[edit] Background

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings is based on Final Fantasy XII; while the game was sometimes referred to as a sequel, its producer stated that this is not a sequel and is just a Final Fantasy game. The game takes place one year after Final Fantasy XII where Vaan and his friends get a request for help to stop sky pirates; they are sent on a long journey through the Sky Continent of Lemrus to deal with the sky pirate threat and to save the continent.

The game was developed by Think & Feel then published by Square Enix as a Nintendo DS exclusive in 2007. Unlike the other games in the Final Fantasy series, this RPG places more emphasis on strategy.

[edit] Gameplay

The main aspects in this game are strategy and RPG elements; players control and can customize their party at the base. In this game, the base is an airship which allows players to travel between the different islands. From this airship it is also possible to purchase new items to customize each character with to specialize their playstyles; the airship itself is also customizable however this is purely cosmetic.

Weapons and armor can be upgraded using the Synthesizing mechanic; to upgrade anything the player must locate the necessary recipes which show the required materials. Materials are gathered while away from the airship and have various grades which impact the stats of the equipment.

Strategy is the key to success in combat; the player can command their characters in battle by selecting which abilities to use and switching attack targets. The Gambit feature returns in this game and provides players the ability to give each party member combat commands so that they can fight without player interference. The system allows the player to leave their characters alone in battle, but they can also be manually controlled in fights.

Every playable character in the game has a unique Quickening ability which can be used in fights. This ability is exclusive to that character and can be defensive or offensive based; filling the requirement to use the ability is also different for each character. The Quickening ability can only be used once the gauge has been filled for that particular character.

Combat also uses Summons, which are spawned at the start of battle by using a Summon Gate on the battlefield; when fighting in an area that allows Summons, two per character will be instantly spawned. There are 51 different Summons in the game which need to be learned before they can be called upon, these creatures are split between six categories and can also have support abilities. A maximum of five species can be summoned for battles, and each species has a rank to show their level.

[edit] What's new

This game introduces a new race to the series; the Aegyl race are winged humanoids, and one is a potential party character in the game. The race uses battle strategies orientated towards offense and use their wings to reach the enemy so they can engage in close quarters combat.

[edit] Features

Customization – Upgrade each character in a different way to create a diverse group with unique abilities

Gambit – Use the Gambit system to give every character different battle settings so that they can continue to fight even without player interaction during battles

Real-time strategic combat – Select which enemies to attack and decide when to use special abilities

Quickening Ability – Fill the gauge and unleash a unique ability to aid the team or damage the enemy

51 Summons – Call for some extra help and summon a variety of Summons to join the fight

New race -The winged Aegyl race call Lemrus home and are aiding the party in the fight

[edit] Players liked:

  • Great soundtrack
  • Good story
  • Lots of content

[edit] Players didn't like:

  • Battles are not very strategic
  • Character positioning is battles is awkward
  • Controls are weak

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very strategic game for those who like to plan FinalFantasyXIIRevenantWings
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All characters @ level 100, beat final and secret boss, have all summoins and Ultima Weapons FinalFantasyXIIRevenantWings
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its fun but no where near as good as original ff12 >.> FinalFantasyXIIRevenantWings
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Haven't played enough of yet to comment... FinalFantasyXIIRevenantWings
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