Final Fantasy X Ultimate Armor Guide v1.1
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Final Fantasy X Ultimate Armor Guide

by niceboy23   Updated to v1.1 on
"Ultimate Armour" Guide for Final Fantasy X
Written by and ゥ 2004-2005 niceboy23 and PJ2K4.
Version 1.1 (12/08/04)
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CONTENTS                                                             CONT5

Contents    - CONT5
Versions    - VERS5
Legal       - LEGL5
Intro       - INTR5
Starting    - STRT5
Abilities   - ABLT5
Obtianing   - OBTN5
BHPL        - BHPL5
Contacts    - CNTA5
Credits     - CRDT5

VERSIONS                                                             VERS5

Version 1.0 - Just a pile of info with a little bit of explination why.

Version 1.1 - Remodeling of almost everything.

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INTRO                                                                INTR5

There is no actual "Ultimate Armour" for Final Fantasy X like there are
Ultimate Weapons, this has caused continuos arguement and debate but now
this guide is bringing an end to the contreversy. With that said we must
find which armours are best through out the game.  Remember that this is
not the end all be all, best armour for every boss but rather the best
overall armour with the best protection and skills you can have generally.

STARTING                                                             STRT5

The most slots allowed on any armour is four, and with that in mind we
have to find out which monsters we can find these armours from.  Here is
a list of which enemies drop four slot armours:

VARUNA found at the "Omega Ruins" and "Inside Sin".
ADAMANTOISE also found at the "Omega Ruins" and "Inside Sin".

Our dillema here is the fact that the chances of these enemies dropping
these armours is so low that in order to get four slot armours for all
seven party members would take about 20 hours and a lot of hard work.  Our
focus now is to rely on the only person in Spira that sells empty four
slot armours, Wantz.  In order for Wantz to start selling these you must
have completed the Highbridge event after you gain full contron over the
airship.  After this event Wantz will be at the entrance of the Macalania
Woods coming in from the Thunder Plains.  These armours cost 100 000 gil
for each armour, and I seggest you buy one for each party member.  To get
some quick money equip a weapon with [Gillionare] and go to the Omega
Ruins, once you are in a battle with an enemy and a chest use steal on the
chest.  Occasionally, the chest will turn into a Mimic that normally drop
50 000 gil, but with the ability [Gillionare] you will get double the gil
and earn 100 000 gil.

ABILITIES                                                            ABLT5

When we have our armours these are the ablities that you should use, two
of which are the essentials that you should have on any armour.  Those two
would be [Auto-Haste] and [Auto-Protect]. With my experience playing FFX I
have noticed that having [Auto-Phoenix] on two characters in the active
party really helps, as it doesn't require a turn to heal allies as long
as you come to battle with about 10-20 Phoenix Downs.  [Auto-Potion] also
can work wonders when you sell all but X-Potions that will fully heal any
damage.  If you notice that I left [Break HP Limit] out that is for a good
reason which is explained at the end.

Ribbon (Auto-Potion for US)
You should use this as your main armour and if you are wondering what to
add instead of [Auto-Phoenix] to your non-[Auto-Phoenix]er then I suggest
using [Auto-Shell]. My reasoning is beacuse if you already have healings
with Potions you don't need to worry about magic curing, and if facing a
magic using creature such as Ultima Buster then you could survive an
otherwise crushing Ultima.

Defense +20% (Use Auto-Phoenix if stats maxed or Auto-Shell)
This is a great armour for monsters or bosses which have very high attack
powers such as Nemisis or Penance.

OBTAINING                                                            OBTN5

Ability      - Auto-Haste
Items        - Chocobo Wing (x80)
Ability Use  - Automatically casts permanate Haste while armour is
Steal        - Cactuar King found at Monster Arena.
Steal (Rare) - Cactuar found at Sanubia Desert.
             - Fenrir found at Monster Arena.
             - Ornitholestes found at Monster Arena.
Drop         - N/A
Drop  (Rare) - N/A
Bribe        - Machea found at Omega Ruins.
Gain 99 for catching 3 of all wolves.

Ability      - Auto-Protect
Items        - Light Curtain (x70)
Ability Use  - Automatically casts pemanate Protect while armour is
Steal        - Iron Giant found at Thunder Plains.
             - Gemini found at Inside Sin and Omega Ruins.
             - Tanket fount at Monster Arena.
             - Ironclad found at Monster Arena.
Steal (Rare) - N/A
Drop         - Fafnir found at Monster Arena.
Drop  (Rare) - N/A
Bribe        - N/A
Gain 99 for catching 5 of all horned monsters.

Ability      - Auto-Phoenix
Items        - Mega Phoenix (x20)
Ability Use  - Automatically uses a Phoenix Down on any KOed character as
               long as the Auto-Phoenixer isn't the dead one.
Steal        - N/A
Steal (Rare) - N/A
Drop         - Extractor found at Moonflow.
Drop  (Rare) - YAT-99 found at Great Bridge.
             - Mech Hunter found at Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.
             - Mech Defender found at Mt. Gagazet.
             - YAT-97 found at Yevon Dome.
Bribe        - Alcyone found at Sanubia Desert.
             - Ghost found at Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.
Gain 99 for catching 4 of all birds.

Ability      - Auto-Potion
Items        - Stamina Tablet (x4)
Ability Use  - Automatically uses the weakest potion in inventory when a
               party member is damaged.
Steal        - Sin's Core found at Sin's Exterior.
             - Land Worm found at Inside Sin.
             - Spirit found at Omega Ruins.
             - Kottos found at Monster Arena.
Steal (Rare) - Sand Worm found at Sanubia Desert.
             - Stravtavis found at Monster Arena.
             - Chimerageist found at Monster Arena.
             - Fafnir found at Monster Arena.
Drop         - N/A
Drop  (Rare) - N/A
Bribe        - Bashura found at Mt. Gagazet.
Gain 99 for catching 3 of all lizards.

Ability      - Defense +20%
Items        - Blessed Gem (x4)
Ability Use  - Increase defence by 20%.
Steal        - N/A
Steal (Rare) - Barbatos found at Inside Sin.
             - Coerlregina found at Monster Arena.
             - One Eye found at Monster Arena.
Drop         - Cactuar King found at Monster Arena.
Drop Rare    - N/A
Bribe        - N/A

Ability      - Ribbon
Items        - Dark Matter (x99)
Ablitity Use - Blocks all status effects.(!)
Steal        - N/A
Steal (Rare) - N/A
Drop         - All Dark Aeons
Drop  (Rare) - All Moster Arena bosses.
Bribe        - Land Worm (Inside Sin)
Gain 99 for catching 5 of all monsters.

BHPL                                                                 BHPL5

Contrary to the thoughts of many a player, the ability [Break HP Limit] is
not helpful.  You may think "But isn't more HP better?", the answer is No.
In reality BHPL is hard to obtain, not really relevant, takes up a slot
that could be better used, and it hurts more than it helps.  If you do not
take my word for it you can always try it then switch back just to see how
much harder bosses and such are with BHPL.  There are about 101 reasons
why BHPL is useless but these are just tip of the iceberg basic reasons.

Here is a list of some reasons that BHPL is not needed:

ー You can't heal more than 9999HP to everyone at once, except with
Rikku's Overdrive. Items are capped at 9999. Trio of 9999 and Pray will
fully heal a party that doesn't use BHPL.

ー Stoic/Comrade will give slower Overdrive gain with higher max HP.

ー Proportional damage attacks (e.g. Hydraulic Press, Demi,
Mega Graviton, Fangs of Chaos, etc) will do more damage with higher max 
HP. With 9999 HP, you can fully heal in one shot. A BHPL character would
have to waste more turns healing.

ー Celestial Weapons for four of the characters will be weakened if they
don't keep HP topped up.

ー You never need BHPL. There are no attacks in the game that hit the
whole party for more than 9999 damage that cannot be predicted, blocked,
reduced below 9999 with Defensive measures or avoided altogether.
Auto-Phoenix takes care of attacks that hit a single character.

ー Break HP Limit is useless if you haven't activated enough nodes to go
over 9999 HP yet. Auto-Phoenix is useful throughout the whole game. Having
two characters with Auto-Phoenix in the active party makes you almost
invincible against attacks that hit just one character, no matter how

ー Auto-Phoenix restores 9999HP max, so BHPL characters revived by it
will be near 'death. Using Full Life to revive means wasting more turns,
for both the KO'ed character, and the character casting Full Life.

ー BHPL won't make any difference if you get hit for 99,999 damage or
instant. Auto-Phoenix will. Powerful attacks will hit low Defence for
99,999 damage, so you need to raise Defence/Magic Def for BHPL to be
useful. But if you do raise them, you won't need BHPL, and they are easier
to raise than HP. Tanket and One Eye can be killed more easily and quickly
than Ironclad.

ー Getting Break HP Limit is tedious and time consuming.

ー Collecting HP spheres from Ironclad is tedious and time consuming.

ー Auto-Potion is good for maintaining full HP in some tough battles, but if you
have BHPL, it'll only keep you just above 50% HP.

Here is a little list of the attacks than can exceed 9999 damage and which
enemies use them, use the legend on the bottom to se what the numbers to
the side mean.

リ Karma used by Tonberries (1,~3,5)
リ 10,000 Needles used by Cactuars and Cactuar King (1,5)
リ 99,999 Needles used by Cactuar King (1,3,5)
リ Regurgitate used by Geosgaeono, only used if character kills him while
  swallowed. (5)
リ Zanmato used by Yojimbo/Dark Yojimbo (2,3,5)
リ Convergence used by Th'uban (1,2,~3,5)
リ Ethereal Cannon used by Nemesis (1,4)
リ Ultra Spark used by Nemesis. The one attack that requires Auto-Life. Although
  technically not predictable, (2) applies, since you can kill him before he
  gets 8 turns.
リ Armageddon used by Nemesis (3,5)
リ Energy Blast used by Dark Valefor (2,5) T
リ Meteor Strike used by Dark Ifrit (1,2,5) T
リ Hellfire used by Dark Ifrit (2,5) T
リ Thor's Hammer used by Dark Ixion (2,5) T
リ Diamond Dust used by Dark Shiva (2,5) T
リ Mega Flare used by Dark Bahamut (2) T
リ Wakizashi used by Dark Yojimbo (4) T
リ Oblivion used by Dark Anima (2) T
リ Delta Attack used by the Dark Magus Sisters (2,3,5) T
リ Camisade used by Dark Cindy (1) T
リ Passado used by Dark Mindy - requires proof even with BHPL (1) T
リ Razzia used by Dark Sandy (1) T
リ Obliteration used by Penance (4) T
リ Immolation used by Penance (1,4) T
リ Judgement Day used by Penance (2,3,5) T

1: Hits only one character, so Auto-Phoenix can take care of it.
2: Attack used predictably, so can be blocked with an aeon.
3: Does 99,999 damage, so BHPL makes no difference.
4: Can be reduced below 9999 with additional support (e.g. Defence/Magic Def
   +20%, Cheer, Focus, Shell, or Sentinel).
5: Preventable (enemy can be killed before using it, or conditions for attack
   can be avoided).
T: PAL/International version exclusive.

I hope that this has cleared any doubts or suspitions about the "Ultimate
Armour" and now I leave you with a message of happy hunting and much luck.

CONTACTS                                                             CNTA5

You can reach us at the FFX Board or at and/or if you have an additions, corrections, comments,
or want to tell us about something.  If you think you dasirve credit then
e-mail both of us and we'll add or reject you.

CREDITS                                                              CRDT5

PJ2K4- For starting this guide and putting all the info in the guide.

AZn2th3N- For use of his Item List which has help almost all FFX users.

CJayC- For having this site. (manditory)

Me- For cleaning this guide up, adding stuff, changing, fixing, and most
    of the other preperations that made this more than a pile of info.

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