Final Fantasy VII Emerald/Ruby Weapon Guide v1.4
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Final Fantasy VII Emerald/Ruby Weapon Guide

by Chaos Swordsman   Updated to v1.4 on
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                  |     \   |   /    |    \/    |    \    |___ 
                  \___  /   |___\____|__  /\____|__  /_______ \
                      \/                \/         \/        \/
       ________________    _______________________    ______________.___.
       \_   _____/  _  \   \      \__    ___/  _  \  /   _____/\__  |   |
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        |     \/    |    \/    |    \    |/    |    \/        \ \____   |
        \___  /\____|__  /\____|__  /____|\____|__  /_______  / / ______|
            \/         \/         \/              \/        \/  \/       
                              ____   ____.___.___ 
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                               \   Y   / |   |   |
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         __      _____________   _____ __________________    _______   
        /  \    /  \_   _____/  /  _  \\______   \_____  \   \      \  
        \   \/\/   /|    __)_  /  /_\  \|     ___//   |   \  /   |   \ 
         \        / |        \/    |    \    |   /    |    \/    |    \
          \__/\  / /_______  /\____|__  /____|   \_______  /\____|__  /
               \/          \/         \/                 \/         \/ 
                         ________________   ________   
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                          |    __)/  /_\  \  /  / \  \ 
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                          \___  /\____|__  /\_____\ \_/
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Version 1.0 (March 15, 2005):  Added contact information, table of contents.
Version 1.1 (June 16, 2005):  Added title for FAQ, fixed minor errors.
Version 1.2 (June 17, 2005):  Added location for Ruby and Emerald Weapon.
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I.  Contact Info  [EMAIL]
II. Version History [HISTORY] 
III.Table of Contents [CONTENTS]
IV. Introduction [INTRO]
V.  The materia caves [CAVE]
VI. Getting prepared for Emerald Weapon  [MASTER]
VII. Emerald Weapon [MATERIA]
VIII. Getting prepared for Ruby Weapon [DEATH]
IX. Ruby Weapon  [GOLD]
X. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
XI. Legal Disclaimer [LEGAL]


If you're reading this FAQ, you have probably come up against Emerald or Ruby 
Weapon (or both!), which are two of the toughest battles you'll face throughout
the game.  Beware, however, as you'll need a Gold Chocobo (the best in the 
game), which can go anywhere on the world map, to be able to fight either 
Weapon.  Note that you DO NOT need to have a Gold Chocobo to defeat Ultimate 
or Diamond Weapon, which are not featured in this FAQ.  Diamond Weapon is an
"optional" boss in the storyline on disc 2.  I say optional because there is a
way to avoid fighting him, as will be explained later in this guide.  For now,
though, just sit back, relax, and keep reading, unless you're some sort of FF7


To enter the materia caves, you must have a colored chocobo.  If you require 
assistance on chocobo breeding, please see RPG_Master44's Chocobo Breeding FAQ



Get ready, because this guy's going to be a royal pain in the ass if you have 
too much materia.  He has an attack called the Aire Tam Storm, which damages 
your characters for 1,111 damage multiplied by the number of materia they have
equipped (ie. 0 materia equals 0 damage, 9 materia equals 9999 damage).  This 
is why we're going to limit our materia usage. But, first, we've got to master
a few key materia.  Equip Cloud's Apocalypse sword, which you obtain from the 
Ancient Forest after you kill Ultimate Weapon.  If you need help on getting 
the Apocalypse, I strongly recommend using Viper's Ancient Forest Guide 
(  You'll 
also need to equip Cid with the Scimitar, found in the Underwater Reactor.  
The reason for this is that those two weapons are the ONLY weapons in the game
that allow for triple growth of materia (in lame man's terms, it takes about a
third of the time to master Knights of Round, which requires 500,000 AP to 
master).  Equip Cloud with Knights of Round, W-Summon, and MP-Absorb in the
Apocalypse, and let Cid have the Final Attack-Phoenix combination in the 
Scimitar.  Now go to the Northern Cave and go to the screen where you have the
option to go left or right.  For the sake of mastering materia, go to the left,
and take the path down until you reach a cave with a green light in it. There 
is an exit directly to the right (your right as the player, not Cloud's right).
Take it and make sure you have the W-Item materia on your third character (I 
strongly recommend Yuffie.  Doom of the Living will help out in the fight) and
at least  two elixers.  When you get into a fight with a monster known as the 
magic pot, don't get in a rush to give it an elixer and defeat it.  When Cloud's
and Cid's time gauges fill up, skip them by pressing the triangle button for 
now.  When Yuffie's gauge fills up, do the W-Item trick (If you don't know what
it is, you select an item [in this case, the elixer] with the O button and 
designate a target by pressing O again.  Select the item again, but instead of
designating a target, cancel with X.  Your number of elixers should have 
increased by one. Continue until you have 99).  After that's done, give the
Magic Pot an elixer, and then attack physically.  It won't fight back, so 
there's no point in wasting MP in the fight, unless you're running low on HP. 
When it's defeated, you'll receive 8,000 experience points and 1,000 AP (3,000
for the materia in the Apocalypse and Scimitar) per Magic Pot.  You can also 
find enemies called Movers, who always appear in groups of three.  These 
things fight back, and unless you have the Slash-All or Mega All-Morph materia
on Yuffie, cast Ultima or a powerful magic spell that hits all targets (if you
want, you can use Knights of Round, but make sure you replenish your MP).  You
don't get any experience points from beating them, but you do get 2,400 AP 
(which is 7,200 AP for the materia in your triple growth weapons!), along with
 90,000 (I'm not too sure on this, so if someone finds out the exact amount, 
please let me know) gil.  If you haven't used your Save Crystal yet, you might
want to use it here, so you can use a tent to heal up if you need to, and make
sure you SAVE each time you gain a level with any materia, because you never 
know when a power surge may occur, causing you to lose any progress you may 
have gained with KoR.  Keep running around in this area (and the one to the 
right) for a few hours, and you should master a lot of other materia before 
KoR is mastered, based on the sheer amount of AP needed.

After (or before, it doesn't really matter) KoR is mastered, but BEFORE you 
attempt to fight Emerald Weapon, head down to the Underwater Reactor.  In the 
tunnel where you can see the fish swimming around you, keep fighting monsters 
until you encounter a GHOST SHIP.  Make sure NOT to have anyone attack him 
except for Yuffie, who needs to be equipped with the Conformer and the MORPH
 MATERIA.  This should let you do about 3,000 (estimating here, it's probably 
more like 4,000 or more) damage per morph attempt.  He should change into the 
GUIDE BOOK.  Take it to the traveler in Kalm (outside of Midgar) to receive 
the UNDERWATER MATERIA.  This will remove the time limit from the Emerald 
Weapon battle.  


Now that you have quite a bit of mastered materia, it's time to move on to 
Emerald Weapon.  Equip Cloud with the Ultima Weapon, Ziedrich (stolen from Rude
in Midgar and in the Gelnika), and Sprint Shoes (You get this accessory from 
the person at the entrance to Battle Square after the first time you win eight
consecutive battles, and randomly as a prize from the S class Chocobo races.  
Note that you can also get it automatically by winning ten consecutive S class
races with the same chocobo).  Yuffie should have the Conformer, Ziedrich, 
and Sprint Shoes.  Cid needs to have the Venus Gospel (Bother the old man in
Rocket Town that gave you the Yoshiyuki in disc 1 after the huge materia quest
until he gives it to you), Mystile, and Touph Ring (Stolen from Reno during the
Midgar Raid).  Your materia setup should be as I've outlined below.

(WS)=(MP) (DC)=(COUNTER) (KoR)=(MPA) (HP)=()


WS= W. Summon (Battle Square prize, 64,000 BP required)
MP= Magic Plus (Needs to be mastered, obtained in the cave behind the Forgotten
City at the beginning of disc 2)
DC= Double Cut (Located in Gelnika, should be at level 2 [4xCut] or mastered)
COUNTER= Counter (NOT Counter Attack. Counter is BLUE. You obtain it in the 
Northern Cave, after the second screen where you found the Magic Pots and 
KoR= Knights of Round (Needs to be at level four or mastered)
MPA= MP Absorb (When combined with KoR, you'll recover about 1,000 MP, which 
is more than you need)
HP= HP Plus (Costs 8,000 gil in Cosmo Canyon. Needs to be mastered)

() denotes materia slots, ()=() denotes linked slots.  Note that the Ziedrich 
does not have any materia slots, so only the slots for the Ultima Weapon are 

(FA)=(P) (R)=(ALL) (MEGA)=(D.BLOW) ()=()


FA= Final Attack (Obtained after winning the special battle in Battle Square.
Needs to be mastered)
P= Phoenix (Obtained in Fort Condor during Huge Materia quest.  Needs to be 
R= Restore (Needs to be level 3, 4, or mastered)
ALL= All (Needs to be mastered)
MEGA= Mega All (Obtained in Northern Cave. Have Vincent go left, but do not put
him in your party.  When you meet up with the rest of the group at the bottom,
he will give it to you.  Needs to be mastered)
D.BLOW= Deathblow (Fine at level 1)

() denotes materia slots, ()=() denotes linked slots.  Since there is a limit 
on materia in this fight, there does not need to be anything in the Mystile, 
unless your materia is not mastered.

(WI)=(UW) (ALL)=(R/T/BAR) (MIME)=() (GRAVITY)=(QM)


WI= W. Item (Obtained in Midgar raid)
UW= Underwater (Removes time limit from Emerald Weapon, obtained from Kalm 
Traveler [see previous section])
ALL= All (Needs to be mastered)
R= Restore (Needs to be level 3, 4, or mastered. Can be replaced by Barrier or
Time materia)
T= Time (Needs to be mastered.  Can be replaced by Restore or Barrier)
BAR= Barrier (Needs to be mastered.  Can be replaced by Restore or Time)
MIME=Mime (Fine at level 1)
GRAVITY= Gravity (Obtained in Gi cave after defeating Gi Nattak.  Needs to be 
at least level 3)
QM= Quadra Magic (Obtained in materia cave.  Must be mastered for full effect)

() denotes materia slots, ()=() denotes linked slots.  Since the Ziedrich does
not have any materia slots, only the setup for the Conformer is shown.  Note 
that you have an option of using Restore (Regen), Time (Haste), or Barrier 
(Wall) in this fight.  I recommend Barrier, since Yuffie and Cloud already have
the Sprint Shoes, and Cid can cast Regen on the entire party ten times.

Now, to find Emerald Weapon.  Board the submarine and submerge by pressing X.
You should be able to find Emerald either near the sunken Gelnika airplane, or
travelling around the bottom of the ocean.  When you find Emerald, run into it
and the fight will begin!

                                            DURING THE FIGHT...

This one's going to be the tougher of the two Weapons, but I strongly recommend
fighting Emerald first.  Have Cloud start off by W-Summoning Knights of Round,
and have Yuffie Mime it (NOTE: If Cid dies after KoR is W-summoned, he'll 
automatically cast Phoenix and be brought back, causing Yuffie to mime Phoenix
instead).  Cid will then need to use a Megalixer to heal the entire party (You
need to have done the W-Item trick to obtain 99 Megalixers, you'll need them!).
After this (KoR should have dealt a lot of damage, since Magic Plus increases
its strength to hit approximately 9999 each time at a high level), you'll need
to get ready to go on the defensive.  If Emerald uses Emerald Shoot, he's about
to open his four lasers (two blue, two orange).  The orange lasers will blast 
your MP, and the blue ones will hurt your HP.  If anyone reaches a limit break,
use it when you can, but not before you heal yourself.  Yuffie should use Doom
of the Living, NOT All Creation or Gauntlet.  Cid should be using Highwind, and
Cloud should have Omnislash (duh!).  Have Cid use the Deathblow or Slash-All 
command (it will affect the lasers as well, due to Mega All) to knock out a 
few lasers. If you have to, have Yuffie mime it.  DO NOT LET THE LASERS LIVE.
If you do, then it's as good as death for you if you don't heal every turn 
while they're out.  When the lasers are dead, have Yuffie use Demi3 on Emerald.
It will hit him for 9999 damage four times, due to Quadra Magic.  Then you'll 
want Cloud to use 4xCut, provided he's still alive and has full HP.  Continue
this pattern until Emerald dies.


When you receive the Earth Harp for defeating Emerald, go to the Kalm Traveler
and give it to him to receive the master materia (master magic, master summon,
and master command) that let you use ALL magic, summons (unlimited summoning!),
and commands (except 2xCut, 4xCut, Flash, Slash-All, W-Item, and W-Summon).  
Remove all of Yuffie's and Cid's materia and get into a random fight near 
Midgar.  Kill both Yuffie and Cid (you don't have to use these two, but they're
the best when it comes to multi-hit limit breaks), and then jump back in the 
Highwind and fly towards the Gold Saucer.


Ruby's a MUCH different fight.  You can only use one character, which is why 
you killed off the other two in a random battle.  Give Cloud the Mystile armor
and a Ribbon (you can get these by morphing Master Tonberrys in the Northern 
Cave), along with the Ultima Weapon.  Cloud's materia setup should be as 
follows. Note that there is no materia limit this time, but you'll see some
similarities with the setup.



WS= W. Summon
MP= Magic Plus
KoR=Knights of Round (level doesn't matter this time)
MPA=MP Absorb
MS= Master Summon
HPA=HP Absorb
MM= Master Magic
ALL=All (mastered for full effect)
DC= Double Cut (4xCut or mastered)
COUNTER= Counter (NOT Counter Attack. Should be mastered)
WI= W. Item
FA= Final Attack (mastered)
REVIVE= Revive (mastered)

() denotes materia slots.  ()=() denotes linked slots.

You're probably asking "Why is Knights of Round wasting a materia slot when you
have Master Summon?"  Let me explain.  Knights of Round IS NOT wasting a slot 
here.  With HP Absorb linked to Master Summon, every summon spell you cast (you
have unlimited usage) absorbs HP, but with Knights of Round linked with MP 
Absorb, casting the strongest summon in the game will restore HP AND MP.

Now, to fight Ruby!  Board the Highwind and go to the Gold Saucer.  You'll see
a red claw-like thing sticking out of the ground and moving back and forth in 
the desert somewhere.  Run into it and the fight will begin.  Remember that
Cloud should be the only one in the party that's alive!

                                 DURING THE FIGHT...

Since you're only using one character, Ruby will stick his claws in the ground
immediately.  Start off by W. Summoning Knights of Round on the claws TWICE.  
Any damage dealt directly to Ruby with his claws in the ground will NOT do that
much damage.  The claws should die after the first KoR, causing Cloud to turn 
around and cast KoR directly at Ruby.  He'll normally counter this with Ultima,
but since you have the Mystile equipped, you should dodge it most of the time.
Make sure NOT to use Phoenix, because it will revive your other party members,
causing Ruby to use the Quicksand attack and remove one person from the fight,
and you don't want to risk losing Cloud.  Continue W. Summoning KoR until 
either Ruby dies or Cloud's limit bar fills completely, in which case you'll 
want to hit him with Omnislash.  Don't worry too much about Cloud dying, 
because he'll just bring himself back to life with Life2, due to Final Attack.
Also, it is ESSENTIAL that you have the Ribbon equipped, because this guy'll hit
you with Ruby Flame, which throws every status effect in the book at you, and 
if you have no Ribbon, you're screwed.  

After you defeat Ruby Weapon, you'll receive the Desert Rose, which can be 
given to the Kalm Traveler in exchange for a Gold Chocobo (which is completely
useless, since you already have one).


This section is dedicated to answering the more popular questions people have 
asked me, so I don't have to reply every single time with the same answer, and
will also save you the trouble of trying to contact me.



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