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In the end, the future refused to change


I hold steadfast to the assertion that Final Fantasy XIII was an objectively terrible game. I think a lot of it boils down to the fact that there was nothing to really suck you into it. The story couldn’t make up its mind on whether to be cheesy or serious and thus tried far too hard to be both, which would’ve been alright if the characters weren’t bland and/or annoying. Unfortunately, every character not named Sazh was exactly that, and Snow and Hope made up for Sazh being a legitimately good character by being incredibly annoying. The story was poorly paced and needing to look up an encyc...


Another decent FF, but far from past excellence.

The good:

Monster ally system
Variety in Downloadable content
Time travel is interesting

The bad:

Limited character development
Lack of customisation
Story is very hit and miss
Wild Artefacts are way too hard to find
Price and implementation of Downloadable Content.


I’m going to be honest. I really enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII. Despite a large proportion of fans going out of their way to highlight a number of understandable flaws, it still managed to keep me coming back to the couch for lengthy game sessions, day after day. The team behind Final Fantasy XIII-2 seem to have listened to the fans; ironing out many of the areas that copped the criticism such as the linear story path and immersion in traditional JRPG towns. Authentically, XIII-2 looks a lot like the original, but that same feeling just isn’t there (outside of the almost identical battle syst...

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