dressed in red now, no more of that stuffy Galbadian uniform.]

Kiros: "It's been a while, Laguna."

Laguna: "Kiros!!!"

[He kneels down to Ellone.]

Laguna: "He's Uncle Laguna's friend. He dresses funny, but he's
        not a bad guy."

Kiros: "You seem well."

Laguna: "Yeah... You, too. Hey, how long has it been? You know, 
        our grand escape from Centra?"

Kiros: "That was... One would usually call that being chased out..."

Raine: "I thought so..."

Kiros: "Well, I would say about a year or so."

Laguna: "I was bed-ridden for over 6 months. It seemed like every
        bone in my body was in pieces."

Raine: "I nursed him back to health."

Kiros: "Thank you, for taking care of Laguna. I was able to recover
       in about a month or so. Ever since then... I've been searching
       for you."

Laguna: "Why?"

Kiros: "After leaving the army... Well, just killing time I guess.
       Life's pretty boring without you as entertainment, my man."

Laguna: "That's a harsh thing to say. I've been living a productive
        life here."

Raine: "I think I understand what you mean, though."

Kiros: "So, what do you want to know?"

Laguna: "Let's see..."
        R1 --> (What's Ward up to?)
        R2 --> (...Tell me about Julia)
        R3 --> (...Where am I?)
        R4 --> (Let's talk later...)

NOTE: R3 is from Squall's perspective (i.e. grayed out)

        R1: "How's Ward doing?"

            Kiros: "Ward quit the army, too. Luckily, he found a job
                   and he's working pretty hard."

            Laguna: "What's he doing?"

            Kiros: "He's a janitor down at the D-District Prison."

            Laguna: "Wow... Can't picture him moppin' floors but
                    I'm glad he's doing well."

            Kiros: "Oh, and he never got his voice back. You could
                   basically tell what he wants from his facial

        R2: "...How's Julia doing?"

            Kiros: "I don't know..."

            Raine: "You mean Julia, the singer?"

            Kiros: "That's right. Laguna really admired her and
                   always frequented the night club."

            Laguna: "Shut up! So what if I did!"

            Raine: "Julia used to sing at a night club?"

            Kiros: "No, she didn't sing. She just playd the piano."

            Raine: "Then the first song she released was 'Eyes On

            Laguna: "H-How does the song go?"

            Raine: "You don't know?"

            Laguna: "Well, you never let me hear it!"

            Raine: "I didn't think you listened to music. The song's
                   about being in love... I really like it."

            Kiros: "Heard she recently got married."

            Raine: "Oh yeah! To some army general, right? General
                   Caraway or something?"

            Kiros: "I'm not too sure."

            Raine: "I read in a magazine that her true love went
                   off to war and never came back. General Caraway
                   comforted her while she was feeling down. That's
                   how they got to know each other."

            Kiros: "...So she didn't wait for the soldier to come

            Laguna: "So what! Who cares!? As long as she's happy,
                    right? That's all that matters! Ain't that
                    right, Elle?"

            Ellone: "Right! Uncle Laguna and Raine are..."

                    [Laguna interrupts her hastily.]

            Laguna: "Ahhhhhhhh!!! OK, enough talk about this!"

        R3: "...I think the faeries are here."

            Kiros: "...Faeries? Yeah, I guess so..."

            Laguna: "Then our work today should be a cinch."

            Kiros: "I'm looking forward to the battles."

        R4: "Let's talk later. Time to do some work."
            Kiros: "...OK."

            Laguna: "So, what's your plan. You're gonna stick around
                    here for a bit, right?"

            Kiros: "Would that be ok?"

            Raine: "You work for what you eat. If that's fine with
                   you, you're more than welcome."

[Kiros and Laguna go outside and run to the bridge that leads out
of the town square, where they stop.]

Kiros: "Laguna... I have a simple question... What exactly do you
       do here?"

Laguna: "It's like this. All the working men in this town were sent
        off to war. The only ones still left in town are old people,
        children, chocobos, dogs, and cats. And I'm sure you've
        noticed, but the monsters have made their way into town. This
        here town took real good care of me. So basically, I want to
        return the kindness. You're lookin' at the Monster Hunter of
        Winhill! So, as of today, you'll be my assistant. We're to
        patrol the town up to the town entrance! If we see anyone
        in need along the way, we help them. That's our basic duty!"

[Kiros and Laguna head to the other end of town and stop.]

Laguna: "Alright! Our first patrol, complete! We're to report to the
        commander and asst. commander."

Kiros: "Commander... You mean that woman at the pub?"

Laguna: "Her name's Raine. Raine, OK!? She saved my life. And the
        asst. commander is Ellone."

Kiros: "She seems like a nice person. But easily taken in by a

Laguna: "...A hotshot? OK, let's step up our patrol a notch. Asst.
        Kiros, let's come up with a plan after we get back to the

[The two head back for the pub, but Kiros stops Laguna again.]

Kiros: "Hey, Laguna... Are you doing this patrol thing everyday?"

Laguna: "'Thing'!? What're you callin' 'THING'!?"

Kiros: "Weren't you aiming to become a world-travelling journalist?
       You've heard of 'Timber Maniacts', right? I had a talk with
       the chief editor. He said he's interested in any article
       related to world travel."

Laguna: "That's great!"

Kiros: "We should go talk to him sometime."

Laguna: "Y-Yeah..."

[They head a ways and stop again.]

Laguna: "Um, it'd be ok if we stayed here a bit longer, right?"

Kiros: "You need time to gather more material? This seems like a
       really nice town. You're gonna write about this place first,
       aren't you?"

Laguna: "No way. Can't make this town famous. Too much publicity
        and you get all those tourists and stuff."

Kiros: "You're afraid someone might come and take Raine away?
       Laguna, you've changed, man."

Laguna: "Hey! I see a monster!!!"

[Laguna runs away from the conversation and doesn't stop until he
gets to the pub. Raine and Ellone aren't downstairs, though, so the
two head on up. They sneak up and listen, though, when they find the
two femmes in the middle of a conversation.]

Kiros: (...What?)

Laguna: (Girl talk... Let's come back later.)

[Kiros doesn't move.]

Laguna: (Come on!)

Kiros: (Something inside me tells me to listen.)

[Ellone and Raine are oblivious to the two men hiding on the
stairs, so they continue to talk without any interference.]

Ellone: "Raine... Aren't yoo gonna marry Uncle Laguna?"

Raine: "A guy like that? He was carried in here crying like a baby,
       and I was the one who had to take care of him... His crude
       way of speaking... I don't know if his aspirations as a 
       journalist are going to come true... Every time I try to have
       a serious converation, he avoids it... I can't stand his 
       snoring and he talks in his sleep..."

Ellone: "But he's really nice! I really, really like him! Raine,
        Uncle Laguna and Elle should all be together!"

Raine: "...But you know... I think what he really wants to do is
       travel all over the world. I don't think he has it in him to
       live in a quiet country town like this one. Some people are
       like that... ...Ouuu, it makes me so mad."

Ellone: "...Yoo don't like him?"

Raine: "...I feel the same as you, Ellone. Oh!?"

[She sees Laguna there, and he immediately pretends like he was
just coming up.]

Ellone: "Yea! Yoo're back!"

Laguna: "(huff huff...puff puff...) I came back in a hurry! Here's
        my report on today's patrol and monster extermination! 
        Including Buchubuchus and Bunbus that Assistant Commander
        Ellone oh-so-hates... I've exterminated (____) monster(s)!"

Raine: "Alright! Thank you. Shall we eat before you get started with
       the next patrol! I'll call you when it's ready, so just wait
       [in your room]. You seem pretty tired. You should take a quick

[Laguna and Kiros go upstairs in the vacant house.]

Laguna: "Time for a little break..."
        R1 --> (Rest)
        R2 --> (Keep working)

        R1: [See below]
        R2: [Nothing happens; can move around freely]

[When R1 is selected:]

Laguna: "Well now, shall we rest up a bit?"

Kiros: "Hm? What's the matter?"

Laguna: "I get scared sometimes. Scared of waking up somewhere else...
        Scared of not seeing Ellone..."

Kiros: "Scared of not seeing Raine?"

Laguna: "What happened to me? I feel... What is this I'm feeling?
        Oh, please let it be this room when I wake up! Please let
        me be in this puny bed when I wake up!"

Kiros: "Laguna, you've changed."

15. D-District Prison                                                    [WK15]

[The third sequence ends and a box comes up on the blackened screen.]

Someone: (...Where am I?)

[The screen brightens to show Zell, Rinoa, Selphie, and Quistis
sitting around on a metal floor.]

Quistis: "Ahh, welcome back, Zell. The 'dream world' again?"

Zell: "Uh huh."

Selphie: "How's Laguna doin'?"

Zell: "Dunno... I didn't see him. It's not like I know everything
      about Ward, but... Well, you know Laguna and company went to
      that Centra place and got into a real fix, right? After that,
      Ward's been all alone. He's working in some sort of prison-like
      place. And he's bored outta his mind! All he wants is to be
      fightin' alongside Laguna."

Quistis: "So, what is this we're experiencing?"

Zell: "How the hell should I know!?

[Zell walks over to Rinoa.]

Rinoa: "Um, didn't you say that Ward was working in some sort of

Zell: "Yeah, so."

Rinoa: "And wasn't he from Galbadia?"

Zell: "Sure, he's a soldier there."

Rinoa: "Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you supposed to be Ward
       in that 'dream world'?"

Zell: "Just now I was."

Rinoa: "Does this room look familiar?"

Zell: (Of all the stupid questi... Hey? Whoa??? Wait a sec...) "I
      know this place! Everyone listen up! This is the prison that
      Ward works at! He's a janitor here! There's so many rooms 
      just like this! It's got to be here!"

Rinoa: "There's a prison for political activists in Galbadia...
       This must be the place where Ward works. Right here, where
       we are! I'm sure of it!"

Quistis: "It's no surprise we're in jail. We did attack the

Rinoa: "Went up against the president. We'll all be sentenced to

Quistis: "That president is no longer in charge."

Rinoa: "Now that Galbadia's in the hands of the sorceress... What's
       going to happen to us?"

Selphie: Things don't look so good..."

Zell: (What's gonna happen to us? And where the hell is that guy,
      Irvine? And where's Squall...? Did the sorceress...(gulp)...)

[Somewhere in the same place, no doubt, Squall wakes up in a tiny
cell, with only a bed and a toilet.]

Squall: (...Where am I? I...challenged Edea... My wound... ......?
        No wound...? How...? The Galbadian soldiers... ...We were
        surrounded. He was there... Seifer, leering down at me.)
        "Damn you, Seifer!"

[FMV. Squall's cell is taken out of its placement by a machine and
carried upwards from the depths of the prison. There are many cells
just like his. Eventually, the FMV stops and the outside of one of
the doors is shown with a few warden walking in.]

Narrative: Floor 7

Selphie: "What, what!? What was that loud noise?"

[The wardens walk in.]

Zell: (I don't like him at all......)

Mean Guy: "It's the sound of your friend being tortured."

Zell: "What!? Whaddaya mean!?"

Mean Guy: "Shut up!!! Don't screw around with me!!! You understand
          who's in charge here!? I'm asking you a question!"

[He hits Zell with his nightstick, who then gets kicked by a few
of the other guys.]

Rinoa: "Stop!!!"

Mean Guy: "Oh, I almost forgot. Hey man, is there a Rinoa with you?"

Rinoa: "I'm Rinoa."

Mean Guy: "Oh, all right. Then come over here."

Zell: "Whaddaya doing to Rinoa, you bastard!?"

[The guy kicks Zell again.]

Quistis: "Stop it already!!!"

Rinoa: "Stop. I'll go."

Quistis: "Rinoa......"

Rinoa: "I'll be fine. Let's go."

[The wardens leave with Rinoa. The view switches back to Squall's
cell, which has just stopped moving. The door opens and Seifer makes
an entrance.]

Seifer: "Squall, you're pitiful."

[Seifer throws Squall against the wall.]

Seifer: "Take him away!"

[Two red lion-things come in and the screen blacks out, fading back
in to show Squall hung on the wall in a room with circuitry. Seifer
is still present, looking up at him.]

Seifer: "I'm sure you can imagine what happens now."

Squall: "...What do you want?"

Seifer: "Tell me what SeeD is. Edea demands to know."

Squall: "SeeD..." (...A code name, for Balamb Garden's elite mercenary
        force... SeeD... Combat specialists... ......???) "...Don't
        you already know?"

Seifer: "I'm not a SeeD. There must be some kind of secret you're
        given when you become a SeeD!"

Squall: "There's nothing. Even if there were, you think I'd tell you?"

Seifer: "You're on my 'tough-nut-to-crack' list. Didn't think you'd
        talk that easily."

Squall: "...Geez, I'm honored."

Seifer: "So here's a little somethin' for ya."

[He snaps his fingers and a warden starts electrocuting Squall.]

Squall: "Arrrrghhhh..."

Seifer: "Even if you don't talk, others will. The instructor, the
        little messenger girl, or that Chicken-wuss... He wouldn't
        last 3 seconds!"

Squall: (Th...They're...) "...They're...all here...?"

Seifer: "Oh, you bet. But since I like you so much, I thought you
        should go first. I was hoping you'd be there, Squall. So...
        how'd I look in my moment of triumph? My childhood dream,
        fulfilled. I've become the sorceress' knight."

Squall: (...Sorceress' knight... ...His...romantic dream...? But...
        Seifer... Now, you're just...) "...A torturer."

[Squall passes out.]

Seifer: "What did you say!? Passed out cold, eh? This is the scene
        where you swear your undying hatred for me! The tale of the
        evil mercenary vs. the sorceress' knight... The fun's just
        started, Squall. Don't disappoint me now!"

[The warden starts electrocuting him again and the screen fades to
black again. Back in the cell block, Selphie's trying her hand at
curing a beaten-up Zell with magic.]

Selphie: "Draw... Cure!" 

Zell: "Ow ow ow..."

Quistis: "It's no use. There seems to be an anti-magic field here."

[A red lion-thing comes into the room carrying a tray of food; it
trips, though, sending everything to the floor. From somewhere 
offscreen, a voice yells.]

Voice: "What was that noise!?"

[A warden walks in.]

Mean Guy: "You again!?"

[The mean guy kicks the lion-thing over.]

Zell: (Damn him...that numskull!)
      R1 --> I'll stop him!
      R2 --> There's no use...

      R1: "YO! Who do you think you are!?"

          Selphie: "Yeah, you big MEANIE! Stop that!"

          [The Mean Guy goes to hit Zell, who catches the attack.]

          Mean Guy: "Y-You'll regret those words!"

          Selphie: "He's so mean... You ok? Doesn't work so well,
                   but... Cure!"

          [Selphie uses Cure on the lion-thing, fade out.]

      R2: [The lion-thing gets kicked and then, after looking
          at the Mean Guy, leaves with him.]

[After the scene with the Mean Guy, the perspective changes 
back to Squall, still hung on the wall.]

Seifer: "Well now, Squall. I'll ask again. What is SeeD? And why do
        they oppose the sorceress?"

Squall: (SeeD... Oppose the sorceress...?)

[A warden comes in.]

Warden: "Sir Seifer, the missiles targetted for the Garden are 
        ready to launch."

Seifer: "Excellent."

[The warden leaves.]

Seifer: "Balamb Garden is to be destroyed on charges of training
        SeeDs to oppose the sorceress."

Squall: (...WHAT!?)

Seifer: "It's a pity, really. I grew up there, too... But orders
        are orders, and Edea wants it destroyed."

Squall: "...N-No......"

Seifer: "After the Garden's gone, the SeeD hunt will begin. I'll
        be Edea's bloodhound and hunt down everyone of your kind.
        It'll be fun, Squall. Don't die on me yet. Continue with
        the interrogation."

[Seifer leaves and the warden at the lever yells at Squall.]

Warden: "Ready to talk?"

Squall: "...I...don't understand...the question..."

Warden: "Don't mess with me! Edea says you know something! Now spit
        it out! Talk! What is SeeD all about!?"

[He pulls the electrocution lever again.]

Squall: (SeeD... Aren't we... mercenaries...from Balamb Garden...
        Special forces...?)

Warden: "Hm? Yeah, so!?"

Squall: (I...I don't know you...keep...
        R1 --> ...Just let me die
        R2 --> ...I'll lie... I must live...

        R1: "......"
            Warden: "What's that?"

            Squall: "Your..."

            Warden: "What did you say?

            Squall: "Your...breath st...stin...stinks!"

            Warden: "Punk... You asked for it!!!"

            [The warden starts electrocuting Squall again.]

            Warden: "How's that!? How you like me now, huh!?"

            Squall: (...Good night...)

            [Fade to black.]

            Warden: "Tch! Completely knocked out cold. Hey! You
                    2 Moombas! Watch him!"

        R2: "......"

            Warden: "What's that?"

            Squall: "...Flower."
            Warden: "What did you say?"

            Squall: "The true...goal of SeeD... To spread...
                    seeds all over the world... Fill...the
                    world w...with flowers."

            Warden: "Yeah right...!"

            Squall: "I...It's the truth. See...seeing flowers
                    Takes...away people's will to fight."

            Warden: "What then? SeeD wants to bring love and
                    peace to the world...? Ha haha hah! Don't
                    make me laugh! You can't fool me!"

            Squall: "W-We...steal the will to fight... Then
                    we in...invade.."

            Warden: "...What? Hey!!!"

            [Another warden walks in.]

            Warden: "Watch him!"

[After the scene ends with Squall, the view changes back to 
inside the room with the other SeeDs:]

Zell: (What now...?)

Quistis: "We can't just sit here. We have to think of a way to

Zell: "Anyone got a plan?"

Selphie: "Well, we could skin this little guy and wear him as a
         disguise..." [This line to Zell's "(Doesn't sound...)"
         thought only occur if you helped out the moomba when
         the Mean Guy kicked him. It's skipped if you didn't.]

[The lion-thing grows frantic and runs away from Selphie.]

Selphie: "I'm kidding! I'm kidding!"

Zell: (Doesn't sound like you are...)

Quistis: "Well, we can't rely on magic here, so we have to go
         with weapons. We have to somehow get them back..."

Zell: (Weapons... My weapons are these fists o'mine! I could do
      some serious damage without weapons! It's up to me, baby!)
      "Let me go. I'll go get the weapons back!"

Selphie: "Oh yeah! You worked here as Ward, so you know the place!"

Zell: (Not really... All Ward did was mop the floors...) "Just 
      leave it to me! You two lie down there."

[Zell walks to the door.]

Quistis: "Zell..."

Selphie: "I hope this works..."

Zell: "Guard! Guard! We need some help! Open the door!"

Mean Guy: "What's the problem?"

Zell: "The women are unconscious! I think a snake bit 'em!"

Mean Guy: "What...?"

[The Mean Guy enters and Zell swiftly punches him in the stomach,
knocking the wind and the consciousness out of him.]

Zell: "Well, I'm off!"

[The lion-thing (which is called a Moomba, by the way) jumps up
and raises its hand at Zell if its present; if its not, Zell
just runs out and the scene ends.]

Zell: "Huh? You wanna go, too?"

[It nods.]

Zell: "Aah, I guess... Just don't get in the way!"

[Zell (w/ a Moomba, maybe) run off out the door. They're on the 
seventh floor, and on the floor above, two Galbadian soldiers stand
over the SeeD weapons.]

Soldier: "Look at this... SeeD weapons..."

Soldier 2: "Is this what they call a gunblade?"

Soldier: "Check these out, a whip, nunchaku..."

[Zell approaches.]

Soldier 2: "Y-You, an escapee?"

Zell: "Yo, I'm here to reclaim these!"

[The battle starts.]

Soldier: "Who's there!?"

[Zell beats up the two guards and takes the weapons.]

Zell: "Piece of cake, baby!"

[The scene ends and Zell's brought automatically back to the girls
in the cell. The Mean Guy's not there anymore.]

Zell: "Yo, sorry to keep ya waitin'!"

Quistis: "Zell, the weapons?"

Zell: "Voila!"

Selphie: "Whoo-hoo! Alright!"

Zell: "Time to go kick some ass!"

Quistis: "YES!"

Selphie: "Right on!"

[Someone speaks outside.]

Man A: "Is this the cell with the uncooperative prisoners?"

Mean Guy: "Yes, this is it. Please give'em something to really
          complain about."

Man B: "Should we be picking on prisoners so soon after gettin'
       transferred here?"

Man A: "Just be quiet, and let me handle this!"

Mean Guy: "T-These are the prisoners, Lieutenant Biggs, Private

Zell: (Biggs? Wedge?)

[Biggs and Wedge enter.]

Zell, Selphie, Biggs, & Wedge: "AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

Biggs: "S-So we meet again! Now we'll teach you the lesson we should
       have taught you earlier! I know it might seem cowardly to
       fight unarmed prisoners... ...But I hope you appreciate our
       position. Hey, it's a dog eat do..."

[Wedge notices that the SeeDs still have their weapons.]

Wedge: "Uh, they're fully armed, sir..."

Biggs: "W-WHAT!? H-Ho-How...? Ahh, hell with it! Let's go, Wedge!"

[The battle starts.]

Biggs: "I was demoted because of you! I'm only lieutenant now!
       I'll get my revenge!"

[Someone hits Wedge.]

Wedge: "O-Ouch! They're always trouble..."

[After awhile of pounding on Wedge:]

Wedge: "I don't wanna be demoted!"

Narrative: Wedge is pissed!

[The party defeats Wedge.]

Wedge: "W-Why...?"

[The party beats on Wedge for awhile:]

Biggs: "We're just getting started!"

[When Biggs is annihilated:]

Biggs: "What's below lieutenant...?"

[After defeating the two clowns, the SeeDs leave. Biggs rises
up from the floor after they've gone.]

Biggs: "D-Don't think you can just walk out... Ugh."

[Outside the door:]

Zell: "Squall should be here, somewhere... We find Squall, and
      then we're outta here. Got it?

[An alarm goes off.]

Zell: "What the...!?!"

Loudspeaker: "Warning! Escapee alert! Monsters will be let loose
             on each floor. If escapee refuses to surrender, you
             have permission to kill. The anti-magic field will
             be lifted."

Zell: "Tch! The security alarm!"

[The SeeDs go up the floors 'til they come to a large iron door
that won't budge when Zell tries to pry it loose.]

Zell: "This ain't gonna open."

Quistis: "Should we try somewhere else?"

Selphie: "Let's just force it open!"

Zell: (Tch... What'd I do?)
      R1 --> Go elsewhere, like Quistis said
      R2 --> Force it open, like Selphie said

      R1: "Let's try somewhere else."

          [They don't try to open the door and look elsewhere,
          but there's not other way, i.e. this way doesn't

      R2: "Alright, let's do it!"

          Security Guard: "Hey! What do you think you're doing!?"

          [Two guards run to attack, but are defeated easily.]

          Security Guard: "This way!!!"

          [More guards come, more guards are defeated.]

          Security Guard: "There they are!!!"

          [Again...the enemy loses. More come, in twos, saying
          each time (not sure if the speech is random):]

          Security Guard: "This way!!!"
          Security Guard: "This way!!!"
          Security Guard: "This way!!!"
          Security Guard: "This way!!!"
          Security Guard: "This way!!!"
          Security Guard: "There they are!!!"

          [After the last battle:]

          Zell: (Huh? There's somethin' on the floor.) "It's a

[The party runs into the room that was locked. On the blacked-out
screen, someone is saying:]

Voice: "Hey!"

Zell: "Squall!!!"

Selphie: "Wake up!"

Quistis: "Come on, Squall!"

Squall: (...I'm...fine...)

[The party is standing over Squall who had been lying on his
back in the electrocution room.]

Zell: "You OK!?"

Squall: "It was hell..."

Zell: "Let's just get the hell outta here!"

[He throws the gunblade to Squall.]

Zell: "Catch!"

[They all walk out of the room.]

Zell: "Didn't you come here as Laguna in the 'dream world'?"

Squall: "......No."

Quistis: "So Squall doesn't know how to get out, either."

Zell: "Well... Either way, we kept goin' up and up. I think we
      better head back down."

Quistis: "It'd be a pain to go down every floor. The alarm alerted
         monsters and security guards everywhere."

Zell: "By the way, how the hell did they carry you up here, Squall?"

[Squall looks to a large machine hanging over a pit -- the cell

Zell: "Whoa!!! What's this!?"

Squall: "It's like a crane that can carry a detachable cell from

Selphie: "Oh, so this big hole goes all the way to the bottom. So
         if we jump ALL the way down, we're outta here."

Quistis: "Go ahead if you want to be squashed like a pancake."

Zell: "Oh yeah!!! I remember now!!! We can move this arm by using
      the panel above and the control room. I remember Ward doing
      this. But we need to operate them both at the same time.
      Someone needs to stay upstairs and control the panel..."

[Quistis and Selphie pat Zell on the shoulder.]

Zell: "...Me? F-Fine... I'll give you instructions from upstairs.
      Everyone get inside."

[Everyone but Zell goes to the arm control room.]

Quistis: "So, this is the arm control room."

[Zell's voice comes in through the speaker.]

Zell: "Yo, can you guys hear me?"

Selphie: "Hiya Zell, loud and clear!"

Squall: "So, what do we do?"

Zell: "Press the red button on the main panel."

[Squall does.]

Zell: "I'll take care of the rest......... There!"

[The thing starts to move and the SeeDs, sans Zell, get off at the
very bottom of the prison.]

Selphie: "Heeey, so what are we going to do now?"

Squall: "Well, there's a door over there."

Quistis: "And?"

Squall: "...... Let's check it out."

[Inside the door, the party sees a locked shutter. Squall opens
it and a torrent of sand enters. Luckily, it clogs and doesn't
flood the hallway.]

Squall: "Sand...?"

Quistis: "...... Buried...? You mean we're underground? In any case,
         we can't get out from here..."

[Gunfire is heard high above.]

Selphie: "What was that?"

Quistis: "Gunfire?"

Squall: "Sounds pretty bad..."

All: "......"

Quistis & Selphie: "ZELL!!!"

Quistis: "Let's get back, quick!"

[The SeeDs run back to the lift, fade to black. Somewhere, a voice
is yelling:]

Voice: "There he is! Over there!!! Seize the escapee, dead or

Person: (Tch! Too many! I'm outta here!)

[Zell's being hounded by the many guards and has to escape. He runs
smack dab into another guard, though, who hits him.]

Zell: "Ugh..."

Warden: "You bastard..."

[From the lift, Squall jumps off and cuts the warden down, just
as he's about to shoot Zell.]

Squall: "Didn't think he'd go down that easy."

Zell: "Squall!!! Thanks, man!!!"

[Zell clings to him (XD).]

Squall: "W-What!? Let go. I said, let go!"

Quistis: "Squall! Zell!"

[Selphie and Quistis run down from upstairs somewhere.]

Quistis: "I'm glad you're all right."

Selphie: "Squall, why did you go on your own? Is Zell that important
         to you?"

[Squall does his famous hand-to-head gesture, and Zell poses a bit.
But, before any more embarrassment can befall the leader, a hail of
gunfire dances on the railing to the pit, making everyone duck down
for cover.]

Selphie: "Eeeee!"

Zell: "Ahhh! There's no way we can get outta here!"

[The gunfire stops as two non-machine-gun shots are fired.]

Offscreen Shooter: "Argh!"

Offscreen Shooter 2: "Ugh!"

[Everyone sees Irvine. Rinoa's with him, and when Irvine starts to
walk slowly like a hero, she kicks him down the stairs.]

Rinoa: "Come on...! Stop trying to act so cool! Gee, if only you
       had agreed with me earlier, we wouldn't be in this mess."

[She sees Squall.]

Rinoa: "Squall!!!" (Squall's alive! I knew he would be. Squall's ok!)

Quistis: "Rinoa, you're all right!"

Irvine: "Uh huh. Of course. Courtesy of my escort."

Zell: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Irvine: "Ah..."

Rinoa: "My father pulled some strings with the military. He told
       them to get me, and only me, out."

Irvine: "Then..."

Rinoa: "So this guy here... He came and got me. Just me! Knowing
       you were all captured!"

Irvine: "Aah, that's..."

Rinoa: "Isn't that horrible?"

Irvine: "Alright, alright...! I said I was sorry. That's why I'm
        here to help!"

Rinoa: "After I scratched you to death."

Irvine: "Uh... A-A-Anyhow, now's our chance."

Squall: "The basement door is buried in sand."

Irvine: "Of course it is. This place is buried underground."

Squall: "Buried?"

Irvine: "That's right. This prison is..."

Voice: "There they are! It's the escapees!"

[The gunfire starts up again and Irvine returns fire.]

Irvine: "Squall! You choose two more party members and head on up.
        I'll hold'em here."

Squall: "Up?"

Irvine: "Don't have time to explain now! The exit's up there, trust

Squall: "...... Ok."

Rinoa: "I think I know the way!"

[Squall leaves with his two party members.]

Irvine: "My turn to boogie now."

[Squall's brigade heads up from the eighth floor where Irvine is
and goes up to the thirteenth floor. Then, the view changes back to
the remaining SeeD members and Irvine, who're still caught in a 

Irvine: "Oh, man, this is endless!"

[-] Zell: "Yo, what's our next move!?"
[-] Quistis: "Hey, what do we do?"

Irvine: "Hmm..."

[-] Quistis: "I got an idea! Can't we go up again with the arm?"
[-] Selphie: "Heeey! Can't we go up again using the arm? I think Squall and
             the others are already up there."

Irvine: "Hey, good idea."

[-] Zell: "But they gotta operate it from that room upstairs."
[-] Quistis: "But they have to operate it from the control room

Irvine: "Leave that to me. Alright! Let's head to the floor where
        the arm's stopped."

[The party heads downward until they come to the arm.]

Irvine: "Hey! Hop on!"

[The view changes back to Squall, who runs to the top of the prison
where they sky is visible. A long walkway stretches to another part
of the structure.]

[*] Zell: "OHHHH YEAHHH!!! We're out, baby!!!"
[*] Selphie: "We're outside!!! We escaped! We escaped!!!"

Loudspeaker: "Prisoners may not go beyond this point. You will
             be terminated."

Squall: "They're coming!"

[Some monsters come with a soldier.]

Soldier: "You're not goin' anywhere!"

[The party defeats the enemies that were sent. Afterwards, Irvine's
voice clicks in from somewhere.]

Irvine: "Hey Squall, can you hear me?"

[They all walk back into the previous room and find the voice
coming from a console at the other end of the room.]

Irvine: "Hey! Hey, you guys!"

Quistis: "Is this what you were talking about? What if Squall and
         the others have already gone ahead?"

Squall: "I can hear you."

Irvine: "See! I told you we'd be alright. Squall, go ahead and
        operate the arm."

Squall: "How?"

Zell: "Yo, leave that one to me."

[If Zell's not present, he'll say instead:]

Zell: "Squall, push the yellow button on your upper right hand

Squall: (Is this it?)

[Zell (or Squall, if Zell's not in the party) presses the button.]

Irvine: "Alrighty! We'll be there in like a second. Wait right

[-] Zell: "Hey... Is it supposed to move this slow?"
[-] Quistis: "Sure takes awhile, doesn't it?"

Irvine: "So what? What's the rush?"

Rinoa: "Looks like they'll be just fine."

[Squall and his two teammates run outside. As they run across
the walkway, they see that its elevated in the air, not at 
ground level like the previous thought.]

[-] Selphie: "So... How do we get down?"
[-] Quistis: "......What is this place...?"
[-] Zell: "W-W-What the hell is this!? We still can't go anywhere."

Rinoa: "No way...! When I came in earlier, it wasn't like this..."

Squall: "Let's just head for that structure over there."

[Squall's two teammates run to the other side, but Squall's trapped
on the walkway, which disintegrates as the three enormous structures
start to dig into the ground.]

Rinoa: "Squall!!! Hold on! Over here! Hurry!"

[Squall walks along the metal railing slowly, but eventually gets 
eaten up by the clouds of dust kicked up. After its all cleared, the 
prison is dug beneath the ground and the SeeDs are safe. They stand 
in a garage.]

Rinoa: "That was way too dangerous, wasn't it...?"

Squall: "Yeah."

Irvine: "I thought the arms were movin' kinda slow. They had the
        submerge system on."

Squall: "Let's just get going."

[Selphie turns to one of the cars.]

Selphie: "I wanna ride the yellow one!"

Quistis: "I'll take that one, too."

Rinoa: "Okay me, too."

Irvine: "Hey, hey, hey! Ladies?"

Zell: "Let's go, Irvine."

[The boys and girls get into their vehicles and set out from the
D-District Prison. After awhile, they stop when they come to a

Squall: "What?"

Quistis: "The sorceress is about to launch missiles at Garden!?"

Selphie: "That's what Rinoa heard from Irvine!"

Squall: "The only thing we can do now is go back to Garden as soon
        as possible and warn the students. Alright, let's get in 
        the car and go.""

Selphie: "They're targetting both Balamb and Trabia Gardens! We
         have to interfere with the launch! We have to stop the

[Squall walks over to Selphie.]

Selphie: "I just transferred from Trabia Garden! I can't just sit
         around knowing that Trabia Garden is in danger! So Squall,
         please! Decide who's gonna go to the Galbadia Missile Base,
         before it's too late!"

Squall: (It's easier said than done... What if something happens to
        the party members I choose...?"

Rinoa: "Let's take a vote!"

Rinoa: "Squall will decide on the party. Squall will return to
       Balamb because he's the leader. Anyone against this plan
       please raise your right hand! I don't mind which team you
       put me on."

Squall: (But you're an outsider...?)

Quistis: "You're the leader, Squall. What are the teams?"

Squall: (Leader? I never asked to be the leader.)

[Just then, a volley of missiles crosses the sky.]

Irvine: "I...heard they were hitting Trabia first, and then Balamb."

Selphie: "Trabia... I'm sorry... I couldn't stop it... Please let
         everybody be all right. Please... That was a miss...
         right...? Squall, we have to report to Balamb! Who are you

Zell: "C'mon, Squall!"

Quistis: "You have to decide, Squall!"

Rinoa: "Squall, think carefully now!"

Squall: (I've had it up to here with this leader thing... Alright,
        alright...I'll choose.)

[Squall picks his team.]

Selphie: "I'm on the missile base infiltration team! I have to be!
         They launched missiles at MY Trabia!"

Squall: (This team will now head for Balamb. The the
        missile base. Should I go with this...)
        R1 --> (Think it over)
        R2 --> (Go with it)

        R1: [Squall can change up the parties again.]

        R2: [See below.]

[When the parties are finally decided:]

Squall: "This mission is unlike any other. It's not an order or a
        request from anyone... Selphie, do you have some kind of

Selphie: "I think if we take this Galbadian army vehicle, we should
         be able to make it inside the base. But...that's about it.
         I'll have to think of the rest once we're inside. Do you
         think that'd be ok? I'm sorry... I mean, thanks. There
         isn't much time! You better hurry to Balamb Garden!"

Squall: "See you at Balamb Garden."

[The party members start to walk to their vehicles.]

Selphie: "Squall! Hurry!!!"

[Awhile later, Squall and his team skid into a railway station
and hop out.]

Squall: "Let's take that train."

[They climb on board when they see an engineer get off. As they
pull away, a soldier runs beside the train, yelling at them.]

Soldier: "HEY STOP!"

Rinoa: "Squall! He's coming after us."

Squall: "......"

Soldier: "S-Stop the train! ERRAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Rinoa: "Sorry!"

Soldier: "AAHHHhhhhhrghh......"

[The soldier falls away from the train.]

Rinoa: "Sorry, it's an emergency!

[Meanwhile, Selphie and her crew are pulling out, too, from the

Selphie: "C'mon! To the [Missile Base]!"

16. Galbadian Missile Base                                               [WK16]

[Selphie's team rolls into the base and stops at a checkpoint.
A guard slowly walks out and gives things a good once-over.]

Security Guard: "Alright, go ahead."

Selphie: (Really? Phew...)

[The gates open and the vehicle cruises into the parking lot.
The SeeDs, disguised as soldiers, hop out.]

Loudspeaker: "Following the launch on Trabia Garden, prepare for the
             launch on Balamb Garden. All personnel, take your

Selphie: (Ewwww... This uniform is so itchy and smelly!)

[-] Quistis: "When is launch time?"
[-] Zell: "When the hell is launch time!?"

Selphie: "It doesn't matter! We have to stop the missiles! That's
         all there is to it, right!? If there's a door, we go in!
         If there's anything we can break, we break! And in the end,
         we blow this place to smithereens!"

Irvine: "Hey, Selphie. I like your attitude. Let's do it up!"

Selphie: "Let's get a move on!"

[The party enters the nearest door and come to another door that's
locked tightly.]

Selphie: "It's LOCKED!"

[Selphie looks at a panel near the door.]

Selphie: "Insert ID Card!? But...we don't have one!!!"

[-] Quistis: "Selphie, calm down."
[-] Zell: "Selphie, stop yelling!"

Irvine: "So like... I found this in the car. Give it a try."

[Selphie puts it in the slot.]

Machine: "Verifying... Access granted..."

Selphie: "Whoo-hoo!"

[Everyone heads in and they soon come upon a soldier guarding a door.]

Selphie: (Yikes! There's someone there! What to do... What to do...)
         R1 --> (Act casual)
         R2 --> (Walk by quietly)
         R3 --> (Try to sneak by)

         R1: "It might look suspicious if we're uptight, so let's
             just act casual!"

             [They walk near the guard.]

             Guard: "Hey! You! Stop right there!"

             Selphie: "Yikes! Do we look THAT suspicious!?)

             Guard: "Hah! Walking in a single file... ...Your parents
                    must have raised you well. That's very good
                    manners! Always be thankful to your parents for
                    bringing you up!"

             Selphie: "Yes, sir..." (Wow, that was weird... What a
                      strange man...)

             [The conversation's a little different if they run by.]

             Guard: "Hey! You! Stop right there!"

             Selphie: (Yikes! Do we look THAT suspicious!?)

             Guard: "No running inside the base! The catwalks are very narrow

             Selphie: (...Phew. Don't scare me like that...) "Sorry, sir. We'll
                      keep that in mind!"

         R2: "It might look suspicious if we run. Let's just walk
             by here!"

             [They walk by the guard.]

             Guard: "Hey! You! Stop right there!"

             Selphie: (Yikes! Do we look THAT suspicious!?)

             Guard: "Hah! Walking in a single file... ...Your parents
                    must have raised you well. That's very good
                    manners! Always be thankful to your parents for
                    bringing you up!"

             Selphie: "Yes, sir..." (Wow, that was weird... What a
                      strange man...)
         R3: "Better not let him see our faces. Let's try to sneak

             [They sneak past the guard.]

             Guard: "Hey! You! Stop right there!"
             Selphie: (Yikes! Do we look THAT suspicious!?)

             Guard: "Why are you walking so strangely? Do you feel

             Selphie: "Ahh...Umm...No sir...!"

             Guard: "Then walk normally..."

[The three continue past the guard and go into the area behind the
stairs they took. There, a guard watches proceedings and writes down
his findings.]

Maintenance Soldier: "Huh? I'm busy now. Whaddaya want?"

Maintenance Soldier 2: "Oh yeah... Aren't we suppos'ta inspect the
                       circuit room soon?"

Maintenance Soldier: "Oh, it's that time already? We're doing the
                     real thing today, so there's no way we have time
                     for it."

Maintenance Soldier 2: "Sorry to trouble you, but could you deliver a
                       message for us? Tell the guys by the [missile
                       launcher] to go on ahead, and that we'll catch
                       up with'em later. Thanks a lot. We really
                       appreciate it."

Maintenance Soldier: "Thanks."

[Selphie's party heads into the missile room and find a guy overseeing
the portable silos, writing in a similar fashion as the other
maintenance soldiers.]

Selphie: "S'cuse me, sir... I have a message for you..."

Maintenance Soldier: "Well, what is it?"

Selphie: (Ah... What was it again...?)
         R1 --> (...To go on ahead)
         R2 --> (...That they'll go on ahead)

         R1: "It's about inspecting the circuit room. The maintenance
             team said they were too busy, so that you should go on

         R2: "It's about inspecting the circuit room. The maintenance
             team said they were free, so they're gonna go on ahead."

             [-] Zell: (Huh? Was that what they said?)
             [-] Quistis: (Wait. Was that what they said?)

Maintenance Soldier: "Oh, ok. But I'm still not done here, you 
                     know... Hmmm... Could you tell them I can't go 
                     yet? Thanks, I appreciate it."

[They run back to the other maintenance crew.]

Selphie: "They said they were too busy to go, too."

Maintenance Soldier: "Geez... What do we do?"

Maintenance Soldier 2: "Guess we have no choice but to go...

Maintenance Soldier: "Aahhh, alright... Can we ask you to go?"

Maintenance Soldier 2: "What!? Hey, that's not cool! What if the base
                       commander finds out!?"

Maintenance Soldier: "Ahh, it'll be fine. All we do is go and make
                     sure everything is up and running, anyway."

Maintenance Soldier 2: "............... Well, I hope you're right..."

Maintenance Soldier: "So, that's that. We're counting on you."

Selphie: "Yes, sir!" (......Whoo-hoo! Blow the place to smithereens!)

[The team runs back to the soldier guarding the door near where the
party entered.]

Selphie: "The maintenance team asked us to take their place with the

Guard: "Oh, really? Then I guess my shift is over... I'm gonna call
       my relief. Go ahead with the inspection."

[The guard leaves and the team goes into the circuit room. Selphie
goes over to the large console display.]

Selphie: (This must be the control panel, but I'm not sure what to
         R1 --> (Ahh, just hit whatever!)
         R2 --> (Hit a few buttons here and there...)

         R1: "I'm not sure what to do so, I'll just press whatever!"

             [Selphie presses some stuff.]

             Selphie: (...That's strange... Nothing happened. ...Maybe
                      I should try again.)
                      R3 --> (Just press whatever!)
                      R4 --> (Bang on it hard!)

         R2: "Here goes nothing!"

             [Selphie presses the buttons sparingly.]

             Selphie: (...That's strange... Nothing happened.
                      ...Maybe I should try again.)
                      R3 --> (Just press whatever!)
                      R4 --> (Bang on it hard!)

         R3: "Here goes nothing!"

             [Selphie presses an assortment of levers and buttons.
             A room behind a see-through window powers down and the
             lights go out.]

         R4: "Destroy everything!"

             Prompt: Hit ([]) repeatedly!

             [Selphie square-s off with the panel, banging on it
             for awhile until she gets some results. The room's
             power then shuts off.]

Selphie: "Huh? Heeey... The lights went out..."

Loudspeaker: "Electrical System Malfunction. Maintenance Team: Investigate

[-] Zell: "We should get the hell out. Now..."
[-] Quistis: "It would look really bad if they found us here... We should
             leave this room now."

Selphie: "Alright! NEXT!"

[Selphie and company leave the room, just when a maintenance crew
comes up the stairs.]

Maintenance Soldier: "Hey, you! What's going on here!?"

Selphie: (...Ahh, man... Really bad timing...)
         R1 --> (What the heck! Let's FIGHT!)
         R2 --> (...Try to talk my way out)

         R1: [Selphie's team beats the crap out of the soldiers,
             no questions asked, but afterwards, they're not
             able to hide in their uniforms.]

         R2: (...What kinda excuse should I use?)
             R3 --> (We just got here)
             R4 --> (We were about to go call on you)

         R3: "We just got here, too. We have ABSOLUTELY no idea
             what's going on!"

             Maintenance Soldier: "Bite your tongue! We just saw you
                                  come outta there!"

             Selphie: (...Yikes!)
                      R5 --> (Must be your imagination)
                      R6 --> (It's a mess in there!)
                      R7 --> (Aah, whatever! Just FIGHT!) 

         R4: "We were just about to go call on you!"

             Maintenance Soldier: "Alright, then. Let us take care of

             [The guards go into the room and Selphie's party goes
             in, too, but they start beating up the maintenance men.]

             Maintenance Soldier: "H-Hey! W-What are you doing!?"

             Maintenance Soldier 2: "AHHHHH!!! W-Who are you...!?"

             Maintenance Soldier: "Ughhh... Damn it..."

             Maintenance Soldier 2: ".................."

             [Selphie's team runs out.]

             Selphie: "Whoo-hoo! Let's keep movin'!"

             Irvine: (...Geez...Selphie can be a little outta control
                     at times...)

         R5: "It's just your imagination! Just leave everything to
             us! Don't worry about a thing!"

             Maintenance Soldier 2: "Well, we do have other work to
                                    do. Let's just have them handle

             Maintenance Soldier: "...Ahh, alright. Don't do anything

             [The soldiers run off.]

             Selphie: "...Phew. That was close..."

             [-] Zell: "Selphie! You're outta control!"
             [-] Quistis: "Selphie! What's gotten into you!?"

             Selphie: "Whatever! Let's just hurry!"

         R6: "We just took a look inside, but... It's a big mess in
             there! There's no way we can repair it!" [Insert R4, 
             sans Selphie's opening line.]  

         R7: [Same as R1]

[The party heads down the stairs near, but soldiers come out of the
missile room and bring the other guards 'round.]

Soldier: "Hey, could you lend us a hand? The power's down and we
         need some help."

Guard: "Uhh, I guess so..."

Guard 2: "Come on."

[The guards enter the missile room, and as the SeeDs start to head
across to a console, a guard comes out of the missile room and stops

Guard: "Hey! You! Haven't seen you around before..."

Selphie: (What to do...? What to do...?)
         R1 --> (Play it cool)
         R2 --> (Run away!)
         R3 --> (Fight, all the way!)

         R1 (Guard): "Well, we need some help in here. I guess it
                     doesn't really matter who... Do you think you
                     could lend a hand?"
                     R4 --> (Help out)
                     R5 --> (Run away!)
                     R6 --> (Fight, all the way!)

         R2: [Selphie's team flees.]

             Guard: "H-Hey! Wait! Dammit! They must be intruders!

             [The guard goes to the console nearby.]

             Guard: "Attention all staff! This is an emergency! 
                    Intruders are inside the base! Eliminate them
                    at all costs!"

             [Meanwhile, the party's regrouping in the screen where
             they first saw the maintenance soldiers.]

             Selphie: "They found us out. Can't do anything about
                      it now. So, let's show'em what we got!"

             [As they go to leave, two soldiers spot 'em.]

             Guard: "There they are! Get'em!"

             [Selphie's squad defeats the soldiers.]

         R3: [The party initiates battle.]

             Soldier: "How dare you mess up our plan!"

             [When defeated:]

             Soldier: "You're all going down!"

             [Afterwards, an alarm goes off.]

             Loudspeaker: "Attention all staff! This is an 
                          emergency! Intruders are inside the
                          base! Eliminate them at all costs!"

             Selphie: "Hm!? Whaaaat! Oh no!?"

             [-] Quistis: "I know we're responsible, but this isn't good..."

             Irvine: "Can't change what we did. I guess we gotta
                     mosey on out of here."

         R4: [See below.]

         R5: [Same as R2]
         R6: [Same as R3]

[If the party feels altruistic and picks R4:]

Guard: "This way. follow me. Unbelievable... Power failure at
       a crucial time like this? What the heck are those
       maintenance guys doing...?"

[Selphie's team follows him in. The guards are trying to move
a massive silo with manpower alone.]

Maintenance Soldier: "Yeah, that's the one. All right, 1 in
                     between the 2 guys, and 2 on either side."

[The party manages to push the silo into its slot, and they
turn to leave.]

Maintenance Soldier: "Hey, wait! Good work. All we need to do now
                     is confirm the coordinates on the control
                     panel. The program should be ready to go. You
                     guys get on it."

Selphie: (Heeey! The control panel!? Now we're talkin'!)

[The party runs to the control panel.]

[-] Quistis: "Ok, what should we do?"
[-] Zell: "Let's just smash this baby!"
[-] Irvine: "So like...let's just bust it up."

Selphie: (Yeah, bust it up real good! But...) "It'll be a mega
         bummer if WE launch the missiles by mistake. So, should
         we hold back a little and just mess around with it a

[-] Zell: "Tch...! Yeah, I guess..."

[The party inputs a high error ratio for the launch and
uploads the specs. They go to a guard blocking a stairwell.]

Relief Guard: "This place is off-limits. You're not allowed up

Selphie: "But we've come to report on the missile coordinate

Relief Guard: "Oh, very well. Go right ahead."

[Selphie's team walks up the stairs.]

Relief Guard: "Did we have someone that puny in our base...?"

[Whether or not the party helps out with moving the silo, they
head upstairs to the control room. Two soldiers and a commanding
officer are up there already.]

Soldier: "All systems go, sir!"

Soldier 2: "Everything's all set, sir!"

Officer: "We had some minor setbacks, but proceed as scheduled.
         We're running behind, but prepare for the final launch

Soldier: "Roger!"

Soldier 2: "Roger!"

Loudspeaker: "Attention. This is the control room. We are now
             entering the final phase of the missile launch. Take
             your designated positions and prepare for the launch!"

[Selphie's team comes up. If they're not in uniform:]

Officer: "Bring it ON! How dare you interfere with our plans! 
         (Maybe that was a bit too much? Well, what's done is done!)

Selphie: "Up yours! We're gonna screw up this plan of yours!" [The
         battle starts after this.]

[If they are in uniform:]

Officer: "Huh? What are you doing in here!?"

Selphie: "We've come to report on the missile coordinates!"

Officer: "Oh... ............ Don't move! I thought you looked
         suspicious. You're the intruders! No use hiding it
         now! That salute you just did was completely wrong!"

Selphie: (Yikes...! Well, at least we made it this far. It's
         about time we rumbled!)

Officer: (What are you doing!? Ahhhhhh!)

[A blinding light flashes. When it's gone, the party's out of

Selphie: "TA-DAH! Hooooo, finally. This military uniform is
         itchy, and it stinks!"

[The party initates battle. The base leader (i.e. Officer) will
say things from time to time, including:]

Officer: "Time for us to get serious!"
Officer: "Are they from Garden?"
Officer: "Attack with magic!"

[After awhile:]

Soldier: "Captain, they're too strong!"

[The party defeats the officer and his soldiers.]

Officer: "Ughhhh!"
Soldier: "C-Captain..."

Selphie: "Ok then! Let's stop the missiles, blow the base to
         smithereens, and get outta here!"

[-] Zell: "We should be able to stop the missile launch from here."
[-] Quistis: "One of these control panels should be the launch control

Irvine: "So like...let's just split up and start lookin'."

[They walk around inspectin' things for awhile, before Selphie
hits the jackpot.]

Selphie: "Let's see... ............ Heeey! I found it! Push this,
         then that... ............ ............ There! I'm done!
         Whoo-hoo! All we need to find now is the self-destruct

[Selphie goes to another panel in the back room.]

Selphie: "Heeey! This is the self-destruct mechanism for the base!
         Hmmm... Let's see here... Huh? We have to set a time?"
         R1 --> 10 minutes
         R2 --> 20 minutes
         R3 --> 30 minutes
         R4 --> 40 minutes

         R1: "Hmmm... Let's see here..."

             Loudspeaker: "Self-destruct mechanism activated. 10 
                          minutes until destruction. All staff
                          evacutate the base immediately. I 

             Selphie: "Whoo-hoo! Let's hurry on outta here!"

         R2: [Same as R1, with the minute until destruction changed.]
         R3: [Same as R1, with the minute until destruction changed.]
         R4: [Same as R1, with the minute until destruction changed.]

[Selphie's team heads for the entrance to the base. After awhile, the
soldier gets up.]

Soldier: "............ Heheheh... It's not over yet..."

[He dies after pressing a button. Selphie's team hears a rumble as
they're about to exit the base.]

Selphie: "Huh? Heeey? What was that noise?"

[They run outside and see soldiers fleeing in trucks and on foot.
A large machine is out and about. As Selphie's team runs out, the
missile they had tried to stop are launched. They try to leave 
but find a large robotic tank blocking their progress.]

Captain: "There's no way I'm letting you all live! It would be
         inexcusable to Sorceress Edea! I don't want to suffer
         her wrath! Are you men ready!?"

Driver: "Yes, sir!"

Driver 2: "Yes, sir!"

Captain: "Alright, let's go."

[The battle starts, and the SeeDs blow up one of the pieces of the
tank that has a human inside.]

Private 2: "AHHH! Captain!"

Captain: "It's only 1, don't worry!"

[The party starts dismantling it further.]

Captain: "Stand by for beam cannon!"

Private 1: "Yes, sir!"

[Another section's blown off after awhile.]

Private 2: "Let's just get outta here!"

Captain: "Can't let them seize this MRV!"

[Another part's blown up after awhile, reducing the number of pieces
to two.]

Captain: "Keep attacking anyway!"

Private: "Yes, sir!"

[They defeat the machine.]

Private: "I can't control it!"

Captain: "What!!!?"

[The party blows up the MRV, and it moves off-screen, exploding. The
remaining soldiers run out of it to keep attacking.]

Captain: "AWWW HOT HOT HOT!!! That piece of crap!"

Private 2: "What now, captain!?"

Private 1: "It needs repairs, sir!"

Captain: "We'll kill'em, first!"

[The SeeDs kill them, instead, though. Unfortunately, the gigantic
machine blocks the entrance out of the base.]

Selphie: (...Are we locked in? Squall will take care of the rest, right? I
         wonder if he'll organize the Garden Festival? Nah, can't count on
         Squall for that... Sigh... It's all over...)

[-] Zell: "I've always thought about when this day would come. Living a life
          full of battles... I guess you could say I was prepared. But when I
          think this is really it... Damn, it pisses me off!"

[-] Quistis: "It came quite quietly. I thought the end would have been more

[-] Irvine: "Squall...He didn't trust me. That's probably why he put me on
            this team..."

Selphie: (...What are you all saying? ...Squall chose us because he
         believed in us. I'm sure of it! We can do it. That's what
         he thought when he made this team. Isn't that right, Squall?)

[The base starts to explode and the view changes to a bird's-eye view
as the entire base destructs. At that same moment, Squall's team
arrives at Balamb Garden.]

17. Balamb Garden                                                        [WK17]

[-] Zell: "Alright! The Garden's safe!"
[-] Rinoa: "Hey, looks like everything's alright!"

Squall: (It looks like they did it. Still, the missiles could be on
        their way.) "We have to report to the headmaster. Come on."

[They go through the gates to find students running around aimlessly.
A staff member is yelling at them as they run by.]

Garden Faculty: "Find the headmaster!"

Squall: (What's going on? Are they evacuating?)

Garden Faculty: "Seize him! Kill him if you have to! Go!"

Squall: (What!?)

[They go in a little further.]

Squall: (What the hell is going on?)

Garden Faculty: "You three, what side are you on?"

Squall: (Huh?)

Garden Faculty: "Answer the question! Are you with the Garden Master,
                or are you with Cid!?"

Squall: "I don't understand what you're talking about."

Garden Faculty: "Do you swear your allegiance to Garden Master NORG?"

Squall: R1 --> (...I guess...for now)
        R2 --> (...I don't get it)

        R1: "Yes... We do..."

            Garden Faculty: "All right then. Go find Cid. Members of
                            his faction are protecting him. Kill them
                            if they interfere."

        R2: "Can you tell me what's going on?"

            Garden Faculty: "I'm the one asking the questions! You're
                            just supposed to follow orders! Hey! What
                            kind of attitude is that!? You're with
                            Cid, aren't you!?"

            [The faculty member summons some monsters to do battle 
            with the SeeDs.]

            Garden Faculty: "NORG is the true ruler of the Garden!"

[After beating the monsters or swearing their allegiance, the party 
finds Fujin and Raijin by the Garden directory.]

Raijin: "Hey, you're back!"

Squall: "What's going on here?"

Raijin: "I dunno. At first, they were sayin' somethin' 'bout roundin'
        up the SeeDs, ya know!? Now, everyone's either sidin' with
        the Garden Master or the headmaster and fightin' everywhere,
        ya know!?"


Raijin: "Disappointin' for the disciplinary committee. All our work
        for nothin', ya know!?"

Squall: "Why are SeeDs being targeted? And where's the headmaster?
        Is he safe?"

Raijin: "We got no clue."

Squall: "We need to see him right away. It's important. Galbadian
        missiles may be heading this way."

Raijin: "WHAT!? We gotta get outta here!"

[Fujin kicks him.]

Raijin: "OOOUUCH! Geez, alright! We'll warn everyone about the 
        missiles! Man, this is no time to be fightin', ya know!?"

Squall: "We'll go look for the headmaster."

Fujin: "CAUTION!"

Raijin: "Yeah, the fightin' is intense everywhere! And watch out for
        those Garden Master goons, ya know!"

Zell: "Yo, guys..."

Rinoa: "The headmaster?"

Raijin: "Hey, jus' like Fujin said, ya know!? We're with Seifer. 
        Always have, always will."

[The two run off.]

Squall: (Seifer...He's sided with the sorceress. You guys alright
        with that?)

[The SeeD team starts to look for the headmaster. Since it doesn't
matter where they start, I'll have them start at the library. When
they get there, they hear a faculty member yelling:]

Garden Faculty: "What's taking so long!? Hurry up!!!"

[Squall's team runs over.]

Garden Faculty: "Another one of Cid's followers!? DIE!"

[He summons a Grat.]

Garden Faculty: "Face the wrath of this monster!"

[They defeat the Grat easily, but learn the headmaster's elsewhere,
so they head to the training center. When they get there, they find
a faculty member and a few SeeDs pointing at some kids.]

SeeD: "Over here! She's one of the headmaster's SeeDs."

SeeD 2: "The junior classmen are with her. Don't let them escape."

[They corner the girl and the two kids into a corner.]

Female SeeD: "Oh shoot...! I'm sorry."

Boy: "I'm gonna fight, too!

SeeD: "Heh heh heh. This should be interesting..."

[The boy punches him in the ribs.]

SeeD: "Aahhh!"

Boy: "I'm not training everyday for nothing. Come on!"

SeeD: "Why you little...!"

Option: R1 --> Help them
        R2 --> Ignore it

        R1: [Squall jumps between the two, gunblade flashing.]

            Squall: "You'll have to get past me first."

            Garden Faculty: "Another one of Cid's followers!? DIE!"

            [The staff member summons a T-Rexaur.]

            Garden Faculty: "Those opposed to NORG must die!"

            [The party slays the prehistoric beast and saves the
            kids and the female SeeD.]

        R2: [The screen blacks out and it's assumed that they've
            killed the SeeD and her two junior classmen.]

            Garden Faculty: "He's not here either. Slippery bastard."

[After the showdown in the training center, the party heads to the
parking garage. En route, they're detained by a faculty member.]

Garden Faculty: "Another one of Cid's followers!? DIE!"

[The staffer summons a Grendel.]

Garden Faculty: "This Garden belongs to NORG!"

[The party finds the Headmaster in the garage afterwards.]

Squall: "Sir!"

[But, the headmaster's image flashes and fades away.]

Squall: "What the...?"

SeeD: "It was just a hologram. Pretty cool, huh? The headmaster isn't
      here. We're just here to make them believe that he's in here."

SeeD 2: "If those bastards attack us all at once, we won't stand a
        chance, even if we are SeeDs."

SeeD: "Basically, we're cutting them off and fighting them in small
      groups. Brilliant, huh? It wasn't our idea though."

Squall: "Who came up with it?"

SeeD 2: "Xu."

SeeD: "She took charge immediately when this whole thing began."

[The party heads towards the dormitories, encountering another one
of the faculty members.]

Garden Faculty: "What...!? Another one of Cid's followers!? Prepare
                to die!"

[He summons a Caterchipillar.]

Garden Faculty: "You're siding with the headmaster!?"

[They easily kill the monster and continue on when they find their
target isn't there. They find another faculty member in the tunnel
leading to the cafeteria.]

Garden Faculty: "Another one of Cid's followers!? DIE!"

[He summons a Bomb.]

Garden Faculty: "Stall them."

[The team heads to the Quad when Cid's not found in the cafeteria.
They hear a faculty member grumbling as they run down the stairs.]

Garden Faculty: "Dammit. We need reinforcements."

[The Garden member runs by and they continue to the scaffolding where
the Garden Festival will take place.]

Squall: (Nothing looks damaged so far...)

Voice: "Who's there!?"

[Three SeeDs jump out.]

SeeD: "Whose side are you on!?"
      R1 --> I'm with the headmaster's faction
      R2 --> I'm with the Garden Master's faction

      R1: "I'm with the headmaster."

          SeeD 2: "That's what I thought. Who's this Garden Master

      R2: "I'm with the Garden Master. At least that's what I told
          them, to make things easier for now."

          SeeD: "...Phew...good. Because I definitely don't want to
                fight you."

[Seeing that the headmaster's not there, Squall's troop heads to the
infirmary. In the connecting tunnel, a faculty member and some SeeDs
on his side are squaring off with the other faction.]

Garden Faculty: "Looks like Cid has some decent pawns. This is getting
                nowhere. Call the monsters."

Option: R1 --> Help them
        R2 --> Let them handle it
        R1: "Let's get in there!"

            [Squall's team attacks, and a Granaldo is summoned.]

            Garden Faculty: "More SeeDs here!?"

        R2 (Squall): "......"

           [The SeeDs defeat NORG's followers.]

[Either way, the doc approaches afterwards, to tend to a wounded
enemy SeeD.]

Dr. Kadowaki: "Oh my... Can you stand up?"

Enemy SeeD: "Why are you helping me? I'm with the Garden

Dr. Kadowaki: "Stop being ridiculous. I don't care whose side you're
              on. We need to take care of those wounds now, you hear?"

[She turns to Squall's party. If they didn't help she'll say:]

Dr. Kadowaki: "The headmaster isn't here, so get out of here."

[If they did, she'll say:]

Dr. Kadowaki: "Squall, don't just stand there. Give me a hand."

[They go into her office.]

Dr. Kadowaki: "What is all this faction mumbo jumbo? It's 
              ridiculous. Are you looking for Cid? As you can see,
              he's not here."

Squall: "Do you have any idea?"

Dr. Kadowaki: "Hmm... Xu might know. I have no idea where she is
              though. Why are you looking for him anyway?"

Squall: "I need to inform him that there may be missiles heading
        this way. You should get out of here, too."

Dr. Kadowaki: "Are you serious!? Then I'm definitely gonna have to
              stay. If anybody gets hurt, who's gonna look after

[Having tried everywhere else, the party finds themselves back at
the directory. Xu runs up to the elevator.]

Squall: "Xu!?"

[They go to the elevator, but she's not there.]

Squall: "She went up?"

[They go up, too, finding Xu at the end of the second-floor hallway.]

Xu: "Whose side are you on!?"

Squall: "Neither. We have urgent news. We need to see the headmaster
        now. Where is he?"

[-] Quistis: "Just trust us, Xu! There's no more time to waste. "
[-] Xu: "Ok."

Xu: "I'm listening..."

Squall: "Galbadian missiles may be heading this way."

Xu: "Here!? Alright. I'll inform him right away."

Squall: "Where is he?"

Xu: "In his office. We made it look like he's hiding, but he's been
    there all along. Follow me."

[They go up another floor on the elevator.]

Xu: "He's waiting for you. I'll go tell everyone to evacuate."

[They go into his office.]

Squall: "Sir."

Headmaster Cid: "Xu has told me about the missiles. The intercom is
                down so we can't announce the order to evacuate."

Squall: "Xu, Raijin, and Fujin are taking care of that."

Headmaster Cid: "I want you to assist them and then evacuate."

Squall: (...What's on your mind?) "But I have a lot to report."

Headmaster Cid: "You can tell me later."

Squall: (You might be dead later...)

Headmaster Cid: "Do you have a problem with that?"

Squall: (Yeah. What are you going to do?) "Sir, what are you going 
        to do?"

Headmaster Cid: "I'm going to stay here and see this to the end. 
                After all, this place is like my home."

[-] Zell: "You're plannin' on dying here!?"

Rinoa: "No...! You can't! Just come with us, please! You can always
       rebuild this place!"

[-] Quistis: "Sir!"

Headmaster Cid: "You can rest assured. I am just going to try
                something. There still may be a way to save the 

[Cid starts to walk away, but kneels in pain.]

Squall: (Against missiles...? How?)

Headmaster Cid: "Heh heh... I'm too old for this."

Squall: "Sir, I'd like to handle whatever it is that you're planning."

Headmaster Cid: "And why is that?"

Squall: (...I don't know...Because you might screw up. ...Because I
        want to do more than announce the evacuation. Because this
        place is important to me, too. Because I want to find out 
        your plan. Because this is my home. I have too many reasons.
        I don't know why... Who cares?) "My feelings have nothing to
        do with it, sir."

Headmaster Cid: "Heh heh, Quistis was right. You do have a hard time
                expressing your feelings."

Squall: (Why bother. And what is this? Why am I being judged?) "Sir!
        Please just tell us your plan!"

Headmaster Cid: "This building used to be a shelter, long before it
                was remodeled into the Garden as we know it."

[He tosses a key to Squall.]

Headmaster Cid: "Use that key to open the lock on the elevator. 
                Opening the lock will give you access to the MD 
                level. Rumor has it that further below the MD level,
                there is some kind of control system. It was used
                when this place was still a shelter, so I've never
                seen it. And I have no idea what it does. All I know
                is that it was used for the shelter, so it might 
                prove effective against the missiles. That's what I'm
                betting on."

Squall: (Sounds pretty farfetched. But I guess it's better than doing
        nothing.) "I understand. We'll find the control system and
        check it out."

Headmaster Cid: "Good luck to all of you."

[The party goes into the elevator and goes to the MD level. An FMV
shows the twelve Galbadian missiles jetting through the cloud cover
towards Balamb, not yet there. It ends, and the elevator the SeeDs
are in gets stuck and the power goes out.]

Squall: (......!?)

[Squall tries the elevator floor-selector.]

Squall: (...It's not responding.)

[He ducks down and pops open a hatch on the bottom.]

[-] Zell: "Alright!"
[-] Rinoa: "Alright, Squall!"

Squall: "Nobody's been here for a while, so be careful."

[The party finds a tunnel and enters it, just moments before the
inert elevator falls to the bottom. They find another hatch and jump
down into it. It looks like a metal tunnel.]

Squall: "An oil stratum... Watch for [enemies weak against fire]
        around here. If you junction fire elemental magic, battles
        should be much easier. We have the [Elem-Atk-J] ability..."
        R1 --> (Yeah, we do)
        R2 --> (No, not yet)

        R1: "If we have the [Elem-Atk-J] ability we can junction 
            magic to increase the strength of our physical attacks
            for that magic's element. For example, if you junction
            [Fire] to the [Elem-Atk], when you choose 'Attack', the
            [Fire Elem] will be added to your physical attacks. This
            way, you will have an advantage over enemies that are
            weak against fire. Junctioning magic to the [Elem-Atk]..."
            R3 --> (I forgot... Go over it again)
            R4 --> (I remember how)

        R2: "Ok, let's go."

        R3: "(O) to access the menu, select [Junction] and the [target
            character] to get ot the Junction screen. Select 
            [Junction], [Magic] and the cursor will move to the [Stat]
            window. Here, press the [left button] to get to the 
            [Elem-J] window. Select [Elem-Atk] to get to the
            character's magic window. Select [Fire], [Fira], [Firaga],
            and other elements to complete your junction. Ok, let's
            give it a try..."
            [The player can junction, etc.]

            "You're ready, right?"
            R5 --> (Confirm once more)
            R6 --> (Ready!)

        R4: "Ok, let's go."

        R5: [R3 is repeated.]

        R6: "If you want to know more, check the [Tutoria], under
            [Information]. Ok, let's go."

[The party descends and finds a room with a large valve.]

Narrative: To open the valve, hit ([]) repeatedly for 10 seconds. 
           (Begin after this message)

[Squall opens the valve. In a room they passed through, the floor
is now able to be climbed down into.

Squall: (...A dead end?)

[-] Zell: "Man, another ladder..."
[-] Rinoa: "We have to climb up again?"

[-] Rinoa: "I wonder where this thing goes?"
[-] Quistis: "I wonder where it's connected to?"

[-] Zell: "Oh, over there..."
[-] Rinoa: "Looks like it's connected to that room."

[-] Rinoa: "Well, Squall?"
[-] Quistis: "Make a decision, Squall."

Squall: (...I have to decide?)
        R1 --> (We have no choice, let's go)
        R2 --> (I'll go check it out)
        R3 --> (Someone else go check it out)

        R1: "Come on, we're all going. What else can we do?"

            [-] Quistis: "Do you think this ladder can support us? It looks
            [-] Rinoa: "I'm not so sure about this ladder. Maybe just one of us
                       should go?"

            Squall: "...... Alright, alright... I'll go take a look.
                    You two wait here."

        R2: "I'll go take a look. You two wait here.

        R3: (I'll have someone else check it out. [name1] and 
            [name2]... [name1]...... [name2]......) "I'll go take a look.
            You two wait here."

[Squall climbs up, but the ladder swings loose and falls into one of
the control rooms nearby. Squall presses a button and a large part of
the floor where his teammates are comes loose. He climbs back down.]

[-] Rinoa: "Squall, are you ok?"
[-] Zell: "Squall, that was close! You all right!?"
Squall: "...Yeah."
[-] Rinoa: "Gosh, you scared me. That must've been terrifying."
[-] Quistis: "I didn't think you were going to make it this time. Didn't you
             think so?"

Squall: (......)
        R1 --> (Yeah)
        R2 --> (Kind of)
        R3 --> (No)

        R1: "Yeah. But this is no time to be relieved. The missiles
            might be on their way."

        R2: "Maybe a little. Who cares. We have bigger things to
            worry about."

        R3: "Nothing new. Come on, let's go. We got work to do."

[Down another stairway, the party finds a switch that opens a door
ahead of them. As they do, two Oilboyles jump out of an old oil vat
and attack the party. They party defeats 'em in due time.]

Squall: "We have to hurry. They might be coming any minute now."

[The party goes down another stairway, and an FMV of the missiles 
jetting towards the island comes up. They skim the water's surface
as they all leave trails of smoke in their passing. The view then
changes back to Squall's team, who have found an enormous contraption
under what looks like a domed room.]

Squall: "Looks like we're here..."

[-] Rinoa: "What are we supposed to do here?"
[-] Zell: "Oh man...what the hell do we do now!?"

[Squall goes to a control pad.]

Squall: (...How am I supposed to know? Even the headmaster doesn't

[Squall pushes some stuff.]

[-] Zell: "What the heck are you doin'?"
[-] Rinoa: "Do you know what you're doing, Squall?"

Squall: "I don't know! What else can I do!?"

[Just then, the room shakes.]

Everyone: "!!!?"

[The enormous contraption starts to spin and move with newfound 
energy. Its gears rotate and generate a massive amount of energy.
The party's platform rises high up into the headmaster's office, to
which they also catch him on it. All around them, a large barrier
starts to form with the energy, and the Garden itself starts to free
itself from the constrains of its foundation. The missiles are still
approaching, however.]

Squall: "Missiles incoming!!!"

[-] Rinoa: "NO!!!"
[-] Quistis: "They're coming!!!"

[The missiles turn upward at their target and plummet to the ground,
but they're too late--the Garden's already moving out of place, and
it narrowily avoids being blown apart.]

Squall: "We're moving!?"

Headmaster Cid: "I see... So this is the secret... I wonder what is
                going on outside?"

[-] Quistis: "Squall, let's go see."
[-] Rinoa: "Come on, Squall, let's go."
[-] Zell: "Squall, let's go check it out!"

[Cid stays, but the SeeD team heads to the second floor. On the outer
balcony, they can see the Garden moving over the geography. They run
back inside, when someone yells at them.]

Voice: "Squall!"

[Xu runs over.]

Xu: "It's the headmaster! Get back to the bridge on the double!"

[Everyone runs back to the office.]

Headmaster Cid: "Squall! The controls aren't responding! I don't
                know what to do! We're going to crash into the town
                of Balamb if we don't do something!"

[-] Rinoa: "No way! Can't we do something!?"
[-] Quistis: "We have to do something, fast!"
[-] Zell: "Man...! This can't be happening!!!"

Headmaster Cid: "Squall, can you think of anything?"

Squall: (...No!)

[-] Quistis: "Squall!"
[-] Zell: "Squall, C'MON!!!"
[-] Rinoa: "Squall, do something!"

Squall: (...... How should I know!?) "DAMN!"

[Squall mashes buttons.]

[-] Quistis: "Now what!?"
[-] Zell: "WHOA!!! What was that!?"

Headmaster Cid: "Yes! We're turning!"

[-] Quistis: "Squall, you did it!"
[-] Rinoa: "Alright, Squall! You did it!"

[-] Zell: "AHH...! We're gonna crash into the sea!"
[-] Rinoa: "Oh my gosh! We're gonna crash into the sea!"

Headmaster Cid: "Everybody hold onto something!"

[The Garden crashes into the water.]

Headmaster Cid: "...Phew. Squall, everyone, a job well done. I think
                the worst is behind us for now."

Squall: "...Where are we heading?"

Headmaster Cid: "We'll drift along for the time being...until we 
                figure out how to maneuver the Garden. So, it looks
                like we can finally relax for a while. And spend some
                time considering what to do next. So much for my
                room. Where am I going to change now?"

[...And the Garden steadily plows through the waves...]

18. Drifting at Sea                                                      [WK18]

[Squall lies on his dormitory bunk, staring at the ceiling.]

Squall: (How long has it been since we started moving? There's not
        much more to do now. We've taken care of all the monsters in
        the Garden. Oh yeah...I still have to report to the
        headmaster. There's a lot of things I want to ask about, too.
        He's probably still busy, trying to reestablish order in the
        Garden. ...We're in the middle of nowhere. Man, I'm bored...
        I hate having nothing to do. It gets me thinking too much. I
        hope Selphie and the others are all right. Was it wrong for
        me to let them go? I wonder how [name1] and [name2] felt about
        it. That sorceress... Who is she? Why fire missiles at the
        Garden? Is Seifer ever coming back? I'll get even with him
        next time.)

[Later on, Squall's sleeping and Rinoa is standing over him. He awakens.]

Rinoa: "Hey. You looked so adorable, sleeping like a baby. Come on,
       get up. Let's go."

Squall: "Go where?"

Rinoa: "Give me a tour of the Garden."

Squall: "...Is this another one of your orders?"

Rinoa: "No. I just want you to show me around. You know, to get
       acquainted with the place. Please?"

Squall: "...Fine."

[They walk out together.]

Rinoa: "This place is huge. Do you think it's bigger than Galbadia

Squall: "Who knows?"

Rinoa: "What's over here?"

Squall: "The cafeteria." (or "The parking lot.")

Rinoa: "What about over there?"

Squall: "The parking lot." (or "The cafeteria.")

Rinoa: "Squall... I really appreciate you showing me around. But can
       you try to make it a little more fun? You know, like a normal

Squall: (What does she want from me?)

[The two walk until they're stopped by a faculty member near the

Garden Faculty: "Student ID No. 41269, Squall?"

Squall: "Yes."

Garden Faculty: "The Garden Master wishes to see you. Report to the
                [Master's Room] right away."

Squall: "Where is the [Master's Room]?"

Garden Faculty: "Take the [elevator to level B1]. You have 

[Squall gets on the elevator, takes it down, and looks around. Out
of sight, someone yells.]

Voice: "Please! Listen to me!"

Squall: (...The headmaster's here?)

[The absent 3rd party member gets off the elevator.]

[-] Quistis: "Where are you going? Huh? Oh, I'm looking for the headmaster."
[-] Zell: "What are you guys doin' down here? What? Oh me? I came down 'cuz I
          saw you guys."

Voice: "Let go of me! I'm not finished!"

[They all walk over and find Cid getting pushed around.]

Headmaster Cid: "Greedy son-of-a-bitch! Why did I even bother talking
                to you! SeeDs were brought up for the future! And that
                future is now! Why can't you understand!?"

[A faculty member throws him back.]

Headmaster Cid: "Dammit! I should've never trusted you! I wish I could
                go back ten or so years. To tell myself that you're
                nothing but a money grubbing son-of-a-bitch! Then I
                would've never built this place."

[Squall walks over.]

Headmaster Cid: "Squall!? ...You heard everything?"

Squall: "...Yes."

Headmaster Cid: "I'm embarrassed, but sometimes even old men like me
                lose their temper. Let's get out of here."

Squall: (Oh...) "Sir, I still have to give you my report."

Headmaster Cid: "Please come to my office later."

[-] Rinoa: "Oh, and that doctor..."
[-] Squall: "Oh and, um, Dr. Kadowaki wants you to go to the infirmary. She
            sounded very serious."
[-] Headmaster Cid: "Heh heh. Looks like I finally made her mad."

[Cid takes the elevator up. A faculty member walks over as soon as
he's left.]

Garden Faculty: "You're the SeeDs who returned from Galbadia, correct?"

Squall: "Yes."

Garden Faculty: "It's about time. Master NORG has been waiting for you. Come."

[They walk with the faculty member to a large pod-like structure.]

Garden Faculty: "Whenever Master NORG calls you, be sure to be there
                within 3 seconds."

NORG: "Fushururu...3-SECONDS-ARE-UP."

[The pod-like structure splits open, showing an ugly creature with
flapping arms.]

Squall: (...This is the Garden master? The proprietor of Garden? 
        ...He's not human? Come to think of it, we didn't know
        anything about him. .........What a shock.)


Squall: (Now where do I start...?)

Garden Faculty: "Answer him quickly. Be concise."

Squall: (...It's going to be a sad report.) "...We failed to
        assassinate Sorceress Edea. Confirmation of Headmaster Cid's
        order was made at Galbadia Garden. After Irvine Kinneas of
        Galbadia Garden joined our party... ...We set off to carry
        out the 'Sorceress Assassination' order from Balamb and
        Galbadia Gardens..."


Squall: (Fooled!?) "I...don't understand."

NORG: "Fushurururu...EXPLAIN-TO-THEM."

Garden Faculty: "Master NORG has known about the alliance between the President
                of Galbadia and the sorceress. He heard it from the Galbadia
                Garden master himself."

Squall: "The Galbadia Garden master...?"


Garden Faculty 2: "Yes. In fact the sorceress and Garden are closely
                  connected. That is why the sorceress will definitely
                  try to gain hold of all Gardens."

Garden Faculty: "So, Master NORG sent an official order to Galbadia
                Garden. It was to kill the sorceress. An assassination
                was thought to be the best means. But..."


Squall: "Are you saying that Balamb Garden had nothing to do with that order?"

Garden Faculty: "You just happened to show up just before the mission
                was to be carried out. They used you."

Squall: "But the operation failed. The sorceress is still alive and..."

Garden Faculty 2: "The sorceress retaliated. Just as we suspected. No
                  doubt, it was the sorceress who ordered the missile

Garden Faculty: "Something must be done to calm the sorceress' anger."

Squall: "Wait a minute. That's just..."

Garden Faculty: "In order to do so, we needed to hand over those
                involved in the assassination to the sorceress. We had
                to show Balamb Garden's sincerity."


Squall: "Wha... Why aren't we fighting the sorceress!? What about all
        the training we endure everyday!? What good is it!?"


Garden Faculty: "Headmaster Cid was saying the same thing..."

Garden Faculty 2: "H-Hey..."

      Bujurururu! Bujurururu! THIS-IS-MY-GARDEN!"

Squall: "NO! It's not just yours."


Squall: "What...?" (The headmaster and Edea are married!? ...I don't get it.)


Rinoa: "Squall!!!"

[NORG pulls his mechanical pod over him as the battle begins.]

      STAYS, I-WILL-ATTACK-SeeD-WITH-MAGIC! Bujurururu..."

[The party fights and blows the top of NORG's pod off, allowing him
to be hit freely.]


[The party beats NORG.]


[NORG retreats into his a pod and doesn't return.]

[-] Zell: "What the hell was that?"
[-] Quistis: "What happened to the Master?"

Squall: "Forget about it for now."

Rinoa: "I can't believe you said that. I think what just happened is
       really serious."

Squall: "What's the point of talking about it now!? You don't know
        what's going on, either! This is crazy. I don't know what's
        goin' on anymore. I feel like a helpless puppet being
        manipulated in some major scheme."

Rinoa: "Squall..."

Squall: "Yeah...I'm going to see the headmaster."

[The party finds Cid in the infirmary.]

Dr. Kadowaki: "Do you need to see the headmaster?"
              R1 --> (Later)
              R2 --> (Yes, now)

              R1: "Uh huh. Alright."

              R2: [See below.]

[After picking R2:]

Dr. Kadowaki: "Well, the headmaster is kind of..."

Headmaster Cid: "I'm ok now, doctor."

Dr. Kadowaki: "Are you sure?"

Headmaster Cid: "Yes. I believe I'm done crying."

Dr. Kadowaki: "...Just take it easy, ok? He's got a lot on his mind."

Headmaster Cid: "You all see me in such an embarrassing state. What
                shall we talk about?"
                R1 --> (I want to make a report)
                R2 --> (The real meaning of SeeD)
                R3 --> (About Sorceress Edea)
                R4 --> (About Master NORG)
                R5 --> (About what to do next)

                R1 (Squall): "I want to make a report."

                   Headmaster Cid: "No, no. It's not necessary. I can
                                   guess what must've happened."

                R2 (Squall): "Please tell me the real meaning of

                   Headmaster Cid: "SeeD is SeeD. The elite mercenary
                                   force of Balamb Garden. Hmm, do 
                                   you know something about SeeD?"

                   Squall: (I never know anything.)

                   Headmaster Cid: "SeeD will defeat the sorceress.
                                   The Garden will train SeeD
                                   members. The many missions around
                                   the world are only training for 
                                   the final battle against the
                                   sorceress. But now that the
                                   sorceress has become a major 
                                   threat, our true mission has

                R3 (Squall): "Please tell me about Sorceress Edea. I
                             heard she's your wife."

                   Headmaster Cid: "You're quite right... She had been
                                   a sorceress since childhood. I
                                   married her, knowing that. We were
                                   happy. We worked together, the two
                                   of us. We were very happy. One day,
                                   Edea began talking about building
                                   the Garden and training SeeD. I
                                   became obsessed with the plan. But
                                   I was very concerned with SeeD's
                                   goal, that one day SeeD might fight
                                   Edea... She laughed and told me
                                   that would never happen. However..."

                R4 (Squall): "Tell me about Master NORG."

                   Headmaster Cid: "He is from the Shumi tribe. A
                                   black sheep of the tribe, one might
                                   say. We met while I was running
                                   around trying to find funds to
                                   build the Garden. He became 
                                   interested in building the Garden,
                                   and we hit it off. Thanks to his
                                   funding, it was completed. However,
                                   we needed an enormous amount of
                                   funds to run the Garden. So we 
                                   began dispatching SeeDs around the
                                   world as a means of supporting the
                                   Garden. NORG's idea was right on
                                   the money. An enormous amount of
                                   capital began flowing into the
                                   Garden. And the Garden began to
                                   change. Lost sight of our high
                                   ideals, the truth was covered up...
                                   That's probably enough. In the end,
                                   it was my fault, for giving up

                R5 (Squall): "What do we do now?"

                   Headmaster Cid: "We must stop drifting around 
                                   soon... I only hope that we can get
                                   things back to the way they were."

[Once R5 is viewed, the party goes back to walking around Garden. Near
the directory, Xu catches up with them.]

Xu: "Squall! Squall! Have you seen the headmaster around?"

Squall: "He's at the infirmary."

[-] Rinoa: "Sounds like trouble. What's wrong?"

Xu: "Go to the [2nd floor deck] and see for yourself. There's a ship
    approaching. It could be Galbadians or worse: the sorceress might
    be aboard, coming to attack us! I have to tell the headmaster
    right away."

[She runs off. On the second-floor deck, they see a large white ship
docked right next to the floating Garden.]

Squall: (A ship!? A Galbadian ship!?)

[Three crewmembers walk out and yell up at Squall.]

Crewmember: "Is Headmaster Cid here!?"

Squall: "No, he's not here. Are you from...Galbadia?"

Crewmember: "We are SeeDs! This is Edea's ship. We are Sorceress Edea's SeeD!"

Squall: (...SeeD!?)

Crewmember: "We're coming aboard! We're unarmed!)

[The three jump up to the balcony. Squall takes out his weapon.]

Crewmember: "Please. We come in peace. We must speak to Headmaster
            Cid. Where is he?"

Headmaster Cid: "I'm right here."

[Cid walks out with Xu.]

Crewmember: "Headmaster, we've come for Ellone. It's too dangerous here now."

Headmaster Cid: "...Yes. I'm afraid so."

Squall: (Ellone? That girl from Winhill?)

Headmaster Cid: "Squall. You know who she is? Please go find her.
                She's somewhere in the Garden."

Squall: (Who are these guys? How are they connected?)

Headmaster Cid: "Squall?"

Squall: "...Yes, sir."

[The SeeDs go inside.]

[-] Quistis: "Squall, Ellone is that girl, right? That little girl Laguna was
             looking after."
[-] Zell: "Squall, Ellone's that girl, huh? Y'know, that little girl Laguna was
          taking care of."

Squall: "Probably."

[-] Quistis: "Do you know where she is? Let's split up and look for her."
[-] Zell: "So she's in the Garden? Where is she? Let's split up and find her."

[The ally bolts off.]

Rinoa: "Hey Squall, who's Ellone?"

Squall: "She's a person in the 'dream world'."

[Everyone splits up, but Squall finds her first, in the library.]

Ellone: "Yes, Squall?"

Squall: "Are you...Ellone?"

Ellone: "Yes..."

Squall: "You're Ellone? THE Ellone?"

[She nods.]

Squall: (What is going on?) "You know...Laguna, don't you?"

Ellone: "I do. I really love Uncle Laguna."

Squall: "Then tell me! What is it that we experience!?"

Ellone: "I'm sorry, Squall. It's hard to explain. thing...
        It's about the past."

Squall: (...So we were viewing the past?)

Ellone: "People say you can't change the past. But even still, if
        there's a possibility, it's worth a try, right?"

Squall: (Change the past? Is she serious? Give me a break...) "Are
        you the one responsible!? Are you the one taking us to that
        'dream world'!?"

Ellone: "I'm sorry."

Squall: (...Not again. So much I don't understand.) "Why me!? I have
        enough problems as it is! Don't get me involved in this!"

Ellone: "I'm sorry."

Squall: "Don't... Don't count on me."

[Squall backs up and collapses in a chair. Xu enters.]

Xu: "Squall, did you find Ellone?"

Ellone: "Umm... I'm Ellone."

[Xu looks at Squall.]

Xu: "Are you all right?"

[Ellone walks over to Squall and whispers something before leaving.]

Squall: (What Ellone said under her breath was... You're my only 
        hope. Why do people depend on each other? In the end, you're
        on your own. I've made it this far by myself. Sure, I couldn't
        do a thing when I was a kid... I've depended on others, 
        but... I'll be the first to admit that I'm here because of
        other people.)

[While Squall is thinking, Ellone has already left on the White SeeD
ship. Later on, he lies on his bed, still contemplating.]

Squall: (I'm fine by myself now. I have all the skills I need to
        survive. I'm not a child anymore. That's a lie. I don't know
        anything. I'm confused. I don't want to depend on anyone. How
        can I do that? Someone tell me... Someone? So I'll end up
        depending on others after all.)

[Flashback...? A small child stands outside in the rain, his back to
a pillar near a door.]

Boy: "...Sis... I'm...all alone. But I'm doing my best... I'll be ok
     without you, Sis. I'll be able to take care of myself."

[The scene ends when Rinoa walks into Squall's room. He jumps up.]

Rinoa: "Hey, again."

Squall: "I wasn't asleep."

Rinoa: "Oh really? I think I heard you talking in your sleep. I'm not
       telling you what you said. Hey, let's go for a walk."

Squall: "Again?"

Rinoa: "That was a guided tour! This time, it's a walk!"

Squall: "Just go by yourself. It's safe here."

Rinoa: "It's not that I want a guard with me. You know... You're
       always too deep in thought. Why don't you lighten up a little?
       It's not good to think too much. What I'm trying to say is...
       It would be my have your company, your highness, in
       hope that I may get your mind off things. How about it, your
       R1 --> (I'll play along)
       R2 --> (This is stupid)

       R1 (Squall): "Fine."

          Rinoa: "Thank you, your highness! Alright, let's get goin'!"

       R2 (Squall): "This is stupid."

           Rinoa: "Oh... Your highness is in a foul mood. I'll see
                  you around."

[As Squall walks out, with or without Rinoa, the intercom clicks on
and the Headmaster speaks.]

Headmaster Cid: "Hello everyone. This is the headmaster speaking. The
                lines have been fixed, and I'm glad to be back on the
                air. Hurrah! UM!? WHOAA!!!"

[Cid looks over the side of the control platform and gasps. Somewhere
close by, a fisherman sits on an old piece of machinery, a line in the

Master Fisherman: "Boy, it's a slow day. Come on. Give me a big one."

[Just then, the Garden slides toward his fishing spot, and though
he's got a fish, he drops the rod and runs as a giant wave crashes
towards him.]

Headmaster Cid: "Squall! This is the headmaster speaking! Please come
                to my office! Repeat. Please come to my office right

19. Fishermans Horizon                                                   [WK19]

[Squall goes up the elevator, finding Cid making an announcement.]

Headmaster Cid: "Everybody, please remain calm. Also, please do not
                leave the Garden under any circumstance until you are
                permitted. We will try to get things back in order
                A.S.A.P. Thank you for your cooperation."

[He turns to Squall.]

Headmaster Cid: "Ah Squall, thank you for coming. Here are your
                orders. We've landed on Fishermans Horizon. Please go
                ashore with [name1] and [name2]. Find the local mayor and
                apologize for this accident. Tell them that we come
                in peace. Take a look around the city while you're
                there, too."

Squall: "...Yes, sir." (...Why do I have to go?)

Headmaster Cid: "Do you have something you want to tell me?"

Squall: "No..."

Headmaster Cid: "SeeD is not just a special force for combat. I want
                you to see the world... To broaden your horizons. I
                have high expectations for you, Squall. Now go."

[Squall goes down the elevator, finding his teammates there.]

[-] Rinoa: "We're here!"
[-] Quistis: "A new mission?"
[-] Zell: "What's up? Are we going to Fishermans?"

Squall: "We'll land at [Fishermans Horizon]. We'll make an official
        apology, then observe the town."

[-] Zell: "Yo, go to the [2nd floor deck] to get to Fishermans. The front
          gate's closed."
[-] Quistis: "You can go out the [2nd floor deck] to get to Fishermans. You can
             use it as an exit now."

[The party heads out to the balcony, finding it mangled with a crane,
forming a walkway. A few denizens of the city stand around.]

Man: "Here they come."

Man 2: "We've got to warn you before you go ashore. Do not engage in
       any type of armed conflict in the city. We do not tolerate
       belligerence here."

Man: "Do you understand?"

Squall: "Yes. We are representatives of the Garden and we come in

Man 2: "...... Welcome to Fishermans Horizon. We just call it FH."

Man: "You should go visit the mayor. His house is in the middle of
     the city."

Man 3: "He's the head of FH."

Squall: "We'll do just that."

Man 2: "Good. Looks like we understand each other. Man, this is a 
       hell of a mes."

Squall: "I'm terribly sorry. It was inevitable... We lost control of
        the Garden."

Man 2: "Nah, don't worry about it. What's important is that nobody
       got hurt. We love fixing stuff anyway. Kick back and enjoy
       your stay.

[The party gets on an elevator down to the actual city. The guy known
as 'Man 2' earlier stands at the controls.]

Familiar Face: "So, you guys going to Esthar?"

Squall: "Esthar?"

Familiar Face: "You know...that hi-tech city. It's just beyond the
               train tracks. I guess you're not going there. A lot of
               people who stop here go there. The trains are down, so
               the best way to get there is to walk from here. What a
               joke, huh? Anyway... You guys had an accident and came
               here, huh? I guess I shouldn't keep you. Ok, get on."

[Squall's team descends and goes to the mayor's house.]

Mayor Dobe: "Please have a seat. Allow me to get to the point. When
            are you leaving?"

Squall: (He's not wasting any time.) "...We'll leave as soon as the
        Garden is capable of moving."

Mayor Dobe: "Any idea when?"

Squall: "I'm afraid not. We only discovered that our Garden is mobile
        a short while ago. Therefore, we don't even know how to move
        it. We're still in the process of understanding everything."

Mayor Dobe: "Our technicians will assist you. They should be able to
            repair and service everything. How does that sound?"

Squall: (That means we'll have to let outsiders into the Garden. I
        can't make this decision alone.)

Mayor Dobe: "Go consult with your leader if you don't have the

Rinoa: "S'cuse me. Why do you want us to leave so bad?"

Squall: (Please just keep your mouth shut! They must have their
        reasons. Who cares?)

Mayor Dobe: "We don't want military organizations in FH. You rely on
            force to solve problems. That is in direct defiance of
            our principles."

[The mayor's wife speaks up.]

Flo: "We believe that any problem can be settled by discussion. If 
     you reach a mutual understanding, there is no need to fight."

Squall: (No argument there. Trite, and dull as hell, though.)

Mayor Dobe: "Violence only leads to more violence. We believe your
            presence here will attract violence. That's why we want
            you to leave as soon as possible."

Squall: "Let's go back to Garden."

[The party runs outside.]

[-] Quistis: "...Gosh, that was unpleasant."
[-] Zell: "Man, that geezer pisses me off! Squall, why didn't you tell him off!

Squall: "Forget it. You can't expect everyone to welcome us."

[From somewhere, someone yells.]

Voice: "G...! G...! G...! G...! G...! G...! G...! Galbadian soldiers!"

[As the party leaves up the walkway, Flo yells from behind them.]

Flo: "Wait! The Galbadians are here because of you, right? They're
     after you."

Squall: (Maybe.)

Flo: "You'd better take full responsibility! It's your fault!"

Squall: (Fine, we'll take care of them. I don't like the sound of her
        tone though.)

Mayor Dobe: "We mustn't rely on them. They won't be able to do 
            anything without fighting."

Squall: (Don't tell me he's going to try to reason with them.)

Mayor Dobe: "I'll go talk to them."

Squall: (...He's dead.)

[The party goes down the train tracks and finds Mayor Dobe speaking
with a Galbadian officer.]

Squall: (There he is.)

[-] Zell: "It kills me to help that old fart."
[-] Quistis: "He may not want our help, but we might as well."

Squall: (Why are they wasting their time with the old men if they're
        after us and our Garden? I wonder what they're talking about?)

[They all stoop down to listen to the conversation.]

Mayor Dobe: "I already told you. I've never heard of this girl Ellone.
            There is nobody here by that name."

Squall: (Ellone?)

Galbadian Soldier: "Fine. We'll just have to torch this city."

Mayor Dobe: Wait a minute! I'm telling the truth! I've never seen 
            this girl!"

Galbadian Soldier: "It doesn't matter, old man. We're gonna burn this
                   place anyway. Edea's orders. Ha ha ha."

Mayor Dobe: "No, please! I beg of you! Don't!"

Galbadian Soldier: "I'll start with you."

[He picks up Dobe by his neck.]

Squall: (Maybe we'd better go now.)
        R1 --> (Go help)
        R2 --> (Listen a little longer)

        R1 [-] Zell: "Alright, let's get it on!"
           [-] Quistis: "Phew, I thought you were never gonna go."

        R2: (Why is Edea looking for Ellone? We'd better listen a
            little longer.)

            [-] Zell: "Squall!"
            [-] Quistis: "Squall!"
            [-] Rinoa: "What are you waiting for!?"

            Squall: (...What am I thinking?)

[The party runs down to help Dobe.]

Galbadian Soldier: "Who the hell are you?"

Squall: "We're SeeDs."

Galbadian Soldier: "SeeDs! Get the Iron Clad over here!"

Squall: "I'm sorry but we have no choice."

[Some soldiers attack from behind them.]

[-] Zell: "Squall!"
[-] Quistis: "Squall!"

[The party completely levels the soldiers.]

Rinoa: "Something's coming."

[On the bridge nearby, a beaten and battered tank jumps to fight the
party. It should look familiar--it's the same one the missile base
team fought.]

[-] Quistis: "Galbadia's latest weapon."
[-] Zell: "We got a big one on our hands!"

Squall: "Let's destroy this thing!"

[And they do destroy it. It topples over into the sea. But, from
the wreckage, the SeeDs who went to the missile base climb out.]

Selphie: "Squall!!!"

Squall: (Yes! They're alright!) "Hey, Selphie. [name1], [name2]. It's
        great to see you guys."

[-] Irvine: "Say, what happened to the Garden?"

Squall: (A lot has happened...) "The Garden is safe."

Selphie: "Really!!!? Whoo-hoo!!!"

Squall: "What happened to you guys?"

[-] Zell: "Yo, let's talk later about that."
[-] Quistis: "Squall, let's save that for later."

Squall: (...I guess.) "[name1], [name2], why don't you guys take them back
        to the Garden? I'll see you guys later, after I take a look

[Everyone leaves except Rinoa, who hangs around.]

Rinoa: "You know, you just surprised me. You looked and sounded so
       happy to see them."

Squall: (Huh?)

Rinoa: "It was the first time I've seen you so honest. It was...
       really sweet."

Squall: (Well...umm...)
        R1 --> (It's because I felt responsible)
        R2 --> (I was really glad to see them)
        R3 --> (It didn't mean anything)

        R1: "They're my responsibility. I was worried about them.
            That's all."

            Rinoa: "Is that all?"

            Squall: (What more does she want?)

            Rinoa: "Ok. Well, it's great that everyone is all right.
                   It must be a big relief for you, Squall. Catch
                   you later, Squall!"

        R2: "I was just happy to see that they were alright. What's
            so surprising about that? Is there something wrong?"

            Rinoa: "No! There's nothing wrong! They're your comrades,
                   but moreover, they're your friends."

            Squall: (...Friends, huh...?)

            Rinoa: "Hey Squall, would you have been worried about me,
                   too? Y'know, if I were with them instead?"

            Squall: (What? Why is she asking me this? I don't know.)
                    "I...ahhh...I don't know. Umm...maybe...I don't

            Rinoa: "Oh my gosh! You're turning red!"

            Squall: (What...? No I'm not.)

            Rinoa: "You're so cute! Taking it so seriously!"

            Squall: (The heck!? Why is she toying with me?)

            Rinoa: "Catch you later, Squall!"

        R3: "You're exaggerating. It didn't mean anything."

            Rinoa: "Huh? Yeah, right."

            Squall: "What did you expect?"

            Rinoa: "I don't know. A little care and affection?"
            Squall: (Whatever.)

            Rinoa: "Yes, I know. You're just being dishonest again.
                   It's so funny. I know that deep down inside you
                   care about them."

            Squall: (What's her problem? Leave me alone.)

            Rinoa: "Ok, I'll leave you alone. Catch you later,

[Squall goes over to Mayor Dobe.]

Mayor Dobe: "I guess you saved my life."

Squall: "Sorry for butting in."

Mayor Dobe: "No... But I'm not thanking you."

Squall: "You don't have to. It's just that..." (Just what? What am I
        trying to say?)
        R1 --> (I want him to understand us)
        R2 --> (Forget it)

        R1: "I wish you could be a little more understanding about
            us. We're not just a bunch of warmongers."

            Mayor Dobe: "Oh?"

            Squall: (I don't know what more to say...)
                    R3 --> (Stop)
                    R4 --> (Try to continue)

        R2: (Forget it. We live in completely different worlds. Our
            views are too far apart. It's just a waste of time.)

            Mayor Dobe: "Are you finished?"

            Squall: "We'll try to leave here as soon as possible."

            Mayor Dobe: "...Fine."

        R3: "Nevermind. Good bye."

        R4: "It's hard for me to explain... I wish...everything could
            be settled without resorting to violence... ...and there
            would be no need for battles. Like you've been preaching,
            it would be wonderful if things could be settled by 
            discussion. The only problem with that is that it takes
            too much time. Especially if the others are not willing
            to listen. So I believe that fighting is inevitable at
            times. It's really sad. That's all I have to say. I hope
            you understand someday. I think the world needs both
            people like you and people like us. Thank you for all
            your help. Good bye."

[Squall leaves Dobe and goes up the lift. On his way back to the
Garden, he sees Irvine waiting around for him.]

Irvine: "The headmaster gave the ok to let the technicians in the
        Garden. They're in there right now."

Squall: "Ok."

[Squall walks by him.]

Irvine: "Say..."

Squall: "Yeah?"

Irvine: "Uh... I was wondering. Those technicians seem very handy.
        So like...would it be all right if I asked them to fix some
        other stuff."

Squall: (......?) "As long as it doesn't slowdown [sic] the work on the
        Garden, go ahead. Try not to ask for too much."

Irvine: "Yeah, of course."

[They start walking back to the Garden.]

Irvine: (......?)

Squall: "...What?"

Irvine: "...Selphie's feeling down right now. I thought I should let
        you know, since you're...kind of like everybody's leader. I
        think you should go talk to her. I know you're a klutz when 
        it comes to these things, so I'll back you."

Squall: "..Where is she?"

Irvine: "She's hanging out at the [stage] by the quad."

[They start walking again.]

Irvine: "Wow. I didn't expect all this heavy machinery."

Squall: "How else are they going to repair it? With hammers and

Irvine: "Hey, hey, hey, this isn't my department."

Squall: "Then what is?"

Irvine: "...Guns and women of course." 

[They find Selphie at the broken stage in the Quad.]

Selphie: "Whew...this is so bad."

Squall: "Yeah. It's been crazy, with the Garden moving and crashing
        into FH. A lot's happened."

Selphie: "Y'know, I really wanted to see a band perform on this 
         stage. I even had my eyes set on a few people, too. Oh

Squall: (Man, she's really down.)
        R1 --> (Cheer her up)
        R2 --> (Let Irvine handle it)

        R1: "Come on. I'm sure you can still do something."

            Selphie: "... Squall...being sensitive? That's weird.
                     You're the last person I expected to cheer me
                     up. I must really look depressed."

            Squall: (What's so weird? I care just like everybody
                    else. It's just that there are too many things
                    that can't be helped. So why bother talking about

            Selphie: "Uh-oh! There you go again into your own little
                     world. And you're not gonna share anything, huh?"

            Squall: "...Yeah, whatever..." (Why is she teasing me? I
                    was just trying to help.)

            Selphie: "Well, I think I'm feeling better. Don't worry
                     about me, Squall."

            Squall: " help her. I'm out of here."

            Irvine: "...Alrighty."

        R2: " help her. I'm out of here.

            Irvine: "...Alrighty."

[Cid comes on the loudspeaker.]

Headmaster Cid: "Squall, this is the headmaster speaking. Please come
                to my office.

Squall: (What now?)

[Squall exits.]

Selphie: "I guess there's no point feeling blue."

Irvine: "That's right. Let's get the fun started."

Selphie: "Fun? What fun?"

Irvine: (I'm so brilliant.) "So like...first, we'll ask the FH
        technicians if they can fix the stage. If they can fix the
        Garden, this should be a piece of cake for them."

Selphie: "Hmm... Do you think they'll do it?"

Irvine: "Don't worry. I'll back you. I'm sure they'll do it."

Selphie: "Hey, that means...!"

Irvine: "Yup, you can have 'your band' perform on the stage."

Selphie: "Whoo-hoo! Alrighty! Let's get this show on the road!"

Irvine: (Score, baby! I'm all set to make my move.)

[Cut to Squall on the steering platform.]

Squall: "...That about covers my report, sir."

Headmaster Cid: "I see...... I also heard a report from Selphie just
                a moment ago. She said the diary is open to everyone
                to see. Maybe you should have a look."

Squall: "Oh, and one more thing... It appeared that the Galbadians
        were searching for Ellone. That seemed to be their main
        objective in FH. I believe that Sorceress Edea is behind all
        this." (Ellone has the ability to allow people to experience
        the past. Maybe the sorceress is after her for this ability.
        What other reason could there be?)

Headmaster Cid: "So now the Galbadians are working for the sorceress,
                and were searching for Ellone in FH..."

Squall: "And regardless of whether they found her or not... They had
        orders to burn the city down."

Headmaster Cid: "That would help reduce the number of potential places
                where she could hide."

Squall: (...That's right.)

Headmaster Cid: "Most likely, the sorceress will not stop this
                onslaught until Ellone is found. She will continue to
                hunt her, and burn everything in her path. We can't
                wait any longer."

Squall: (...So he's finally going official. About time.)

[Cid clicks the loudspeaker on.]

Headmaster Cid: "This is Headmaster Cid. I have an announcement to
                make. I have important news that I must share with 
                all of you. The Garden is being repaired right now.
                We'll leave FH immediately after it's finished. We're
                going on a journey. This is a journey to defeat the
                sorceress. Garden will now be used as a mobile base.
                The administration of Garden will be run by myself 
                and the staff, as usual. This journey will involve
                many battles. A well-qualified leader is needed for
                this. Therefore, I am appointing Squall as your new
                leader. From now on, Squall will be the leader. He
                will decide our destination and battle plan."

Squall: (Are you serious?)

Headmaster Cid: "Everyone, please follow his orders."

Squall: (I can't believe this...)

Headmaster Cid: "If there are any objections, please come see me in

Squall: (I don't even have a choice?)

Headmaster Cid: "Squall, we're under your command from now on. This
                is your fate. It is your destiny to lead the way in
                defeating the sorceress."

[Squall flies off the handle.]

Squall: "Don't talk about this like it's been decided since my birth!"
        (I don't mind fighting the sorceress. It's unavoidable as long
        as I'm a SeeD member. What? As long as I'm a SeeD member? What
        if I quit? Quit... Then what? What do I have left? Don't even
        want to think about it. Just stop thinking...)

[Later on, Squall is lying on his bed.]

Squall: (I'll just have to do as I was told... Command the Garden and
        kill the sorceress. How does Headmaster Cid expect me to take
        care of everyone? It'd be best to fight the sorceress soon,
        and end this nonsense. ......!? But isn't she the headmaster's
        wife? He wants us to kill his wife? What does it feel like to
        give an order like that?)

[Elsewhere, the stage has been set up in front of Dobe's house. All
of the team except Squall is there.]

Irvine: "Hey everyone. Here's our producer, Selphie."

Selphie: "Ahem! We'll be holdin' the concert as planned. The
         performance isn't just for us, though. It's also for Squall.
         Y'know, to congratulate him on his recent promotion."

Quistis: "Sounds fun."

Zell: "So, who's gonna perform?"

Irvine: "We are."

Zell: "Yeah right."

Quistis: "You're kidding. Oh, no way. You can count me out. I have
         no musical aptitude."

Rinoa: "Oh really? I gotta see this."

Selphie: "Let's just give it a try. We have everything ready and all
         we need is 4 people."

Rinoa: "This is gonna be fun!"

Selphie: "Oh, sorry, Rinoa, but you're not gonna be a member."

Rinoa: "You're leaving me out?"

Selphie: "Uh-uh. We have something more important for you to do."

Zell: "So what are we gonna do? I mean basically, we're all amateurs,
      right? Even if you do hand us instruments, we won't be able to
      do anything."

Selphie: "First I wanna ask you guys something. Ok, you know I took
         over this event after I transferred to Balamb, right? I have
         the composition that the last producer recommended to me, but
         everything got all messed up after the Garden started moving.
         There's supposed to be only 4 scores that go with the
         composition, but I got 8 scores here."

Zell: "What does that mean?"

Irvine: "It's pretty simple. 4 other scores from a different
        composition got mixed up with the 4 scores that Selphie had.
        So we have to find the 4 original scores to perform the
        composition that Selphie has. Only way we're gonna find them
        is to play all 8 scores and see."

Selphie: "So I want you guys to pick up an instrument, one person at
         a time, and play it. Irvine knows the composition, so he'll
         choose which 4 are the right ones."

Irvine: "Let's get started."

[Irvine looks at everyone.]

Irvine: "How about Zell?"
        R1 --> (Guitar)
        R2 --> (Sax)
        R3 --> (Electric Guitar)
        R4 --> (Piano)
        R5 --> (Violin)
        R6 --> (Flute)
        R7 --> (Bass Guitar)
        R8 --> (Tap)

NOTE: Picking any of the options just has that person pick up the
      selected instrument and play. Irvine will listen and the player

Zell: "How's this?"
      R1 --> Ok, sounds good
      R2 --> Try something else

      R1 (Irvine): "Next."
      R2: [Irvine picks which instrument Zell plays.]

[The process repeats with Irvine picking an instrument for himself
next (same instrument choices sans whatever Zell was chosen to play).]

Irvine: "How does this sound?"
        R1 --> Ok, sounds good
        R2 --> Try something else

        R1: "Next."
        R2: [He chooses another instrument for himself.]

[Selphie's up next. She can't play the instruments already chosen.]

Selphie: "Is this ok?"
         R1 --> Ok, sounds good
         R2 --> Try something else

         R1 (Irvine): "Next."
         R2: [Irvine finds her another instrument.]

[Quistis is last, and her choices follow the same stipulations for
the instrument selection process.]

Quistis: "Is this all right?"
         R1 --> Ok, sounds good
         R2 --> Try something else

         R1: [See below.]
         R2: [She's given a different instrument to play.]

[Once Quistis' instrument is chosen:]

Irvine: "Ok, we have until tonight to practice for the performance."

Selphie: "Rinoa, that's when you're up."

Rinoa: "You can count on me!"

Selphie: "It's gonna be a blast!"

[Cut to Squall's room. It's nighttime and he's still lazing around.]

Squall: (...I'm bored... What's everybody doing?)

[Squall leaves his room. Zell, Quistis, and a dressed-up Rinoa are
all waiting for him.]

Quistis: "(Shhh, here he comes.)"

Zell: "(Ok, he's all yours.)"

[They run off, leaving Squall with Rinoa.]

Rinoa: "So what's up?"

Squall: (Tired.)

Rinoa: "You look so down? Come on, Squall, how old are you? You're
       still a teenager. Why don't you act like one for a change?"

Squall: (...Just tired.)

Rinoa: "Ok, come on. Let's go to the concert."

Squall: (...What?)
        R1 --> (...I'm not in the mood)
        R2 --> (...I don't know)

        R1: "Sorry. I'm not in the mood."

            Rinoa: "How come?"

            Squall: "I'd rather not talk about it."

            Rinoa: "...Quistis was right on... Oh, you're so
                   predictable. ...Ok, I'm sorry. I can understand
                   why you wouldn't be in the mood. You're probably
                   still thinking about what the headmaster said
                   today. He put a lot on your shoulders. It all
                   happened so fast. So we thought it'd be good for
                   you to come and unwind a little. Plus I have
                   something important that I want to talk to you

            Squall: "Who's we?"

            Rinoa: "Who else? Quistis, Selphie, Zell, Irvine, and, of
                   course, me. Come on...Please, for me? There's no
                   point if you don't show up.
            Squall: (I don't know...)
                    R3 --> (I guess I'll go)
                    R4 --> (I just can't right now)

        R2: "...Why not?"

            Rinoa: "YES! Okay, let's go!"

        R3: [Same as R2]

        R4: "...Sorry. I just don't feel like it."

            Rinoa: "Fine... I guess I'll have to bug you for the rest
                   of the night. And I'm gonna keep chanting 'concert,
                   concert, concert' and drive you nuts. Is that what
                   you want?"

            Squall: "...Oh man..."

            Rinoa: "I'm getting to you already, huh? Looks like you
                   have no choice!"

[Either way, Squall has to go to the concert. There, he meets Irvine
by the ramp to the stage.]

Irvine: "So she convinced you, eh?"

[Irvine pulls him off to the side.]

Irvine: "(Looking good together. So like...I found this place. It's
        perfect for you guys.)"

Squall: (Give me a break...)

Irvine: "(It's by the stage. You can't miss it. I left an old
        magazine there. You can thank me later. Have fun. Just let
        it all out tonight.)"

Squall: (Oh man. This guy is sick.) "Are you finished?"

Irvine: "I might be there later with a special someone, too."

[Irvine runs over to Selphie, but Squall walks over to him.]

Irvine: "(Come on, man. I'm about to make my move.)"

Selphie: "What's up?"

[Selphie walks away, and Rinoa laughs at Irvine's failure.]

Squall: "Oh well..."

Irvine: "Geez... Thanks a lot!"

[At the bottom, everyone's on the stage with their instruments in
hand. Selphie's center stage.]

Selphie: "Squall! You big stud! This is all for you! Congratulations!
         Enjoy the show! Rinoa, don't let him get away!"

Squall: (Whatever...)

Selphie: "Ready!? A-one, two, three..."

[They start playing. After awhile, Squall and Rinoa walk aside, and
he finds a magazine lying on the ground.]

Squall: (This looks like the place he was talking about.)

Rinoa: "Ohh, a naughty magazine."

Squall: (I thought he was kidding.) "You wanted to talk about
        something, right? What is it?"

Rinoa: "Umm...well it's about your promotion. Things are gonna get
       real tough for you, huh?"

Squall: (I don't want to think about it.)

Rinoa: "Squall, I'm sure there'll be a lot of difficult things that
       you'll have to deal with from now on. We were talking about
       that, and saying how you'll probably try to handle everything
       on your own."

Squall: (I probably will.)

Rinoa: "They know you too well. I do, too, although I haven't been
       around you that long. Y'know, when you start thinking, you 
       tend to frown like this."

[She mimicks his hand-to-head gesture and he brushes her away, but
she somersaults backwards out of his reach, laughing.]

Squall: "I'm out of here."

Rinoa: "Oh come on! I'm sorry! But really, we were saying that...
       well... You can't handle everything on your own."

[She pushes him off the ledge where he was sitting and onto FH's
massive array of solar panels. She jumps down, too.]

Squall: "!!!"

Rinoa: "That's it! Just let out anything! Anything... We want you
       to talk to us a little more. That's all. Y'know, if there's
       anything you want to tell us, or anything we can do, don't
       hesitate to let us know. I know it's not easy but I wish you
       would trust us and rely on us a little more."

Squall: (Am I that untrusting...? Maybe I'm this way because I'm
        scared. Nothing lasts in this world. It feels great to have
        friends who believe in you, and adults you can rely on. That's
        why it's so dangerous, especially if you become used to it.
        Someday you're bound to lose everything. Everyone around you
        will be gone. Then what are you left with? Nothing. Nobody...
        It's so miserable. And it's inevitable. It's so hard to
        recover from something like that. I never ever want to deal
        with that again. I can't. Even if it means being alone...)

[If the annoying 'Eyes on Me' remix is playing:]

Rinoa: "I don't understand."

Squall: (Huh!? What? Oh me?) "Sorry about that. So...are we finished here?"

Rinoa: "What? No, I didn't mean you. I was talking about the music. I love
       this piece but it's been terrible for the last few minutes. Geez,
       what's wrong with them?"

Squall: "Oh. Well...I'll see you later, alright?"

Rinoa: "Wait! You're not gettin' off that easy. You still owe me an answer."

Squall: (Answer for what...? Oh...) "Fine. I'll ask for help when I really
        need it. I'll try to trust everybody more often. Ok?"

Rinoa: "What is your problem!? Why do you have to be like that!? Are
       you mad or something? Tell me you are, because this really
       can't be you!"

Squall: "I'm sorry."

Rinoa: "You're not sorry! You just wanna get the hell out of here,
       that's all! Geez! Why does it have to be like this!? Why!?"

[Rinoa bolts.]

Squall: (...Oh well. This won't change anything... I think I was
        honest. I prefer to be alone, right? ...Yeah...)

[If the concert music is jumbled, then:]

Rinoa: "I don't understand."

Squall: (Huh!? What? Oh me?) "Sorry about that. ...I don't need you
        to understand me."

Rinoa: "Huh!? What did you say?"

Squall: "......I said that umm, I don't want everybody to understand
        who I am."

Rinoa: "What? Oh! No, no, no. I wasn't talking about you. I was
       talking about the music. I love this piece but it's been
       terrible for the last few minutes. Geez, what are they doing?"

Squall: "Oh. Well...I'll see you later, alright?"

Rinoa: "Wait! You're not gettin' off that easy. You still owe me an

Squall: (Answer for what...? Oh...) "Fine. I'll ask for help when I
        really need it. I'll try to trust everybody more often. Ok?"

Rinoa: "What is your problem!? Why do you have to be like that!? Are
       you mad or something? Tell me you are, because this really
       can't be you!"

Squall: "I'm sorry."

Rinoa: "You're not sorry! You just wanna get the hell out of here,
       that's all! Geez! Why does it have to be like this!? Why!?"

[Rinoa bolts.]

Squall: (...Oh well. This won't change anything... I think I was
        honest. I prefer to be alone, right? ...Yeah...)

[If the happy 'Irish Jig' music is playing:]

Rinoa: "What a night. Great music... Good-looking guy... Not only is he
       good-looking. He's the sweetest guy...a great listener. Right now,
       he's seriously thinking about what I said. He's shy and doesn't say
       anything, but I know. So, what do you think? None of our business?"

Squall: "I appreciate your concern... But..."

Rinoa: "No 'buts'! Just think about this. This might be the only time we'll
       all be together. So, as long as we're together, we might as well
       enjoy each other's company and...just talk, right?"

Squall: "...Just for now, huh? Forget it. I don't want friends who won't be
        around tomorrow."

Rinoa: "Gosh, you're such a pessimist. There are no guarantees in the future.
       That's why TODAY, the time we have now, is important. Squall, we wanna
       help you, as much as we can, for as long as we can. We all love you.
       there, I said it. Please don't freak out. We just wanna live, y'know,
       live through this time with you, together."

Squall: "......Together...?"

Rinoa: "Keep it in the back of your mind. Call on us whenever you need to.
       We'll be waiting. Like I said, who knows what's gonna happen in the
       future...but I have a feeling we'll be together for a while. So,
       what's on your mind? Do you have any dreams, Squall? Anything you want
       to do with your life?"

Squall: (......I've never thought about it.) "That's something I'd rather not
        talk about. What about you?"

Rinoa: "...I don't know. I guess I'd rather not talk about the future, either.
       But right now... ...I wanna stay right this."

[Fade to black. That night, Squall tosses and turns. The dream where
he sees the kid in the rain near the pillar happens again.]

Boy: "...Sis... I'm...all alone. But I'm doing my best... I'll be ok
     without you, Sis. I'll be able to take care of myself."

[The next morning, Squall wakes up to the sound of someone yelling at
him through the intercom.]

Voice: "Squall, Squall! Please report to the bridge immediately."

Squall: (...What is it now?)

[Squall goes to the bridge. Quistis, Xu, and a pilot are there.]

Quistis: "Greetings commander!

Squall: "Don't call me that."

Xu: "We thought you should have a title. So Quistis and I decided on

Quistis: "Sorry to carry things out on our own, but Xu and I assigned duties."

Xu: "I'll take care of all the supplies needed in the Garden."

Quistis: "And I'll help take care of the students with Dr. Kadowaki.
         You can just focus on our destination and battle plans. And,
         ah... Will you let Selphie rest a while? I think she's
         exhausted from the missile base mission. She could use some
         rest. How does that sound to you?"

Squall: "Fine..."

Xu: "Alright, I have some reports for you already."

Nida: "Hey, Squall."

Squall: "Who are you?"

Nida: "What!? Oh, man, it's me. We passed the SeeD exam together. I
      can't believe you forgot!"

Squall: "Oh yeah..."

Nida: "Gee... Well, it's just like you to forget. By the way, you
      know how the FH technicians were fixing the Garden, right? They
      just finished. Meaning... The Garden's ready to go anytime. Oh
      yeah. I'll be piloting the Garden. FH technicians taught me
      everything about piloting this thing. Let me know when you want
      to go."

Quistis: "Any suggestions on where we should go?"

Xu: "Hey, why don't we go back to [Balamb]? We don't know what's
    happened since we left. Besides, Balamb may be their next target.
    It's a harbor town, just like FH."

Quistis: "You're right. Squall, what do you think?"

[Squall goes to Nida.]

Nida: "Are we ready to go!?"
      R1 --> (Yes)
      R2 --> (No)
      R1 (Squall): "We're taking off. I'll direct you to our
                   destination. Announce the departure."

         Nida: "Roger!"

         [He gets on the intercom.]

         Nida: "May I have your attention please. This is the bridge.
               The Garden will will be leaving FH soon. Please
               prepare for departure. I will now hand the mic over to
               our leader, Squall."

         Squall: "A speech...? Forget it. Cut the mic!"

      R2 (Squall): "I need more time."

[After viewing R1, Squall selects his party members and the world
map opens up. The next destination's Balamb.]

20. Balamb Town                                                          [WK20]

[Outside of town, the party finds that Galbadia Garden is also able to move
around. They enter town and find soldiers there.]

[-] Zell: "What the hell!? What's goin' on here!?"
[-] Squall: "What is this...? Galbadia?"

Galbadian Soldier: "This town is under the control of Sorceress Edea!
                   The town is off-limits while we conduct our
                   investigation! It will last for several days! Once
                   we're through with our investigation here, you're
                   next. So just stay out and stay put!"

[The SeeD team can't really do anything except stand around.]

Galbadian Soldier: "You guys look suspicious. What are you doing 

Squall: "...What's Galbadia doing in a town like this?"

Galbadian Soldier: "What do you want? Are you residents here?"

Zell: "YEAH, that's right! At least residents should be allowed in!"

[If Zell wasn't in the party, he'll run into town and say:]

Zell: "Hold up, man! I live here! Residents should be allowed in!"

Galbadian Soldier: "It's OFF-LIMITS! You cannot enter or leave. Do 
                   you understand!?"

Zell: "Hah!? Who do you think you're talkin' to?"

Galbadian Soldier: "What? What is it now?"

Squall: "You said the town was off-limits... ...Does that mean we
        can't deliver a message, either? ...That's too bad. We have
        some info on Ellone..."

Galbadian Soldier: "W-What? Elle... Wait a minute! Tell me everything
                   you know about her! Do you actually know who she 

Squall: "Kind of... But we need to get inside to confirm something."

Galbadian Soldier: "...... If you find out any information at all, go
                   talk to the commander. She's staying at the hotel!
                   You will be rewarded."

[The SeeDs are allowed into town and they can change party members.
Zell is a required member. They go to check on Zell's mom, but she
isn't there when they burst in.]

Zell: "Ma, I'm home! Huh?"

[They go into the next room.]

Zell: "Ma, you're safe!"

Ma Dincht: "Zell! How on earth did you get into town!?"

Zell: "It's all in the brains, ma. We just said we had some info on
      Ellone. Piece o'cake!"

Ma Dincht: "What a relief... I was worried you might have beaten up
           one of the guards. The soldiers have threatened that the
           sorceress will burn the town to the ground, should there
           be any disturbance."

Squall: "Sorceress Edea? Is she here?"

Ma Dincht: "I noticed a woman with the Galbadian Army. Gray hair,
           patch over one eye..."

Squall: "Must be Fujin. So they're here...?" 

Zell: "Leave it to me! I'll get rid of those jokers!"

Squall: (...Could Seifer be here, too?)

[The party heads to the hotel after awhile.]

Galbadian Soldier: "What do you want!? If it's the commander you're
                   looking for, I have strict orders not to let anyone
                   through. ...What? Information about Ellone? 
                   Hmmmm... More rumors?"

Galbadian Soldier 2: "You know that we'll get a salary cut if we let
                     'em through without confirmation."

Galbadian Soldier: "Yeah, I know... In this army your salary gets cut
                   based on just how the boss is feeling... I guess 
                   it goes with the territory when you can't choose
                   your own boss."

Zell: "Yo, listen! We have top secret info! Bring the commander out

Galbadian Soldier: "These guys are kinda...suspicious, huh?"

Galbadian Soldier 2: "Yeah, totally! Have some respect for the 
                     captain! The captain is currently on patrol!"

[The party starts looking for the captain. Near the docks, they find
a soldier with a dog.]

Galbadian Soldier: "Oh, the captain? Yeah, he was just fishing here.
                   He caught a few and got really excited. Said he
                   was gonna eat'em right away.

[The party goes back to Zell's ma's place since smoke is now coming
out of the house. They go inside.]

Ma Dincht: "Just now, a man came in and asked if he could use the
           kitchen... I think he cooked some fish. The whole room is
           filled with this strange odor."

[Using the scent as a clue, they go back to the guy with the dog. The
dog runs off once the fishy smell hits its nose. They follow the dog
to the train station, where it wakes up Raijin on the train; he runs
out of sight.]

Squall: "It's Raijin! ...Come on!"

[They get to the hotel, but the soldiers shush them.]

Galbadian Soldier: "Hey, you! Stand back. This could be dangerous!
                   The commander's just about to..."

[Someone punts Raijin out the door.]

Raijin: "YEOW! Ouuuch... F-Fujin... C-control your temper, ya know?
        I was patrollin', just like ya told me. I even woke up that
        search dog, sleepin' on the job, ya know? You guys help me
        out here! We've gotta calm Fujin down, ya know!?"

Zell: "RAIJIN!!!"

Raijin: "Wooooow! What are you guys doin' here!?"

Zell: "We're here to liberate Balamb, ya know!? ...I mean...uhh...
      We're here to liberate Balamb!"

Raijin: "Seifer told us to give you a whoppin' if we saw you, ya know!
        You soldiers help me out, too!"

[The fight begins.]

Zell: "You'll pay for this, Raijin!

[They beat the crap out of Raijin, accordingly.]

Raijin: "Ughhh, you got me, ya know..."

Zell: "OHHHH YEAHHHH! The commander's gonna get a whoopin', too!"

[They run inside, stepping on the defeated soldiers. Fujin's there.]

Zell: "So I guess you're the commander! Pack your bags and get the
      hell outta Balamb!"

Fujin: "...RAIJIN, DEFEATED...?"

Zell: "That's right, BABY! Now, where's Seifer and the sorceress!?
      You're all goin' DOWN!"

Squall: "Zell, calm down. Fujin, looks like you're on your own. Are
        you still willing to fight?"

Fujin: "RAGE!"

Voice: "BWAHA HA HA HA!!! She's not alone!"

Zell: "W-Who's there!?"

[Raijin runs in.]

Raijin: "Major come-back, ya know! Actually, I feel a lot betta, ya
        know! I feel invincible, ya know!"

Zell: "How the...!? I thought we defeated you!"

[The battle starts against both of 'em.]

Raijin: "Time to get serious, ya know!?"


[Whoever's defeated first will say, respectively:]

Raijin: "Sorry Fujin...they got me, ya..."

[Whoever's defeated last will say, respectively:]

Fujin: "I... DEFEATED..."
Raijin: "Fujin, I lost too, ya know..."

[Afterwards, they all hang around the hotel interior.]

Squall: "Are the two of you taking orders from the sorceress?"

Fujin: "NEGATIVE!"

Raijin: "The sorceress has nothin' to do with us, ya know!? We're
        actin' on our own!"

Squall: "Own plan...?"

Raijin: "We're on Seifer's side, ya know!"

Squall: "...That's up to you, but... Enough is enough. This isn't
        an internal Garden conflict."

Raijin: "We can't back out, ya know..."

Fujin: "...NEGATIVE."

Raijin: "Seifer has a lot of followers, but we're his only friends...
        We're a posse, ya know...? The Galbadian soldiers are only
        listening to Seifer 'cause they fear the sorceress. Without
        us, Seifer wouldn't have a posse, ya know...?"

Zell: "If you guys stand behind him that much... Tell frickin' Seifer
      to stop this nonsense!"


Raijin: "We ain't no sell-outs! We're behind Seifer all the way, ya

Squall: "Ok... Understood. So you want nothing to do with Garden now?
        ...From now on, we're not gonna hold back. (...I guess that's
        how it goes. That's what comrades are all about...)

[Squall starts for the door.]

[-] Rinoa: "You're just gonna let them go? Squall?"
[-] Irvine: "Hold on a sec!"
[-] Selphie: "Heeey, are you serious?"
[-] Quistis: "Wait a minute!"

Raijin: "Don't anymore, ya know... ...Kinda painful...
        ya know..."

Fujin: "WIMP!"

[She kicks him in the shin.]


[They both run out of the hotel.]

[-] Rinoa: "...I feel sad."
[-] Irvine: "...You cool with that?"
[-] Selphie: "...It's kinda sad, really..."
[-] Quistis: "...It's too bad."

Squall: "Friend or foe... It all comes down to circumstance. That's
        how we were raised. It's...nothing special." (Nothing 
        special... Is that true? Then... What is this I'm feeling?)
        "Let's go."

[Back on Garden, at the steering platform:]

Quistis: "Where are we going next?"

[Selphie comes up the elevator.]

Selphie: "Hello, s'cuse me!"

Squall: "What is it?"

Selphie: "Have you decided on a destination?"

Squall: "Still thinking."

Selphie: "Um... Can we maybe go to Trabia Garden? It's the
         mountains, so maybe the sorceress will leave it alone... But
         maybe... You know?"

Squall: (But I thought it was destroyed by missiles. Oh, I see...
        That's why. Of course she'd want to go.) "I'll keep that in

Selphie: "Thanks."

[She leaves again and Squall goes back to the world map. Trabia
Garden's the only logical place to go.]

21. Trabia Garden                                                        [WK21]

[As they approach the Garden, they can see the missiles've done their
job and done it well. They depart and walk to the gates, which are

Squall: "Looks pretty bad."

Everyone?: "Selphie!"

[If Selphie wasn't with, she'll run up and look around. The above
two lines are only said if she's not with; otherwise, the scene
begins with Selphie's quote below.]

Selphie: "A direct...hit?"

[-] Zell: "...Man, this really pisses me off!"
[-] Rinoa: "...Terrible."
[-] Irvine: "This has got to be bad."
[-] Quistis: "...This is terrible."

Selphie: "...I'm going in."

Squall: "Be careful."

[Selphie climbs up some mesh net and goes in; the party follows when
she's out of sight. They walk down the broken pavement walkway, but
stop when someone calls out to Squall.]

Voice: "Squall!"

[The party members who weren't present come in.]

[-] Irvine: "Have you guys seen Selphie?"
[-] Quistis: "Hm? I thought Selphie was with you."
[-] Quistis: "We're looking for Selphie..."
[-] Rinoa: "Any idea where Selphie is?"

[-] Zell: "...Aren't we missing someone?"
[-] Zell: "Selphie came by, didn't she?"
[-] Rinoa: "Any idea where Selphie is?"

[-] Squall: "Yeah... She ran off ahead."
[-] Squall: "Selphie...I let her go on ahead."

[-] Irvine: "I bet you she's in shock...Come on, let's go after her."
[-] Rinoa: "I wonder if there are any monsters around here? Come on
           Squall, let's hurry after her!"

[The party meets up at a shattered basketball court awhile later.]

Squall: "We're leaving as soon as Selphie comes back. We're on
        standby 'til then." (Doesn't seem like the enemy has invaded
        this Garden yet... Are they on their way? Where's the
        sorceress? We have to find her and...)

[Selphie comes in just then, kicking a basketball.]

Selphie: "Sorry to keep you waiting! Thanks so much for coming all
         the way out here, everyone."

Irvine: "Cheer up, eh?"

Selphie: "Thanks. Take me with you when you fight the sorceress, ok?
         I wanna get even. I want my revenge!"

Rinoa: "Um... Do we...have to fight? Isn't there another way? Y'know,
       to avoid any bloodshed?"

Zell: "Yo!? What the...!? What are you sayin' all of a sudden!?"

Rinoa: "Maybe someone really smart can come up with a way, so we
       wouldn't have to fight anymore..."

Squall: (What are you getting at...? If someone can come up with
        something, that'd be great... But no one's doing anything...
        They're all scared, uneasy. All they do is complain. They 
        just pretend to be thinking. They criticize others, but in 
        the end, they can't do anything, either. Rinoa, why all this,
        all of a sudden? What do you expect from me? I grew up in 
        Garden. I'm a SeeD. Do you understand?)

Rinoa: "Squall? You have to voice your feelings or else I won't

Squall: "You were...part of a resistance movement in Timber, right?
        Unlike others who were all talk, you took to your weapons and
        fought... And now you're saying all this? What happened to

Rinoa: "I guess...I'm just scared. Sometimes...when I'm with all of
       you...I...feel like we're on the same
       know? But when the battles start happening, it's different.
       Everyone's tempo seems to pick up and... ...I get left behind.
       I try to catch up, but it's no use... How far is everyone
       going? I can't hear anyone... Once I catch up, I wonder... Is
       everyone safe? Will they welcome me with open arms? ......Is
       everyone ok? Will we all make it back together? When I start
       thinking like that..."

Irvine: "Rinoa, I understand. Someone might not be there. Someone
        you love may disappear before your very eyes. It's tough when
        you live your life thinking that way. But that's why I
        fight... When I was a little kid... I was about 4 or so... I
        was in an orphanage."

[Irvine picks up the basketball and shoot, bricking it hard.]

Irvine: "Plenty of kids... All with no parents... It was around the
        end of the Sorceress War, so I guess it couldn't be helped.
        Anyway, that's where I was. And out of all the kids there,
        one was very special to me."

[Irvine speaks and is in that old orphange. Kids run through in his
flashback, and a little girl stops near him.]

Girl: "Irvy, wanna play?"

Irvine: "I really liked this girl, and it made me so happy just 
        talking to her."

[A 'little' Irvine breaks out of the grown-up Irvine.]

Boy Irvine: "Sefie, wha'cha playin'!?"

Girl: "WAR!"

[The two kids run off and the flashback ends.]

Selphie: "Was that orphanage...a stone house?"

Irvine: "You guessed it..."

Quistis: "An old house made of stone? ...By the ocean?"

Irvine: "You guessed it... I knew right away, when we first met!"

Selphie: "Heeey, why didn't you tell us!?"

Quistis: "Yes, why didn't you tell us?"

Irvine: "'Cause you two seemed to have forgotten! It just kinda sucked
        that I was the only one who remembered... Spunky little Sefie
        and bossy little Quisty."

Selphie: "That is just sooo weird..."

Quistis: "Huh?"

[All three of 'em are in the flashback, when another little boy runs
into their memory.]

Zell: "Hey... Do you guys remember setting off fireworks?"

Irvine: "That was..."

[The little Irvine runs in.]

Boy Irvine: "This way!"

[They all walk out the door. An adult Squall walks into the memory,
following the kids. In the memory, Irvine, Zell, Selphie, and Quistis
are all standing on the beach when Squall runs down.]

Irvine: "How about this?"

Selphie: "YEAH!"

Zell: "The ocean! The lighthouse!"

Quistis: "We did set off fireworks!"

[The flashback turns to night with the little kids on the beach. From
the stairway, the little Zell yells out.]

Zell: "Yoooooo!!! Kids aren't suppose'ta play with fireworks! I'm
      tell-ing!!! I'm gonna tell on yoo!!!"

Boy: "Cry-Ba-by-Ze-ll! Go back to bed!"

[Adult Zell interjects his thoughts.]

Adult Zell: "If I remember this, does that mean I was there, too?"

Quistis: "...We all got in big trouble."

Adult Zell: "Then...what about my parents in Balamb...?"

[The little kids' beach scene ends and the kids are inside again,
with Adult Irvine.]

Quistis: "The Dinchts in Balamb must have adopted you."

Irvine: "Yep, that's probably it."

Zell: "I...was here..."

Little Zell: "Yoooo! C'mon! Stop it! Matwyn, help!!!"

[A boy runs in.]


Selphie: "Who's THAT!?"


Boy Zell: "Stop teasing me, Seifer!"

Quistis: "Oh my goodness!"

Zell: "Seifer... My archenemy..."

Selphie: "WOW! He was there, too!"

[Irvine walks over to Adult Squall.]

Irvine: "Well?"
[The orphanage scenes end.]

Irvine: "Seifer was there, too. Except for Rinoa, we were all there."

Selphie: "Heeey that means..."

Squall: "Yeah.........I was there, too."

[Back in the now-familiar kid-in-the-rain scene, adult Squall stands
next to his child counterpart.]

Squall: "I..."

Boy Squall: "...Sis..."

Squall: "I was always waiting for 'Sis' to come back."

Boy Squall: "I'm...all alone. But I'm doing my best... I'll be ok
            without you, Sis. I'll be able to take care of myself."

Squall: (...I didn't turn out ok at all.)

Boy Squall: "...Sis Elle..."

Squall: "Elle...Ellone. So, Ellone was 'Sis'. She was a bit older
        than us, and we all used to call her 'Sis'. Quistis, Zell,
        Selphie, Irvine, Seifer, Ellone and myself... Yeah... I'm
        not sure what the meaning behind all this is, but we were
        definitely together.

[Squall's flashback ends and the adults are all back on the beach
near the orphanage.]

Zell: "You mean, Sis is Ellone?"

Selphie: "She's the one that takes us back to Laguna's period."

Squall: "...She said she wanted to change the past. I don't know

Quistis: "There can only be one reason for that."

Selphie: "She must not be happy with the present."

Zell: "If that's the case, I'm definitely up for helpin' her! She's
      part of our orphanage gang!"

Selphie: "You didn't even remember who she was!"

Irvine: "Hey, Selphie... That goes for you, too! Hmm... So, Sis was
        Ellone, eh? Everyone was fond of Sis, but you, Squall, you
        kept hoggin' her for yourself."

Squall: "You sure have a good memory... ...This is really strange.
        I don't think I was adopted because of the way I am. Probably
        the same with Seifer, too. You two must have been at Garden
        by the age of 5 or so... Even so, he's never mentioned 
        anything about growing up in an orphanage. And nothing about
        this has ever crossed my mind when I see him, either. Don't
        you find that odd...?"

Selphie: "That IS strange...! In my case, I had loads and loads of 
         fun after going to Trabia. That's probably why I forgot all
         about my childhood. That's what I think. But I don't know
         what's up with you guys! It's so odd that you would forget!"

Quistis: "I...remember. Yes, I remember now. Things didn't work out
         too well at my new home. So I came to Garden at the age of
         10. That was when I was first noticed Seifer and Squall.
         Seifer and Squall were always fighting."

Squall: "Yeah... Quistis always used to break us up."

Quistis: "Yes! That's right! Seifer was a kid who always needed to be
         the center of attention. But Squall always used to ignore
         him... But eventually they would end up fighting. Squall
         could have easily walked away from it, but always took up
         the challenge. He should've just ignored him, but Squall,
         almost in tears, would say...'I gotta do my best by myself.
         Or else I won't be able to see Sis'. I guess I was trying to
         take Sis...I mean, Ellone's place. I tried, but to no 
         avail... That's probably it! Even after becoming an
         instructor, I couldn't stop thinking about Squall. I thought
         it I had to hide my feelings because I was an
         instructor, but I've come to realize it wasn't. It was my
         childhood feelings as a big sister that lingered... Oh 

[An embarrassed Quistis walks away from everyone. Squall goes over.]

Quistis: "(A misunderstood love...? Actually, I had completely given
         up when Rinoa came into the picture.) Hey! It must be the
         same for Seifer! I'm sure Seifer has forgotten his childhood,
         too. But whenever he sees Squall, his inner feelings start to
         boil, and..."

Zell: "Is that why he's always pickin' fights with Squall?"

Squall: "...Why is it that we forgot? We grew up together as kids...
        How's that possible...?"

Irvine: "How about this? ...The price we pay for using the GF. The GF
        provides us its power. But the GF makes its own place inside
        our brain..."

Quistis: "So you're saying that the area is where our memories are
         stored? No...! That's just a rumor the GF critics are 

Zell: "So if we keep relying on the GF, we won't be able to remember
      a lot of things?"

Quistis: "There's no way Headmaster Cid would allow such a dangerous

Irvine: "Then how is it that I remember, while everyone else has
        forgotten? Well...? In my case, I hadn't junctioned a GF until
        recently. That's why I remember a lot more than you guys."

Quistis: "How about you, Selphie? Your first experience with the GF
         was when you came to Balamb Garden, right?"

Selphie: "...Yeah. I have a confession to make! When I was 12, I went
         on an outdoor training session. I found a GF inside one of 
         the monsters I defeated... I junctioned that GF for a while.
         So I have experience with GF, too. But...but, it's really
         weird! I can't remember the name of that GF!"

Quistis: "It must be the GF's fault. ...What should we do?"

Squall: "What should we do? ...Nothing."

Zell: "What do you mean nothing!?"

Squall: "What do you want to do? You wanna stop using GF now? As long
        as we continue fighting, we're indebted to the powers of the
        GF. If there's a price I have to pay for that, I'll gladly pay

Selphie: "Heeey, I know! Let's all keep a diary! That way we'll always
         have something to remind us!"

Zell: "Are you sure that's what you want!? Maybe...that's for the 
      best. Yeah... I don't care if I forget about my childhood, when
      Seifer used to pick on me. What's important to me now is having
      the power to protect my parents in Balamb. They adopted me. 
      There's no way I'm lettin' go of that power!"

Quistis: "Hey... Do you all remember Matron?"

Zell: "She was always wearin' black..."

Squall: (Matron... Dressed in black... She's the...)

Selphie: "Let's see..."

[A woman in black walks into the memory.]

Zell: "I see a resemblance. Matron... They look alike..."

Selphie: "Wait... I just pictured her face, and..."

Quistis: "Very kind... Long black hair... Yes, I really admired her."

Irvine: "Look alike? Nah, that's not it. Matron's name is Edea Kramer.
        Matron IS Sorceress Edea."

Selphie: "Matron... Sorceress Edea..."

Quistis: "Why is the Matron...?"

Irvine: "Why? You're wondering why Matron would take over a country,
        or fire missiles and whatnot? At this point, we probably 
        wouldn't comprehend it even if we talked about it."

Squall: (...You're probably right.)

Irvine: "...Hear me out. SeeD and Garden were all Matron's idea, 
        right? I'm not a SeeD, but I share the same feeling with all
        of you. SeeDs are supposed to fight the sorceress, right?"

Squall: (This is strange. That's right... It was when I was being 
        tortured by Seifer. He wanted to know what SeeD was. Matron
        should know... But Matron is Sorceress Edea. There's no 
        denying that. What does this all mean?)

Irvine: "Squall, you listening? So like...this is what I wanted to
        say. Let's see... Oh yeah. I understand what Rinoa's saying.
        I understand, but still I'm gonna fight. I want to stay true
        to everything I've stood for. I'm sure it's the same for
        everyone. That's why I thought it'd be best if everyone knew
        we would have to face Matron. You've all heard this before.
        How life has infinite possibilities. I don't believe that one
        bit. There weren't many paths for me to choose. Sometimes, 
        there would only be one. From the limited possibilities I
        faced, the choices I made have brought me this far. That's why
        I value the path I chose... I want to hold true to the path 
        that HAD to be taken. I know our opponent is Matron, whom we
        all love very much. We might lose something very important on
        account of the GF. But I don't mind. It's not like I drifted
        here on the tides of fate. I'm here because I chose to be 
        here. And more importantly... We all grew up together. But due
        to various circumstances, we were all separated. As a kid, you
        couldn't really go out on your own... There were no other 
        paths to take... All I did was just cry. But...But...somehow,
        we're together again. Just like old times, though a lot's
        changed. We're not kids anymore... We're strong enough to take
        care of ourselves. Make our own decisions... We're confronting
        a big one right now. Do we fight Matron or not......? I say we
        fight...Shoot for a common goal... Hey, at least it'll keep us
        together a little longer."

Zell: "...Yeah. Let's do it. We can't run from her for the rest of
      our lives."

Selphie: "It's just such a bummer... I can't believe we have to fight

Quistis: "I know... But Zell's right. We can't run from her forever."

Squall: "Rinoa... It's up to you. We're gonna fight... I think it's
        the only way we can move on with our lives. If that makes any
        sense at all, come with us. I'm sure that's what everybody

Selphie: "Look! Look!"

[A light snowfall starts.]

Selphie: "A gift from the faeries!"

Zell: "Yo, you wanna go check out Edea's orphanage?"

Irvine: "We might find a clue."

Quistis: "Clue? You mean as to why Matron turned out like this?"

Squall: (It probably has to do with something that happened in the
        past. But the past is the's over, done with.) 
        "Despite what truth we find, it's not going to change the
        present. But... I wanna see, too. I don't know what we'll
        find, but... Let's head for [Edea's house]."

[Everyone starts to walk away, but Rinoa stops under the basketball
hoop and talks to Squall.]

Squall: "I guess that's it... We're fighting."

Rinoa: "...You guys are fearless."

Squall: (Fearless? I don't think that's quite right. If you think too
        hard, you become lost... I think that's what everyone's afraid
        of...) "I wish we didn't have to fight, either."

[Squall selects his party and they're back at the world map once 
more. Edea's House is up next.]

22. Attack on Galbadia Garden                                            [WK22]

[Squall goes up to the deck once the party finds that Galbadia
Garden's near the sorceress' house.]

Nida: "Squall, take a look."

[Squall looks through the binoculars to see the enemy Garden 
approaching quickly.]

Nida: "What do you think?"

Squall: (They probably know we're here, too. If not, we'll make the
        first move.) "The battle is inevitable."

Nida: "The sorceress is with them, huh? So this is going to be
      the final battle?"

Squall: "I hope so." (What should I do first? I have to give orders
        to everybody. It's my responsibility. I have to try to keep
        it simple. If I give out too many orders, it could lead to
        chaos. What should I say!? Come on, think! There's no time!)
        R1 --> (No orders/End)
        R2 --> (My feelings on this)
        R3 --> (The Garden's course)
        R4 --> (Prepare for the attack)
        R5 --> (Prepare our defense)
        R6 --> (Call my comrades)
        R7 --> (What to do with the hot dogs)
        R8 --> (Take care of the junior classmen)

        R1: [If Squall gives absolutely no orders, he'll say:]

            "I'm not going to issue any orders. I trust that
            all of you will take the necessary steps to get
            through this. Good luck.

            [He doesn't say the above if any other replies 
            are chosen.]

        R2: "As you may know, Seifer is with them. I plan to
            settle everything, once and for all, with this 

        R3: "The Garden will proceed straight ahead. Set speed
            at 50% in case we need to take evasive maneuvers."

        R4: "1st and 2nd Class Sabers, assemble in the parking
            lot. Those with MG Rank 3 or above, head to the 2nd
            floor deck and await instructions. Be sure to warm

        R5: "The enemy will probably come aboard. We must
            concentrate our forces at the front gate and the
            quad. If your Student ID number is even, report to
            the quad. If it's odd, report to the front gate."

        R6: "Quistis, Zell, Selphie. Come up to the bridge right

        R7: "Cafeteria team, collect all the hot dogs and store
            everything in the secret shelter. Don't leave anything
            for the enemy."

        R8: "Those who have Student ID numbers ending with an 8,
            take care of the junior classmen."

NOTE: These snippits aren't said until Squall's announcement below.

[Squall picks his replies (he can do more than one).]

Nida: "Give out your orders when you're ready."

Squall: "This is Squall speaking. This is an emergency so listen
        carefully. We're going into battle against Galbadia Garden."

[Whatever options Squall picked above will be said, one after another
in the order they were listed. Once done, Irvine yells from the lower

Irvine: "Hey, hey, hey, what's up? I'm not invited?"

[Squall takes the lift down.]

Irvine: "I thought I was part of the gang?"

Squall: "Sorry about that."

Quistis: "What do you want us to do?"

Squall: "I want you guys to help me lead the others. When Zell gets
        here, we'll divide into 2 teams."

Selphie: "Zell...? Umm, I think he's taking a nap. Yeah, he said he
         hasn't slept at all lately."

Quistis: "What...? Oh yeah."

Squall: "What are you guys talking about?"

Quistis: "Nothing. It's our little secret."

Squall: (......What's he doing? We don't have any time!) "I'm going
        to check the [quad]. Who's coming with me?"

[Squall forms his party. Rinoa and Zell can't be chosen. Afterwards,
Squall tells the member he didn't take:]

Squall: "_______, find Zell. You guys work together and lead the
        team at the front gate."

[-] Irvine: "Alrighty!"
[-] Quistis: "Alright."
[-] Selphie: "Gotcha!"

Squall: "We still have time so [don't bother equipping your GF] yet.
        Alright, let's go to the [quad]."

[The party goes to the elevator.]

[-] Irvine: "Hey, what about Rinoa?"
[-] Quistis: "Squall, what about Rinoa?"
[-] Selphie: "Wait, what about Rinoa?"

Squall: (Rinoa......) "You guys take care of her."

[FMV time. Out in the wilderness, the Galbadian Garden approaches.
Squall's team hightails it to the Quad, finding Zell out and about.]

Zell: "You guys are over here. Backup the advance guards."

[Zell runs off from the troop into the next screen; Squall follows
to the next platoon.]

Zell: "Alright, listen up! This is the big one, guys! We gotta win,
      no matter what! S'up, Squall! I got this place covered."

Squall: "I thought you were sleeping?"

Zell: "Oh...! Yeah, y-your announcement woke me up! My student ID
      is even, so I'm supposed to be here, right? Yo, Squall come
      here for a sec."

[He takes Squall aside.]

Zell: "It's about your ring. This might not be the time, but..."

Squall: (...What is it?)

Zell: "Give me your ring, will ya? I just wanna borrow it for a while.
      I won't lose it or anything. C'mon, what do you say?"

Squall: "Why do you need it?"

Zell: "Uh...I can't tell you that. C'mon, just give it to me. You can
      trust me."

Squall: (What the hell... I like this ring...... I...guess it's all
        right if he just wants to borrow it...)

[Squall pulls it off and gives it to him.]

Squall: "Don't lose it."

Zell: "YEAH! THANKS MAN! I didn't think you were gonna give it to me.
      Rinoa is gonna be so happy!"

Squall: "Rinoa?"

Zell: "Alright, Squall! Leave this place up to me!"

[Rinoa and the team member left behind run over.]

[-] Irvine: "Zell, so like...where were you?"
[-] Quistis: "Zell, you're here!?"
[-] Selphie: "Geez, Zell...! There you are!"

Rinoa: "Guys, I'm gonna fight, too. I don't wanna just hide. I know I
       can fight. I want to fight alongside everyone."

Zell: "I hope this is the last time we have to fight in our home."

[Squall starts to leave the Quad.]

Rinoa: "I have to fight. To prove to myself that I can do it... That
       I belong with you guys."

Squall: "...Take care of yourself."

[The loudspeaker clicks on.]

Nida: "Squall! Get back to the [bridge] right away!"

Squall: "Zell, I'm counting on you. Good luck, everyone."

Zell: "Time to get it ON!"

[Back up at the bridge.]

Nida: "Look!"

[FMV. The Garden flies over the treetops, and Seifer's present.  They
start on their collision course.]

Nida: "Seifer is in charge over there. They're heading right for us!"

Squall: "Just keep going."

[Over at the other Garden, Seifer stands with a motorcycle crew. He
gives the signal and an FMV where they rocket onto the other Garden

Nida: "We're gonna crash!!!"

Squall: "Go right!"

[Squall yells at the crew in the Quad from the loudspeaker.]

Squall: "The enemy Garden is right by us! Quad team! Watch out!"

Zell: "Go straight ahead, to the [left]! We gotta stop'em from comin'
      in! Don't forget to equip your [GF]!

[They run past the motorcycles coming in.]

Zell: "C'mon, c'mon, they're dead ahead.

[He stops.]

Zell: "...OH yeah! Rinoa, here you go. I got it from Squall. Like I
      said, I'll make you one just like it. 'Til then, hold on to it
      for me, will ya?"

Rinoa: "What did you say to him?"

Zell: "I told him to just hand it over."

Rinoa: "It looks cool, but it's too big."

[-] Selphie: "Guys...c'mon."
[-] Quistis: "Talk about it later. Let's go."
[-] Irvine: "It's not like you're gonna wear that one... Come on,
            let's go."

[Just then, the G-Garden crashes into the area near the Quad, and
part of the walkway collapses. Rinoa falls, but catches a piece of
jutting rock so that she doesn't fall all the way into the spinning
machinery below.]


[-] Irvine: "Let's find something to pull her up!"
[-] Selphie: "We gotta pull her up somehow!"
[-] Quistis: "We need a rope or something!"


[They leave Rinoa for the time being.]

Zell: "C'MONNNN! Isn't there anything we can use!?

[They run to the screen near the elevator.]

Xu: "Squall! They're coming in from the [front gate]!"

[At the turnstiles:]

Zell: "Squall!!! Rinoa's in trouble!"

[-] Irvine: "We gotta hurry!"
[-] Quistis: "Squall, she's in danger!"
[-] Selphie: "Yeah, she's gonna fall off the Garden!"

Squall: (...Damn!)

Nida: "Squall, listen up! The enemy is attacking the classroom. The
      junior classmen are there. We have to do something fast!"

Xu: "The enemy's heading this way!"

Zell: "Squall, DID YOU HEAR ME!?"

Squall: "YEAH!!! But she's not the only one in danger!"

Irvine: "Didn't think you were so heartless, Squall. Rinoa is gonna
        die! Don't you realize that!?"

Squall: (We have to divide into 3 groups. ...Who should come with me?)
        R1 --> (Selphie, Quistis)
        R2 --> (Quistis, Irvine)
        R3 --> (Irvine, Selphie)

        R1: "Irvine, you go with Xu."

            Irvine: "Alrighty!"

            Squall: "Selphie, Quistis, come with me. We'll head for
                    the [classroom]. Zell, you help Rinoa. Do whatever
                    it takes, alright!?"

            Zell: "Leave it to me!"

        R2: "Selphie, you go with Xu."

            Selphie: "Gotcha."

            Squall: "Quistis, Irvine, come with me. We'll head for
                    the [classroom]. Zell, you help Rinoa. Do 
                    whatever it takes, alright!?"

            Zell: "Leave it to me."

        R3: "Quistis, you go with Xu."

            Quistis: "Alright."

            Squall: "Irvine, Selphie, come with me. We'll head for
                    the [classroom]. Zell, you help Rinoa. Do 
                    whatever it takes, alright!?"

            Zell: "Leave it to me!"

[Squall heads for the classroom.]

Nida: "Squall! Go to the [2F classroom]. The enemy is coming in from
      the sky."

Squall: "We're going to the [2F classroom.] Come on!"

[FMV. Flying soldiers in robo-gear grapple onto the Garden and break
through the classroom's window. Squall greets them with his gunblade.]

Soldier: "Dispose of this Garden as planned!"

[-] Irvine: "Dispose!?"
[-] Selphie: "NO WAY!"

Soldier: "You little SeeD twerps!"

[The soldiers are kicked to kingdom come. Squall goes over to the
junior classmen.]

Squall: "Good work. Take them somewhere safe."

SeeD: "Yes, sir! Come on guys. Let's go."

[They run off.]

Nida: "Squall! Squall!"

Squall: (Now what?)

Nida: "Squall, come up to the [bridge]. Dr. Kadowaki is here."

Squall: (What does she want?)

[Squall goes to see the doc.]

Dr. Kadowaki: "What's the situation?"

Squall: "We were able to stop the first two waves of the attack. But
        our forces aren't looking good. Many are injured. If they send
        another wave, I don't know if we can hold them."

Dr. Kadowaki: "How's your team?"

[-] Selphie: "Bad. They're barely holding them off."
[-] Irvine: "I don't know. The guys at the front gate are still holding
            them off somehow..."
[-] Quistis: "Not good. The force at the front gate is still holding
             its ground, but barely..."

Dr. Kadowaki: "So...looks like this is it."

Quistis: "Their Garden has more experienced fighters. On the other
         hand, most of our troops are students who are still in
         training. Like Squall said, one more wave and we might be

Squall: (Maybe I should've focused on attacking in the beginning
        instead of concentrating on our defense...)

Dr. Kadowaki: "Seifer is with them, right? You said yourself. There's
              no way you can run from him... It's kind of like your
              destiny to face him. ...Looks like it's now or never!
              You've come this far already. What is there to think
              about? You're not gonna run away are you?"

Squall: (Never!) "There's no way I'm gonna run from him! Besides,
        attacking them might be our only chance. The only problem is,
        how are we going to board their Garden?"

Irvine: "Say, how about if we crash into their Garden? I know it 
        sounds crazy but at least we'll be able to get in. Their
        pilot's been ramming us all along. I'm sure Nida can do it,

Squall: "We have no choice. Let's do it."

[Zell runs over.]

Squall: "Where's Rinoa?"

Zell: "Sorry, man. There's nothin' I can do! There's no way to get
      to the quad! Those bastards have the area barricaded. Man! The
      only way we can get to her is by going over the roof or flying

Squall: (......Rinoa.)

Irvine: "Whoa, wait a minute. You just gave up on her, didn't you?
        Listen... Do me a favor. YOU...go help Rinoa. It may be too
        late, but don't give up until you're CERTAIN that there's 
        nothing more you can do!"

Squall: "I...I have to lead the attack."

Irvine: "I don't care what you have to do, or how you feel. Just do
        it...please! For Rinoa."

Quistis: "Listen to Irvine, Squall. She's one of us."

Selphie: "Wat are you waiting for!? I can't believe you!"

Zell: "C'mon, Squall! Please! It's gotta be you! You're the one that
      has to save her!"

Irvine: "I'll take everyone inside Galbadia Garden. Don't worry. I
        know the place like the back of my hand."

Quistis: "We'll clear a path. Once Squall arrives, we'll move in."

Dr. Kadowaki: "Squall, you're forgetting something very important."

Squall: (What?)

[He gets with her onto the elevator.]

Dr. Kadowaki: "Talk to your men, Squall. Encourage them. As their
              leader, it's your duty."

Nida: "You probably don't know, but everybody in this Garden looks up
      to you. They like you."

Squall: "......Everybody, this is Squall. How's everyone doing? You're
        all probably too tired to even stand up after all the fighting.
        But I want to everyone to listen to me... We still have a
        chance to win, and I need your help. This is going to be our
        final battle. We're going to attack them before they come in
        again. To do that, we're going to head straight into their
        Garden. So I want everyone to prepare for a major collision.
        Take care of the junior classmen. Irvine, Quistis, Zell, and
        Selphie will lead the attack into their Garden. As for
        everyone else, please support them if you can. SeeD was formed
        to fight the sorceress: at least, that's what I heard. And
        Garden was created to train SeeDs. So this battle is Garden's
        destiny and also our destiny. It's a grueling battle, and I'm
        sure you guys are all exhausted. But I don't want to have any
        regrets. I don't want anyone to look back and regret this day.
        So just this once, I want you guys to give everything you got!
        For yourselves and for me!"

Dr. Kadowaki: "You did great. That was wonderful. Ok! Let's bash
              into them!"

[The Garden smashes into its opponent and the SeeDs file out.]

Zell: "OHHH YEAHHH!!! We're in!"

Quistis: "Ready guys!?"

Selphie: "You betcha!"

Irvine: (For me and Selphie!)

Quistis: (This is it! For the world!)

Selphie: (For Balamb and Trabia!!!)

Zell: (It's payback time!!!)

[They encounter some soldiers.]

Zell: "Let's rock!"

[Squall goes to the second floor.]

Female Student (ID #8): "Please help me! Mark is gone! Please help
                        me find him!"

Squall: (...Dammit.)

[Squall finds the kid in a hallway.]

Squall: "Hey kid, you all right?"

Mark: "...Yeah."

Squall: "There's a person waiting for you down the hall. I want you
        to go over to her, ok?"

Mark: "...Yeah."

[Mark runs away, but just then, a soldier in a robo-gear bursts in
through a side door and slams Squall against a door.]

Squall: (What should I do?)
        R1 --> (Runaway)
        R2 --> (Threaten the enemy)
        R3 --> (Look around for another option)
        R4 --> (Ask the girl down the hall for help)
        R5 --> (Press the button for the emergency exit)

        R1: [Squall just gets pushed back against the door.]
        R2: "Get out of here if you wanna to live!"
        R3: [This opens up the previously unavailable R4 and R5 options]
        R4: "Hey! You down there!"
        R5: [See below.]

[After picking R5, the soldier and Squall fall out the emergency exit
and fight on the robo-gear. Squall kicks the guy off and commandeers
the machine. He picks up Rinoa on his descent and drops both of them
off amidst the growing battlefield.]

Rinoa: "Over there! There's the entrance! Run to the left!"

[They run to the entrance of the enemy Garden.]

Rinoa: "Squall! Thank you."

Squall: "It was, ah...don't worry about it. It was my job. We're still
        under contract. And it was everybody else's idea, too. And I
        just happened to find you. That's all. So like I said, don't
        worry about it."

Rinoa: "You know something, I couldn't afford to fall off that cliff
       and die. I have something very important that belongs to you.
       I can't die until I give it back to you, right? Zell gave it 
       to me, see? I've been holding onto it."

Squall: (I'm gonna kill him...) "That's my favorite ring. You'd
        better give it back."

Rinoa: "I'm sure it is. It's a cool-looking ring. What's this monster
       on it anyway?"

Squall: "It's not a monster. It's a lion. Lions are known for their
        great strength and pride."

Rinoa: "Hmm...great strength...pride... ...Kinda like you, Squall."

Squall: "I wish..."

Rinoa: " this L I O N of yours, does it have a name?"

Squall: "Of course."

[Squall can set the name of his ring, of all things. The default is
Griever, and that's what will be used in this script.]

Rinoa: "So that's what you call it. You know Zell said he'll make me
       one exactly like it. Who knows, maybe I can become like a lion,
       too. That'd be crazy, huh!? I mean, everyone might, y'know, get
       the wrong idea about us."

Squall: (If it's so crazy, why do you sound so delighted? Everyone is
        trying to get us together. It's so obvious even I can tell.)
        "You sound like you want everyone to get the wrong idea."

Rinoa: "No-no-no-no-no!"

Squall: "Well...everyone's waiting."
        R1 --> (You wait here)
        R2 --> (Rinoa, let's go)

        R1: "You wait here."

            Rinoa: "Big meany. Come on."

        R2: "Rinoa, let's go."

            Rinoa: "Ok! Squall, let's go!"

[They run into the Galbadian Garden.]

23. Galbadian Garden Infiltration                                        [WK23]

[The rest of the party's already inside.]

Selphie: "Rinoa!"

Zell: "You're here!"

Quistis: "Are you alright?"

Irvine: "The sorceress should be here somewhere."

Squall: (No turning back now...) "Forget about the past! She's our
        enemy now! Don't think twice for a second. There's no way we
        can fight her like that. I, for one, can't. She chose to fight
        and became our enemy. We choose to fight back. We have no
        choice. At least I'd like to think so." (Seems like I'm the
        only one confused...) "We've come this far. I guess there's no
        need for me to say anything."

Rinoa: "We're still listening. Squall, we want to know how you feel."

Squall: "I'll tell you later... After we all get out of this. Let's

[Squall chooses his party. In one of the rooms they search, they
find a student.]

Male Student: "Please don't kill me! I'm not your enemy! Those
              bastards stormed in during class and just took over
              this place. Most of the students were kicked out then.
              You guys came to fight the sorceress, right? Here, you
              can have this."

[He gives Squall a Card Key [1].]

Male Student: "I know two other students are hiding somewhere. They
              also have card keys to open the restricted areas. Be
              careful, guys."

[They find another student later on.]

Male Student: "We don't stand a chance against them. You're our last

[He gives him a Card Key [2]. The find a girl soon after.]

Female Student: "Here's the last card key. It'll open the lock on
                the elevator. The sorceress' room is on the top
                floor. Good luck guys."

[With the last Card Key in hand, they set out for the sorceress' room.
There, they find her...and Seifer.]

Seifer: "Oh, you guys shouldn't have... I was gonna come visit you
        at my old home."

Squall: "Shut up."

Seifer: "Did you guys come to fight Matron? After all she's done for us?

[Seifer converses with the other two members of the party.]

Seifer: "Hey Chicken-wuss. Lot's happened between us, eh?"
Zell: "Yeah! I'm dyin' to get even!"

Seifer: "Instructor Trepe, I'm still one of your dearest students, aren't
Quistis: "Not anymore."

Seifer: "Hey, you're a Galbadian student. Get over here." 
Irvine: "I'm happy right here, thank you."

Seifer: "Selphie, right? I wish we had time to get to know each other."
Selphie: "Nahh. You're not my type."

Seifer: "Rinoa, what are you doing here? You're gonna fight me, too?
        Come on, remember a year ago we..."
Rinoa: "Stop it!"

Squall: "It's too late Seifer. You can't mess with our minds. To us,
        you're just another enemy, like one of those monsters."

Seifer: "You're comparing ME to one of them? I ain't no monster. I'm
        the sorceress' knight. And look at you. Attacking like a 
        swarm. You guys are the monsters."

[The battle with Seifer starts.]

Seifer: "Let's go after them monsters!"

[Later on:]

Seifer: "Show me what you got. I'll show you who's the better man!"

[They start attacking Seifer.]

Seifer: "Is that all you got!? I can't be beaten."
Seifer: "Ready to die, Squall? Kneel before me!"

[Seifer starts using his Demon Slice limit, but they defeat him.]

Seifer: "This can't be! Why!?

[Seifer collapses.]

Sorceress Edea: "Worthless child."

[She sinks into the ground and out of sight.]

Squall: (...The [auditorium] is right below.) 

[They all head to the auditorium.]

Squall: (......? What's going on?)

[They look around for the sorceress but she isn't there. Suddenly,
from above, the sorceress smashes through a glass pane and drops down
to the podium.]

Sorceress Edea: "So the time has come. You're the legendary SeeD
                destined to face me?"

Squall: (What is she talking about?)

Sorceress Edea: "I must say that I am impressed. ...An impressive
                nuisance. Your life ends here, SeeD."

[Seifer walks up to her.]

Sorceress Edea: "Worthless fool."

Squall: (You're not our 'Matron'.)

Sorceress Edea: "All SeeDs must perish!"

[The battle with Edea starts, but Seifer stands between the two.]

Seifer: "I'm the sorceress' knight. You'll never...get past me."

[They start beating on Seifer.]

Seifer: "I can't afford to lose.

[In his injured state, Seifer goes down easily.]

Seifer: "Ughaah! ...Damn. I'm disgraced.

Edea: "Defeated... Useless fool. Enough play. SeeDs must die!"

[They defeat Edea after awhile.]

Edea: "A...Ahhh..."

[A large stream of noxious-looking gas escapes from the defeated
sorceress. Everything goes white after that.]

Squall: (What happened...? My...body...)

[In the brightened area, Squall can see Seifer's defeated body. He
can also see Rinoa in a trance-like state float over to him.]

Squall: (Rinoa...)

[She cradles him and kisses him.]

Squall: (......! Rinoa... Seifer...)

[Seifer gets up and the brightness ends. Rinoa slumps over.]

Quistis: "Rinoa? Are you all right?"

[Edea speaks. The first three names she says were in the fighting
party; the last two weren't. It's not a set order, obviously.]

Sorceress Edea: "Squall, Quistis, Selphie. Irvine, Zell. You've all
                grown so much... and become so strong... I have waited
                for this day to come. And also feared this day would
                come. Is today a joyous day? Or an odious day? Where
                is Ellone!? Have I protected Ellone!?"

Squall: (...I don't understand.)

Quistis: "Squall! It's Rinoa..."

Squall: (......Rinoa? What's wrong with Rinoa?)

[Fade to black.]

         ######  # ###### #####      #####      ###### #### # ######
         ##    # # #      #               #     ##     # ## # ##    #
         ##    # # ###### #          #####      #####  # ## # ##    #
         ##    # #      # #         #           ##     # ## # ##    #
         ######  # ###### #####     #######     ###### # #### ######

24. Balamb Garden Opening & Edea's House                                 [WK24]

Squall: (Is it over...? What happened...? Rinoa...... What happened
        to Rinoa......?)

[Squall goes to the Infirmary, where Rinoa lies peacefully. Quistis
speaks over the intercom.]

Quistis: "Squall, can you hear me? Head to [Edea's house] at once. 
         The Sorceress Edea...Matron is back at the orphanage."

[Squall goes up to Nida and sets off. He forms his team, but can't
choose Rinoa, of course. They go to the orphanage and find the old
headmaster, Cid, there.]

Headmaster Cid: "...Many thanks for your hard work. ...Hahaha... Are
                you angry with me? Haha... I don't blame you. All I
                do is talk big, but in times of trouble, I run away.
                I was in a no-win situation... Your defeat would be
                the end of you. Your victory would mean losing my 
                wife. I just couldn't face either outcome.
                I don't care about myself...But...please forgive

[He walks to his wife in the next screen.]

Edea: "My children... Please forgive me... I raised you as my own, 
      yet still, I..."

Squall: "We feel the same way."

[*] Zell: "We fought you, too, knowing you were our Matron."
[*] Irvine: "We fought, knowing you were our Matron."
[*] Selphie: "We fought you, even though we know you were our Matron..."
[*] Quistis: "We fought, knowing very well that you were out Matron. That
             was the only choice we had left."

NOTE: Whoever speaks second says "Matron..." instead of the above

Edea: "You are SeeDs. You cannot back out of a battle, I know. You 
      were magnificent. However, it is not over yet. At anytime, I
      may... ...I have been possessed all this time. I was at the
      mercy of Sorceress Ultimecia. Ultimecia is a sorceress from the
      future. A sorceress many generations ahead of our time. 
      Ultimecia's objective is to find Ellone. She is after Ellone's
      mysterious power. I know Ellone very well. Ultimecia is a very
      fearful sorceress. Her heart is filled with anger and hate.
      There was no way I was going to let Ultimecia get a hold of
      Ellone. The only thing I could do was... ...Surrender my soul
      to Ultimecia and lose control of my mind. That was the only way
      I could save Ellone. And the end result... Well, you all know.
      The Sorceress that appeared in Galbadia was in fact Ultimecia...
      inside my shell... Ultimecia has yet to achieve her goal. I
      believe she may use my body again to carry out her plans. I plan
      to make a stand this time, but...if that does not work...I may
      have to face you in battle once again. I ask for your support,
      young SeeDs. Have you all heard of Sorceress Adel before? She 
      was the ruler of Esthar during the Sorceress War. No one knows
      of her wherabouts... That's what I learned. The Galbadians must
      have thought I was the sorceress who received Sorceress Adel's
      powers. However, that is not the case. I received the powers of
      the previous sorceress at the age of 5."

[-] Zell: "Huh? Meaning?"
[-] Quistis: "Which means..."
[-] Selphie: "So... What does that mean?"
[-] Irvine: "I don't quite understand..."

Edea: "I believe Sorceress Adel is still alive. And that Ultimecia
      released my body in order to... ...To use the body of Sorceress
      Adel... Sorceress Adel is the type who will not hesitate to use
      her powers for her own selfish desires. Should Sorceress 
      Ultimecia from the future bequeath her anger and hatred unto
      Adel, their power would be unimaginable..."

[Squall starts to walk away.]

[-] Selphie: "Squall, we're leaving already!?"
[-] Zell: "I'm sure Matron has much more to say!"
[-] Irvine: "C'mon Squall, let's hear Matron out."
[-] Quistis: "Squall, let's hear what else Matron has to say."

Squall: (I've heard enough. I understand that listening to what Matron
        has to say is important, but Rinoa...) "Matron, do you know
        what's wrong with Rinoa?"

Edea: "Rinoa is the girl in light blue? I remember vaguely... What
      happened to her?"

Squall: "She was with us when we fought you. After the battle... 
        ...Her body was cold... She didn't move..."

Cid: "Did Rinoa die!?"

Squall: "NO!!!"

Edea: "Forgive me, Squall. I don't think I can be of any help."

Squall: "...It's all right."

Cid: "Squall, I understand how you feel. But you are in a position of
     leadership. The other students at Garden have a right to know
     about the outcome of the battle and what's to come. Take whatever
     information you can get here, back to Garden. Remember, it wasn't
     just Rinoa. Everyone fought."

Squall: "I understand... But..."

Cid: "But, but, but... That isn't something a leader should say."

Squall: "........."

[Squall punches a stone wall.]

Squall: (......Dammit.)

[Squall half-listens to Edea speak.]

Edea: "Ultimecia's objective is to find Ellone."

Squall: (First time we met was the day I became a SeeD. We met Timber...)

Edea: "Ellone's mysterious power... Sending one's consciousness back
      into the past."

Zell: "So, Ultimecia wants to use Ellone's power, right?"

Squall: (We had a lot of arguments at first. But in time, things
        began to change."

Irvine: "I get it. Ultimecia wants to send her consciousness from
        this period further into the past."

Zell: "What's she going to do in the past?"

Squall: (You were looking at me... You smiled when our eyes met.)

Edea: "Time compression."

Zell: "Time compression?"

Squall: (It made me feel calm, tranquil.)

Edea: "It's time magic. Past, present, and future get compressed."

Zell: "What's going to happen to the world? Why do something like that?"

Squall: (Rinoa... Give me another chance.)

Irvine: "I can't even imagine a world where time is compressed!"

Zell: "Yo, Squall!"

Selphie: "You're not even listening!"

Squall: "So basically, all we have to do is prevent Ultimecia from
        getting a hold of Ellone."

Quistis: "Yes, but..."

Squall: "We're going back to Garden. We have to let everyone know."

Irvine: "Hey, we're worried about Rinoa too, y'know?"

Squall: "Then why don't you...!? Forget it."

[Back at the Garden's bridge, Squall's finishing up his announcement.]

Squall: "That about covers the update. Our task at hand is to find
        Ellone. Then we'll deal with Ultimecia. I believe that Ellone
        is on the White SeeD ship. We're setting out to look for it.
        I wonder where it could be? We'll gather information for a
        while. Be prepared for battle at any time. And... Sorceress
        Edea is back at her home. She's probably not our enemy 
        anymore. Let's just leave her alone."

[Squall gets off the mic and heads to see Rinoa in the infirmary.
He cups her forehead.]

Squall: (Rinoa...You feel so cold. Are you going to be like this
        forever?) "...... Isn't there anything I can do!? You were
        so full of life. Now you don't even make a sound... I want
        to hear your voice." (This is like talking to a wall.)
        "Rinoa... Call my name." (......)

[Squall collapses at her bedside, cueing the next Laguna sequence
segment in. This time, Squall can pick who's Kiros and Ward. 

25. Laguna Sequence IV                                                   [WK25]

[The sequence starts, with the party up in the mountains. It snows
lightly, and Ward's along this time.]

Laguna: "Why the heck do I have to do this!?"

Kiros: "'Cause we have no money."

Ward: "......"

Laguna: "Alright, I'm sorry!!! Yeah, so it's kinda my fault that we
        stayed at the hotel so often. But heck, I'm not cut out to be
        an actor!"

Kiros: "So you say, but we know you're really quite excited..."

Voice: "Ok everyone! Take your positions!"

Laguna: "Man, I can't believe this director... Making a movie with amateur... ...The heck am I supposed to do?"

Ward: "......"

Laguna: "Alright, alright... So we were lucky I got the job. As long
        as we make some money, right...?"

[Laguna yells on a blacked-out screen.]

Laguna: "A-Are you serious!? What kind of costume is this!?"

Kiros: "Ah, ah, ah... No complaining. Let's go, let's go, let's go!"

[Laguna appears next to the director, decked out in silvery armor.]

Director: "Hey, look at you. Not bad. This is your co-star, playing
          the part of the sorceress."

Co-star: "Hi, nice to meet you!"

Director: "All we need now is someone to play the dragon..."

[Kiros and Ward walk up behind Laguna.]

Director: "Oh...! Perfect. Hey, you 2 back there!"

Kiros: "Yes?"

Director: "I'm kinda in a squeeze here... The guy playing the dragon
          is sick... Do you think you could put on the dragon costume
          and kinda just...walk down here? I'll pay ya..."

Kiros: "I...guess so."

[He and Ward run off.]

Director: "Ok, just be on standby over there."

[Laguna and the other other two walk down the other way. After a
while, Kiros yells:]

Kiros: "A-Ahhhh...!!!"

[Meanwhile, the other three have gotten the cameras rolling.]

Director: "Ok, people, here we go. Scene 12, 'Death of the Sorceress'.
          Ready...... ACTION!!!"

[The Co-star and Laguna start their act.]

Sorceress: "Oh, Sir Knight... Save me from the wicked dragon...!"

Laguna: "Oh...Ok... I...I'll s-save you from the dragon..." (...Darn
        it. I'm gettin' all nervous here. And what's with this 
        gunblade? Haven't used one of these since training. Kinda 
        like this?)

[He wields his gunblade, swiping the air a few times.]

Director: "Hey, not bad. I'll just put in some voice overs... Ok! 
          Bring on the dragon!!!"

[They wait a moment.]

Director: "Hey! Come on, guys! The dragon! Alright! Here we go!"

[A large red dragon crawls down the mountain path.]

Director: "Woooooow!!! Just like the real thing...! Excellent work,
          Kiros!!! Wait a minute... Was the costume THAT big...?"

Laguna: (Whoa! Kiros n' Ward are takin' this seriously. Man, looks
        like the real thing...)

[The dragon snaps at Laguna.]

Laguna: "Erghhh!!! (G-Geez...! Take it easy, Kiros...) ...What the...?
        Is this thing real!???"

Director: "WHAT!!! No wonder...!!! W-What am I doin'...? I'm gettin'
          outta here! W-Well, Sir Knight... It's all yours!"

Sorceress: "S-S-Sir Knight... I must bid you farewell!!!"

[They both leave Laguna to dry.]

Laguna: "H-HEY! Don't just leave me here!!! Tch! It's not gonna let
        me go. Hmm... The gunblade...Alright! Let's go!!!"

[Laguna swips at the dragon and beats it up a bit.]

Laguna: "Now's my chance! RUN!!!"

[Laguna runs down the mountainside, but gets cornered by the dragon.]

Laguna: "Daaaarn! Stupid dragon! Where the heck are Kiros and Ward!?"
Kiros: "Laguna, did you call me? Yahhh!"

[He jumps down. So does Ward.]

Kiros: "Wait long enough? Here!"

[He tosses the machine gun to Laguna.]

Laguna: "Alright! Time to kick some dragon butt!!!"
        R1 --> (Here we go!!!)
        R2 --> (H-Hold on a sec...)

        R1: [The battle starts.]
        R2: [The party can run back to a save point.]

[The party squares off with the Ruby Dragon and deep-sixes it.]

Laguna: "H-How many are there? They just keep comin'! We're outta 

[They retreat back up the mountainside and see a glowing red structure
in the far-off distance.]

Laguna: " that?"

[On a blacked-out screen:]

Voice: "...I can't disconnect."

Squall: (What is this connect thing...?)

Voice: "Is it you, Squall?"

Squall: (Yeah...)

Voice: "'Connect' is just what I call it. It's when I use my special
       power. Oh, I know... I must be asleep. That's why I can't
       control it. I'm sorry, Squall. Just let me use your spirit
       for a little while longer."

Squall: (Let me go back.)

[Another scene occurs, this time with Laguna and Matron at the old
orphanage. It hasn't fallen into ruin yet, so this is the distant

Laguna: "She ain't here, either..."

Edea: "If I may ask, what happened to this Ellone?"

Laguna: "She was kidnapped by Esthar soldiers. I've been travelling,
        tryin' all I can to get inside Esthar but..."

Edea: "They were looking for a successor to the Esthar sorceress, Adel?"

Laguna: "Yeah, yeah! Exactly it!"

Edea: "Is she your daughter?"

Laguna: "No...but she's just so cute! Oh, I wish I could hear her voice!"

Squall: (I want to hear Rinoa's voice.)

Edea: "Is something the matter?"

Laguna: "No...just the faeries..."

[The screen blacks out.]

Squall: (I don't care if it's in the past or what. I want to hear
        Rinoa. I want to see Rinoa. That way, there might be a chance
        to save her.)

Ellone: "You can't change the past. I just found that out. When I was
        kidnapped, Uncle Laguna went on a journey to find me... But
        because he did, Uncle Laguna wasn't able to be by Raine's side
        when she died. Rained wanted to show Laguna her new born 
        baby... Raine kept calling out for Laguna. So no matter what,
        I wanted Laguna to stay in the village... But it didn't work.
        I can no longer make it back to that moment... And also... I
        can only send you inside someone I've met before. I'm sorry,
        Squall. I'm about to disconnect. I'll try again to speak to
        you this way."

Squall: (Sis! Ellone! I'm...)

[Squall starts to wake back up in the infirmary.]

Squall: (I want to hear Rinoa's voice.) "I can see you if we go back
        in time! Maybe even change things! Ellone! Ellone! Can you
        hear me!? Send me back to the moment Rinoa went into a coma!"
        (Ellone, you won't answer me...? I know she's on the White
        SeeD ship. White SeeD... Edea's SeeD... Edea's SeeD?) "Maybe
        Edea would know the whereabouts of the ship! Then I can see
        Ellone. Then maybe I can go back..."

26. Return to the Orphanage and the White SeeD Ship                      [WK26]

[Squall goes back to the orphanage to see Edea.]

Edea: "Is there anything at all I can help you with?"

Squall: "The White SeeD ship. The one Ellone's on."

Edea: "Those children are... They are very cautious. They would never
      remain in one place for long."

Squall: "...I see."

Edea: "Oh yes, however... Those children seemed to have taken a liking
      to Centra's landscape. Therefore, they may have stationed their
      ship [by an inlet somewhere on the Centra continent]. And 
      Squall. Please take with you this letter that I wrote. With 
      this, they shall welcome you."

[The party finds the SeeD ship in one of the inlets. The Balamb
Garden SeeDs climb onboard.]

White SeeD: "...We meet again."

Squall: "My name is Squall. We're SeeDs from Balamb Garden. I'd like
        to speak to your leader."

White SeeD: "I'm in charge. State your business. Depending on what
            you say, we may ask you to leave immediately."

Squall: "...... I want to see Ellone."

White SeeD Leader: "......!?"

Squall: "We pose no threat. Edea told us that you would be here."

White SeeD Leader: ""

Squall: "......Edea is no longer under Sorceress Ultimecia's control.
        She is now our ally. So there's no reason for you to hide
        Ellone's whereabouts from us. We want to take Ellone back to
        protect her from Ultimecia."

White SeeD Leader: "...... Thank you for coming... But we have no
                   reason to believe you. Please leave."

[The party doesn't leave, but walks further into the ship. There they
find their old buddy Watts.]

Watts: "Wow! Long time no see, sir!"

[Zone runs down the stairs.]

Zone: "Whoa! Look who's here! Squall, how's it goin'?"

Watts: "Can't believe you're here! Everybody doin' good, sir?"

Zone: "After you guys left, the Galbadian buttheads came after us, 
      and we barely escaped to this boat."

Watts: "I was sure we were goners, sir! Zone went nuts and was 
       thinking about swimming across the sea to escape!"

Zone: "Hey, it was a plan. All you were doing was whining like a big
      baby. 'We're gonna die, we're gonna die!' And look who jumped
      first! You, you numbnuts!"

Squall: (...I don't see how these wackos keep surviving.)

Zone: "So, how's Rinoa? Where is she?"

Squall: "...Rinoa fought with us against Edea. For some reason, she
        went unconscious after the fight. She's resting in the Garden
        now. I don't know what happened. We couldn't protect her.
        I'm...I'm sorry."

Zone: "YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! What did I say!!!? What did I say,
      HUH!!!? I told you to take care of her!!! That nothin' better
      happen to her!!! Scumbag! You pathetic, lyin' scumbag!!!"

Watts: "Zone! C'mon! Easy, sir! Easy. She's not dead. They just dunno
       what's wrong with her, that's all. Ain't that right, sir?
       Squall would never give up on her. Am I right, sir?"

Squall: "We came here to get Ellone because there's a new evil force
        after her. If we can get Ellone and Rinoa together, maybe...
        we can get Rinoa back."

Watts: "Really!? See, Zone!? I told you, sir! Rinoa's gonna be fine!
       She promised she would come back! We all have to free Timber
       together. Don't worry, sir!"

Zone: "...All right. But I'm gonna say it one more time. If something
      happens to Rinoa again, I swear..."

[The party goes to see the leader below-deck.]

Squall: "Here."

[He gives him the letter from Edea.]

White SeeD Leader: "......This is Matron's writing. She really gave
                   this to you?"

Squall: "You guys call her Matron too, huh?"

White SeeD Leader: "Yes. Ever since we were little."

Squall: "We were raised by Edea, too. It was difficult to fight
        against her, but we did. Fortunately, everything turned out
        well. Edea is no longer evil. She's back to her old self 
        again...the kind Matron we remember."

White SeeD Leader: "Squall, thank you. We owe you and Balamb Garden

Squall: "Even our salute is the same."

White SeeD Leader: "Matron told us it hasn't changed since SeeD was
                   established. So it says in the letter, you're 
                   looking for Ellone... ...I'm sorry. Ellone's no
                   longer here. Remember we picked her up from your
                   Garden near the FH coast? After that we headed east
                   to get away as far as we could from Edea and
                   Galbadia. Before long, we encountered the Galbadian
                   fleet. They had a lot of ships. Obviously, they 
                   were searching for us. We should've been more
                   careful. They pursued us in full force. Luckily, we
                   were able to escape but, then our ship broke down
                   and we were stranded. There was no way we were
                   going to let the Galbadians take Ellone. Eventually,
                   the Galbadians caught up to us an we had no choice
                   but to prepare for battle. Then an Esthar ship
                   appeared. A battle began between them, and we were
                   caught in the middle of it. Then something strange
                   happened. Suddenly, an Esthar ship came up beside
                   us and Esthar soldiers came aboard. They told us to
                   get aboard their ship. It sounded like an order to
                   evacuate. Of course, we refused. We didn't trust
                   them just as we didn't trust the Galbadians. As the
                   Esthar soldiers were trying to convince us, the
                   battle became more intense. Soon they were forced
                   to leave our ship. As their ship was pulling away,
                   Ellone yelled out something. Then, all of a sudden,
                   she jumped onto their ship. It wasn't like her at
                   all. To this day, I don't understand why she did
                   that. After that, Esthar's fleet withdrew from
                   battle and fled. After they left, we...well it's a
                   long story. After our ship is fully repaired, we
                   plan to go to Esthar. Sorry, Squall. We couldn't
                   protect her."

Squall: "So Ellone's in Esthar?"

White SeeD Leader: "We believe so."

[Back at the bridge of the Garden:]

Nida: "Have you decided on a destination?"

Squall: "Esthar."

Nida: "Oh, man... Xenophobic Esthar. That area's terrain is not really
      suited for flying the Garden."

Squall: "Anyway, set a course for Esthar."

27. Bridge to Esthar & Great Salt Lake                                   [WK27]

[Knowing the route into Esthar is hard and treacherous, Squall goes
back to FH, stopping by the Infirmary to get Rinoa.]

Squall: "(Let's go, Rinoa. Let's go meet Ellone. Ellone will bring us
        together. ...Sorry everyone. I can't go on like this.) "It's a
        bit far, but we'll make it."

[Taking Rinoa piggyback, he makes his way to the train tracks and
starts off without his comrades.]

Squall: (...It's pretty far... Didn't think it would be this far...
        What am I doing...? Go to Esthar... Find Ellone... Talk to
        Ellone... But there's no guarantee that everything will be
        resolved if I talk to Ellone. Even so, I'm... I........sure
        have changed.)

[As dusk starts to set in, Squall sets Rinoa down and takes a break,
looking off into the water.]

Squall: (I wonder what everyone's doing...? They're probably laughing
        at me. Or maybe they're angry...?) "What do you think? To tell
        you the truth... I worry too much about what others think of
        me. I hate that side of me... That's why I didn't want anyone
        to get to know me. I wanted to hide that side of myself. I 
        hate it. Squall is an unfriendly, introverted guy. It made it
        easy for me when people perceived me that way. That's a secret
        between you and me. Got that?"

[He goes over to the comatose Rinoa.]

Squall: "Rinoa..."

[They start walking again. Come morning, Squall reaches the end of
the railway. Quistis and Zell are there waiting for him.]

Quistis: "Squall, you're late."

Zell: "Is the princess still asleep?"

Quistis: "She might wake up with a kiss from the prince."

Squall: "Is that why you came all the way out here? To tell me that?"

Quistis: "You're going to Esthar, right? We're coming, too."

Zell: "We're Edea's escort."

[Edea walks over.]

Sorceress Edea: "Let us be on our way, Squall."

[Squall sets Rinoa down.]

Edea: "We shall leave as soon as we're ready."

Squall: "What business do you have in Esthar?"

Sorceress Edea: "I must go see Doctor Odine."

Zell: "Dr. Odine. You've heard the name, right?"

Squall: (...Odine?)
        R1 --> (Yeah, I remember)
        R2 --> (I can't remember... Tell me more)
        R3 --> (Whatever.)

        R1: "I remember, but...why do you need to see him?"
        R2: "Tell me more."

            Zell: "You know the famous Odine brand, don't you? That's
                  all Dr. Odine's work. When it comes to knowledge
                  about the sorceress, he's number one..."

            Squall: "...Thanks. So, why do you need to see this

        R3: "...Why do you need to see him?"

Sorceress Edea: "Sorceress Ultimecia is alive. She is able to take
                control of my body at any time. If that were to
                happen... I would once again bring terror. I, too,
                value my well-being. I want to protect myself. If
                it were possible, I would like to rid myself of the
                sorceress' power. Doctor Odine may know a way. He
                may be able to save me."
Squall: "...I understand. Let's all go to Esthar."

[Irvine and Selphie run down the track to meet everyone.]

Zell: "Yo, they're back."

Quistis: "The two of them went to take a look."

Selphie: "How's it goin', Squall? Is Rinoa still asleep? Psst...
         Psst... Psst... (Rinoa's so cute when she's asleep.)"

Squall: "Whatever. So how is it? Can we make it to Esthar?"

Selphie: "Wooo! Are you blushing!?"

Irvine: "Selphie, don't make Squall angry... Esthar's on this
        continent, right? It's supposed to be huge... I don't know
        why, but I can't seem to find it anywhere."

Selphie: "Couldn't find it up north or down south... Let's try going
         [East] next!"

[Heading east from the Seaside Station, the party finds the Great
Salt Lake, a massive...lake of salt. It's barely navigable by the
looks of it.]

Selphie: "Hello... I don't see a city..."

[Selphie and Irvine run ahead and look around.]

Edea: "Looks like we are in for a long trip."

Zell: "Everything'll be all right. We'll be by your side all the way!"

Edea: "Thank you Zell. But remember, you must stay alert even in my
      presence. As long as I can be myself, everything will be fine.
      But if Ultimecia gets inside me again... You all know what to

[Selphie and Irvine run back.]

Selphie: "What, what, did I miss something? Uh-oh, it's so quiet. The
         air's getting heavy. Guys... What's wrong? COME ON! We're all
         together again! We're gonna bring back Rinoa! It's like a
         picnic! We're gonna have fun!"

Squall: "...Somebody once told me that if you mention bad things, 
        they'll come true. I know it's a silly superstition, but right
        now I want to believe it. So let's not talk about it anymore."

[Squall picks his party again (for some reason) and heads into the
lake. Sooner or later, the party runs into a boss fight with an 

Squall: "An undead monster... Use recovery-related magic and items."

[The party beats the Abadon, which hardens, disintegrates, and blows
away in the wind. A ways further, the landscape ripples and images
flash on it.]

Squall: (......?)

[Squall touches it and it's hard.]

Squall: "...There's something here."

[A hole opens up.]

[-] Edea: "A hole in midair...?"
[-] Selphie: "Oh! Neato! A hole in the middle of nowhere."
[-] Irvine: "That's weird! Is that a tunnel or something?"
[-] Quistis: " that? How can there be a hole in midair?"
[-] Zell: "WHOA! What the hell is that!? It's some kinda hole or tunnel..."

Squall: "This looks like the only way."

[The party climbs up into the mystery building. They climb onto a
lift, which promptly starts moving.]

[-] Selphie: "Where are we goin'?"
[-] Quistis: "Who made this place?"
[-] Zell: "What's this, an elevator?"
[-] Edea: "I wonder where we are heading..."
[-] Irvine: "Geez, where's this thing taking us?"

[-] Irvine: "Oh geez, whatever."
[-] Quistis: "I'm completely lost."
[-] Selphie: "This is totally weird."
[-] Edea: "I haven't the slightest clue..."
[-] Zell: "This is crazy, man! Where the hell are we!?"

Squall: (I don't know what I'm doing, where I am...... I don't know
        if we'll ever get to Esthar. But I don't care...) "I'm not
        turning back now."

[The lift shakes and stops.]

Squall: (It stopped... Is that it?)

[-] Zell: "It stopped."
[-] Selphie: "Ride's over."
[-] Quistis: "Looks like we're here."
[-] Edea: "Looks like we've stopped."
[-] Irvine: "So this where we get off?"

[A door opens and a walkway stretches out.]

[-] Selphie: "Squall, now what?"
[-] Zell: "Squall, what's the plan?"
[-] Edea: "Squall, what are you thinking?"
[-] Irvine: "Well Squall, what are we gonna do?"
[-] Quistis: "Squall, what do you want to do now?"

Squall: (...I don't care at this point. Nothing's gonna surprise me.)
        "What else? Let's go."

[They enter the tunnel and come to a dead end...which shimmers and
disappears, revealing that the salt lake was not endless, but a mere
distraction. Esthar is behind the curtain, so to speak, and unfolds
before their very eyes.]

[-] Selphie: "Wow!!! Pretty!"
[-] Zell: "THE HELL IS THIS!?"
[-] Quistis: "What is this!? My goodness!"
[-] Edea: "...What is going to happen now?"
[-] Irvine: "Geez! Will you look at that..."

NOTE: The non-Squall characters will say their above lines 
      regardless of their place in the party order.

[The lift starts to move at a high speed and stops at a platform far

Squall: "...Judging from their technology, they must know we're here.
        It's possible we might encounter some hostility, so stay 
        alert. ............Aaahh! No...not now!...... This.....isn't

[The reason for Squall's distress is the entrance into the fifth
Laguna Sequence.]

28. Laguna Sequence V                                                    [WK28]

[Laguna's gang and a moomba are present in a hi-tech facility. A mean guy
yells at them.]

Mean Guy: "The skinny one and the fat one... Get your asses down to
          Lunatic Pandora! You're gonna stay here and work! The rest
          of you, get back to work!"

[Kiros and Ward leave. Later on, Laguna's alone with a moomba and one
other guy (prisoner?), all under the watchful eye of a security guard
by the door.]

Laguna: "I'm hungry......"

Security Guard: "You!!! I said no talking!!! It's only been 3 days,
                you wimp!!! When I was young, I worked all day, all
                night...without sleep...!"

[Later on...]

Laguna: "I wonder if Kiros and Ward are workin', too...?"

Security Guard: "No talking! How many times do I have to..."

Laguna: "Oh... Meal time! Alright, it's time to eat!"

Security Guard: "You keep working! That's what you get for your big
                mouth! That beast over there, you, too! No meal until
                your work is done!!!"

Laguna: "Hey... You can't be serious! I'll be done in 2 to 3 hours,
        but... His job won't get done for days!"

Security Guard: "He just won't get fed for a few days. If he wants 
                to eat...he should work faster..."

[Even later on...]

Security Guard: "Come give me a hand. I can't handle the big guy 

[The guard runs out. The other guard starts to take off, too.]

Security Guard 2: "Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone. The camera
                  is watching you."

[The guard runs off. Laguna talks to the moomba.]

Laguna: "You all right? You look exhausted... Do they feed you all
        right? Got a fever or something? Or you just scared of

Moomba: "Grr... Grr..."

Laguna: "Your stomach's goin' grrr?"

Guy: "Ha ha ha... That's funny. I think that thing's 'Grrr...
     Grrr...' means 'thank you'. Know what? You're the first one to
     care about his well-being. These Moombas get worked to death for
     no reason. They only get half the food and sleep compared to us

[Laguna talks to the Moomba again.]

Laguna: "That's horrible... You need to get outta here. When we get
        outta here, I'll feed you all the food you want. And you'll
        get to nap all you want! How's that?"

Moomba: "Grr... Grr..."

[Upstairs, a voice yells:]

Voice: "Experiment! Experiment! Let's just do this! Bahh! This iz a

Guy: "Sounds like Dr. Odine's up to something again upstairs.

[Laguna goes back to the moomba.]

Laguna: "Huh? What's up? You need a tool? I'll go get it. Wait
        right there. I think there was one here..."

[A security guard returns.]

Security Guard: "Hey, you over there! Yeah, standing next to the
                elevator. Go get the guards upstairs! Tell them
                there's an emergency."

Laguna: "Roger that..." (An emergency... Maybe the guys are...
        up to something?)

Security Guard: "Go now!"

[The guard leaves.]

Laguna: "Alright, I'm goin'. Oh... I almost forgot. Here, catch!"

[He tosses a tool to the moomba, who nearly falls off the walkway.
Laguna pulls him up.]

Laguna: "Whoa!? Geez... That was close. I' glad...... I'm glad!!!"

Guy: "You're such a...nice guy. Not many guys like you these days.
     You seem like you'd be a good candidate to be our leader."

Laguna: "A leader?"

Guy: "That's right. A lot of us are dissatisfied with the way 
     Adel's been ruling Esthar. We may be disorganied now... But
     someday we'll gather our forces to remove Adel from power.
     We're overthrowing the ruler of a country. A sorceress, far
     beyond our powers. A half-baked plan would never work. We're
     waiting for the right time, now... Most of us involved in the
     Adel resistance are specialists. It's easy to research ways to
     fight Adel, but... There's no one to lead the movement. That's
     our situation right now. We've been looking for someone like
     you... Someone who's strong and righteous..."

[The guard runs back in.]

Security Guard: "Hey, did you go tell them? What are you doing!?
                Up to no good again, aren't ya...!!?"

Laguna: "Stop!!!

[Laguna kills the guard, but another one comes down the elevator.]

Security Guard: "Don't move!"

Laguna: "Darn it...I did it again... Well, too bad! Just go on and

[The guy and the moomba leave. Kiros and Ward enter.]

Laguna: "Kiros! ...Ward! Great timing!

[Another guard comes in.]

Kiros: "Or should I say...bad timing?"

Security Guard: "Stop talking and just keep walking!"

Ward: "......"

Laguna: "It's not so bad...2 is better than 1, 4 is better than
        2, right?"

Kiros: "So, who's the fourth one? Geez... Are you...starting to

Laguna: "Yeah... I can see it! Oh... My sweet Elle... You make
        your uncle so happy... (Hey... Now's our chance! You know
        what to do? Let's just finish 'em off and get outta here!
        Before we do that... Are we all geared up?)
        R1 --> Better check...
        R2 --> Perfect...!

        R1: [The party goes to the menu screen.]
        R2: "Alright... Let's go!"

[The party beats up the guards.]

Laguna: "Jaaaaaaail break!!!"

[The party goes up via the elevator, into a control room of sorts.]

Laguna: (No security guard...... Now's our chance!"

Doc Odine: "...Vat iz......?"

Doctor's Assistant: "Luna...weap......"

Doctor's Assistant 2: "Moon......listen..."

Laguna: (What the heck are they talking about?)

Doctor's Assistant: "To use Lunatic Pandora as a weapon... You would
                    need a system to move it. Are you researching that
                    now? How dare you come up with such bold ideas? I
                    could never come up with such brilliant ideas."

Doc Odine: "I forgot!"

Doctor's Assistant: "Lunar Base was built in space to observe the
                    moon. So much money was spent on building it. Now
                    why couldn't they give some of that money to this

Doc Odine: "Zat iz ze way it iz! Accept it!"

Doctor's Assistant: "The rumor goes that little girls are being
                    abducted for the sorceress research. I have a
                    daughter myself. It disturbs me to hear such a
                    story. How do you think their parents feel?"

Doc Odine: "They will be proud to help ze research! Zat iz all zat

Doctor's Assistant: "What happened to the [Weapons Monthly] you
                    borrowed from me? My friend's bugging me to return

Doc Odine: "I don't know!"

Laguna: "I see......Oh!!" (Darn it!)

[The party runs out of the laboratory. The moomba and the guy from
before are waiting for 'em.]

Laguna: "Hey! You waited for me?"

Moomba: "Grrr... Grrr..."

Laguna: "Stay on your toes! Don't get captured again!"

[The moomba escapes.]

Laguna: (Darn it! I promised him a meal and a nap when we got out.
        Well... I guess he's better off "!"

[An unfamiliar guy walks to them. The guy from before speaks.]

Guy: "It's ok... He's also an 'Adel Resistance' member. He's Dr. 
     Odine's assistant. All the hot info about the lab comes from

Doctor's Assistant: "Is he a new member? Welcome to our group. You
                    made quite a bit of noise down there... Well, this
                    may be a good time to leave this facility."

Guy: "Did something happen to the doctor? Or did Adel stop funding his

Doctor's Assitant: "No, it's Dr. Odine. He... He's done it again. He's
                   found a new toy he prefers over a big one like
                   Lunatic Pandora... Some child named Ellone."

Laguna: "Ellone!?"

Guy: "You know her?"

Kiros: "Know her...? She's really the only reason why we're here."

Ward: "......"

Laguna: "Where is she? Where's Ellone!?"

Doctor's Assistant: "Dr. Odine would probably know her whereabouts."

Laguna: "So look for Odine, right? We're going back! Thanks for all
        your help. Better go some place safe now. Adios!"

Guy: "Wait a second! I still owe you!"

Doctor's Assistant: "If you're looking for that girl, Ellone, you'll
                    eventually need help. Facing Esthar...and Adel 
                    with only the 3 of you will be difficult. Why not
                    let us help you? We'll provide you with all the
                    information you'll need."

Kiros: "It's not a bad idea... We don't know anything about Esthar. I
       never want to go through all this again. I'm sure Ward feels
       the same way."

Ward: "......"

Laguna: "Huh? ......Hmm... Okay, fine! We'll accept your help. In
        return, we'll help your Anti-'Azel' movement or whatever."

Ward: "......"

Kiros: "Its 'ADEL'. Start listening more closely, 'cause it's getting
       embarrassing... what Ward would say. Can't you see it in
       his eyes?"

Laguna: "Yeah, sure, I always see it! But...who cares!? I speak with
        passion, from the heart! That's what matters most."

Guy: "Yes... That's right! It all sounds crazy, but...I like you! I
     really want you to be our leader..."

Laguna: "Leave it to me! Once we find Ellone, I'll take up that offer!
        Well, let me go pay a little visit to Odine. Wait right here!
        (Darn it, did it again! Why don't I ever think things through
        before I answer? Well... It's been ok 'til now. I'm sure 
        things will work out."

[They run back into the lab, but Odine's not there any longer.]

Laguna: "......? Where did he go?"

[They find Odine in the laboratory below.]

Laguna: "Dr. Odine! Where's Ellone!?"

Security Guard: "Can't believe you guys came back..."

Security Guard 2: "You fools!"

[They defeat the guards.]

Doc Odine: "Vat are you saying!? I do not know any...Ellone."

[Laguna stares at him.]

Doc Odine: "...Okay, I vas lying! Ellone... I know Ellone!"

[The doc heads into the elevator.]

Laguna: "Hey wait! Where's Ellone!?"

[Laguna's squad piles into the elevator also. They get out on the
top floor.]

Laguna: "I'm talking about Ellone! Where did you take her!?"

[...but the Doc's already ran away out of the room. Outside, the
Doc is heading toward a car. Laguna stops him before he can flee.]

Laguna: "Hey wait! Tell me where!"

Doc Odine: "......In [O Lab]! Ellone iz there."

Doctor's Assistant: (...He means [Odine's Laboratory].)

[The doc runs back inside.]

Doctor's Assistant: "To go there, go over here...then over there...and
                    then here."

Laguna: "I see... I didn't understand a word. Kiros! It's your show
        from here!"

[Laguna's team piles into the ar.]

Doctor's Assistant: "We'll be joining you as soon as we can. Until
                    then, good luck! Please be careful."

[They drive off and come into a different laboratory.]

Laguna: "This is the place, right? This place sure is weird... Hey?
        Where's he go?"

Kiros: "I think he must be lookin' for us..."

Ward: "......"

Kiros: "Yeah, you wouldn't usually jump out of a car..."

Laguna: "Whoa, it just kinda sped off. I hope he's all right."

Kiros: "Besides, we're..."

Ward: "......!"

[Some guards attack but they're disposed of quickly. The party runs
to a circular device in the middle of the room.]

Laguna: "W-What the...! So many unusual gadgets here."
        R1 --> Sit down
        R2 --> Forget it

        R1: [They sit down and are taken for a ride.]
        R2: [They don't sit down.]

[The party goes down a tunnel on the 'plate', just missing the Guy
from before who escaped with them. They run into another room.]

Laguna: "Hmm?"

Esthar Soldier: "!"

[They're attacked again, but dispose of the nuisances. They run to
a window and see a little girl in a room below, crying.]

Laguna: "...!? Ellone!!! Ellone!!! ELLONE!!! Darn, she can't hear me."

[Laguna presses some buttons on a computer console. A large warning
comes up with 'ERROR' showing on the display.]

Kiros: " you know what you're doing?"

[He tries again and the door unlocks below. They take the 'plate' 
back down and into the room with Ellone.]

Laguna: "Ellone!!!"

Ellone: "Uncle Laguna!"

Laguna: "See... I told ya I'd come save you... Sorry I'm a little
        late, but..."

[They hug an' stuff and the sequence ends. When Squall wakes back
up, the rest of his party members are there waiting.]

29. Esthar -- Presidential Palace                                        [WK29]

Irvine: "Back from your adventure, Squall?"

Edea: "There's something coming."

[A car comes out and a man steps out of the door.]

Man: "Sorceress Edea?"

Edea: "Yes. We came to see Dr. Odine."

Man: "...Please explain what this is regarding."

Edea: "Yes, of course."

Squall: "I want to see Ellone. Where is she?"

Man: "...Ellone?"

Squall: "Squall, calm down. Trust me. Let me handle this."

Man: "Please come with us."

[They all pile into the car and take a drive down the hi-tech streets
of Esthar. 

Irvine: "Geez, how far does this go...?

Man: "We'll be arriving at the Presidential Palace shortly."

Edea: "I hope Dr. Odine is there."

Irvine: "Esthar's president must be a real big shot."

[The party gets out and walks into the Presidential Palace. Edea
tells her story to the Aide.]

Edea: "...That is the very reason I am here. I seek the doctor's help.
      I wish to be free of Sorceress Ultimecia's control."

Doc Odine: "Zat will be easy."

[The doctor walks into the room.]

Doc Odine: "We just exorcise the sorceress. There iz nothing Odine
           cannot do."

Edea: "I leave everything in your hands."

[The man from the car ride speaks to Squall.]

Presidential Aide: "So you want to see Ellone?"

Squall: "Where is she? I have to bring Rinoa to her. We need to see
        Ellone, now!"

Doc Odine: "So, you will take Odine hostage!? You are a fool."

Squall: "I don't care! Just take me to Ellone!"

Doc Odine: "Do as he says. I give ze permission."

Presidential Aide: "...Very well."

[Odine walks to Rinoa, lying on a couch.]

Doc Odine: "But under one condition. You must let me observe this

Presidential Aide: "...Well? We would need time to prepare before we
                   take you to Ellone. So, you will leave the girl
                   with us until then?"

Edea: "Accept the offer, Squall."

Squall: "You better not do anything to Rinoa."

[Squall turns to leave.]

Presidential Aide: "We'll take the girl there. There's nothing to
                   worry about. Just head to [Lunar Gate]."

[As Squall turns to leave the city, he takes a last look.]

Squall: (What an incredible city.)

[With that, he sets out for the Lunar Gate.]

30. Lunar Gate & The Lunatic Pandora Over Esthar                         [WK30]

[The party goes to the Lunar Gate, and is greeted once inside by a
woman (who's called 'Lunar Gate'...?).]

Lunar Gate: "We've been expecting you. This way, please."

Doorman: "Whoa!"

[Angelo runs into the building and to Squall.]

Squall: (...It's gonna be ok. I'll take care of Rinoa.)

[Squall goes back to the woman.]

Squall: "...Lead the way, please."

[Inside the next door, a man in a lab coat waits.]

Lunar Gate Staff: "Are you the ones taking off?"

Squall: "Yes."

Lunar Gate Staff: "Ok, this way."

[They walk with the man and find the rest of the party members already
there, waiting to be instructed.]

Lunar Gate Staff: "Distance-wise, it's pretty far, but you'll be there
                  in no time. You'll be there by the time you wake up."

Squall: "Where are we going?"

Lunar Gate Staff: "Let me give you a quick explanation of the whole
                  process. First, we need you to enter the capsule
                  inside this pipe. Here, you'll undergo the 'cold
                  sleep' process. Once this process is complete, your
                  capsule will automatically be loaded into the
                  booster. After that, we launch. You should be there 
                  by the time you wake up. Leave the rest to the staff
                  once you get there. ...Well, that's about it in a
                  nutshell. I won't say there isn't a risk involved.
                  What do you want to do?"
                  R1 --> (...Space? Let me think about it)
                  R2 --> (...I'll do whatever it takes)

                  R1 (Squall): "...I think I need to prepare myself."

                  R2: "...Let's do it."

[Once R2 is chosen:]

Lunar Gate Staff: "Ok, you need to decide who you're taking. The girl
                  in blue has already undergone 'cold sleep' and has
                  been loaded in. There's room for 1 more."

Edea: "......... In the meantime, something must be done to suppress
      my powers..."

Quistis: "But it'd be too dangerous for Matron to be alone!"

Zell: "Then let me be her escort! C'mon Squall, what do you say!?"

Squall: (...Hmmm?)
        R1 --> (...Not too sure about that)
        R2 --> (...Trust Zell)

        R1: "Are you sure you can handle it...?"

            Zell: "Why can't it be ME!? Because I'm a Chicken-wuss!?
                  ...Then...let me prove it to you! I'm a SeeD, just
                  like you ARE!"

            Edea: "...I, too, would prefer Zell by my side. It would
                  give me a sense of security..."

            Quistis: "I have no objection to Zell remaining."

            Selphie: "Me, either!!!"

            Irvine: "Then it's decided, Squall."

            Squall: (.........) "Ok. I'll leave it in Zell's hands."

            Zell: "OHHHH YEAHHH! I'll do whatever it takes to watch
                  over you. Don't worry about a thing! Squall, don't
                  worry about us!"

            Squall: (...Matron is a sorceress. Don't forget that.)
                    "Ok, let me decide who's going."

        R2: "Ok. I'll leave it in Zell's hands."

            Zell: "OHHHH YEAHHH! I'll do whatever it takes to watch
                  over you. Don't worry about a thing! Squall, don't
                  worry about us!"

            Squall: (...Matron is a sorceress. Don't forget that.)
                    "Ok, let me decide who's going."

[Squall picks a party member. Zell and Edea cannot be chosen to go
into space on either option.]

Lunar Gate Staff: "Is this your party?"
                  R1 --> (...Yeah)
                  R2 --> (...Let me think it over)

                  R1: "Ok then, those who are going, get in."

                  R2: [Squall can switch members again. Once he's
                      picked the party members, he can't do it again.]

[The people heading for space enter a capsule, and the capsule is
loaded into one of the boosters. In the control room:]

Man: "All capsules are in place. Conditions inside the capsules are

Woman: "Boosters on standby. All systems normal."

Man: "Launch error correction, plus 2. Orbital correction, minus 1.
     Corrections complete."

Man 2: "Go!"

Woman 2: "Clear."

Woman: "Clear."

Man: "Clear."

[FMV. The capsule is shot revolver-style out of a tube and it flies
into space. The party members left behind talk amongst themselves.]

Zell: "Man, I hope everything goes well.

[-] Quistis: "I think they'll be alright."
[-] Irvine: "I think they're in good hands."
[-] Selphie: "They'll be fine!"

Edea: "Let's pray for their safe return. Ok, shall we go?"

[The dog runs off and the two party members besides Zell run off
after it.]

[-] Selphie: "Heeey, come back!
[-] Irvine: "Geez, what's up with her...?"
[-] Quistis: "Hey, stop!"

Zell: "What the...!? WHOOAA!!!"

[The facility shakes.]

Zell: "Let's go outside!"

[FMV. Outside, it shows the Lunatic Pandora floating over the base
the party's at, a large black monolith. This is what Laguna and
company were working on in the previous sequence, by the way.]

Zell: "What the hell is that!? It's humongous!"

[-] Selphie: "Isn't the [city] over there?"
[-] Irvine: "Say, wasn't the [city] in that direction?"
[-] Quistis: "I think the [city] is over there."

[-] Quistis: "Dr. Odine! He might be in danger!"
[-] Selphie: "Uh-oh! Dr. Odine might be in trouble!"
[-] Irvine: "That means what's-his-face, Dr. Odine might be in trouble."

Edea: "Zell, we'd better head for the [city] at once. Dr. Odine might
      know what's going on."

Zell: "Alright! Who's comin' with us!?"

[Squall takes along one of the members, sans Squall, Rinoa, and the
person brought along in the capsule. Back in Esthar, they seek out
Odine at his lab. A man blocks entrance.]

Research Assistant: "Are you here to see the doctor?"
                    R1 --> Yes
                    R2 --> No

                    R1: [See below.]

                    R2: [They aren't allowed to go in.]

[After R1:]

Research Assistant: "Dr. Odine is in a good mood right now. He hasn't
                    been this cheerful in quite a while."

[They're allowed to go in. The party gets on the 'plate' from before
and heads into Odine's office of sorts.]

Doc Odine: "Why iz Lunatic Pandora here now? Who iz moving zat thing?"

Doctor's Assistant: "Galbadians, sir. They're the ones that salvaged
                    it. We must sound the alert in the city now!"

Doc Odine: "It will not attack us. This city iz not ze target."

Doctor's Assistant: "I hope so... I hope you're right."

Doc Odine: "But Tears' Point...... Hmm?"

[He sees the party.]

Doc Odine: "So we meet again. This iz exiciting."

Zell: "What's so exciting about this!? This and that about Galbadia
      and all!?"

Doc Odine: "It has been a long time since I last saw Lunatic Pandora."

Zell: "That Lunatic...whatever, that big thing!? What the hell is 
      that!? What the hell is going on!?"

Doc Odine: "Oh! You vant to hear my story? Zat iz nice. I would be
           happy to tell you. I've been investigating ze Pandora since
           it was excavated. So we serviced it..."

Zell: "Grrrr......"

Doc Odine: "And investigated..."

Zell: "I don't care about that!"

Doc Odine: "Vat do you vant?"

Zell: "What's gonna happen? What do we do?"

Doc Odine: "Zat iz what I'm about to..."

Zell: "The enemy's comin', right!? And there's no time! We'll do
      somethin' about it! Just tell us what to do. Make it short."

Doc Odine: "Short, eh? Are you sure about zat? Zat iz too bad. Yes,
           this could be very bad. You vant to go inside to stop it?
           Then look at zis."

[A holographic map comes up of the Esthar continent.]

Doc Odine: "This is a map of the Esthar region. Lunatic Pandora's
           current location is here. Lunatic Pandora's expected
           course. It will undoubtedly pass over the city. Zoom in
           map. The city has 1 outer skyway and 2 main inner skyways,
           all leading to the palace. Lunatic Pandora will head east,
           from the vicinity of this lab toward the shopping mall. The
           time it will take to cross the city is estimated to be [20
           minutes]. Boarding Lunatic Pandora is possible at the 
           following 3 contact points: The first contact point is at
           the [center of the city]. It will arrive there 5 to 8
           minutes after it enters the city. That is equivalent to
           [15:00 to 12:00] left on your timer. The second contact
           point is unknown. We believe it is where the 2 skyways
           cross. Lunatic Pandora will arrive there 10 to 15 minutes
           after it enters the city. That is equivalent to [10:00 to
           5:00] left on your timer. The third contact point is [north
           of the shopping mall]. It will arrive there 17 minutes 
           after it enters the city. That is equivalent to [3:00 to
           0:00] left on your timer. End of briefing."

[The map display's taken off.]

Doc Odine: "Zat is how it goes. I give you this. Look at it with ([]).
           Ze problem iz..."

Zell: "Alright, alright...! We'll get goin'!"

Doc Odine: "I vant to talk some more......Ze culprit iz not Galbadia."

[The party runs outside.]

Zell: "Looks like it's here.

[The party finds guards lying on the ground near the streets.]

Zell: "Where is it? There it is! It's heading for the center!

[The party waits for it at the first contact point and sees it.]

Zell: ""

Edea: "....."

[-] Selphie: "We're supposed to what!?"
[-] Irvine: "We're supposed to get on this thing...?"
[-] Quistis: "Dr. Odine told us to get on, but...?"

[Some guards jump out of a door, but the party knocks them back 
into the last century. The door they came through is still open.]

Zell: "Now's our chance!"

[The party jumps aboard. They find a giant robot soon afterwards.]

Zell: "...The hell is that!? Well, no time to be ponderin'... Let's
      do it!!! Arghhh!"

[They rush at it and are blown back...then start floating in midair.]

Zell: "Arghhhh! M...My body... I can't move!?"

[*] Edea: "Ugh!!!"
[*] Zell: "Arggghhh......"
[*] Irvine: "A-AHHHH!"
[*] Selphie: "Noooooooooo!!!"
[*] Quistis: "Ahhhh!!!"

[The party is thrown out of the Lunatic Pandora, which is starting
to go invisible, and dropped off outside of town at the Sorceress
Memorial (?).]

Zell: "Dammit! ...Kills me to let'em go!"

[FMV. As the Lunatic Pandora passes over Tears' Point, many of the
'boxes' start to glow red. The entire middle of the Point starts to
resonate an evil red.]

Zell: "I guess we better fall back for now."

Edea: "The Lunar Cry..."

Zell: "Let's head back."

31. Lunar Base & The Ragnarok                                            [WK31]

[The view switches back to the capsule careening into space. At one
of the space station controls, a man sits at a desk.]

Controller A: "3 capsules are approaching. Shall we recover them?"

Man in Space Suit: "Of course. What do you expect?"

Controller A: "Are these the special personnel coming aboard?"

Man in Space Suit: "Yeah, I hope they don't cause any problems."

Controller B: "Shall we put troops on standby?"

Man in Space Suit: "I have a feeling we won't need to."

Controller A: "Then we'd better station them all the more. Capsule
              recovery team, initiate recovery process. Security, go
              to standby."

Man in Space Suit: "Thanks for the vote of confidence. Why do you
                   always play me like that? I'm gonna go check up on
                   Adel. Take care of the rest, will you?"

Controller A: "Yes, sir."

Controller B: "Yes, sir."

[FMV. Outside, the capsule is recovered by breaking through a bunch 
of holographic nets (?) which cancel its momentum. Spacemen go out
to recover them. The capsules are all brought aboard.]

Quick-Thaw Technician: "Initiating quick-thaw. It's gonna feel a bit
                       itchy. Ok, done."

[Squall, Rinoa, and the other team member all start floating around
in the zero-g space.]

Quick-Thaw Technician: "Lock on to rotation ring unit. Lock engaged.
                       Generating artificial gravity."

[Squall goes over to the lab tech who's appeared.]

Squall: "Here's the letter of introduction from Esthar's ambassador."

[A man inspects Rinoa.]

Medical Staff: "Wow... What is she, 17, 18...... Is she dead?"

Squall: "Don't touch her."

Piet: "I understand the situation. Let's get her to the med lab and
      we'll talk there. Please follow me."

[Piet's the man in the lab coat; Squall picks up Rinoa and follows
to the Med Lab. Rinoa's placed on a monitoring bed.]

Piet: "I've talked to my crew. Everything will be alright. Come, 
      let's go to the control room."

[Squall follows Piet to the control room.]

[*] Irvine: "Geez... What a view, eh, Squall?"
[*] Selphie: "Wow! We're like right by the moon!"
[*] Quistis: "My goodness! Look at how close we are to the moon!"

Controller: "This is no time to be impressed. Look at the monitor

[*] Selphie: "What, what?"
[*] Quistis: "This monitor?"
[*] Irvine: "What's goin' on?"

[Squall and his teammate go over. FMV. A camera zooms in on the
moon's surface and finds a large swelling of red masses.]

Squall: (...The hell is this!?)

[*] Quistis: "Monsters..."
[*] Selphie: "Ooh...gross! Are those all monsters?"
[*] Irvine: "Nasty! The monsters, they're everywhere. This is not good."

Controller: "The lunar world is a world of monsters. Didn't you
            learn that in school? As you can see, the monsters
            are gathering at one point. History's starting to
            repeat itself. The Lunar Cry is starting."

[Squall leaves and heads up to the second floor to see Ellone.]

Ellone: "Squall, I'm so happy to see you again."

Squall: "Me too."

Ellone: "I'm so sorry. I got you involved in so many much

Squall: "It's alright. I understand. I understand what you were 
        trying to do. Were we of any help?"

Ellone: "Of course! You were my eyes. Thanks to you guys, I was able
        to see how much I was loved. I couldn't change the past but
        seeing it was more than enough. Thank you so much."

Squall: "It's ok. I came here because I need your help. You said you
        can't change the past, right?"

Ellone: "You can find out things about the past that you never knew.
        And from what you've learned, you may see some things
        differently in the present. You'er the one that changes. Not
        the past."

Squall: "Really? There's no way to change the past? No, I want to
        find out myself. Take me to Rinoa's past. I need to see the
        past through Rinoa. I want to find out what happened to her,
        and I want to try to warn her..."

Ellone: "...You want to save her. You don't want to lose Rinoa.
        Squall, I can't. I don't know Rinoa. I told you I can only
        send people I know in the present into people I knew in the

Squall: "I brought Rinoa with me. She's resting in the med lab. 
        Please come with me."

[Squall escorts Ellone down the hallway, but an alarm goes off. The
player sees a scene where Rinoa gets out of her observation bed.]

Squall: "What's going on?"

Loudspeaker: "Red Alert! Red Alert! All units report to med lab. stat!"

Squall: "Med lab... Rinoa? I'll check it out! It doesn't look good.
        Ellone, you'd better go wait in the control room."

Ellone: "Okay. Be careful, alright?"

[-] Squall: "Selphie, take care of Ellone."
[-] Squall: "Irvine, keep an eye on Ellone."
[-] Squall: "Quistis, please take care of Ellone."

[-] Selphie: "OK!"
[-] Irvine: "Okay."
[-] Quistis: "Alright."

[Squall runs back to the med lab and sees Rinoa's limp body walking
the hallway, pushing an assistant against the wall. Squall gets the
same treatment.]

Squall: (......Rinoa. What happened to you?)

[Rinoa glides to the control room.]

[-] Selphie: "Squall, help Rinoa!"
[-] Irvine: "Squall, Rinoa's gone crazy!"
[-] Quistis: "Squall, something's wrong with Rinoa!?"

Ellone: "No!"

Squall: (......Rinoa?)

Piet: "That is Adel's Tomb's seal Deactivation Device."

Loudspeaker: "Adel's Tomb Level 1 Seal Deactivated. Level 1 Seal has
             been deactivated."

[Squall goes over and gets blown back again. Rinoa glides out.]

[-] Quistis: "Squall, look! The moon's surface is changing!"
[-] Irvine: "Hey, look! Stuff on the moon's going berserk!"
[-] Selphie: "Look, look! There's somethin' crazy happening on the moon!"

[FMV. The monsters gathering on the planet starts moving en masse.]

Squall: "It's overflowing with monsters."

Piet: "It's finally starting..."

Squall: "The Lunar Cry..."

Piet: "If that's the case, we definitely have to stop her. If she
      plans to free Adel, she'll have to go out there. The Level
      2 Seal is located on Adel's Tomb."

[Squall runs by a passageway and looks out into space.]

Crew Member: "Look! The moon!!!"

[FMV. The swelling covers a large part of the moon's surface, and
the collection of monsters builds so high that it breaks the gravity
of the satellite, cruising to the planet below in a steady stream.]

Crew Member: "Tons of monsters...! I...I believe they're headed for
             Tears' Point in Esthar..."

Researcher: "Then, that means Lunatic Pandora is at Tears' Point. 
            When did this happen!?"

Squall: "Have you seen a girl come by here?"

Crew Member: "Yes. She went into that locker room."

[Squall runs in and sees Rinoa behind a sealed division, already in
a spacesuit.]

Squall: "Rinoa!"

[Squall gets in a spacesuit of his own.]

Squall: (Rinoa!)

[Rinoa floats out of the bay door into space, passing by some
astronauts heading in.]

Person: "Huh? What's this? Who is it?"

Aide on the Left: "The flood of monsters is drawing near Adel's Tomb."

Aide on the Right: "At this rate, Adel's Tomb might fall somewhere
                   near Esthar!"

Panicky Gentleman: "Why is everything happening all at once? This is 
                   crazy! It's like someone planned the whole thing!
                   Who could've set this up?"

Squall: (...Sorceress Ultimecia...)

[The door closes and Squall can't exit. He runs back to the hallway.]

Aide: "It's much too dangerous now! We must leave Lunar Base at once!"

Aide: "We have to evacuate! Please hurry to the pod!"

President: "Forget about me, just go!"

Aide: "Please sir, we must hurry!"

[The Aides take the President away...]

President: "Ahhh!"

[...but he manages to tell Squall before getting drug out.]

President: "Hey, you! Take care of Ellone! Ughhh!"

[Squall beats it back to the control room.]

Piet: "Dammit, the seal's gonna be broken!"

[Out in space, Rinoa floats to the Tomb and decompresses Adel's 
chamber. FMV. Adel's Tomb falls into the monster stream of the Lunar
Cry and Rinoa's body is flung out into space.]

Squall "Rinoa!!!

Piet: "Come on. We have to evacuate! Now!"

[-] Irvine: "Geeez! Rinoa! Isn't there anything we can do!?"
[-] Quistis: "We can't leave Rinoa! We have to do something...!"
[-] Selphie: "What about Rinoa!? We can't just leave her! What are we
             gonna do!?"

Ellone: "Squall, you should be protecting Rinoa, not me. You're the
        only thing on her mind right now. She's calling you."

Squall: "Ellone, take me to Rinoa. Please."

Piet: "Next! Hurry!"

Ellone: "I don't know if I can send you. I don't know."

[They run to the escape pod. FMV. The Lunar Cry's red stream falls 
into the atmosphere and flattens out, covering the sky in a dark red. 
Adel's Tomb falls into the Lunatic Pandora safely. At the pod room,
everyone except Squall gets into a holding device.]

Squall: "GOD!!!!!! Rinoa is gonna die! ...I can't take it. Ellone,
        please. I've never felt this way in my life."

Ellone: "......"

Squall: "Take me to her past."

Ellone: "Ok. It may not work, but we'll try, ok?"

Piet: "Come on! We have to go now!"

[Squall gets into the fourth pod and they all take off, just as the
Lunar Base collides with the stream from the Lunar Cry and crumbles
underneath the sheer force. Meanwhile, Squall is taken back to the
not-so-distant past, when Rinoa and Irvine are escaping D-District

Rinoa: "Irvine, go back to the desert prison!"

Irvine: "No, it's your father's order. I'm taking you back to Deling
        City. Ouch! Are you crazy!?"

Rinoa: "We have to go back and help everybody!"

[Irvine pulls over.]

Irvine: "They'll be fine. I'm sure they can get outta there when the
        time comes."

Rinoa: "You don't know for sure. Squall might say 'but no one has
       ordered me to escape', and end up staying in there. We can't
       have that! We have to go help them! I don't care if I have to
       force you back!"

[She stuffs him back down into the truck.]

Irvine: "Ow...Ow...OUCH! Ok, ok... I'll go, I'll go!"

[The truck turns around and heads back to the prison. Ellone's vision
takes him past then, to a meeting of Zell and Rinoa in the cafeteria.]

Zell: "Squall's ring!? I dunno where he bought it."

Rinoa: "I want the same one. It looks really cool, doesn't it?"

Zell: "You mean the one with some monster carved on it?"

Rinoa: "YEAH!"

Zell: "Alright, how 'bout I make you one? I'm pretty good at that
      kinda stuff."

Rinoa: "Really!? Sure, OK!!!"

Zell: "Let's have Squall show us the real thing."

Rinoa: "...We can't do that."

Zell: "Why not?"

Rinoa: "...It's embarrassing."

Zell: "Say what? Oh..."

Rinoa: "No! It's not what you think!"

[The vision ends and the four are still in the pod.]

Squall: "Ellone, that wasn't it. That was too far back."

Ellone: "I'm sorry. Let me try again."

[She sends him back again.]

Squall: (Where am I...?)

[He's at the Galbadia Garden's auditorium again, after fighting Edea.
Seifer's body lies on the floor nearby.]

Squall: (You're...)

[Rinoa's body floats over and cradles him in a trance-like state
not unlike the one she just showed on the Lunar Base.]

Squall: (Rinoa...)

[Rinoa kisses Seifer (CPR?).]

Squall: (This isn't Rinoa!)

Rinoa: "Oh, my loyal knight, Seifer. The sorceress is alive... The
       sorceress demands."

Squall: (Ultimecia!? The future sorceress is inside Rinoa!? 
        ...Transferred from Edea? Where's Rinoa!!!?"

Rinoa: "Find the legendary Lunatic Pandora, said to be hidden beneath
       the ocean. Only then shall the sorceress provide you with 
       dreams again."

Squall: (Rinoa! Where are you!? Answer me!)

Seifer: "As you wish, Ultimecia."

Rinoa: (...Squall...I'm scared.)

Squall: (Rinoa!!!)

Ultimecia: "Who's there!? Get out!"

[Ellone's session into the past ends.]

Squall: "Rinoa!"

[Ellone drops out of her pod onto her knees.]

Squall: "Ellone!?"

Ellone: "Did you get to find out what happened to Rinoa? Were you able
        to change the past?"

Squall: "I couldn't do anything...... What should I do?"

Ellone: "I remember those eyes. You just looked at me with the same
        eyes you had when you were little. Those curious, innocent,
        puppy dog eyes. I loved those eyes."

Squall: "That's in the past."

Ellone: "That's right. What's important is right now. I finally
        realized that."

Squall: "I have to help Rinoa now. That's the only thing I can do,

Ellone: "Yes. Talk to her, Squall. Your voice may not reach her, but
        your heart will. Are you ready? I'm taking you to the nearest
        past... To the closest present to the future..."

[The view changes to Rinoa, drifting about in space. Her life support
is running dangerously low.]

Rinoa: (Am I...gonna make it...? How? I can't do anything. Drifting...
       endlessly. I'm helpless... No... I'm... That's it. I'm gonna...
       I'm gonna...die. Good bye. Squall...)

[Squall's thoughts reach Rinoa somehow.]

Squall: (Rinoa!!! No!!! Don't give up!!!)

Rinoa: (......?) 

Squall: (Can you hear me!? It's Squall... Rinoa!!! Rinoa!!!)

[Mini-FMV. Rinoa gets drowsy as she floats along.]

Squall: (Rinoa, come on! Try to remember! Rinoa, I'm right here with
        you! Listen to me!"

[Mini-FMV. She opens her eye to see Squall's ring.]

Rinoa: (I'm...still... .........alive? Squall...?)

[FMV. Rinoa presses a button on the outside of her spacesuit and
cues a backup oxygen supply. Meanwhile, in the escape pod, Squall
and Ellone are out of their holdings.]

Squall: "I'm gonna go find Rinoa."

Ellone: "You didn't need my help at all."

Squall: "Thanks, Sis."

[Squall grabs hold of a handle and it elevates him up. His teammate
gets out of his/her holdings and yells:]

[-] Quistis: "Wait! Come back!"
[-] Selphie: "My gosh! He's going!?"
[-] Irvine: "Y-You're going outside!? You're crazy!"

Piet: "Idiot! There's no way he can get back! He's insane! He's gonna
      run out of fuel and life-support in no time. They're both gonna

[Up at the top of the pod structure, Squall exits and moves to catch
Rinoa as she slowly drifts towards him.]

Squall: "Rinoa...... Where are you? I'm gonna find you, no matter
        what. I have to get in front of her... and catch her."

[Squall grabs her when she floats nearby, saving her from a cruel

Rinoa: "Squall...thank you. I heard your voice."

Squall: "...I can't believe it."

Rinoa: "Are we gonna make it?"

Squall: "Don't worry." (Out of fuel... Low on oxygen... What now?
        Die in space? I'm so helpless... I can't even save Rinoa?
        Come on, think!)

[FMV. A gigantic red ship floats aimlessly in the distance.]

Squall: "Rinoa, hold on..."

[The party floats to the ship and they swing into synch with its
turning axis. The word 'Esthar' is visible in the printing near the

Squall: (...There's air... ...Ok?)

[The two change out of their outfits and walk into the hallway. Rinoa
looks at Squall lovingly.]

Squall: (Wh...What?)

Rinoa: "Thank you, Squall. You rescued me again. I can't thank you

Squall: "Don't worry about it. I just did what I wanted to do."

[Rinoa opens her arms.]

Squall: (Now what?)

Rinoa: "The space suit was in our way before."

Squall: (Huh?)

Rinoa: "Give me a hug."

Squall: (...?)

Rinoa: "A real tight one! I need to know that I'm alive!"

Squall: (...Alive? We still have to get back.) "We may be alive right
        now... But look at our situation... You want to live, right?
        You want to go back and see everyone, right?"

Rinoa: "And not become other people's memories?"

Squall: "That's right."

[In the next room, the party spies a weird creature underneath the

Squall: "What the...?"

Rinoa: "AHH!" "(What is that...?)"

Squall: "(I don't know...)"

Rinoa: "Doesn't look like a very friendly creature."

Squall: "Let's just try to sneak by it." (...Better be ready for
        anything. Let me double-check my junction...)

[Squall and Rinoa cleanse the ship (Ragnarok) of the monster
infestation. They head up to the cockpit afterwards. The moon
rises into view as the ship rotates.]

Rinoa: "Wow!"

Squall: (I have this thing?)

[Rinoa goes over to a control panel.]

Rinoa: "Squall, it's trying to talk."

Squall: (Volume?)

Voice: "This is Esthar Airstation."

Squall: (It's...)

Voice: "Ragnarok, do you read? Ragnarok, do you read!?"

Squall: (...a radio signal.)

Voice: "This is Airstation. Do you copy?"

Squall: "This ship is the Ragnarok?"

Voice: "Whoa! Is this really the Ragnarok? You're in space, right?"

Squall: "Yeah but, I have no idea where we are."

Voice: "Roger that! We can track you from here."

Squall: (We can go home...?)

Voice: "Ragnarok... It's been 17 years!"

Squall: "Can we make it back?"

Voice: "Leave it to us! You should have enough fuel. Enter your 
       location into the atmospheric reentry program and you'll be
       ok. Once you enter the atmosphere, we can guide you down. 
       You'll be just fine."

Squall: "How do I enter the data?"

Voice: "No sweat. We'll take this step by step. Are you in the pilot

Squall: "There's too many seats here."

Voice: "It's the one on the right. Go sit there."

[Squall takes a seat.]

Squall: "Ok, I'm here."

Voice: "See the touch panel in front of you?"

Squall: "Yeah, I see it."

Voice: "The rest is easy. Just enter the following data."

Squall: "Go ahead."

Voice: "WJHEIE/..."

Squall: "Entered."

Voice: "Then... 2872/HD-IEU"

Squall: "Entered."

Voice: "No errors?"

Squall: "It's fine."

Voice: "Next, I'm sure you're ok, but there's something I need you
       to do. Turn off the gravity generator. This should save some
       fuel. Use the same touch panel to turn it off."

Squall: "Alright." (This must be it.) "Done."

Voice: "Congratulations. You're home free, Ragnarok. And... There's
       one more thing we need to tell you. From all of us at Ground
       Control, we wish you godspeed."

Squall: "Thanks."

[Squall turns off the gravity and Rinoa floats up.]

Rinoa: "Hey!?"

[Rinoa jumps into his lap.]

Squall: "Go sit over there. Put your seatbelt on."

Rinoa: "We'll be home soon?"

Squall: "Hopefully. Now go sit down."

Rinoa: "Just a little longer."

Squall: "Why are you holding onto me like this?"

Rinoa: "You don't like this, Squall?"

Squall: "Just not used to it."

Rinoa: "How about when you were little? Didn't you feel safe and
       secure being held by your parents?"

Squall: "I can't remember anything about my parents... But...Ellone
        was there for me. Ellone was there to hold my hand."

Rinoa: "Made you feel safe and secure?"

Squall: "Sure. But she left. Just disappered. I'm afraid.. Afraid of
        having that feeling of comfort taken away..."

Rinoa: "You were afraid of losing us? Is that why you kept your

Squall: "I was always alone...

Rinoa: "Squall... You missed out on all the good things in life.
       You've missed out on so much."

Squall: "...Maybe."

Rinoa: "Definitely. I like it like this. I liked having my mom hold
       me. My dad, too, back when we got along."

Squall: "I'm not your mom."

Rinoa: "No, of course not. But now... Squall you're the one who gives
       me the most comfort. Comfort and happiness... And annoyance
       and disappointment, too!"

Squall: "...Whatever."
Rinoa: "Whatever."

Squall: "You should get back to your seat now."

Rinoa: "Just a little longer."

Squall: (You'll be safer in your seat)

Rinoa: "We're gonna make it home, right?

Squall: "We can only hope."

Rinoa: "When we get back... We won't be able to stay together, huh?"

Squall: "Maybe... No one can predict the future, there are no
        guarantees. Those were your words, Rinoa."

Rinoa: "That's not that I meant."

Squall: "We'll figure out what to do once we get back."

Rinoa: "They'll all be be angry at me."

Squall: "Angry?"

Voice: "This is Airstation. Ragnarok, please respond."

Squall: "This is the Ragnarok."

Voice: "We have some questions for you. We're collecing escape pods.
       We have a good idea of what happened. I hear no one from Lunar
       Base is on the Ragnarok. How many of you are there?"

Squall: "Just two."

Voice: "...... Your names?"

Squall: "Squall. I'm a SeeD from Balamb Garden."

Voice: "And the other?"

Squall: "...Rinoa."

Voice: "Rinoa? The sorceress!?" She's on the ship!?"

Squall: (So... It's true? Rinoa is a sorceress?)

Rinoa: "I've...become a sorceress. I can't stay with you anymore,

Voice: "Respond, Ragnarok!"

Rinoa: "I don't want the future. I want the present to stand still.
       I want to stay here with you..."

Squall: (Rinoa...)

Voice: "Respond, Ragnarok!" 

Rinoa: "Nobody would want to be around me anymore..."

Voice: "The sorceress will be seized upon arrival. Be sure to follow
       the crew's instructions."

Rinoa: "I'm...scared."

Voice: "Squall, do you copy? Is the sorceress listening, too?"

Rinoa: "I'm scared, Squall. I don't wanna go back."

[On a blacked-out screen:]

Squall: (I don't know what to do... This is just another crossroad
        in my life. But, for the first time, I don't know which way
        to go. I've come this far because I've...fallen for you.
        ......Rinoa...... I just supposed to let you go?"

[The Ragnarok lands and an Esthar waits below as the two disembark.]

Person: "Sorceress Rinoa. Hyne's descendant."

Person 2: "Come with us. We must seal your power for the sake of the

Rinoa: "......All right."

Person: "Thank you for understanding. Tell us when you're ready."

[Rinoa turns to Squall.]

Rinoa: "...I should tell you this before I go. I was possessed out in
       space. There was a sorceress inside me. Ultimecia, a sorceress
       from the future. She's trying to achieve time compression. 
       She's the only one who would be able to exist in such a world.
       She, and no other. As long as I'm free, she'll continue to use
       me to accomplish her goal. I... We can't let that happen,
       right...? ...I should go now. ......I'm ready."

Person 2: "All right. We'll be heading to the Sorceress Memorial."

[Rinoa waves and starts to walk off.]

Squall: "Rinoa! Don't go!"

Rinoa: "......Thanks, Squall. But I have to go..."

Squall: (......Rinoa.)

Rinoa: "...... Oh... I still have your ring."

Squall: "You keep it."

Rinoa: "You sure?"

Squall: "Yeah..."

[Rinoa waves and walks off.]

Squall: (...This is what Rinoa decided. There's nothing I can do about

[Squall walks back onto the Ragnarok and takes a seat in one of the
rooms. The teammate he took into space runs in soon after. If Irvine
or Selphie runs in, Squall will say (first): "Irvine!" or "Selphie!"]

[-] Quistis: "I'm home."
[-] Irvine: "Hey, I'm back!"
[-] Selphie: "Whoo-hoo! I'm back!"

Squall: "How did you get here?"

[-] Irvine: "Ahh... I was just fiddling around inside the escape pod.
           Then the impact from the landing knocked me out for a while.
           When I came to, it was just me and Piet."
[-] Quistis: "Well... A lot of things happened. I was unconscious for a
             while after the escape pod touched down. When I came to, it
             was just me and Piet."
[-] Selphie: "It was soooo bad! The impact from the landing knocked me
             out cold. When I woke up, it was just me and Piet."

Squall: (Piet? Oh, the guy who escaped with us. What happened to

[-] Irvine: "No sign of Sis. I hope she's safe... Then after some time,
            the rescue crew from Esthar arrived. They told me about this
            ship, and about you and Rinoa. They gave me a ride over
[-] Quistis: "Ellone wasn't with us anymore. Not only that, there were
             signs of a struggle. I hope she's safe. The Esthar rescue
             crew brought me here. The rescue crew told us about this
             ship, and that you were all safe."
[-] Selphie: "Sis wasn't there. I hope she's all right... Piet said
             he'd wait for the rescue crew. I found a chocobo, so I
             went for a run, then I came upon this ship. And there
             you were, Squall!"

Squall: "I see."

[For Selphie, the next two lines are said only:]

Selphie: "Hey, does this ship fly? Does it move?"
Squall: "Who knows?"

[-] Irvine: "Squall...... When you jumped out into space, you got me
            thinking... I wondered whether I could do something like
            that. You were like a hero. Hey, so where's the heroine?"
[-] Quistis: "Squall...... When you jumped out into space, you didn't
             think about anything else, did you?" [Squall will reply 
             with "That's right."] "I wonder if there's anyone who'd do
             the same thing for me? Oh well... So where's the princess
             that changed the ever-cautous Squall?"
[-] Selphie: "Squall... That was so cool when you jumped out into space.
             Just like a hero from a storybook! Heeey, where's the

Squall: (Rinoa is......)

[Zell runs in with the teammates who weren't taken into space.]

Zell: "S'up Squall!!! So glad you're safe! I hate to tell you this
      now, but we've got major problems down here. Well, here it goes!
      Some big thing called Lunatic Pandora came out of nowhere. 
      Matron couldn't achieve what she set out to do because of it.
      Which is ok. Matron's not a sorceress anymore. Matron gave away
      her power to someone without realizing it."

Squall: (To Rinoa......)

Zell: "And, ah... Oh yeah, the Galbadian military is controlling
      Lunatic Pandora. They excavated it from the ocean where Esthar
      sank it years ago. Inside the Lunatic Pandora, there's this 
      thing called a 'Crystal Pillar'. It calls monsters from the
      moon. The monsters came falling from the moon. Total panic down
      here. It wasn't just monsters that came falling down. Sorceress
      Adel came down along with the machine that confined her. I guess
      the stream of falling monsters engulfed the machine. Lunatic
      Pandora caught Adel from that stream! Dr. Odine thinks that may
      have been Galbadia's true intent. Meaning..."

Squall: "Zell, that's enough for now."

Zell: "But Squall!"

Squall: "I know. I know we've got problems. But I can't think right

[-] Quistis: "What's wrong?"
[-] Irvine: "What's the matter?"
[-] Selphie: "What's wrong, Squall?"

Squall: "Rinoa is a sorceress now. She received Matron's powers. An
        escort from Esthar came to pick Rinoa up. Rinoa's in Esthar

Selphie: "We have to go get her!"

[Selphie bolts.]

Quistis: "Was she taken by force?"

Squall: "No. It was Rinoa's decision. She was scared about being a
        sorceress... Scared of being feared...hated... Scared that
        no one would want to be around her... She said she couldn't
        handle that."

[Irvine leaves.]

Quistis: "Didn't you try to stop her, Squall?"

Squall: "It was Rinoa's decision. What right do I have to object?"

Quistis: "Oh! Stop that! What are you talking about!? Why did you go
         all the way out into space to save Rinoa!? To hand her over
         to Esthar!? So that you might never see her again!? No, 
         right!? Wasn't it because you wanted to be with Rinoa? You're
         a fool."

Zell: "Seriously."

Squall: (A fool, huh?) "...Maybe." (What am I doing...? I may never
        get to hear Rinoa's voice ever again... What the hell am I
        doing? What can I do? ...Of course...)

Quistis: "Have you decided?"

Zell: "Heading to Esthar, right?"

Squall: "Pandora whatever and Sorceress Adel are out of my hands. I
        don't even know where to look for Sis. The only think I know
        is Rinoa. The only thing I want to do for sure right now is
        for Rinoa. We're going to get Rinoa back!"

[The ship rocks.]

Zell: "Whoa!"

Quistis: "Ahh!"

Zell: "Hey...!"

Quistis: "Ahh... Excuse me, we're flying?"

Zell: "I hope this ain't the case but, I can picture Selphie in the
      pilot seat, and..."

Quistis: "...Selphie screaming, 'Whoo-hoo, we're flying!' (And 
         standing next to her, a very excited Irvine...)

[The three head up to the cockpit.]

Selphie: "Whoo-hoo! We're flying!"

Irvine: "Selphie's just amazing!"

Squall: "You sure you can fly this?"

Selphie: "It just kinda took off! I don't know. It's pretty easy.
         I think it'll be fine. But there's no guarantee it won't

Squall: (No one can predict the future, right?) "Selphie, head for
        Esthar. She's probably at the [Sorceress Memorial]. We're
        gonna go rescue Rinoa."

[On the world map, the controls for the Ragnarok appear.]

Spaceship Controls
   ([])Forward (O):To cockpit
       (><):Get on/off

Directional button to go up/down/steer
Left stick to go up/down/steer
Right stick to go forward/back
[R2]:Change POV

32. Sorceress Memorial                                                   [WK32]

[The party jumps out at the Memorial's blocked entrance.]

Sentry: "You want to see your comrade off..."

Sentry 2: "I'll make an exception. Go ahead."

[The party runs into a control room filled with lab techs.]

Engineer: "What are you doing here!? This is a restricted area!"

Squall: "...To do what I should have done earlier. ...I'll never
        know unless I do it."

Engineer: "What are you talking about?"

Squall: "...I know what I want and what I have to do. ...There's 
        still a chance. I'm not gonna look back. I'm taking Rinoa
        with me."

Engineer: "What!? You must be joking. It's too late."

[Squall's two teammates brandish their weapons.]

[*] Zell: "Go, Squall!"
[*] Quistis: "Now's your chance!"
[*] Selphie: "Go get her, Squall!"
[*] Irvine: "Squall, come on! Go!"

[Squall runs to Rinoa, whose encased in a transparent orb-room.]

Squall: "Rinoa, hold on! I'll get you out in a sec!"

[Squall punches the machinery.]

Squall: "What am I supposed to do!? Come on!"

[Squall gives the panel a taste of his gunblade. FMV. Rinoa falls
out into his open arms as the broken cables steam around.]

Rinoa: "Squall, don't! I'm a sorceress."

Squall: "I don't care."

[A teammate who hadn't spoken yet yells from the other room:]

[*] Zell: "Squall! Rinoa!"
[*] Irvine: "Squall! Rinoa!"
[*] Quistis: "Rinoa! Squall!"
[*] Selphie: "Rinoa! Squall!"

Squall: "Let's go."

[Rinoa and Squall hightail it out, but the entrance is filled
with guards. A man walks up behind the guards...]

Man: "........."

[...and the guards back off.]

Squall: (That man... I've seen him before.)

[Squall leaves and the party gets on the Ragnarok.]

Quistis: "What's wrong, Rinoa?"

Rinoa: "I'm just a little...embarrassed."

Zell: "Why?"

Rinoa: "I was so set on staying in Esthar. But then, when you guys
       rescued me... It made me so happy, and..."

Irvine: "No need to be embarrassed!"

Selphie: "Yeah, happy is good."

Rinoa: "Thanks...everybody."

Zell: "Squall, you're awfully quiet. What's up?"

Squall: (I have a lot on my mind.)

Quistis: "As an expert Squall observer... He's thinking: what do we
         do now? Blah blah blah... If you think and worry too much,
         everything tends to turn bad. Squall. Why don't we just 
         picture a brighter future."

Squall: "...Whatever."

Zell: "But seriously, what do we do from here? I'm not really sure,
      but... Don't we have to do something about that 'Lunatic
      Pandora' in Esthar? After all, the Galbadians are controlling
      it. Which means Seifer is behind all this too, right?"

Squall: "Seifer is...Ultimecia's puppet."

Zell: "Yeah, and that Ultimecia! We can't let that sorceress from the
      future mess up our world! Let's go kick her ass! We're SeeDs!
      We're here to destroy sorceresses, right!!!?"

Squall: "ZELL!!!"

Zell: "...S-Sorry..."

Quistis: "So Squall...where we goin'?"

Rinoa: "Umm... Can we go to the orphanage you guys were talking about
       in Trabia?"

Quistis: "That place is in shambles."

Selphie: "There's nothing to see there."

Rinoa: "I want to stay away from places where there are lots of
       people... I'm a sorceress. If Ultimecia possesses me again..."

Squall: "Let's go. Head to [Edea's House]."

[The party jets to their old orphanage.]

33. Edea's House                                                         [WK33]

[Angelo runs to a spot near a field of flowers, leading Squall, Rinoa, and a
third party member. A conversation starts depending on which teammate you
bring (I'll list 'em):]

Selphie: "Hmm, I don't get it."
Squall: "Get what?"
Selphie: "I never imagined you two would end up together. I mean...
         you guys are complete opposites. So I didn't think Rinoa's
         straight-forward approach would work. I'm glad I was wrong!"
Rinoa: "What about you, Selphie?"
Selphie: "Oh, me? I just like being surrounded by lots of friends."


Irvine: "Ahh, this is good. This is very good!"
Squall: "What?"
Irvine: "See this bruise here? I had to put up with Rinoa's kicks
        and punches for you. So, seeing you two like this makes it
        all worth it."
Rinoa: "I'm sorry, Irvine."
Irvine: "Hey, don't worry about it. Okay, I'll leave you two alone


Quistis: "This place is beautiful."
Squall: "Yeah, the flower field... I forgot all about this place."
Quistis: "Rinoa forces herself into your world, no matter how many
         walls you put around yourself, Squall. I knew I couldn't
         compete with her. The only issue is whether you would make
         a place for her... And you did, pretty quickly."
Rinoa: "Who knows......"
Quistis: "You've changed, Squall. It's like Rinoa's the only one on
         your mind. Good thing this wasn't before the exam. I'll 
         leave you two alone, now."


Zell: "Oh... ...Sorry."
Squall: "About what?"
Zell: "I'm sure you want to be alone with her. So Squall... I never
      thought you were the roma... Ah, you know..."
Rinoa: "What about you, Zell? That girl in the library...?"
Zell: "What!? I don't know what you're talking about!"
Rinoa: "All the girls in the Garden know about it. I noticed right
       away, too."
Zell: "Hey, this isn't about me!"


[The third teammate leaves.]

Rinoa: "What'll become of me?"

Squall: "Don't worry about it. There've been many good sorceresses.
        Edea was one. You can be like her."

Rinoa: "But Edea's still... I can't guarantee anything, either, if
       Ultimecia possesses me again... You saw me. She controlled me
       in outer space and made me break Adel's seal. What might happen
       next time? What will I end up doing? Will I end up fighting
       everyone? ...Scary thought, isn't it?"

Squall: (Rinoa...... Even if you end up as the world's enemy, I'll...
        I'll be your knight.)

Rinoa: "If I fall under Ultimecia's control again... SeeD will come
       kill me, right? And the leader of SeeD is you, Squall... 
       Squall's sword will pierce my heart...... I guess it's ok if
       it's you, Squall. Nobody else. Squall, if that ever happens..."

Squall: "That's enough! I'll never do anything like that. The 
        sorceress I'm after is not you, Rinoa. My enemy is the
        sorceress from the future... Ultimecia."

Rinoa: "Ultimecia lives in the future and possesses me. She uses my
       body as her extension in this world. How? How will you save 

Squall: "I'll come up with something... There's gotta be a way."

Rinoa: "......"

Squall: "Don't worry. Trust me."

Rinoa: "...I trust you. Well, until you find a way, maybe... Maybe I
       should stay in Esthar, at that memorial? Wouldn't that be

Squall: "No... That'd be pointless. I'll just end up going after you
        again. Rinoa... Just stay close to me."

Rinoa: "Oh... Those words!"

Squall: "What?"

Rinoa: "That's what started everything."

Squall: "What are you talking about?"

Rinoa: "You don't remember?"

Squall: "Something I said?"

Rinoa: "Oh, just forget it!"

Squall: "No, it's because of the GF. That's why I forgot."

Rinoa: "That's just an excuse."

Squall: "Feeling better?"

Rinoa: "Yeah. Can I tell you a story? I had a dream. It was a scary
       dream. We make a promise. We promise to see shooting stars
       together. I get dressed up an put on your ring. But the thing
       is, I can't remember where I'm supposed to meet you. I start to
       panic. I really want to see you, Squall, but I don't know where
       to go. I start running through the mountains, the desert, the
       plains... Through Timber, Balamb, and Galbadia... When I 
       realize I can't run any longer... I...I just want to see you so
       badly... So I scream, Squall, where are you!? Then I woke up. I
       was crying. I'm sorry. You don't have to say anything. I just
       felt like I had to tell you."

Squall: "It was just a dream... It doesn't mean anything. Don't worry
        about it."

Rinoa: "...I guess you're right."

Squall: "How about this... I'll be here..."

Rinoa: "...Why?"

Squall: "The reason why you couldn't find me was because we haven't
        promised yet."

Rinoa: "Promised?"

Squall: "I'll be waiting for you. If you come here, you'll find me. I

Rinoa: "I'll be here, too. It's a promise! Thanks, Squall! Next time,
       we'll meet for sure!"

[Zell runs over.]

Zell: "Whoa! Sorry to interrupt! But it's an emergency. We got radio
      contact from Esthar's Presidential Palace. They have a plan to
      defeat Ultimecia. They want to hire SeeD to execute it."

Squall: "Might be a trap to get Rinoa back in Esthar."

Zell: "Oh, and ah... The guy we spoke to, his name's Kiros. Could he
      be...that Kiros?"

Squall: "Kiros is in Esthar's Presidential Palace? He wants to hire
        us? ...Alright, let's go."

[Edea shouts as the crew leaves.]

Edea: "Squall! There is something I must tell you. It is about me...
      Yes... I believe it was 13 years ago... This is where my story
      begins. I first became a sorceress when I was a child. And once
      again...13 years ago. That day...right here, I encountered a
      sorceress on the verge of death. I received her powers of my
      own will. That sorceress was an entity of fear for my children.
      I could not let her get to them. But... This turned out to be
      the beginning of my painful story. At this very minute, my 
      bitter story has ended. I now understand that there is an end,
      no matter how painful it may be. Therefore...Squall? You must
      fight to the end! Even though it may bring tragedy to others!"

[The party gets in the Ragnarok and heads for the Palace in Esthar.]

34. Esthar Presidential Palace                                           [WK34]

[At the palace, the party runs into the President's chamber. The man
who called off the guards at the Memorial is there, too.]

Squall: (Ward. Kiros. And that's probably...)

[The floor beneath them lights up.]

Squall: (What is up with this country?)

[Ward goes over to the third man.]

Ward: "......"

Man: "Oh, sure. Hey there!"

[The man runs over.]

Man: "Been wanting to meet you guys! You guys are the ones who were
     inside my head, right? Ellone told me. It was like there were
     some kind of waves running through my head. They gave us so much
     power during battle. We thought they were some kind of faeries
     flying over us. So I'm Laguna, President Laguna Loire of Esthar.
     Pleased to meet ya. If we weren't in a state of emergency, I'd
     talk to you some more, but... Well, whatever. Let's talk. What
     do you want to know?"

Kiros: "You'll never get going if President Laguna keeps talking. So
       why don't you guys throw out some questions, and he'll try to
       answer them."

[Squall steps forward.]

Laguna: "Man, you look way too serious."

Squall: "Whatever."
        R1 --> Explain the mission to defeat Ultimecia
        R2 --> Where's Ellone?
        R3 --> Tell me about Raine
        R4 --> What are you doing here?
        R5 --> Let me out of this room (opens after viewing 1 option)

        R1 (Laguna): "Ah, straight to the heart of the matter. Just
                     like a workaholic SeeD."

           Odine: "Iz it my turn?"

           [Odine enters.]

           Laguna: "Yeah. Make it short and easy to understand."

           Doc Odine: "I will talk however I vant! Egh, Sorceress Edea
                      told me everything. Sorceress Ultimecia comes 
                      from ze future to possess ze sorceress of 
                      present day. Meaning she leaves her body in ze
                      future and sends only her consciousness here.
                      Does zat sound familiar to you?"

           Squall: "It's like when Ellone sends our consciousness back
                   to the past."

           Doc Odine: "You're a smart one! My first guess was zat
                      someone in ze future with an ability like Ellone
                      was sending ze sorceress back here to our time.
                      But no! Zat is not ze answer. So how does ze
                      sorceress come back to this time...? You vant 
                      to hear how?
                      R6 --> Yes
                      R7 --> No 

        R2 (Laguna): "What the heck has he done with his life? Don't
                     you wonder? When Ellone was about 2, there was a
                     massive hunt for girls in Esthar. Esthar soldiers
                     came to Winhill and Elle's parents resisted. They
                     were killed on the spot. The massive hunt was to
                     find the successor for Esthar's ruler, Sorceress
                     Adel. Ellone was raised by Raine who lived next
                     door. And I came to know her. Then there was 
                     another massive hunt for a successor in Esthar
                     again. Elle was taken away, even though I was
                     there... It's the most painful episode of my
                     life. So I rescued her and sent her off to
                     Winhill. Shortly after that, Raine died. And
                     Ellone was sent straight to an orphanage."

           Squall: "Why didn't you go back to Winhill with her?"

           Laguna: "I wanted to! But I had my reasons. I found out
                   about this afterward, but... The reason why Ellone
                   had to leave the orphanage was because of her 
                   special power. Doc Odine wanted to do research on
                   Ellone's special power. He looked for her 
                   everywhere. The owners of the orphanage were Cid
                   Kramer and his wife Edea. You know them better 
                   than I do. The Kramers took Elle out of the
                   orphanage to protect her. They prepared a big ship
                   to accomodate her. Gracious of them, huh? After
                   awhile the ship turned into another orphanage and
                   Elle looked after all the kids. She said her life
                   on the ship was a happy one, but who knows...? I
                   don't know how she could've been happy on a ship.
                   She was on the ship for over 10 years. That ship
                   was attacked by Galbadia recently. Esthar's ship
                   rescued them, and she finally met up with me. It
                   was pure luck that we found her. I was out in
                   space at that time. Ellone followed me out to
                   space. Little Elle was all grown up... Then she 
                   told me everything."

           Squall: "Did she get back safely from space?"

           Laguna: "Our escape pod rescue team was a little late.
                   Ellone was taken into custody by Galbadia. She's
                   inside Lunatic Pandora. We're gonna rescue her. 
                   Help us out, ok? Phew......"

        R3 (Laguna): "Raine's story? Some other time, maybe. No... I
                     can't. It's too much for me to remember."

        R4 (Laguna): "You know what I've been doing all my life, 

           Squall: "You were a silly Galbadian soldier. I didn't like
                   your attitude at all. But I understood the bond
                   between the 3 of you. Then you changed, after you
                   went to Winhill. Then Ellone was abducted by Esthar
                   and you went on a journey. A journey to get Ellone
                   back. You wrote articles and appeared in movies to
                   get by. You were trying to find a way into Esthar.
                   You somehow got into Esthar and rescued Ellone."

           Laguna: "I got a lot of help along the way."

           Squall: "What I don't understand is... Why are you the

           Laguna: "Wanna know? It's a long story."
                   R8 --> (Let's hear it)
                   R9 --> (Don't have time for it)

        R5 (Laguna): "Yeah, sure. I'll be waiting for good news!"

        R6 (Doc Odine): "Eghhhhhh! I kept this a secret to surprise
                        you. It iz because of me, Odine! I researched
                        Ellone's power long ago. I made out a pattern
                        from ze electric current running through 
                        Ellone's brain. Once ze pattern was determined,
                        it was easy to mechanize. It may only be a toy
                        right now, but in ze time of Ultimecia, it iz
                        an impressive working machine! Which means
                        there iz a machine which imitates Ellone's
                        power. It iz I who made ze first model of zat
                        machine. I named ze machine 'Junction Machine
                        Ellone'! It iz a vonderful thing to know that
                        my invention is used in ze future!"

           Squall: "Junction Machine Ellone."

           Laguna: "That's about it."

           Squall: "So Sorceress Ultimecia came to know about Ellone,
                   from that machine."

           Laguna: "And Elle became Ultimecia's target. You can't
                   blame Odine. It's useless."

           Doc Odine: "You vant to go outside!? You vant to 
                      fisticuffs!? Ok, we continue ze story! Let's
                      see... [Segway into R7, at 'There iz only...'

        R7 (Doc Odine): "Zat is too bad. Let's see... There iz only
                        only one way to defeat Ultimecia. You must
                        kill her in ze future. There iz nothing we
                        can do unless we go to ze future. There is no
                        normal way to jump to ze future under normal
                        circumstances. But there iz still a way! It iz
                        because Sorceress Ultimecia plans to compress
                        time. Compressing time with magic... Vat good
                        will it do for ze sorceress to compress time?
                        There may be many reasons, but it doesn't
                        matter. Let's just figure out vat Ultimecia is
                        up to. In order for Ultimecia to exist in this
                        time, she must take over ze body of a sorceress
                        from ze present. But ze machine must have a
                        limit. Ultimecia probably needs to go back 
                        further in time to achieve time compression.
                        Only Ellone can take her back further into ze
                        past. Zat iz why she iz desperately seeking
                        her. We must take advantage of Ellone's power.
                        There are 2 sorceresses in our time. Sorceress
                        Rinoa and Sorceress Adel. Of ze two, Adel has
                        not awakened yet. Once regeneration is
                        completed, neither Laguna nor I will be safe.
                        Sorceress Adel is probably in ze process of
                        awakening inside Lunatic Pandora. Ultimecia
                        will want to possess Adel, if Adel wakes up.
                        Zat vill be a horrible event. Adel iz a 
                        horrible sorceress. If Adel's consciousness
                        wins over Ultimecia, Adel will first destroy
                        this era. So we must use Sorceress Rinoa to
                        inherit Ultimecia's powers. Zat's all for ze
                        mission briefing. First, go to Lunatic Pandora.
                        Ellone's probably being held captive inside, so
                        rescue her first. Then kill Sorceress Adel 
                        before ze awakening process is completed. Now,
                        we're left with Rinoa as ze only sorceress of
                        this era. Then wait for Ultimecia to possess
                        Rinoa. When Ultimecia arrives, it's Ellone's
                        turn. Ellone will send Rinoa back to ze past
                        with Ultimecia. Ellone will have to send Rinoa
                        and Ultimecia inside another sorceress she 
                        knows in the past. Edea or Adel... Zat's up to
                        Ellone. Once Ultimecia iz in ze past, she'll
                        use ze time compressoin magic. We'll see some
                        influence here. I don't know vat kind of
                        influence, but once Ellone feels it, she'll
                        cut Rinoa and Ultimecia off from ze past. Rinoa
                        will come back to this world. Ultimecia also 
                        goes back to her own world. Vat would be left
                        is ze time compressed world. Past, present, and
                        future will all get mixed together. You will 
                        keep moving through ze time compression toward
                        ze future. Once you're out of ze time
                        compression, zat will be Ultimecia's world. 
                        It's all up to you after zat." 

        R8 (Laguna): "You wanna hear it? Really? Okay, I'll tell you.
                     I only set out to rescue Ellone, but of course
                     that wasn't the end of the story. It's a country
                     ruled by Sorceress Adel with the ingenious yet
                     inhumane Odine. Both of them were interested in
                     Ellone. We couldn't just pack up and leave."

           [Flashback to O-Lab, with Odine, Laguna, and li'l Ellone.]

           Odine: "Adel will be angry. My research will be kaput!"

           Narrative: Odine only thought about his research. But,
                      while researching under Adel's orders, he was
                      still making many inventions...

           [The Sorceress Memorial is shown.]
           Narrative: It was a device to seal magic (Sealing Facility).
                      Maybe Adel can be defeated. I owed a big favor to
                      the Adel resistance who helped me rescue Ellone.
                      I spoke with my comrades. Two issues came up. 
                      First... Stopping the Crystal Pillar from calling
                      monsters from the moon and destroying everything
                      like what happened in Centra. Second... Freeing
                      Esthar from Adel's hands. We planned and planned.
                      Based on my brilliant ideas, of course.

           [The Lunatic Pandora Research Facility is shown.]

           Laguna: "We're back... Back in the Lunatic Pandora Research
                   Facility. There is only one goal... Following
                   Odine's instructions, we operated the panels and
                   moved the Crystal Pillar. We set the course and the
                   stop point in the ocean, and...goodbye."

           [Lunatic Pandora moves out of sight.]

           Laguna "Whoa!"

           Narrative: That was easy. But...we were found out. So we
                      gathered for a final battle to lure Adel. Adel
                      appeared as we expected."

           [Cut to the Memorial; Adel stands at the foot.]

           Adel: "What is going on?"

           Laguna: "We hunted down the culprit who moved the Crystal

           Adel: "Where?"

           Laguna: "Inside there. Ellone's been taken hostage."

           Narrative: I knew she would go in right away if I mentioned

           [Inside, Ellone is in the same transparent orb-room that
           Rinoa was only a little while before.]

           Adel: "You thought I would fall for that trick?"

           Narrative: Adel realized that Ellone was a hologram......
                      But... It was too late.

           Laguna: "Yeah... Of course. My plans are... always...
                   Perfect!!! Kiros!!! Ward!!! Now!!!"

           [Laguna pushes her into the orb-room and seals her.]

           Laguna: "Ha ha ha! Piece of cake!"

           Narrative: Adel was careless. She may be a sorceress, but
                      after all, she was human. We succeeded... But...
                      we couldn't keep such a dangerous sorceress 
                      around as a trophy. We had to do something...
                      So...we decided to send her far, far away... 
                      Some place very far... Into outer space..."

           [FMV. The Ragnarok lifts off with two like ships and hoists
           the trapped sorceress' device into space. The story ends.]

           Laguna: "That about wraps that part up. But the real work
                   began after that. A fierce debate ensued about who
                   should govern this country after Adel was gone. I
                   wasn't paying close attention while they made me up
                   to be this hero of the revolution, and I ended up
                   being president. Odine made a lot of noise about
                   wanting to do research on Ellone. It was a mistake
                   to send Ellone alone back to Raine. Raine died, and
                   Elle was sent to the orphanage. If I had only gone
                   to Winhill with Elle... I would've bee able to see
                   Raine one last time. Raine was dead. Ellone, 
                   missing. My job kept me busy. I was left here 
                   thinking about this and that and before I knew it,
                   all this time had passed. Well, that's about it."

        R9 (Laguna): "No story then. I can't make it short."

[After Odine's briefing:]

Laguna: "So you were briefed about the mission? I don't really
        understand it, either. Will you do it?"
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> I have questions

        R1: [See below.]
        R2: [Squall can ask the previous five questions again, except
            this time Laguna will answer R1, like so:] "I don't
            understand the mission completely, either, but it seems
            like the only option. 

            1 Rescue Ellone.
            2 Stop Sorceress Adel's awakening.
            3 Wait for Ultimecia to possess Rinoa.
            4 Ellone sends Rinoa and Ultimecia to the past.
            5 Time compression begins.
            6 Get Rinoa back to this world.
            7 Go toward the future in compressed time.
            8 Defeat Ultimecia!!!
            9 Victory is ours... That's it."

[After accepting the mission (R1):]

Laguna: "Alright!!! Let's go! We'll get aboard Ragnarok! Let's do
        the final briefing in there! I always wanted to ride that
        thing. Plus the name sounds so cool!"

[Everyone climbs aboard the Ragnarok and meets in the sitting room.]

Laguna: "Alright! Everyone! From here, we go straight to our final
        target, Ultimecia! Let's go over the plan again. First, enter
        [Lunatic Pandora] and rescue Ellone! Next, you [fight
        Sorceress Adel]! It'll be a surprise attack. Show no mercy.
        Now, here comes the tricky part! Adel will need to pass on her
        powers before being defeated. Rinoa, will you be willing to
        accept them?"

Rinoa: "Yes!"

Laguna: "Good! Next, we [wait] for Sorceress Ultimecia to possess 
        Rinoa! This'll be hard on you, Rinoa, but will you do it?"

Rinoa: "...Yes."

Laguna: "That's the spirit! Then, Ellone sends Rinoa and [Ultimecia
        to the past]! Ellone [brings back Rinoa]! Then, [head to the
        future through compressed time]! Ultimecia lives far in the
        future where none of us can technically exist. There's only
        one way to make yourself exist in a world like that! As 
        friends, don't forget one another! As friends, believe in one
        another! Believe in your friends' existence! And they'll also
        believe in yours. To be friends, to like one another, and to
        love one another... You can't do these things alone. You need
        somebody. Right, guys? What place reminds you of your friends?
        Imagine being in that place with all your friends. Once time
        compression begins, think of that place and try to get there!
        That's all! That place will welcome you. You'll be able to get
        there no matter what period you're in! You need love and
        friendship for this mission! And the courage to believe it.
        It's all about love, friendship, and courage! I'm counting on
        you guys!"

[The party leaves except for Squall.]

Squall: "Love and friendship and all that sounds corny, but everyone
        seems to be up for it."

Laguna: "You think it'll succeed?"

Squall: "We'll try."

[The party heads for Lunatic Pandora.]

35. Lunatic Pandora                                                      [WK35]

[The party regroups in the cockpit before heading in.]

Zell: "Here we go! Let's bust in there!"

Quistis: "I wonder if we can get through."

Irvine: "Ahh, don't worry about it."

Quistis: "Are the machine guns and main cannon ready?"

Selphie: "Rrready! Let's just fire like crazy and make a big hole,

[FMV. The Ragnarok fires at the outer shield of the structure, but
gets repelled by a forcefield. They ram into it in an attempt to get

Irvine: "Shields!"

Selphie: "WHOO-HOOO!!!"

[FMV. The nose of the Ragnarok breaks through and the rest follows,
machine guns blazing. After a few shots at the second layer, the main
cannon blows a gigantic hole in the Pandora. Using its large claws,
the ship digs in. The party runs out and hears a voice coming.]

Voice: "Big sound, this way. It's probably them, ya know?"


Squall: (That voice...)

[Raijin and Fujin run over.]

Raijin: "Ahhhhhh! It IS Squall, ya know!?"


Raijin: "That's right. Hand over Rinoa, ya know!?"

Squall: "No! I'll never hand over Rinoa! And we're taking Ellone! I
        won't let you resurrect Adel, either!!!"

Raijin: "You're greedy, ya know! Not fair, ya know!?"


Raijin: "She's right, ya know!? Let's go!

[The battle starts.]

Raijin: "See, just like I said, ya know?"

Fujin: "......"

[After a few hits:]

Raijin: "Not bad, Squall! I see why you're Seifer's rival!

[When each is defeated:]

Raijin: "I...I lost again, ya know...
Fujin: "CALLOUS..."

[Raijin and Fujin lose the battle, expectedly.]


Raijin: "R-R-Right! We're not through yet, ya know!"

[The party goes back into the depths and finds Raijin and Fujin on
a walkway, waiting for them.]

Raijin: "We meet again, ya know!? We'll take you on, ya know!?"


Raijin: "That's right! We have a surprise, ya know!"

[A big robot drops down to fight the party as the two run off. They
defeat the Mobile Type 8 after awhile and give chase. In the next
room, Seifer, Fujin, Raijin, and Ellone stand, the latter captive.]

Squall: "We've come to take back Ellone."

Seifer: "Looks like we got company. Show'em your hospitality."

[Raijin starts to step forward.]

Fujin: "RAIJIN, STOP!"

Seifer: "What's up?"

Raijin: "We've had enough, ya know..."

[Fujin pushes Ellone.]

Fujin: "GO."

Squall: "Wait outside. Laguna should be here soon."

[Ellone flees.]

Seifer: "Hey, hey... Come on people."

Raijin: "Seifer, we're quittin', ya know? Don't know what's right
        anymore, ya know..."

Seifer: "Exactly my thoughts. I thought we were a posse."

Fujin: "POSSE... We are. We always will be. Because we're a posse,
       we want to help you. Whatever it takes to fulfill your dream,
       we're willing to do. But... You're being manipulated, Seifer.
       You've lost yourself and your dream. You're just eating out of
       someone's hand. We want the old you back! Since we can't get
       through to you, all we have now to rely on is Squall! It's
       sad... Sad that we only have Squall to rely on... Seifer! Are
       you still gonna keep goin'?"

Seifer: "Raijin, Fujin! It's been fun!"

[The two leave. Seifer jumps down to where Squall's party is.]

Squall: "Are you gonna continue with this knight thing?"

Seifer: "The knight has retired. I guess you could call me a young

Squall: "What do you think you're doing?"

Seifer: "I've always gotta be doing somethin' BIG! I don't wanna stop.
        I'm gonna keep running! I've come this far... I'm gonna make
        it to the end, to the goal! There's no way I'm sharing it with

[The battle starts and Odin appears (if you have it), but Seifer cuts
him in half (!?). The sword flies up into the clouds and someone else
catches it...]

Squall: "Odin...!?"

Seifer: "Hah, I won't go down that easy. Show me what you go, Squall!
        Let me add another scar for ya!"

[The party starts fighting and, after awhile, a man in red appears
from out of nowhere, holding Odin's sword.]

??????: "You gave me the 4th one... Huh? Was it you...? Then dodge
        my sword! Eat this!!!"

[The man in red fires a whirlwind at Seifer, who's blown back.]

Seifer: "Ergwahhhh!!!"

??????: "Where is the dimensional interval...?

[The man in red fades away and the battle ends. Seifer lies face-down
on the ground in front of everyone.]

Rinoa: "Seifer..."

[She walks away. Seifer jumps up as she leaves.]

Seifer: "Not yet! It's not over yet, Squall!!!"

[He runs after Rinoa. In the other room, she yells:]

Rinoa: "Squall!!!"

Squall: "Rinoa!?"

[Zell runs in.]

Zell: "Squall! Seifer's got Rinoa!"

Squall: "Let's just go after Seifer!"

[Upstairs, Seifer drags Rinoa towards Adel's Tomb.]

Rinoa: "Seifer! Stop it! Haven't you done enough!? I know you're not
       like that!"

Seifer: "Can't go back now! I can't go anywhere! The sorceresses as
        one! That is Ultimecia's WISH!"

Rinoa: "......Seifer."

         ######  # ###### #####      ######     ###### #### # ######
         ##    # # #      #                #    ##     # ## # ##    #
         ##    # # ###### #            ####     #####  # ## # ##    #
         ##    # #      # #                #    ##     # ## # ##    #
         ######  # ###### #####      ######     ###### # #### ######

36. Lunatic Pandora, Pt. II                                              [WK36]

[The party runs from the site of their last battle up into the Crystal
Pillar where Adel's Tomb is now located. Rinoa repeats her last line
from the end of Disc 2:]

Rinoa: "......Seifer. No more... Please?"

Seifer: "Rinoa..."

[Squall runs into the room just then.]

Squall: "Seifer!!! NO!"

Seifer: "Rinoa and Adel! The sorceresses as one! Watch closely, 

[FMV. Seifer pushes Rinoa to Adel, who breaks out of her tomb grabs
her. The battle against Adel starts immediately, with one ally 

Selphie: "We have to save Rinoa!"

Squall: "Just go for Adel!"

[The party cuts a path through Adel. Just then, Rinoa starts to
receive the sorceress' powers. Laguna and Ellone enter.]

Laguna: "Ellone, now's your chance!"

[Ellone works her magic and Rinoa collapses.]

Laguna: "Ok, Ellone. Just get Rinoa back.]

[Ellone does the process again and Rinoa gets up.]

Rinoa: "I...was inside Adel... The young Adel..."

Laguna: "Ultimecia's inside Adel. Exactly as she wanted. Ok, this is
        the showdown folks! Time compression is about to begin. 'Love,
        friendship, and courage'! Show'em what you got!"

[FMV. The entire room starts to bubble and twist and drops of the
Lunatic Pandora fly through the air like water. The party plummets
out, entering the water.]

Quistis: "Where are we supposed to go!?"

Squall: "To Edea's house!"

Rinoa: "I'll... Probably disappear.."

Squall: "Just stay by my side. I won't let you disappear!!!"

[FMV. The party falls out of the ocean and down through the sky again,
which changes into a warp vortex of sorts. Finally, the party lands in
a room with a save point. After that, they fight their way through 
time, battling different sorceresses. They arrive at the orphanage 
afterwards and walk to its beach. Suddenly, the location shows the
aftermath of a battle, with dead SeeDs around -- offshore, tied to
the beach by chains, is a large castle.]

Squall: "...Future SeeDs... We're fighting across generations."

[FMV. Ultimecia's castle sparks ominously above.]

Squall: "Ultimecia's reign... We have to end it now.

[As they arrive on the castle steps, the rest of the party appears.]

Squall: "Good. We all made it."

Zell: "...Whoa...! So this is her castle?"

Selphie: "Finally."

Irvine: "I've never seen anything so creepy. You think what's-her-
        -face really lives here?"

Rinoa: "We've come this far. She's gotta be here."

Quistis: "So this is the future... This is where Ultimecia reigns..."

Squall: "I don't know what's going on. But since we're still here, I
        think we still have some time to finish our job."

Quistis: "What are we going to do, Squall?"

Squall: "We'll divide into two parties."

[Squall divides everyone up and they enter the castle.]

37. Ultimecia Castle                                                     [WK37]

Narrative: The parties' powers have been sealed by Ultimecia's
           servants. The following powers have been sealed: [Item]
           [Magic] [GF] [Draw] [Command Ability] [Limit Break]
           [Resurrection] [Save] The powers will be sealed while the
           parties are inside the castle.

[Whenever you fight a boss, it will say:]

Creature: Face my wrath for seeking thy sealed power...

[Through the clock tower, the party comes to a door, knowing Ultimecia
is behind it.]

Squall: (This is it... Ultimecia is here. But our powers are still
        sealed. Can we do it?)
        R1 --> (I don't care. Fight her now)
        R2 --> (Take care of unfinished matters first)

        R1: [They enter.]
        R2: [They don't enter.]

[Behind the door is Ultimecia, lying in wait. All of the party is now
present, at the foot of her throne.]

Sorceress Ultimecia: "...SeeD... SeeD......SeeD...... SeeD, SeeD, SeeD!
                     Kurse all SeeDs. Swarming like lokusts akross
                     generations. You disgust me. The world was on the
                     brink of that ever-elusive 'time kompression'.
                     Insolent fools! Your vain krusade ends here,
                     SeeDs. The price for your meddling is death beyond
                     death. I shall send you to a dimension beyond your
                     imagining. There, I will reign, and you will be my
                     slaves for eternity. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Whom shall
                     I exterminate first!? I'll start with you three!"

[The party defeats Ultimecia, but it's only her first form. She floats
in the air and shimmers with spiritual energy.]

Sorceress Ultimecia: "The most powerful GF... ...You shall...
                     ...SUFFER...! HAHAHA..."

[She summons Griever, the GF from Squall's necklace (!?).]

Sorceress Ultimecia: "The GF's true power... To show you...! Griever!
                     Make them bleed!"

[Griever uses Shockwave Pulsar, but the party rebounds and defeats him.
Of course, the show ain't over yet -- Ultimecia speaks again.]

Sorceress Ultimecia: "I shall junction myself... ...Unto Griever!"

[They defeat the junctioned Ultimecia. ^___^]

Sorceress Ultimecia: "Rghaah..."

[Ultimecia disappears and the battlefield goes black. Have they won...?
Nope! A demonic Ultimecia makes her appearance...her last appearance,
that is.]

Ultimecia: "I am Ultimecia. Time shall compress... ...All existence

[As the party's wailing on her weakens the form, she starts leaving
speech snippets:]

Ultimecia: "Reflect on your... Childhood..."
Ultimecia: "Your sensation... Your words... Your emotions..."
Ultimecia: "Time... It will not wait..."
Ultimecia: "No matter... hard you hold on. It escapes you..."
Ultimecia: "And..."

[They finally defeat Ultimecia once and for all. There is only a white
room, now, and everyone is running around in it except Squall.]

Irvine: "Is it over? Let's go! Let's go back to our time!"

Selphie: Shut up! Just calm down and think where we have to go."

Zell: "Careful guys! Don't pick the wrong time!" 

Quistis: "Whatever you do, don't fall into a time warp!"

[They run off-screen and Rinoa is shown, running around by herself.]

Rinoa: " I wanna be with... I wanna go there! Where
       Squall and I promised. Squall!"

[Squall is also shown alone, in a black room. Rinoa's voice peals.]

Rinoa: "Squall! Let's go home! Where are you!?"

(...Where am I?)

Rinoa: "Squall! Where are you doing!?"

[The child Squall runs in.]

Li'l Squall: "I'm gonna find Sis!"

[The screen fades into the lighthouse orphanage, intact because it
is in the past.]

Edea: "Squall!" 

Squall: (...Matron.)

Edea: "Excuse me. Have you seen a little boy?"

Squall: "You don't have to worry. The boy won't go anywhere."

Edea: "I think so, too. Poor thing..."

[A fatally-wounded Ultimecia appears, and staggers towards the two.]

Squall: "...You're alive!?"

Edea: "...The sorceress?"

Squall: "Yes, Matron. We had defeated her... Matron, stand back."

Edea: "It's ok. There's no more need to fight. That sorceress is just
      looking for someone to pass her powers on to. In order to die in
      peace, a sorceress must be free of all her powers. I know...for
      I am one, too. I shall take that sorceress' powers. I don't
      want one of the children to become one.

Ultimecia: "I...can't...disappear yet."

[Ultimecia passes her powers onto Edea and dies, sinking away.]

Squall: "Matron!"

Edea: "Is this..the end?"

Squall: "...Most likely."

Edea: "You called me Matron. Who...are you?"

Squall: "A SeeD. A SeeD from Balamb Garden.

Edea: "SeeD? Garden?"

Squall: "Both Garden and SeeD were your ideas. Garden trains SeeDs.
        SeeDs are trained to defeat the sorceress."

Edea: "What are you saying? You're...that boy from the future?"

Squall: "...Matron."

Edea: "Please return. You do not belong here."

[The li'l Squall runs back.]

Li'l Squall: "...I can't find Sis. ...Am I...all alone? Who's he?"

Edea: "Nobody. You don't need to know. The only squall permitted here
      is you. Do you know where to go back to? Do you know how? Will
      you be all right by yoursefl?

[Squall does the SeeD salute.]

Squall: (...I'll be all right, Matron. Because I'm not alone.)

[The screen fades to black. Squall is still there, and hasn't been
joined by anyone yet.]

Squall: (...I'm not alone. ...If I call out, they will answer.) Where
        is everyone!? Rinoa! Where are you! Rinoa! Zell! Irvine!
        Quistis! Selphie!" (...Am I...alone? Rinoa? I want to hear your
        voice. Which I go? I can't make it back...alone. 
        Rinoa? Am I...all alone again? I?)

[FMV. Squall walks alone on the desert which stretches for miles and
miles. This is where he lands after time compression.  All alone,
he starts walking for what seems like months. He finally arrives
at a cliff and finds the path has crumbled behind him.  Rinoa is
looking for him elsewhere, running in a flower field. She
clutches his ring; Squall finds a feather in the sky, floating
down to him. He can see her in the flower field and calls out to
her.  She turns around to him but is distorted by time
compression. She disappears from the scenes that replay, and then
more scenes play from the game, in montage fashion. 

A feather floats down to a white room.  In the desert, Rinoa finds
Squall as "Eyes on Me" plays. Squall is lying on his back, lifeless.
Rinoa cradles him and starts to cry. As she hugs him, the desert turns
into a flower field with petals blowing all over. The dark clouds are
pushed back and the sunshine opens. Feathers flies around and at FH,
Seifer is shown fishing. Nothing is biting, but Raijin catches some
fish (he should have practice, no?) and makes Seifer jealous. Seifer
laughs as Fujin kicks him into the water. They all watch the garden fly
overhead and Seifer smiles a little. Off on a grassy hillside somewhere,
a feather floats down by Laguna, who looks at his ring finger.  He
remembers the past and Raine is there behind him. He puts a ring on her
finger and holds up to show a ring on his finger, eliciting a loving
embrace from her. In the present, he walks to Raine's grave which shows
her with his surname. Behind him, Ellone is there, running to him. Kiros
and Ward are there, too. The garden flies overhead, and a sweeping cloud
of flower petals envelop the hillside. Laguna watches it pass into the
distance and the credits start to play and a video of the next Garden
Festival does, too.

At a festival, Irvine is dancing with Quistis who is just watching him.
Selphie puts the camera on her, and she waves. Irvine moves into view
and puts his arm around Quistis, causing her to push him away and walk
off. She goes to Headmaster Cid, who's having a good time. They start
talking. The view goes to Matron who walks over to Cid and Quistis. They
nestle together, and Irvine takes off his hat and bows to the couple. 
Irvine takes over the camera and Selphie is wearing his cowboy hat. He
scopes out some SeeD chicks and Selphie gets angry. She walks away with
Quistis, and they laugh at Zell who is pigging out on hotdogs by the
pig-tailed library girl. He starts to choke and they rush and all three
rush to pat him on the back. Zell throws a hotdog at the camera. Irvine
zooms in on Rinoa out on the balcony, but the battery dies and they 
fail to see what's she's doing...

After the credits, Rinoa is shown on the balcony looking at the sky. A
shooting star streaks across the sky and she points up to it, like she
did during the dancing sequence at the SeeD inauguration. The camera
moves to her side...and Squall is there, showing what is probably his
first smile in the game. They kiss and the screen zooms out of the
Garden, and the view switches to a bottoms-up view, putting the Garden
on a moon backdrop. Fade out...]

(c) 1999 SQUARE

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39. Updates                                                              [WK40]

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 08/14/06 -------------------+ Added Selphie introductory dialogue,
                               courtesy of Cardboardbox2. Thanks, yo!

 11/17/07 -------------------+ Changed some of the god-awful formatting. x__x
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 - Unique Quistis dialogue at B-Garden if Rinoa sent to Missile Base (?)

 - Raine's dialogue in the third Laguna sequence (Winhill) when
   she's talking to Ellone upstairs. She mentions that she doesn't
   know if Laguna will be a journalist, but another text box comes
   up so fast, that one can't read the complete line. What's the
   complete line? I just guessed on what she'd say, but it's not
   100% right until it's double-checked.

 - Any extra speech with the D-District moomba, who helps you if you
   stick up for it against the Mean Guy, but doesn't show up at all
   if you didn't (sent to the glue factory, eh?).

 - At the start of Disc 3, after Squall punches the wall at Edea's
   house, a scene plays where he's thinking to himself while other
   people speak. No names are given to the speech, though, so I had
   to guess by the way they spoke. If one thinks they find an error
   in it, by all means, tell me, 'cause you might not be half off.

40. Contributors                                                         [WK41]

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