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Final Fantasy Magic FAQ

by Dan_Simpson   Updated to v1.3 on
                             Final Fantasy 1 (NES)
                                   Magic FAQ

                                April 23, 2009
                                 Version 1.3

                           Written by:  Dan Simpson

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 I am writing this FAQ because in the game Final Fantasy you have to pick
 not only your character classes, each of which can cast different spells (or
 not at all), but you also have to choose which spells to get, and which not
 to get.  So, I wanted to organize the spell information in such a way that
 it was easy to discover which spell you should buy, and which you should

 This FAQ looks best in Courier New at about 9 points.

 This Document is Copyright 2000-2009 by Dan Simpson
 Final Fantasy is Copyright 1987 by Square

 I am not affiliated with Square or anyone who had anything to do with the
 creation of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site so long as
 NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting it.  You
 may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.

First, the magic spells sorted by level.

     Classes Key: (pre-Upgraded classes are in lowercase, Upgraded classes are
                  in UPPER case.)

       K  -- Knight           bm -- Black Mage
       rm -- Red Mage         BW -- Black Wizard
       RW -- Red Wizard       N  -- Ninja
       wm -- White Mage
       WW -- White Wizard

  White Magic:

      CURE        K   rm  RW  wm  WW    Restores 16-32 HPs to one Char
      FOG         K   rm  RW  wm  WW    Increases one Char's absorb by +8
      HARM                    wm  WW    Harms all undead enemies for 20-80 dmg
      RUSE        K       RW  wm  WW    Caster's Evade increased +80
      ALIT        K   rm  RW  wm  WW    Protects whole party from Lit damage
      INVS        K   rm  RW  wm  WW    Increases one Char's Evade +40
      LAMP        K   rm  RW  wm  WW    Cures Dark on one Char
      MUTE        K   rm  RW  wm  WW    Prevents all enemies from spellcasting
      AFIR        K   rm  RW  wm  WW    Protects whole party from Fire damage
      CUR2        K   rm  RW  wm  WW    Restores 32-64 HPs to one Char
      HEAL                    wm  WW    Restores 12-24 HPs to all Chars
      HRM2                    wm  WW    "Harm"s all undead for 40-160 damage
      AICE            rm  RW  wm  WW    Protects whole party from Ice damage
      AMUT                RW  wm  WW    Cures one Char's mute
      FEAR                    wm  WW    Makes enemies run away
      PURE            rm  RW  wm  WW    Cures one Char's poison
      CUR3            rm  RW  wm  WW    Restores 64-128 HPs to one Char
      HEL2                    wm  WW    Restores 24-48 HPs to all Chars, bugged
                                        and if cast in battle will act as HEL3
      HRM3                    wm  WW    "Harm"s all undead for 60-240 damage
      LIFE                RW  wm  WW    Resurrects one Char, but with only 1 HP
      EXIT                RW      WW    Exits the dungeon
      FOG2                RW  wm  WW    Increases party's Absorb rating by 12
      INV2                RW  wm  WW    Increases party's Evade +40
      SOFT                    wm  WW    Cures one Character's stone
      ARUB                RW  wm  WW    Protects party from RUB,XXXX,SQUINT
      CUR4                        WW    Restores all HPs to one Character, and
                                        removes all status effects except Stone
      HEL3                    wm  WW    Restores 48-96 HPs to party
      HRM4                        WW    "Harm"s all undead for 80-320 damage
      FADE                        WW    Damages all enemies for 80-320
      LIF2                        WW    Resurrects one Char with full HPs
      WALL                        WW    Protects all Chars against all magics
      XFER                        WW    Removes one enemies special Defenses***

  Black Magic:

      FIRE        N  rm  RW  bm  BW     Hits one enemy for 10-40 dmg (Fire)
      LIT         N  rm  RW  bm  BW     Hits one enemy for 10-40 dmg (Lit)
      LOCK        N  rm  RW  bm  BW     Is meant to reduce enemies evade*
      SLEP        N  rm  RW  bm  BW     Puts all enemies to sleep
      DARK        N  rm  RW  bm  BW     Blinds all enemies
      ICE         N  rm  RW  bm  BW     Hits one enemy for 20-80 dmg (Ice)
      SLOW        N  rm  RW  bm  BW     Cuts all enemies hits in half
      TMPR        N  rm  RW  bm  BW     Is meant to increase one Char's dmg*
      FIR2        N  rm  RW  bm  BW     Hits all enemies for 30-120 dmg (Fire)
      HOLD        N  rm  RW  bm  BW     Holds one enemy (Paralyze)
      LIT2        N  rm  RW  bm  BW     Hits all enemies for 30-120 dmg (Lit)
      LOK2        N  rm  RW  bm  BW     Is meant to reduce enemies evade*
      CONF        N  rm  RW  bm  BW     All enemies attack each other
      FAST        N  rm  RW  bm  BW     Increases one Char's hits by 2x
      ICE2        N  rm  RW  bm  BW     Hits all enemies for 40-160 dmg (Ice)
      SLP2        N  rm  RW  bm  BW     Causes 1 enemy to sleep, higher chance
                                        for spell to hit than SLEP
      BANE               RW  bm  BW     Chance to kill all enemies
      FIR3           rm  RW  bm  BW     Hits all enemies for 50-200 dmg (Fire)
      SLO2           rm  RW  bm  BW     Same as SLOW, but higher chance to hit
      WARP               RW      BW     Warp up one level in a dungeon
      LIT3               RW  bm  BW     Hits all enemies for 60-240 dmg (Lit)
      QAKE                   bm  BW     Kills all enemies
      RUB                    bm  BW     Rubs out (Kills) one enemy
      STUN                   bm  BW     Stuns an enemy (basically a Big HOLD)**
      BLND                   bm  BW     Blinds 1 enemy**
      BRAK                       BW     Kills one enemy
      ICE3               RW  bm  BW     Hits all enemies for 70-280 dmg (Ice)
      SABR                       BW     Is meant to Improve one Char's DMG and
      NUKE                       BW     Hits all enemies for 100-400 dmg, non-
                                        elemental, can't be resisted
      STOP                       BW     Holds all enemies
      XXXX                       BW     Kills one enemy**
      ZAP!                       BW     Kills all enemies

  *   Indicates the spell is bugged, and doesn't work as described.
  **  Indicates the spell is guaranteed to succeed if the enemy has 300 hp or
  *** Indicates that the spell works for monsters when they cast it on you, but
      not when you cast it on them.

Now to Comment on all the Magics!  After each spell is listed will be a number,
that number is the Rank of the spell within its spell level.  For example, CURE
is rated 1 in Level 1, so that spell is the first that you should get.  Each
level has an Unrated spell, that's the one to avoid.  That doesn't mean that
it's a bad spell, just that the others are better!  Finally, two spells can be
unrated, which means that you can take your pick of which useless (well..) spell
to buy.  Or buy neither.

  White Magic:

      CURE     1      |    Both Cure and Harm are spells that should not be
      FOG             |    passed up, as they keep you alive!  Fog and Ruse
      HARM     2      |    both accomplish much the same thing, so take your
      RUSE            |    pick.
  2:                  |
      ALIT     1      |    Alit is first here as it will sometimes dramatically
      INVS     2      |    reduce damage taken from lightning, and is very
      LAMP            |    useful.  Invs helps your people dodge attacks, and
      MUTE     3      |    Mute prevents the enemy from casting magics.
  3:                  |
      AFIR     3      |    Although Heal is a nice spell to have, the Heal
      CUR2     1      |    Staff can do the same thing, so you don't need it.
      HEAL            |    Besides, Heal doesn't help out that much in battle,
      HRM2     2      |    and it's completely useless in the field.
  4:                  |
      AICE     2      |    Pure will help you cut back on BUYING Pures, which
      AMUT     3      |    you will need a lot of around the Marsh Cave.  I
      FEAR            |    avoid Fear as I don't want the Enemy to Run Away!
      PURE     1      |    (and when I do, the spell doesn't work anyway)
                      |    On the other hand... For the same amount of money as
                      |    buying PURE once, you can buy 53 PURE potions, more
                      |    than you will probably ever use - and have 25 gold
                      |    left over! -- Luke Somers
  5:                  |
      CUR3     2      |    Consider picking up Hel2 here as it does pretty much
      HEL2            |    the same thing as Hel3!  This bug only works in
      HRM3     3      |    battle. Why skip Hrm3?  Well that's the question you
      LIFE     1      |    have to answer yourself!  To me, I just didn't need
                      |    that many different Harms.
  6:                  |
      EXIT     1      |    Exit is the most useful spell in the game, IMHO.
      FOG2            |    Soft is very necessary if you don't want to shell
      INV2            |    out 800 for the item Soft.  It's a tossup between
      SOFT     2      |    Fog2 and Inv2, I chose Inv2. (though it should be
                      |    noted that the White Shirt casts Inv2)
  7:                  |
      ARUB            |    Skip Arub, and equip everyone with ProRings instead,
      CUR4     1      |    has the same effect, plus it's ALWAYS working!
      HEL3     3      |
      HRM4     2      |
  8:                  |
      FADE            |    Lif2 and Wall are the only 2 you need here.  Unless
      LIF2     1      |    you do some serious leveling up, this level won't
      WALL     2      |    matter too much as you could only cast a spell here
      XFER            |    twice before running out.

  Black Magic:

      FIRE     1      |    Fire and Lit are just too useful to pass up,
      LIT      2      |    especially this early in the game.  Sleep can work
      LOCK            |    great when you are facing a lot of semi-weak foes.
      SLEP     3      |    Lock is bugged, don't use it.
  2:                  |
      DARK            |    Ice is great as it's another attack spell, and it's
      ICE      1      |    not on the same level as Lit or Fire.  Slow is also
      SLOW     2      |    nice to use on enemies as they'll be less deadly to
      TMPR            |    your party.  TMPR is bugged and doesn't work; and
                      |    Dark is fairly useless.
  3:                  |
      FIR2     1      |    Again we go with the two elemental spells, Fir2 and
      HOLD     3      |    Lit2.  Hold is a surprisingly effective spell as I
      LIT2     2      |    have had it work against some strong enemies, such
      LOK2            |    as Kary the Fire Fiend. LOK2 is even more bugged
                      |    than LOCK, don't use it.
  4:                  |
      CONF            |    Ice2 and Fast are useful spells to have.  Conf is a
      FAST     2      |    good spell as well, but you can cast it for free
      ICE2     1      |    with the Wizard Staff.  Slp2 would be more useful,
      SLP2            |    but then by the time you get it, most enemies are
                      |    fairly immune to it!
  5:                  |
      BANE            |    Continuing on with the Elemental Attack spells, we
      FIR3     1      |    get Fir3.  Warp is a useful spell (though not so
      SLO2            |    much as Exit).  Bane is a nice spell as it has the
      WARP     2      |    chance to kill all enemies, but the Bane Sword does
                      |    the same.  Slo2 isn't effective enough to be useful.
  6:                  |
      LIT3     1      |    All the spells here are attack spells, Lit3, Qake,
      QAKE     3      |    and Rub.  Nothing much to say.
      RUB      2      |
      STUN            |
  7:                  |
      BLND            |    Ice3 is the only crucial spell to get here, the rest
      BRAK            |    is up to you. SABR is bugged and doesn't work.
      ICE3     1      |
      SABR            |
  8:                  |
      NUKE     1      |    Be sure to get Nuke, the most powerful magical, non-
      STOP     2      |    Elemental Attack, and Stop, which stops the enemies
      XXXX            |    from moving.
      ZAP!            |

                                Final Words...

Some information (Such as specific numbers in Spell Descriptions) from Ben
Siron's wonderful FF1 Handbook, which can also be found at GameFAQs.

Online Resources:

  Luke Somers for a change in RUSE, and some additions elsewhere
  Sixth Flying Man for a correction on SLP2
  Diamond_Dragon for sending in corrections, and notes on which spells are

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This Document is Copyright 2000-2009 by Dan Simpson
Final Fantasy is Copyright 1987 by Square

I am not affiliated with Square or anyone who had anything to do with the
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