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Disappointing Finale On the PS2


Sometimes I seem to come across a game that seems to do a lot horribly wrong and yet garners the praise of critics and gamers alike, which leaves me in a peculiar situation where I'm struggling to understand how people can see the positives. It doesn't help that the Final Fantasy series is essentially seen as one of most iconic in the realm of JRPGs. Yet, I cannot bring myself to like this game. While the failings are few, they are significant enough to ruin the experience and make me wish I had picked up a different title instead.

But ho-hum, let's start the analysis on a somewhat more posi...


UltimaNova's FFXII Review

The good:

- Good plot, storyline.
- Lots of sidequests.
- New and unique combat system. (no random encounters)
- The arrival of the new license board and gambit system.
- The graphics are really great, detailed and stunning.

The bad:

- Gambit system and License board may be a little confusing for some players.
- New players may struggle at first.


Final Fantasy XII takes place in a world called Ivalice, where the kingdom of Dalmasca is being attacked by the Archadians. The princess of Dalmasca, Ashe, along with Vaan and Penelo, orphans, Balthier and Fran, sky pirates and Basch, a captain who was framed by his brother, try and stop Vayne, the villian in this game.

The storyline is exceptionally good, leading to some really exciting yet dramatic scenes throughout the game itself.

The graphics are really detailed and stunning, both in the cutscenes and the game itself, which is a slight improvement over previous Final Fantasies.

The combat...


Overrated mess of graphics and hype

The good:

Voice acting isn't too bad
The first few hours of the story

The bad:

The rest of the story
Little to no emotion or character development
Gambits system makes Kingdom Hearts 2's 'mash X to beat the game' battle system look ingenious (and that wasn't very fun) (in a nutshell, it sucked)
Licence leveling up system is much worse than Final Fantasy X's Sphere Grid System (which was only confusing at first)
Forgettable music
Takes too long to complete and too much of that time is put into sidequests which feel more like filler than actual sidequests anyway


Final Fantasy 12, to me, says "hey, you know the old Final Fantasy games right? Yeah, we got none of that. Instead, we got AWESOME GRAPHICS and an EPIC STORYLINE, now give us your wallets!" Hey, give me my $50 back Square! Your game sucked! While this game isn't broken, it sucks and it takes out everything that made Final Fantasy so great.

First off, you remember turn-based systems (whether it was speediest goes first or ATB system where you must keep on your toes while keeping your eyes on a meter to let you attack)? I sure do, but is it (or anything like it) in this game? No. Instead, you...


Finally a perfect game!

The good:

The long game play which could keep you playing for hours was a nice bonus.

The License Board because you had to get through two obstacles to get to using your weapon.

The use of gambits was nice as well, having your characters perform an action on their own depending on your choice.

The bad:

The battle style was a downfall, it's similar to the Suikoden style of fighting, (you pick an option, then your opponent, and so) and that isn't really my type of game but at least you got to move around while your attack was being performed.

The camera at the start was somewhat hard control, but it got easier as the game progressed.


Yeah I know pretty it is a bad title but hey it's the truth.

If you are not familiar with Final Fantasy XII's story it's simple to follow:

Because the Kingdom of Dalmasca wanted to remain independent Kingdom of Archadia partly forced them to enter into a major war.

Archadia would manage to take control of Dalmasca and rule it's people. Vann, the main character is loyal to Dalmasca and hatches a plan to reclaim what was once Dalmasca's.

Image from one of the opening scenes... stunning graphics, no?

As you'd expect the Final Fantasy XII lives up to the graphics of it's predecessors with the stunn...


Not as I had hoped

The good:

-More detailed introduction to the storyline.
-New ways to getting money that are more realistic
-All the old characters such as Chocoboos, Moggles, and even old bad guys like bombs and flans return.
-Wonderful detail to graphics
-A new system of keeping your characters organized instead of giving each one a specific command a new system called the Gambit system makes it so all your party members will do whatever you need without having to take the time to switch to each character.

The bad:

-The battle system is much like Kingdom hearts there are no random battles and most battle if you need to can be avoided this is good but when you do fight it turns to turned based.
-You play the typical weakling of the party who everybody really laughs at (much like Tidus off ff10)
-The storyline isn't original and very predictable
-Very little mini games compared to what are normally in it
-A lot of movies which some may think is good but i say take a few out and use the extra space for more game play
-To replace the "sphere Grid" from ff10 they put a new thing in which is the same except its to use your spells and gear not really boasting your stats and is usually more of an inconvenience then anything else.
-No decent replay value most ff games have something great to play it again I don't see it in this one.


So Square Soft gives us ff12 looking at the cover it looks like your generic ff game. When turning it on your hopes go skyrocketing by the great introduction. Then when you get in your first fight your hopes go crashing into the ground. Square put a Kingdom Hearts style of free roaming battle into the game so the battlefield is always changing, but unfortunately it's still turn based and moving your character around the battlefield doesn't help you in anyway. I say they should have picked one or make it so I can do something during the battles. The new sphere grid like feature is annoy...


May not be the best, but its still fun

The good:

- Very interesting and innovative combat system.
- Absolutely incredible graphics for the PS2.
- Decent level of customization for each character.
- Wide, expansive, and detailed world.
- Long and addictive.
- Just plain fun.

The bad:

- Storyline does not have that Final Fantasy flair.
- Little to no interesting character development.
- "Liscence Board" system for learning new abilities is a step down.
- Can be rather harsh on new players.


Though FFXII may not be the greatest Final Fantasy Square has ever produced, it is also not the worst, by far. For someone new to the FF series, FFXII may seem like an absolutely brilliant game, but those of us who have faithfully followed Final Fantasy since it was first released will notice quite a few changes to the game, for good or for worse.

First, the graphics and voice acting are just stunning, two traits that Final Fantasy is known for. Some of the CG cutscenes look like they belong on next-gen systems, and you almost always feel the emotion behind the characters voices, an aspect t...

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