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[edit] Background

Final Fight: Streetwise continues the storyline of Capcom's classic arcade brawler.
Like its predecessors, Final Fight: Streetwise is set in Metro City, which is now a sprawling, lawless metropolis. Players will play as the "streetwise underground pit fighter" Kyle Travers, brother of original Final Fight series' Cody Travers.

[edit] Gameplay

Kyle will put the smack down on an array of evil-doers, ranging from low-level hoods to high-profile drug kingpins, eventually reaching "a sinister underground boss" responsible for a designer drug epidemic. By winning fights, players will gain experience-like "respect" points to "attain powerful new fighting skills, hardcore weapons, critical information and a wide variety of NPC (non-playable character) support.

[edit] Features

  • Storyline based on Capcom's Final Fight universe – Encounter new and familiar Final Fight characters who will assist Kyle throughout the game.
  • Evolving game system – "Respect" is a key stat that is adjusted throughout the game. The player's respect level will define his or her interaction with the enemies and bystanders they encounter. Some of the ways to earn respect include defeating enemies, winning pit-fights, completing side missions, and mini-games.

•Tension – Affects one's fighting ability. Increasing the 'tension' level unlocks more powerful attack moves. The amount of tension the player builds is based on how intensely they fight. The better the performance, the greater the reward. Building respect requires two components:
•Money – Affects what helpful items and services that can be purchased, including weapons, information, hiring allies, etc.

  • Intensified fighting – Partake in the raw intensity of fighting on and off the streets. Final Fight: Streetwise offers balanced action between various methods of combat:

•Hand-to-hand and super combos– Execute primary close-range attacks and deliver devastating combos, such as nose-shattering punches and excruciating knees to the groin.
•Hand-to-hand and weapons – Damage enemies at close range with hand-to-hand combat and finish them off with weapons, including pool cues, 2x4's, steel pipes, knives, grenades, shotguns and machine guns.
•Instinct Mode – Increase your attack speed and accuracy when activating this mode. It creates an opportunity to trigger a lethal combination of hand-to-hand and weapon actions.
•Counter-Time Mode – Show off Kyle's ultra-fast reflexes for counter-attacking by slowing down time with special parry maneuvers, activated during Instinct Mode.

  • Diverse NPC interactions – Interact with NPCs in order to obtain information, buy/sell items, or hire them as allies.
  • Dynamic Environments - Missions will offer a non-linear free roaming experience, giving the player the opportunity to freely explore their surroundings for clues, key characters, etc., as well rewarding side missions.
  • Revisit locations and see the dramatic transformation of the city as it is torn apart by escalating chaos.
  • Realistic and Stylish visuals – The grittiness of Metro City is brought to life in incredible detail.
  • Dolby Sound Pro Logic II – Final Fight: Streetwise will include a system that will enhance the various licensed music tracks and realistic fighting sounds heard throughout the game.

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  • Publisher: Capcom
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  • North America: Feb 28, 2006
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