[edit] Background

Final Fantasy XV is the fifteenth main installment to the Final Fantasy series and is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries which also includes games such as Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0. Like the previous games, Final Fantasy XV is being developed and published by Square Enix; it has a worldwide 2016 release date.

[edit] Gameplay

Final Fantasy XV is a single-player action roleplaying game; it features a large open-world environment for players to explore, quest and do battle in. As the world is so large there are various ways to travel across the world for faster travel, players can move on foot, use a car or ride on a chocobo. If moving on foot the characters can also use parkour to move over obstacles. If players don't wish to drive the car then it has an auto-drive option however the car does need to be maintained by a mechanic. The only loading screens in the game can be seen when entering a city or large town.

As expected with large-scale open world games, Final Fantasy XV has a day and night cycle; the system does affect the appearance of monsters. This cycle also affects the party characters, not sleeping during the night decreases their combat ability and makes them weaker; the various cities and towns in the world have hotels where the player can rent rooms to sleep in, camping is also an option where players can also spend some time cooking also. One in-game day is equivalent to one hour real time which allows the player to get a lot done during the in-game day; the dynamic day and night system does affect the appearances of enemies, their numbers and also strength depending on the time of day.

The world of Final Fantasy XV also has a dynamic weather system to match the day and night cycle; this system includes specific effects such as damp clothing on characters during the rain.

The story of Final Fantasy XV focuses on two nations, Lucis and Nifhelm, who have reached a truce after an extended cold war. The truce is having problems however and the protagonist of Final Fantasy XV must travel with his friends to regain the Lucis nation's crystal and defeat the Nilfheim forces which threaten the city of Solheim. Noctis Lucis Caelum is the only playable character in this Final Fantasy and is the only controllable character is combat; the characters in the party can be assigned pre-determined action sets by the player however.
The combat system has been dubbed essentially what is an 'Active Cross Battle system' which is a more realistic battle system to the previous Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy Type-0. In this system the player selects battle commands which are keyed to specific buttons on the controller such as “Attack” or “Item” with other buttons for actions such as jump. There are no load screens for the battles and no transition scenes either, instead when approaching an enemy a bar appears on screen and once filled the fight will begin.

Combat is varied and Noctis' weapons can be switched out manually at any time in the fight; weapons have multiple ranks based on their actions which give them specific roles in a fight, “Crush” weapons for example are strong opening attacks. There are also special “phantom” weapons to be collected and activating them will drain MP until the meter is empty however the player can replenish the bar to use the weapon longer in combat. Magic can also be used in combat and unlike previous games in the series, using magic will not cost any MP.

[edit] Features

Open World - Explore a large open world with a dynamic day and night cycle plus a dynamic weather system

Movement Freedom - Players have the freedom to travel around the world on foot, in a car or on the back the infamous chocobo

Few Loading screens – The only loading screens players will encounter is when entering a city

No transition fights – Fights with enemies have no loading or transition screens

[edit] Hardware Info

Final Fantasy XV will be released for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. There is no confirmed PC release currently and the game will not be coming to last generation consoles.

[edit] History

The title was originally announced as "Final Fantasy Versus XIII" and later renamed to Final Fantasy XV.

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