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Crystal Clear


I'm sure most gamers are aware of the Final Fantasy series, even if they've never played one in their lives. While starting on Nintendo's console, Sony have benefited greatly from having the main core of this series from the PlayStation days. Away from the glory of the likes of the main series are the various spinoff titles. Titles such as Crystal Chronicles, a game that moves away from some of the usual RPG mechanics for a different take on the Gamecube.

The first obvious difference here is that instead of using preset personas with backgrounds and talents already set, you pick from a numbe...


Surprising for a Final Fantasy Game!

The good:

The Characters are traditional designs, very mystical and a wonderful range to choose from Warriors, Mages ad Knights both female and Male. Along with the enemy and boss designs that make them look scary and tough to fight against. They are a good challenge and level up your characters a lot.

The plot is simple enough, but interesting and with the long game play it makes it a lot more exciting and eagers you to play it til it's finished. Having to gather more mana from different places. The originality, especially for a Final Fantasy game, which made it quite excellent. Old times with small villages, Medieval yet mystical fantasy characters that help you out including a special little Moogle who comes in Handy. The levels get more creative as you go along, fighting and searching through forests, caves, dungeons, etc. It will keep you entertained.

Added wonders - The music is definitely fitting for a Final Fantasy game. Incredibly soothing and doesn't seem at all repetitive. Th sound effect are even more impressive, very realistic and inventive making it sound magical. The graphics look wonderful. Great detail in the settings, characters and weapons. From your useful Moogle, you'll also receive letters from your family, which comes extremely useful when they send items and money to you. A new addition to a Final Fantasy game is Square Enix adding Multi-player. Adding up to four players that includes using your Gameboy Advance.

The bad:

The bad elements of the game has to be some of the enemies and bosses. They can be either really easy or very hard knowing that you have to stay within the Mana force field to keep you safe or it may harm you going outside it making it difficult fighting off monsters. The plot wasn't very impressive for a Final Fantasy, it can make it quite boring making you lose nterest in playing it. I think the one think that brings down the game from being played is that if you play it as a one player game. You grow very bored. Not only that, but you'd need a gameboy Advance to Gamecube link some you can play multiplayer, which adds more money to it. So it can cause problems.


All in all in my own opinion. The game play is worth it seeing as it's quite long, originality is definitely there making it more interesting. The graphics blow you away completely. There isn't much music to be fascinated about, but it's nice to listen to and really sets in well in the events and places. Sound effects work well in the game too.

I think the storyline has to be quite a big disappointment, though I highly doubt they could have made a complex storyline having the game multi-player. So I can't complain really. Just wish it was a little more interesting. I think such things like t...


An interesting approach to FF...

The good:

Amazing graphics
Great music (I love the opening!)
Lots of characters to choose from
Many places to explore
Interesting plot

The bad:

You have to have gba and cable hookups in order to access multiplayer mode. Honestly, it's almost not even worth it. I don't see why Nintendo couldn't just let us use GC controllers.


Nintendo had an interesting approach to this Final Fantasy game. For one thing, it's action-based rather than turn based. Also, you can't gain strength or other stats by individual battles, but rather than beating levels. At the end of each level you get to choose one artifact to raise one stat. Many people were angry and don't consider this a "real" final fantasy game, but it's still a good game nonetheless. The levels are beautifully done, and the battle system is well done. Best of all, if you get bored with it, you can put it aside for a couple months. When you come back, it will be ju...


Beautiful as a Diamond

The good:

There are many good parts to this beloved game!
First of all,
The graphics are amazing beautiful
This game has an exceptional amount of charecters and you can possess 8 of them.
There are 4 diffrent races and each have 4 diffent outfit styles.
Magic that has been passed down from generation to generation, FIAGA, BLIZZAGA, THUNDAGA! and all of the other previous FF spells.
The music is a melody of love! It is wonderful and phenominal!

The bad:

There isn't much bad to this game.

It just dosen't really have a story line. That's all that's bad in my eyes. It's also addicting!!


This game is very good to have. It is also very addicting which makes it even funner. You can play with 1-4 people. You can play with a Gameboy Advance/sp and you can do many things on it. This game is wonderful and everyone should have it!


Crystal Clear with Elegance

The good:

  • Combat System
  • Music
  • Character Design
  • Graphics
  • Pace of the Game

    The bad:

  • Dungeons = Repetitive
  • Mutiplayer Mode (only available for GBA/SP)


    The plot is relatively simple. At first the story seems to move a little slowly, but then it picks up and moves at a perfect pace.

    Beautiful character designs, gorgeous scenery and particle effects, and awesome boss designs.

    Ah, the music is so soothing and beautiful. Definitely a highlight of the game.

    Really, really addictive. This game steers away from button mashing, and focuses more on exploration and collecting drops of Myrrh. The dungeous can get repetitive, but the game saves itself from falling into repetition and abandons the dungeons as the game progr...

  • 7.8

    its on gamecube thank god!

    The good:

    well good graphics especially the water!!
    music is cool
    map is set out in a cute funny way
    really cool levels
    bosses are fun even though there r tooo many

    The bad:

    bad story but gets a lil better leater on
    not enough space in inventory
    spells are hard to do
    gets fustrating when ur moogle gets tired in 1 player


    well i think its a fun addictive game with great music and fun levels except it gets a lil repetitive but its good. got nice graphics and cool costume for characters. kupo! that gets annoying and wen ur moogle gets tired and u hav to carry the chalice or slow down it gets fustrating the map is set out nicley and is simple to understand aduh its a 8+ game lol but its really fun and i doubt a 8 year old can finish it unless hes really good at games anywho this game is fun and i think u should buy it cause im hooked to it!!! multiplayer needs GBA's and thats gay

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