Final Fantasy X FAQ/Walkthrough
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Final Fantasy X FAQ/Walkthrough

by Karpah Queen   Updated on

                    Written by Rebecca Skinner AKA Karpah
                        Version AU, 26th January 2005


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              'It is better to die in hope than live in despair'


                          YE OLDE TABLE OF CONTENTS


                 - 1.0 -   INTRODUCTION
                   1.1     The Game
                   1.2     Why another FFX guide!?
                   1.3     A little bit about me
                   1.4     Revision history

                 - 2.0 -   GAME BASICS
                   2.1     The story
                   2.2     Battles
                   2.3     Menus
                   2.4     The Sphere Grid Explained

                 - 3.0 -   CHARACTERS
                   3.1     Tidus
                   3.2     Yuna
                   3.3     Wakka
                   3.4     Auron
                   3.5     Kimahri
                   3.6     Lulu
                   3.7     Rikku

                 - 4.0 -   THE WALKTHROUGH

                 - 5.0 -   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

                 - 6.0 -   MONSTER ARENA  *COMING SOON!*

                 - 7.0 -   CELESTIAL WEAPONS
                   7.1     Caladbolg
                   7.2     Nirvana
                   7.3     World Champion
                   7.4     Masamune
                   7.5     Spirit Lance
                   7.6     Onion Knight
                   7.7     Godhand
                 - 8.0 -   SIDE QUESTS
                   8.1     Omega Ruins  *COMING SOON*
                   8.2     Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
                   8.3     Baaj Temple
                   8.4     Chocobo Racing
                   8.5     Luca Sphere Theatre
                   8.6     Lightning Dodging
                   8.7     Butterfly Catching
                   8.8     Cactuar Village
                   8.9     Airship Co-ordinates and Passwords
                   8.10    Remiem Temple
                   8.11    Locations of...
                   8.12    Returning to Temples

                 - 9.0 -   OVERDRIVE INFO
                   9.1     Swordplay
                   9.2     Grand Summon
                   9.3     Slots
                   9.4     Bushido
                   9.5     Ronso Rage
                   9.6     Fury
                   9.7     Mix
                   9.8     Overdrive Modes

                 - 10.0 -  A BEGINNER's GUIDE TO STAT MAXING

                 - 11.0 -  AEONS

                 - 12.0 -  STANDARD RPG LISTS
                   12.1    White Magic
                   12.2    Black Magic     
                   12.3    Blue Magic
                   12.4    Skills
                   12.5    Special
                   12.6    Items  *COMING SOON*

                 - 13.0 -  CUSTOMIZATION
                   13.1    Armour
                   13.2    Weapons

                 - 14.0 -  CLOSING


                             1.0     INTRODUCTION


Every guide has an introduction. This, is my introduction.

                               1.1     The Game

If you've ever played a video game in your life, chances are that you've heard 
of the Final Fantasy series. Created by Square, it is perhaps the most 
famous video game series ever created.

The dynasty started in roughly about 1987, with the game Final Fantasy, for 
NES. It was named Final Fantasy for a reason - it was Square's last big shot 
at creating a game, if it had failed, Square would have been doomed.

Just the opposite, it didn't fail. It was phenomenally successful, and went on 
to spawn a whole series of similarly-themed, but very individual, games.

Final Fantasy X is the latest new game in the FF series, and the first to have 
a direct sequel. Released in September 2001, for the PlayStation2, it gained a 
reputation for being one of the best video games EVER created. I'm not joking 
when I say that. It's my personal opinion, but also one agreed upon by 
industry heavyweights. 

Why is it so good? You'll have to play it yourself and see.

                       1.2     Why Another FFX Guide!?

Enough serious history talk. My turn! Welcome one, welcome all, to my latest 
and greatest guide, for the absolutely breathtaking game, Final Fantasy X. If 
all goes well, this will be THE most comprehensive, detailed, in-depth guide I 
will ever write, it'll be able to measure up with those fabulous FFX guides 
already written by the likes of Psycho Penguin, SinirothX, and Split Infinity. 

If things don't go well, this will end up in the junk pile and no-one will 
ever know that I tried to embarrass myself by writing a guide for such an 
amazing game.

So, I guess I better answer the question. Why on earth am I wasting a good 
period of my life writing another FFX guide? Well, there's a number of reasons 
for that, really.

One - I am totally in love with this game. It's not my favourite game, and 
never will be (FF6 will always hold that place in my heart), but it is, 
without a doubt, the best game I have ever played. I want to, I don't know, 
show the world just how much I love this game by writing this full-length 
guide for it.

Two - I think I can write a moderately good guide for this game. Anyone who's 
ever read anything I've written before knows that, while my guides end up 
inevitably being huge, they're packed full of detail in the walkthroughs. 
That's one comment I get from readers, time and time again. SUPERB detail in 
walkthroughs, excellent guides, keep it up. Sooo, let's put my so-called good 
walkthrough skills to an incredible game like this, and see what comes out.

Three - Unlike other people, I don't have a goal to write for all the games in 
the series. Not knocking their goals or anything, but that's just not for me. 
I write for the games I love, for the games I know best. If I'm gonna dedicate 
a large chunk of my everyday life to writing a guide as epic as I know this 
one's gonna be, the game better bloody be worth it.

Okay, that last one's not a reason, it's just me rambling.

I write my guides not just to help readers in their quest through the game, 
not just to inform, but to entertain. Another comment I've heard, especially 
with my FF6 walkthrough. I love the idea of doing that, with a game like this, 
so I'm gonna try my hardest to produce a good quality guide. We'll see what 

                        1.3     A Little Bit About Me

*prepares myself for writing guide, boxing-style*

Okay. Before I get into the serious stuff, a little bit about me. Hi, my name 
is Rebecca Skinner...

*waves hello*

...but you already knew that from the FAQ header. Before I start, I'd just 
like to say a few words. I'm not a game expert, in any sense of the word. I'm 
not one of those people that can sit down and argue pros and cons about 
different game genres, games in the same genre, etc. That's not me at all. I 
can count the number of games I've seriously played on two hands. 

While I may not be a general game genius, I do know what I like. And what I 
like, I tend to get to know very well. Like FFX. While I can't sit and debate 
about RPGs in general, FF games in general, or anything of the sort, I'm 
qualified to write a guide on this, one game in the series, one game in the 
genre. And that's what I'm gonna do.

I got off track again, didn't I? Ack. *slaps self*

About me. Right, I can do that. The name's Bec, the age's 18 (as of 30/09/03), 
the current obsession is FFX. I like to spend my hours in front of my PSX or 
PS2, being the antisocial person I am, listening to rather loud music. You 
know how it is. Or maybe I'm just weird.

Contact information and stuff should go in this section too, I suppose. If 
anyone wants to e-mail me, you can e-mail me at 
Alternatively, if e-mail's not your bag baby, you can IM me on AIM as 
spiritfall freak. I did have all the other IM programs once upon a time, but 
they all got too clogged up, so AIM it is.

This guide is (c) to meeeee, Rebecca Skinner AKA Karpah, 2003. You can read 
it, download it, print it off, e-mail it around unaltered, whatever. But you 
wanna post it on your own site? That's a no-no, sorry.

This guide can ONLY be found on the following sites:


Any other sites you find it on, lemme know so I can send some nasty e-mails to 
webhosts. I like doing that.

I'll shut up now. On with the guide!

                           1.4     Revision History

Version 1.0 - 29th November 2003
    - 'Ello. My new guide!
    - Let's see... introduction, game basics, characters, walkthrough, some 
      FAQs, celestial weapons, (almost all) side quests, overdrives, aeons, 
      (almost all) lists, and customisations complete.
    - Next update: Monster arena, blitzball, Omega Ruins, dark aeons, 
      bestiary, and items. I think that's it.

Version 1.1 - no idea what date
    - Yo yo yo, I updated this thing.
    - Added in stat maxing section, prizes for returning to temples, and some 
      more details on Jecht Spheres.

Version 1.2 - 27th August 2004
    - It's been almost a year o.O I planned to have this finished by 
    - A minor reformat for the whole guide
    - More boss statistics added

Version AU - 26th January 2005
    - A year, and I STILL haven't finished this thing. Sigh.
    - May as well update it with what I've added in the last year... someone 
      get me off my ass to work on it again!!


                             2.0     GAME BASICS


Always important, y'know. Especially important here.

                              2.1     The Story

Welcome to Final Fantasy X.

You are Tidus, the star player for the Zanarkand Abes, the local blitzball 
team. One night, in the middle of the championship game, Zanarkand is attacked 
- and completely destroyed - by an unknown creature, named Sin.

Tidus washes up, after the event, in the Baaj Temple - not knowing where, or 
when, he is. After being saved by the Al Bhed, and attacked by Sin once more, 
he meets up with Wakka, a fellow blitzball player, and captain/coach of the 
Besaid Aurochs. From there, Tidus is on a quest, to destroy the being that 
ruined his life, and to get back home, to Zanarkand.

                               2.2     Battles

Battles in FFX certainly are unique, and different to any other FF game. 

Similarly to all other RPGs (well all that I've seen), battles are turn-based. 
When you get into a battle, you will notice your current characters' details 
on the bottom right of screen - their HP, MP, and overdrive bar. At the top 
right of screen, you'll have the CTB - the Conditional Turn Bar.

The CTB is an entirely new introduction into FFX. No longer do we have to wait 
ages for ATB bars to fill up, we can see whose turn is next, and we can see 
the order of everyone's turns in advance, including your enemies'. Depending 
on the action one character takes in battle, the CTB can change markedly. For 
example, if a character casts Haste on themselves, their next turn will move 
up the list, or if they successfully cast Slow on an opponent, that opponent's 
next turns will move down.

                    Battle Menus

When a character's turn comes up, they have three menus, and a number of 
options at their disposal. Some of these options may not be available to some 
characters, it depends on the development of your characters.

Menu #1 (the main battle menu):

Attack: Selecting the Attack command, then selecting an enemy, means your 
character deals out a normal attack with the weapons they have equipped. If 
they have no weapons, they can't attack.

Summon: Only available for Yuna, no matter what, this command lets her summon 
an aeon into battle. Once an aeon has been summoned, they have a similar set 
of three menus to deal with on their turn: left menu (Overdrive), main menu 
(attack, aeon-specific secondary attack, skill, special, white magic, black 
magic), right menu (shield, boost, dismiss).

Skill: Some characters can learn special skills over the course of the game, 
to assist in battle. Examples of these are Auron's Breaks, or Wakka's Busters. 
Usually associated with inflicting a negative status attack, these cost MP to 
perform. Only skills listed in white are available. Select Skill, then a skill 
to use, and then a target, and confirm to perform the skill.

Special: The Special section lists all the job-specific non-magic skills. 
Before you go yabbering that FFX doesn't have a job system (which is true) you 
can't argue that Rikku's Steal, Yuna's Pray or Kimahri's Lancet aren't sort-of 
job-specific. Although all characters can learn and use them, they're unique 
to, to use the examples, a thief, a summoner, and a Ronso. To use a Special 
move, select the name then the move to perform, and a target (if any).

White Magic: This option will always be available for Yuna, or for any other 
character that has learnt a white magic spell. Selecting White Magic will 
bring up a list of spells the character has learnt. If you don't have enough 
MP to cast the spell, it will appear greyed out. To cast magic, select a 
spell, then choose the target/s for the spell.

Black Magic: This option will always be available for Lulu, or for any other 
character that has learnt a black magic spell. Selecting Black Magic will 
bring up a list of spells the character has learnt. Only spells in white are 
available to cast. To cast magic, select a spell, then choose the target/s for 
the spell.

Item: As the name would suggest, this option allows the character to use an 
item. Selecting it brings up a list of items you have in your inventory. Only 
items listed in white are usable in battle. To use an item, simply select it 
from the item list, then select the target of the item (if applicable). eg. 
For a Phoenix Down, select the item Phoenix Down then choose whom you want to 

Menu #2 (special commands):

The second menu is only accessible at certain points of the game. Say, if your 
character's overdrive bar is full, or if they have a prescribed trigger 
command for a battle. This menu is only accessible when the words "Overdrive" 
or "Trigger command" appear above the main menu.

To get to the menu, press left on the D-pad when a character's turn comes up. 
Accessible selections on this menu will be white, the rest will be greyed out. 
 A character's particular overdrive (eg. Swordplay) will always be listed, 
along with any trigger command (eg. Talk). To use a special command, highlight 
it and press X.

Menu #3 (boring stuff):

The third menu holds the administrative stuff that you won't be using very 
often. Here you can change your weapon, or your armour, or you can escape from 
the battle. 

Weapon: This changes your weapon, obviously. Selecting it brings up a list of 
available weapons for that character. To change your weapon, just select a new 
one from the list.

Armour: Similar to Weapon. Selecting it brings up a list of available armour 
for that character. To change your armour, just choose a new one from the 

Escape: This option lets that character only escape from the battle, leaving 
only two to do the fighting. Note that you can't escape from all battles, eg. 
bosses you kinda have to fight. And even if you do select Escape, sometimes 
your character will not be able to.

There is one more option, not listed in any menu. Final Fantasy X is the first 
FF game in which you can change your characters in and out of battle. No 
longer are you stuck with the same three characters for the whole battle. When 
a character's turn comes up, press L1 to bring up a list of inactive 
characters (those not currently in your battling party). To switch them in 
instead of your active character, just select them. 

You'll find yourself switching characters a lot, depending on the type of 
enemy you face. For example, you meet a flying enemy, and Wakka is not in your 
party. Just switch him in to attack, then switch him out if need be.

                    Basic Battle Strategies

Okay, that covers the boring stuff of the options in battles. A good strategy 
for winning battles is to know each character's strengths and weaknesses, and 
to use them accordingly. If you're fighting a bunch of Flans, for example, a 
group of physical attackers is not going to be useful, nor is having Kimahri 
or Auron against a group of flying fiends.

Each character who takes a turn in battle will receive AP at the end of it, 
should you survive it and successfully kill your opponents. Therefore, it's 
recommended that for larger battles, you bring all your characters in to take 
at least one turn, before switching them out, so they all gain AP. AP is not 
split between your party, each member will gain the same amount of AP 
regardless of how many characters actually participated.

                    Status Effects

Yes, we all know these from previous Final Fantasy games, right? They can be a 
pain in the ass, if your enemies know all the bad ones to use on you. Here 
they are, in all their glory:

Berserk: You lose control of your character, and they just perform physical 
attacks on random enemies automatically. Your character's strength will 
increase while they are Berserk, but it's generally not a good status to have. 
You can pick Berserk if your character appears bright red. Cure it with a 
Remedy or the Esuna spell.

Confusion: When a character's turn comes up, they will attack people randomly 
automatically, be it friend or foe, a Confused character doesn't really care. 
A very bad status effect to have, because your party members can quite 
possibly kill each other like this. Pick Confusion by little diamonds circling 
your character's head, and cure it by using a Remedy on the affected 
character, casting Esuna on them, or hitting them with a physical attack.

Curse: When your character gets Cursed, their overdrive bar ceases to fill up. 
Nothing you do in Curse status will get that bar filled, so it's generally a 
really bad thing. You can tell Curse if your character is fading in and out of 
black, and cure it with a Holy Water or Dispel.

Darkness: If a character suffers from Darkness, their accuracy stat will be 
markedly lower than usual, meaning that far fewer of their physical attacks 
will actually connect with the target. For magic users, Darkness is no threat. 
You can spot Darkness if your characters head is surrounded by a black mist, 
and cure it by using Eye Drops, a Remedy, or casting Esuna.

Doom: I hate seeing a timer over my character's heads. If they've been hit 
with Doom, the timer will count down over their turns, and when it gets to 
zero, they die. The timer is the only thing signalling the status, and there 
is no way to stop the countdown. Simply bring them back to life, should they 

KO: Wow, we get killed in battle and it's considered only a status effect. If 
your character is lying in a heap on the ground, not moving, and their HP is 
zero, it's safe to say they've been KO'ed. Bring them back to life by either 
casting Life spell (Life or Full-Life) or using a Phoenix Down (or 
Mega-Phoenix) on them.

Petrification: If your character is Petrified, they're turned to stone. That's 
it. They can't take turns any more, they're just... stuck. And if a character 
gets hit with a physical attack while Petrified, they will dissolve into dust 
and be removed from battle entirely, leaving you with one less member to fight 
with. You can pick Petrification by, understandably, your character turning 
into a marble statue representation of themselves, and cure it with either a 
Remedy, a Soft, or the Esuna spell.

Poison: Another nasty one that people will be familiar with. If a character is 
Poisoned, they will lose 1/4 of their total HP for each turn they take under 
the status. Meaning, even at max HP, four turns under Poison will kill you. 
You can pick Poison by a little green splash over your character's head, and 
cure it with an Antidote, a Remedy, or Esuna.

Silence: If your character is Silenced, they are unable to cast any magic 
spells. For physical attackers, this effect doesn't really make a difference. 
Spot it by a little speech bubble next to your character, and cure it with an 
Echo Screen, a Remedy, or an Esuna.

Sleep: Well, understandable, your character goes to sleep under the Sleep 
status. They don't take any turns, they just crouch there snoozing. Pick it by 
the little Zzz coming from your character's head. You can wake a character up 
from Sleep with a physical attack (always works well), or by using a Remedy or 
casting Esuna.

Slow: If your character is Slow, their agility stat goes wayyyy down and they 
receive turns in battle less often. It's kinda hard to pick, but your 
character's movements as they wait for turns will be slower. Cure Slow with 
either casting Haste or Esuna, or using a Remedy.

Zombie: Dude, your character becomes undead! This can be both positive and 
negative, depending on the battle. Death spells will have no effect on a 
Zombified character, but curative spells or items will hurt them big time. 
Using a Phoenix Down on a Zombified character (should you use a Mega Phoenix 
or something) will kill them. You can spot Zombie if your character turns 
bright green (ooooh), and cure it with a Holy Water or a Remedy.

Well, that's enough of that.

                                2.3     Menus

The menu is an amazing thing, with a lot of options for you to choose from. 
Knowing exactly how it works is key to playing the game properly.

Some items on the Menu screen are only available after certain points, eg. you 
can only get the "Aeons" option after getting Yuna in your party, with 

                    Sphere Grid

You all know what the Sphere Grid is, right? If not, you'll have to check out 
section 2d, the Sphere Grid Explained. This option allows you to enter the 
Sphere Grid, and customize your characters. In the Sphere Grid, you can Move 
spaces on the Grid, Use spheres to activate nodes, or press L1/R1 to 
quick-switch between characters.


Again, pretty much self-explanatory. Here you can see all the items you have 
acquired in the game so far. There are four options here:

1) Use. To actually use an item, you'll have to select Use, then the item, 
then a person to use it on (if applicable).

2) Sort. When you pick up items in the game, they'll just be placed in your 
inventory in the order you collect them. To sort them, i.e. to list all the 
recovery items first in order of strength, etc. select Sort. Manual means you 
can set them in the order you like by switching the positions of any two items 
in the inventory. Auto sorts them automatically, like I stated previously.

3) Equipment. Here you can simply view your equipment, or sort it. Select 
Equipment, and then Manual to have the option to scroll down the list. 
Selecting Auto will sort it automatically, into a group of weapons for Tidus, 
then armour for Tidus, then weapons for Yuna, etc. You get the drift.

4) Key Items. Here you can view the designated Key Items you've picked up in 
the game. There's a limited number of these, and they include things like 
Crests, Sigils, and Al Bhed primers. Once you've selected it, you can just 
press up and down to scroll through the list and see what you've got and what 
you haven't.


With this sub-menu, you can view/use abilities your characters have learnt. 
Only curative white magic abilities are usable outside battle, the rest will 
appear greyed out. Selecting Ability, then a character, will bring up a list 
of all abilities learnt, including Special moves, Skills, White Magic and 
Black Magic, sorted into their respective groups. Once in the Ability screen, 
you can press L1 and R1 to quick-switch between characters.


This is a really important section. Here you can view the overdrives each 
character has learnt, view their overdrive bar, and view and set their 
overdrive mode.

Most of this stuff is covered in more detail in section 9, Overdrives, but 
I'll explain it a little here. After selecting Overdrive and a character to 
view, you have two options:

1) View. This is where you get a list of all the overdrives a character has 
learnt, eg. the different types of Swordplay Tidus has. You can also see the 
character's overdrive bar and how full it is, plus the mode of overdrive they 
are using.

2) Set Mode. Here you can change their mode of overdrive to whatever other 
mode the character has learnt. Different modes mean the overdrive bar fills up 
when different things happen, eg. for Stoic, the bar fills when the character 
takes damage, and for Warrior, the bar fills when the character inflicts 
damage. You start off with only Stoic, but over time your characters can learn 
up to 16 different modes. Select Set Mode, then the mode, to change it.


Here you can set the weapon and armour each character has equipped in battle. 
Fairly standard, really. Select Equip, and then a character to equip. Use L1 
and R1 to quick-switch between characters.

Weapon: Selecting Weapon brings up a list of available weapons for that 
character. Moving up and down the list shows you the abilities each weapon 
has, and to change weapons, just select the new one.

Armour: This works similarly to Weapon. Selecting Armour brings up a list of 
available armour for that character to equip. Moving up and down the list 
shows you the abilities each piece has, and just select the new armour to 
change over.


Here you can view just about everything about your character. Choose Status, 
and then a character to bring up a dazzling array of information. Press L1 and 
R1 to quick-switch between characters.

You can view all of a character's stats here, as well as their armour and 
overdrive info. Pressing X will cycle you though the ability screens, of 
auto-abilities (on weapons and armour), skills, special moves, white magic, 
and black magic.


Here you can view your aeons and their stats and abilities, as well as 
customizing their attributes.

1) Status. Similar to character status, you can view an aeon's status. Their 
stats, their overdrive and special attack, and you can cycle through their 
abilities as well.

2) Abilities. This option is only available after receiving the Summoner's 
Soul from Belgemine. After selecting an aeon, you can teach them abilities, 
using items. This is covered in more detail in the Aeons section, but I'll 
detail it a bit here. To teach an ability, select an available ability (listed 
in white).

3) Attributes. This is also covered pretty well in the Aeons section. It will 
only be available if you have the Aeon's Soul, obtainable from Belgemine. To 
increase an aeon's attributes, select the attribute to increase from the ones 
listen in white, and confirm it.


You can change your line-up of characters using this option. The first three 
go into battle by default, so use the Formation option to switch characters 
around into your particular preference.


This section is only available after Rikku joins your party after the 
Moonflow. Using items, you can customize auto-abilities on your weapons and 
armour. For a full list of different abilities and stuff, you'll have to check
the Customisation section of this guide. For a brief explanation of how to do 
it, select the option, then the weapon/armour to customize, then the ability 
to customize onto it. Only weapons/armour/abilities listed in white are 


Heres where you get to tamper with all the nitty-gritty details of the game 
that you can tamper with.

Sound: Set to either Stereo or Mono. Not much difference, ya?

Subtitles: If you're like me, you'll leave these On, because sometimes it can 
be hard to make out the words a character says. Turn them Off if you're too 
lazy to read.

Names: In the subtitles, do you need each character's name displayed? If so, 
turn them On. If not, turn them Off. If Subtitles are Off, it doesn't make a 
whit of difference what this is set to.

Cursor: This is an interesting one. You can set it to Default or Memory, 
depending on if you want the cursor to "remember" where it last was in battle. 
For example, if one character used an item, the next character would start 
their turn with the cursor already on Item. If this sounds good, set it to 

Help: If you're a lazy sod like me, you'll like the Help menu, as it displays 
interesting stuff during battles, including tips on defeating your foe/s. 
Leave it On, or switch it Off, your choice.

Aeons: This has to do with the length of the aeon summon animation. Some of 
them get pretty long, and if you don't want to see the entire thing every time 
you summon one, select Short, otherwise, leave it as Default.

Map: Also a very useful function, the Map function is the overhead radar 
screen always present in the top-left corner of your field screen. Turn it Off 
if you don't need to be told where to go, and where the doors and save spheres 

Vibration: Standard, really. Do you want your controller to go bzzzzzzzzzzzzt 
at you when random things like aeon summons occur? Select your option 


This is actually a really useful section, giving you heaps of good 
information. I didn't discover the usefulness of this section until it came to 
writing this. There's three options:

Basic Controls: Details the controls for the field, for battles, and for the 
menu. Fairly standard.

Basic Terms: Gives nice definitions for a number of terms that might be 
familiar or might be new to you. These terms are: Battle Mode, CTB Window, 
Damage Indicators, Switch, Overdrives, Trigger Commands, Elements, Status 
Ailments, The Info Window, Change Weapon/Armour, Defend, and Overkill.

Reference: The best section. Lots of good reference material here. Four 
sections to it:
     1) Overdrives: Here you can learn the basics about each character's  
        overdrive, what it does, how to use it.

     2) Overdrive Modes: Gives you the basics on what it means to have 
        different modes. Doesn't give you many of the different modes, just 
        Stoic, Warrior, and Healer, but my guide's here to explain the rest, 
     3) Auto-Abilities: Long list here, covered in more detail in the 
        Customisation section. As that previous section would suggest, these 
        are lists and details of all the abilities you can customize onto your 
        armour and weapons. Doesn't tell you what's required to customize 
        each, though.
     4) Command Abilities: A list (with details) of all the abilities your 
        characters can learn. These details are the ones I've used in my 
        abilities lists.

And that's it! Once you've got all that, you've mastered the menu.

                      2.4     The Sphere Grid Explained

The Sphere Grid can be a tricky thing to wrap your head around. It's the 
method of upgrading and customising your characters, in Final Fantasy X. No 
longer do we get AP to level or characters up from 1 to 100, and get stat 
increases accordingly. Nuh-uh. No way.

I'll try to explain this as simply as possible. After battles, instead of EXP, 
we now collect AP. AP and EXP sorta work similarly, when you get enough AP, 
you'll go up one Sphere Level. Sphere Levels could be seen as equivalent to 
levels in a normal RPG, but in FFX you spend these Sphere Levels to move 
around the Sphere Grid. When you spend the levels, your Sphere Level goes 

So, what exactly is the Sphere Grid? It's like a giant board game board, with 
circular paths winding all around the place. Each of your characters starts in 
a different section of the board. Every time you get a Sphere Level, you can 
use it to move one space on the board, in the direction of your choice (the 
path is linear, though). Each space you can land on is called a 'node'.

Got that so far? We spend Sphere Levels to move around the grid, from node to 
node. Some of these nodes we land on are empty nodes, which are pointless to 
us. But most are not empty, and they can be stat nodes or ability nodes. 
Examples of these are HP +200, STR +4, MAG +2, Steal, Dark Buster, or Cure. 
Still with me? The paths around the grid contain nodes. While the nodes are 
just plain, and boring, they're no fun; but when we activate each of them, our 
characters get the stat bonuses or learn the abilities that are on the node. 

Each character travels along the board, activating each node they pass as they 
spend Sphere Levels. Each node activated only boosts the character that 
activated it, and two people can activate the same node to both receive the 
stat bonus. This is how our characters become more powerful. The more battles 
you fight, the more AP you get, the more Sphere Levels you will obtain, and 
the faster you can move around the grid activating nodes and powering up. Make 
good sense? Okay, that's the tricky bit out of the way.

Now, how to activate nodes? Activating nodes is done with spheres. On your 
travels, before you even get to see the sphere grid, you will have picked up 
items from battles like ability spheres, mana spheres, or power spheres. These 
are what we use to activate nodes. Logically, ability spheres are used on 
ability nodes, and so on. 

You don't actually have to be on a node to activate it, but you do have to be 
only one step away, following the path. Meaning, you can activate a node one 
step ahead of you, or one step behind. For a complete list of spheres, and 
what they all do... (do not be daunted by this list pleeease)...

                    Basic Spheres

These are ones you will use to activate nodes you meet along the way, such as 
abilities and stats.

->  Ability Sphere:  Activates ability nodes, such as white magic, black 
                     magic, skills, or specials.
->  Fortune Sphere:  Activates luck nodes. These are indeed rare.
->  Mana Sphere:     Activates MP, Magic, and Magic Defence nodes
->  Power Sphere:    Activated HP, Strength, and Defence nodes
->  Speed Sphere:    Activates Agility, Accuracy, and Evasion nodes

                    Key Spheres

Key Spheres are used to unlock Key Locks found randomly throughout the grid. 
These Key Locks usually seal off very rare skills, or separate one character's 
section of the grid from another. Once you've unlocked a Key Lock, it turns 
into an empty node that all characters can pass.

->  Level 1 Key Sphere:  Unlocks a Level 1 Key Lock.
->  Level 2 Key Sphere:  Unlocks a Level 2 Key Lock.
->  Level 3 Key Sphere:  Unlocks a Level 3 Key Lock.
->  Level 4 Key Sphere:  Unlocks a Level 4 Key Lock.

Well, those made perfect sense, right?

                    Stat Creation Spheres

Stat creation spheres get used on empty nodes, to turn them into stat nodes. 
Once you've created a stat node using one, you can activate it normally with 
one of your basic spheres. Any stat node created from an empty node using a 
stat creation sphere can be activated by any character passing it, not just 
the one who created it.

->  HP Sphere:             Turns an empty node into a HP +300 node.
->  MP Sphere:             Turns an empty node into a MP +40 node.
->  Strength Sphere:       Turns an empty node into a STR +4 node.
->  Defence Sphere:        Turns an empty node into a DEF +4 node.
->  Magic Sphere:          Turns an empty node into a MAG +4 node.
->  Magic Defence Sphere:  Turns an empty node into a MDF +4 node.
->  Agility Sphere:        Turns an empty node into an AGL +4 node.
->  Evasion Sphere:        Turns an empty node into an EVA +4 node.
->  Accuracy Sphere:       Turns an empty node into an ACC +4 node.
->  Luck Sphere:           Turns an empty node into a LUK +4 node.

                    Complimentary Spheres

No, not spheres that will spend all day telling you how pretty you are. 
Complimentary spheres are used to activate nodes for one character that a 
different character has already activated. These need not be on the same sort 
of path or anything, you can just use one to activate any other node already 

A good example of how to use complimentary spheres: Say you've gotten one of 
your characters to the point of learning Ultima, and they activate the Ultima 
node. Using Black Magic Spheres, you can then get each of your characters to 
learn Ultima (even if they are nowhere near, off in their own parts of the 
grid), because one character already did. Capiche?

->  Attribute Sphere:    Activates a stat node that was already activated by 
                         another character.
->  Black Magic Sphere:  Activates a Black Magic node that was already 
                         activated by another character.
->  Master Sphere:       Activates ANY node that was already activated by 
                         another character.
->  Skill Sphere:        Activates a Skill node that was already activated by 
                         another character.
->  Special Sphere:      Activates a Special node that was already activated 
                         by another character.
->  White Magic Sphere:  Activates a White Magic node that was already 
                         activated by another character.

Make all good sense? These spheres are rare, and should be used wisely. Moving 

                    Other Random Spheres

These are the rarest of the lot, and each have their own unique function.

->  Clear Sphere:     Turns any stat node into an empty node. Useful if you're 
                      into serious stat maxing, you can do things like clear a 
                      STR +1 node and replace it with STR +4. If you clear a 
                      node, any character that had activated that node will 
                      lose the stat bonus from it.
->  Friend Sphere:    Moves a character to any other character's current 
                      location on the sphere grid. Say you've just started 
                      Wakka into Auron's section of the grid, you can send 
                      another character there to travel that same path using a 
                      Friend Sphere.
->  Return Sphere:    Returns a character to any node that they themselves 
                      have previously activated. If you get to the end of a 
                      long path, you can use one of these to take you back to 
                      the start so you can go another way, or back to a 
                      branching point so you can head off a different way.
->  Teleport Sphere:  Moves a character to any activated node on the grid, 
                      regardless of who activated it. 
->  Warp Sphere:      Move one character to any other node on the grid, 
                      activated or not.

As you can see, the Warp Spheres would be the rarest of all, because with them 
you can skip your characters around the grid at will.

Mostly, you'll be dealing with basic spheres and key lock spheres, which is 
why I listed them first. So, if you understood all that, you now know the 
basics of how the sphere grid works. To sum it up...

1) Fight battles to get AP.
2) Use AP to gain Sphere Levels.
3) Use Sphere Levels to move along the path on the grid.
4) Activate each node as you pass it, to learn abilities and boost your stats.

For the most part, each character's path is linear. Small subsections will be 
separated by Key Locks, you can choose to travel through them or just to keep 
going. Each character has their set path, and at the end of that, their path 
will usually connect to the start of the path of another character, with a 
high-level Key Lock in between. Theoretically, you could spend forever sending 
your characters around the grid. If you want to get perfect stats, you will 
have to send each of your characters around the ENTIRE grid (and do a lot of 
clearing and stat creating). 

A safe guideline for the sphere grid is to get each character to the end of 
their path before you beat the game. If you want to go kung-fu, start each 
character on a second path.

                2.4.1     The Standard and Expert Sphere Grids

If you're playing the International/PAL version of Final Fantasy X, you will 
be given a choice of sphere grids at the start, from the Standard and Expert 
sphere grids.

What's the difference between the two? I'm glad you asked. Like the names 
would suggest, the Expert Sphere Grid is tailored for more expert players, who 
want to have greater power in controlling the customisation of their 
characters. While the Standard grid starts each character off in separate 
sections with their own path to follow, the Expert grid starts all characters 
in the same central spiral (with the exception of Rikku, who starts one Level 
1 Key Lock away). 

The Standard Sphere Grid is a lot easier to understand, as you just plod along 
activating nodes. The Expert Grid requires planning and preparation, as it's 
full of branches where you choose the path to take. Each character has the 
option of following any path, should you decide to customize them that way. If 
you want to have a whole party of black mages, or power hitters, you can. 
That's the beauty of the Expert Grid.

To all you people playing the bring old NTSC version, you're stuck with the 
Standard Grid, which is still exciting and all, but not as fun as the Expert 
Grid. Currently I'm training all my characters to be power hitters like Auron, 
in the Expert Grid. You can't do that now, can you, NTSC people?

Stat maxing is more difficult on the Expert Grid, as there are approximately 
50 fewer nodes to fill. But unless you're willing to spend a few hundred hours 
getting perfect stats, this makes little difference.

Enjoy your travels on the sphere grid, and power all your characters up to be 
whatever you want them to be. It's fun.


                              3.0     CHARACTERS


This section's kinda important. You wanna know who you're taking to save the 
world, right?

                                3.1     Tidus

Age:               17

Tidus is our fun-loving main character of this here game. A star player for 
the Zanarkand Abes, he's thrown into the future by Sin and is desperately 
seeking nothing more than a means to get home. 

Tidus uses swords marked light-blue in the menu as weapons. His great strength 
at the beginning of the game is his agility. He takes turns fast, and works 
best against grounded enemies, preferably those without a shell. Over the 
game, he'll also learn white magic such as Haste and Slow.

Base Stats:        HP: 520     MP: 12
                   STR: 15     DEF: 10     MAG: 5      MDF: 5
                   AGL: 10     LUK: 18     EVA: 10     ACC: 10

                                 3.2     Yuna

Age:               17

Yuna is our female lead of this game. She's a summoner, on a pilgrimage to 
pray at every temple at Spira, to hopefully gain the necessary tools to 
defeat Sin.

As well as being the only character to have the power to call forth aeons, 
Yuna is a dedicated white mage, arming herself with staves marked magenta. She 
does jack all in the physical attack department, having basically zero 
strength, but she has the highest magic stat. She will learn white spells like 
Cura, Protect, Shell, Regen and Holy on her trip through the sphere grid.

Base Stats:        HP: 475     MP: 84
                   STR: 5      DEF: 5      MAG: 20     MDF: 20
                   AGL: 10     LUK: 17     EVA: 30     ACC: 3

                                3.3     Wakka

Age:               24

Wakka is captain-coach of the Besaid Aurochs, brudda. One of the worst 
blitzball teams in history, Wakka quits it to become one of Yuna's full-time 

Being a blitz player, naturally Wakka uses blitzballs (marked grey) as 
weapons. He has remarkable accuracy, and works best against flying fiends, or 
ground-based ones without a hard shell. He'll also learn several 
status-inflicting skills to use.

Base Stats:        HP: 618     MP: 10
                   STR: 14     DEF: 10     MAG: 5      MDF: 10
                   AGL: 7      LUK: 19     EVA: 5      ACC: 25

                                3.4     Auron

Age:               35

Auron is the mysterious figure that draws Tidus to Spira. He was a guardian of 
Yuna's father, Lord Braska, and now he accompanies Yuna. His past is a 
mystery, much like everything else about him.

Auron will be, without a doubt, the strongest person in your party. His 
strength is unrivalled, and he carries huge swords (marked navy blue) as 
weapons. All of his weapons are piercing, meaning they will cut through a hard 
shell, but he doesn't work so good against flyers. Over the grid, he'll also 
learn Break skills to decrease your opponents' stats.

Base Stats:        HP: 1030    MP: 33
                   STR: 20     DEF: 15     MAG: 5      MDF: 5
                   AGL: 5      LUK: 17     EVA: 5      ACC: 3

                               3.5     Kimahri

Age:               25

Kimahri is a member of the Ronso tribe, a pack of big blue beasts with horns 
poking out of their foreheads. But Kimahri was disgraced, as chose to become 
one of Yuna's guardians, and now finds nemesis in his brothers.

Kimahri is an interesting character to fight with, because you can customize 
him almost any way you want. His section of the sphere grid is in the centre, 
surrounded by starting points to everyone else's section, so you can customize
Kimahri as you see fit. He uses piercing lances, marked violet on the weapon 

Base Stats:        HP: 644     MP: 78
                   STR: 16     DEF: 15     MAG: 5      MDF: 17
                   AGL: 6      LUK: 18     EVA: 5      ACC: 5

                                 3.6     Lulu

Age:               22

Lulu is seen as an older sister to Yuna, and is another of her first group of 
dedicated guardians. She also has a mysterious history with Wakka, and his 
now-deceased brother Chappu.

As Yuna is a white mage, Lulu is a black mage. She uses moogle dolls, marked 
light green, as weapons, believe it or not. Like Yuna, her strength is 
virtually non-existent, but she makes up for it with very high magic and magic 
defence, and a barrage of spells like Watera, Blizzaga, Flare, and Ultima.

Base Stats:        HP: 380     MP: 92
                   STR: 5      DEF: 8      MAG: 30     MDF: 20
                   AGL: 5      LUK: 17     EVA: 40     ACC: 3

                                3.7     Rikku

Age:               15

Rikku's our bright and cheerful Al Bhed contingent, and our resident 
pickpocket. After saving Tidus in the Baaj Temple, she's washed away in Sin's 
attack, and then rescued by Tidus later on. Does she also bear some 
resemblance to Yuna?

As a thief and an Al Bhed, Rikku has a whole host of relevant Skills such as 
Mug, Bribe, Nab Gil, Use and Spare Change. Her other stats are fairly 
ordinary, except for a sky-high agility stat. She'll be taking turns fast, but 
not doing a lot of damage.

Base Stats:        HP: 385     MP: 85
                   STR: 10     DEF: 8      MAG: 8      MDF: 10
                   AGL: 16     LUK: 18     EVA: 5      ACC: 5


                           4.0     THE WALKTHROUGH


The important bit. Here we go! Chuck your FFX DVD into the PS2, and select a 
new game. If playing International, you'll be prompted to select a Sphere Grid 
to use for the game. Check my Sphere Grid section for details on the different 
ones, and which you should choose. Once you've picked one (or completely 
bypassed the choice if playing NTSC), you'll get the most beautifulest opening 
scene ever.

Seven characters, sitting around a campfire, in the ruins of a once-great 
city. What's happening? We wouldn't have a clue. So just watch. When we see 
this scene a second time, as we will late in the game, it will all make sense.


It's night time, in Zanarkand, a pretty cool-looking place. I love the 
colours used here. People are all gathering around, and then run to see 
someone approaching... followed by a small boy in purple.

Who have the people flocked to see? You. The main character of this here game. 
Tidus. Once you get control of Tidus, run him down into the group of people, 
and start talking to them. Sign the balls of the two girls on the right, and 
input a new name for Tidus if you wish. Once Tidus has dedicated his goals in 
the game to the girls, talk to the three children on the left. He signs their 
balls too. After you've done, keep heading forward past the children and a 
scene will take over.

The kids want Tidus to teach them how to blitz. He's a star blitzball player 
you see, which is like the world's national sport. He says he'll teach them 
tonight, but the boy in purple interrupts, saying he can't. Okay, tomorrow 
then. Promise!

Now we get an awesome scene of the city. Doesn't it look cool? Tidus is 
walking along the road, and he sees a man on a giant billboard. The man is his 
father, Jecht. Once the announcer starts talking, just run straight down the 
road. The announcer will talk about how Jecht, the greatest blitzball player 
the world ever saw, disappeared into thin air, and now, ten years later, the 
Jecht Memorial Cup is on! That's the game Tidus is playing in. 

At the end of the road, you'll reach the blitzball stadium. Fight your way 
through the hordes of gaggling girls to get into the stadium. And now we have 
the coolest movie in a video EVAR. Blitzball!

This is undoubtedly the coolest sport ever seen. Played in a giant spherical 
pool, two teams battle it out, while an unknown man watches from far above the 

The man seems to have power, as he commands a wall of water into the city. It 
sucks buildings in, and destroys everything, but the people in the stadium 
remain oblivious... Until Tidus jumps out of the water for a special shot, and 
the water overtakes the arena.

Watch as the beautiful Zanarkand is destroyed. What a way to open a game, eh?

When Tidus gets up outside the stadium, we'll see the map screen for the first 
time, in the top left corner. Use it well, as it makes navigating things 
pretty easy. Tidus is the yellow triangle (of course), and the way he has to 
go is shown by the red arrow. At the bottom of the walkway, you'll see the man 
who was watching before. Tidus knows who he is. "Auron!" Auron was here 
waiting for Tidus. Wha? What's happening? Follow him as he walks off.

As Tidus looks around hopelessly, not having a clue what's going on, time 
stands still. Yes, really. The boy is back again, with some cryptic words for 
you. It begins. Don't cry. (Okay.) Just who the hell is this kid, anyways?

When time turns back to normal, Tidus begins to realize the enormity of what's 
happening. The entire town is being destroyed. And Auron is walking straight 
towards the giant blob of water that came to wreak the havoc. Tidus tries to 
warn him, not this way. But Auron will not be dissuaded.

They called that giant thing "Sin". Cool, eh? Evil. Sin's not done blowing 
shit up yet, he sends a giant tentacle, covered in scales, into the side of 
the building. The scales jump onto the roadway, and come to life! Tidus, being 
the smart kid he is, tries to defend himself against them with his bare hands. 
Auron, being the clever old man he is, gives Tidus a sword, a gift from Jecht. 
(But Jecht died ten years ago... what on earth is happening here?) And we 
enter battle mode, the first of the game.

Auron's got the right idea, cut through these ones and run. So start 
attacking. Keep attacking until the two of you break free and head for the 

Unfortunately, you don't make it to the hills. You make it over the crest in 
the road to find another of the giant tentacles, and the first boss of the 
game. You get a tutorial on overdrives, and then you have to fight.

                             Boss: Sinspawn Ammes
Points:            HP:  2400 (1000)        MP:  400
Rewards:           AP:  0    (0)           GIL: 0
Stats:             STR: 1      DEF: 1      MAG: 5      MDF: 1
                   AGL: 9      LUK: 10     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Immunities:        Sleep, Poison, Petrification, Zombie, Threaten, Death, 
                   Doom, Scan, Demi, Eject

Okay. First boss. Lucky, he's an easy one. It's kinda really hard to die on 
this boss, for reasons which will become painfully clear as the fight goes on.

Follow the instructions first of all, to use Auron's Dragon Fang overdrive by 
following the key combination listed (left up right down L1 R1 circle X). That 
will take out all the Sinscales in the picture, as well as doing some nice 
damage to Ammes. Once you've done that, start attacking the thing.             
With each hit, you'll knock off one of it's little dangly tentacle things on 
top. Obviously, we want to kill all of them, then it. After an attack or two, 
you'll see Ammes' big move: Demi. Too right, his only attack wipes off half 
your current HP each time. Meaning, it can't kill you. See how I mean, it's 
impossible to die?
Use Tidus' Spiral Cut overdrive when it comes up, following the instructions 
from before on how to access them. Stop the moving bar when it's in the centre 
section for maximum effect of the move, then just keep attacking until Ammes 


Damn that Ammes looks cool, with that blue and purple, as he melts down. You 
won't get anything from that battle, though. Follow Auron past the dead 
Sinspawn, and save your game at the save sphere on the right if you wish.

Keep running, and a scene will take over. Tidus thinks Jecht, on the big 
screen, is laughing at him. (Haha Tidus.) He wants to leave, to run the other 
way, but Auron informs him that "they're expected". 

Uh oh, more Sinscales come onto the screen. Hundreds of them. Thousands of 
them, littering the road. And you've gotta fight. Attack and kill the three in 
front of you, and Auron will realize that this could be a bad situation. He 
spots the tanker on the side of the road - aim for that! So beat up the poor 
innocent defenceless tanker a bit. After five or six hits it will go down, 
taking all the scales with it.

Of course, that's not all the tanker blew up. The roadway's in a shambles, but 
you're gonna keep running anyways. Tidus blindly follows Auron through the 
flames, then defies gravity to jump and catch the end of a rising patch of the 
bitumen. Why is the bitumen rising? Sin is overhead, sucking you up into it!

Auron questions Sin, are you sure? (Umm wha?) Obviously, Sin gives an 
affirmative response, because both Tidus and Auron are drawn into the light, 
and all goes black.

When we come to, Tidus is underwater, yet it looks like he's swimming high 
above Zanarkand. Press circle to go down, and when you get as low as you can 
go, you'll see a blue platform behind Tidus. Swim there, and you'll find Tidus 
as a little boy. He does a little bit of soul-searching as he narrates what 
happens next, that he had a dream of being alone. What's happening to him?

                        Underwater Ruins (Baaj Temple)

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

Tidus wakes up alone, on a bit of driftwood, in the middle of a dark grey 
ocean. There's nothing around him but water, more debris, and the odd loon. 

When you get the chance to swim, follow the red arrow, but take a detour. On 
the overhead map, on the squares on the right side of screen, you'll find 
steps leading up to a plateau. Head up to find 200 gil in a chest and some 
weird writing that poor Tidus can't decipher.

Back in the water, head north-west. Just north-west of the six little squares 
on the map, you'll find another area, with two Potions and an Al Bhed 
compilation sphere. If you've played FFX on your memory card before, load your 
Al Bhed dictionary here. If not, ignore the previous sentence.

Once you've got all that, head back in the water and follow the arrow to find 
the stairs outta there. We still have no clue where we are, but save on the 
left, then follow the path up. Take the path on the left to find a chest with 
a Hi-Potion, then go back and keep going north.

Watch as the path crumbles out from underneath Tidus, and he falls back in the 
water. Just swim for a bit, in any direction, and a scene will take over. Some 
Sahagins approach, and perform some tricks for Tidus, but we have to fight 
them. Kill two of them, and then a bloody big thing comes along and eats up 
the last one. And we have a boss on our hands.

                               Boss: Geosgaeno
Points:            HP:  32267 (-)          MP:  128
Rewards:           AP:  0     (0)          GIL: 0
Stats:             STR: 36     DEF: 50     MAG: 40     MDF: 50
                   AGL: 48     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 50
Elements:          Fire/Ice/Lightning/Water/Holy (x1.5)
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Petrification, Slow, Zombie, 
                   Power Break, Magic Break, Armour Break, Mental Break, 
                   Threaten, Death, Provoke, Doom, Scan, Demi, Delay, Eject

Okay. Those stats look scary. Especially that whopping 32,000 HP. But don't 
worry. We're gonna hit and run here, we don't have to worry about killing him 
until much, MUCH later.

Your attacks are pretty piss weak here, my Tidus is hitting for 29. And this 
thing's attacks hurt too. After your first hit, he'll hit you, and knock off, 
you guessed it, half your current HP. Can anything actually kill you in this 
game? Not yet, it would seem.

After three hits, he'll get mad and go after Tidus. Tidus will swim for his 
life, and spot a doorway into a temple. He swims, the Geosgaeno chases... and 
Tidus makes it in the nick of time. End of battle. Woo.


Okay, so NOW where the hell are we? Still no clues. So just ignore that fact, 
and head into the temple.

Scary looking place, eh? Big totems all around. The place is a wreck, and 
Tidus is about to freeze his buns off unless we can get some fire. In the 
centre of the hall, we find the remains of a campfire, now we just need the 
tools (eg. a flint and some tinder) to light it up again.

Lets start exploring, shall we? Head through the door on the north-east side 
of screen, and up the stairs. Halfway up the stairs, the screen will change 
and you'll find a Withered Bouquet in a vase on the wall. Take it, and there's 
your tinder. Keep heading up, and in a chest on the balcony you'll find a 
Hi-Potion. Back to our main hall, and dump the bouquet on the campfire.

In the south-west corner (corner? In a round room?) of the hall, you'll find a 
save sphere. Save up, and head through the doorway. There, in a box on the 
floor, you'll find a flint, so go back and start a fire.

Wow, our boy Tidus must have mad survival skillz, cos he gets a decent fire 
going. He stretches out for a rest, and straight away starts bitching about 
food. (Whiny little sod.) We see Tidus daydream - he's with Auron. Auron made 
a bad call, and your team lost because of you. (Of course, dreams aren't 
supposed to make sense.) It's been ten years, and he thought Tidus would be 
crying. Who, him? The little boy in purple from Zanarkand appears. You cried.

(For some reason, that "you cried" line made me laugh, the first time I played 
this. I'm a tad odd, I know.)

Tidus snaps back to his present world, and his campfire's gone out. He tells 
the fire to hold on, he'll get more wood, but before he gets the chance, he 
gets ambushed by a creature that has the power to walk on walls. Cool.

                                 Boss: Klikk
Points:            HP:  1500 (400)         MP:  5
Rewards:           AP:  5    (7)           GIL: 50
Stats:             STR: 14     DEF: 1      MAG: 1      MDF: 1
                   AGL: 4      LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 50
Immunities:        Sleep, Poison, Sensor, Scan
Steal:             Grenade x1 (normal), x2 (rare)
Drop:              2x Ability Sphere (normal/rare)

We have to kill this one, unlike the last one. And this is the first thing 
we've found so far that can actually kill us. (Woo.) 

Because we don't exactly have a lot of options at the moment, attack the 
bugger. You'll alternate turns attacking, so when your HP gets low, use a 
Potion, you should have a dozen of them by now. After a while, the battle will 

The other door to the room blows open, and behind it are a bunch of weird 
looking guys with some heavy artillery, led by a little blonde girl. She 
approaches you, and she's going to fight with you. She has the Special ability 
"Use", and the game runs through a tutorial of how to use Grenades. After it's 
done, select Special, Use, Grenade, and you'll hit the thing for a fair bit of 

Keep Tidus attacking, and have the girl Steal (another Special ability) 
another couple of Grenades. Use them, and attack some more, and the Klikk will 
be out of your way before you know it.


And we get AP for the first time! Cool! Take the 5 AP, the two ability 
spheres, and watch the scene. The girl takes off her mask, to reveal a pretty 
set of blue eyes, and Tidus is relieved. Don't relax just yet, pal. The 
cronies of the girl pick him up, and hold him hostage, speaking to each other 
in the same language you read on the totem pole outside. It's Al Bhed, in case 
you didn't know. And with one blow from the girl, Tidus is down and out for 
the count.

                           Al Bhed Ship/Sunken Ship

Poor Tidus is getting his head knocked off his shoulders, and he can't 
understand what the goons are saying. The girl helps him to his feet, and 
laugh yourself stupid when you see the Al Bhed guy miming what he wants Tidus 
to do, with appropriate grunting sound effects. Seriously, it's hilarious. 

When Tidus has no clue what's going on, the guns get drawn. Quickly, the girl 
whispers, you can stay if you make yourself useful! She speaks English! But 
now Tidus knows the score, he has to work.

Talk to the Al Bhed guy closest to the save sphere (even though you can't 
understand him) to get three Potions. In the back right corner of the boat, 
take the Al Bhed Primer Vol I, and start learning the Al Bhed language, one 
letter at a time. (Guess how many of these there are to collect?). Save your 
game at the save sphere, then head back and talk to the girl.

She'll give you a tutorial here, on how to use the sphere grid. If you didn't 
read my above section on it, this might be useful to you. Or not. Either way, 
read it, absorb the info. If you don't know how to use the sphere grid 
properly, you're gonna be in a spot of bother rather soon.

Once the tutorial is done, do what it says and improve Tidus now. You can get 
him the Cheer ability, so far. Saving up sphere levels isn't really necessary, 
unless you're waiting to get the spheres to activate one node before you move 
on. Anyways, just get Cheer for Tidus, mmkay? :)

Talk to her again, and you'll find out the work you are to do. There's a 
sunken ship underneath, that you have to go in and investigate. Seems like 
these Al Bhed people are salvagers, scouring the sea for everything they can 

Once you're in the water, follow the arrow. If you get into any battles with 
Piranhas on the way, have the girl steal some more Grenades from them before 
you kill them. Take the AP, and move on. 

Inside the ship, in the close-right corner, you'll find a save sphere, so use 
it. Then bang on the computer terminal a bit, and the door will open. 
(Mechanical skills to boot! I like this guy!) Follow the tunnels along, and 
you'll get ambushed by a bunch of Piranhas. Meh, no big deal, kill the things, 
stealing a couple more Grenades first. 

After you've done that, examine the thing the girl is pointing to, and Tidus 
will bang on it, making it work. (Incredible.) Unfortunately, while it's 
working and all, an octopus has swum into the ship to make life difficult for 

Head back yo the ship entrance after the scene, and in the main circular 
cavern, you'll get into a fight with Tros.

                                  Boss: Tros
Points:            HP:  2200 (600)         MP:  10
Rewards:           AP:  8    (12)          GIL: 100
Stats:             STR: 10     DEF: 1      MAG: 1      MDF: 1
                   AGL: 12     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 20
Immunities:        Silence, Darkness, Petrification, Zombie, Threaten, Death, 
                   Provoke, Doom, Demi, Eject
Steal:             Grenade x1 (normal), x3 (rare)
Drop:              2x Power Sphere (normal/rare)

Ba, bada, bada da da da.... <3 battle theme. Anyways, let's focus on killing 
Tros. This is what we've been stealing Grenades for.

Have the girl keep using grenades (mine had eight of them here), while Tidus 
attacks. Should either of you reach Overdrive, even better, use it. 
Eventually, Tros will get fed up and move out of attack range.

Now we get a tutorial on trigger commands. If you've read my battle section, 
you already know what they are too, special commands that become available in 
certain battles. Here, the trigger command is Standby, meaning you won't take 
your turn but recover 50 HP. Put both Tidus and the girl in Standby, and then 
Tros will come and charge, hitting you for a fair bit of damage.

Keep yourself cured up, because Tros can do quite a bit of damage. Steal 
another Grenade from Tros and turf it at him, if you want. When he ducks away 
the second time, you get the Pincer Attack trigger command, so use it to 
surround the guy. Now he can only hit one of you at a time, shweet.

Attack him some more, and after a while, Tros will have had enough, and die.


Once the battle's over, follow the girl and the red arrow out of the ship. Its 
power will come on, so take the girl and follow the arrow (I bet you'll get 
sick of that phrase real soon) back to the Al Bhed salvage ship. Watch the 
pretty underwater scene, as we fade to black.

Back on dry land. (Well, dry ship.) The Al Bhed are talking about an airship 
(that word stands out, at least), and when Tidus tries to follow them inside, 
they kick him out. (Aww.) As he moans more about food, the girl appears, with 
a plate of what looks like tomato pasta or something. Him, being the pig he 
is, eats so fast he chokes, luckily the girl is there with a flask of water 
for him.

Tidus is overjoyed to talk to the girl, who identifies herself as Rikku. But 
why didn't she say something earlier, about the fact she spoke English? She 
didn't get a chance to, they thought he was a fiend! She tells him that they 
are, in fact, Al Bhed, and Tidus doesn't even know what an Al Bhed is. He 
relates with pride that he's from Zanarkand, and tells her all about life 
there, blitzball, and Sin's attack, which shocks Rikku a tad. Why does it 
shock her?

Because there is no Zanarkand anymore. Sin destroyed it a thousand years ago.

Tidus is sputtering, not understanding. He's been thrown a thousand years into 
the future? What the? When the scene's over, talk to Rikku again for another 
scene. She says you should to go Luca, you might find someone you know there. 
Luca? Rikku groans at Tidus' lack of knowledge. But leave it to her, she'll 
take you to Luca, promise.

And one thing. Don't tell anyone you're from Zanarkand, Yevon says it's a holy 
place, so you might upset someone.

Yevon? Sin? Luca? Zanarkand, some sort of holy place? Tidus can't come to 
grips in this. He thought Sin just sent him to a distant place, that he could 
go home in a day or two. But a thousand years into the future?

He kicks the side of the boat, in sheer frustration. And it seems to be the 
catalyst for something to rise up out of the water nearby... it's Sin! The Al 
Bhed are out, ready to fight Sin off, but as the boat lurches violently Tidus 
gets knocked overboard, sucked down into a swirling vortex of water....

Save your game here, please, in the unknown sea.


When Tidus wakes up, he's floating in a clear blue sea on what looks to be a 
beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky, quite the contrast from the Al Bhed 
ship. Again, no clue where we are now. He calls out for Rikku - but she's 
nowhere to be found. As he turns around in the water, searching, he gets 
conked in the back of the head... with a blitzball!

There's people standing on the beach nearby, apologizing profusely, led by a 
big guy with orange hair. Tidus is ecstatic to see a blitzball, and he picks 
it up and performs his signature shot, the Sphere Shot (no other shots 
available, yet ^_^) The ball narrowly misses the guys on the beach, and sails 
up into the air... the leader is impressed, really impressed.

When you get control of Tidus, don't swim up to the beach just yet. Head 
right, around the heads, to a secret beach, and pick up the Moon Crest (not 
useful till much much later.) Then head to the guys on the beach.

A scene will take over, where the big guy with orange hair will approach you. 
He doesn't believe the shot Tidus just made, so Tidus demonstrates other 
skills. The guy wants to know who Tidus plays for, so he happily replies, "The 
Zanarkand Abes." You silly boy, remember what Rikku told you? So he uses the 
toxin excuse you will get sick of hearing rather soon. The big orange-headed 
guy introduces himself as Wakka, captain-coach of the Besaid Aurochs. (We 
already knew we were in Besaid. We're clever.) Tidus reacts rather negatively 
to this revelation, so Wakka offers to take him back to the village for food. 
Follow him off the beach, and watch the scene.

Tidus asks Wakka if Zanarkand really was destroyed a thousand years ago, and 
Wakka settles in to tell a story. There were a whole lot of big cities in 
Spira once, with machina running them. Sin came and destroyed the cities, and 
is now in Spira as a punishment to the people for letting things get out of 
hand. Now, they have to repent for their sins, and everyone is suffering "for 
what some goofballs did way back when".

Tidus wants to find Sin one more time. Everything started with Sin, and he 
figures it will end with Sin. The poor kid just wants to go home. Is that so 

Save your game, then head inland to find Wakka. Follow him to the edge of the 
cliff, then laugh as Wakka sneaks behind Tidus and pushes him in the water. 
Once in, just follow the river along, starting heading down on the map. You'll 
get into battles with Piranhas along the way, and notice Wakka's weapon - a 
blitzball! Baha.

On the way, if you swim around underwater, you'll find a few treasure chests 
containing a Hi-Potion, 2x Antidote, and eventually a scene will take over.

Wakka's got a favour to ask Tidus. He wants him on the Aurochs! There's a 
blitz tournament on soon, all the best teams in Spira will be there! 
Tonelessly, Tidus agrees to play with Wakka in it. Seems he's not too keen on 
the idea, ya?

Out of the water, the two are on a plateau, overlooking a small village. 
That's Besaid, and Wakka's lived there all his life. In the conversation, he 
reveals himself to be 23 years old (wonder how old Tidus is? Looks to be about 
sixteen) and tells that the Besaid Aurochs never won a game in ten years. So 
he quit, and got a new job. But he's back, for one last shot, he wants to go 
out with a bang, so to speak.

After the scene, which ends with Tidus telling Wakka that the goal is always 
victory, head down the path. You'll meet up with Gatta and Luzzu, two 
Crusaders. Yes, Tidus forgot who they are too. So, after pledging to ask about 
them in the village, keep running down the path.

On the next screen, you'll get to the village. Tidus just wants food, but 
Wakka tells him to look around first. (Must Tidus think only of his stomach?) 
The Crusaders' lodge is over yonder, and, before Wakka forgets, he asks Tidus 
if he knows the prayer. Choose a response that seems most appropriate and 
Wakka will show him how to pray to Yevon. What's the prayer? The blitzball 
sign for victory.

Now, Tidus is on his own in the town. He has to go present himself to the 
temple summoner, but we're gonna check stuff out first. Start from the bottom 
left side of town (town, hah, I made a joke) and work your way around. There's 
a chest on the left with a Phoenix Down, and an item shop in the first house. 
Before the second house, you'll notice a tiny grey offshoot on the map, 
leading to a hidden area, so head through the grass. There you'll find 2x 
Potion, 400 gil, and a Hi-Potion.

The second house on the left is the Crusaders' lodge. There you can save your 
game, access an information booth, grab Al Bhed Primer Vol II from the bench, 
and talk with Gatta and Luzzu. They'll tell you all about the Crusaders, and 
Tidus is shocked that they've been fighting Sin for 800 years without 
defeating it. They direct you to the temple, to regain your memory.

So go and enter the temple, the really big thing at the end of town that you 
kinda can't miss. Inside, Tidus realizes that Spira is so much different from 
his own world. Listen to the song, the Hymn of the Fayth. I love it. You'll 
hear it several times, in several incarnations. Head forward, and a scene will 
take over with Tidus, the statues, and the temple summoner.

It was ten years ago, that High Summoner Braska defeated Sin. Summoners are 
people that protect the people of Yevon using entities of great power - aeons. 
Once you've heard that, and Tidus displays his great ignorance saying he's 
just respecting some great men, head out.

I bet Tidus is still kinda hungry, so go find Wakka's hut, it's the middle one 
on the right side. Talk to Wakka, and he'll tell you its not time for lunch, 
but take a nap. Do it, and another scene will take over.

The summoner is in to see Wakka, asking him to see how they're doing. But 
Wakka is adamant, they can't interfere. (What's happening NOW?) And Tidus 
switches from there into a dream... people are on a boat, telling a woman it's 
been nearly a day already, and people are out searching for him. Searching for 
who? For Jecht. Mini-Tidus doesn't give two hoots either way, really. He hates 
his father, wants him to die. But if Jecht dies, Tidus will never be able to 
tell him how much he hates him.

Tidus wakes up, alone in the hut. No Wakka in sight, he went to the temple 
with the summoner, so go there. Yes something's wrong, the summoner hasn't 
returned from the trial. When Tidus is bemused, Wakka explains. Beyond the 
doors is the Cloister of Trials, at which the apprentice summoner must pray. 
If the prayer is heard by Yevon, they become a fully fledged summoner. But 
it's been a whole day, and they haven't returned. When Tidus hears it might be 
dangerous in there, and that the summoner might die, he heads in to help them 
out, despite Wakka's warnings that it's forbidden.

Tidus has his first logical moment ("Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after 
all") as we're faced with the first of the Cloisters of Trials.

                          Cloister of Trials: Besaid

These things start off simple, get tricky real fast. The mini-tutorial tells 
you, examine objects with X. So examine the glowing glyph on the far wall, and 
another glyph will appear on your right. Tough it, and the wall will rise to 
reveal a doorway. Head through, and down the stairs.

At the bottom examine the glyph to learn about spheres. Glyph spheres open the 
way to the Chamber of the Fayth, Destruction spheres open the way to hidden 
treasure. Besaid spheres are also necessary. Tidus will take the sphere from 
the wall, so take it down the stairs and insert it into the hole on the door. 
Once it opens, take it out and keep walking.

Around the next corner, you'll see brightly-lit markings on the left wall. 
Insert the sphere from the door here. A secret room will be revealed, but 
ignore it for now and keep on going.

Around the next corner, touch the glyphs on the right wall to reveal another 
secret room. In the room, you'll find a Besaid sphere on the far wall, so take 
it. Put it in the pedestal opposite the door to the room, to dissolve the wall 
behind it. 

Head back to the hidden room you opened before, the one I told you to ignore. 
Take the Destruction sphere from the wall, and insert it into the wall of the 
room that had been glowing bright blue. One line of purple will appear, and 
blow a hole in the next wall. Head out and to the room behind that wall, and 
grab a Rod of Wisdom.

Now, back to that pedestal. Walk into it to push it. Got the hang of that? 
Okay, push it in a straight line down the hall. Eventually, it will stop and 
sink into the floor. And you're done here in this temple.


There's a number of these Cloisters of Trials, and they can be just plain 
icky. That was the first, and easiest. Wakka will appear once the pedestal has 
sunken down, wondering what's gotten into Tidus. Only summoners, apprentice 
summoners, and guardians, can come down here, it's tradition, very important. 
But he'll take Tidus along for the ride anyways.

Summoners go on pilgrimages, to pray at every temple in Spira, and guardians 
go with them to protect them. There's two guardians in there with the 
apprentice summoner at the moment. Better make that three, plus Tidus.

The woman guardian questions Tidus - who are you? Before he can reply, the 
door to the Trials opens, and our apprentice summoner appears. A young girl, 
about Tidus' age. She trips down the steps, but the big blue guy catches her. 
She's done it! She's become a summoner!

Here Tidus was thinking summoners were all old geezers. Not so, my friend. 
Once you get control, walk him out of the temple. Wakka will call him over, 
the girl is about to prove that she is a summoner, and summon an aeon.

Watch the awesome sequence as a giant birdy aeon appears. Tidus is impressed 
with the creature and its gentleness. Name Valefor, and get on with the game 

Wakka is introducing Tidus to the rest of the Besaid Aurochs. It takes a while 
to teach them the idea of the goal of victory, it does, but then once you do, 
they won't stop chanting it! The summoner was watching you, smiling, so go 
over and introduce yourself.

You're warned to stay away, but who cares. Her name is Yuna, as we see here, 
and she thanks Tidus for his help earlier. Sure, what he did was wrong, but 
she was overconfident and needed the help. Tidus expresses his amazement at 
the 'aeon thing', and the two get into a short conversation. Once she's 
convinced to go play with the kids some more, Wakka asks you if you think 
she's cute. Answer appropriately (or close your eyes and simply pick an option 
if you're female and don't have an opinion on such things.) Either way, Tidus 
questions, but what if she comes on to me? Won't happen. Hmm, why not?

After the scene, talk to Wakka to get some sleep. And Tidus will go to dream 
land again. In this one, we control him (sorta). When Tidus stands up, run him 
along the pier to your left. At the end, you will find Yuna.

It appears the two of them are sneaking off to Zanarkand! If the boat doesn't 
arrive, people will find them soon! But Rikku appears, mad at Tidus because he 
said he'd take her to Zanarkand. (What's with Tidus jogging on the spot here? 
It looks weird.) Yeah, Wakka told you not to get any ideas about Yuna. So you 
have to go with Rikku, to Zanarkand.

Out of nowhere, Jecht appears, telling Tidus to stop dreaming. Tidus, with a 
woman? He can't even catch a ball! And suddenly, Tidus is a little boy, head 
in his hands, crying. Cry cry, taunts Jecht. That's all you're good for! But 
mini-Tidus hates Jecht, and is trying to work up the guts to tell him so. 
Rikku and Yuna are behind Jecht, cheering Tidus on as he utters the words. I 

As Tidus wakes up, screaming the words, he becomes aware of people outside. 
It's the female guardian with the humongous chest, from before (Lulu), and 
Wakka. Of course, Tidus has to eavesdrop. He isn't Chappu, she says. (That 
would be you they're talking about, Tidus my man.) Apparently, you look a lot 
like the guy, but Chappu is dead. Wakka shouldn't have brought you here, and 
he's all sheepish about the fact that he did. She storms off in a huff, 
leaving Wakka there morosely. Temperamental one, she is. (Kinda like me.) 

Tidus gently asks Wakka, who's Chappu? He was Wakka's little brother, but now 
he's dead. So the two sit down to have a heart to heart talk.

Chappu was with the Crusaders when they fought Sin last year. He didn't make 
it back. Wakka heard about it on the day of the last blitzball tournament, 
which is why he couldn't focus. That's why he became a guardian, to help 
defeat Sin, for revenge. After the next blitz tournament, Wakka will be a 
guardian full-time. He's not using Tidus, and Tidus owes him for helping him 
out, and he thanks him, embarrassing Wakka.

After another snooze, Tidus wakes up on another perfect day. Save your game if 
you want, then head outside. Wakka's got a present for you, a huge-ass sword 
that once belonged to Chappu. Chappu never used it, so now it's yours. They're 
there waiting for Yuna to get ready, so they can make the journey to the boat 

Wakka explains, Yuna's been here in Besaid since the Calm started, and she's 
like a sister to him and Lulu. She was an apprentice, now she leaves as a 
summoner. And here the lady herself is, lugging a giant suitcase. She won't 
need it, so she's talked into leaving it there.

And now you're leaving Besaid village. Don't worry, you'll be back.

Follow the road out of Besaid, and the arrow. (Arrow knows best.) You'll get 
into a number of predetermined battles, that you can't get out of, and in them 
you'll learn different things. In the first, Wakka wants Tidus to try out his 
new sword, so smack the dingo one and be done with it. Apparently, Tidus could 
make a pretty good guardian one day. Then a condor appears, and flying fiends 
are Wakka's specialty, so use him to kill it.

Further up the slope, you'll run into a water flan. Wakka thinks it's trouble, 
but Tidus is confident. Attack it once, and you'll find it actually is 
trouble. Flans are elemental, so in comes your black mage Lulu to give you a 
tutorial on elements. It's all pretty simple, read through it all. You have to 
use the opposing element. It's a water flan, so use Thunder and fry it's ass.

Then you'll reach the top of the mountain. Tidus wants to keep going, but they 
have to wait. Save your game again if you want, then examine the statue they 
are all praying at. It's supposed to be good luck to pray there, for a safe 
journey, and Chappu never prayed there the day he left. So pray along with 
them for big bonus points with everyone.

Keep following the path and the arrow along. On the next screen you'll pass 
under some big pillars, and get ambushed. Uh oh.

                                Boss: Kimahri
Points:            HP:  750 (300)          MP:  10
Rewards:           AP:  3   (4)            GIL: 100
Stats:             STR: 10     DEF: 15     MAG: 8      MDF: 5
                   AGL: 15     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 10
Immunities:        Threaten, Sensor, Scan, Eject
Drop:              2x Ability Sphere (normal/rare)

Hey, it's that big blue guy from before! The one in the temple! Wait, isn't he 
supposed to be a good guy? But he wants to fight? Oh well, your loss, pal.

It's only Tidus fighting in this battle, so it's a bit like the Klikk, you'll 
just have to trade blows with him. Use Cheer in your first turn, because 
Kimahri is a big tough guy with big tough attacks like Jump, which will hit 
you for like 100 HP. So Cheer, then hit hit and cure up when your health goes 
yellow, and the fight will be over in no time.


Eventually, Wakka will come in and call the battle off. Cos Kimahri really is 
a good guy. Tidus wants to know what the mark is up with him, and Lulu 
explains. He's from the Ronso tribe, and he's learnt the fiends' way of 
fighting. He's one of Yuna's guardians, and sometimes they don't understand 
him either, cos he doesn't like to talk much. But he did protect Yuna, so 
brownie points to him.

Once you've beaten Kimahri, keep on cruising. You'll get into a fight with a 
Garuda, and Wakka will want Yuna to show you what she's made of. You'll get a 
tutorial on switching members in battle, but bah you already know how to do 
that. Skip through the tute, then press L1 and get Yuna in there. Now you get 
another tutorial on summoning aeons, so guess what you have to do. Summon 
Valefor in, or Fanta as I named him. 

Now you get to play around with using aeons. You'll see that they fight just 
like regular characters do, with attacks, a special move, magic, etc. If you 
keep blasting this thing with Sonic Wings, he'll get maybe two turns at best, 
so do so, and wipe the floor with its candy-ass.

You get one more tutorial battle, this time using Wakka's Dark Buster on 
another Garuda. Once you've done that, dispose of it as you wish. Then keep 
running along until you get to familiar territory, and go down to the beach. 
On the beach, follow the people to the right, towards the pier. Don't get on 
the boat just yet, but talk to all the people on the pier to get some items. 
Namely, an Ether, 3x Phoenix Down, a Seeker's Ring, 400 gil, and a Remedy.

After you've picked up all that, get on the S.S. Liki. Everyone's distressed 
to see Yuna go, but they all realize that it is for the best.

                                   S.S Liki

And now we're on our way to Kilika. We still have no idea how we're going to 
get Tidus home, or where the hell he is, really. But we're loving our 
adventure. Tidus is, anyways. He's jumping all over some poor guy, stealing 
their binoculars. First he looks at the water, then at Lulu, giving her a 
once-over... then Yuna appears, so he stares at her. Yeah, smooth man, using a 
 pair of binoculars to look at a girl a couple of metres away. Real smooth.

You like the girl, right? So go and talk to her. You can't get to her, though, 
because the Aurochs are surrounding her, all ogling her. Word is, Yuna has 
noble blood, that she's Lord Braska's daughter! Tidus is confused, so take him 
over to Wakka to ask him about this.

She IS the daughter of High Summoner Braska. He was the last guy to defeat 
Sin, ten years ago. Tidus can relate, it's tough when your father's famous. 
After that scene, the Aurochs disperse, so you can get to talk to Yuna. 
But we're gonna explore this here fine seaworthy vessel first.

Head down into the lower cabin (near the little captains room) and you'll 
be approached by O'aka the XXIII, Merchant Extraordinaire. He doesn't like 
the look of Tidus, or his clothes, but he wants to borrow some money. As 
you don't have a lot to spend your Gil on right now, give him every last 
penny you have. (I gave him 1752 Gil, right about here.) Once you've paid 
him, head south into the power room, to find some chocobo power. After 
seeing the scene in which Tidus doesn't even know what a chocobo is, take 
the Al Bhed Primer Vol III from the south-east corner of the room.

Back in O'aka's room, take the left exit. You'll find Keepa huddled in a 
corner, and a suitcase on the floor. Examine the suitcase, and Tidus will 
kick it. For your efforts, you'll get a Potion. Keep kicking it, and 
you'll keep collecting Potions, until you have 20 in your inventory. 
Sweet, eh? Then save at the save sphere back in the previous room, and only 
now should you go and talk to Yuna. Head up to the very front of the boat, and 
another scene will take over.

Tidus does the old arm-stretching trick, but he doesn't casually throw his arm 
around Yuna. Instead, the two start giggling like hyenas, making you go, what? 
Anyways, Yuna asks Tidus if he really is a blitzball player from Zanarkand, 
and when he replies in the affirmative, Yuna goes off on a tangent about how 
she heard that there's a great stadium in Zanarkand, all lit up, even at 
night. Great tournaments are held there, and the stands are always full! How 
did she know that? A man named Jecht once told her, he was her father's 

Okay, pick your jaw up off the floor, and continue watching the scene. Jecht? 
Tidus' father? In Spira? As Braska's guardian? WTM!?!? Tidus is stunned and 
angry, and he and Yuna work out that they are in fact talking about the same 
Jecht. Because, you see, Jecht disappeared from Zanarkand ten years ago, but 
Yuna first met him in Spira, ten years and three months ago!

Tidus isn't convinced - how could Jecht get here? Yuna's reply totally pwns 
poor Tidus - you're here, are you not?

Before the two get to chit-chat any further, the boat launches violently to 
one side, and the music turns nasty. Guess whooooooooooooooooo! Sin is here! 
Watch the awesome scene. Tidus tries to grab hold of Yuna and save her, but he 
can't, so Kimahri comes in to save the day. Where is Sin heading? Straight 
towards Kilika. Some of the crew members are distraught, their families are in 
Kilika! They have to distract Sin, so forgive them, Lady Summoner, as they 
shoot harpoons into the thing. 

Smart move boys, now your boat's connected with the bloody thing. So you get 
to go on a wild ride as Sin drags you through the water.

                       Boss: Sin's Fin (and Sinscales)
Sin's Fin:
Points:            HP:  2000 (1000)        MP:  100
Rewards:           AP:  10   (15)          GIL: 100
Stats:             STR: 1      DEF: 1      MAG: 1      MDF: 1
                   AGL: 6      LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Doom, NulFrost, NulSpark, 
                   NulTide, NulBlaze, Shell, Protect, Reflect, Haste, Regen, 
Drop:              Mana Sphere (normal/rare)

Points:            HP:  200 (400)          MP:  0
Rewards:           AP:  2   (3)            GIL: 22
Stats:             STR: 13     DEF: 1      MAG: 1      MDF: 1
                   AGL: 12     LUK: 0      EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Immunities:        Threaten, Doom
Drop:              Power Sphere (normal/rare)

So, we've got three Sinscales on the boat (Sinscales seem to be a given in Sin 
fights) and a whopping huge fin poking out of the water. Where to start? 
Firstly, the fin doesn't attack you, it's one big 'move' is to move around in 
the water, not hurting you one iota. Wow, scary, that one.

Second thing to note is, the Sinscales are regenerating. Every time you kill 
all three, another three will appear. And for each Sinscale you kill, your 
party gets 2 AP. Are you thinking what I'm thinking, B1? I think I am, B2. If 
you keep killing Sinscales, without actually hurting the fin, you can just 
gain more and more AP, with no limit whatsoever.

This is commonly known as the first AP trick of the game, where you can very 
easily get large amounts of AP. So here's what I suggest you do. Bring each of 
your characters in for a hit or two (so each character will get the same 
obscene amount of AP), then bring your power hitters in, namely, Wakka, Tidus, 
and a third character. Start pummelling away on Sinscales like there's no 
tomorrow. The goal here is to fight until both Wakka and Tidus are at 
Overdrive, you'll see why shortly. 

You can keep fighting Sinscales indefinitely, but it gets rather boring rather 
fast. Try to kill, at the very least, 20 of the pesky things, but get Tidus 
and Wakka both to Overdrive while you do so. Their Overdrive mode is Stoic, so 
you'll have to let them sustain damage to get there.

Once you've got them there, you can ignore the Scales (or kill two and leave 
one there, for minimal damage) and go for the fin. Seeing as it's at a 
distance, you can only use long range attacks, such as magic, or Wakka's 
blitzball. Or Valefor. Summon Valefor, and get him to Overdrive for a quick 
1000 damage or so, then hack the rest away with Lulu's black magic.

An easy battle, but rather time consuming if you want to maximise your AP.


Once you've killed the fin, Sin will go nuts, ripping out the harpoons, and 
generally making a big mess with water over the whole boat. When everything 
calms down, your party regroups, but there's one character missing. Where's 

Cut to underwater scene. Oh there he is, motionless, sinking slowly, being 
eaten by a bunch of Piranhas. Wakka's dived in after him, and beats up the 
Piranhas, snapping Tidus out of his funk. Of course, saving the bugger wasn't 
that easy. Another Sinspawn is after you.

                           Boss: Sinspawn Echuilles
Points:            HP:  2000 (400)         MP:  20
Rewards:           AP:  12   (18)          GIL: 115
Stats:             STR: 10     DEF: 1      MAG: 15     MDF: 1
                   AGL: 5      LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 15
Immunities:        Sleep, Petrification, Zombie, Death, Provoke, Eject
Drop:              2x Ability Sphere (normal/rare)

See, we have only Tidus and Wakka to fight this guy. And he can be TOUGH. 
Which is why I suggested getting these two to Overdrive in the last battle. 
Just goes to show, there's a method to my madness ^_^

And if one boss wasn't enough, he's surrounded by pesky regenerating Piranhas. 
If you were really rebellish, you could milk these for AP too, but with a boss 
like THIS (as opposed to one that just moves in the water, causing you no harm 
whatsoever) I would not recommend it.

First things first, in this battle, use Tidus' Cheer, and Wakka's Dark Attack. 
He's susceptible to Dark, and all his horrid attacks like Blender (which is as 
painful as it sounds) will miss if he's got the black cloud over his eyes. The 
Dark will last three turns once you land it, so use those three turns well. 
Attack, and use Overdrives if you have them, all on the boss. Ignore the 

Once the Dark wears off, do it again, and Wakka will be out of MP. Keep 
attacking, stopping to use Potions from that fantastic suitcase on the boat 
should your health get to yellow. Hopefully, he'll cark it soon.


Now, and only now, do you get your AP from the two battles. Each of my 
characters got 200 of them here, giving them 5-6 Sphere Levels each. See what 
I mean by AP smorgasbord?

Once you've gotten them (and your abnormally large amount of power spheres), 
Sin will approach Kilika. Seems your distractory measures didn't work too 
well. And Kilika is in BIG trouble. Watch the havoc that one creature can 
cause, including the guy that gets sucked up as he's running along the pier :(

And in the end, a lone blitzball floats.

So Tidus got his wish, to meet Sin again. He hoped what had happened would 
work in reverse, that the next encounter would send him home. Not so, sorry 
bud. So he started to give up hope. He was in a foreign world, and he wasn't 
going home.


Yuna steps off the boat, introducing herself as a summoner to appease the 
people. She will perform the sending, if there's no-one else to do it. And off 
she goes, to see the dead.

Save your game, and play with your sphere levels. If you're like me, you would 
have run out of certain types of spheres to use, before using all your sphere 
levels. Don't keep moving on the grid if you need a certain type of sphere, 
wait and clock up the sphere levels until you get them, okay?

Once you're done, save again, and follow Yuna into town. There isn't exactly a 
large number of choices of where to go, follow the pier and hang a left at the 
end. There you'll find a group of people gathered around, as Yuna prepares for 
the sending.

Tidus shows his ignorance for like the bazillionth time and asks - what's a 
sending? Are we going somewhere? Gotta love Lulu here, putting the kid in his 
place. ('Are you sure it's not just your memory that's the problem?') Anyways, 
the dead need guidance. Filled with grief over their own death, they refuse to 
accept their fate. They yearn to live on, and resent those still alive. They 
envy the living, and in time that envy turns to anger, even hate. Should their 
souls remain in Spira, they become fiends that prey on the living. Yup, it's 
pretty sad. So the sending takes them to the Farplane, where they can rest in 
peace. Summoners perform these sendings, so watch as Yuna performs her first. 
Tis a pretty, but sad, scene.

It must be tough being a summoner, Tidus remarks. You got that right, kid. But 
Yuna chose her own path, so all you can now is protect her until the end. 
Until the... end? Until she defeats Sin, silly. Tidus stops to narrate here, 
wishing there would never be a 'next time' to perform a sending. Horrifying, 
how everyone was watching Yuna. Okay then.

In the morning, Tidus wakes up from his sleep in the hotel. Note how the girl 
running around wants to be a blitzball when she grows up. Save your game and 
head out. Captain Wakka's been waiting for you, so you can follow Datto to get 
to him. But that's no fun, let's explore Kilika first mmmkay?

Just left of the hotel, you'll find a girl sitting in a sort-of big bowl, just 
off the pier. Check it out, and you'll notice that it isn't too stable. As it 
crashes into the water, Tidus will jump in and rescue the girl. 

In the hut just behind where the bowl was, you can find three Potions in a 
treasure chest. Now head back to find Wakka. Back past the hotel, past where 
the sending was. Enter the bar, and you'll get an Ether as a reward for saving 
the little girl, also examine the counter for Al Bhed Vol IV. You'll find 
Wakka just right of the bar, so approach him and he'll call the Aurochs into a 
huddle. You're going to Kilika Temple, to pray for victory. High Summoner 
Ohalland used to live here, and Wakka goes on a spiel about that, but Tidus is 
unsure about whether this is really right. Praying for victory and all. Is 
this the time? It's the only time, as blitzball takes the people's minds off 
their pain and suffering. Once the conversation is over, head back around to 
the left, and into Kilika Woods.

                                 Kilika Woods

Save at the save point, and then approach your group. Yuna's got something to 
tell you, Tidus my man. She wants you with them, as a guardian. No-one else in 
the group seems to like the idea, Wakka proclaiming "this isn't the time for 
jokes. He may be a blitzball whiz-kid, but against fiends, he's a newbie." 
Yuna doesn't really give a rat's toss about that, she just wants him nearby. 
Before she gets the chance to explain herself, Lulu urges the group on to the 

Yuna apologizes, and Tidus is just confused as to what's going on. After that 
scene, we get to roam Kilika Woods. Not a lot to see here, but some nice 
levelling up can be done. In a treasure chest along the right path, you can 
get 2 Mana Spheres.

In your first battle (with a Ragora), Lulu will prompt Kimahri to use Lancet. 
Normally, it just transfers health from the enemy to the user, but when a 
Ronso uses it, they can sometimes learn a fiend's abilities. As you don't 
exactly get a choice, use Lancet and Kimahri will learn Seed Cannon. Then, use 
Seed Cannon as a Ronso Rage straight back at it. Attack as normal for the rest 
of the battle, remembering to bring everyone in for a turn to get maximum AP.

If you explore the woods, you'll also find a Scout, and a big creature sitting 
in the middle of the main path upwards. If you approach it, Gatta and Luzzu 
will inform you that the creature is Ochu, lord of the wood. You don't have to 
fight it, as you can quite easily take a path around it, but hey, it's here, 
we're here, why not.

                               Boss: Lord Ochu
Points:            HP:  4649 (800)         MP:  39
Rewards:           AP:  40   (60)          GIL: 420
Stats:             STR: 15     DEF: 1      MAG: 23     MDEF: 1 
                   AGL: 8      LUK: 20     EVA: 0      ACC: 10
Elements:          Fire (x1.5)
Immunities:        Darkness, Poison, Provoke
Steal:             Potion (normal/rare)
Drop:              MP Sphere (normal), HP Sphere (rare)

Well okay now. Where to start? Don't be intimidated by his high HP... or his 
strong attacks... might be hard, but do try, okay. Lord Ochu is quite 
intimidating, and he has a number of attacks at his disposal - the Poison 
Claw, or the Earthquake, just for starters. If Yuna has Esuna, and pray that 
she does, you'll be using it and Cure quite a bit here.

Similar to the Ragoras you've fought so far, Lord Ochu is weak against fire, 
so you know what that means - bring in Lulu, and let'er rip. Other than that, 
keep your physical fighters in and attack, using Wakka's Dark Buster, and 
bring in Yuna to cure and recover when needed.

If using Fire, the first half of the battle will go by rather quickly, and 
Lord Ochu will fall asleep. While this might sound good, the thing is, he 
regains HP while sleeping, more HP than you'll be taking off. Ergo, wake him 
up ASAP. When he wakes, he'll counter with Earthquake, which will hit your 
party for a hundred or so HP each. Not pretty, put it helps with the Overdrive 
gauge and all. If any other Overdrives come up, use them. Keep using Fire, and 
he will go to sleep for good shortly.


That's actually the toughest battle you would have had so far, and it wasn't 
really very tough. But you do get a HP or MP sphere for your efforts - those 
are quite rare, use them wisely. After the battle, Luzzu will be impressed, 
and Gatta will want to fight too. Soon enough, says Luzzu, as Gatta walks away 
singing "young Crusaders gather round, we'll beat Sin into the ground..."

Head back down to the save point and save, then keep heading up through the 
woods, exploring as you go. Just north of where you fought Ochu, you can get a 
Hi-Potion from the girl in purple, and follow that same path to the very end 
to find a Luck Sphere. Once you've looked around, head right (on the map) at 
to the intersection in which you found Lord Ochu, and follow the path up to 
Kilika Temple.

Wakka tells of the history of these stone steps - Lord Ohalland used to train 
there in his blitz days. As Tidus looks around and sees the Aurochs warming up 
and snickering, he realizes that they too are going to be racing there. As 
Yuna goes to start them off, she instead cheats and runs up the steps, 
giggling, making everyone chase her. So follow her up, saving at the save 

Halfway up, most of the Aurochs go pelting back down. Wakka cries, Sinspawn! 
These bloody things appear everywhere! So your party runs up to the top, and 
prepares to fight once more.

                    Boss: Sinspawn Geneaux (and Tentacles)
Sinspawn Geneaux:
Points:            HP:  3000 (900)         MP:  30 
Rewards:           AP:  48   (72)          GIL: 300
Stats:             STR: 15     DEF: 1      MAG: 10     MDF: 1
                   AGL: 7      LUK: 0      EVA: 0      ACC: 100 
Elements:          Fire (x1.5), Water (+)
Immunities:        Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Zombie, Provoke, 
                   Doom, NulFrost, NulTide, NulBlaze, NulSpark, Shell, Demi, 
Drop:              Power Sphere x2 (normal), x3 (rare)

Tentacles (each):
Points:            HP: 450 (500)           MP: 10
Rewards:           AP: 5   (7)             GIL: 30
Stats:             STR: 14     DEF: 1      MAG: 1      MDF: 1
                   AGL: 10     LUK: 10     EVA: 0      ACC: 20
Elements:          Lightning/Ice (1/2), Water (+)
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Zombie, 
                   Threaten, Death, Provoke, Doom, Eject
Drop:              Ability Sphere (normal/rare)

It's that time again, boss time. First thing to notice - you might be looking 
at the help screen going "sweet, the thing is vulnerable to magic, this is too 
easy". Then you cast a spell, and realize that the tentacles absorb magic. 
Grr. So you need to take those out first.

The tentacles should each go down in two or three hits from your physical 
hitters (Wakka/Tidus/Kimahri), so take those out before they do too much 
damage. They'll get two hits in each, and the boss might get one, but nothing 
to worry about. Now, focus on the Sinspawn himself. (Or herself, who knows.) 

As it says, it's vulnerable to magic, especially Fire, so get Lulu is and 
toast it a bit. While she does that, use Kimahri as an attacker to supplement 
the damage. Wakka and Tidus are no good on the boss until it comes out of its 
shell, as piercing weapons are required. Once it comes out, bring in your 
biggest hitter, and switch Yuna in whenever someone needs to be healed or 

Pretty easy, this one.


Tidus is exhausted after the battle, and Wakka is apologetic, saying he'd 
hoped to break Tidus in a little slower. So anyway, what exactly are these 
Sinspawn? They're fiends that fall from Sin's body, being left behind in its 
wake. You gotta kill them before Sin comes back for them. Tricky, eh?

Tidus reflects about seriously considering being a guardian. He has the 
talent, Wakka already said so. Can you kinda tell where the story of this is 
going to go?

After all that, cure up (yay ability spheres!) and keep going. Wakka asks 
Tidus, do they have fiends in Zanarkand too? Halfway through his answer, Tidus 
twigs and says hey, since when did you believe me about Zanarkand anyway? 
Wakka has been thinking, maybe people that get killed by Sin don't die, maybe 
they just get thrown through time, and one day they might pop back. Of course, 
he only has this theory to give himself hope that his brother, Chappu, might 
still be alive, and Lulu can't believe it. Wakka won't accept the truth, and 
he won't accept that no-one can take Chappu's place, or Sir Jecht's, or even 
Lord Braska's.

She sure put him in his place, ya? Tidus knows that something happened between 
Wakka, Lulu, and Chappu a long time ago, that he doesn't know about. One day 
you'll find out, kid.

At the temple, you'll come across the Luca Goers, a rival blitzball team. 
They're not there praying for victory, this year they're praying for some 
competition. Yeah yeah, laugh it up big, we'll see who's laughing after the 
tournament. These guys are real knob jockeys, teasing the Aurochs - "you gonna 
'do your best' this time? Too bad your best isn't good enough!" It's gonna be 
fun teaching them a lesson.

Now, head into the temple. Save, then pray with Wakka at the statue of Lord 
Ohalland. As you pray, another summoner will exit from the Cloister of Trials. 
 This is Dona (pronounced "Donna"), and she holds Yuna in much contempt. She 
compares the 'rabble' of Yuna's guardians to those of Braska, and even her 
own. She only needs one, see Barthello. But Yuna puts Dona in her place, 
saying that having so many guardians is an honour, a joy... she would never 
think of questioning Dona's ways, so please leave them is peace. Yeehaw! You 
go, girl! 

As Tidus reflects on Yuna's comments that she could trust her guardians with 
her life, he notices Yuna smiling at him. What's she smiling about? (Hehe.) 
Head up into the Cloister of Trials. The fayth is down below, so the real 
guardians and Yuna head down on the elevator, leaving Tidus there.

Wait until the elevator comes back up, then get on, you're not staying up 
there by yourself. Like you have a choice, really. Dona reappears, and when 
she hears that Tidus isn't actually a guardian, she deliberately disobeys the 
precepts and sends him down. As you don't have a choice, follow the hallway 
and enter the Trials.

                          Cloister of Trials: Kilika

Another one to have fun in! This one is trickier than the one in Besaid, but 
not much more so. Ready?

First room is pretty standard, take the Kilika Sphere from the pedestal, and 
insert it in the slot next to the door. Lo and behold, it opens, but it's 
filled with fire, so take it out, and keep going (taking the sphere with you).

Second room, a few slots, another pedestal, a glyph sphere. Insert the Kilika 
Sphere in the recess on the far wall, and a glyph will appear. Go put the 
Kilika Sphere somewhere else (so we can get to the glyph in amongst the fire), 
and touch it to reveal a doorway. Oooh...

Third room. Lots of fire here, and a Kilika Sphere on the right wall. Take the 
sphere, leading to the line of fire, and replace it with the Glyph Sphere from 
the pedestal in the previous room. A doorway is revealed, and all the fire 
goes out. (Good thing.) In the little room is the Destruction Sphere, but we 
don't need it just yet, what we need is the pedestal, with a Kilika Sphere in 
it. So put one in it, then push it into this room.

On the right side, near the Destruction Sphere, you'll notice a shining patch 
on the floor. This is used to move pedestals back to their original positions 
(in caser you posh one into a corner or something, and can't get it out) but 
in this case, we need to push the pedestal onto it, so do so. That whole 
section of floor will sink, revealing another Kilika Sphere with a line of 

Take that new Kilika Sphere, and replace it with the Destruction Sphere from 
the little room. (a good resting place for that Kilika Sphere is on the right 
side of the doorway, at the top of the stairs.) Once you've placed the 
Destruction Sphere, take the Red Armlet, your Kilika Temple treasure. Then, 
remove the Kilika Sphere from the door to make the fire die down, and head 
through. You're done here.


Wakka is not pleased to see you down here, but Tidus explains, it was Dona and 
that big muscle head man. Now, Yuna will have to suffer the consequences, she 
might be excommunicated! Well, we're not sure what that means, so ask Wakka, 
and Tidus will ask what's in there. The fayth, remember? Oh yeah, that all 
makes sense now. (Not.) So Lulu explains, the fayth are people who gave their 
lives to battle Sin. Yevon took their souls, willingly given from their living 
bodies, and now they live forever in statues. The soul of the fayth emerges 
when a summoner prays, and that is what we call an aeon.

Yuna's in there, praying with all her heart. Only summoners may enter the 
chamber not even guardians. Talk to Wakka and Lulu until they have nothing 
more to say, then go to leave the cloister. Yuna will appear, spent. And Tidus 
realizes that he knows that song, there in the temple, from his childhood. 
Proof that Spira and Zanarkand are connected. But how?

Name Ifrit, your new aeon (two now!), then leave the temple. All the people 
will praise Yuna, while Tidus watches on. He's daydreaming again, of what it 
was like to have people praise him, his fans in Zanarkand. He's upset now, and 
he can't tell Yuna what's wrong. What does he want to do? Scream real loud, so 
he does. Did that feel good, man? I bet that felt good.

Now, back in Kilika Woods, we have to go back to Kilika. So trace your steps 
back through the forest to get to the town. Once there, head all the way back 
to your boat. If you've done everything you want to do in Kilika, embark and 
you will depart for Luca.

                                  S.S Winno

It's night on the S.S Winno, and the Goers are also unfortunately on board 
your ship. Wakka and Lulu sneak away for a private talk, while Yuna is 
entertained by more of the people. Tidus is inside, with the rest of the 
Aurochs, but that's no fun, so head outside.

Again, you can lend O'aka gil. Lend him everything you've got (it'll pay off 
later, trust me), then save your game. Outside, you'll find Yuna talking with 
the Goers. They're not real nice people, Graav and Bickson calling Tidus an 
idiot. Yuna jumps to Tidus' defence, telling them he used to be a star player 
for the Zanarkand Abes, which draws a laugh. While Yuna is adamant that there 
is a city in Zanarkand, not just ruins, the Goers disperse, leaving you to 
explore the rest of the ship.

Talk to Yuna first, for a scene. She got mad at the Goers, because she knows 
Zanarkand exists, Sir Jecht used to tell her stories. She wants to visit your 
city, and Tidus jokingly narrates "so, Yuna, wanna come over to my place?" 
After that, now it's time to find out what Wakka and Lulu are up to. They're 
lounging around, just up the stairs, so go there.

They're talking about Tidus, and what happens if he doesn't know anyone in 
Luca. Wakka says maybe he can stay there, and join a blitz team, but Lulu 
doesn't like that. He'll just leave Tidus in Luca? It's better than leaving 
him in Besaid, fair point. But remember, Yuna wants to make him a guardian. 
Whose fault is that?

Keep going up the stairs, to eavesdrop on more conversations. Yuna wants to 
make Tidus a guardian because he is Sir Jecht's son, at least, that's what 
Yuna believes. It's now up to Yuna and Tidus whether or not Tidus becomes a 
guardian - Wakka is right, for once. Next conversation, Lulu thinks Wakka 
should tell Tidus to become Yuna's guardian. Yuna can't, because she knows 
Tidus hates his father, and she can't just turn around and say 'be to me what 
your father was to mine'. So Wakka will talk to him after the tournament. 

Fourth convo. Wakka can't believe Tidus hates his father, its a luxury Wakka 
never even got the chance to have. He doesn't know his parents. Lulu knows 
hers, a little, she was five when they were taken away. When Sin took them 
away. It makes Wakka angry.

Whew, that's all for convos there, now, explore the rest of the ship. (Save 
first.) Downstairs in the cabin, take Al Bhed Primer Vol V. On the north side, 
you'll find a blitzball sitting in the middle of the deck. Kicking the 
blitzball between his feet, Tidus gets lost in memories of a similar scenario 
from when he was a child. Him trying to kick a blitzball, and failing, and 
Jecht taunting him about it. He shows Tidus how to perform the shot, the Jecht 
shot. (Note that the little boy in purple is in the background. What's with 
him, anyways?) But don't worry, you're not the only one who can't do it, 
no-one can.

Now, on the S.S Winno, Tidus has the chance to see if he can perform the Jecht 
shot, in the Jecht Shot Challenge. He has to shake off the memories of Jecht 
being an ass, to perform it successfully, and here's how it works. Wherever 
the memory of Jecht appears on the screen, shake it off by pressing that 
direction on the D-pad, and X. The game runs through a few examples, up-left 
and X, up and X, down-left and X, and when it appears in the centre, just 
press X. Of course, in the real thing, it will go faster than this. 

Now for the practice. Go through it, pressing the buttons, and now for the 
real thing. The words and the voice come thick and fast, so just try to keep 
up with pressing directional buttons and X. If you succeed, Tidus will perform 
the shot successfully, and if not, he will fail. If he succeeds, the Aurochs 
approach him, impressed. As opposed to Jecht, Tidus doesn't give the move a 
name, he says anyone can do it if they try, and he demonstrates the shot one 
more time.

If you can complete the Jecht Shot challenge, you'll have the Jecht Shot tech 
for when you play blitzball. As you can imagine, it's a pretty killer move.

After the challenge, Tidus spots Yuna watching, so talk to her. She knows it 
was the Jecht Shot, because Sir Jecht showed her when she was a child. He 
called it the "Sublimely Magnificent Jecht Shot Mark III". There never was a 
Mark I or Mark II, but it hooked the crowd because they would come back time 
and time again, hoping to see the other shots. (Note the Aurochs trying to 
copy the Jecht Shot in the background, hehe.) They talk about whether or not 
Jecht is still alive, and Yuna asks what Tidus would do if he found him. Tidus 
doesn't know - he always thought he was dead. Yuna knows what it's like, to 
have a famous father. After another convo, Wakka hits Tidus with a blitzball, 
wanting to see the move again.

Tidus narrates a bit more - he didn't think Jecht was going to be in Luca, but 
he had a feeling something bad was going to happen. And his feelings are 
usually right.

Save your game, and then you arrive in Luca.


See Luca, as the S.S. Winno comes in. The announcers introduce the teams as 
they arrive - firstly, the Kilika Beasts. Secondly, the Besaid Aurochs! The 
announcers are almost as rude as the Goers - I mean, I know the team sucks 
ass, but do they have to be mean about it? "They're a living, breathing, 
statistical impossibility! I've never seen a team this bad!"

Next, the Luca Goers. Of course, the commentators praise them up big. Wakka 
tells Tidus not to be bothered by this, but you think Tidus is gonna listen? 
Baha, of course not. He finds himself a megaphone, and starts (rather 
immaturely) taking pot shots at the Goers. Childish, really.

Ooh, Maester Mika has arrived on the number 3 dock. Tidus has no idea what a 
Maester or a Mika is, so Lulu explains. Maester Mika is the leader of all the 
peoples of Spira. He's come from Bevelle, and this years tournament is held to 
honour his fiftieth year as maester. Apparently, everyone loves Mika, so 
you're going to go see him, on dock 3.

Save your game, then follow the red arrow to get there. You'll see the maester 
descend from a ship, along with his entourage. Maester Seymour is with him, 
too. A Guado, as someone in the crowd points out. Seems Seymour is the son of 
Maester Jyscal Guado, who died a fortnight ago. So now Seymour has been 
ordained as a maester. His father worked to improve the relationship between 
man and Guado, and Seymour will carry on that legacy.

Seymour seems to have eyes only for Yuna... hmmm...

Save again if you like, then you'll be in the change rooms preparing for the 
opening match of the tournament. Wakka is at the draw, and they're hoping for 
a good one this year, they had to play the Goers first last year. But Wakka's 
here, with the good news, you guys got seeded, so you're playing the Al Bhed 
Psyches first. If you win, you're in the finals!

Here's where you get the tutorial of how to play blitzball. See my blitzball 
section for the details. Seeing as you're gonna be actually playing it, might 
be nice to know how to play, ya?

After you've read through all the screens and got the general idea of how to 
play, end the tutorial. Tidus will be sitting around, yawning, and Yuna will 
appear, saying someone saw Sir Auron in a cafe! So of course, you're going to 
go find him! Wakka doesn't like this idea, as the game starts real soon, but 
Tidus promises to be right back.

Yuna thinks that maybe now you can find Sir Jecht. After all, Auron was her 
father's guardian too, so he might know where Jecht is. Let's go! Tidus 
acknowledges, that not for a second did he think that they might not be 
talking about the same guy. He just knew it was the same Auron. So he leaves, 
bumping into some Al Bhed Psyches in the hallway. Tidus gets all excited, and 
starts blabbering about Rikku and food, hoping they'll know her... but they 
can't even understand him. But, like in every other scenario I've ever seen, 
Tidus starts speaking English slower and louder, in the hopes that they'll 
understand. Yeah, okay. "If you see Rikku, tell her thanks for me!"

Outside the stadium, follow the red arrow along the paths. Note that Tidus is 
in no hurry at all. Everyone's pointing and staring at Yuna, and Tidus 
realizes that she is really famous. He whistles at her, and she is startled, 
not knowing what it is, so he starts to teach her to whistle. (What the...)

In the city, Tidus is surprised by its size, he thought every place was little 
like Besaid and Kilika. Yuna explains sadly, most towns don't get bigger than 
that, because when a lot of people start to gather, Sin is more likely to 
attack. It's the same for Luca, but the Crusaders protect it with all their 
strength. The topic of conversation turns to Zanarkand - is Zanarkand built 
like Luca? Tidus explains: there are more tall buildings cramped together 
there than in Luca. Yuna's amazed, so tall, don't you ever get dizzy? But 
enough chit-chat, we're on a mission.

Again, follow the red arrow, across the main square and into the cafe. No sign 
of Auron, though, so they decide to ask around. Kimahri, however, has run into 
two fellow Ronsos, Biran and Yenke. He won't talk to them, so they mock him, 
tease him. Tidus is behind Kimahri, urging him to take them on, but the two 
bigger Ronsos only laugh. Yenke stops laughing when Kimahri knocks him out 
cold, however. They get yelled at to take it outside, because the tournament's 

Insert patriotic sportsmanship speech by Maester Mika here, nothing really 
noteworthy, as the sphere pool gets filled. The Aurochs are in the water to 
battle the Psyches, but Tidus isn't there! During all this, Tidus notices that 
Yuna has gone missing, they have to find her!

Outside, Lula wants to know "where in Spira have they been!?" (Hehe.) Yuna's 
been kidnapped by the Al Bhed Psyches, and they want the Aurochs to lose in 
exchange for her safe return. The Psyches won't do anything drastic, cos 
they're only blitzball players and all, but they shouldn't take any chances. 
So the three of you are going to get her. The Al Bhed boat is in dock 4, so go 

In case you're totally lost, follow the red arrow. Much <3 for the red arrow. 
Back towards the stadium, then left along the docks. Before you get to the 
second dock, you'll be ambushed by a few machines. Lulu tells Tidus, they're 
ancient machina, salvaged by the Al Bhed, and they're vulnerable to lightning, 
so get Lulu a'frying on one while Tidus and Kimahri take out the other one. 
Keep moving along, taking out machina, until we flash back to the sphere pool.
The game's tied, but Wakka is taking a beating. Save on the corner, before 
heading out to dock 4.

The Al Bhed ship is pulling away, with Yuna on it, but you jump on board 
before it gets too far. The Al Bhed have a surprise for you, however, and they 
unleash it right now.

                              Boss: Oblitzerator
Points:            HP:  6000 (600)         MP:  10
Rewards:           AP:  36   (54)          GIL: 580
Stats:             STR: 16     DEF: 1      MAG: 1      MDEF: 1
                   AGL: 1      LUK: 0      EVA: 0      ACC: 10
Elements:          Lightning (x1.5), Fire/Water/Ice/Holy (1/2)
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Zombie, 
                   Threaten, Death, Provoke, Doom, Regen, Distil, Eject
Drop:              Elixir x1 (normal), x2 (rare)

Easy battle. At the beginning of the battle Tidus realizes, you can use the 
crane to help out. His turn will come up first, so use the trigger command 
"Use Crane". Well, it doesn't work, it's out of power, so give it some power! 
Have Lulu cast Thunder on the crane three times, while Tidus and Kimahri do 
defensive stuff. If you attack, it will counter with Blind Ball, putting 
darkness on you, so don't attack. Have Tidus Cheer once or twice, and use 
both of them to stay healthy, while Lulu fries. After the third hit, use the 
"Use Crane" trigger command again.

Watch as the crane breaks the Oblitzerator in half, for just about ALL of 
its HP. After that, just hit it with Thunder once or twice, or attack, and 
it's gone. I love getting things to do the dirty work for you.


After the battle, the Al Bheds sink to the ground, defeated, and Yuna appears. 
Hehe, Lulu hopes Yuna hurt them, and she says she did, a little. However, 
Tidus has Rikku and the Al Bhed he once met on his mind, he was hoping it was 
going to be the same ship, but it's not. He tells of what happened when Sin 
attacked, and Yuna is scared, asking if anyone named Cid was on the ship when 
it was destroyed. Who's Cid? Cid is Yuna's uncle, but she never actually met 
him. So that means... Yuna is part Al Bhed? Yup yup. You're not allowed to 
tell Wakka, cos he never had much love for the Al Bhed. Suddenly, Yuna 
remembers the game, what's happening in the game?

It's tied, with 30 seconds to go, but the Aurochs are launching an offensive. 
Wakka shoots, HE SCORES! The Aurochs win, 3-2 :) 

Watch the scene where Lulu and Tidus discuss Chappu. It's one I don't 
entirely understand, myself, but Lulu is narcy, saying Chappu would have won 
more gracefully than Wakka. Whatever, we need to get back inside the stadium 
for the finals! In the stadium, if you go through the left-hand door (instead 
of following the arrow through the right-hand door) you can get the Al Bhed 
Primer Vol VI, and 2x Hi-Potion, then head back to the change rooms.

Wakka is on the bench, in pain. No, he's not bloody okay! But Tidus is back 
now, so hopefully things will be okay... right? While Wakka warns Yuna not to 
go near the Al Bhed anymore, save at the save sphere before talking to Wakka. 
(Do save. Please.) The final against the Goers starts soon, and we're actually 
gonna play. But Wakka has an announcement to make, after this game, he's 
retiring. But since you're here, you might as well win!

Wakka is going to sit this one out, and Tidus is going to take his place. 
(Spending your last game on the bench... geez.) "Let's make the Goers goners!" 

Weeeeeeeee, time to play!

                           The Blitzball Tournament

Who could have imagined, a championship game between these two teams? The 
legendary Luca Goers going against the horrendously ill-fated Besaid Aurochs? 
Oh, and looky who's there, coming into the stadium. It's Auron! He is there, 
after all!

I recommended saving your game before the game starts, because you'll probably 
want to win this one. And if you're new to blitzball, it will take you a few 
attempts to win it. If you got the Jecht Shot on the S.S Winno, it'll make it 
a lot easier.

As the Goers taunt the Aurochs, resist the urge to smack that Graav in the 
mouth good. He's the captain of the Aurochs, and he'll give you hell in this 
game for reasons that will become painfully obvious, eg. Venom Tackle. Blitz 

I can't exactly tell you how to play this game so you'll win. I'm not the 
blitzball expert, in fact I've never won this story game in the twenty or so 
times I've attempted it. I'm going to try real hard this time, though, so I 
can explain to you how to do it too :-P

At first glance (and second, and third glance too) it will appear that the 
Goers cheat. Most of their stats are much higher than yours, like EN, AT, and 
PA. Abus and Bickson, with the SH of 12 and 13, will prove rather dangerous 
too. For the first half, try and keep possession of the ball, passing it 
around, avoiding as many encounters as you can. As soon as you get an opening, 
pass to Tidus (or in my case, it was Datto, believe it or not) and have him go 
straight down the pool and shoot. If you're lucky, you'll get a goal.

In the second half, make sure Tidus has the Jecht Shot tech (it wasn't 
available in the first half, but it is now). Seeing as the Jecht Shot knocks 
out two opponents when you shoot, just get relatively close and take a shot, 
doesn't matter if you have to break through one or two Goers when you're in 

After three minutes in the second half, the fans will get impatient, wanting 
some action. Tidus will realize that this isn't the place for him to be, and 
switch out for Wakka. Wakka has similar stats to Tidus, only slightly less, 
but with more SH. This is where you can really take it to the Goers. Wakka 
doesn't have Jecht Shot, but he has Venom Shot, which gives him a nice 16 SH 
compared to Raudy's 8 CA. As soon as Letty grabs the ball in the centre, swim 
forward, pass to Wakka, swim in, break past Doram, and shoot. Whee.

I managed to get three goals like this, in two minutes, to win 4-1. Hope these 
tips prove helpful to you!


If you win, you'll obtain a Strength Sphere, which isn't THAT important but 
can make a nice difference. And the scene you get if the Aurochs win is much 
nicer than the one you get if they lose. :-P

Save your game after the game. Then, back in the sphere pool, Wakka will be 
lazing around happily, with Tidus swimming towards him. But all is not good, 
as the pool has been invaded by sahagin chiefs! You have only Tidus and Wakka 
to fight them off, ALL of them. One after the other, you'll meet 17 in total. 

Outside the pool, Lulu won't know what's happening, but Auron will be there, 
getting up close and personal with a vouivre. Kill it in one hit (Auron prolly 
does more damage than any other of your characters), and Wakka and Tidus will 
both be surprised to see Auron. Wakka knows that Auron was the best guardian 
there ever was, and now the three of you will fight together against a garuda. 
The health on Wakka and Tidus might be a bit low, but you should survive.

No sooner have you killed the garuda, than you get ambushed by quite a few 
different monsters. Uh oh. And we fade to black... Maester Seymour is here, 
and he too is a summoner (although we didn't know that.) He summons Anima, a 
terrifying aeon, and watch how it disposes of everything with its Pain attack. 
That thing is female, believe it or not. Yes, it actually has a gender.

Okay, so. 
Seymour == cool. 
Auron   == on the scene at last. 
Aurochs == blitzball champions (hopefully). 
Got that so far? Save your game again.

Outside the stadium, Wakka is talking with the Aurochs. They're sad he is 
leaving, but LOOK at that trophy he (might be) carrying. If you won, Wakka 
presents the trophy to Letty, and walks off to go be with Yuna. She needs him 
now, more than ever.

From now, Wakka is Yuna's full-time guardian. SIR Wakka, make that! No-one 
knows where the fiends came from, but Maester Mika is safe and sound, thanks 
to Seymour. 

A very angry and wild Tidus is confronting Auron, who, amazingly, is laughing! 
Tidus wants answers, and he's gonna get cryptic ones. Yes, Auron knew Braska, 
and Jecht, and they defeated Sin together, before Auron went to Zanarkand to 
watch over Tidus. Now, they're returned. Why him? Because Jecht asked him to. 
Is Jecht alive? Depends on what you mean by alive...

OMG OMG major spoilers!! Auron relates that he could 'feel' Jecht when that 
shell came around, and he knows Tidus could 'feel' Jecht when Sin attacked. 
The reason for that? Because SIN IS JECHT. We're not exactly sure HOW yet, but 
just... wow. Eek. Poor Tidus is getting hysterical, understandably with such a 
revelation, not wanting to believe Auron, not wanting to go with him, but 
knowing he has to because it's the only way he'll get any answers. Will Tidus 
ever go home, to Zanarkand? That's up to Jecht.

Auron wants to offer his services as guardian to Yuna, so go with him. Stop 
off in the Auroch's change room in the stadium, and grab the Jupiter Crest 
from one of the lockers. This is the first access you will get to the Luca 
Sphere Theatre as well, so you can check that out if you like (and pick up Al 
Bhed Primer Vol VII). Then, you follow ol' red arrow, he know ze way.

On a bridge overlooking Luca, Wakka Lulu and Yuna will be talking. Wakka was 
right after all, Tidus did meet someone he knew here. They assume Tidus won't 
be with them anymore, he'll go with Auron, go home to Zanarkand. Yuna hopes 
Tidus is still in town, so she can go see him before they leave. Not so fast, 
Yuna. Here comes Auron, with said spiky-haired hero in tow, as Auron's theme 
plays in the background. Love that song.

He cuts straight to the chase, he wishes to become her guardian, does she 
accept? All three of them nearly fall over in shock, and Auron politely asks 
if that's a refusal. Oh, no, no, they'd love to have him on board, everyone 
accepts. When Lulu questions why, he says it's what he promised Braska he 
would do... on one condition, Tidus joins too, he promised that one to Jecht.

Seems Auron made a lot of promises ten years ago, that only now he is starting 
to keep. Hmm...

So now you have a party of six, on their merry little way to defeat Sin. Whee. 
 When you get control of Tidus, talk to everyone (okay, get glared at by 
Kimahri) before approaching Yuna. Hey look, she learnt to whistle! Yuna, 
cleverly, picks up on the fact that Tidus is sad, which is a pity cos she's in 
a pretty good mood. Summoners and their guardians are like Spira's ray of 
light, and Yuna needs to be happy at all times to please the people, so she 
learnt to smile when she was sad. Tidus should try, too. So he smiles, like it 
hurts his face, and ends up laughing. Cue incredibly moronic laughing scene, 
as each of them laugh out loud to pretend to be happy, then both of them join 
in together. Weird shit.

After a few more scenes that are quite boring and just allude to something 
growing between Tidus and Yuna, you'll be on the Mi'ihen Highroad, leading to 
the temple at Djose.

And guardians, don't forget to smile!

                               Mi'ihen Highroad

Whee, new type of save sphere here. Due to the Auroch's achievements, you can 
now play blitzball whenever you like, from any save sphere. You can also start 
scouting players you see around the world, by pressing square as you approach 
them. Oh cool. Playing blitzball can be fun, but you only really need to do it 
to get Wakka's Overdrives, and his celestial weapon.

Note: If you plan on playing any blitzball rather soon, head back down to the 
fountain in Luca, and scout the guy sitting on a bench on the left side, 
Jumal. He makes quite the goalie, so sign him up for a few games to test him 

Now, the walkthrough for Mi'ihen Highroad isn't really interesting. It's just 
that, a really long road. Take the opportunity to level up a little here, and 
you won't regret it. If you're like me, you'll be waiting on certain types of 
spheres to go forth on the sphere grid, and here you can get every type. 
(Yay!) So just travel along the road, killing things, exploring all the side 
bits, talking to everyone.

Your first battle will be a tutorial on how to fight with Auron properly. 
Tidus will want to take on a Raldo, but it has a hard shell so he won't do 
much damage. Auron will be able to kick its ass though, because of his 
piercing weapon.

You'll soon find Maechen, a historian who likes to tell you little bits about 
Spira's history, and Spira in general. Talk to him next to the statue of Lord 
Mi'ihen on the left of the road, then outside the ancient ruins.

Just after the ruins, you'll be approached by the Chocobo Knights. There's a 
fiend in the area with a taste for chocobos, so take care. Tidus will want to 
take on this fiend, but Auron is sceptical, seeing no need.

Just past where you meet them, on the right, you'll find a small section of 
the road and a woman named Belgemine. She's an expert on aeons, and a fellow 
summoner. She likes to test Yuna, to teach her how to maximise her aeon's 
capabilities. She wants a one-on-one match, her aeon against yours. What do 
you say? Say yes, because it's not to the death, and you have nothing to lose.

                                 Boss: Ifrit
Points:            HP:  3500 (560)         MP:  200
Rewards:           AP:  0    (0)           GIL: 0
Stats:             STR: 18     DEF: 0      MAG: 18     MDF: 0
                   AGL: 13     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          Fire (+), Ice (x1.5)

Belgemine calls forth Ifrit, so now you do the same with Yuna (except 
summoning Valefor, instead of Ifrit.) Now, depending on how much you've used 
either of your aeons so far, this battle will be tough, or it could be very 

Ifrit's a fire aeon, obviously. It uses Meteor Strike, or a fire-based normal 
physical attack, both of which will hurt quite a lot. Now, for Valefor. 
Valefor has a basic black magic kit, including Blizzard, along with Sonic 
Wings, a special attack inflicting Delay, and a normal physical attack.

Unfortunately for us, Ifrit is immune to Delay, as aeons are immune to most 
status ailments. We get told, an aeon's attributes are linked with those of 
the summoner, so the Ifrit one summoner calls may be very different from one 
called by another. But the attacks are still the same. 

We get a run through of how to use Shield and Boost, and are told to use 
Shield when tough attacks are coming up. Meteor Strike is up next, so use 
Shield. After that, alternate Blizzard with Shield, and you should have no 
problems wiping out this fire aeon.


After the battle, you'll pick up an Echo Ring. (Or a Seeker's Ring if you 
lose, but we ain't exactly gonna lose, now.) After that fine battle, keep 
moving along the road.

Items from the first section of the road:
Hunter's Spear (first guy walking on the road)
2x Antidote (woman standing in front of totem pole on right)
Ice Brand (behind the ancient ruins)

Once you crest the hill, the scenery is exactly the same. There's a woman and 
a girl on the left, asking Yuna if she's going to bring the Calm. (And of 
course, Yuna has to explain to Tidus what the Calm is.) 

Items from the second section of the road:
Remedy (chest in inlet on left)
Red Ring (guy running towards you on the road)

In a small section on the right, you'll find Gatta and Luzzu again. They saw 
the game, and if you won, they'll fawn all over you telling you how great it 
was. You might have worked out from all the people by now that the Crusaders 
are planning some sort of mission, and the Chocobo Knights are here to get 
Gatta and Luzzu working again. Once that scene's over, keep going and follow 
them down the road. I'm curious as to what this mission is, aren't you?

A little further along the path, you'll see a woman talking to a soldier, this 
woman is Shelinda. You'll meet her a bit, she's a disciple of Yevon. She was 
trying to stop the Crusaders' mission, because she heard they were going to 
use machina! Again, Tidus doesn't understand, and Lulu informs him that the 
use of machina is forbidden by Yevon priesthood. Auron isn't fussed either 
way, they can use whatever they want and they still won't defeat Sin. Way to 
have faith, Auron!

Shelinda's a little depressed cos no-one will listen to her, she's just a 
lowly acolyte. But Yuna gives a stirring motivational speech (she's good at 
those) that gets Shelinda happy and cheery again, ready to go out and change 
the world, make it a better place. 

Items from the third section of the road:
4x Antidote (guy in green and brown)
2000 gil (inlet on the right)
600 gil (soldier guy walking along towards you)
Ether (left side, just past totem pole)
Hi-Potion (on left just past chocobo and trailer)
3x Eye Drops (chest at very end of section)

Soon, you'll come to a shop, and Auron will tell you to rest. Wakka doesn't 
like it, this is an Al Bhed shop! Racism is abound, but round 1 in this 
stoush goes to Auron.

Inside the travel agency, Tidus will rest. You can talk to Maechen again, and 
there's an Al Bhed Compilation Sphere in the bottom right corner. Outside, 
Tidus will watch the sunset, and comment that it was different than the one he 
saw in Kilika - quiet, almost gentle. (How exactly can a sunset be not quiet?) 
He spots Yuna, so he goes and sits with her, startling the poor girl out of 
her wits.

She wants to live in a place like this, happy, with a smile on her face every 
day. Oh, she can, once she defeats Sin, but a new Sin will just be born 
anyway. And it's not just as simple as her going and beating it again. Why 
does Sin always come back, anyways? Sin is a punishment for their vanity, and 
won't go away until they've atoned. How do they atone, and what did they do so 
wrong in the first place? Obviously, it was the machina that sent them astray, 
but Yuna is in a weird mood tonight, saying she never once questioned why but 
now, when asked why machina were so bad - she doesn't know. But, cue more 
laughing as Tidus impersonates Maester Mika, putting a smile on Yuna's face.

The two talk further, Tidus giving Yuna a pep talk about not worrying about 
the future until she's gone and defeated Sin, and Yuna explaining just how you 
go and beat 'something big like that' anyways, with the Final Summoning. With 
the Final Summoning, we can call the Final Aeon, the goal of the entire 
pilgrimage. The Fayth of the Final Summoning lies in the far north, waiting to 
greet summoners that complete their pilgrimage. Where does it wait? At the 
world's edge, in Zanarkand.

So we're gonna be going to Zanarkand! Yippee!

Tidus gets all excited, but Auron interjects that she meant the ruins of a 
city destroyed a thousand years ago. Is it really in ruins? You'll see for 
yourself, soon enough. Of course, Tidus agrees to accompany them to Zanarkand. 
He knows it can't be the same place as he knows, but has to see the truth for 

Save your game, after Tidus rests. A woman inside will give Tidus a level 1 
key sphere, and if you haven't read the tutorial of how to open locks, you 
should check out the tutorial on the sphere monitor. So, do so if you wish. 
It's pretty standard, really. With this first Level 1 Key Sphere, I recommend 
using it to get Kimahri into the start of Wakka's sphere grid, once you've 
taken him around his one complete spiral, but that's just me.

When you go to leave the agency, you'll be bumped back inside by Rin, the 
owner of the place. He tells you about Al Bhed primers, in case you hadn't 
already picked up half a dozen and therefore have no clue what they are, and 
he gives you Al Bhed Primer Vol VIII, as well as 2x Mega-Potion. Outside 
some-one screams, the chocobos! That's your cue. Let's go!

Outside, Lulu calls you to run towards the chocobo corral. So follow the red 
arrow, and you'll be ambushed by a creature that jumps down from the roof of 
the agency.

                             Boss: Chocobo Eater
Points:            HP:  10000 (800)        MP:  5
Rewards:           AP:  90    (135)        GIL: 970
Stats:             STR: 25     DEF: 25     MAG: 20     MDF: 35
                   AGL: 12     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 25
Elements:          Fire (x1.5)
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Petrification, Zombie, Threaten, Death, 
                   Doom, Demi, Eject
Steal:             Potion (normal/rare)
Drop:              2x Level 1 Key Sphere (normal/rare, only if you push him 
                   off the cliff)

Okay, we have a big giant thing with huge fists that likes to eat chocobos. 
Right. As tough as this battle might look, it's not, not if you follow my 

This battle is not just a battle but a tug of war, between your party and the 
Chocobo Eater. As you trade blows, you'll try to push each other off the cliff 
you're fighting on. Should you fall off the cliff, you won't die, but the 
battle will be over and you won't get anything for your efforts. Should you 
push him off the cliff, you get the whole kit and caboodle of prizes. Don't 
worry about that, just try to kill the bastard.

It's quite a straightforward battle, really, and you only need three 
characters. But, as always, you're going to bring all six in for a slice of 
the AP pie. Once you've done that, concentrate on Tidus, Auron, and Lulu. Have 
Tidus caste Haste (you have learnt Haste, haven't you?) on Auron and Lulu. 
Once the two of them are Hasted, switch Tidus out for someone else, preferably 
Wakka or Kimahri. (Yuna doesn't have much use in this battle).

Once you've got your three main characters in, have Lulu cast magic (Fire 
works best), and Auron and your third member attack. If Overdrives come up, 
even better, use them. You shouldn't have too much drama with this guy, 
really, because if you're Hasted you'll be getting two or three turns to his 
every one. If all else fails, use Auron's Power Break, then you'll really shit 
it in. Sweet.


If you win the battle, Rin will let you hire a chocobo for free, as a token of 
gratitude. But why hire a chocobo, really, when battling is bloody good fun in 
this game. If you want the chocobo, talk to the attendant, if not, follow the 
arrow down the path.

If you're unfortunate enough to be on the Lowroad, meaning you got knocked off 
the cliff, simply grab the Mars Crest from the chest (VEEERY IMPORTANT), 
save your game, talk to O'aka, and follow the path until you meet up with the 
other road. Okay, back to Highroad walkthrough :-P

Keep following the path, over the bridges, pretty boring stuff. See Shelinda 
fall off a chocobo. Just on the corner where she fell off, pick up the Al Bhed 
Primer Vol IX off the ground. Console her because the Crusaders are ignoring 
her, and keep going.

On the next screen, grab the 2x Hi-Potion from the treasure chest, and then 
take a detour through the south-eastern exit. We're going back along the 
Lowroad for a short while, to get the Mars Crest. Okay, make it a long while. 
Who cares, you get to battle along the way. Follow the road all the way to 
the very end, to find a chest with the Mars Crest. Grab it, and head back to 
the top of the road. You can save your game on the way, and donate some more 
gil to O'aka. Once you've donated 10,001, that's enough.

Okay, back at the top of the road, where the wagons and the gate are. Save at 
the save sphere, and note Dona and Barthello on your right. She wants 
through, she's on her pilgrimage, but the Crusader on the gate is adamant. No 
exceptions. Try to go through the gate yourself, where the big wagon is, and 
you'll see with Gatta and Luzzu again. They've arrived with the 'last of 
them', so I gather they're just about ready for whatever they're planning. 
What's in the wagon? Looks like some sort of creature. The two Crusaders spot 
Tidus, and Gatta wants Tidus to teach him how to blitz. Stick around until 
they've defeated Sin, they'll be done in no time. Yeah right, boys. You wish.

Talk to the guy on the right, and you can donate gil to Operation Mi'ihen. 
(What's with all the people wanting money? Geez...) Depending on what you lend 
the guy, you'll get different rewards. Go with whatever you can afford, I gave 
him 1000 here and got an Ice Lance. Not bad, eh. 100 will get you a Scout, and 
10000 will score you a Moon Ring. Nice rewards.

But unfortunately, you can't get through, the guy on the gate won't let you. 
Talk to him, and he'll tell you about the operation. They're bringing sinspawn 
from all over Spira here, in the hopes of luring Sin into a trap. Oh, boy. Can 
you smell a massacre coming on? I can. Anyways, you can't get through, so turn 
around and head back dejectedly. A scene will take over, showing your party 
being approached by the new maester, Maester Seymour, and his party of Guado 
guardians. This guy is just too cool for his own good. He notes that Yuna 
looks troubled, and she gestures towards the gate to show what's troubling 

Seymour sees the problem, and lends a hand. Approaching the guy who wouldn't 
let you through, he requests that Summoner Yuna and her guardians be allowed 
through to the command centre. Yes, it's against orders, but so? He will take 
full responsibility, and so the guy grudgingly agrees to let you through. Yuna 
is shocked, a maester helping a lowly summoner like her, and she practically 
falls over herself thanking him. Why do I get the feeling we're gonna be 
seeing a bit of this guy? This is a good thing though, Seymour rocks.

Tidus is pissed, just who does Seymour think he is? He's a maester, get used 
to it, ya. And we see Dona and Barthello walking away angrily. *points and 
laughs* Once you go through the gate, you'll be on Mushroom Rock Road.

                                Mushroom Rock

But first, a scene. Seymour is addressing the Crusaders on Mushroom Rock, 
looks like he's in command of this whole shebang. Wait, a maester disobeying 
the teachings of Yevon in supporting the use of machina? Hmmm... Wakka's 
asking the same questions that I am. But Yuna can understand, they're willing 
to go against the teachings for the greater good. Wakka sputters, and Auron 
says he should ask him himself, because here comes Seymour now. 

Seymour first approaches Auron, enquiring as to what he's been doing the past 
ten years, but Auron has nothing to say. Next, he turns to Yuna, commenting 
that Auron must be a great asset as guardian. And here comes Wakka, bumbling 
through the formalities that come with talking to a maester, asking why he 
won't stop the Crusaders. He acknowledges, he should, but all the Crusaders 
and the Al Bhed want is peace for Spira, and the operation was born from that 
combined wish. While their methods are sacrilegious, their intentions are 
pure. And he, Seymour Guado, as a person and not a master of Yevon, wishes 
them well in their endeavour.

But using machina, is bad, isn't it? Just pretend you didn't see them. That 
comment shocks your whole party, not just Wakka. That's not something a 
maester should say! Then pretend he didn't say it. (Oh, I love this guy.) 
Tidus recollects that he never liked Seymour, from the moment he laid eyes on 
him, but some of the things he said that day made a lot of sense. 

Okay, NOW we're on Mushroom Rock Road.

We can get some cool items here. Grab a Hi-Potion from the chick on the left, 
and an Ether from the guy in green walking about. Then Clasko will appear, 
with the message that Seymour requests Yuna's presence at the command centre. 
(Oh boy.) So follow the red arrow, and take the side road north. You'll find 
O'aka there, selling stuff at 'Operation Mi'ihen' prices. Note that you can't 
lend gil to him anymores, you had your last chance back on the Lowroad. The 
amount of gil you lent him will determine a multiplier for O'aka's sell 
prices, for the rest of the game. If you lend him more than 10,001 gil, you'll 
only pay 70% of his normal price, compared with if you lent him nothing you'll 
be forced to pay 150%. Moving right along... buy what you want/need, and keep 

Save at the save sphere, and grab a Hi-Potion from the person standing there. 
Then, step on the plate and press X to go up. The paths around here's fairly 
straightforward, just a bit twisty and turny to confuse you. If you follow 
the map, you can't go too far wrong. Some nice battles around here, with the 
chance to level up. From the guy near the treasure chest, grab 10x Potion, 
then open the chest for 1000 gil. Next treasure chest, just past Lucil on the 
chocobo, take a Remedy.

Ignore the treasure chest you'll be able to see far below, as we can't get to 
it yet. On the next bend, you'll find Shelinda, sad that she couldn't stop the 
mission from taking place. But, seeing their determination, she decided to 
help them! Atta girl! Keep running along the path. In an alcove, spot a 
treasure chest with a Hi-Potion in it, then at the end of the path, head up on 
another plate.

Talk to the man in front of you for an X-Potion, then head around and down on 
the left to find a Serene Armlet. Back up on the plate, follow the path around 
to the right. Take the spiral around to find Al Bhed Primer Vol X, and talk to 
the guy for 400 gil. Then, up on the plate. You can go up on the platform now, 
but follow Gatta down the hill for a scene. Talking to Luzzu after it has 
finished is pretty funny, as you'll get another scene with Wakka pulling faces
and making weird noises to show his frustration at the mission. Some nice 
story information too, about what Chappu was planning to do before he became a
Crusader. This helps fill in the blanks with Lulu, Wakka and Chappu - when the
Aurochs won the Cup, he was going to propose to Lulu! Luzzu's got a nice come
back though, after Wakka smacks him in the jaw - 'Chappu once told me, being 
with your girl is good, but keeping Sin away from her is better'. Woohoo!

After the scene, head up on the brightly coloured platform. At the top, just 
follow the path for more scenes about the operation. The machina on the 
hillside, poised to attack, with Wakka kicking one and hurting his foot. Why 
does Wakka hate them so? Because Chappu left the sword Wakka gave him behind, 
and opted for an Al Bhed machina weapon instead - and look where it got him. 
Next screen, everyone prepping anxiously for the mission. Wakka's got the 
right idea, it won't work. But Yuna talks him into accepting it, that the 
Crusaders and the Al Bhed are fighting for the same thing they are. Lucil 
interrupts, the command centre's dat-a-way, and Maester Kinoc is also there. 
So head that way. Save your game outside the tent, then head in.

Auron's got a good line for Gatta "if you want to prove yourself, first you 
must complete the tasks you are given." Inside the tent (well, behind the 
barrier) Kinoc approaches Auron and gives him a hug, but Auron is completely 
indifferent. (He's hiding something, ain't it plain as day?) Kinoc is in 
charge of the warrior monks, and also leads the Crusaders, as Lulu tells 
Tidus. But now we get some interesting shocks - Kinoc knows that the plan 
won't work, as well as Auron does, but they'll let the Crusaders dream a 
little longer. Seymour interrupts and in his own way, tells Kinoc to shut it. 
Auron isn't impressed with this, but won't respond when Kinoc keeps pressing 
him to find out where he's been for ten years. Just tell him one thing, have 
you seen Zanarkand? Hmph.

Yuna feels out of place, like they don't belong here. But the Al Bhed are 
going to begin the operation, so 'when you're prepared to defend yourselves', 
tell him. (Hah.) Empty the treasure chests in the vicinity for a Mega-Potion 
and a Serene Bracer, cure up and all that jazz, save your game again. Now, 
you've got an important decision to make here, although you might make it 
unknowingly. You saw Gatta outside manning the door, unhappy about it. Talk to
him twice, and give him advice about what he should do, stay there or go to 
the front. Your decision there (or lack of, if you just ignore him) will 
impact the lives of two men. 

Once you're done, follow the red arrow to find the guy in the corner of the 
tented area. Tell him when you're ready, and the operation will commence.

They're going to encourage the sinspawn to call out to Sin, but they won't 
have to, Sin will come by itself. Before anyone can say boo, one of the 
sinspawn breaks free of its cage! Hoooo boy....

                              Boss: Sinspawn Gui
Points:            HP:  12000 (800)        MP:  30
Rewards:           AP:  400   (600)        GIL: 1000
Stats:             STR: 29     DEF: 1      MAG: 20     MDF: 30
                   AGL: 10     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 100
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Zombie, 
                   Provoke, Doom, NulFrost, NulBlaze, NulTide, NulSpark, 
                   Shell, Demi, Eject
Steal:             Potion (normal/rare)

Points:            HP:  4000 (800)         MP:  200
Rewards:           AP:  48   (72)          GIL: 200
Stats:             STR: 1      DEF: 1      MAG: 1      MDF: 1
                   AGL: 15     LUK: 0      EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Armour Break, Mental 
                   Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Doom, NulFrost, NulBlaze, 
                   NulSpark, NulTide, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Potion (normal/rare)

Arms (each):
Points:            HP:  800 (500)          MP:  1
Rewards:           AP:  37  (55)           GIL: 300
Stats:             STR: 1      DEF: 1      MAG: 1      MDF: 1
                   AGL: 0      LUK: 0      EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Mental Break, Threaten, 
                   Death, Provoke, Doom, NulBlaze, NulFrost, NulSpark, 
                   NulTide, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Potion (normal/rare)

Better get some popcorn and a cup of coffee, kids, this is going to be a long 
one, especially if you're not prepared properly. Good tactic for this battle 
is, have Lulu with Fira learnt. If she doesn't have Fira, she'll have to make 
do with Fire, which will take twice as bloody long. 

As soon as the battle starts, similarly to the Chocobo Eater, have Tidus and 
Lulu, but Wakka instead of Auron. The first target we need to take out is the 
head, as it's a total pain in the ass, and of course swords can't get up 
there. So we need black magic. Haste both Lulu and Wakka, and use Fira and 
blitzballs to pepper away all 4000 of the head's HP. If you're like me, you 
will have made sure both Wakka and Lulu are at Overdrive, so you can use Fira 
Fury and Element Reels (fire) on the beast.

Once the head is gone (hopefully without too much Venom, if you get Venom 
switch Tidus out for Yuna to cure and esuna), you have two choices, depending 
on whether you want to stick with magic, or give some physical attackers a 
turn. While the arms are alive, you can't attack the main body, as they will 
form a protective shell around it. So, you can either take out the arms (not a 
difficult task), or keep using magic.

If you choose to take out the arms, note that they will regenerate after a few 
turns, and you'll be forced to either kill them again or revert to magic. 
Lulu's Fira is the best weapon you have, so Lulu in for Fira, Wakka to attack, 
as well as Yuna to cure.

Or, you can overly cheat (not really cheat, but practically bypass this 
battle) and have Yuna Grand Summon Ifrit, which will kill the head, the arms, 
and knock off a large chuck of the body's HP, all in one hit. If you're REALLY 
lucky, you'll get to use Ifrit's Hellfire again before Gui kills it. Either 
way, have fun.


After the battle, Gui kicks the bucket, and what's that in the water? Sin's 
here to collect its Sinspawn! When the body appears, that's the command for 
everyone to charge. The rockets are fired, and the chocobo knights rush in 
with their widdle spears for some damage. Sin's got a trick up its sleeve for 
you all, though. It forms a protective force field around itself, then 
suddenly, shatters the force field, sending out huge waves of energy to 
literally incinerate everything in it's path. Whoa.

After the massacre that I predicted a while ago actually occurs, Yuna wakes up 
on the shore. Guess who's back, back again, Gui is back, tell a friend. Yup, 
it just doesn't want to die. But Seymour is here to kick it's ass. Enjoy the 

                         Boss: Sinspawn Gui (round 2)
Points:            HP:  6000  (800)        MP:  30
Rewards:           AP:  400   (600)        GIL: 1000
Stats:             STR: 29     DEF: 1      MAG: 20     MDF: 30
                   AGL: 10     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 100
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Zombie, 
                   Provoke, Doom, NulFrost, NulBlaze, NulTide, NulSpark, 
                   Shell, Demi, Eject
Steal:             Potion (normal/rare)

Points:            HP:  1000 (800)         MP:  200
Rewards:           AP:  48   (72)          GIL: 200
Stats:             STR: 1      DEF: 1      MAG: 1      MDF: 1
                   AGL: 15     LUK: 0      EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Armour Break, Mental 
                   Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Doom, NulFrost, NulBlaze, 
                   NulSpark, NulTide, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Potion (normal/rare)

Arms (each):
Points:            HP:  800 (500)          MP:  1
Rewards:           AP:  37  (55)           GIL: 300
Stats:             STR: 1      DEF: 1      MAG: 1      MDF: 1
                   AGL: 0      LUK: 0      EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Mental Break, Threaten, 
                   Death, Provoke, Doom, NulBlaze, NulFrost, NulSpark, 
                   NulTide, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Potion (normal/rare)

Ding ding, round 2, FIGHT!

In this battle, we have Auron, Seymour, and Yuna to fight, with no choice 
whatsoever. Phooey, But, we get to fight as SEYMOUR! How cool is that! This 
battle's a walk in the park, as we have the best black mage we've seen so far, 
in Seymour. One hit of Fira from Seymour will take out the head of this 
creature, and three or four will take out the body itself.

Use Auron to play around beating up a few arms, and I'm not too sure why we 
have Yuna here. For her pretty looks? Use her for white magic, although I 
doubt you'll need it. Wheeeeeeeeee, fun....

Note: see Seymour's overdrive, Requiem, if you can. It's the only time you can 
see it performed in the game, and it's pretty kool looking.


And the bastard actually dies this time, thank God. Okay, my Seymour got 
thirteen sphere levels here, but will we ever get the chance to use them? Does 
he even have a sphere grid? Sadly, no. Take the six level 1 key spheres you'll 
get, as well, then Yuna will go crazy-mad looking for everyone else. 

Oh man, watch as the Al Bhed try to take on the force field of Sin. For a 
while, they do a pretty good job, until the tug of war ends and their base is 
destroyed. Aw, nuts.

Tidus wakes up, on the beach, and sees the total devastation of the failed 
operation. Time to explore the ruins, gauge just how bad it went. You'll see a 
lot of dead people, as well as a lot of varying descriptions of said dead 
people, creepy. At the very back of the beach, you'll find one of Gatta or 
Luzzu, on the ground. They're not dead, but as Sin pulls away, Tidus gets 
angry and chases after it. (Oh man... but listen to the song in the 
background, tis one of my favourites in the whole soundtrack.)
Yuna rushes to the shoreline, wanting to do something to stop it, but Seymour 
calls out that there's nothing she can do, she won't hurt it, she's just too 
weak. Defiant, she tries anyway, but insistently, he calls her back. Instead, 
she performs a sending, while we flash to Tidus, who's actually swimming out 
after Sin. 

He narrates, even he had no idea what he was thinking, swimming after Sin. 
"Chasing him down like a thief at a market". He just wants to go home! And we 
dream... whoa, where are we? It looks pretty cool. Souls, wandering around, is 
this the Farplane? The afterlife? See Gatta or Luzzu, walking, and there's 
that dratted kid in purple again! Who is he!? What role does he play in 

We're on a ship now, with a younger Tidus and Jecht. Tidus asks Jecht about 
his impending retirement, "they say you're no good cos you drink all the 
time". If Jecht can stop drinking whenever he wants, why can't he do it now? 
Oooh, watch it Tidus, or you'll get smacked. And Tidus cries again, and Jecht 

Tidus can sense Jecht there, or maybe it's just Sin's toxin playing with his 
mind. (Tidus, have you forgotten that Sin IS Jecht?) And just like that, we're 
back on shore. How many people died today? People die, and Yuna dances. When 
will she stop dancing? She won't, not until Sin is gone. 

Auron is back, with more cryptic comments. Many stories ended here today, but 
yours still goes on. And like that, he's gone. WTM? Bah. Anyways, we get to 
play again now. So play with your sphere levels, then save your game, in the 
Aftermath of Operation Mi'ihen.

Head left of the save sphere, and you'll get another scene. Auron asks if 
Maester Kinoc is satisfied, and when Kinoc isn't sure what he means, Auron 
explains, that those who turned from Yevon died, while those who are faithful 
live on. Hmmm, I never stopped to think about that. Kinoc's only reply is that 
the last ten years have changed him. Hmm...

Yuna looks sad, as the people depart, but is approached by Maester Seymour. 
She doesn't look well, but now more than ever she must be the people's 
strength, their confidence. Everyone else would be expected to show sorrow, 
but you are a summoner, you are Spira's hope. Until Sin is defeated, you must 
not relent. Got it! But Yuna is afraid, so Seymour offers himself as a pillar 
of strength, as Yunalesca had her lord Zaon. And with a quick farewell, he's 

Explore the area and you'll find a Hi-Potion in a chest behind Lulu. Then, 
talk to everyone, but the important person to see is Auron. He reiterates that 
Sin is Jecht, and Tidus relates that he could feel him back there. Jecht came 
here to see Tidus, and Tidus is shocked that he killed all those people for a 
chance to see him. But that's what Sin does, and he came here to show you. 
Why? Because he hopes that you will kill him. As long as he is Sin, Jecht will 
keep killing, and he wants you to stop him.

What, is this like our destiny or something? Cut me some slack, geez. But 
anyways, after the scene, we've got a pilgrimage to continue. So follow the 
path, stopping to get healed by Shelinda if you wish, and you'll see your 
party at the end of the road. Tidus just walks straight past them, and they 
follow him.

                                Djose Highroad

On the Djose Highroad, Yuna is calling for Tidus and Kimahri to hurry up. 
Tidus comments that she sure sounds cheerful, and here we get a monologue from 
Kimahri. *gasp* In bright times. she must be, she must shine bright. Now are 
dark times, so Yuna tried hard. If you worry about her, she tries harder. So 
in other words, don't worry be happy? Kimahri's trying too, so Tidus wants to 
see him smile. Lol, I guess that could pass for a smile, but it still looks 
like he wants to eat someone. 

Save after the scene, and head up along the very boring stretch of road. A few 
things to collect, though. Talk to the guy in purple walking along twice, and 
he'll give you a Variable Steel. Check behind stone pillars on the right, one 
hides the Al Bhed Primer Vol XI. Further up, in a treasure chest on the left, 
you can get 2x Phoenix Down. From a guy in red and green pants walking around, 
you can get a Hi-Potion, and from a guy in white pants, a Soft Ring. (Help 
stop those pesky Basilisks and their Stone Gaze.) In a crevice behind a 
corner, you can get a Bright Bangle; from a guy praying just past that, an 
Ether; and another guy just past that, a Mega-Potion. (Whee.) 

When you get to the intersection of two roads, the north one leads to the 
Moonflow, and the east one to Djose temple. Tidus will get frustrated, wanting 
to know how much longer to Zanarkand. (Geez, we've barely started the 
journey!) First down the Moonflow, to the Guado city of Guadosalam, then cross 
the Thunder Plains to the temple of Macalania. And before that, says Yuna in a 
sing-song voice, you get to pray at the temple in Djose! No Tidus, you can't 
just skip it all, she needs to pray at every temple to earn the final aeon. It 
must be tough, but she'll be fine with you here. Awww...

As you go to follow the road to the temple, Auron will stop you. "Hey, new 
guy." You're not allowed to tell Yuna that you know about Sin and Jecht. If 
she knew, she'd distance herself from you, and they don't want that. But, even 
if he did say something, it's not like anyone would believe him now, would 
they. But Yuna would.

Why did Tidus have to know about Sin and Jecht, anyways? Better than him 
finding out at a critical moment and becoming emotional. Tidus, emotional? Heh 
heh, Auron heard you were quite the crybaby. (LOL!) After the scene, in which 
Tidus admits to still being a little crybaby, follow Auron to the temple. 

On the bridge, it will start to shake, as something happens, but keep going. 
You'll see the chocobo knights, devastated because the attack destroyed all 
their chocobos except one. This is their just reward for turning their backs 
on the teachings. After the scene, your party will keep going.

Outside the temple, there will be a lot of rumbling as the earth shakes, and 
Tidus is a little afraid. Run forward to the temple, and you'll see where the 
temple is - inside all the electrified rock. The Lightning Mushroom Rock only 
opens when a summoner is addressing the fayth, so someone must already be in 
there. Too right. Save your game on the right, then note a lone figure sitting 
just right of the entrance to the temple. It's either Gatta or Luzzu, mourning 
for the other of the pair. They can't do this anymore, so they're going back 
to Besaid. Sad. But head inside the temple.

Inside, we'll see some cool electrified statues, and a summoner coming down 
from the trials. He asks who Yuna is, and she identifies herself, leading to 
chit-chats about Braska. This is Isaaru, and his guardians Pacce and Maroda. 
He always looked up to Braska as a child, and he believes that if Yuna has any 
of her father's talent then she will one day defeat Sin. And he challenges 
her, a race to see who can defeat Sin first. She accepts, and Isaaru excuses 
himself, while your party enters the trials.

Go to go up the stairs, and you will be stopped by Isaaru. Yes, you're one of 
Yuna's guardians, so Maroda will tell you about the rumour he heard. Seems 
summoners have been going out on pilgrimages and just... disappearing. It 
could just be that the fiends got them, but not so many so quickly. So you 
should watch your back, ain't much future for a guardian without a summoner, 
eh? So be careful. Seems like a nice guy, this Isaaru character.

If you're ready, enter the trials.

                          Cloister of Trials: Djose

This is one of the most irritating trials in the game. The first bit's not so 
hard, just take the two Djose Spheres from either side of the room and place 
them in the slots on the door, so it will open.

Next room, we have a weirdly lit glyph on the floor, a pedestal, and Djose 
Spheres all over the place. On the far wall, you'll see two Spheres, so take 
them one at a time to the very right hand side of the room, and place them in 
the two recesses on the wall. Part of the glyph on the floor will disappear, 
but no worries. Once you've done that, the pedestal on the roof will start to 
glow and crackle, cool stuff.

Now, push the other normal pedestal, complete with sphere, under this 
crackling pedestal. Now the Djose Sphere on the pedestal is green with fire, 
which is pretty cool. Take that fiery sphere and place it in the slot on the 
right side of the far wall, right of the glyph, to reveal a doorway.

In the next room is a pit with a lot of lightning that we can't get across 
just yet. Or can we? Take the two Djose Spheres from the right side of the 
room, and place them in the pedestal, then push the pedestal across and into 
the pit of lightning. It makes a nice stepping stone that we can jump over to 
get across. Whee!

Across the pit, there's another pedestal with a sphere, so just push it 
towards the wall. Another blue line will appear, lighting up a symbol on the 
floor in the main chamber. Have you worked out yet what we're trying to do? 
Light up the whole glyph on the floor. So far, we should have two pieces, the 
central piece, and a small circle inside the top piece.

Now, we want that pedestal with its two spheres back, so step on the shining 
glyph left of screen to get it out of the pit. Take the two spheres from the 
pedestal, and put them back in the slots in the first room, left and right. 
This makes the two "wings" of the glyph appear, and we've only got one more 
piece to go. We don't need the doorway to the lightning pit anymore, so take 
the fiery sphere and place it in the left side of the door. A flickering glyph 
will appear on the wall to your left, as well as a platform in the centre of 
the floor. We've done it.

Touch the flickering glyph to reveal the Destruction Sphere, so take it and 
head up on the platform. You'll be in a new room, with five pedestals circling 
the room and a large metal structure overhead. Push each of these five 
pedestals into their wall cavities, and two things will happen: a new pedestal 
will appear, and a doorway will be opened. Put the Destruction Sphere into the 
pedestal, to blow up a path leading to a Magic Sphere, so take it then head up 
the stairs.


That temple took me nearly two hours to work out, the first time. I'm not so 
clever though, might take you a lot less. Anyways, you'll enter the chamber, 
and before you can even blink, Dona and Barthello will appear. Barthello is 
shocked, and when Dona enquires why, it's because Barthello knows of Auron. He 
wants to shake Auron's hand, and starts falling all over himself talking about 
how Auron inspired him to become a guardian. Tis quite funny.

Also funny is how Wakka calls Dona on calling the personal guardian to Lord 
Braska riff-raff. Lulu: "And you call yourself a summoner." Now, as Kimahri 
says, "Pick spot. Shut up. Wait." Nah, just go to leave the chamber, and Yuna 
will appear. Dona is all snooty, saying she has a lot to thank her father for: 
all these guardians, Sir Auron, and Maester Seymour being taken with her. Oh 
this has nothing to do with Braska, she's doing this on her own. Bah to 
you, Dona.

After the scene, Tidus will get some rest, and you can name Ixion, your new 
thunder-elemental aeon. (Grr, what happened to Ramuh? Or even Quetzacotl?) 
Tidus wakes up, calm and happy, so go back inside the tent and open the chest 
for a Switch Hitter. Now, your whole party is standing around outside - well, 
everyone except for one, Yuna's nowhere to be found. She's inside the temple 
getting her beauty sleep, so go find her. Pass Gatta or Luzzu inside, then 
head into the left room. 

There we'll find our favourite summoner, taking a nap. She was working till 
dawn, sending, so Tidus will let her sleep. But she stirs, and awakens. She's 
shocked that she slept so long, even though Tidus tells her not to worry. She 
rushes around getting ready to depart, while Tidus goes back outside.

Yuna appears, flustered, running as fast as her little legs will go. Here's a 
nice scene, with the party lightheartedly teasing Yuna. "Yo, sleepyhead! A 
summoner with bed hair, what is the world coming to?" Oh, they tried to wake 
her up, but with all that snoring... even Auron gets in on the act "once Lady 
Yuna fixes her hair, we leave."

Tidus enjoys the laughter, but later realized, the only one really laughing 
that day was him. Like Yuna told him in Luca, you have to smile even when 
you're sad, to appease the people, to keep yourself going, and that's what 
they were doing. After that, everyone departs, so save your game and leave.

On the bridge, talk to the guy in white pants for a Halberd, the guy walking 
along (if you can catch him) for 2x Hi-Potion, and the guy at the end for 10x 
Potion. After the bridge, you'll get a scene with the chocobo knights, they're 
heading north to look for more chocobos. Poor Clasko gets the job of running 
alongside, as they can only fit two on a chocobo. After the scene, head back 
out along the road. Now you get to head north, and cross the Moonflow.


Another long road. What's with these lately? So I'll just detail items. In the 
first small section on the left, you can  get 3x Level 1 Key Spheres, and we 
can talk to Shelinda. She's getting too pious for me, ugh.

Around a couple of corners we'll meet up with Biran and Yenke again, the two 
Ronsos Kimahri cold-clocked in Luca. Look, there goes one of Kimahri's 
friends, it's just like him! Both follow summoners on all fours, the hornless 
goatlings! They've come to warn you, about the summoners disappearing, as 
well. Poor Kimahri, lost his horn, next he'll lose his summoner! Kimahri 
doesn't get the chance to deck them again, pity. Tidus wants to help Kimahri 
deal with them, but Kimahri wants to do it alone.

Lulu's worried, not about the Ronso problem, but about the summoners. But they 
can't just be disappearing into thin air... Tidus is confident - if they 
summoners do their jobs, then there's no problem! Wakka and Lulu like this. 
Which is good.

Along the path, take an X-Potion. In another small inlet on the right, take 
another 3x Level 1 Key Spheres. Further along, you can meet Belgemine again. 
She wants another contest, one-on-one with aeons. She heals your aeons, so 
let's begin!

                                 Boss: Ixion
Points:            HP:  6500 (560)         MP:  450
Rewards:           AP:  0    (0)           GIL: 0
Stats:             STR: 22     DEF: 1      MAG: 23     MDF: 1
                   AGL: 17     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          Lightning (+), Water (x1.5)

You get to choose whichever aeon you want, here, any other than Ixion that is. 
My pick would be Ifrit, though if Ifrit dies you can always summon Valefor to 
keep fighting. 

Near the start of the battle, Ixion will caste Haste on itself. How is it that 
her Ixion can cast Haste, while yours cannot? With abilities. You can teach 
your aeons different abilities - magic, the works. But for now, just worry 
about attacking. Ifrit's physical attack will do about 900 damage to Ixion, 
while Ixion will only hit Ifrit for 300 or 400. Plus, Ifrit has the added 
ability of being able to heal, using a Fire spell on himself.

It shouldn't take long for Ifrit to get to Overdrive. Hellfire should be 
enough to easily overkill Ixion - overall, a pretty simple battle.


And you receive 2x Dragon Scale and the Summoner's Soul if you win the battle. 
Now that you have the Summoner's Soul, you can teach your aeons abilities, 
like Ixion had Haste. The game runs through a tutorial of how to do 
this. Select Aeons on the menu, then Abilities, then the aeon to customize. A 
list of available abilities, and their item cost, is listed. Select an item in 
white and confirm, to teach the aeon the ability. This can get item-consuming, 
so I wouldn't hassle with it too much. One thing I would recommend though, 
for each elemental GF, is teaching them their own elemental spells. In other 
word, teaching Ifrit Fire, Fira, and Firaga. You won't be able to do this for 
a while yet, but it's well worth it if you ever plan on getting your aeons to 
battle for you.

Anyways, keep heading along the South Bank Road of the Moonflow. In a little 
side road on the left, grab a Magic Def sphere. Halfway along the next screen, 
Tidus will stop because he'll see the water of the Moonflow, isn't it 
beautiful? At night, pyreflies gather there, and the entire river glows like a 
sea of stars. Wait, Tidus has an idea! But Auron shoots him down, saying that 
they're not waiting until nightfall. (Phooey.) Anyways, you'd better hurry of 
you'll miss the shoopuf! That some kind of boat? Haha, you wish.

Follow the path, and you'll find the shoopuf, a giant elephant thingy. You get 
to ride on its back, across the river. But first, you must prepare to leave. 
Grab 2x Phoenix Down from the treasure chest, and buy anything you might 
want/need from O'aka. Follow the path and head out to the left, to find the 
chocobo knights arguing with the driver of the shoopuf. He won't let the 
chocobo on board, which has Lucil angry. So they'll go off to find a ford to 
cross on foot. Clasko doesn't like the idea, but he has no choice but to 

Save your game on the left, and you can hear about the shoopuf from Maechen if 
you wish. Take 5000 gil from under the tent, then head back to the shoopuf. 
Talk to the driver, standing on the platform next to it, to ride it.

We get a really long scene here. Wakka will tell Tidus to look overboard - 
there's a sunken city down there, the ruins of a machina city destroyed a 
thousand years ago. The city was built of bridges over the water, but the 
weight caused the bridges to collapse, and it sank to the bottom. Why build a 
city over a river, ya? Yevon taught us: when humans have power, they seek to 
use it. If you don't stop them, they go too far, as they did here. 

But they use machina too, for the stadium and stuff! Yevon decides which 
machina they may use, and which they may not. What kind may they not use? The 
Operation Mi'ihen kind! If they use them, war will rage again. Over a thousand 
years ago, mankind waged war using machina to kill, they kept building more 
and more powerful machina, it was thought they could destroy the entire world. 

How did the war end? Sin came and destroyed the cities, destroyed it all. 
That's how Sin came to be. But it's not like the machina themselves are bad, 
they're only as bad as their users. That's why Wakka hates the Al Bhed, always 
screwing everything up! As if on cue, the shoopuf grumbles, it's being 
attacked! Some Al Bhed jump on board, grab Yuna, and disappear... with Wakka 
and Tidus in pursuit!

And just like that, we have a boss battle to fight. See Yuna, trapped inside. 
We have to save her!

                               Boss: Extractor
Points:            HP:  4000 (600)         MP:  10
Rewards:           AP:  660  (990)         GIL: 2400
Stats:             STR: 23     DEF: 1      MAG: 15     MDF: 1
                   AGL: 15     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 30
Elements:          Lightning (x1.5), Fire/Ice/Water/Holy (1/2)
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Zombie, 
                   Death, Doom, Regen, Eject
Steal:             Potion (normal/rare)

Like the last underwater boss we fought, we have only Wakka and Tidus to 
fight, geez. The Extractor is weak against lightning, but seeing as we don't 
have Lulu here, unless we've got Lightningstrike on our weapons (very 
doubtful), that ain't gonna be much help. Luckily, this battle should be a 
fairly quick one.

The Extractor has a set attack pattern for his turns - Aqua Shooter, Aqua 
Shooter, Readying Depth Charges, Depth Charges, repeat process. While the Aqua 
Shooters are minor annoyances, the Depth Charges really pack a punch, with 
darkness for good measure. So, what can we do against him?

First off, Haste is your friend. While you don't have Auto-Haste, you'll have 
to cast it at the start of each major battle, good habit to get into. The 
Extractor is immune to all of Wakka's status ailments, but not against Tidus' 
Delay Attack, so you can use that to put off his turns. Other than that, you 
don't really have much choice but to attack normally.

When the Readying Depth Charges appears, you've got one round to inflict 500 
damage. If you manage it, no depth charges, he'll just come down and start the 
cycle again. If you miss, boom, ouch. The battle isn't that hard, especially 
if both of your characters have Warrior overdrive mode, so they can get to 
Overdrive fairly quickly.


At the end, the Extractor explodes, but where is Yuna?  She's managed to get 
back on the shoopuf, safe and sound. While the shoopuf goes full shteam ahead, 
Wakka is trying to figure out the Al Bhed's motives for trying to kidnap Yuna 
again. What do they want from her? Does it have something to do with Luca? 
They're mad they lost the tournament! Wait, they're mad about Operation 
Mi'ihen! No, Lulu's on the right track. The Ronsos were talking about 
summoners disappearing... so the Al Bhed are behind that? (Those sand-blasted 
grease monkeys!) But Tidus doesn't care, all he needs to know is that he's 
protecting Yuna, and he'll do so.

On the north bank of the Moonflow, save again. While Yuna is entertained by 
the locals, we'll explore. Auron tells you to guard Yuna, but she's got Wakka 
and Kimahri there, so we'll explore more. Find O'aka, and just behind him is 
Al Bhed Primer Vol XII. Then, head left off screen. Take an Ether from the 
treasure chest, and keep going.

Now we're on the road to Guadosalam. On the first corner, you'll find a figure 
slumped down on the path - who is it? What is it? It looks very familiar.... 
it's Rikku! Tidus is ecstatic to see her, asking how she's been, but she's 
been terrible. What happened? You beat her up, in the Extractor! While they 
try to work out just who attacked who back there, the rest of your party 
catches up with you.

Friend of yours? I guess you could say that. Rikku introduces herself, and 
Tidus excitedly tells them that she helped him out before he washed up in 
Besaid, she's an Al Bhe... uh... watch it, Wakka's right there! But Wakka 
didn't catch onto your Freudian slip, asking Rikku if she's okay and all. Lulu 
and Yuna interrupt - they have something to discuss. Girls only, boys over 
there! (Rikku is so cool.)

Oh, Yuna wants Rikku to be her guardian! (That was mighty quick... or do they 
know each other?) She seeks Auron's approval, and Auron wants to see Rikku's 
face. Hmph, just as he thought. (He knows she's Al Bhed.) If Yuna wishes, then 
it shall be done. It's settled, you now have a party of seven! The more the 
merrier, and Rikku's going to be the merriest! It's funny, Wakka always hated 
the Al Bhed, yet he never realized Rikku was one of them...

Once you've got Rikku in your party, keep going on the road to Guadosalam. 
Your first battle will be: Rikku vs. a treasure chest, who you gonna put your 
money on? Cos we never actually learnt to use Rikku's thief abilities last 
time we had her in our party, we get to learn now. So have Rikku use the 
special ability Steal on the treasure chest, to get 2x Bomb Core. Oooh, now a 
bunyip. You better be scared of Rikku, bunyip, she's gonna use those items she 
just got on you! Tutorial on how to use her Overdrive, Mix. She mixes two 
items together, for varying effects, so we're instructed to use the two Bomb 
Cores we just got, to create a Firestorm. Whee, say bye bye bunyip.

Take 4x Antidote from the treasure chest, and head long the road, killing 
everything in your path. Now you have an extra member to switch in and out 
each battle, to get maximum AP. Rikku will level up fast, which is good, as 
her HP is almost non-existent. Next treasure chest, take a Mega-Potion, and 
then run down the road into Guadosalam.


This sure is... an interesting looking place. They have been expecting her, so 
follow the guy. Wakka doesn't like that idea, Yuna going off with some strange 
guy, so he introduces himself as Tromell Guado, saying he works for Seymour 
Guado. Seymour has important business with Yuna, so they should accompany him 
inside the manor. 

Ooooh, here we get a tutorial on using Rikku's skillz to customise weapons and 
armour! If you haven't already checked out my customisation section, now is 
the time to do so, to see all the auto-abilities you can customise. There's 
some good ones, but anyways, just go through the tutorial.

Once done, you can save your game inside the Inn just there, before heading up 
to the mansion. Empty the chest on the right for a Mega-Potion before going 

Inside, note that the music changes dramatically. Talk to everyone inside, 
especially Lulu and Wakka on the staircase on the right. They're looking at 
pictures of the past leaders of the Guado, who, according to Tidus, all look 
the same, except for Seymour. There's a reason he doesn't look the same - 
Maester Jyscal wed a human woman, and she was Seymour's mother.

As usual, nothing will happen unless you go to leave the manor, so do so and 
Tromell will reappear. Follow him through the door, and he will inform Lord 
Seymour of your presence. Now again, talk to everyone. Lulu will immediately 
start explaining things, which shocks Tidus, maybe she finally believes that 
he doesn't know anything at all about Spira, and maybe she believes him about 
Zanarkand too!

Auron warns Tidus to stay on his guard. Why, he's just a priest! But people 
with power will use that power. Maesters have a LOT of power. Tidus is 
sceptical, he thinks Auron just has something against Yevon. His response is 
that he lived a long time in Zanarkand. Uh, what?

Wakka thinks Seymour's called them here for more than just dinner, and Rikku's 
already stuffing her face. Talking to Yuna progresses things, she's nervous as 
to what it could be. And Tromell is back, talking about how good it is to 
have guests again. Since Lord Jyscal passed away, things have been too quiet, 
and Yuna expresses her sadness at the death of Jyscal. Was Jyscal really such 
a great guy? He brought the teachings of Yevon to the Guado, he was a good 

Being the son of a Guado and a human, Lord Seymour will hopefully be the tie 
that binds the two races together., But, more than that, he will surely become 
the shining star that lights the way for all the peoples of Spira! And here's 
the man himself. Yuna asks him why she wanted to see him, and Seymour tells 
her to relax, make herself at home, there's no rush. But Auron interrupts, 
keep this short, we must rush. So he invites them to his private chamber...

Wow, look at the inside of this sphere, will you!? They're flying, over the 
great city of Zanarkand! This sphere contains the thoughts of those that 
wander the Farplane (the dead people), their memories of the great machina 
city of Zanarkand, as it looked a thousand years ago. Tidus is confused, he 
knows all these places intimately. While Lulu and Wakka look astonished at the 
technology spread out before them, Auron isn't impressed in the slightest. 
Seymour says, she lived here, in this bustling metropolis. She who?

She as in, Lady Yunalesca! She was the first person to defeat Sin, and save 
the world from its ravages. Of course, Yuna was named after this fine woman. 
Lord Braska was entrusting Yuna with a great task, he wanted her to face Sin 
as Yunalesca did. But she didn't do it alone - to defeat the undefeatable Sin, 
it took an unbreakable bond of love, of the kind that binds two hearts for 

Lord Zaon enters the room, and embraces Lady Yunalesca. And with this, Seymour 
bends down and whispers something in Yuna's ear... what is it? Whatever it 
was, it startled Yuna up real good, the poor girl's not herself. She stumbles 
back to your party, who are very concerned with the way she looks, knowing 
there's something odd going on. She doesn't know where to start, but 
eventually just spits it out, he asked her to marry him!

Auron doesn't like this one bit. Does he know what Yuna must do? Yes, she must 
ease the suffering of all Spira, it's more than just defeating Sin. But 
Spira's not a playhouse, a moment's diversion may amuse an audience, but it 
changes nothing. Even so, the actors must play their parts. It's a confusing 
little scene, but all is not well in the house of your party. As Auron walks 
off, Seymour calls after him, why are you still here? Auron stops dead. Oh 
sorry, Guado are keen to the scent of the Farplane. Tidus is confused, what 
scent, and he starts sniffing Auron, who shoves him away. What was all that 
about? A keen mind might be able to pick it up...

Leave the manor now, there's nothing else to see here. Outside, Lulu is 
addressing your party about this proposed marriage. She doesn't make it sound 
like a marriage, she makes it sound like a business deal 'it would give the 
people of Spira something cheery to talk about for a change'. Tidus just wants 
to get on with the pilgrimage. Rikku teases, is he jealous? What, no way! They 
have to defeat Sin, romance can wait. But she's actually considering it! If 
her getting married will help the people, make them happy, maybe she should do 

Rikku suggests, you could always quit your pilgrimage and just get married! 
But no, she is a summoner, she must fight and defeat Sin, like Braska before 
her. And Tidus is restraining himself from shouting, what's there to think 
about!? Anyways, Yuna is going to the Farplane, to see her father and think 
about this. And Tidus is thinking, why didn't anyone ask Yuna, does she love 
Seymour, does she even like him? But no-one did.

And we're off to the Farplane, after Yuna. Cos Guadosalam can be a confusing 
place, I'll direct you to take the left path up, and then the second right, to 
cross the bridge and find the Farplane. At the bottom of the stairs, Tidus has 
a question. when someone dies, a summoner sends them to the Farplane, so their 
souls or whatever go to the Farplane, right? And... that's where they are 
now? Do dead people live at the Farplane or something? No-one will answer his 
questions, so you just have to go up the steps and find out for yourself. 

Auron refuses to go to the Farplane, citing that he doesn't belong there. 
Tidus thinks he's scared, but he simply reasons that searching the past for 
help with the future is pointless, and he doesn't need it. Rikku tries to 
explain, you're not really going to see the dead, more like your memories of 
them. People think of their relatives, and the pyreflies react to take on the 
form of the dead person, nothing more. She's not going either, she prefers to 
keep her memories inside. So with that, you go.

Watch the awesome scene of the Farplane. Looks pretty cool, but kinda sad at 
the same time. Tidus can't stop thinking about Yuna, seeing her parents in the 
pyreflies and all. Will seeing them help Yuna consider Seymour's proposal? We 
shall see....

Talk to Wakka, who's talking to Chappu. About giving up the game, about being 
a guardian, about Tidus showing up, who looks a lot like Chappu. He was hoping 
Chappu was still alive, but then again, here he is on the Farplane, guess his 
place is here. The sword Tidus has? It originally belonged to Chappu, and 
Wakka is telling Chappu how much he likes it.

Your Brotherhood sword just got maxed out to its full potential, with its 
extra abilities being 'unlocked'. Now it has Strength +10%, Strength +5%, 
Waterstrike, and Sensor. Cool.

Now talk to Yuna, who has decided what to do. She's remembering what happened 
ten years ago, in Bevelle, when her father defeated Sin. Everyone was out in 
the streets, laughing, they were all so happy. If she defeats Sin, that would 
make everyone happy too, wouldn't it? She must do what everyone wants, not 
just what she wants. Before they go back to tell Seymour, Yuna wants Tidus to 
call Sir Jecht. Of course, he won't come because he's not dead.  Why does 
Tidus hate Jecht so? Because its his fault that he and his mother... and his 
mother appears! Tidus is shocked.. but he's just figured out why he hates his 
old man. And he dreams...

Jecht, young Tidus, and his mother are on a boat. Jecht and Tidus' mother are 
busy, overlooking the water, talking, and Tidus is trying desperately to get 
his mother's attention. Whenever his father was there, his mother wouldn't 
even look at him. Maybe that's why he resented him, hated him. And when Jecht 
left, his mother just lost her energy. Now Auron is on the boat with young 
Tidus, asking about his mother. If she dies, Auron wouldn't know what to do. 
(Oooh-er...) Someone once told Tidus, when a lovebird dies, its partner gives 
up living so it can go and join its mate, it was just like that. And Tidus 
hated Jecht even more.

The rest of your party appears, it's time to go. Lulu thinks she's missed 
something, and Tidus chuckles, embarrassed. Outside the Farplane, your party 
is descending the stairs, when a figure appears inside. Lord Jyscal! He's 
trying to escape the Farplane! He doesn't belong here though, so Auron sends 
Yuna to send him. While Yuna goes to perform the sending, Auron falls to his 
knees, in a heap, and she picks up a sphere that Jyscal dropped. Auron is very 
eager to get out of there, so they leave quickly. 

It was Lord Jyscal there, in the Farplane. He would have been sent when he 
died, but a powerful emotion could have bound him to Spira so he couldn't 
leave. Such things happen. So he died an unclean death... what happened? Meet 
up with your party, outside Seymour's manor. Yuna's going to go meet with 
Seymour, and Auron reminds her, Jyscal is the Guado's problem, not yours. She 
goes inside, and Tidus walks off to chat with Lulu.

What does she think about Yuna getting married? As long as the pilgrimage 
continues, either way is fine. But what if she doesn't even like the guy, is 
that okay? Lulu is calm - people marry for many reasons, sometimes it doesn't 
even require love, y'know? Defeat Sin and bring joy to Spira, or get married 
and bring joy to Spira, they're just two ways down the same road.

No go talk to the rest of your party members. Rikku isn't keen on the idea of 
going through the Thunder Plains next. Auron tells you to prepare to leave. 
Wakka was worried about what was going to happen, for a while in there. Lulu 
wants Yuna to marry for love, but if she wanted to marry the one she loves, 
she would have to object. Kimahri likes Guado potions, and tells you to buy 
some before leaving. Enter the house on the very left of town, and find Al 
Bhed Primer Vol XIII, and 3000 gil.

Talk to Lulu, one more time. She's getting grumpy, and, she shouldn't have to 
say this, but don't fall in love with Yuna. Now, choose an option. For the 
funniest response, tell Lulu that she's more your type. Interesting. She'll 
add you to her list, and she wishes you good luck, little boy, cos you're 
gonna need it. (Hehe.)

Nothing else to do here, so go to follow the path out of Guadosalam. Shelinda 
will meet up with you, and ask you where Yuna is. My, she gets offended when 
Tidus refers to Seymour as just "Seymour", no title. But wait, Seymour's not 
even here, he went to the temple in Macalania, he's the high priest there too. 
So go back and tell your party.

Inside Seymour's manor, Yuna is talking to the portrait of Lord Jyscal. 
However, she doesn't get any answers to her questions before Rikku calls her 
to go. Tidus tells her, Seymour went to Macarena Temple. Oh, Macalania, sorry. 
Why would the lord maester disappear without a peep to anyone? Maybe he wasn't 
expecting Yuna's answer so soon. But Yuna looks distressed, so Auron asks her 
what's wrong. Nothing? Yuna's a poor liar. Anyways, your party is out of 

Before leaving for Macalania, head back to the Farplane and take the Venus 
Crest from the treasure chest. All these crests we're picking up are for 
celestial weapons, in case you didn't know. By now, we should have the 
Venus, Moon, Mars, and Jupiter Crests. Okay, once you've gotten that one, head 
north out of town, we're on our way to Macalania. 

                                Thunder Plains

Oh no, we're here! Rikku is petrified of lightning. Watch it strike all over 
the place, and Tidus has no idea how they're going to get through. See the 
lightning rod towers? If you stick near them, you should miss the lightning, 
meaning you should avoid wide open areas.

We get a mini-tutorial here, on how to cross the plains. Lightning can strike 
at any time, so keep moving. You can seek shelter under the lightning towers, 
as they absorb nearby lightning strikes. But while you're not near a tower, 
you can dodge lightning by pressing X. Press X when you see the flash of 
lightning, but you can't just constantly mash X.

Here you can partake in one of the first side quests of the game, lightning 
dodging. The aim is to see how many lightning bolts you can successfully 
dodge, and your rewards vary accordingly. See the section on Lightning Dodging 
for more info on that. 

In the first chest on the left, pick up 2x Phoenix Down. Oh, and if you see 
any green glowing cactuar stones, go up to them and pray by pressing square. 

Again, the walkthrough for here is pretty boring, can we have some fun stuff? 
Find Maechen under the first tower on the right, talk to him for a brief 
history of the plains. Keep cruising along, beating up things, meet with 
Shelinda under another tower on the left. On the right, in a little inlet, 
you'll find a Water Ball. 

Keep going, and eventually a scene will take over. Wakka and Tidus will watch 
the lightning rods, and comment "that was a close one!" (typical male stuff), 
while Lulu tells them to stop kidding around. (Yes ma'am.) Rikku is terrified 
- "heh heh heh heh heh"... she drops to the ground, scuttles over to Tidus, 
and grabs his leg, crying "I wanna go home!" She wants to take a break, but 
your party ignores her and keeps going. She huddles outside the travel agency, 
calling out to your party further and further in the distance, until Auron 
comments "fine, we'll rest, she's worse than the storm". So Rikku gets her 
way, you rest.

Yuna's tired too, so she much rest. Wakka calls after her, but she ignores 
them and walks off to her room. Talk to Rikku, to discover why she's so 
terrified of lightning. When she was little, a fiend attacked her while she 
was swimming at the beach. Her brother tried to beat it back with a 
thunder spell, but he missed and hit her instead! Ouch...

Rin appears, from the hallway. He spots Rikku, and he knows she is Al Bhed, 
but she shhhhs him quickly. Talk to him, tell him your study of the language 
is going well and he will hand you Al Bhed Primer XIV. Hey, he spots Auron, so 
if you confirm it's Auron, he'll go over and chat. Turns out Rin helped Auron 
ten years ago, at the start of the Calm. He couldn't leave a wounded man to 
die, but he was surprised the next morning when Auron was gone, an ordinary 
man wouldn't have been able to walk. Hmm...

Now, why is Yuna preoccupied? Let's go see. Head down the hallway, and Tidus 
will spy on her, at least, he tries to. He tries to ease her door open, and 
ends up pushing too hard and falling forwards, completely embarrassing 
himself. She's embarrassed too, and flustered, quickly turning off the sphere 
she was watching. (Jyscal's sphere?) Tidus apologizes, and goes to leave, but 
wait, wasn't that that Jyscal Guado guy? (She WAS watching Jyscal's sphere.) 
The sphere she has is his will, it says "take care of my son". She runs out of 
the room, distressed, with the sphere on the table. So Tidus sneaks over to 
see it, while Wakka watches in the background. Eh, enough of that, he gives 
Tidus a noogie, asking just what he's up to. Hehe, funny scene.

In the morning, it's time to go, but Rikku is still scared. After Auron 
threatens to leave her behind, she gets indignant, saying he could have been 
nicer about it, you know, try to cheer her up? Ah, she's returning to her old 
self again.

Outside, a guy will run along and take a photo of your party (what's with 
that?) before you get the chance to leave. Once you do, head north. More 
goodies to be found, namely, an Ether, 2000 gil, an X-Potion and a Remedy. 
Collect them all, save at the save point, and keep heading north. 
This part is so boring :(

Another scene will take over, with Yuna having something to tell you. Under a 
shelter, she'll tell you that she will accept Seymour's proposal, and marry. 
Why? For Spira's future, and Yevon's unity. (Not a good enough reason!) Wait, 
did she change her mind because of Lord Jyscal? Tidus remembers, the sphere! 
Auron wants to see it, but Yuna refuses, saying it's a personal matter. 
No-one's going to stop her from marrying, as long as she continues her 
pilgrimage, which shocks Tidus. 

Wakka wants to know, can't she just talk to Maester Seymour, does she really 
have to marry him? Yuna doesn't know, really, but she thinks its the right 
thing to do. Rikku approaches Yuna... "Yunie... QUIET!" (to the storm) Hehe. 
Anyways, Tidus narrates, She says "I'm sorry", he says "it's fine", she's 
"willing" to face Sin, she's "privileged". He doesn't understand, but he feels 
like he doesn't belong.

But if he doesn't belong with them, who does he belong with? He'd be stuck in 
Spira, alone.

Now you're on your way to Macalania temple, so Yuna can talk with Seymour. The 
guardians will wait outside and make plans for what to do next. Understood? 
Proceed. Keep heading north until you arrive in Macalania Woods.

                               Macalania Woods

Rikku is walking along, very timidly, very nervously. She survived the Thunder 
Plains! Alright! When you get control of Tidus, talk to Auron. He knows you're 
worried about Yuna, and Tidus just wants to know what on earth she's thinking. 
Auron reckons he's got it all worked out - in exchange for marrying Seymour, 
Yuna hopes to be able to negotiate with him. Negotiate what? who knows. But 
Auron does know that Seymour is the better negotiator. So why  can't they 
help? Yuna wants it this way, but doesn't she trust you? On the contrary, she 
cares too much to get you guys caught up in whatever she's planning. Typical 
female. Always planning something.

Yuna won't even tell them what she's planning, because that's the way she is. 
Naive, serious to a fault, and doesn't ask for help. Yuna might be easy to 
read, but she's hard to guard, so stand by her, always.

After the scene, head into the woods, and in a few seconds you'll get another 
one. (Whee.) Tidus seems to be all cool with the Seymour thing now, because he 
realised she isn't marrying for love, she's just marrying for duty before she 
continues her pilgrimage. That's what he keeps telling himself anyway, to 
justify the fact that he and Yuna would never... you know... oh, someone wants 
Yuna bad. 

Save at the save sphere, then follow the path with the arrow. The other path 
leads to Bevelle, but we can't go there yet because we're expected at 
Macalania. Like about four sections before it, the key here is to follow the 
twisty turny path, you can't exactly get lost or anything, so just head along, 
fighting whenever. On the way, pick up 2000 gil. Second screen, same deal. 
Soon, you'll get a scene with Barthello running towards you - Dona's gone 
missing! They got separated on the way here, and now he can't find her! Auron 
tries to calm him down, as running around in a panic won't help, he should 
just keep his cool and search. So Barthello calms down, thanks Auron, and 
calmly walks off to search for Dona.

After the scene, just keep following the path along. (What exactly is the path 
made of, anyways? Tree branches? Part of it, anyways.) You'll soon meet the 
butterfly-catcher-chick. Apparently, a butterfly with rainbow wings will lead 
the way to secret things. This is another side quest you can partake in, the 
Butterfly Catching sidequest. See the relevant side quest section for more 
info. I personally wouldn't bother with this one now, I'd come back later.

Third screen, when it looks like you're at a dead end on the map, the path 
goes up on your rightish, so head up and along. Round and round we gooooo... 
nice place for levelling here. Nothing too scary, except maybe Chimeras and 
their Megiddo Flame. Fourth screen, a save point, so save. Talk to O'aka, and 
tell him his prices are too dear, and he will lower them for you. (Hehe.) 
Collect Al Bhed Primer XV from just across the path from O'aka. Now, you 
can't head down the south-east path, so just follow the arrow. A scene will 
take over - Auron is looking for something, and it's here, somewhere. So he 
slices and dices through a few trees to make a path to whatever it is he wants 
to show Tidus.

After Tidus and Yuna follow him through the new path, head down to where 
they're standing. It's just water here, isn't it? No, this is what spheres are 
made of, it absorbs and preserves people's memories. Something's coming out of 
the water/sphere material, though. Uh oh.

                              Boss: Spherimorph
Points:            HP:  12000 (2000)       MP:  100
Rewards:           AP:  3240  (4860)       GIL: 4000
Stats:             STR: 20     DEF: 100    MAG: 20     MDF: 1
                   AGL: 15     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 30
Elements:          (change during battle)
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Petrification, Slow, Zombie, 
                   Death, Provoke, Sensor, Scan, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Level 2 Key Sphere (normal/rare)

Been a while since we had a boss. Glad they made it a tough one, here. This 
one will take you a while to figure out, if you don't have a nice strategy 
like the one I'm about to tell you :-P

At first, this boss looks hard because he counterattacks everything with a 
different elemental spell. And he seems to absorb all different spells at all 
different times, just to leave you scratching your head. So, what to do? First 
off, bring all your characters in for one turn, to get AP. Have Lulu use 
Focus, Auron use Power Break, and Tidus cast Haste in his turns, the rest can 
just guard or do whatever. 

Now you've done that, get Lulu, Yuna and one other person in. I chose Tidus, 
to play with his Overdrive. Anyways, the key is to physically attack the 
Spherimorph with your attacker, and then he'll counterattack you with a spell. 
Have Yuna cure the person who got hit, then Lulu attack with the opposite 
spell that the Spherimorph used, eg lightning/water, fire/ice. Alternately, 
you can have Yuna summon the opposite elemental aeon, if you have one. If 
possible, this works better. For an example:

Say Spherimorph uses Water as a counterattack. Okay, summon Ixion for thunder. 
If you keep using Aerospark, Ixion's special attack, the Spherimorph will not 
change elements, rather keep using Water, quickly building Ixion up to 
Overdrive. Whee, Overdrive, pretty much instant overkill.

With the good old WallChange (or Elemental Shift, as it's called here) he 
changes elemental weakness with each spell cast, so once you've hit him for 
big damage, either with a spell or with a big-ass summon, repeat process from 
start with a physical attack. Simple, no?

If Lulu has her -a spells learnt (Fira, etc.) this battle will be a walk in 
the park, two minutes maximum. Have fun.


After the battle, we get Jecht's Sphere, and a shitload of AP, as well as two 
level 2 key spheres. (Whee, and I had Kimahri just needing one of those.) 
Wakka doesn't know if Tidus will be able to play the sphere, as it's so old. 
But Auron is confident - Jecht left it here ten years ago, so play it back 

In the sphere, Jecht, Auron and Braska are preparing for Braska's pilgrimage. 
Auron asks him just what he's taking, and Jecht replies he's taking footage, 
to show his wife and kid. Auron doesn't like the idea, snapping that this 
isn't some pleasure cruise. (Hehe.) Jecht appeals to Braska, isn't this 
supposed to be a grand occasion, where's all the screaming fans, the crying 
women? Nope, this is it, but it'll be a lot more colourful when you come back, 
successful. A parade for Braska, vanquisher of Sin!

Now the trio are at Lake Macalania, and Braska's trying to take photos - well, 
videos - with the sphere. Only Auron won't stand close enough to Jecht to get 
them both in the shot. Jecht is scornful - what's the matter, afraid he'll 
bite? Jecht says Braska should make a sphere too, a great gift for little 
Yuna. Braska will think it over, while Auron wants to get amove on, they 
shouldn't be wasting their time. What's the hurry, man? He'll tell you what 
the hurry is! I can almost imagine the two getting into a brawl after the 
sphere stopped filming, hehe.

But wait, there's more.

Hey, it's Jecht, where we are now, in Macalania Woods! And he's very very 
serious. If you're sitting there watching this, then you're stuck in Spira 
just like he is. You won't know when you'll get home, but you better not be 
crying! Actually, he'd understand if you were, but you know what? There's a 
time when you have to stop crying and move on. You'll be fine, you're his son, 
after all. He believes in you, so be good. Goodbye.

Wow. Auron says, Jecht was so serious because he had already accepted his 
fate. He had always been talking about going home, to Zanarkand, and that's 
why he took the pictures, to show Tidus when he returned. But as he journeyed, 
and started to understand Spira, and Braska's resolve... he changed. He 
decided to join Braska, and gave up hope of going home. Cue serious scene, and 
Tidus thinks about maybe accepting his own fate.

Now that we've beaten Spherimorph, we can pick up Jecht Spheres all over 
Spira. They have more video footage, and are also the key to unlocking Auron's 
Overdrives (see, here he learns Shooting Star). Check out my listing of where 
they all are, in the side quests section, to collect them all.

After the scene, head back down the path, and you'll be stopped by Auron. He 
wants to tell Tidus, that Jecht loved him. (Tidus, not Auron, before you go 
getting any loopy ideas :-P) He just didn't know how to tell him, that's all. 
Tidus has had enough of hearing about Jecht, but he thanks Auron for telling 
him, before they proceed. Back on the main path, save your game again before 
going up the other pathway and out of the woods.

                                Lake Macalania

Now we're where Jecht, Braska and Auron recorded part of the sphere, that 
building look familiar? On the right is Clasko, a chocobo, and a treasure 
chest, and on the left on the ground is Al Bhed Primer Vol XVI. Take the 
primer, then go and talk to Clasko. He's got a natural affinity with his 
chocobo, so maybe he'd make a better chocobo breeder than chocobo knight, huh? 
I agree, as should you (if you've been paying any attention to the chocobo 
knight story whatsoever), so tell him that, and he'll be all enthusiastic 
about the idea of becoming a chocobo breeder.

Inside the travel agency (these things are everywhere!), take a rest and save 
your game. Outside, talk to O'aka, then keep going down the road. As you can 
imagine, snow around, lots of ice fiends, fire works well. Just a thought I 

Yet another scene will take over, with Tromell approaching you. They were 
surprised she decided to come so soon, and Lord Seymour sends his apologies 
for leaving without notice. Yuna tells Tromell, she wants to keep journeying 
if she marries, and he foresees no problems with that. Well, I guess that's 
goodbye. They're going to follow Guado tradition, so you guys have to wait 
here while they go organize stuff. No sooner do they leave, however, than the 
Al Bhed show up, trying to kidnap Yuna AGAIN! What's with these guys, anyways? 
Of course, we must rescue her!

Suddenly, the Al Bhed withdraw. They've recognized Rikku, so one of them 
shouts out to her what they're going to do. Set this big huge machina on you, 
complete with anti-magic field!

                                Boss: Crawler
Points:            HP:  16000 (4000)       MP:  1
Rewards:           AP:  4400  (6600)       GIL: 7000
Stats:             STR: 25     DEF: 100    MAG: 30     MDF: 50
                   AGL: 20     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 30
Elements:          Lightning (x1.5), Fire/Ice/Water/Holy (1/2)
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Zombie, 
                   Power Break, Magic Break, Armour Break, Mental Break, 
                   Threaten, Death, Provoke, Doom, Regen, Eject
Steal:             Lunar Curtain (normal), x2 (rare)

Points:            HP:  1000 (1000)        MP:  1
Rewards:           AP:  220  (330)         GIL: 300
Stats:             STR: 1      DEF: 1      MAG: 1      MDF: 1
                   AGL: 0      LUK: 0      EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          Fire/Ice/Water/Holy (1/2)
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Zombie, 
                   Threaten, Death, Provoke, Doom, Regen, Scan, Eject
Steal:             Hi-Potion (normal), x2 (rare)

We're told at the start of the battle, the Negator negates all magic and 
summons. Whee. What does it do, eat them or something? Ah, who knows, and 
frankly who cares, all we need to know is that we can't cast magic or use 
summons when it's around. Should we kill it, then? It's not hard to kill, but 
be warned - the Crawler will start counting down to Mana Beam if you do so, 
and Mana Beam is BAD NEWS.

So what CAN we do then? Well, being a machina, the Crawler is especially weak 
against lightning. If you used Rikku's turn in battles on the Thunder Plains 
to steal Electro Marbles (as I did), here they will be put to good use 
(especially considering as you can't use black magic and all). Start using 
them on the Crawler, and even better, if her Mix comes up, mix two of them for 
a Rolling Thunder.

The Rolling Thunder will hit the Crawler for a few thousand damage, and it 
will also kill the Negator. Uh oh, Mana Beam in 3 turns. But, now we can use 
magic and aeons. Two choices here - either get Lulu Hasted and casting 
Thundara, and hope you survive the Mana Beam (it'll knock about 2000 HP off 
each of your party members), or get an aeon in for some serious battling. Here 
I chose Ixion, because, you know, Crawler doesn't like lightning?

Once Ixion's in, you can use Aerospark for good effect during its three-turn 
wait. The Crawler will counter with Assault, but meh. When it's got one turn 
to go, heal Ixion by using Thundara on it, and you should survive the Mana 
Beam (with a full Overdrive bar, wheee!) Or, alternatively, you can just Grand 
Summon Ixion for the same effect ;) Unleash Thor's Hammer for a nice 9999 
damage and an Overkill. Pretty simple, once you know what to do.


After the battle, the Crawler explodes, and you get a LOT of AP. As Yuna 
prepares once more to leave, the Al Bhed call out to Rikku again. She explains 
to them, in Al Bhed, that she in Yuna's guardian, so they leave, to prepare 
another assault I suppose. Wakka doesn't get it though, he's asking Rikku why 
she speaks Al Bhed. Tidus isn't sure what to say here, but Rikku bites the 
bullet and admits she's Al Bhed, and that was her brother. 

Wakka is angry - they knew and didn't tell him! This is great, he's been 
travelling with an Al Bhed heathen! Now they get into a debate about the Al 
Bhed - Rikku says they have nothing against Yevon, but Wakka counters that 
they still use the forbidden machina! But where is the proof that Sin came 
because people used Machina, there is none! Oh, there is proof in Yevon's 
teachings - not that she'd know, of course! 

Rikku is frustrated, Yevon says this, Yevon says that, can't he ever think for 
himself? So why doesn't she tell him, where did Sin come from? Uhhh... she 
doesn't know. Oh, he's even madder, she bad-mouths Yevon without even having a 
decent argument to back it up. He still shouldn't just follow everything 
written blindly without thinking, though, nothing ever changes that way! Wakka 
replies hotly, nothing has to change! But if nothing changes, Sin will keep 
coming back!

She asks him, how will they get rid of Sin? He replies with the typical 
"follow the teachings" comment. Oh, so one day Sin is just gonna say, 'these 
people have been following Yevon for a bazillion years, I'll leave them alone 
now'? Doubt it. Agreed, Rikku, you can't preach to the converted, why do you 
even bother....

Auron wants to know if a snowmobile left behind will move, and Rikku gets to 
work fixing it so it will. Wakka is sarcastic, wait, Auron's not Al Bhed too 
is he? Tidus makes some good points here, there's no point getting angry that 
Rikku is Al Bhed, and after all, they got along fine until now didn't they? 
That's different! How so? Wakka turns to Lulu in desparation, but she just 
suggests using this as an opportunity to learn more about the Al Bhed. Wakka 
storms off, and Rikku is sorry for causing such a ruckus, but she did fix the 
snowmobile. Let's ride!

Different scenes can occur here, depending on who you've been more 'friendly' 
to during the game. Tidus will ride the snowmobile with either Lulu, Rikku, or 
alone, and different scenes will happen accordingly. In my scene, Lulu hopes 
Tidus isn't mad at Wakka, but he's not, so it's all good. And what does Lulu 
think of Rikku? Well, she's fun to be with, and she's not a bad person. The 
problem is that Wakka sees her as just another Al Bhed, maybe because his head 
is as hard as a rock? (LOL!) Maybe it's because of Yevon, who knows. Nah, 
there's more to it than that, it's about Chappu. Yeah, he used a machina 
weapon, and got killed by Sin, by Tidus' old man... what? Oh, nothing! Say, 
can a human ever become Sin? Lulu doesn't know. No-one knows what Sin actually 
is, no-one needs to know so no-one asks. All you can do is run or fight. When 
Tidus questions this, Lulu finally realizes that he must come from a world 
where there is no Sin. HALLELUJA it's about freaking time!

Our snowmobile ride ends, at a crevasse in Lake Macalania. And now you might 
foreshadow a bit of a problem, not in terms of story or anything, but in terms 
of battles. With Yuna gone, you have no white mage. No healing spells. Uh-oh.

Take the Mega-Potion from the treasure chest, then head down the stairs. We're 
on the road to Macalania, now. 


Take 400 gil from the boy at the bottom of the stairs, then just head along 
the road to get to the temple. As you go to enter, the guy on guard will halt 
you and not let Rikku inside. What? Oh, she's Al Bhed, that's why. But she's a 
guardian! The guard finds this preposterous, but he has no choice but to let 
her pass.

Inside, save at the save sphere, then talk to Tromell. He thanks you for your 
help earlier, he was able to get Lady Yuna here thanks to you guys. And he 
gives you a Shell Targe, whee. Head further in, and you will be greeted by 
Shelinda. (Is this chick everywhere, or what?) She couldn't be happier right 
now if it was her own wedding, she's that excited. Now victims of Sin will 
have something to be joyful about. Tidus guesses so. Now, where is Yuna? She's 
gone to the Cloister of Trials with Maester Seymour. Not another oneeeeee.... 
go to head to the stairs to enter, and another scene will take over.

Some nosy bird has been going through Yuna's belongings, and found Jyscal's 
sphere, so they're going to investigate. Take Tidus in there, through the door 
on the right. This sphere may answer a few questions, so crowd around to watch 
it closely.

Lord Jyscal Guado is about to tell you some serious truths about his son, 
Seymour. His mind is closed, even to Jyscal, but he can feel flames of 
darnkess in his heart. He's using Yevon, the Guado, and even the summoners. If 
he isn't stopped, he'll bring death, destruction and chaos to Spira. Jyscal 
will be leaving this world soon, killed by his own son, killed by Seymour, but 
he doesn't fault him, Jyscal blames himself, for not being wise enough, and so 
Seymour suffered and became twisted. Jyscal couldn't protect Seymour and his 
mother from the world and its cruelty, and will accept death as his 
punishment. But to you, the viewer watching at home, he implores you to stop 
Seymour, stop his son!

So Yuna saw that, saw that Seymour killed his own father, yet is going to 
marry the guy anyways? What is she THINKING!?!?!?!?! Aye, will Yunie be 
alright? Without they guardiams, no. So they're off to help her. Wakka is 
confused, where are you guys going? He saw Seymour was bad news, but he's a 
maester! This can't be happening, he says. Well it is. Deal.

Back in the main hall, enter the trials. Auron tells Tidus to go on ahead, so 
he can talk with Wakka. They protect Yuna from anyone, he says. Even a 
maester. Wakka still can't believe this is happening... but head forward, and 
down into the cloister. Follow your party into the center of the room, and, lo 
and behold, another scene. (Didn't know that one was coming now, did we?) Hush 
already, Yuna is praying to the fayth, but Tidus won't be silenced. Make him? 
Okay, he will. 

Side note: How is it, even now that we know Seymour is inherently evil, that 
the man/Guado is still so COOL?

Yuna exits the chamber of the fayth, stunned to see your party there. But why, 
she says. They say Jyscal's sphere, and Seymour doesn't even deny that he 
killed his father. Uh oh... Yes, Yuna knew of these things before she came. 
So, why did she come? She came to stop him! OH YEAH! She came to punish him 
good! Whee!  Seymour thinks this is a pity, and extends his hand to Yuna, but 
her guardians are there forming a protective circle. Well, that's it, if 
you're going to offer his lives to him, he'll have to take them... oh man, 
this can't be happening...

                                Boss: Seymour
Points:            HP:  6000 (1400)        MP:  100
Rewards:           AP:  2000 (3000)        GIL: 5000
Stats:             STR: 20     DEF: 1      MAG: 25/32  MDF: 25
                   AGL: 20     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 100
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Petrification, Zombie, Power 
                   Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Doom, Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Turbo Ether (normal), Elixir (rare)

Points:            HP:  18000 (1400)       MP:  50
Rewards:           AP:  2500  (3750)       GIL: 3000
Stats:             STR: 25     DEF: 1      MAG: 20     MDF: 1
                   AGL: 25     LUK: 20     EVA: 0      ACC: 30
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Armour Break, Mental 
                   Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Doom, Scan, Delay, Eject
Steal:             3x Silence Grenade (normal), Farplane Shadow (rare)

We are fighting a f'ing maester of Yevon! How insane is this!? On a side note, 
I love the theme, Seymour gets the coolest themes :)

Okay, Seymour has two Guado guardians as lackeys here, so we're gonna get rid 
of them quick smart. Before you get to blink, they cast Protect on themselves, 
and Shell on Seymour. Blah. As Yuna, Tidus and Wakka, have them each use the 
Talk trigger command on Seymour. As a result of this, Yuna's and Wakka's magic 
defenses will increase, and Tidus' strength will go up.

Now, in this battle, you can't attack Seymour until the Guado guardians are 
down, as they will absorb the damage. So, we need to take them out first. 
First, have Rikku (or insert respective thief name here) steal Hi-Potions from 
them, so they can't heal themselves when you hurt them. Then, hack away at 
them with a strong hitter like Auron, while you have Tidus busy Hasting 
everyone. Now, for Seymour himself. 

All the man/Guado does is cast -a spells, which can be a pain in the ass, but 
he casts them in a particular order each time. The order is ice, lightning, 
water, fire, repeat process, and because we know this, we can exploit it. Have 
Yuna as your third character, casting Nul spells on your party. I know you 
would never have used these before, but what do they do? Nullify elemental 
magic attacks. Start with ice, then go the whole barrage, all four. Have her 
just constantly casting them in the order that he'll attack with them, over 
and over. Then, when he attacks with a spell, it'll be nullified, doing you 
zero damage, and Yuna will recast the Nul spell before he uses that particular 
element again. Make sense?

After the guardians are dead, and you start whittling away Seymour's HP, he'll 
get fed up and summon an aeon to fight. Remember the big one he summoned in 
Luca, to kill everything? That's Anima, and he will use it again here. When he 
summons it, Tidus calls for Yuna to summon her new aeon, so summon the ???? 
aeon, which is actually Shiva. Shiva's ice-elemental, so here we can have fun. 
Aeon v aeon!

Shiva's normal attack will do about 1000 damage, to Anima's 18000 HP. Anima 
will alternate her turns with Pain and Boost. What does Boost do again? Takes 
more damage, but fills Overdrive bar faster. Okay, now, here's how we do this. 
Simply have Shiva attack normally, and ignore all Anima's moves, until Shiva's 
HP falls below 700. Then, have her use Blizzara on herself to heal fully. Just 
keep going like this until Anima gets to under 10,000 HP. Then, when Shiva's 
Overdrive comes up, use it for a quick 9999 damage, and an Overkill.

After that, Seymour is back and he is pissed. He's back at full HP, but fights 
the same as before, though, so repeat the process of Nul spells, using your 
two strongest characters to attack while Yuna casts. Not that hard, really.

Side note: Seymour is also weak against Poison, so if you have a weapon with 
Poisonstrike, use it.


Okay, you just whooped the candy-ass of a maester of Yevon. Right. After the 
battle, Seymour falls to his knees, wounded, and yes Yuna would pity him as he 
slumps to the floor, dead. Tromell bursts into the room, and sees Seymour on 
the floor, uh oh, you guys are in trouble now... Before Yuna gets the chance 
to send him, you guys are branded as traitors to Yevon, oh man. (Wakka still 
can't believe this is happening.) Tidus just wants to explain to everyone what 
happened, and then they'll be okay, but Auron knows it won't be that easy. So 
take your AP, and prizes, name Shiva, save at the same sphere, and run.

Running back along the icy path to get outside, Tidus will be shocked when 
part of it disappears ahead. He jumps backwards as it keeps disappearing, 
until he's right back where he started from. A doorway appears, leading down. 
I knew it was too good to be true, bypassing the Macalania Cloister of Trials 
before. Well, here we go. Let's have some fun.

                        Cloister of Trials: Macalania

Let's explore our surroundings. Columns in the floor, where the floor 
disappeared from the top of. Some big stalagmites in the left corner, with the 
Destruction Sphere glowing at the top. A pedestal. A Macalania Sphere on the 
right, and another on the far side behind some more stalagmites. Whee.

First things first. Push the pedestal to the right, towards the stalagmites, 
and it will slide along, get to them and stop. So far so good. Now. push it 
towards the far wall, the stalagmites will fall, and a new walkway will be 
revealed going downwards. 

In the centre column of the room, you'll find a Glyph Sphere. Take it, head 
down the new walkway, and place it in the recess on the far left. A platform 
will rise, giving you another Macalania Sphere. Grab that sphere (not either 
of the other two, THAT ONE), take it down and place it in the pedestal, then 
push the pedestal to the right. (This took me SO long to work out, the first 
time I did it.) The pedestal will join a column, sending a white line upwards 
and filling in one third of the floor that disappeared above. So we're a third 
of the way there.

Now, head back upstairs and take the Macalania Sphere from the far right side 
of the room, and take it downstairs. In the column on the left, you'll note a 
sphere-shaped recess, so put the sphere in and we get another third of the 
floor back. Whee! Two thirds done now. 

Take the third Macalania Sphere from the far side of the top room, and place 
it in the pillar you grabbed the Glyph Sphere from, in the center of the room. 
Wee, last third. But... we haven't got the Destruction Sphere yet? Hmm.

Head back up to the very top, where the recreated path is, and note a new 
shining glyph at the top. What does it do? Step on it and see. Oops, part of 
the floor disappeared, but we got a new pedestal in the path leading down into 
the cloister. So slide it down into the room, and watch as it gets shot across 
on some sort of kick-ass light beam, towards the Destruction Sphere. The 
Destruction Sphere replaced the Macalania Sphere, on the pedestal!

How can we get it down now? Step on the shining glyph on the floor near it, 
and there we have it. Now, where to put it? First, take the Macalania Sphere 
from the centre pillar in the room (yes I know we're disassembling the path 
upstairs) and put it in the far side of the room, to create the path heading 
back down. Take the Destruction Sphere downstairs, and place it in the last 
slot on the left. Treasure chest, with a Luck Sphere inside!

Now its time to recreate the floor. But we have one of our Macalania Spheres 
stuck in the stalagmites, where the Destruction Sphere was! Well, no fear, 
we'll just put the Destruction Sphere back there, the same way we got it down.
Put the Destruction Sphere back in the pedestal, then step on the glyph at the 
very top again. Now pedestal is up here! Push it down, then step on the other 
glyph to get it down. 

Remember how to recreate the last section of floor? Requires pushing pedestal 
around, but we have no stalagmites to push it into. So take the sphere from 
the pedestal, and place it on the far right. Now, push the pedestal right, 
then up (towards the far wall). Place Macalania Sphere in it again, at the 
bottom, then push right.

Take last Macalania Sphere upstairs, and re-place in middle pillar. We're 
done. Finally. Head up, and out.


Don't make my mistake and go back and save before you leave lol, or you'll 
have to do the whole thing again, head straight out to the main hall. Your 
party is trying to explain themselves to Tromell, but he won't listen. Oh, 
he's not going to let them go, right. (Note the absolutely kick-ass music 
track that starts up in the background.) Rikku's got an idea, show them 
Jyscal's sphere, then he'll believe them! But Tromell already has it, and he 
breaks it before them. What the? Why? The Guado take care of Guado affairs. 
Ah, right. All makes sense now. (Not.) But your party breaks free of the 
Guados, and escapes the temple. Run!

Now you get to run run run as fast as you can go, to escape Macalania. Save at 
the save sphere, then run, because there's Guado goons after you. 
Alternatively, you can stay, and fight, if you wish, cos the Guados will just 
keep coming, nice time to level up. Either way, get the hell out of there.

                                Lake Macalania

Once we're back outside, run back along the path towards the travel agency. We 
just killed a maester, we're gonna be in a shitload of trouble. If you follow 
the very narrow path along on the right, you'll get a treasure chest with a 
level 1 key sphere at the end. Save at the end of the road. Back on the lake, 
there's a whole heap of Guados right on your tail, in the scene. You get to 
fight two of them now, along with a friend of theirs.

                                Boss: Wendigo
Points:            HP:  18000 (1432)       MP:  32
Rewards:           AP:  2000  (3000)       GIL: 3000
Stats:             STR: 40     DEF: 1      MAG: 1      MDF: 1
                   AGL: 18     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Poison, Petrification, Slow, Zombie, Death, Reflect, Eject
Steal:             Hi-Potion (normal), X-Potion (rare)

Well well. How nice. A Wendigo for us. Wendigos suck, as I found out in 
previous Final Fantasy games, and they are no exception in this one. 

One of the guardians will put Berserk on the Wendigo, which means his Strength 
goes WAY up. Never good. Take out the two guardians, you know how to do this 
by now, Steal then attack. When the guardians die, they'll cast Shell and 
Protect on the Wendigo. Great, just great.

Now for Wendigo strategy, you'll have to use this WHILE you use guardian 
strategy (or you're toast). Use Wakka's Dark Attack/Buster on it, otherwise 
when it hits you, it hits you hard and you usually don't get up again. If it 
can't see you, it can't hit you. Beautiful. Then when the guardians die, get 
Yuna to use Esuna on it, to cure the Berserk. If she has Dispel also, she can 
use it to cure the Shell and Protect, but chances are you don't have that yet, 
I know I don't. 

Once you've done all that just hack away on it. Use Auron's Power Break to 
lower its Strength some. Keep using Dark Attack/Buster, but keep Yuna on hand 
(NOT in the active party) to cast Life should the attack miss, and one of your 
characters gets KOed.

When it puts up its dukes, halt with all physical attacks, because he'll 
counterattack with the nasty punch you've successfully avoided so far. Get 
magic out instead, Fire/Fira works best. Just concentrate on keeping your 
party healthy while Lulu does her thing. The battle might drag on, but you'll 
win it like this.


At the end of the battle, the Wendigo cracks it - literally - jumping up and 
smashing a huge hole through the ice. You get your AP as you fall through said 
hole. They all survive though, praise be to Yevon. (At least, that's what he 
would say if he was a follower of Yevon. Hehe.) You're at the bottom of Lake 
Macalania now, so save your game. 

Talk to Wakka and Lulu there, then head forward and talk to Rikku. Yuna will 
be okay, she's breathing and all. Wakka's in shock, and Lulu's together as 
always, she's so mature! Give Rikku five or six more years, she'll be like 
that. How do you get out of there? You climb. Hey, don't change the subject! 
Okay, if you try, you will become. Lol, so cryptic. But Kimahri thinks Rikku 
should stay Rikku. Yuna stirs, at their feet, she's waking up, and she has a 
story to tell.

She wanted to confront Seymour about Lord Jyscal, to convince him to turn 
himself in to Yevon's judgement, in exchange for marriage. (Warped idea.) She 
doesn't think it was worth it though, and she should have told you guys what 
she was going to do. (No arguments there.) Auron's mad though, no use dwelling 
in the past, they don't have time to sit here and listen to her regrets! Their 
only concern right now is Yuna's pilgrimage, and she will go on, but will 
Yevon allow it? If them temples try and stop them, he replies, they will defy 
Yevon if they must.

No-one likes that idea, especially not Wakka. It's not like he ever liked 
Maester Seymour, and he'll never forgive him for killing Jyscal and trying to 
do them in too, but no way are the bunch of them directly defying Yevon. They 
have to atone for their sins, not commit more! Yuna makes up her mind that 
they must go to Bevelle, and speak with Maester Mika, about what happened. 
Everyone agrees, including Auron, the self-proclaimed troublemaker. Trust 
Auron to complicate things, cos Kimahri roars, and Auron runs off... no-one 
asked them to follow him, but that's what friends are for, right? That thought 
makes everyone happy... friends...

Wakka's still bitching about the way everyone's acting, but Lulu tells him to 
calm down and listen to the hymn. After the scene, approach Yuna for another 
one. Is the hymn coming from the temple? Yes, it's Yevon's gift, it soothes 
the hearts of the faithful. (Mumbo-jumbo.) Now talk to everyone, and grab the 
level 2 key sphere in the corner past Kimahri. The interesting scene is the 
one with Auron.

Jecht used to sing this song, the hymn on the fayth. Over and over, not too 
well either, kinda like Tidus. Hey, Auron was listening to him sing? We get a 
flashback of Tidus singing the song, and he's all embarrassed. Apparently, the 
song reminded Auron of Spira. Oh right, he's not from Zanarkand is he? Is he 
homesick? Maybe. How did Auron get to Zanarkand, anyways? Was it Sin? That 
proves it, Sin is the link between Spira and Zanarkand. Which means, if they 
kill Sin, he'll never be able to go home. 

I wonder if Jecht once thought that exact same thing.

Now head back down, and Lulu will note that the singing stopped. The ground 
rumbles, there's something down here! Yeah looky what it is, it's Sin!

For the first time, Tidus was able to believe that Sin was Jecht. The song, he 
was listening too! What does Jecht want this time? We fade to white... 
Zanarkand... is Jecht homesick too? Blitzballs... that's not your world 
anymore, you're Sin now. Young Tidus... hey, he's older now! Tidus knows that 
Jecht wants this to end, and Tidus promises to find a way. We fade to white 

                                Bikanel Island

And when we wake up, we're in the freakin' desert. Who knows what this game 
will throw at us next! And we're alone in the desert too, as the menu would 

Save, then head up into the desert. Tidus has no clues whatsoever where he is. 
Open the treasure chest you'll see when he pans the water, for 4x Remedy, then 
head out.

You'll meet a Zu, and I bet you're thinking, I'm not fighting that bloody 
thing by myself. But Auron will show up, to help you out. So hit the Zu a few 
times, and Lulu will also show up to help. (Where'd they come from?) After the 
battle, Tidus will be relieved to see them, but wants to know about the 
others. Haven't found them yet. If you get split up, you should stay in one 
place, but of course Auron the troublemaker won't. So follow the red arrow, to 
the top-left of screen.

Under a small shelter, you'll find Wakka, he's alone. He's having a great day, 
first losing Yuna, then getting ambushed by machina. Open the treasure chest 
for an Al Bhed First Aid Kit, ie. 8x Al Bhed Potion. These get used with the 
Use command, so Rikku will be able to use them. Cool.

Next screen, we'll find a lone Kimahri on the very right, sliding down a sand 
dune as he tries to climb up it. He's sad, Yuna gone. Once you've got him, 
head back and follow the sand dunes along. You'll pick up a lot of Al Bhed 
Potions in battles now, whee.

In a tent further along, you'll find Rikku. She's got something to tell you, 
promise not to say anything. When Wakka glares, the comment is "no glaring 
either!" She knows where they are, they're on Bikanel Island, and there's a 
place the Al Bhed call Home here. She thinks Yunie's here, that the Al Bhed 
must have rescued ("you mean more like kidnapped!") her. So she'll take you 
there, if you promise not to tell anyone where it is, especially not 

Empty the two treasure chests, for 2x Ether and 8x Al Bhed Potion, save at the 
save sphere, then follow Rikku through the sand. When she stops, talk to her 
and she'll keep moving. When you start meeting machina, have Rikku Steal from 
them for a one-hit kill. When you meet more Zus, it might be an idea to run.

On the third screen, Rikku will start following you, so just follow the red 
arrow. In a small tent on the mid-left, you can find 8x Al Bhed Potion and a 
save sphere, so save and keep heading left. In the ruins on the next screen, 
take Al Bhed Primer Vol XVII, so take it then go back and head north. North of 
the save sphere, you'll find Al Bhed Primer Vol XVIII on the ground. On the 
fourth screen, you can find the cactuar stone but you can't start the Cactuar 
Village side quest, so just head up on the left.

In a small circular inlet on the very left, empty the treasure chest in the 
quicksand for the Mercury Crest (rather important), then open treasure chests 
in the ruins all around for 8x Hi-Potion, 3x Mega-Potion, then 2x X-Potion 
further on. In the narrow path, beat up the sandragora in the quicksand, then 
go through to find Home.


But what's happening to Home? It's being attacked! And Yuna's down there! So 
your party rushes inside to find her. Rikku cries at one al Bhed, slumping 
over dead, "Keyakku!" Who's attacking them? Yevon... Guado... 

They've come for the summoner, Rikku's father appears and explains. Well, what 
are you waiting for, help him kick the Guado out! That's Cid, leader of the Al 
Bhed. Oh cool.

Save at the save sphere on the right, then head to the left of screen and 
collect Al Bhed Primer XIX from just near the fire before entering the 
building. Lots of enemies here, quite tough ones too. I suggest Fleeing a lot, 
or using Slow/Slowga/Haste/Hastega a lot in the ones you have to fight. And 
you have no white mage. Oh joy. After you beat Guado guardian and his pals 
inside, Rikku will run off to find Yuna, so follow her. After some Al Bhed 
that makes not a lot of sense, we work out we have to get underground, cos 
Cid's gonna level the place. But where's Yuna? In the Summoner's Sanctum, this 

Kill the two Chimeras and the Guado guardian, then follow her. At the bottom 
of the stairs, get 4x Al Bhed Potions from the chest inamongst the smoke, then 
turn and head back up the stairs and through the door left of screen, Wipe out 
bad guys, then choose an item from the left treasure chest. Take Al Bhed 
Primer XX from the floor, then try to open the next chest. This will test how 
many primers you've collected, as you have to choose the Al Bhed equivalent of 
the English words on screen. Try as many times as you want, and in the end get 
the Friend Sphere.

Down the stairs in the hallway, save on the left, and head up the north path 
to find a chest with 6x Al Bhed Potion. Take the east path, and in the very 
far corner (past the green door) take Al Bhed Primer Vol XXI. Through the 
green door, have fun beating up the two Chimeras (ugh) then explore the room. 
On the right side, behind the pillars, Al Bhed pop quiz! Aye, I don't speak Al 
Bhed fluently enough to answer, so just choose the answers in this order - 
third, fourth, second, first :) Take the Skill Sphere. 

Left treasure chest will test your maths skills. Well, not really. I'll 
translate the code for you - "The first digit is 4 plus 1, the second digit is 
7 minus 1, the third digit is 3 times 1, the fourth digit is 2 plus 1".  Enter 
the code and get a Special Sphere, then compile at the Al Bhed compilation 
sphere if you wish. Back to the save point, save and head through the door on 
the left.

You'll get a scene here, in which Wakka is actually sympathetic to the Al Bhed 
cause. Rikku tells that the Al Bhed weren't always like this, but Sin attacked 
the island where they used to live, so they were scattered all over Spira. 
Rikku's dad, Cid, wanted to get the Al Bhed back together again, so they put 
their minds to it and created a new Home. Why did things have to turn out this 
way?... Damn those Guado! Ack, now we have to fight again. More Chimeras. 

Rikku runs down the stairs, with your party in tow, so follow her. Lulu wants 
to know what exactly the Summoners Sanctum is, and Rikku replies, it's where 
they keep the summoners safe. What now? They're the ones that have been 
kidnapping summoners! Wakka understand why they did it (omg) but Tidus 
doesn't. They might get hurt, so the Al Bhed kidnap them? If the summoners 
don't get to do their jobs, who will defeat Sin? He knows they just want to 
protect them, but that's what guardians are for! There's something Tidus isn't 
understanding, or hasn't been told, judging by everyone's complete silence on 
the matter. 

In slow motion, your party disappears, leaving Tidus standing there. As the 
opening theme, To Zanarkand, plays (conveying some serious sadness for some 
reason), follow Rikku down. Empty the chest on the right for a Level 2 Key 
Sphere, then go through the door. Something tells me a lot is about to be 

Rikku gasps, the Sanctum is empty! Well not empty per se, but empty of Yuna. 
Dona and Isaaru are there, to perform the sending. Isaaru's young guardian, 
Pacce, approaches Tidus, wanting to know the meaning of the word 'sacrificed'. 
The Al Bhed said summoners were being sacrificed, and they shouldn't have to 
do a pilgrimage. Tidus is getting mad, but now Rikku tells him why the 
pilgrimages have to stop - because they could get to Zanarkand, and Yunie 
could defeat Sin, but then, she'd die, you know! (Love the song that plays in 
the background, one of my favorites on the soundtrack.) Yuna will call the 
Final Aeon, and she'll defeat Sin, but then it will kill her! 

Rikku is distraught, but Tidus is even more furious. Why was she hiding it 
from him? Why were they all hiding it? They weren't hiding it, it was just too 
hard to say. But he's pissed, dont Wakka and Lulu see Yuna as family, how 
could they do this with her, knowing she will die? They tried to stop her, but 
she follows her heart, she knew what she was doing when she chose to become a 
summoner. But summoners should have to sacrifice themselves to make Spira 
happy, you know!?

Dona and Isaaru interrupt, that is their choice. They all fear Sin, and a 
world without Sin is the dream of all Yevon's children. And they will use that 
power even if it means their lives! Tidus is crying in anguish at the thought, 
that he helped in all this, telling Yuna, go to Zanarkand, beat Sin, and all 
the things they could do together after she did... when all along, she knew... 
 as he slumps to the floor, we go to a flashback...

Tidus and Yuna, back in Luca. (The laughing scene!) Summoners being Spira's 
ray of light, and how you should smile when you feel sad. Tidus makes a vow, 
he won't let Yuna die, he's going to go find her! Grab 10000 gil from the 
treasure chest, then head out the door. Follow the stairs up. As the Al Bhed 
yammer about three minutes, one minute, blah blah, Tidus grabs Cid and shouts 
at him "Where's Yuna?" And what will he do when he finds her, eh? Well, he 
didnt know much about a summoner's role, what they're supposed to do, what 
happens to them... so he has to tell her he's sorry! Oh, and then what? You 
say you're sorry, then drag her to Zanarkand to fight Sin? You're all the 
same, let the summoner die so we can live in peace! As Cid slams Tidus to the 
floor, Tidus shouts that no, Yuna won't die, he won't let her! Cid warns 
Tidus, he better not forget those words, or he'll regret it. 

So, do they know where Yuna is? 'Course not, that's why they're gonna look, 
using this airship! Wakka is stunned, airship? And up lifts the airship 
they're all standing in, out of Home! Oh, watch the awesome scene, then some 
Al Bhed dialogue, then the Al Bhed start singing the hymn of the fayth. Oh, 
What's happening? They're going to blow up their Home, using the forbidden 
machina! And just like that, out go the rockets, and Home is done for... The 
Al Bhed are all upset, and Wakka tries to cheer Rikku up "Boom! Like big 
festival fireworks, ya?" but he gets called a big meanie :(

Once you get control of Tidus, save your game. Then, if you ever plan on doing 
some serious blitzball playing, scout Wakka and sign him up to the Aurochs, 
for 1 gil per game. Then talk to everyone in the room, especially Cid. Have 
you found her yet? No, but there's using a sphere oscillo-finder, so if she's 
out there, they'll get her. (If she's out there? Where else could she be?) 
Tidus doesn't know what a sphere oscillo-finder is, and frankly neither does 
Cid, he just knows how to use it. He doesn't know how the rig flies, either, 
which scares Wakka. See, because of this Yevon taboo on machina, they're 
running around in the dark!

Now let's head out and talk to everyone else. In the main hallway, we'll find 
Kimahri, Isaaru, Maroda and Pacce. Talk to them all, and you'll get a little 
scene with Maroda. He doesn't like the idea of Isaaru dying, and wishes there 
was a way to do it without dying. If they had eternity, they could think of a 
way to do it, but while they thought, Sin would kill them all. On the next 
screen down, find Rin, and you can sign him to the Aurochs too. He's surprised 
you have escaped harm, and Tidus is surprised he's even here. But Rin returned 
to Home for some goods, and found himself here, quite the escape! And he's 
still selling stuff, how kind. Now head back to the main control room.

Auron is confronting Cid - after they rescue Yuna, then what? Would he seek to 
stop her pilgrimage? Of course Cid would, because if she continues, she will 
die! No hare0brained law or teaching will send his niece to her death! When he 
saves her he'll make her give up summoning quicker than a desert melts ice. 
He'll even make her do it against her will, and take down anyone who don't 

Wait a sec, Wakka was in the room, and he wasn't supposed to know about Yuna's 
Al Bhed lineage! Talk to him, and he will be confused. Cid called Yuna his 
niece, so that makes her Al Bhed, right? Don't say it.... hehe, okay.

Now to explore the rest of this ship. Head back out and past Rin, and through 
the door on the left of the next hallway. Dona's on the floor, and she's 
really tired, she just wants you to leave. So Tidus goes to leave, and Dona 
calls him back. (Err...) She's got a question for him - what would you think 
if she said she was giving up her pilgrimage? Choose an option which sums up 
how you feel about this pilgrimage mumbo-jumbo. If you said it would be good, 
she'll think it is unusual, most people would never forgive a summoner who 
gave up. They would say she was abandoning her duty to Yevon! Ah, who cares. 
After exploring the ship more, head back to the control room and talk to 
Brother, the guy driving the ship. Sign him to the Aurochs too, and now you've 
got the makings for a kick-ass blitzball team. (If you followed my directions, 
you'll have Tidus, Wakka, Rin, Ropp, Brother and Jumal. Whee!) 

Now, talk to Brother, and he will exclaim about finding Yuna. Where? She's in 
the Palace of St Bevelle, the heart of Yevon. So Gramps, lets go! (Bwaha.) But 
the defences of Bevelle are top-notch! Tidus doesn't care - she's there, so 
they go and get her! Cid admires Tidus' guts, so they make tracks for Bevelle.

Now, you have to prepare for battle. Talk to a few people, and Wakka is glad 
Yuna's okay and all, but what's with those fancy clothes? It's called a 
wedding dress. (Duh.) Rikku wonders what Seymour's doing alive, after they 
took care of him in Macalania. He's dead, as dead as Jyscal was, but his 
attachment to this world is keeping him from going on to the next. Yuna must 
be trying to send him, but will that work? Perhaps he won't expect it. Hmmm...

Go to leave the room, and the ship will lurch violently. The ship is being 
attacked, some of the Guado that attacked home must have snuck on board. Cid 
is worried, and there's nothing to do but - "destroy the ship and we all go 
down together!" Rikku quips in a nice Cid impersonation. Wha? If he destroys 
the ship, they can't go get Yunie! So leave the fiends to the professionals! 
Rin thinks Rikku has made some very good friends. (I agree.) So now, head down 
through the ship (down on map, that is), killing everything in sight, not too 
scary. Save when you get to the cabin, and talk to the guy on the left for 4x 
Al Bhed Potion.

Keep heading along, and Auron will spot a rare sight. Whoa, what is it? The 
guardian wyrm, Evrae, the great sacred protector of Bevelle. (Hehe, the red 
carpet has teeth.) Cid calls over, we're going to fight that thing, so get on 
deck and show him what you've got! *gulp* So head up to the top of the map, 
and talk to Rin. You have to be well prepared, so stock up on what you need. 
After the scene, going back and saving might not be a bad idea, then head up 
on the platform, and outside.

                                 Boss: Evrae
Points:            HP:  32000 (2000)       MP:  500
Rewards:           AP:  5400  (8100)       GIL: 2600
Stats:             STR: 36     DEF: 1      MAG: 30     MDF: 1
                   AGL: 20     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 100
Elements:          Fire/Ice/Water/Lightning (1/2)
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Poison, Petrification, Zombie, Magic Break, 
                   Armour Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Demi, Eject
Steal:             Water Gem (normal), x2 (rare)

Cid calls over, they have to keep their distance, but that can't let her get 
too far away. You'll have to tell him when to move, in or away, so Rikku and 
Tidus take that job. They now have the trigger commands Move In and Pull Back. 
Now, you must fight!

First things first, get the ship away from Evrae using the Pull Back trigger 
command. Now, on each of Cid's turns out there (well, for 3 anyways) he'll use 
Homing Missiles, hitting nicely for a few thousand damage. While we're far 
away, very few characters can actually attack (those few being Wakka and Lulu, 
oh and Kimahri can Lancet if he wants, for minimal damage) so it's time to 
stock up on defensive stuff. Every turn, Evrae will use Photon Spray, hitting 
your characters for a few hundred damage each. Big deal. If that really 
bothers you, get Rikku in there (or any other character with the Use command) 
to use some Al Bhed Potions. Whee.

Pepper away on Evrae with Wakka, while using Lulu to Focus and Tidus to Cheer. 
(These really come in handy later.) This is the easy bit of the battle, and 
while tedious, is simple. Also, while Wakka is attacking, have Tidus caste 
Haste/ga on your party of best hitters, ie. switch Auron in, cast Haste, 
switch him out and Kimahri in, cast Haste, etc. All while just attacking with 
Wakka, who has the only effective long-range attack here.

When Evrae gets to below 10000 HP, that's when the battle becomes interesting. 
Evrae will cast Haste on itself, and start to counter everything you do with 
Swooping Scythe, which will do a fair bit of damage (depending on how many 
times you Cheered - I did it three times and my characters were getting hit 
for 450 damage), as well as possibly inflicting Petrification. When this 
happens, just have Rikku use an Al Bhed Potion, they cure petrification.

Now, hopefully your important characters are all Hasted to match Evrae's 
Haste. (And no, Slow does not work on Evrae.) Keep someone in there with the 
Use command, and two big hitters, because Evrae will stay close so physical 
attacks are the way to go. Attack with two big hitters, ie. Auron and Wakka 
(or Tidus or Kimahri, depends on how you've been developing characters), 
keeping someone with Use (Kimahri in my case, but you will most likely have 
Rikku) in to use Al Bhed Potions when someone gets petrified.

The last part of the battle should go fairly quickly with your big hitters 
hitting. Or, alternatively, you can do what I did, use Wakka's Attack Reels, 
12 hits at 1200 damage each. Well, um, you do the math for that one ;) Instant 


Now the airship will be losing power, but Cid spots Bevelle! Your party is 
hanging on to the outside of the ship for dear life, as Yuna far below 
approaches the altar in her wedding dress. Maester Kinoc spots the remnants of 
Evrae, floating in the sky, so he sets up all the guards to take on the 
airship. Guards with machina weapons! (In Bevelle, heart of Yevon? Aye...) 
Seymour hurries Yuna long to the priest, while the guards take on the airship. 
It's done for, so Tidus and your group get some harpoons shot into the ground, 
then slide all the way down the ropes (fancy footwork) to land in Bevelle!


Now, time to do some fighting in this here temple. Have your characters all 
healed up, and we're going to battle our way through to Yuna, at the top of 
the stairs. Nothing too hard, though the Warrior Monks with flamethrowers will 
piss you off. You should take on the guys in this order in battle - 
flamethrower monks, YKT-63s, then other monks. Luckily, you can stop and heal 
in between battles. Five battles later... the scene that follows is a rather 
long and interesting one, so I'll detail it.

Your party makes it to the top of the stairs, only to be surrounded by 
Yevonites with guns. Not a lot you can do now, you're surrounded, and Maester 
Kinoc holds his weapon firmly under Tidus' chin. Yuna is at the top, with 
Seymour, and she brings her rod out... she would play at marriage, just for a 
chance to send him? Admirable. But think, her friends lives are in her hands, 
her actions decide their fate... if she sends Seymour, they will be killed... 
so she lets her rod go, and it bounces to the bottom of the stairs, to Tidus' 
feet. And then, the wedding takes place.

Your party cries, and can't watch as Seymour kisses Yuna. Tidus is about to go 
ballistic, but the weapons keep him steady. After the marriage has been sealed 
with a kiss, Seymour gives the command to kill you guys, which makes Yuna 
furious. While Kinoc makes preparations to shoot, declaring that "there are 
exceptions" (to the ban on machina) , Yuna sneaks over to the edge of the 
temple, overlooking the city. She says that if they shoot, she will jump, and 
Seymour says that's foolish, if she jumps she will die. But no, she can fly, 
believe. Seymour signals to the guards to put the weapons down, and as your 
party runs, Yuna jumps!

She falls, falls, as everyone looks down at her. But no, she doesn't die, 
because on the way down she summons Valefor, who catches her and flies away!

Now, they must find Yuna. Where would she have gone, after disappearing? 
Kimahri knows - Bevelle is a temple, so Yuna goes to only one place. The 
chamber of the fayth! Off your party goes, to the cloister of trials. Inside, 
Lulu comments that it's too quiet, is it a trip? Tidus doesn't care, they just 
need to go and get Yuna. But, huh? Rikku spots a control panel, and starts 
operating a machina device. What's a machina doing in the temple? The 
teachings, what about the teachings? Oooh, just what in Yevon's name is going 
on here?

Once you get control of Tidus, head down the stairs, all the way to the 
bottom. There, Rikku will use another machina device. So, this is Yevon's true 
face, they betray their own teachings. They treated you guys like dirt. Aye...

Head through the doorway, and down the stairs. The entrance to the trials is 
ahead. Is Yunie really in there? Let's go and see! Save as the save sphere, 
and the enter the trials.

                         Cloister of Trials: Bevelle

As the familiar music starts up, run forward to the first pedestal, and Tidus 
will automatically push it onto the glyph, creating a platform that sends you 
down, down.

Now, you're on a moving platform heading down. At the end, you'll be 
transported to a maze of tunnels like yours, with glyphs pointing in all 
different directions. Oh boy. Note: If a glyph on the ground has arrows that 
flash in one or two directions, you can choose one of the directions and press 
X as you go over it, and you'll be sent in that direction. Now, once you 
confirm your direction and start on the path, weird things get to happen.

If you get to the end of this track, a dead end, you won't die, you'll just be 
sent back to the start. Now, on the second glyph on the path, go left. There 
will be a Bevelle Sphere in the recess, so take it and place it in the 
pedestal. We can't carry spheres around here per se, just put them in the 
pedestal and take them out when we get to where we're going. Anyways, put it 
in the pedestal, then push the pedestal back out onto the path and keep going.

Head out over the dead end, and you'll be sent back to the start. Now, at the 
second glyph, go right. Take the extra Bevelle Sphere and place it in the 
recess, to fill in the gap in the path in some unknown location. Again, out 
over the dead end, and back to the start. Now, at the first glyph on the path, 
turn right.

At the bottom of the hill, you get to make a choice, forward, left, or 
backward. Go forwards, and follow the path to get to another platform with a 
Bevelle Sphere. Put it in the pedestal, then head back out and up. Watch the 
cool graphics as Tidus spins around and goes back up. Now, when you get back 
to the glyph, you can choose another direction, so head right. 

At the end of this path is another dead end, and if you fall off you'll be 
sent back to this "choose direction" glyph, at this angle, with the directions 
going left, right, and forwards. If that happens, choose forwards as your 
direction. Anyways, on this new path, you want to head right on the third 
glyph after this decision glyph. (Might take a few tries). Once you do, you'll 
be on a platform, so take a Bevelle Sphere from the pedestal and place it in 
the recess. This will make a path across appear, but at the end of the path is 
another recess and we don't have the right sphere yet. So, back out and over 
dead end. 

Now, you want to head right on the second glyph along (after the decision 
glyph). You'll get to a platform with a Glyph Sphere, so take it and put it in 
the pedestal. Back out, over the dead end, and now right at the third glyph 
again. Put the Glyph Sphere in the recess on the far glyphy wall, and it will 
disappear to reveal the Destruction Sphere. Grab the sphere, put it back in 
the pedestal, and head back out and over the dead end.

Right at the second glyph again, and place the Destruction Sphere where you 
got the Glyph Sphere. Back out we gooooo, and right at the third glyph again. 
(This is so tiresome!) Take the Bevelle Sphere you placed before, and head 
back out and off the dead end. Now, forwards again, and now head right at the 
first glyph. You're at a platform, nothing to see here, so push the pedestal 
forwards (down on screen) to keep going. Just follow the path along, and soon 
you'll be at the end. Take the HP Sphere from the chest at the top of the 
stairs, whee, that's the Destruction Sphere treasure for Bevelle. Now, if you 
want another weapon, step on the shining glyph, put one of the Bevelle Spheres 
in the recess on the far wall, and push the pillar left. If not, just run to 
the right.


God, that was a pain in the ass to both get through and explain. Tidus will 
run through to the chamber, looking for Yuna. Is she inside the chamber? 
Maybe, so Tidus tries to bust his way in. Haha, nice try. You can stuff your 
taboos, he just wants inside, so Kimahri helps and slowly the door goes up. 
(Where's one of those overhead sensor things that automatically opens doors 
when you need one?) Tidus will enter the chamber, where Yuna is praying. 
What's that? A fayth, they join with the summoner and together they receive 
the aeon. Hey wait a sec, it's that kid in purple!!! He's a fayth? Whaaaaat? 
He does a swandive into Yuna, and she falls to the ground, so Tidus picks her 
up and carries her out.

Wait, don't come out, cries Rikku. Why? There are warrior monks all around, 
with guns pointing straight at you. You have to stand trial (fair trial? 
Kangaroo court more like it) and ooh, I love the song that plays in the 
background here, it's called Darkness. Name Bahamut, save your game, and get 
on with it.

The Hiiiigh Court of Yevon is now in session! Insert long mumbo jumbo about 
how they only seek truth, blah blah. This is Maester Kelk, a Ronso. Yuna swore 
to protect the people of Yevon, but she inflicted grievous bodily harm to 
Maester Seymour, conspired with the Al Bhed, and joined in their insurrection. 
Traitorous and unforgivable crimes that disturb the order of Yevon. (Uh oh.) 
What possessed her to do such a thing? The real traitor here is Maester 
Seymour! He killed Jyscal with his own hands! And not only that, Maester 
Seymour is already dead! It is a summoner's sacred duty to send the souls of 
the departed to the Farplane, so Yuna was only doing her job! She begs Mika to 
send Seymour, but he is doubtful. Send the unsent to where they belong? Oh 
man... if she wanted to send the dead, she would have to send him too... 
jesus, he's dead too! Mika is a wise leader, says Kelk, even in death he is 
invaluable to Spira. All of the maesters... have their own words to say about 
the issue of death... resistance to the power of death is futile, it commands 
Spira! But what of Sin, Yuna has dedicated herself to stopping the death that 
Sin brings, is that too futile? Did all that people that sacrificed themselves 
fighting Sin die in vain? 

Not in vain, no, but Sin can never truly be defeated, the rebirth can never be 
stopped. Yet the courage of those why fight give the people hope! So it is 
never futile, but it is also never ending. Indeed, that is the essence of 
Yevon. And those who question these truths are traitors! That would be you.... 
and so you are all imprisoned.

Tidus wants out of his cage, but Auron tells him he's wasting his breath. Is 
Yuna okay? She's string, she'll make it. Why is it, that everything in Spira 
revolves around people dying? Ah, the spiral of death. (Is that where Spira 
got its name?) Only Sin is reborn, and then only to bring more death. The 
cycle of death, spiralling endlessly. 

Kinoc appears - your sentences have been decided. They're not being executed, 
oh no. But Tidus is next - next for what, he says, as he stands over a pool of 
water. And with that, he's pushed in. Where's everybody else? Floating down 
there, somewhere. Maybe. 

                                 Via Purifico

Tidus finds Wakka down in the water, and the two high-five. Rikku is down 
there, also. So, what's their sentence? They're just expected to give up and 
die down there. That's a lame way to kill someone! Should they wait for Yunie 
down there? They'll wait at the exit. Is there even an exit...?

The maesters are above water, having a discussion. Seems Jyscal's murder 
troubles Kelk. Ever the Ronso, hard-headed and hardly useful. However, the 
summoner Yuna... she may be of use to them alive. But she has disturbed the 
order of Yevon, she cannot be allowed to live! Kinoc tells Seymour to let it 
go, as no-one thrown into the Via Purifico has ever survived. Better place 
guards at the exit, just in case. Seymour wants that to be left to him... 
first his father, now his bride? Kinoc will accompany Seymour... does he not 
trust him? Lol, would anyone trust a man who murdered his father? Very well, 
as he wishes.

Now, To the Condemned (that would be poor Lady Yuna): There are stone panels 
scattered around her part of the Via Purifico. Step on one to transport 
yourself to the next panel in the direction it points. And now we have Yuna, 

Save at the save point. (Yuna runs funny.) When you get into battles, with 
just Yuna alone, don't be afraid to use aeons to fight, as you really have no 
other choice. We're gonna explore this whole place, whether you like it or not 
;) At the first intersection, head left, then follow the path down at the 
intersection. There you will find an Elixir. Now follow the path up, pats your 
original entry point, and take the next right, to find Lulu. Fights be a bit 
easier now, with two in your party. Open the treasure chest for a White Magic 

Back out onto the main path, head up, and turn right at the top. Follow the 
path to come out in another cavern, with a save sphere and Auron. Talk to him 
and he will join your party too. Save, then don't go straight up the path 
(following the arrow) because we're still one party member short. From there, 
head right and follow the path to find Kimahri. Get him, then open the chest 
for a Mega-Potion. Now, keep following to where you started in Via Purifico.

Straight up the path, ignoring all teleporters. Turn right before the gate, 
and grab the Black Magic Sphere. Now head back down, and step on the 
teleporter when the arrow's pointing up. The key now, before heading up the 
red path, is to get all your aeons (plus Yuna, if possible) in Overdrive. My 
Yuna has Overdrive mode Healer, so I just got into a battle, got everyone to 
guard, and kept Yuna curing people who got hit, then I summoned my aeons in 
one by one and used Boost. Not that difficult. Save when you're done, then 
head up.

In the final room, Isaaru will greet Yuna. So it is you! Why is he here? Well, 
he rode the airship to the Calm Lands, then came to Bevelle, then he was 
summoned by Maester Kinoc to 'deal with the traitors'. And the temple's orders 
are law, even if you are Lord Braska's flesh and blood... you're a traitor! 
Maroda and Pacce are not there, he'll do the unhappy deed himself. Here we go!

                                Boss: Grothia
Points:            HP:  8000 (2550)        MP:  600
Rewards:           AP:  0    (0)           GIL: 0
Stats:             STR: 23     DEF: 10     MAG: 21     MDF: 1
                   AGL: 18     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          Fire (+)
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Armour Break, Mental 
                   Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Sensor, Scan, Demi, Eject
Steal:             N/A

Oh, it's to be a battle of aeons, hey? Isaaru summons Grothia, aka Ifrit, to 
fight you. How fun. Seeing as hopefully all your aeons are at Overdrive, start 
with your weakest one and work your way up, ie. summon Valefor. Unleash one 
Overdrive on it, and Grothia will kick the dirt with an instant Overkill. 

If you don't have aeons at Overdrive, just pound away with Attack, but start 
with Guard as Grothia will have a full Overdrive bar.


For our next party trick...

                                 Boss: Pterya
Points:            HP:  12000 (2550)       MP:  1000
Rewards:           AP:  0     (0)          GIL: 0
Stats:             STR: 20     DEF: 10     MAG: 18     MDF: 10
                   AGL: 21     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Armour Break, Mental 
                   Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Distiller, Sensor, Scan, 
                   Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             N/A

Bring out your next aeon, Ifrit, as you can't summon Valefor to fight Valefor. 
One Overdrive will not do the trick this time, but one Overdrive and two 
Attacks will. If you don't have aeons at Overdrive, summon something like 
Bahamut and pound away. Not too difficult.


Do the aeons ever stop coming?

                                 Boss: Spathi
Points:            HP:  20000 (2550)       MP:  1500
Rewards:           AP:  0     (0)          GIL: 0
Stats:             STR: 31     DEF: 1      MAG: 38     MDF: 1
                   AGL: 20     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Sleep, Silence, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Armour Break, Mental 
                   Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Distiller, Sensor, Scan, 
                   Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             N/A

Isaaru has his own version of Bahamut! So you can't summon Bahamut, obviously. 
Go with something fast, like Shiva, instead. Grand Summon her, if you can, as 
that makes this hella easy.

If you Grand Summoned her, just hit him with two Overdrives, one Attack, and 
you got yourself an Overkill. In this battle, you get five turns to do 
something special while Spathi counts down to Mega Flare, so use them well. If 
you haven't killed him in the five turns (that's five turns HE gets, but Shiva 
should also get 5 unless she uses Overdrives), then use Guard to block the 
Mega Flare and you should survive. This will push Shiva to Overdrive, so use 
it and wave goodbye.


After the battles, Isaaru will be kinda mad, telling Yuna to stay away. So 
Lulu suggest you guys just leave. However, he shows his kind side by telling 
them there's a way to the surface, up ahead.

Your pilgrimage is over, Auron tells Isaaru. Take your 6000 AP for Yuna only, 
and that party will escape. Now, for your other party, still underwater and 
trying to escape. 

Save at the save point, then swim forwards. (In case you hadn't worked it out, 
Wakka Tidus and Rikku are our only swimmers, if you ever fight a battle in 
water, you'll only fight with those three.) Now swim forwards, and hang a 
left at the end. The best news is, any guys you fight here will all be fairly 
slow, so you'll get a lot of turns to kill them before they hurt you too bad.

Save at the next save point, then head out into the chamber. In a scene, the 
pyreflies come, and Tidus is confused. What the? Oh, I remember this guy...

                              Boss: Evrae Altana
Points:            HP:  16384 (2000)       MP:  300
Rewards:           AP:  5800  (8700)       GIL: 2400
Stats:             STR: 32     DEF: 1      MAG: 27     MDF: 1
                   AGL: 25     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 100
Elements:          Holy (x1.5)
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Threaten, 
                   Death, Doom, Eject
Steal:             2x Water Gem (normal), Healing Spring (rare)

So many bosses, so little time. But we killed Evrae already! Why can't he stay 
dead? Oh wait.... he IS dead.... hmmm...

This is the first Zombified creature we've fought in the game so far. How much 
do you know about Zombies, apart from the fact that they're undead? Did you 
know that healing hurts them? And reviving them can kill them? Ooooh, well, 
you do now.

If you have a few Phoenix Downs spare, this is where to put them to work. 
Namely, two. Don't worry about the trigger commands of opening the locks, just 
use a Phoenix Down. Bam, straight 8192 damage. I liked that. Do it again. Do 
it again, and Evrae Altana will be out of your hair. OVERKILL!


Watch as Evrae explodes. Whee! Take your AP, two Black Magic Spheres, and 
Deathstrike weapon. Now, just follow the path along happily (and slowly, ugh) 
to get out.

Outside, your two parties will reunite. Rikku is ecstatic to see Yuna, they 
were so worried about her! Tidus wants to say something, but can't quite get 
the words out, and all of sudden the music turns nasty. Oh, look who's 
approaching, the man who was sent to guard the exit in case anyone made it out 

Kinoc and Seymour approach, then Kinoc slumps to the ground, dead. (For 
real this time.)  Seymour saved him, you see, he was a man who craved power, 
and great power he had, but he feared losing it. He spent his days scheming 
petty schemes, chased by his fears, never knowing rest. Now he has no worries, 
he has been granted sleep eternal. 

After more rambling, he finally makes his point - "If all life were to end in 
Spira, all suffering would end. Don't you see?' So he's on a doomsday mission 
now. Nice. He wants Yuna to accompany him to Zanarkand, the lost city of the 
dead. They will save Spira, and for that, he will take her strength, her life, 
and become the next Sin. (This guy is one weird cookie.) He will destroy 
Spira, he will save it! (I agree, Tidus.) So Kimahri races forward, spear 
outstretched. Well, you seem to want your death, so he will give it to you. 
(Didn't he promise us this before?)

Seymour's evolving into a new form, Natus form, he's all metallic and 
weird-looking. Kimahri wants to stay and fight, and he sends the rest of your 
group away. They run, but Yuna won't leave Kimahri behind. Tidus realizes, 
they're all guardians, so anywhere she goes, he'll follow. And the rest of 
your party chases them back to Seymour Natus.

Save your game, then buy anything from O'aka if you need it. Head back up the 
carpet. Use the battles on the way to get your aeons at Overdrive again, if 
you can. HP doesn't matter, the Overdrive is important. Save again before you 
meet Seymour.

                             Boss: Seymour Natus
Points:            HP:  36000 (3500)       MP:  200
Rewards:           AP:  6300  (9450)       GIL: 3500
Stats:             STR: 30     DEF: 1      MAG: 25     MDF: 1
                   AGL: 21     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 100
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Petrification, Slow, Zombie, 
                   Magic Break, Armour Break, Mental Break, Threaten, Death, 
                   Doom, Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Tetra Elemental x2 (normal), x3 (rare)

Points:            HP:  4000 (-)           MP:  50
Rewards:           AP:  0    (0)           GIL: 0
Stats:             STR: 22     DEF: 50     MAG: 20     MDF: 1
                   AGL: 28     LUK: 20     EVA: 0      ACC: 100
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Magic Break, Mental Break, Threaten, Death, 
                   Provoke, Doom, Distiller, Demi, Eject
Steal:             N/A

Wheeeeeeeeee, we're fighting a maester of Yevon AGAIN! And his stats look 
rather intimidating. Have Tidus and Auron use the trigger command "Talk" for a 
strength increase, and Yuna use it for a magic defense hike. 

Oh, this is a fun battle. Seriously. If your characters are at Overdrive, as 
well as your aeons (which you should get in the practice of doing for boss 
battles), then it's a walk in the park. If you summon aeons, they will get 
one turn and one turn only before Seymour banishes them. Ergo, make that one 
turn an Overdrive.

First things first, Reflect is your friend. Cast it on everybody, including 
Seymour and the Mortibody. If you don't have Reflect, use the idea from the 
last Seymour battle of Nul spells, as this Seymour is also find of casting 
Multi-elemental spells. Get NulFrost, NulTide, NulBlaze, and NulSpark on your 
three characters, as well as Shell and Protect if you have them, and now we're 
set. Also use Shell on Seymour, because the Mortibody is fond of using Cura on 

Things to note: You can't kill the Mortibody, which is a pain in the ass. When 
you wipe out its HP, it'll just suck some of Seymour's to keep on living - 
4000 the first time, then 4000, 3000, 2000, 1000, then 1000 from then on. So 
theoretically, you could just keep hitting the Mortibody to win. Hmmm...

As Tidus, Haste two of your characters, but only two. I'd suggest Auron and 
Tidus for this. (If you Haste all three, Mortibody doesn't like that.) Then, 
just hammer away with physical attacks, using Yuna to cure (or Rikku with Al 
Bhed Potions). Overdrives do work best, especially aeons, as by now each aeon 
Overdrive will hit for a quick 9999. Either way, take him out, it isn't that 
tough, especially if you have Reflect.


So they escaped from Bevelle, but Yuna lost something. Her faith was shaken, 
she had been betrayed by Yevon. Tidus wanted to do something but... he was as 
lost as she was.

                              Macalania Woods (Revisited)

Auron states, they will have to avoid Bevelle in the future. (Oh, duh.) 
Where's Yuna? She said she wanted to be alone. Welllll, Tidus wants to be with 
her anyways, so save your game then go find her.

Head straight out, then forward across the intersection, and there you will 
find her, in the water. She thought this would be easier, y'know, with all her 
friends to help her. Tidus goes into the water after her, and tells her maybe 
she's trying too hard. They told him everything, you see. With all those 
things he said, like let's go to Zanarkand, he didn't know what would happen, 
and he hopes it didn't make her sad, so he's sorry, forgive him. 

But she wasn't sad, she was happy! So Tidus has the idea, just don't do the 
pilgrimage! Forget about being a summoner, about Sin. Live a normal life! 
Maybe she will do that, now. So he swims back to her. Wouldn't people be 
surprised if she did that? Everyone would support her if she decided to quit, 
except Sir Auron... 

And she goes out to swim, with Tidus beside her. What would she do if she 
quit her pilgrimage? Tidus has an idea, let's go to Zanarkand! Now they're 
being all hypothetical and wishful, talking about flying to Tidus' Zanarkand, 
seeing blitzball, having a party at his place. Going out to the sea, seeing 
the sunrise, he knows she'd like it. And she'd like to see it, someday. 

But she's crying, and Tidus doesn't know why. She can't, you see, can't quit, 
can't go, so in a nice FMV Tidus holds her as she cries, and kisses her, and 
they swim as 'Suteki Da Ne' plays. It's beautiful, seeing them swim, embrace, 
hold hands, just enjoy being with one another. One-two-three-awwwww!

Out of the water, Yuna says she must continue. If she gives up now, she could 
do anything, and yet... even if she was with Tidus, she could never forget. So 
he will accompany her, as her guardian, and she asks him to stay with her till 
the end. Not till the end, he tells her, always. 

Now you have to head back to camp, so walk off. Tidus looks at the sky, and 
turns when he hears Yuna whistling. She'll go with you, back to camp. She 
takes his hand, and together they walk. 

Back at camp, you leave at dawn. Yuna tells your party, she is sorry for 
putting you all through this, but Auron gently interrupts, telling her she 
needs her rest. So you all get to sleep.

In the morning, you all set off. Head back to the campsite and grab the Lucid 
Ring, then head left from the + intersection until you find a Jecht Sphere. 
This one is kinda cool, detailing Braska meeting Jecht for the first time, 
when Jecht was in prison. Knowing Jecht is from Zanarkand, he gets him out of 
jail, to accompany him on the pilgrimage. Auron doesn't like the idea of a 
drunkard being a guardian, but Braska says it doesn't matter. No-one thinks 
that he, a fallen summoner wed to an Al Bhed, could possibly defeat Sin. A 
fallen summoner, a man from Zanarkand, and a fallen monk doomed to obscurity 
for refusing the hand of the priest's daughter. What delightful irony, if they 
defeated Sin!

Once you've got the sphere, head out east. Save at the save sphere, then head 
out into the Calm Lands.

                                  Calm Lands

Upon your entry into the Calm Lands, a scene will take over. Long ago, high 
summoners fought Sin here. Beyond, there are no villages, no towns, only 
endless plains. Many summoners lose their path here. But Yuna won't, as she 
falls to the ground and stares at the sky. Tidus confirms, perhaps for himself 
as much as for Yuna, that he won't let her die, he'll find a way to save her, 
somehow. As he helps her to her feet, your party knows what's happening, you 
can tell.

*sings in a high-pitched voice* Tidus and Yuna, sitting in a tree! 

From there, follow the path around to the left. Once you get to the corner, a 
little vehicle will approach you, with a portable version of Rin's travel 
agency. Buy anything you need, then set out. This is where the game gets 
really REALLY fun. Lots of stuff to do. Make your way to the very centre of 
the plains, to Rin's travel agency.

There, your party will be approached by Father Zuke, a man Lulu knows but 
no-one else recognizes. Hmm, Yuna certainly doesn't look like Maester Kinoc's 
murderer. Say what now? Appears Maester Mika has issued an order - Yuna and 
her guardians murdered Kinoc and fled, and they are to be killed on sight! 
(Eek!) Things in Bevelle appear calm, but are turbulent. After Kinoc's death, 
Kelk left Yevon (so now Yevon has only two maesters, Mika and Seymour.) You 
have been branded enemies of Yevon, and should avoid temples. And with that, 
he goes. Hmph. 

Save your game, and you can now play blitzball for the first time in a while. 
What else can you do here, oooh....

-> Monster Arena
   Located on the very eastern side of the Calm Lands. You can purchase some 
   Capture weapons, and begin capturing fiends from here onwards. You can also 
   backtrack, catching fiends backwards on your path. See the Monster Arena 
   section for more info.

-> Chocobo Racing
   In the far north-west corner of the Calm Lands, you will spot a rider on a 
   chocobo. Talk to her and she'll ask you if you want to train a chocobo, so 
   train one. Then, you'll get access to a chocobo to ride around this huge 
   place. See the Chocobo Racing section of the side quests for more info.

-> Belgemine
   Just southwest of the agency, in the center of the spiral on the map, you 
   can find Belgemine. Again, she wants to fight aeons, one-on-one, and she 
   summons Shiva, so you do the smart thing and summon Ifrit. The game runs 
   through Attributes, and how to increase them, to compensate for aeons' 
   weaknesses like Shiva's HP or Bahamut's agility. This Shiva has one hell of 
   a defense, but nothing a few Overdrives won't fix. You'll get the Aeon's 
   Soul after the battle and 30x Power Sphere (win)/Speed Sphere (lose).

-> Remiem Temple
   Once you have a chocobo, head to the south-east corner of the plains where 
   you'll find a chocobo feather, examine it to jump across to a path leading 
   to the temple. There you can race for the Cloudy Mirror, and fight against 
   Belgemine more. See the Remiem Temple section of the side quests for more 

Other pick-ups in the Calm Lands - a copy of Al Bhed Primer Vol XXIII, in the 
very north-west corner of the plains. After you've done all you want to do, 
follow the arrow north-east, out of the Calm Lands.

Save before crossing the bridge. When you cross, a scene will take over - two 
Guados will appear, with a summons from Lord Seymour. Yuna's got the right 
idea - you guys have nothing to discuss with Maester Seymour, so just get out 
of their way. But Seymour's commands must be obeyed! Hehe, the maester doesn't 
exactly need us alive, so he's sent this big-ass beast after us. Whee.

                               Boss: Defender X
Points:            HP:  64000 (4060)       MP:  1
Rewards:           AP:  6600  (9900)       GIL: 3500
Stats:             STR: 42     DEF: 30     MAG: 5      MDF: 1
                   AGL: 20     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Poison, Petrification, Slow, Zombie, 
                   Threaten, Death, Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             4x Lunar Curtain (normal/rare)

Note my complete lack of fear of this guy and his 64,000 HP. Haha, I laugh in 
his face. I may be insane, but this is not insane laughter, this is funny-haha 
laughter. This battle is a breeze if you know exactly what to do, almost 
impossible if you don't. Luckily, I know exactly what to do, and will tell you 
exactly what to do.

Key strategy summed up in one word - Provoke.

Bet you never used it, eh? Well, what it does, it pisses off Defender X when 
Tidus uses it, turning him a bright shade of red temporarily, that's how you 
know it worked. Now, whenever Defender X gets a turn, all he'll do is hit 
Tidus with a Blast Punch, knocking off half of his HP. Like the first few 
bosses we fought in this game - he can't kill you if you do this. Tidus will 
never die, because when he's on 1 HP and gets hit for half of his HP, he stays 
on 1 HP, and the Defender X will never hit anyone else. Whee.

So Provoke the guy, to start things off. His rock solid armour could be a 
problem, so have Auron Armour Break him, then just attack with whoever, 
whenever. Make sure to keep Tidus in the active party, as it's Tidus he's 
pissed off at. Fun fun fun!


Go back and save after the battle because that was like, you know, the hardest 
battle ever. Now go to cross the second bridge, and Tidus will get confused, 
not knowing which is the way in. He wants to head down the hill, but Lulu says 
that just leads down to the valley, they need to go across the bridge. Well, 

If you do head down the hill and into the valley, you'll find the Cavern of 
the Stolen Fayth. See that chapter in my side quests section for more details 
on that. Anyways, if you head down there, make sure to pick up the Rusty Sword 
from the south-eastern path, then head back up and keep going.

A scene will take over - Yuna will be waiting on the bridge, looking back, as 
everyone keeps walking on. Sometimes she would do that, just stare off into 
the distance. Now he understands why, she was saying goodbye to the places 
she'd never see again.

                                  Mt Gagazet

Head up through the tunnel, and out to the mountain gate. It's snowing here, 
and this is Ronso territory. Speaking of Ronsos, here's a few now, including 
no-longer-maester Kelk. Kelk wants Yuna and her guardians to leave, now. This 
mountain is sacred to Yevon, and will not bear the footsteps of the infidels! 
And here's Biran and Yenke, Kimahri's un-friends, telling them to leave 
because 'enemy of Yevon is enemy of Ronso!' But Yuna is adamant, she has cast 
aside Yevon, she does not abide by the temple.

Scene progresses. Lulu asks Kelk, have you not also turned your back on 
Bevelle? But still you guard Gagazet, not as a maester but as a Ronso. Yuna is 
the same. This is a revelation to Kelk, that she would fight Sin even though 
she has been branded a traitor. That she is hated by the people, yet she 
continues her pilgrimage. She's lost everything, so what is she fighting for? 
Oh, nice answer, she is fighting for Spira, for the Calm that the people crave 
that she can give them. So he lets them pass.

Yuna has nerves of steel, tempered steel that not even the mightiest Ronso 
could hope to bend. So she is welcome to travel the sacred mountain of 
Gagazet. It's a sweet scene, touching. Save your game, then head up over the 
hill. Biran will call you to halt... Tidus is funny 'haven't you bothered us 
enough?' Well, summoner pass, guardians pass, Kimahri NOT pass! Kimahri shamed 
his Ronso brothers, and forgot his birth. Forgot his people, forgot his 
mountain. Arghhh, they want to fight him, so he can prove his strength to the 

                          Boss: Biran & Yenke Ronso
Points:            HP:  ??    (2500)       MP:  200
Rewards:           AP:  4500  (6750)       GIL: 1500
Stats:             STR: ??     DEF: 30     MAG: ??     MDF: 50
                   AGL: ??     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 100
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Reflect, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Level 3 Key Sphere (normal), x2 (rare)

Points:            HP:  ??    (2500)       MP:  200
Rewards:           AP:  4500  (6750)       GIL: 1500
Stats:             STR: ??     DEF: 30     MAG: ??     MDF: 50
                   AGL: ??     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 100
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Reflect, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Level 3 Key Sphere (normal), x2 (rare)

This battle is also pretty fun for a boss. Well, two bosses. Their HP, Str, 
Mag, and Agl vary, depending on Kimahri's stats, but they're never very high. 
The good bit of this battle is, milking them for all the Ronso Rages that you 

Yenke uses Fire Breath, Aqua Breath, Stone Breath, and White Wind; while Biran 
uses Thrust Kick, Doom, Self-Destruct, and Mighty Guard. Lancet one, then 
either fire it back at them (which might not be good as you'll damage them a 
lot), or just use a different Ronso Rage to clear the Overdrive bar. Then, 
repeat process until you've learnt them all. The only difficulty in this 
battle is Lanceting all eight Ronso Rages before accidentally killing the two 
Ronsos. It's designed to help you, not hinder you on your progress through the 


Biran is happy after the battle, because Kimahri is strong. This is another 
touching scene, as Biran honours the warrior who defeated him, by the name of 
Kimahri. Now the Ronsos will stop pursuers from the temples, as penance for 
breaking Kimahri's horn. They will shine her statue brightest! (Statue? Oh, in 
the temples when she defeats Sin.) She fears no-one will make a traitor a 
statue, but the Ronso will. A statue with grand horn on head! (Haha.) Head up 
over the crest of the hill, and soon another scene will take place. This one 
is one of my favorites. The Ronso are still acting all hostile, and they 
approach your party. Why? To sing the hymn of the fayth. It's nice.

Now the mountain is ours to explore. Head onto the little platform on the left 
for 2x Mega-Potion, before following the path around. You'll get into a lot of 
battles here, but they're not too tough, and they're good for levelling up. At 
the first hairpin turn, you'll find some graves, of summoners and guardians 
that failed. Oh, nice. Keep following the path.

When you get to the northern crown-shaped section (on the map), take the top 
path to find Braska's Sphere. This one is Braska's message to Yuna. He wonders 
how old she is now, watching this sphere. Jecht and Auron send their regards. 
Their journey has been hard, but entertaining. And he has no regrets, for this 
is the path he has chosen. Yuna must find her own path, to do what she wants 
to do, how she wants to do, doors will always open to those who do. Her future 
is in her own hands, and whatever she decides, she has his full support.

This Sphere will get you Auron's next Overdrive, Banishing Blade (if you 
followed the walkthrough and picked up the sphere in Macalania Woods as well 
as the one from Spherimorph). Then head back and follow the path south. (In 
battles, don't hesitate to give everyone a turn, then have Yuna bring in an 
aeon to finish things off, if they get difficult.) Another quick tip is to 
either teach a second character Life (using a White Magic Sphere), or to keep 
a good stock of Phoenix Downs, you can find one of the Ronsos selling stuff 
back in Gagazet.

Along the straight southern section, you'll find more graves, and Lulu will 
comment that summoners that die here aren't sent to the Farplane. Why? There 
is no-one here to send them. They die alone. Keep following the path west to 
find a Defending Bracer, then go back and north. Keep following path, killing 
things, not too difficult eh. At the northern path leading east, you should 
find Wantz, O'aka's brother. O'aka's not here because he's been imprisoned for 
helping the traitors, he doesn't mind though. You can stock up on Phoenix 
Downs, as well as some pricey but nice weapons. Once you're done there, follow 
the path left and down.

At the bottom, head right (or towards the camera) to follow the little hidden 
path and obtain a HP Sphere and a Level 4 Key Sphere. (Where to use the key 
sphere? Hmmm...) Now head left on the map, and north-west. Up the hill you'll 
find more graves, how cheery. There's nothing out on the west path, so head 
south-west, and save at the save point. 

Time for a few preparations. Get your peoples at Overdrive, especially your 
aeons if possible. Make sure Lulu knows Bio. Hastega also works well. Now, 
head up the path and off the mountain trail. Along the path...

Another scene takes over. Rikku is apprehensive - Zanarkand is on the other 
side of these mountains, Yunie's going to get the Final Aeon, and they still 
haven't thought of a way to save her. So Tidus suggest that they keep going to 
Zanarkand, they'll find something there, they have to! Hey, he sounded like a 
leader just there... star player of the Zanarkand Abes, didn't anyone tell 
her? Love Rikku's reaction there. As Tidus walks away, Rikuk spots a familiar 

It's that dratted Seymour again, doesn't this guy ever quit? Ah, son of Jecht 
(he's finally worked it out, here have a cookie.) Tidus sends Rikku ahead to 
get Auron back here, and Seymour keeps trash talking. ('Prepare to die, son of 
Jecht!') But the rest of your party is back too. Seymour is happy to see Yuna, 
who is preparing to send him. Okay, so he'll leave then. But before he does, 
he wants to say something to the last Ronso - his was a gallant race, and 
they threw themselves at him to bar his path. (Did he... kill them all?) This 
man is insane, seriously insane. Again he goes on, Spira is a land of 
suffering and sorrow, caught in the spiral of death. To heal Spira, he will 
become Sin, with her help. Oh that's it, you're gonna fight now. Seymour's 
third form. Eek.

                              Boss: Seymour Flux
Points:            HP:  70000 (3500)       MP:  512
Rewards:           AP:  10000 (15000)      GIL: 6000
Stats:             STR: 30     DEF: 40     MAG: 15     MDF: 40
                   AGL: 38     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 100
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Sleep, Darkness, Petrification, Slow, Zombie, Power Break, 
                   Magic Break, Armour Break, Mental Break, Threaten, Death, 
                   Provoke, Doom, Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Elixir (normal/rare)

Points:            HP:  4000 (-)           MP:  512
Rewards:           AP:  0    (0)           GIL: 0
Stats:             STR: 40     DEF: 100    MAG: 40     MDF: 1
                   AGL: 38     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 100
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Power Break, Magic Break, Armour Break, Mental Break, 
                   Threaten, Death, Provoke, Doom, Haste, Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             none

This guy can be a serious pain in the ass, even if you do know what you're 
doing. Again, Seymour is accompanied by a little friend that you can't kill, 
named the Mortiorchis. Have Yuna, Tidus, and Kimahri use trigger command 
'Talk' to Seymour, for hikes in magic defense (Yuna) and strength (Tidus and 
Kimahri). You won't be using Kimahri much, but still.

First move - get Lulu in, and cast Bio. That's what you need her for, in this 
battle. Surprisingly, Seymour is weak against Bio here, so you can do a lot of 
quick and easy damage by just poisoning him. So do that first. Then, switch in 
Tidus, Auron, and Yuna, they will be your main party. Use Hastega, or Haste 
them all individually.

If you have Zombie Ward or Zombieproof on your armour, that will go a long way 
towards making the first half of battle very easy. The Mortiorchis is fond of 
using 'Lance of Atrophy' on a character, to Zombify them, and Seymour quickly 
follows this up with Full-Life, to kill them. If you're Hasted, you'll have 
time to cure the Zombie before Seymour uses Full-Life, so this shouldn't be 
too much of a concern.

And like the previous battle, aeons get only one turn before Seymour banishes 
them. So make their turns count. (Overdrives, whee!) Once you've got Seymour 
poisoned, and your characters Hasted, just hack away with physical attacks. If 
you use Wakka and Silence Attack every so often, Seymour will be unable to 
cast Dispel, to break your Haste; or Full-Life, should you not get to your 
Zombified characters in time.

Halfway through the battle, things will start to get interesting. For the 
first half you can just go slowly, saving all your big attacks for later. If 
you don't chop his last half of HP quickly, you'll get hit with Cross-Cleave 
(will hit your characters for 3000 damage each, so use a LOT of Cheers, and 
have at least one character with HP well over 3000), and the Mortiorchis will 
start counting down to his Total Annihilation. Oh boy, this is the reason you 
want to end this battle quickly.

You can see the Total Annihilation coming, because his previous move will be 
'Ready to Annihilate!' By then, hope to have all your characters Protected, 
then have as many of them as you can Guard on their turn before he uses his 
big move. The Total Annihilation, unProtected and unGuarded, will hit your 
characters for over 4000 damage each, effectively wiping out your whole party 
unless you've done some super-levelling. With Protect and Guard, you can cut 
this down to a third of the power, so under 2000 damage. That's manageable, 
4000 is not.

This second half of the battle is where you bring out all your heavy hitters. 
Summon Bahamut in Overdrive for a quick Mega Flare, and 12000 damage to each 
the Mortiorchis and Seymour (and Mortiorchis will drain another few thousand 
HP from Seymour to heal itself.) Use Overdrives, like Attack Reels or Shooting 
Star. Bam bam bam, quick and powerful, and hopefully you will never see 
Cross-Cleave OR Total Annihilation.


After the battle, Tidus delivers a good line "And stay up there!", and then 
they keep going. However, Yuna stands behind, head down. She's thinking, about 
what Seymour said. He will become Sin, with her help, she says, and if he 
does, Sir Jecht will be saved! Auron doesn't want to hear this, and tries to 
leave, and Yuna knows there's something he's not telling her. 

Tidus can't lie to Yuna, and say it's nothing, so he tells her. Sin is his old 
man. Wakka's response - 'you hit your head?' But no, Jecht became Sin. He 
doesn't know how or why, but hw knows it's true, because he felt him inside. 
Yuna is stunned (understandably), and a little confused on what to do. Even 
though Sin is his father, he has been fighting... and she must continue... 
Wakka still doesn't want to believe it, thinking this might be some kind of 
bad toxin dream. He's getting confused, why did this all happen? They'll 
learn, when they arrive in Zanarkand.

Follow the path along. When you get to the pillars, open the chest hidden past 
the third pillar on the left for the Saturn Crest. Save at the save sphere, 
then continue on.

Will you look at that? That has got to be one of the strangest things I've 
ever seen, and I've seen some strange shit. Bodies, intertwined, under a film 
of water, water everywhere, in the sky, all around. What are they? They're 
fayth! Someone's using them, drawing energy from all of them, but why? And who 
has the power to do something of this scale? Rikku knows that Auron knows 
something, but he's not telling. As Tidus states, this is his story, we 
fade to white...

Tidus, in a mess of pyreflies... being sent? No, he's waking up, he's in 
Zanarkand! Run forwards, and up the far ramp, onto the boat. Through the door 
onboard, and we're in Tidus' home! But it's not... something's off... approach 
the circular couches, and the scene takes over. The boy, the fayth, is in the 
corner. Remember him, from Bevelle? That wasn't the first time you two met, 
he's known about you for a long time. Tidus wants to know where he is, but the 
fayth laughs, doesn't he recognize his own home? And he's gone. Rikku and 
Wakka appear as holograms, not real, calling out to Tidus. What's happening? 
They're appearing here in Zanarkand, just like Tidus did, in pyreflies... and 
he finally twigs that this is a dream. The fayth reappears, confirming what 
he's just realized. Tidus is mad, he doesn't have time to be dreaming now, but 
he misunderstands as usual. It's not that Tidus is dreaming, it's that he IS a 
dream. Before you get clarification of this, he's out the door, so follow him.

Up the stairs, and another scene. Long ago, there was a war, between Zanarkand 
and Bevelle. The machina war! Bevelle's machina ensured their victory from the 
start, Spira had never seen such power! The summoners of Zanarkand didn't 
stand a chance, they were doomed to oblivion. That's why they tried to save it 
- if only in a memory. (Whaaaaaaat?) The summoners and townspeople that 
survived the war all became fayth, fayth for the summoning. Summoning for Sin? 
No, for this place. ('...') Summoning for a Zanarkand that never sleeps. The 
dreams of the fayth summoned memories of the city, all the buildings, and all 
the people that lived there. The people that lived there were all dreams... 
Tidus included. Tidus is not real, he's a dream of the fayth. And if the fayth 
stop dreaming... 

As everything gets distorted, Tidus gets upset and afraid. Tidus likes being 
there, even if he is a dream! But the fayth have been dreaming so long, 
they're tired... Would Tidus and Jecht let them rest? You've both been touched 
by Sin, the one around whom all of Spira revolves. What's he saying? Both 
Tidus and Jecht are more than just dreams now. Maybe you are the one that will 
end their dreaming at last!

That is the scene that answers all your questions. Well, most of them anyways. 
 Tidus' Zanarkand is nothing more than a dream, a dream of the fayth... but 
now Tidus is more than a dream, and he has to end their dreaming once and for 
all. They've made him real, he is their last hope. He wakes up, back on Mt 
Gagazet. Everyone was so worried, but he's okay. He blacked out... he was 
dreaming. (He's not the only one.) Full of false enthusiasm, but still 
horribly confused on the inside, Tidus is ready to go. So now you can head 
off, up the path.

Now we're back inside, in a mountain cave. This is where the difficulty of the 
game, and the enemies you will fight, takes a big leap upwards. You'll really 
be testing how well you know how to use skills ands special moves - Armour 
Breaks are often required, as are certain other skills to make battles 
relatively simple and straightforward. Follow the path and save at the same 
sphere. Note that you can't go forwards as there's a hole in the path, so go 
left. The little inlet on the right is also blocked by a huge hole, so keep 
going left. At the end of the path, you'll find the passage filled with water. 
Guess who's going on from here, ya? You party farewells Wakka, Tidus and Rikku 
who are going down into the water. What are the rest going to do while you're 
gone? Sit around and roast marshmallows over a campfire? Ah, who knows. If it 
get dangerous, pull out quick, and be careful.

On the first screen in the water, just head straight. On the second screen, 
the path on the right just leads to another hole, so go straight and climb out 
of the water. At the end of the path, you'll get to the first trial of 
Gagazet. You have to aim for the light at the centre of the spinning things, 
with Wakka's ball. Okay, fair enough.

Nothing bad will happen to you if you miss, so just keep shooting until you 
make it past both protective coverings to the light at the centre. Then head 
up to the chest in front of the device for a level 1 key sphere. Moving along, 
nothing to see here, so get back in the water and head back to where you left 
your party.

Now the path next to the save sphere has been filled in, so head back there 
and go up the stairs. The path to the right is blocked, so go left. At the end 
of the tunnel, back in the water again. Wheeeee...

At the end of the submerged tunnel, you'll approach the second trial of 
Gagazet. You need to press each of the three panels simultaneously and check 
each size before deciding who to send. Ermmm.... size? I just look at the 
colours. Where have you seen those three colours (and those three people) 
before? If you guessed the sphere grid (which I bet you didn't), I'll say 
you're right. You know how each character blazes their own colour across the 
sphere grid? Well, these three characters correspond to these three colours, 
so put Rikku in green, Tidus in blue, and Wakka in orange. Whee, second trial 
complete! But there's a treasure chest under the water back there, open it to 
get a Fortune Sphere. (Oh and I bet you already bypassed five zillion Luck 
nodes by now.) 

Back on dry land, a bridge has been created up on the left. Don't go up it 
just yet, though. The path on the right before, blocked off by a hole? Filled 
now. Go back there, and in the water we go. Follow the water along to get to 
two treasure chests - a Return Sphere and a Recovery Ring. Back we go, then 
back down the stairs to that little inlet on the right of the left side of the 
path, that was also blocked off. Now we can cross, to get a Pep Talk. Back up 
the stairs, to the left, up the bridge.

According to Auron, they will be upon us soon, she has sent fiends to test our 
summoner's strength. Um, who? Yunalesca. (Whaaa? Remember her from the sphere 
in Seymour's manor, she and Lord Zaon were the first to defeat Sin...) In 
Zanarkand, she awaits the arrival of the strongest. She is alive, as much as 
Mika and Seymour, so in other words... she's not. Yuna hasn't lost her nerve, 
nothing frightens her now. Do head up and save at the save point before 
leaving the cave.

Outside, something's there waiting for youuuu! Ooh. Boss.

                            Boss: Sanctuary Keeper
Points:            HP:  40000 (6400)       MP:  256
Rewards:           AP:  11000 (16500)      GIL: 6500
Stats:             STR: 37     DEF: 100    MAG: 40     MDF: 100
                   AGL: 32     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 50
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Petrification, Zombie, Death, Provoke, 
                   Doom, Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Turbo Ether (normal), x2 (rare)

This battle can actually be a toughie, if you're caught out unprepared, and 
you might die like I just did. On the surface he doesn't look so tough, 
compared with what you've fought before, but there is no easy 'omg one move 
and you win' idea here.

He has some nasty attacks. Photon Wings is his equivalent of Bad Breath, and 
will hit all your characters hard, inflicting a random combination of Sleep, 
Silence, Darkness, Curse, and Confusion on them all for good measure. Tail 
Sweep will just whack them all for 2000 damage each, Mana Breath will target 
one character for over 3000 damage, or he'll just take a swipe at you, which 
is never good news. 

That's the bad stuff out of the way. Now, for the good stuff, ie. how to kick 
his ass. You might be lucky enough to get one turn before he does, in which 
case get Tidus to use Hastega. His first turn will be Photon Wings, and seeing 
as one of your characters won't get Confused, switch them out and Yuna in to 
use Esuna. 

SLow doesn't work on this guy, as he'll counter with Haste. Breaks are good 
though, and will make the battle go a lot faster. Have Yuna cast Reflect on 
him, then Break him with as many as you want, Power and Armour work best. 
Then, he'll go to Protect himself, but seeing as he's Reflected, he'll Protect 
one of your characters instead :)

Have Wakka repeatedly use Dark Attack/Buster, so that most of his physical 
attacks miss. Tidus using Cheer a few times will help out tremendously also, 
cutting damage down by an astonishing amount (Mana Breath reduced to 700? 
Sweet.) Using Holy Waters to cure the Curse might be a good idea, to use 
Overdrives, or pelt away with aeons. Aeons are susceptible to Curse too, 
though :(

But the best tip is Armour/Power Break. Once you've done that, just hammer 
away with your hardest hitters, and see if you can sneak an Overdrive in. If 
he casts Reflect on you, Dispel it, and he will then use Curaga on that 
character. (He was going to do that to cure himself, see.) All in all, tricky 
if you don't know what you're doing. Blah.


After the battle, Rikku wants to rest, but Auron says no, they will reach the 
summit soon. But that's why she wants to stop, there's not much time left. But 
fine, she'll think on the way.

Take your AP, and Wakka will try and cheer a depressed Tidus. Yes, they are 
almost there. Auron is laughing, Tidus reminds him of himself. Before, the 
closer he came to Zanarkand, the more he wondered... Braska would call the 
Final Aeon and die... and his resolve wavered. Legendary guardians choke too, 
ya? He was just a boy, a boy about Wakka's age, wanting to change the world, 
but changing nothing. That is his story. 

Now, soberly, follow the path along. There you will see, the ruins of 
Zanarkand. Tidus had to see it for himself, the end of Yuna's journey, a city 
dead for a thousand years. Rikku still doesn't want Yuna to go, and Yuna 
thanks her for her concern, but... she must go. As the two share a teary 
moment, and hug, a sphere falls out of Yuna's pocket. After the scene, pick it 
up and Tidus will listen to it. What's inside...?

Yuna's voice, talking. She's leaving her personal memoirs, to her guardians. 
As we see, it was recorded at Rin's travel agency, on the Mi'ihen Highroad. 
Talking about the honour of having Auron as a guardian, how funny it was the 
day she met Kimahri and he didn't know how to speak to little children, how 
much she loved growing up with Lulu, Wakka, and Chappu too... and that leaves 
just one, Tidus. Yuna doesn't know what to say, tripping all over her own 
words, but she's glad they met. They haven't even known each other that 
long... as Yuna talks, we see Tidus coming out of the highroad, and we know 
what's gonna happen cos we've seen it before, he approaches her and she hides 
the sphere. 

Well now. That was kinda interesting, eh? But we're still on a mission, so 
keep following the road along, all the way to the Zanarkand Ruins.

                               Zanarkand Ruins

Approach your party standing there, looking at the ruins, and a scene will 
take over. A scene that's pretty familiar, it's the one we saw at the very 
start of the game. I told you way back when, that it would all make sense, 
seven characters sitting around a campfire in the ruins of a once-great city. 
A lot has happened since we first saw the scene eh, but now we know. Now we 
know so much more.

Now, at night, your party sets off into Zanarkand, as one of the best songs on 
the soundtrack plays. Someday The Dream Will End, it's called, and it's 
beautiful and haunting, matching the area exactly. Save at the save sphere on 
the left, before heading out along the road.

The pyreflies make this area beautiful, yet it all conveys an aura of sadness. 
Follow the broken road, and note that the song also plays during battles. 
Empty the treasure chest around the first corner, to get a Fortune Sphere, 
then keep moving through the desolation. (They just had to set this at night, 
didn't they?) Soon, you'll see a scene, as Wakka comments on the place looking 
like the Farplane. Close enough, Auron replies. With that, you keep going.

In the next inlet on the left, grab a Spiritual Targe, then continue on over 
the crest of the hill. Now, you're outside the Zanarkand Dome, oh man oh man 
oh man. Save, then head on it.

You'll be greeted by a warrior monk, and asked to identify yourself. 
Apparently Yuna's eyes show that she has travelled a long road, or so the guy 
says. Lady Yunalesca will surely welcome your arrival. So go to her, and take 
your guardians with you.

As the monk walks past you and disappears into this air, head inside the dome. 
There are spirits all around this derelict place, and we're seeing the 
memories of previous summoners and guardians that have walked this path. 
Memories of Lady Yocun and her guardians... their predecessors... which freaks 
Rikku out. The dome is filled with pyreflies, keeping it like one giant 
sphere, people's thoughts remain here, forever. Creepy, eh. Try to ignore it, 
and follow the red arrow down the path.

Battles are no harder than in Gagazet. When you meet Defender Zs, big brothers 
of Defender X, remember the Provoke strategy and you'll do fine. Apart from 
the creepy atmosphere, and the building tension, this place really isn't that 
interesting and making it around isn't really that difficult. Save at the next 
save sphere, then move up the path for another scene. It's a little boy, with 
spiky blue hair. Is that... Seymour? He's crying that he doesn't want his 
mother to become a fayth, but his mother tells him, use her to defeat Sin, 
then the people will accept you. This boy isn't happy, not at all. And this is 
really freaky.

At that intersection, head right and grab a Friend Sphere, before following 
the arrow. Out on the slim metal bridge, you will see some more shadowy 
figures - Braska, Auron and Jecht! Jecht is trying to talk Braska out of this, 
but he will not be dissuaded. Auron isn't happy, he knew it was going to 
happen but cannot accept it. Keep heading forward, up the path and to the 
stairs. At the top, you'll see Braska's party again. Jecht isn't happy at the 
thought of another set of trials, he was expecting y'know, parades, and 
fireworks! Oh, you'll get those after he defeats Sin. Save your game, and head 
through. Oh noooo...

                        Cloister of Trials: Zanarkand

You knew that this was coming, right? But this is a cloister of trials unlike 
any other. As Tidus steps on the green block, Tetris pieces appear on the 
screen before him. If you examine that screen, those same pieces will appear 
on the floor. The idea is to step on all of the white dots that were inside 
those pieces, to highlight them. See, if you step on the top dot on the left, 
you get the blue L-shaped piece. Now to find the rest of them.

Blue L-shaped piece:       Top-left corner (of grid), second column (of 
Yellow long skinny piece:  Top-left corner, first column
Red T-shaped piece:        Bottom-right corner, second column (from the right) 
                           AND Bottom of screen, middle of the row
Green H-shaped piece:      Top-right corner, first column (on the right)

If you step on any of the incorrect pieces (ie. the white square pieces) 
you'll have to restart the puzzle from scratch. Not a good idea. 

Once you've stepped on all five pieces, partitions in the wall will open up 
and pedestals will appear, as well as a doorway leading to the next room. Oh 
boy... What's in the next room? Mooooooore dots on the floor, with a screen at 
the top of the room. But there's nothing on the screen, at the present time. 
Go back to the first room, and push the top-left pedestal into the wall 
bracket. Nowww Tetris pieces appear on the screen in the second room, so go 

Examine the screen, and the pieces you need to get will appear. Step on them 
all, to complete that section of the puzzle. When you're done, the screen will 
go blank, and a glyph will appear on one of the circles in the centre of the 
room. Then, push the next pedestal in to the wall bracket in the first room. 
Repeat this for four of the six pedestals.

The puzzle combinations are:

Top-left pedestal:
Blue L-shaped piece:   Top-left corner, first column
                       AND Top-left corner, fourth column
Red L-shaped piece:    Top section, first row
                       AND Top section, second row, on the right
Green H-shaped piece:  Top section, second row, on the left
                       AND Bottom-right corner, third column, second dot up

Top-right pedestal:
Red L-shaped piece:    Top section, first row
                       AND Top section, second row, on the right
                       AND Top-right corner, third column, second dot down
                       AND Bottom-right corner, second column
                       AND Bottom-right corner, third column (bottom dot)
                       AND Bottom section, second row (from the bottom)
Green H-shaped piece:  Top section, second row, on the left
Blue L-shaped piece:   Left section, fourth column
                       AND Top-right corner, first column
Bottom-left pedestal:
Yellow long piece:     Bottom-left corner, first column
Red L-shaped piece:    Top section, first row
                       AND Top section, second row (on the right)
                       AND Bottom section, second row
Green H-shaped piece:  Bottom section, first row
Blue L-shaped piece:   Top-right corner, first column
                       AND Top section, bottom row (on the left)

Bottom-right pedestal:
Red L-shaped piece:    Top section, first row
                       AND Top section, second row (on the right)
                       AND Top-right corner, third column, second dot down
                       AND Bottom-right corner, second column, bottom dot
Green H-shaped piece:  Bottom section, bottom row
Blue L-shaped piece:   Top-left corner, first column
                       Top-right corner, first column

Once you've done those puzzles, go into the second room and you'll notice two 
spheres, one either side of the screen. Take the Kilika Sphere from the left 
side of the screen, and place it in the middle-left pedestal in the first 
room. It will push into the wall, and another glyph will light up. Now, 
retrieve the Besaid Sphere and place it in the middle-right pedestal. You're 
done here. Finally.


When you return here for the Destruction Sphere:
You'll need to step on all the white square blocks. These can be found:

Top right corner (first room)
Center dot (first room)
Bottom right corner, first column (first room)
Top right corner, third column, top dot (second room)
Right side of room, second column (second room)
Top section, second row from bottom (second room)
Left side of room, second column from right (second room)

When you've stepped on all seven, the first monitor will rise to reveal the 
Destruction Sphere. Take it, and place it on the right side of the second 
monitor. This will blow the path to the Magistral Rod, breaking the Zanarkand 
Trials seal.


A great light will appear in the centre of the second room, but don't go back 
there just yet. Save at the new save sphere first. Please. I implore you. Then 
go back into the second room. Your party will run onto the coloured glyphs, 
and you will have to fight.

                            Boss: Spectral Keeper
Points:            HP:  52000 (8000)       MP:  500
Rewards:           AP:  12000 (18000)      GIL: 7000
Stats:             STR: 36     DEF: 100    MAG: 1      MDF: 100
                   AGL: 36     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 8
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, Zombie, 
                   Power Break, Magic Break, Armour Break, Threaten, Death, 
                   Doom, Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Ether (normal), Turbo Ether (rare)

Now they throw a nice tough boss on you. And I mean tough. If your Overdrive 
bars are all filled up, this will be okay. If they're not... oh boy...

Each of your characters in this battle has the trigger command Move, to move 
them onto a different glyph surrounding the Spectral Keeper. This becomes 
important, because the Keeper likes to detonate Glyph Mines. And they are as 
bad as the name suggests.

Always try and keep one dot in between each of your characters, and only have 
one character in front of the Keeper. Now, after every hit, the Keeper will 
counter attack by slashing the characters in front of it. (That's why we only 
want one out there, if we put none out there the blasted thing will turn 
around to face us.) As well as counter-attacking in front, the boss will on 
every turn attack one character with Berserk Tail. Of course, Berserk is never 
good, so cure that ASAP. 

In case you hadn't worked out, the character in front is your sacrificial 
lamb, and will die a lot, so have someone with either Life or a lot of Phoenix 
Downs on hand, standing behind ready to revive.

Next thing to note: After every four turns, the boss will set up Glyph Mines. 
You'll see random glyphs flashing, and they will have turns in the CTB. When 
it gets to their turn, the mines detonate, killing the character on them. If 
you can, get those characters off those glyphs, or put characters on other 
glyphs that can bring them back ASAP.

So, that's the pattern. The idea here is to kill this guy in as few attacks 
(not as few turns, there is a big difference) as possible. Fewer attacks = 
fewer counterattacks to fix up. That's why I recommend having only one person 
hitting, with everyone else doing support. If this one person is Auron, with a 
very high HP, put them in the front line to do the attacking, while all your 
other characters switch in and out behind. Your front line character should be 
able to withstand a counterattack and a regular attack without dying, so your 
two backline characters can use Esuna and Curaga on their respective turns, 
leaving the one person free to attack again.

This battle will be long, and while you get into the groove of operating turns 
efficiently, can be dangerous. After that, piece of cake :)


After the battle, the Spectral Keeper explodes into pyreflies, and a platform 
comes up where it once stood. This is the hall to the chamber of the final 
summoning. We're almost there. Take your AP, and Yuna will go down on the 
platform to pray, alone.

Flashback with Jecht. Huh, he's saying, what do you mean, no Final Aeon? 
(Wha?) Yuna's back, calling them all to go down on the platform with her, so 
you do.

Save at the save sphere, then follow the group down the hall. What's the big  
problem? There isn't a fayth down there, it's just an empty statue. Another 
warrior monk appears - that statue lost its power as a fayth long ago. It is 
the statue of Lord Zaon, the first fayth of the Final Summoning. What you see 
is his remains, Lord Zaon's soul is gone. So there is no Final Aeon. (Good 
lord, we came all this way for nothing?) But fear not, Lady Yunalesca will 
show us the path, the Final Aeon will be ours. (Oh good.) The summoner and the 
Final Aeon join powers, so you must go to her now. Inside, the lady awaits.

Tidus confronts Auron - he knew this was going to happen, didn't he? Yes, he 
did. He's been through all this shit before. And if he had told them the 
truth, would it have stopped them from coming? Of course not. Kimahri will go 
through the portal first, Kimahri protect little Yuna. Follow them through the 
blue portal.

Someone's coming into the room, it's a very scantily-clad Yunalesca. You have 
completed your pilgrimage, so congratulations. She will now give you what you 
seek, the Final Aeon will be yours. Now, choose. (Huh?) You must choose the 
one she will change, change into the fayth of the Final Summoning. (Gasps all 
round.) There must be a bond, between the chosen and the summoner, for that is 
what the Final Summoning embodies. If the light of the bond is strong enough, 
it will conquer Sin. A thousand years ago, she chose Zaon for her fayth, and 
together they defeated Sin. So, there is nothing to fear. You'll be free of 
suffering and pain, for once you call forth the Final Aeon, your life will 
end. Her father, Braska, chose this path.

We get a flashback of Auron, begging Braska not to go, telling him it's not 
too late to turn back. Braska refuses, saying would Auron rather some other 
summoner and their guardians go through this. Jecht is dismissive, make him 
the fayth. He's been doing some thinking, his dreams were all back in his 
other Zanarkand, making the runt into a star blitz player. But there's no way 
home for him, he'll never see Tidus again, his dream will never come true. So 
make him the fayth, and together they will fight Sin, maybe then his life will 
have meaning. 

Auron is furious, no! There will be some way to get Jecht home, they'll think 
of something! But Jecht is firm. Auron still protests, Sin always comes back, 
the cycle will continue and your deaths will mean nothing! But Jecht wants to 
break the cycle, even though he doesn't have a plan. He'll think of something.

The real Auron is angry, slashing through the hologram of his previous self 
with his sword. Jecht didn't break the cycle, it went on. Yet, Wakka and Lulu 
are still volunteering to become Yuna's fayth, for the Final Summoning. Tidus 
is panicky, he doesn't want this, the cycle will go on! But Wakka gently 
reminds him, defeating Sin and keeping Yuna alive, just isn't going to happen. 
This is the way it's gotta be. You want everything, and you'll end up with 
nothing. Oh, now he's being childish! But what would an adult do? Just throw 
away a summoner, and do whatever they want?

He's on a roll now, he believes there IS a way, just like Auron stated ten 
years ago. But Rikku mocks him, 'you'll think of something'? So he'll go ask 
Yunalesca for help, she must know something. This is his story, it will go his 
way. Wait a sec, this is Yuna's story too, she's the summoner here! So all of 
you will go, go and ask Yunalesca.

So you don't have to see this whole scene again, go back and save again. Now 
follow your group up the stairs. Where are they? On a platform, in the middle 
of space. What the? Yunalesca wants to know who Yuna has chosen (Yuna, 
Yunalesca, too similar!), but she has a question first. Will Sin come back, 
even if she uses the Final Summoning? Sin is eternal, my honeychile, and every 
aeon that defeats it becomes Sin in its place, this is Sin reborn. (So that's 
how Jecht became Sin.) Sin is inevitably part of Spira's destiny, it is 
never ending. 

Wakka doesn't like this, if they atone for their crimes, surely Sin will stop 
coming back, ya? But will humanity ever attain such purity? Lulu is 
distressed, and you can hear it in her voice - the teachings state that they 
can exorcise Sin with complete atonement! It's been their only hope, all these 
years! Ah, hope is comforting, no? It allows you to accept fate, however 
tragic it might be. 

Back to flashback ten years ago, and young Auron is receiving these same 
revelations. Boy, is he mad about it. Braska believed in Yevon's teachings and 
died for them! Jecht believed in Braska and gave his life for him! But they 
chose to die, because they had hope. Yevon's teachings give the people hope, 
without it they would drown in sorrow. (And 'Revealed Truth' plays again, love 
that song.) Now, Yuna must choose. But Yuna chooses no-one! The Final 
Summoning is a false tradition that should be thrown away! 

Oh here we go... long very cool scene, if it wasn't already long enough. 
Braska died to give the people hope, so they would forget sorrow. No, he 
wanted to make Spira's sorrow go away, not cover it up with lies! Yunalesca is 
adamant, with her lilting little voice, sorrow cannot be abolished, it is 
meaningless to try. But Yuna's gonna do her darndest anyways, she will live 
with her sorrow, live her own life, and someday she will conquer it! Oh, poor 
creature... Yunalesca will free Yuna before she can drown in her sorrow, it is 
better to die in hope than live in despair. (See where the tagline comes 
from?) She's going to be your liberator! Oh man, we're fighting all the top 
beings in the bloody world today, aren't we?

          Boss: Yunalesca!
Points:            HP:  24000, 48000, 60000 (10000)    MP:  500
Rewards:           AP:  14000               (21000)    GIL: 9000
Stats:             STR: 20     DEF: 50     MAG: 30     MDF: 50
                   AGL: 40     LUK: 20     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Armour Break, Mental 
                   Break, Death, Provoke, Doom, Distiller, Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Stamina Tablet (normal), Farplane Wind (rare)

Gee, this will be fun. Lady Yunalesca has three forms - none of which are 
particularly fun. If you have any armour with Deathproof, Zombieproof, 
Silenceproof, or Darkproof (in that order), I suggest you put it on now.

First form - 24000 HP. Relatively simple. Counters every attack you do with a 
spell - Silence, for magic attacks, or Blind, for physical attacks. Well, 
that's just peachy, ain't it? Her one attack is to throw ice shards at you, 
hitting you for very minimal damage. And she also likes to Absorb, to suck 
away half of a character's max HP to heal herself. Righty-o.

Good thing to note: Yunalesca is weak as anything against Holy. Chances are 
you don't have Holy, though, because it's at the very end of Yuna's sphere 
grid. With a little levelling, you can get to it for this fight. For this 
first form, just hack away with some big hitters as fast as you can, shouldn't 
take long, and you'll sustain minimal damage. Make sure you're fully cured 
before round 2, though.

Second form - 48000 HP. A lot tougher. Yunalesca's known as one of the hardest 
bosses in the game, and for good reason. Her main attack is Hellbiter - hits 
your party for a little damage, and inflicts Zombie as surely as the sun'll 
come up tomorrow. That's why I wanted you in full health, cuz unless you got a 
lot of Holy Waters or Remedies, you're not going to be curing a lot real soon. 

She will also cast Regen (and other healing spells) on your Zombified 
characters, to hit them for some nice damage. To prevent this, you can Reflect
your own characters. This will prevent the curative spells, but not the Zombie
in the first place. Problems with this - you can't do things like Haste your 
own party, should you want to. If Reflect isn't an option, you can either 
Dispel the Regen, or cure the Zombie, the choice is yours. Now is where you 
can start using Holy for a lot of damage (and some cool sound effects.) Ethers
and Turbo Ethers will come in handy, as Holy is expensive. If you don't have 
Holy, big physical attacks are the way to go, or aeon's Overdrives. Like 
previous boss battles, aeons will get one turn before they are either Cursed,
banished, or have their HP and MP sucked from them, so make their turns count!

Third form - 60000 HP. She'll open with Mega Death, which will kill every 
non-Zombified (or non-Deathproofed) character. See, the Zombie ailment comes 
with the bonus of Deathproof. (If Zombie is being undead, it's kinda hard for 
Death to hurt, eh?) From there, she'll keep using Hellbiter, and curative 
spells, on your party, combined with very minor physical attacks. Something 
to note is that items like Ethers will suck the MP from Zombified characters,
so if you need to give more MP to your Holy-casting person (usually Yuna, 
though mine is Kimahri for some reason), you'll either have to cure their 
Zombie or let them die, revive them, then give them more MP. 

Make sure to keep at least one person Zombified at all times. Yunalesca will 
use Mega Death at random times, and if she catches you with a party of 
non-Zombies, you can kiss all your efforts goodbye. This is the problem with 
the third form, so often she'll catch you out with a human party, and you'll 
often be praying for Hellbiter to come around to protect you, as weird as that 

Keep using aeon's Overdrives if you have them at Overdrive, character 
Overdrives, big hitters like Auron, and Holy. The battle shouldn't last TOO 
long, just remember what I said about keeping your characters in Zombie. Don't 
be afraid to let them die, then instantly recover them to heal them.


After the battle, Yunalesca is pissed. If she dies, so does the Final Aeon, 
and all of Spira's hope. You're all fools, there is no other way, and even if 
you do defeat Sin, Yu Yevon will just create another Sin anew! Say what, Yu 
Yevon? But Yunalesca disappears into pyreflies before she can answer your 
question. Grrrrrr....

Yuna's in a state of shock. They just killed Yunalesca! But Tidus is 
optimistic, now they're gonna do something even more unbelievable, defeat Sin 
without the Final Aeon, so it can't come back. He doesn't know how yet, but 
he'll find out! 

Now, here's the tricky bit. Head down the stars far side of screen, and you'll 
be sent to the top of the other set of stairs leading down onto this same 
platform. Keep doing this until a treasure chest appears, opposite the stairs 
leading down on the far side. Open the chest for the Sun Crest. (If you don't 
pick this up now, you'll have to come back for it later, and if you're playing 
PAL, that means Dark Bahamut.) Once you've got the Crest, head down the stairs 
closest to camera to get back to the trials.

Head down the stairs, and Auron will stop you, they need to talk. There's 
something, you should know, about him. But Tidus already knows! Auron is also 
unsent, is he not surprised? (Nope, saw that coming from a mile away.) Tidus 
kinda already knew already, it was Yunalesca that did it wasn't it? When 
Braska and Jecht died defeating Sin, he couldn't accept it. Auron came back to 
avenge them, but she struck him down. Somehow, he crawled down Mt Gagazet, and 
Kimahri stumbled across him, just outside Bevelle. He told Kimahri about Yuna, 
just before he died. That's why he refused to enter the Farplane, in 
Guadosalam. Oh, don't make that face, being dead has its advantages. (Hah!) He 
could ride Sin, and go to Tidus' Zanarkand, and he's been watching over Tidus 
ever since. Oh, why him? It's difficult to explain, but he will show you. (Um, 

Oh, his memories. He commands a memory of Jecht, in this very same room. Jecht 
is asking Auron for one last favour. He needs someone to look after his son, 
in Zanarkand, he's such a crybaby! He always needs someone there holding his 
hand, you see. So can Auron please take care of him? Auron doesn't even know 
how to get there, but Jecht laughingly reminds Auron, he said it himself, 
there has to be a way to get there! Auron makes the promise, and Jecht hugs 
him, commenting 'you were always such a stiff, but that's what I liked about 

So now Tidus knows why Auron was sent to guard him. (Well, not sent, if you 
know what I mean.) Follow him out of the great hall, and save back at the same 
sphere. Head back up the platform, through the trials, and along the corridor, 
and you'll be transported back outside.

From there, run towards the camera, and a scene will take over. Sin is RIGHT 
THERE, just staring at you! Tidus is having a heart to heart chat with his old 
man in his mind, about the Final Summoning being gone. As Sin lumbers away, 
not harming anyone, the Al Bhed airship is back on the scene, landing in front 
of you. Inside, Cid surveys your party, one at a time. Aren't they the happy 
looking bunch! They're not sure what to do next, and they have no great plan. 
Let's think of what they know - Sin is Jecht, therefore, Tidus has a link with 
Sin. That may be the key. Now, they must think and wait - two things Tidus is 
bad at. 

As Auron walks off, Yuna approaches Cid. She tries to talk to him, but he has 
his back turned, and won't turn around. We see a shot - he looks like he's 
about to cry, as Yuna walks away. Now, we have free reign around the airship. 
There's a new type of save sphere around - Traveller Save Sphere Type 3 - that 
can teleport you back to the airship, thanks to Rin the Al Bhed. Coool. Now, 
finding Yuna might be an idea, as she's the important one here. So head down, 
and through to the cabin of the airship, where you'll see Yuna and Kimahri 
looking out a window on the left. Talk to them, and a scene will take over.

She's depressed because she's no good at all. She's been prepping herself to 
defeat Sin, all this time, but she has no way of doing it. Beyond the 
teachings of Yevon, she knows nothing. She starts to apologize, but Kimahri 
interrupts, no apologies, apologies are running, and Yuna never run away. What 
to do now? If the teachings have no answer, look outside them. And they must 
know both sides to get the answer. Apparently, Maester Mika knows much, so 
find him and make him talk. 

Okay! Let's go to Bevelle, and to Mika! Head back to the bridge, and everyone 
else will have an idea too. They say, the Hymn is the key... you know, the 
Hymn of the Fayth? Sir Jecht liked it, that's why he listened to it peacefully 
in Macalania. So, if he hears the Hymn, he'll become docile, and that's when 
they strike! It might be against the rules, but who's keeping track, ya? It's 
worth a try!

Now is where you have free use of the airship, and free reign to do anything 
in Spira you please. (Except maybe goat smuggling, underage prostitution, and 
demolition derbies with shopping trolleys, but who knows.) Talk to Cid, to 
open the NavMap, and you can choose a place anywhere in the world to visit. 
This is where you complete all your side quests, collect your ultimate 
weapons, and the like, so head to sections 7, 8, 9 and 10, for details on all 
this sort of thing.

To continue the storyline, talk to Cid, and go to the listing marked 'New', 
the Highbridge. This is the red carpet on which you fought Seymour Natus, 
earlier in the game.


Now, we've walked straight back into a place where we're public enemy #1. Head
up the carpet, and you'll be stopped by two guards. Don't these guys ever give
up? Apparently not. Your party prepares to fight, but a voice shouts "Stop!" 
It's Shelinda, what is she doing here? And she's a captain? Um, what? Hey, but
she's here helping you. Your party is not to be harmed, because you are not 
traitors, that's just an evil rumour being spread by the Al Bhed. Rikku's 
pissed with that explanation, but that's the official word from Maester Mika. 

So the guards stand down! Rikku wants to know what that was about evil Al 
Bhed, but Shelinda doesn't know, its just what she was told. There's a big 
state of confusion going on here, the temples are in disarray, and the priests
are blaming each other. Tidus interrupts her spiel, telling her they're 
looking for Maester Mika. Sure, she will arrange an audience! Wait in the 

Rikku still isn't satisfied, but Auron has the explanation of why Mika is 
saying the Al Bhed were lying. Yuna is now Mika's only hope of getting rid 
of Sin, so he needs her alive. Inside, Mika demands to know why you're here 
and not out beating Sin. You've obtained the Final Aeon, have you not? Ummm, 
no, we haven't. Mika is shocked, but your party is firm behind what they have 
done. Yeah, you've subverted a thousand year old tradition, WHAT OF IT? 
You've taken away the only means of calming Sin! (Oh nooo!) When Tidus says 
they think they've found another way, Mika denies it, saying there IS no 
other way! 

Again, in his doomsday speech, we hear the name 'Yu Yevon'. Spira will succumb
to Yu Yevon's spiral of death! Just who is this Yu Yevon guy, anyways? He who
crafts the souls of the dead into unholy armour. (Oh, that just explains 
everything.) An armour called Sin! Clad in it, Yu Yevon is invincible! And 
you guys have destroyed the only thing that could pierce the armour. (Whoops.)
With that, he sends himself, he doesn't want to watch Spira die.

So now we have more questions, and no-one to answer them. Wakka is angry, 
calling Mika a 'rotten son of a shoopuf'. When Shelinda appears, asking where
the maester is, Auron angrily replies that he hasn't arrived yet, just to get
her to go look for him. With that, our little friend the fayth, the boy in 
purple, is back, and he asks Yuna and Tidus to come to his room. The two 
politely excuse themselves, to go see him.

Have you guys found a way to truly defeat Sin yet? Well... yes you have, you 
have to defeat Yu Yevon, so input those answers, and the fayth will be 
pleased. But what do we know about the guy? Not a lot, except for the fact 
he's the driving force behind Sin. Yu Yevon was a summoner once, long ago, 
and now he lives only for one thing - to summon. He's neither good or evil, 
neither awake or dreaming.. but not forever. If you defeat Sin with the Final 
Summoning, Yu Yevon will live on, join with the Final Aeon, and make it into 
a new Sin. Then, he will continue summoning, and the circle begins anew. 

Yu Yevon lives in Sin, and the fayth will help you when you fight him. So you
must summon them, because your swords and magic won't be enough. (Okay.) After
the battle, the fayth will wake, and their dreaming will end. The dream will 

Yuna isn't entirely sure what's happening, with the talk of dreams and stuff,
and when Tidus says it's nothing, Yuna gets confrontational. But he's not 
hiding anything, or so he says, but he can't even look her in the eye when 
he says it. 

Shelinda still can't find the grand maester, but you guys are leaving anyways.
Rikku has an idea though, first, they can help them with the hymn! She tells 
Shelinda to tell everyone - when a ship in the sky sings the hymn of the 
fayth, they all need to sing along. Shelinda doesn't understand, but she'll 
pass the message on anyways. Joy!

Now we're back in the airship, and you have your final showdown with Sin. If 
you're ready, prepare yourself, then select 'Sin' from the airship navmap.


Yu Yevon is hiding somewhere inside Sin, so they're gonna head inside to find 
him. So Cid sets the airship to play the hymn of the fayth, as loud as it can.
You're going in! Wakka hopes everyone down below got the message to sing, 
while Sin approaches you.

How you gonna get in? The easy way, duh. If they can't get in through the 
mouth, they'll rip it a new one! Oh, Cid likes that, it's a plan! After 
Brother tells you to guard Rikku, off you go! Head up through the airship, 
to the cabin. Save, then out onto the deck.

People are singing the song! Tidus approaches Yuna, asking her if she needs 
the sphere he found on Gagazet. She gets flustered, knowing exactly what's in
the sphere, but he tosses it away over the edge of the airship. She doesn't 
need to say her farewells, because she's not going to die, you see? 

Oh, Sin is mad now. Really mad. As Sin causes its never-ending destruction, 
your party gets to its feet. Waves of destruction all over Spira! As Sin and 
Tidus have a staring contest, Cid spots something shining at the base of 
Sin's arm, a weak spot. Weak spot? Let's fight!

                                Boss: Left Fin
Points:            HP:  65000 (10000)      MP:  999
Rewards:           AP:  16000 (24000)      GIL: 10000
Stats:             STR: 30     DEF: 100    MAG: 30     MDF: 50
                   AGL: 20     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, 
                   Doom, Haste, Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Mega-Potion (normal), Supreme Gem (rare)

Remember the last fight we had up here? It was Evrae, and we were fighting her
as well as moving in/pulling back. We have the same sort of thing here, get in
close, or stay far away. 

The fin you're fighting (the little purple circle) has some heavy armour on 
it, so you'll need to get in close to Armour Break it. Use the trigger 
command Move In, either from Rikku or Tidus, then do it. While Cid gets the 
ship to move in, get Tidus to Hastega your best party. There's not a lot you
can do at a distance, except for magic and blitzball, so close is the way to 

Once you're in close, use the Armour Break, then all your big hitters. This 
battle's fairly straight up, if you just hit hard and fast. Sin has a few 
attacks - he uses Gravija, Negation (to Dispel all status effects, including
Armour Break) and he'll also hit the ship for some heavy damage. Keep Tidus 
casting Hastega, keep Auron using Armour Break (cuz you won't get far without
it) and bring in Yuna to cure or someone who can use Al Bhed Potions. If you
find this battle difficult, may I suggest that you forget about fighting Sin 
for now, and go back and train some more.


After the battle, Cid moves in for the kill. Watch the ship rip one of Sin's 
arms off! Now time to attack the other side!

                               Boss: Right Fin
Points:            HP:  65000 (10000)      MP:  999
Rewards:           AP:  17000 (25500)      GIL: 10000
Stats:             STR: 30     DEF: 100    MAG: 30     MDF: 50
                   AGL: 20     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, 
                   Doom, Haste, Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             X-Potion (normal), Shining Gem (rare)

This battle is a carbon copy of the previous battle, excepting we're on the 
other side of Sin. So get Tidus or Rikku to call the ship in, using the time
until Cid reacts to heal up everyone wounded from the previous battle. When 
the ship comes in, Armour Break and hack away. For a quicker battle, call in 
aeons to do your dirty work. Make them your weaker aeons for now, cuz even 
the weak ones will deal out a shitload of damage. My Bahamut hits here for 
9000 damage, with a regular attack. A few hits of that, or just normal 
physical attacks, and the right fin is history.


There goes the right arm of Sin! But what are the Al Bhed saying? Brother's 
depressed, it's over. What? They've only just begun! But the main gun, it's 
broken. (Uh oh.) Cid calls you guys back inside to come up with another plan, 
but Tidus makes a motivational blitzball speech to get everyone eager to 
fight anyways. One by one, your party jumps off the ship, and jumps inside 
Sin. Oh, but you thought it was gonna be that easy? Hell no, we has to fight 
some more!

                        Boss: Sin (w/ Sinspawn Genais)
Points:            HP:  36000 (3000)       MP:  999
Rewards:           AP:  18000 (27000)      GIL: 10000
Stats:             STR: 1      DEF: 100    MAG: 30     MDF: 100
                   AGL: 20     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, 
                   Doom, Reflect, Haste, Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Stamina Spring x3 (normal), x4 (rare)

Sinspawn Genais:
Points:            HP:  20000 (2000)       MP:  200
Rewards:           AP:  1800  (2700)       GIL: 10000
Stats:             STR: 30     DEF: 80     MAG: 35     MDF: 50
                   AGL: 25     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          Fire (x1.5), Water (+)
Immunities:        Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Armour Break, 
                   Mental Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Reflect, Delay, 
Steal:             Star Curtain (normal), Shining Gem (rare)

Even though this battle is not all that hard, you can bring out your heavy 
artillery now. Your stronger aeons, which should be your biggest weapons, 
will make mincemeat out of these guys.

You can't attack Sin while the Genais is alive, so we must take that on first.
The Genais has annoying habits of absorbing magic, and using Venom on your 
party. Well, okay. If you silence it, there goes the Venom, or you can just 
hammer away on it and hope you kill it before you see the Venom. Bring out 
your heavy hitters, as the thing is unarmoured, and just attack. 20,000 HP 
shouldn't take too long to whittle down.

Now for the semi-hard part, Sin itself. Sin is armoured, so Armour Break it. 
It gathers energy before it casts Gravija, as its fins did, but we know 
Gravija can't kill us. (Lucky us.) Apart from Gravija, it's fond of casting 
low-level elemental spells, so you'll need someone in to either cure the 
damage from those, or to use Shell on your party. (Yuna works well for that.) 
With one person curing, use the other two to attack the unarmoured beast, with
it's pissy little 36,000 HP. Hah.


Watch the scene, as Sin crashes and burns into the sea. You're back inside the
airship now, but Sin is nowhere near dead. You might've severely wounded the 
outside shell, but you're after the big guy inside the shell, Yu Yevon, 

While Cid prepares the main gun, you can spend your hard-earned sphere levels,
and save at the save point. Talk to everyone in sight, and realize that Yuna 
is nowhere to be found. Where is she? She's out on the deck, so go and see

She wants to know if Jecht is in pain, but Tidus just wants to end it quickly.
The fayth said to use them to defeat him, but it bothers Yuna, how they said 
that. They've been fighting with you the whole time, but only now they say 
they'll help? But Yuna's got it all worked out - Sin is reborn when Yu Yevon 
merges with an aeon, right? When she summons an aeon, Yu Yevon will join with
it, but it will be small, until it grows strong. If they beat it while it's 
small, they won't need the Final Summoning! And if it jumps again, they'll 
just beat it again! 

The fayth said, its pointless to keep dreaming. Soon, the dream will 
disappear. Yuna wasn't sure what he meant by that, and isn't sure what exactly
Yu Yevon is eternally summoning from within Sin. (Oh, Tidus knows all about 
that.) But she surprises him, she's a smart cookie, asking him if he'll go 
away when they defeat Sin. Before he can answer, Rikku calls them from inside
the ship. Something's happening to Sin!

From where it's arms were, Sin has sprouted wings, and is now flying overhead!
In we go again. Even though the gun is busted, Tidus is still adamant that 
they're going in, so Cid calls on Brother to take them level with the mouth 
"or he'll tear out that mop he calls hair!". 

Back we go, up to deck again! Outside we'll see Sin flying, and Tidus is 
pissed 'I'm coming for you, DAD!' Oh lordy, we have to fight again, and this 
is a trickyyyyyyyyyy one...

                             Boss: Overdrive Sin
Points:            HP:  140000 (10000)     MP:  999
Rewards:           AP:  20000  (30000)     GIL: 12000
Stats:             STR: 30     DEF: 40     MAG: 30     MDF: 40
                   AGL: 30     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, 
                   Doom, Haste, Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Ether (normal), Supreme Gem (rare)

Oh, this is a sucky battle. We start off at a distance to Sin, and every turn
that goes by, Sin will draw you closer. When you get right up to it, and its 
Overdrive bar is full, it'll open its mouth and that's the end of you. See why
this is called Overdrive Sin? The Overdrive is unblockable. Absolutely 
unblockable. You get to that point, it's over.

Soooo, what can you do from a distance, before it draws you in? Magic works, 
as do blitzballs. The first turn is preparation, because you can't do a lot 
from there. Use Cheer, Focus, and Haste. On the second turn, you can start 
using magic, blitzballs, or Wakka's Attack Reels if at Overdrive. 

After the third time of being drawn in, the battle is on for young and old, 
normally. So hit this guy with everything you have. First, Armour Break it. 
Hopefully all your characters are at Overdrive, so give him the whole 
repertoire - Ultima Fury (if you have it), Energy Rain, Attack Reels, 
Banishing Blade, Ronso Rage. If you have strong spells like Holy and Ultima, 
USE THEM. Doublecast them. Pull out all the stops, because this is the second
hardest battle in the whole (story) game!

Alternate (cheap) strategies: 

1) Grand Summon something like Anima or the Magus Sisters to fight the battle
   for you.
2) Use Yojimbo's Zanmato, if you have a few million gil spare. 


After the battle, the ship will fly inside. The scene looks seriously awesome,
here, and we see Seymour's face from out of nowhere before we land... inside 

                                  Inside Sin

First things first, what on earth are we walking on? Looks like... umm... I 
don't know. Anyways, walk inside Sin, leaving the safety of your airship 

Now we're in the Sea of Sorrow. Note that a kick-ass song, The Advancing Men,
is again playing in the background. Now, this place is a maze, and I highly 
highly recommend you have No Encounters on otherwise you're going to be 
travelling through here (and having very tough times) quite a few times, cuz 
you're gonna die a bit. (If you're not sure how to customize No Encounters 
onto a weapon, you need 30x Purifying Salt. Get 99x Purifying Salt from the 
Monster Arena, for capturing 4x Vouivre, 4x Lamashtu, 4x Kusariqqu, 4x 
Mushussu, and 4x Nidhogg.)

Now, the Sea of Sorrow is a maze. Like the Omega Ruins, we can only see the
path after we've walked down it, so you'll have to follow my not-so-good 
directions. Follow the vague path up towards the left, then across to the 
right. Ignore the small path leading down, and head up on the right. Marker 
1 - green glyph.

Head left from marker 1 to reach marker 2. Left of this marker is a water
fall with a chest behind it, that we can't get to just yet, so head north. 
Marker 3. Keep heading up, and around to the left. Another marker, head down 
on the map. There you'll get to the treasure chest you saw before, open it for
a Special Sphere. Head back up.

Just past the glyph on the way back up, take the small detour on the left of 
the map and grab a Phantom Ring. The camera spins wildly here, so all my 
directions will be in terms of the map. Past the next glyph, keep going up,
then left at the next one to get an Elixir. Back to the glyph, follow the 
faint path to the right.

Keep heading down on the map past the next glyph for a Wizard Lance, then back
up. Head right, then down to get a Level 3 Key Sphere. Yet another glyph 
glowing green and purple. Follow the path up. Through the two rings, and 
you'll come to a stairway. Save before you head up the stairway, and equip 
as much elemental armour as you can (elementproof/eater). Head up the stairs, 
and you'll meet an old friend.

Woot! It's Seymour! (AGAIN!) Now, in case you couldn't tell by the tone of his
voice, he seriously is insane. Sin has chosen him to be a part of it, to be 
one with it. Immortal! Of course, Seymour thinks he's going to learn to 
control Sin from within. (Baha.) Since you destroyed Yunalesca, Sin too is 
immortal. Now nothing can stop them! And you're going to do more than try to 
stop them, you're actually going to stop them!

                             Boss: Seymour Omnis
Points:            HP:  80000 (15000)      MP:  999
Rewards:           AP:  24000 (36000)      GIL: 12000
Stats:             STR: 20     DEF: 180    MAG: 35     MDF: 100
                   AGL: 40     LUK: 20     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke,
                   Doom, Distiller, Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Shining Gem (normal), Supreme Gem (rare)

No, REALLY, this is the last time you have to fight him. This time he's 
accompanied by Mortichasms with elemental colours on them, which means he's 
going to be doing lots of elemental damage. (Hence the elemental armour.) If 
you don't have elemental armour, a barrage of Nul spells by Yuna will work 
quite well also.

The key is to pay attention to the way the Mortichasms spin, what colour they
are infusing Seymour with. Each one has one colour closest to him, and one 
colour only, starting off with red for Fire. When Seymour's turn comes around,
he'll cast the highest-level colour spell he has, once for each Mortichasm 
that lives. Four times, usually, and in most cases he'll start with Firaga.

Yuna is your main defense in this battle. Like previous Seymour battles, if 
he's using elements, Yuna uses Nul spells. So have her casting NulBlaze, over
and over. He doesn't spin the Mortichasms to a different colour often, so 
just keep casting the same Nul spell, while you have two attackers attacking
Seymour. If he spins, to ice, water, or lightning, switch Nul spells. You can
ignore the Mortichasms, because they are out of range for most of your 
physical attackers. 

Like previous battles, aeons get one turn before they are banished, so if 
you're using them, make sure their turns count. But they're not needed, 
really. Using Nul-spells, and elemental armour, this is a very easy battle.


After the battle, Yuna steps forward to send him. While Yuna dances, Seymour 
declares that Spira's sorrow will prevail. No it won't. We're going to stop 

Now where are we? We're in the City of Dying Dreams. Charming name, really. 
Head back down the stairs and save, before starting into the odd (but 
cool-looking) city. Down the hill and on the right, examine the glyph. Ten 
fiends still seek eternal repose. Ergo, if you kill ten fiends, you can get 
through. There's two more doors, one saying ten and one saying 15, so in all 
you'll need to kill 35 fiends to get through to get a Level 4 Key Sphere.

Follow the path along to the left. This place is pretty linear, but there's 
secrets hidden in nooks and crannies. On the tiny footbridge, press X to be 
shot upwards to get a Four-On-One. Back downstairs, stand on the next glyph 
on the ground and push down the pillar on the left to get a Defending Bracer.

On the left side of the open area up ahead, touch the glyph to reveal a chest 
with a Megalixir. In the middle of that open area, follow the ramp down. Open 
the chest for 20,000 gil, and step on the glyph to get to a path with a HP 
Sphere and a Defense Sphere. Back down the next lift, follow the path along, 
and soon you'll come to a point where large sections of the floor come 
shooting up to scare the shit out of you. Fine, we can handle it. In the south 
section of that area, there's a little inlet on the back of the tower, enter 
it. Tidus gets to go for a ride! Down there, take the Laevatein. Nothing else 
to see there, so climb back up in the top-right corner of the room, and follow 
the red arrow out.

Save point, here in the Tower of the Dead. Do save. This is the aforementioned 
"point of no return", from here, there's no going back. Once you've saved, 
head up the path to the tower itself, that drops down from the 'sky'. (I say 
'sky' cuz remember, we're still Inside Sin and all, there is no bloody sky!) 
Examine the tower twice, and Tidus will enter it. Now, we're inside the 

This is irritating stuff, in here. We have to run around, collecting 10 shiny 
yellow balls, while the room spins slowly around us. As well, we have to try 
and avoid the white ice spikes that pop up every now and them. For each one 
that hits us, we must fight. Fighting never good, cuz enemies are tough. So 
try not to hit the spikes (it's easy enough because you can see where they're 
going to shoot up), and run around slowly collecting the balls.

For each ball you collect, you'll get an item. These items are an Infinity, 
Skill Sphere, Knight Lance, Wicked Cait Sith, White Magic Sphere, Hrunting, 
Stillblade, Prism Ball, Mage's Staff, and Attribute Sphere. Collect them all, 
moving on...

After you collect the 10th, Tidus will be drawn up into the air. Now where we 
are we? We don't know, but THERE's JECHT! Oh, take a look around. Are we in 
Zanarkand, or what? Of course, it's not real, we know that. And look where we 
are (on the menu), we're in Dream's End. Make all your preparations, then fun 
forward to meet Tidus' old man. Finally. We're here.

This is a kinda emotional scene. After some almost comedic introductions, it 
looks like Jecht's changed. (Of course he's changed, he's been Sin for ten 
bloody years.) Jecht shows some fatherly concern, asking if Tidus is eating 
right. Even though Tidus has grown, Jecht is still bigger. So, let's end this 
once and for all, shall we? Tidus final gets up the guts to tell Jecht how 
much he hates him (surprise, surprise.) But Jecht already knows. 

Jecht can't hear the hymn so well anymore. Soon, he'll be Sin completely. When 
the transformation starts, he won't be himself anymore. He won't be able to 
hold back. Tidus, getting distressed, just wants to end this, so Jecht turns, 
walks away, casts some power, and falls off the pavilion... but he's not done. 
He's just transforming. Into...

                      'Final' Boss: Braska's Final Aeon
First Form:
Points:            HP:  60000 (20000)      MP:  100
Rewards:           AP:  0     (0)          GIL: 0
Stats:             STR: 45     DEF: 100    MAG: 50     MDF: 100
                   AGL: 44     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 10
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Sleep, Petrification, Slow, Threaten, Death, Doom, Regen, 
                   Distiller, Sensor, Scan, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Turbo Ether (normal), Elixir (rare)

Second Form:
Points:            HP:  120000 (20000)     MP:  100
Rewards:           AP:  0      (0)         GIL: 0
Stats:             STR: 50     DEF: 100    MAG: 50     MDF: 100
                   AGL: 44     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 10
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Sleep, Petrification, Slow, Threaten, Death, Doom, Regen, 
                   Distiller, Sensor, Scan, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Turbo Ether (normal), Elixir (rare)

Yu Pagoda:
Points:            HP:  5000* (-)          MP:  5000
Rewards:           AP:  0     (0)          GIL: 0
Stats:             STR: 1      DEF: 1      MAG: 20     MDF: 50
                   AGL: 40     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Zombie, 
                   Power Break, Magic Break, Mental Break, Armour Break, 
                   Threaten, Death, Provoke, Doom, Nul spells, Shell, Protect, 
                   Reflect, Regen, Scan, Eject
Steal:             N/A

And what song is playing in the background? Otherworld. Oh cool, a rock song 
for the final boss theme. 

Got Zombieproof? Got Stoneproof? Got Poisonproof? (Got milk?) If you have 
these things, this battle is easy. If you don't, it can be fun, and not in a 
good way.

First thing to note - Yu Pagodas are evil. They don't have high HP, but when 
you kill them, they revive themselves with more HP. How does this work? Well, 
they have 5000, say you hit them with 7000 to kill them. In a few turns, when 
they revive, they'll have that 7000 HP. If you hit them for 9999 and kill 
them, they'll revive with four 9s for health. Evil, eh? On each of their 
turns, they'll heal Jecht with Power Wave for 1500 HP each, and they can't be 
slowed or stopped except to kill them. Fun, eh?

For the first form, the main thing to watch for is Jecht's Overdrive bar. 
Jecht's Overdrive is not a pretty sight - luckily we can use Tidus' trigger 
command Talk, to talk to Jecht and clear the bar. This seems to work only 
twice, and only in this first form.

As for Jecht's attacks? He'll hit one character for 2000 or so HP (rough 
estimate based on my game), or use Jecht Beam to inflict Petrification. This 
first form is *fairly* harmless, so just whittle away the HP after Armour 
Breaking him, ignoring the Yu Pagodas completely.

Summoning aeons can work if you're about to get hit with a Jecht Overdrive. 
Instead of his Triumphant Gasp overdrive, he'll use Jecht Bomber, and your 
aeons will usually survive this. Plus, it clears the Overdrive bar.

After the first form dies, the second form will appear. This form is much more 
deadly. We've doubled the HP, added a few new and more powerful attacks, upped 
the Strength slightly, and generally made things much more interesting.

If you want to do this really simply, Grand Summon the Magus Sisters. Without 
any significant levelling, these girls were doing upward of 30,000 a hit (when 
they actually obeyed me), so you can polish this guy off really quickly. But 
if you don't have them, or prefer to do it the tough way...

His attacks got a whole lot tougher this round. He's added a nice swipe attack 
to his repertoire, which will do a lot (meaning 3000-4000) damage to each 
member of your party. He'll also attempt to squish each of your party members 
on odd occasion, with his big giant fist. *gulp*

A Hasted party here works wonders, otherwise the Yu Pagodas will be healing 
more damage that you inflict, in between all your healing of your own party. 
Have Yuna as your main healer, and two strong attackers. Yuna using Curaga 
every round on those who need healing works well, and casting Holy on the 
turns she isn't healing, well, does it get much better than that?

I chose here to have Auron and Wakka as my attackers, as they were each 
dealing upwards of 4,000 per hit. If you get Overdrives, and have celestial 
weapons, even better, as then you'll be dealing upwards of 10,000 per hit.  
Keep going like this, bringing in aeons when times get tough. Switch 
characters in and out, healing when necessary, and the second form should go 
down without TOO much of a fight.


Now you get a really sad scene :( As 'Someday The Dream Will End' plays, Jecht 
falls to the ground, and Tidus rushes to his side. Jecht teases Tidus, you're 
crying. And yes, he is crying. Crying that he hates him, but Jecht tells him 
to save it. It's not over, you've got a job to do. But.. for the first time... 
Tidus is glad to have Jecht as his father. 

Yuna approaches, she wants to send him, but there's no time. Something is 
circling above, coming closer. As Jecht dies, he cries out to Yuna, you know 
what to do, the aeons, call them! As he disappears into pyreflies, the black 
ball gets closer, and closer, here it comes!

Oh, where are you NOW? On a platform, in the middle of nowhere. Yuna is 
watching the ball, still circling. But she knows what to do - summon the 

Summon your aeons, one at a time. Yu Yevon is going to possess them, one by 
one, to make them fight you. But, seeing as they're your aeons, they're weak 
compared to the bosses you've been fighting. They're exactly the same as they 
were when you controlled them, same stats, same HP, same abilities everything, 
only now they've gone purple and look really really cool.

Plus, if these battles weren't easy enough, note the small halo on each of 
your character's heads. It's Auto-Life. Should they die, they'll automatically 
be brought back to life. And the Auto-Life is eternal, they can just keep 
dying and they'll keep coming back until your aeons are gone.

For an interesting note, the help bar of each of your aeons:

Valefor - 'Strike me down.'
Ifrit - 'Extinguish me.'
Ixion - 'End it right here.'
Shiva - 'Please... Defeat me.'
Bahamut - 'Soon... Eternal rest.'
Anima - 'Thus I atone.'
Yojimbo - 'Take my life.'
Cindy - 'Stop the suffering.'
Sandy - 'Don't cry.'
Mindy - 'Gotta say goodbye.'

After they've all been defeated, you'll take a look around. Yu Yevon appears 
- the little squid-like thing is the big head honcho you've been after this 
whole time. Tidus has an announcement to make - this is the last time they'll 
fight together, cuz after they win, he'll disappear. 

                             Final Boss: Yu Yevon
Points:            HP: 99999   MP: 1
Rewards:           AP: 0       GIL: 0

A bittersweet end to what has been a wonderful game. Lemme set one thing 
straight right here - there is only one way to die in this battle, and that's 
if you Petrify yourself. Other than that, considering your Auto-Life, you 
can't die.

So let's look at some interesting ways to whittle down his HP, shall we? After 
every turn, he casts Curaga, so we can have fun with that. Here's a few ideas:

1) Cast Reflect on him.

2) Hit him with Zombiestrike or Zombie Attack. Try curing yourself now, squid!

3) Use Doom on him, either with a Ronso Rage or a Candle of Life. Would you 
   believe the Doom count on him is just three turns?

4) Try inflicting every status ailment possible on it - it's weak against them 

Or do anything else you want, because he seriously cannot kill you. What a 
cool final boss! Seriously, it's fun, it's like you've come all this way to 
kill a little squiddy thing that practically kills itself. So kill it, let it 
kill itself, whatever.


Watch Yu Yevon go up in a puff of smoke. The Yu Pagodas stop spinning once and 
for all as Yu Yevon explodes in a flash of white light, and the whole screen 
goes white...

Watch the cool final scene. Hey, I don't have to spoil everything, do I? ;) 
Congratulations, you just beat Final Fantasy X! 

Now go back and complete all those other side quests already!


                      5.0     FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS


With a game like this, you bet there's going to be a heap of questions that 
often crop up. More will be added when I get them.

    Q. What's the point of lending O'aka gil, at the start of the game?

The specifics of this are a little fuzzy (to me anyways), but I believe the 
amount you lend him determines his sale prices for items over the course of 
the game. If you lend him 10,001 or more, you'll only have to pay 70% of his 
normal prices, while if you lend him nothing you'll pay 150%. That's what I 
heard, but I could be wrong.

    Q. What's the deal with Kimahri's sphere grid?

Unlike every other character, he doesn't have a set path to follow. Kimahri is 
versatile, you can customize him pretty much any way you want, because with a 
little effort (i.e. low-level key spheres) you can get him into anyone's grid. 
Most people tend to circle Kimahri around his lone spiral, then use a level 1 
key sphere to get him to the beginning of Wakka's grid, and follow Wakka from 
there. This is pretty good, early on, to customize another powerful hitter to 
just do a lot of damage. But if you want your Kimahri even more versatile, 
this is a strategy I heard today, from I2ico on the GameFAQs FFX message 

1) Circle Kimahri around his grid, then use a level 1 key sphere to follow the 
path just above the Copycat node.

2) Use another level 1 sphere to enter him into Rikku's grid, travelling 
backwards to learn Steal and Use.

3) From there, use a level 2 key sphere to get him into Yuna's grid, and 
follow that, taking the south-west route out of the spiral.

This way, you will learn powerful spells like Curaga and Holy long before Yuna 
gets to that part of the grid herself. (And we all know, Holy makes the 
difficulty of this game a joke.) At the end of Yuna's grid, use a sphere to 
move Kimahri around to either Wakka's or Auron's grid, for physical damage, or 
to make him even more of a magic killer, move him to Lulu's. The choice is 

    Q. Help me I'm having trouble defeating <insert boss name here>!

Normally, I'd say "check the walkthrough", but there's a few general 
strategies I can suggest. One, before the battle, do a bit of random fighting 
to get all your characters at Overdrive. (For this, I find Overdrive mode 
Warrior works best, if your characters know it.) This includes your aeons as 
well, they will be the best weapons you have if you've unfortunately 
underlevelled. Two, keep well-stocked on healing items such as Softs and 
Remedies. You never know when your nice little white mage will be silenced, 
rendering her useless. Three, check the walkthrough for more specific details 
relating to each boss :-P

*PLEASE* don't e-mail me asking me for help with bosses anymore!

    Q. Is it possible to beat the Luca Goers in the blitzball tournament?

Possible - yes. Easy, if you're unfamiliar with blitzball - no. For experts of 
the game defeating the Goers is a snap even though they are levelled higher 
than you. The Jecht Shot helps a lot in winning this game, pick it up at night 
on the SS Winno by completing the Jecht Shot challenge.

    Q. Where can I get empty 4-slotted armour and weapons to customize?

Once you have the airship, you can visit Wantz in the south part of Macalania 
Woods and he will sell them for 75000/100000 gil each. (This figure depends on 
how much you lent O'aka on the SS Liki.) If Wantz does not appear, you didn't 
visit him on Mt Gagazet, go back and see him there, then he will appear here.


                            6.0     MONSTER ARENA


                                COMING SOON!!!


                          7.0     CELESTIAL WEAPONS


People always talk in Final Fantasy games, about ultimate weapons. FFX takes 
this idea one step further, and creates a set of 'celestial' weapons for your 
characters to possibly obtain. These contain a set of fixed abilities, and 
each character's weapon is unique.

To obtain the powered-up, celestial weapons for each character, you need three 
(well, four) things: 

One, the uncustomized weapon itself. These generally aren't good to equip, 
because all they have is the 'No AP' ability. 

Two, each character's respective Crest. Each character has a rare item Crest, 
named after different planetary bodies. For example, Tidus has the Sun Crest, 
and Yuna the Moon.

Three, each character's respective Sigil. Similarly to Crests, they're named 
after planetary bodies, and they allow you to power up each weapon to their 
fullest potential.

These three items are all well and good. But to obtain the weapons themselves, 
and power them up, you'll need a fourth item: the celestial mirror. You have 
to get this before you can even start getting celestial weapons. There's two 
steps to getting it: obtaining the Cloudy Mirror, then powering it up to the 
Celestial Mirror.

The Cloudy Mirror can be found in the Calm Lands, in Remiem Temple. Check the 
Remiem Temple section on both how to get there, and how to obtain the Cloudy 
Mirror by racing the 'champion' chocobo. Now to power it up. You can't power 
it up until you get access to the airship, late in the game.

Once you've got the airship, head to Macalania Woods. You'll need to get there 
by the Lake Macalania listing on the airship, then trek backwards. Once on the 
Lake Road, take the south-eastern exit, and follow the shiny path to the very 
entrance on the south side. You'll know you're there when you find a save 
point, and a mother and a son talking about their missing father/husband. 
Well, broken-up families are never a good thing, so head east from there, 
until you find the campsite where your party stayed at on your trip through 
here. Talk to the man near there, and he'll run back to his family. Back to 
the family at the entrance. Talk to them, until you discover that now the son 
is missing. 

From that screen, head up the little shiny glowing path until you find the boy 
blocking a path going north. Talk to him, and he'll let you pass, and he'll 
run back to his family. Up the path, you'll find a weird-ass looking plant 
that is actually the key to the celestial weapons. Showing the Cloudy Mirror 
to it will unfog it to reveal the Celestial Mirror. Sweet!

Obtaining the celestial weapons themselves is impossible without this mirror. 
Once you get them, and any relevant power-ups for them, you'll have to return 
here to this freaky plant to actually power them up. So remember where it is. 
And remember that you always power up weapons with their Crest first, and not 
the Sigil. The Sigil is useless unless you have already powered up with the 

Now, for getting the weapons.

                              7.1     Caladbolg

The Caladbolg is Tidus' ultimate weapon. Its name comes from Celtic and Irish 
mythology, but that's not really important. To get the weapon, you'll have to 
play around with the Chocobo Racing side quest, and beat the chocobo trainer 
in the fourth race. Once you've done that, take the Celestial Mirror and speak 
to the man blocking the side path, in the north-western corner of the Calm 
Lands. He'll let you pass, and examine the mandala on the wall to get the 

For the Sun Crest, you'll have to return to the Zanarkand Dome, to the room in 
which you fought Lady Yunalesca. If you didn't pick this up the first time you 
were here, and are playing the PAL version, you'll have to deal with Dark 
Bahamut. Once you've disposed of him, or if you're playing the NTSC version, 
head down the stairs on the far side until you see a treasure chest appear in 
the left corner of the room. Open the chest for the Sun Crest.

The Sun Sigil requires more Chocobo Racing. You'll have to complete the side 
quest to its fullest, and beat the chocobo trainer with a time of LESS THAN 
0:0.0. In other words, collect 14 or 15 balloons, get hit by none or one bird. 
If you do, the trainer will give you the Sun Sigil as a reward.

The powered-up Caladbolg will have the abilities Break Damage Limit, Triple 
Overdrive, Evade and Counter, and Magic Counter. It also does more damage when 
Tidus' HP is full.

                               7.2     Nirvana

The Nirvana belongs to Yuna. This is perhaps the easiest celestial weapon to 
obtain. To collect the weapon itself, simply visit the Monster Arena, and buy 
Capture weapons to capture one of every fiend in the Calm Lands. As a reward 
for doing so, you'll be dumped with a chest that you can't open without the 
Celestial Mirror, and it contains the Nirvana.

The Moon Crest can be found in Besaid, as early in the game as when Tidus 
washes up on the beach. After Tidus gets conked in the back of the head with a 
blitzball, instead of swimming straight to shore, swim out to the right and 
around the head, to find a chest containing the Moon Crest.

The Sigil is obtainable at Remiem Temple. See the Remiem Temple secton for 
info on how to get there and what to do. After defeating all aeons (including 
the hidden three) in battle with Belgemine and performing the sending, you 
will be rewarded with the Moon Sigil. From there, take it to the plant and 
power it up.

The powered-up Nirvana will have the abilities Break Damage Limit, Triple 
Overdrive, Double AP, and One MP Cost. It allows Valefor to break the damage 
limit (do more than 9999 damage), and also does more damage when Yuna's MP is 

                            7.3     World Champion

The World Champion is Wakka's ultimate weapon, and it requires a LOT OF LOT OF 
blitzball playing to get and power up. If you enjoy blitzball, this one will 
be fun. If not, it will be an absolute nightmare.

To get the weapon, you must win five games of blitzball (not including the 
story game), so your team level is level 2. Once you've done that, head to the 
cafe in Luca (where Yuna went missing when you were here the first time), and 
talk to the man behind the counter. If you're successful, he will give you the 
World Champion.

The Jupiter Crest can be found in the Aurochs change room, in Luca. You can 
get this as soon as you start on the Mi'ihen Highroad, just go back for it. In 
the change room, check the lockers on the right side of the room until you 
find it.

The Jupiter Sigil is a lot harder to get. After playing enough blitzball to 
win all of Wakka's Overdrives, the Sigil will appear as a random prize for 
finishing first in a blitzball League. Complete the League season (ten games)
to get this, once you see it as a prize.

The powered-up World Champion will have the abilities Break Damage Limit, 
Triple Overdrive, Double AP, and Evade & Counter. It allows Ifrit to break the
damage limit (do more than 9999 damage), and also does more damage when 
Wakka's HP is full.

                              7.4     Masamune

The Masamune is a legendary FF weapon, and in this game it belongs to Auron. 
Again, it's simple to get, you may even get the Crest and Sigil without 
knowing it, but the weapon takes a little work. Overall, possibly the easiest 
celestial weapon to get. (And one of the best.)

Your search for the weapon starts in the valley near the Cavern of the Stolen 
Fayth, just past the Calm Lands. If you follow the little path at the south 
end of the valley, you'll find a rusty sword embedded in rock, so take it. 
Now, head for Mushroom Rock (obviously requires the airship.) It's easier to 
approach this from the start of the Djose Highroad, and work backwards. If 
you go from Mi'ihen and work forwards, and you're playing PAL, you'll meet 
the Dark Magus Sisters.

Once at Mushroom Rock, take the first path leading north into what looks to 
be a round off-shoot. Step on the plate to rise up, and there you will find 
an old statue of Lord Mi'ihen. Use the Rusty Sword there, and a mandala will
appear. Use the Celestial Mirror, and you will get the Masamune.

The Mars Crest can be found on the Mi'ihen Lowroad. After fighting the Chocobo
Eater, if you got knocked off the cliff, it was in the treasure chest at the 
bottom. If you didn't pick it up, you'll have to go to the Mi'ihen Highroad 
listing of the airship, head forwards until you get to the gate, then back 
along the south-east path until you get to the end, and the Crest.

The Mars Sigil can be obtained in the Monster Arena, in the Calm Lands. To 
get it, you'll need to Capture enough creatures to unlock 10 creatures, either
Area or Species Creations. (Original Creations don't count towards your 
total.) Once you've got enough, the Monster Arena owner will give you the 
Mars Sigil as a prize.

The powered-up Masamune will have the abilities Break Damage Limit, Triple 
Overdrive, First Strike, and Counter-Attack. It allows Yojimbo to break the 
damage limit (do more than 9999 damage), and also does more damage when 
Auron's HP is low.

                             7.5     Spirit Lance

The Spirit Lance is Kimahri's ultimate weapon, and can be found on the Thunder
Plains. When you were here the first time, you might have noticed small 
stones, left and right of the main path, with pictures of Qactuars on them. 
(Little green cacti.) Some of these stones may have even been glowing green. 
Approach three of these glowing stones, found all across the Thunder Plains, 
and press square (to pray at them). Once you've got three, head to the south
section of the Plains, and examine the old broken tower on the right of 
screen, in roughly the middle. With the Celestial Mirror, you will get the 
Spirit Lance.

The Saturn Crest can be found on your first trip through Mt Gagazet. Just 
after fighting Seymour Flux, and going past the two rows of pillars, open 
the crest just past the third pillar on the left (somewhat hidden) for the 
Saturn Crest.

The Saturn Sigil is a bit harder. For this, you'll have to complete both 
Macalania Woods Butterfly Catching mini games (see Butterfly Catching section
for more details.) After completing the second, and not leaving the screen, 
open the chest to receive the Saturn Sigil.

The powered-up Spirit Lance will have the abilities Break Damage Limit, Triple 
Overdrive, Double AP, and Evade & Counter. It allows Ixion to break the damage 
limit (do more than 9999 damage).

                             7.6     Onion Knight

The Onion Knight is Lulu's celestial weapon. It can be obtained at the Baaj 
Temple, so once you get access to the airship you can go back there. (See Baaj 
Temple section for more details.) Defeat Geosgaeno in the water, then search 
the pool opposite the doorway in, mashing X constantly. Eventually you'll find 
an almost completely concealed treasure chest. Use the Celestial Mirror, to 
obtain the Onion Knight.

The Venus Crest can be obtained in the Farplane, in Guadosalam, as soon as 
you're free to leave for the Thunder Plains. Visit the Farplane, and simply 
open the chest on the left to get it.

The Venus Sigil requires completing the Lightning Dodging quest to get (see 
the Lightning Dodging section for more info). On the Thunder Plains, dodge 200 
consecutive lightning bolts successfully, then open the chest outside Rin's 
travel agency to get the Venus Sigil. This can be obtained on your first trip 
through the Plains. Once you have them, visit the weird plant in Macalania 
Woods to put them all together.

The powered-up Onion Knight will have the abilities Break Damage Limit, Triple 
Overdrive, Magic Booster, and One MP Cost. It allows Shiva to break the damage 
limit (do more than 9999 damage), and also does more damage when Lulu's MP is 

                               7.7     Godhand

The Godhand is the celestial weapon of Miss Rikku. This one's easy to get, but 
rather time-consuming.

To collect the Godhand weapon itself, you must have control of the airship. 
Take your celestial mirror and input "GODHAND" as a password, and you will be 
taken to a secret lower section of Mushroom Rock Road.  Travel up to the 
north-western corner of the map to find a treasure chest with the Godhand. 
The, go back to the save sphere and re-board the airship.

The Mercury Crest can be found in the Sanubia Desert, on Bikanel Island, as 
can the Sigil. First, the Crest. Enter Bikanel, and head three screens along 
the path until you get to Sanubia Desert - West. Head north along the west 
wall of the area, until you find a small alcove. In the alcove is a treasure 
chest in some sinking sand, and it contains the Mercury Crest.

The Sigil is a bit more tricky, and it requires you to complete the Cactuar 
Village side quest. You can skip through this guide to the Cactuar Village
section, for that one. Once you've completed it, and accessed the village, you
can take the Mercury Sigil from the chest on the left.

The powered-up Godhand will have the abilities Break Damage Limit, Triple 
Overdrive, Double AP, and Gillionaire. It also does more damage when Rikku's
HP is full.


                             8.0     SIDE QUESTS


FFX is one of the longest and most involved games ever, in terms of side 
quests. I've already detailed all the major ones, but there's a few smaller 
ones worth a mention.

                             8.1     Omega Ruins

                                COMING SOON!!

                      8.2     Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

The Cavern of the Stolen Fayth can be located in the valley below the Calm 
Lands - take the north eastern exit, then take the path under the second 
bridge to find where it resides. The fayth is inside, as are the fiends. 
Thisplace is special to Lulu, as the summoner she guarded on her first 
pilgrimage died in here. So it's a skeery place! Are we still going in there? 
Of course we are!

Inside, we see a teleporter but it is inactive, so we have no choice but to 
follow the path to the right. Take the right subpath to find a Megalixir, then 
head back and keep going up.

In the next cavern, Rikku wants to know what a fayth is doing in a place like 
this. Tidus doesn't know, but Lulu does. The fayth here was originally stolen 
from a temple long ago, hence the place's name. Why was it stolen? Without 
fayth, a summoner can't train. Without training, they can't call the Final 
Aeon. Without the Final Aeon, they can't defeat Sin. Make sense now? Rikku 
likes the idea.

Note: If you see any Magic Urns around here, don't bother taking your chances 
trying to 'kill' them. The only way to do it is to successfully guess and 
attack seven 'eyes' of the thing in a row, and if you guess one, boom, self 
destruct. You see one, just flee.

At the next intersection, head right to find a Level 2 Key Sphere before going 
back and to the left. Next, the path straight leads to a dead end, but there's 
a Fortune Sphere at the end, so grab that and head back and to the left again. 
Grab 2x Mega-Potion up ahead, save on the right, then keep going down that 
way. So far, pretty boring.

Oh not so boring, now, we're in the main cavern. Another Guado freak? No, an 
unsent. It's Lady Ginnem, the summoner Lulu accompanied here. Yuna steps 
forward to perform the sending, but Ginnem reacts, striking Yuna with an 
unseen force. Lulu is in despair, there's no human left in her now. So she 
will perform her last duty as guardian, and beat Ginnem's ass into the 
ground. Ginnem is not alone, though, she possesses the aeon that resides here, 
and that is what you will fight.

                                Boss: Yojimbo
Points:            HP:  33000 (4060)       MP:  2000
Rewards:           AP:  0     (0)          GIL: 0
Stats:             STR: 34     DEF: 80     MAG: 35     MDF: 1
                   AGL: 32     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 0
Elements:          none
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, 
                   Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Armour Break, Mental 
                   Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Distiller, Sensor, Scan, 
                   Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             N/A

The aim of this one is to kill Yojimbo before his overdrive bar gets full - if 
it gets full, he will perform his ultimate move, Zanmato. Good when you use 
it, for it means instant death, but bad when your opponents do.

Yojimbo has only a few attacks at his disposal - Daigoro, Kozuka, and 
Wazikashi, in that order of significance. Daigoro will send his dog at you for 
minor damage, Kozuka will get a few short knives slashed at you, and Wazikashi 
will get some major swords thrown at you. Not too much to worry about, though. 
If returning here after obtaining the airship, you'll be sufficiently powered 
up to make this battle a breeze.

Just attack a few times with your best hitters. He doesn't counter with 
anything, and his Overdrive bar only fills when you attack, and not very much. 
Peh. Easy boss.


After the battle, Lulu thought she would be sad, but she's surprisingly 
detached. Now, the fayth is inside, so Yuna knows what to do. First, take the 
teleporter left and right. Right gets you 2x X-Potion, and go left for a 
Flexible Arm. Now, head into the chamber.

Inside, you will meet the fayth. Yuna will pray, and he will ask her what she 
wants from him. Choose an option, but I would recommend 'to defeat the most 
pwerful of enemies'. Now, you must pay his price. Uh, what the?

Yojimbo is not your typical aeon. He's a bodyguard for hire, and when you 
summon him, you must pay him to act. Now, you have to pay him to get him in 
your party. But, luckily, you can haggle. He start the bidding at 250,000, so 
offer him half + 1, or 125,001. Now, he'll change to 225,000. Half + 1 again, 
or 112,501. When he offers 202,500, that's the lowest he will go, so take the 
final offer. Yojimbo will now be in your team.

Once you've got him, you can leave the Cavern, nothing else to see here. 
Congratulations, you just picked up a hidden aeon.

                             8.3     Baaj Temple

When you search in the co-ordinates X: 11-16 Y: 57-63 on the airship, you'll 
find the Baaj Temple, where Tidus started the game. Head up the path, and 
straight off the edge that crumbled under Tidus' feet previously. Your three 
swimmers will jump in the water, presumably leaving your four non-swimmers on 
the path.

Rikku, Wakka, and Tidus will convene in the water. Tidus almost got eaten by a 
fiend here, so now he wants payback! Alright, let's go! Head for the door to 
the temple in which you were in before, and you'll be approached by said 
fiend, Geosgaeno.

                               Boss: Geosgaeno
Points:            HP:  32267 (-)          MP:  128
Rewards:           AP:  0     (0)          GIL: 0
Stats:             STR: 36     DEF: 50     MAG: 40     MDF: 50
                   AGL: 48     LUK: 15     EVA: 0      ACC: 50
Elements:          Fire/Ice/Lightning/Water/Holy (x1.5)
Immunities:        Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Petrification, Slow, Zombie, 
                   Power Break, Magic Break, Armour Break, Mental Break, 
                   Threaten, Death, Provoke, Doom, Scan, Demi, Delay, Eject
Steal:             Water Gem (normal), x2 (rare)

His stats are the same as they were when we met him the first time. Remember, 
we ran after three turns the first time, never did the slightest bit of damage 
to him, but this time, we have to kill him.

If possible, equip Stoneproof armour to your characters. This guys has a habit 
of using Stone Punch, which (if it lands) will Petrify and shatter your 
character instantly if they get hit with it. Ergo, you lose that character 
from this battle for good. And he'll keep doing it. Chances of winning without 
Stoneproof armour on at least one character -  practically nil.

He also has a habit of sucking characters into his cage-like stomach. He will 
gain any of the character's status effects while they're in there, both 
positive and negative. Get them to use the trigger command Struggle, and 
they'll fight their way out again, getting hit for a large portion of damage 
at the same time. As well, he uses the KO punch which, you guessed it, will 
instantly KO the character if they get hit by it. Phoenix Downs come in handy 
here :)

If you're just attacking, the battle will be long and very difficult, because 
this guy has a hard shell, and you have no Piercing weapons for these 
characters. If you have Overdrives, especially Attack Reels and Energy Rain, 
at your disposal, the battle will go by like THAT. My Wakka killed this guy in 
one hit (well, twelve hits) using Attack Reels. Bwaha.


After the battle, you'll always pick up a good piece of armour, ranging from 
the just 'good' to the 'absolutely wicked'. 'Absolutely wicked' would mean a 
'No Encounters' weapon or piece of armour, as I picked up here once. This time 
I got a Reflect Shield for Tidus, with Auto-Reflect. Nice. I'll keep that.

If you have the celestial mirror, examine the opposite side of the pool from 
the doorway, mashing X, to find an almost completely-hidden treasure chest 
with the Onion Knight, Lulu's celestial weapon. Then, inside the temple.

Follow the path, and head through the door. Here, you will see six statues. 
Each one relates to the Destruction Sphere seal of a different temple. These 

Top-left:      Besaid
Centre-left:   Macalania
Bottom-left:   Zanarkand
Top-right:     Bevelle
Centre-right:  Djose
Bottom-right:  Kilika

Examine each of them, and if you collected the Destruction Sphere treasure 
from each temple, a glyph will light up on the respective statue. Also here, 
take the 4x Mega-Phoenix from a chest below the bottom-left statue, and a 
Megalixir from the chest below the bottom right.

If some of the glyphs don't light up when you examine the statues, go back to 
those temples and get the treasures. (If playing PAL, you'll do battle with 
Dark Aeons on the way to most. Aw geez.) If all light up, well, that's the 
seal on a very powerful aeon broken.

Proceed past the glyph blocking the way once the seal is broken, and enter the 
Chamber of the Fayth. Run forwards, for a scene. Yuna will pray before the 
fayth, and a woman will appear. She is Maester Seymour's mother! Yes, they 
hate her son, but still, they seek her aid. 

Now we get a scene on the history of Seymour. He was always alone - half man, 
half Guado. She wanted to give him strength, so she became a fayth. But, 
because she let him taste power, he began to crave more. He wasn't satisfied 
with her aeon, he wanted more. What more did he want? He wanted Sin. 

She will bestow upon you the power of the dark aeon, Anima. Remember fighting 
Anima at Macalania Temple, and seeing Anima in Luca? Now Anima belongs to you. 
Sweetness. That's really all there is to do here at Baaj, collect Anima and 
the Onion Knight.

                            8.4     Chocobo Racing

Chocobo racing can be fun, but it can also be a pain in the ass. However, if 
you don't feel like crossing the Calm Lands on foot every time you want to 
visit the Monster Arena, and you want to get the Sun Sigil to get Tidus' 
ultimate weapon, chocobo racing is a must.

It can be undertaken the very first time you visit the Calm Lands, if you so 
wish. To do this, you'll have to find the chocobo lady, in the north-west 
corner of the Calm Lands. (If you return here to do chocobo racing after you 
have airship, she will be just south of the travel agency.) Talk to her, until 
you've convinced her that you really want to train a chocobo.

                    Wobbly Chocobo

First race, you need to make your way from where you are, to where the chocobo 
lady is, within the time limit of 12.8 seconds. You're riding a wild chocobo, 
so it will be difficult to control, with left and right on the D-pad.

After the 3-2-1 counts down, the chocobo will run forwards by itself. At 
various times, it will turn left and right crazily, so just try to keep it 
running fairly straight. If you don't make the time limit, you'll be given the 
option to race again. If you do, you get an Elixir, and have successfully 
trained a chocobo. Now you can ride it whenever you want across the Calm 
Lands. But more training is needed to get the Sigil...

                    Dodger Chocobo

In Dodger Chocobo, your chocobo has learnt how to steer straight (thank 
heavens). This time, you have to avoid the incoming balls as they get thrown 
at you from off the track, by pressing left and right to go around them.

If you get hit with a ball, your chocobo will be momentarily stunned. Seeing 
as you're still racing against the clock, aiming for a time of 16.8 seconds, 
it's kinda a good idea to avoid them.

After the 3-2-1 counts down, race from your starting position to the chocobo 
lady, avoiding as many balls as you can. If you fail, you can try again. If 
you succeed, you'll get a Level 1 Key Sphere and the chance to move on to the 
next challenge.

                    Hyper Dodger Chocobo

This is rather similar to Dodger Chocobo, only we have more objects flying at 
us. Two balls come in a row, followed by a bird that can track your movements 
somewhat, so we have to keep our cool and try to avoid them all. We have a 
time limit of 18.5 seconds to beat. 

My tip: Zig-zag left and right after every set of objects come flying 
past. After the 3-2-1, start off straight, head left before the first set of 
objects hit you, then do a big loop to run right, like a slalom course you 
should be slaloming around the birds, that come last. Basically you'll be 
going in an S shape, all the way up the course, to get the lowest possible 

If you fail, you can, of course, try again. If you succeed, you'll get a Level 
2 Key Sphere, and a chance for the final challenge, a race against the chocobo 
lady herself.

                    Catcher Chocobo

For this race, you start off at the Calm Lands exit to Macalania Woods. From 
there, you'll race along the path to the left, do a U-turn, race along towards 
the monster Arena, then turn left and race up the eastern wall of the Calm 
Lands to get to the north-eastern exit. The course sound fair enough? Good 

Of course, you're not just racing the chocobo lady, to beat her. If you beat 
her, you'll get good prizes and all, but this is the FINAL challenge, this is 
where we have the change to get the Sun Sigil for Tidus' Caladbolg. 

This level has birds that you have to avoid, the same as the previous level. 
Each bird you hit will add three seconds to your clock, at the end of the 
race. (Plus the time it takes your chocobo to recover, of course.) It also has 
balloons to collect, and every balloon you collect will take three seconds off 
your final time. 

For example, say you finish with 35.7 seconds, and you hit three birds and 
picked up seven balloons. Your final time would be 35.7 + 3*3 - 7*3 = 23.7 
seconds. Hopefully that makes sense...

It will take a few practices to get used to this one. However, you get cool 
prizes for beating your own personal best time, starting with your first Level 
3 Key Sphere, then getting a Turbo Ether every time. To get the Sun Sigil, 
you'll have to do two things:

1) Beat the chocobo lady
2) Record a time of LESS THAN 0:0.0.

You heard me, less than 0:0.0. To do this, you'll have to run through the 
course pretty quickly, and collect 12 or 13 more balloons than birds you hit. 
Some say this is the hardest quest in this game, getting the Sun Sigil. Good 

                         8.5     Luca Sphere Theater

The Luca Sphere Theater is an interesting addition to FFX. Using it, you can 
listen to all the music played and see all the videos shown so far in the 
game... for a price.

To get there from the blitzball stadium (where you'll always start off), head 
out of the stadium, then north at the first intersection. Follow the path 
until you reach it. 

How exactly does the Theater work? Outside in the reception area, you will 
find two small children at the top of the stairs. The one on the left sells 
music spheres, the one on the right video spheres. You can purchase from them, 
the amount of spheres that you either have seen or can afford, whichever is 
less. Once you've got the spheres, approach the counter to enter the hall of 
the theater where you can set a sphere to listen to/watch it.

I'll attempt to detail each of the spheres here. Each of the music spheres, 
apart from the few marked "Special", will cost you 2000 gil, and each of the 
video spheres will cost you 5000 gil.

                    Music Spheres

#M01 - Zanarkand
#M02 - Prelude
#M03 - Tidus' Theme
#M04 - Run!!
#M05 - Creep
#M06 - Battle Theme
#M07 - Enemy Attack
#M08 - Game Over
#M09 - Out of the Frying Pan
#M10 - Victory Fanfare
#M11 - Leap In The Dark
#M12 - Underwater Ruins
#M13 - The Blitzers
#M14 - Wandering
#M15 - Besaid
#M16 - Spira Unplugged
#M17 - Phantoms
#M18 - The Trials
#M19 - The Summoning
#M20 - Braska's Daughter
#M21 - Yuna's Theme
#M22 - Good Night
#M23 - Decision on the Dock
#M24 - Movement in Green
#M25 - A Fleeting Dream
#M26 - Calm Before the Storm
#M27 - Face Off
#M28 - Grand Maester Mika
#M29 - Luca
#M30 - The Splendid Performance
#M31 - Auron's Theme
#M32 - Blitz Off!
#M33 - Mi'ihen Highroad
#M34 - Chocobo Jam
#M35 - The Travel Agency
#M36 - Seymour's Theme
#M37 - Moment of Truth
#M38 - Djose Temple
#M39 - Ridess The Shoopuf?
#M40 - Rikku's Theme 
#M41 - Oui Are Al Bhed
#M42 - Guadosalam
#M43 - Thunder Plains
#M44 - Jecht's Theme
#M45 - The Burning Sands
#M46 - The Wedding
#M47 - Assault
#M48 - Tragedy
#M49 - Believe
#M50 - Servants of the Mountain
#M51 - Macalania Woods
#M52 - Via Purifico
#M53 - Bravely Forward
#M54 - The Unsent Laugh
#M55 - Seymour's Ambition
#M56 - Illusion
#M57 - Yuna's Decision
#M58 - Nostalgia
#M59 - Peril
#M60 - Launch
#M61 - Challenge
#M62 - Beyond the Darkness
#M63 - The Void
#M64 - The Truth Revealed
#M65 - Pursuit
#M66 - Gloom
#M67 - Patricide
#M68 - The Temple Players
#M69 - The Hum of the Fayth (Special)
#M70 - Lulu's Theme (Special)
#M71 - Wakka's Theme (Special)

                    Movie Spheres

#01 - Zanarkand
#02 - We Called It "Sin"
#03 - Sinspawn
#04 - This Is It!
#05 - Blitzball
#06 - A Summoner Is Born
#07 - Lulu's Contempt
#08 - Kimahri's Challenge
#09 - Fear on the Sea
#10 - Sin Arises
#11 - Sin's Threat
#12 - Futile Resistance
#13 - Failure
#14 - Kilika Dusk
#15 - The Dance
#16 - Luca Harbour
#17 - Let the Games Begin!
#18 - The Legend Lives
#19 - The Dark Aeon
#20 - No Better Plan
#21 - Judgement
#22 - Ex Machina
#23 - Sin's Wake
#24 - Reunion
#25 - Metropolis
#26 - Otherworld
#27 - Sin Sleeps
#28 - Homecoming
#29 - Dry Dock
#30 - Nayto Du Ku!
#31 - Leaving Home
#32 - The Glory of Yevon
#33 - The Red Carpet
#34 - False Vows
#35 - Believe
#36 - The Spring
#37 - The Summit
#38 - The Last Chapter

More to come soon!

                          8.6     Lightning Dodging

This sometimes-frustrating side quest takes place on the Thunder Plains, and 
it's necessary to get the Venus Sigil.

When you enter the first time, you'll be told about how you can avoid the 
lightning bolts that strike to the ground. Either you can hug the tall metal 
statues as you cross to avoid them completely, or you can 'dodge' them by 
pressing X as the screen flashes white, signalling that a bolt is on the way.

Dodging will take a bit of practice to get used to. You can't just hammer X as 
you walk, to avoid everything, because the game has an in-built 'mash 
protector' to stop this exact thing from happening. If you attempt to just 
hammer X, the mash protector will kick in and you'll get zapped just to spite 

Once you've got the hang of dodging individual lightning bolts, it's time to 
dodge as many as you can, consecutively. For this, I recommend heading to the
south section of the plains, to a little inlet on the right of screen. There,
you'll find a treasure chest and a qactuar stone. If you stand between the 
stone and the wall, it's like a safe haven, you can't be moved from there no
matter how many times you dodge lightning.

When you dodge anywhere else, Tidus will be moved in one direction a step. If
you don't have No Encounters, this can mean a battle. There in that one spot,
you're safe from battles, all you need to do is press X.

Here are the prizes you'll get, depending on how many you successfully dodge:

5 bolts   - 2x X-Potion
10 bolts  - 2x Mega Potion
20 bolts  - 2x MP Sphere
50 bolts  - 3x Strength Sphere
100 bolts - 3x HP Sphere
150 bolts - 4x Megalixir
200 bolts - Venus Sigil

That's right, dodging 200 lightning bolts in a row will get you the Venus 
Sigil. Have fun...

                          8.7     Butterfly Catching

This side quest takes place in Macalania Woods. During your first trip through 
there, you would have been approached by the butterfly catcher. She tells you, 
the butterflies with coloured wings will lead the way to secret things, and 
that starts the quest off. This quest is necessary to obtain the Saturn Sigil, 
but you can't get the Sigil until you have the airship. Therefore, I recommend 
coming back to undertake it when you have the airship.

How it works is this: Return to Macalania Woods, and head to Macalania Woods 
- Central, where you'll spot a guy playing a harp. Talk to him, and the game 
will commence. Approach the multi-coloured butterfly to start off, and then 
red and blue butterflies will appear. You have to catch seven blue butterflies
in the allotted time period without touching the red ones, as the red ones 
will get you into a fight. (Not exactly 'powerful fiends' like the game 
threatens, but still annoyances.) These fights will happen even if you have 
a No Encounters weapon/armour, so try not to touch the red ones, okay?

This one will basically have you zig-zagging all over the path. First is on 
the left, heading down the hill, then go right, left, collect second, stay 
left around the corner, top of path, bottom, top, collect third, right up the
hill, around next corner. Top of path, bottom, collect fourth in next corner,
left side of the downhill path. Collect fifth top of path heading left, stay 
top, sixth will collect itself, then lead left. On the next corner, make your 
way through four butterflies, and the seventh is on the straight downhill 
stretch on the left. 

*VERY IMPORTANT* Do NOT leave the screen after winning the race. If you do, 
you gotta do it again.

If you don't succeed, you'll be sent back to the butterfly guy, who will tell
you luck is required. (No shit?) Head off the screen to the right, then back 
on to try again. If you succeed, a treasure chest will appear on that screen 
(where the blue butterfly hovers in front of the tree), containing a Teleport
Sphere. If you leave the screen, the chest will disappear.

Okay, first game done. Now, head to Macalania Woods - North, where you'll 
see a multi-coloured butterfly languishing around near the entrance to Lake 
Road. Examine it, and the second game will commence. This one is a lot 
harder, because there's a longer distance to travel, and more red butterflies
(with more mobility).

Again, you'll be zig-zagging. First, head back UP the path, zigzagging 
starting on the left, to get the first, then back down. Collect the second 
at the bottom, then along the top and up the hill. Third on the right, then 
above, below, straight through the centre of, and around the bend at the 
top. Left, then right, then grab the fourth, down the hill, fifth on the 
corner. To the right, below the red, down the hill and left, grab the sixth, 
then along the path for the final one. Again, do NOT leave the screen.

Once you're done, open the chest near where you found the fifth blue 
butterfly, for the Saturn Sigil.

                           8.8     Cactuar Village

This amusing little side-quest takes place in the Sanubia Desert, on Bikanel 
Island, where the Al Bhed 'Home' used to be. This side quest is required for 
getting the Mercury Sigil, so it best be done. Once you've got control of the 
airship, head to Bikanel Island.

There's four main areas to Bikanel we have to worry about here, in this order 
- the oasis, where we land from the airship. Next screen, the path, with the 
save sphere inside a tent halfway. Thirdly, the plain, the wide open area. And 
finally, the storm, the fourth screen with the sandstorm on the north-eastern 
side. I'll be using those four names, oasis, path, plain, and storm, as 

To activate the side-quest, land at Bikanel and head from the oasis through to 
the storm. There you will find a cactuar stone towards the east, not unlike 
the ones in the Thunder Plains. Examine the stone, and the quest will start. 

The game gives you a bit of background here, about the Cactuar Village. Using 
spheres to control the sands, the Cactuars defend their village. They are the 
Gatekeepers. Present all 10 of the spheres they bear to the stone altar, and 
the way to the village will open.

We're trying to get access to the village, so we need to first of all find the 
ten gatekeepers, and capture their spheres. Sounds simple enough, right? It is 
fairly simple. But lengthy.

As the stone said, the first is Tomay. Tomay's gone. Gone to fetch the water. 
Be back soon. Water? Back at the oasis. So traipse alllll the way back to the 
oasis, and you'll find Tomay on the right, opposite the save sphere. Examine 
him, and it's time to take his sphere.

Tomay:  Duties: Fetching water. Takes his time and, as a result, is often left 
        behind. A little dim.

And we get more background on how exactly we take his sphere. It may look like 
fun and games, but the Gatekeepers are a proud race of warriors. While they 
dislike combat, they will turn and face any enemy that takes their back. 
Should you fail to sneak up on them, they will realise they have 
over-estimated their enemy and depart in disgust. Sneak up on the cactuars 
when their backs are turned to confront them. It's better that way, believe 

And with that, we approach Tomay. He's dancing happily, as cactuars do, close 
to camera, and Tidus is at the back of screen. We have to approach him while 
his back is turned. If he senses you approaching, he will shout the word 
"Needletime!" (in Al Bhed), and that's your cue to stop moving and wait. When 
he turns his back, keep coming closer, to get him. You've got 10 seconds, and 
three attempts to get this right.

If you succeed in getting to him, you get to fight him. This is a good time to 
capture cactuars, if you haven't already. For your efforts, you'll get Tomay's 
Sphere. If you fail to catch him or catch him and fail to defeat him, you'll 
get a Sphere del Perdedor (Loser Sphere). It matters minorly which sphere you 
get, either way, take it back to the cactuar stone in the storm.

Examine the stone, and Tidus will place the sphere. Now, 9 little gatekeepers 
play in the sand. Rovivea's gone walkabout. Be back soon.

Rovivea's back on the path, the second screen. When you enter from the plain, 
there's a small area on the left side of the map, where Rovivea is wandering 

Rovivea:  Has no patience for certain dim-witted friends. Not a progressive 

Now we have to capture Rovivea's Sphere. Same as Tomay, approach her when her 
back is turned. It's equally as simple, and you get 13 seconds per attempt 
this time. Again, you get to fight her if you catch her. Take the sphere you 
get, back to the cactuar stone in the storm.

8 little gatekeepers play in the sand. Little Chava likes big numbers. Be back 
soon. Are you getting the idea of how this works, yet?

Left of the cactuar stone, you'll find two signs, marked as tiny white squares 
on the map. Examine the one on the left, more northerly, to find a 20% sale on 
all travel agency goods. 20's a pretty big number. And here's Chava to prove 

Chava:  Recently learned to count to 50. A little needy. Attention deficit.

When we capture Chava, we start at one sign, and the tiny cactuar is at the 
other. Second verse same as the first, approach him only when he is back is 
turned. When you see the "Needletime!", stop. You get 13 seconds for this 
trial too. Take the sphere you should get, whether it be Chava's Sphere or a 
Sphere del Perdedor, straight back to the cactuar stone. 7 little gatekeeprs 
play in the sand. Alek and Aloja play tag in the ruins of men. Be back soon.

In the plains, the third screen, take a left at the save sphere (save there 
first) and you'll find some great ruins. And of course, there's two little 
cactuars running around chasing each other there, so examine them.

Alek and Aloja:  Two brothers, rarely separated. They move as one, their 
                 closeness a paragon of brotherhood.

This, like the previous three, is also a straight-line trial. We get 13 
seconds, to track the two cactuars across the plain, which isn't that 
difficult. This time, you get to fight both cactuars, and if they both use 
10,000 needles if they ambush you... ouch. If you die, you die. Take Alek and 
Aloja's Sphere, back to the stone. 5 little gatekeepers play in the sand. 
Vachella seeks the shining blue. Be back soon.

Shining blue, like, maybe a save sphere? There's three save spheres here on 
Bikanel, and the one we want is on the path, in a little tent. Examine the 
sphere, and Vachella will jump out at you.

Vachella:  Loves new things. Hard on others, easy on self. Stingy.

You have 14 seconds to catch Vachella, who stays in the tent while Tidus runs 
across to the other side of the plain. This one is fast, and will spin 
backwards and forwards to face you very quickly. You have to keep moving 
between its spins, though. So capture Vachella, then take its sphere, straight 
back to the stone. 4 little gatekeepers play in the sand. O, Robeya's stuck 
inside. Be back soon.

Poor Robeya, got itself trapped in something... like a treasure chest. You 
could open all the treasure chests, or make a beeline for one in the 
southwestern corner of the plains, by hugging the left wall. Open the chest, 
and Robeya will pop out at you.

Robeya:  A real needle brain. Likes cramped spaces. Check out his great 

Collection of what, exactly? We shall see. In this trial, we have 14 seconds 
to make our way to Robeya, but we can get distracted by three treasure chests 
along the way. The first (closest to Tidus) contains two Shadow Gems, the 
second a Shining Gem, and the third (closest to Robeya) a Blessed Gem. Good 
luck in making it to even one of them before the time runs out, I failed all 
three times and ended up with a Sphere del Perdedor.

Take the sphere back to the stone. 3 little gatekeepers play in the sand.A 
fiery inscription - the lord of the hole is gone, Isrra thinks. Be back soon. 
There in the storm, you might have noticed two pits with treasure chests and 
Sandragoras, north-west of the cactuar stone. If Isrra does not appear in the 
southern pit, leave then re-enter the storm, and look again. (Known glitch.) 
Then you will find a little green cactuar, circling the pit.

Isrra:  The philospoher about town. Today, he digs holes. Again. A cautious 

(On a side note, I love how each of these little cactuars gets their own slice 
of personality.)

We have 15 seconds to get to Isrra, but we won't need them. There's a trick to 
this one. Isrra, being the cautious sort, will turn and face you for extended 
periods of time, so it's virtually impossible to get to him that way. But 
look, we have a map for this one. Why? Becuase there's an underground tunnel 
connecting those two pits, that can only be seen on the map. While Isrra's got 
his back turned, run into the first one, then run straight down towards him. 
You'll leave the second pit, and be right next to him. Bingo.

"Don't you run, needles!" (BAHA Tidus!) Defeat Isrra, and take his Sphere back 
to the stone. 2 little gatekeepers play in the sand. Much-curious Elio has 
left on a journey. Be back soon.

A journey, eh? Wherever could that be? Well, because you don't really get 
told, go to the oasis. Run all the way there, instead of jumping on the 
airship at a save point and beaming back down. When you get to the ouasis, 
approach the water, and stare in disbelief at Elio. He's using the save sphere 
to board your airship! Follow that cactus!

Elio's gone on a journey, alright. He's going to see the world, from the roof 
of your ship! Argh. So head up there to follow him. Note - if you've set the 
airship to go to Sin in the past, but never made it inside, you'll have to 
progress the story and beat a few Sin bits before you can chase Elio.

Elio:  To see what lies beyond the sands, he travels far to distant lands. 
       Hyper-reactive and a bad poet.

We have 11 seconds only to catch Elio here. And if that wasn't bad enough, the 
ship itself is tilting under your feet! Ignore the tilting, and follow Elio. 
He starts off facing you, and also turns quite quickly backwards and forwards, 
but you can catch him. Once you catch him, you don't have to fight him, he 
simply falls off the ship. Cry for Elio as he plunges to his doom, then head 
back to Bikanel and that dratted stone one more time.

Set Elio's Sphere/Sphere del Perdedor into the cactuar stone. 1 little 
gatekeeper plays in the desert. Flaile is always behind. Be back soon. Soon? 
He's right HERE!

Flaile:  The guy you never invite but he always shows up anyway. Cheeky.

Not gatekeeper, gatecrasher, this one. You've got 13 seconds to follow him 
across the sands. And because he's cheeky, he doesn't should "Needletime!" 
when he's turning around, he shouts it at any old time just to mess with ya. 
Argh. So you've got to keep an eye on HIM while you run, and completely ignore 
his shouting. When he starts to turn, stop. He doesn't turn often, as 

Take the tenth and final sphere, and set it into the stone, right into that 
cactuar's gob. And it runs through the clues for you again... they're not 
gonna be back soon now, they're gone for good. It's a little saddening.

And with that, the sandstorm before you disappears, giving you access to the 
Cactuar Village. What exactly is down there? Nothing but two treasure chests. 
The left contains the Mercury Sigil, and the right contains an item depending
on how many Sphere del Perdedors you collected on the quest. For 0-1, you'll 
get a Friend Sphere.

                 8.9     Airship Co-ordinates (and Passwords)

Of course, there are more locations in Spira than can be seen on the airship 
listing, when you get access to it. On the airship, talk to Cid, and select 
'Search'. There, you can move your pointer anywhere in the world, and press 
the X to examine if there's any secret location there to visit. You can also 
use the 'Input' function to input secret Al Bhed passwords, unlocking even 
more places to visit. Without further ado, here's a list of all the places you 
can visit...

Password:  "GODHAND"
Location:  Mushroom Rock

Remember, when you were wandering around Mushroom Rock, I said there was a 
treasure chest far below you that you couldn't get to yet? This is how you get 
there. If you go to Mushroom Rock this way, you'll be able to find a treasure 
chest containing the Godhand, Rikku's celestial weapon. You'll need the 
Celestial Mirror to open the chest, though. Once you've gotten the weapon, 
head back to the save sphere and re-board the ship.

Password:  "VICTORIOUS"
Location:  Besaid Ruins 1

This will lead you to one of the save spheres on the towers in Besaid, that 
you would have noticed when you were here before. Head up and around on the 
tree on the right, to find a chest containing the Victorious. This is a targe 
for Rikku, with the abilities Lightningproof, Fireproof, and Iceproof. (Add 
Waterproof, and it'll be the ultimate elemental armour.) Once you've got it, 
re-board the ship from the sphere.

Password:  "MURASAME"
Location:  Besaid Ruins 2
The second tower, overlooking Besaid. Along the path to the right you will 
find a chest with the Murasame, a piercing weapon for Auron with One MP Cost 
also customized on it. Re-board the airship once you've got it.

Search:    X: 11-16
           Y: 57-63
Location:  Baaj Temple

This is where Tidus washed up at the very beginning of the game, after being 
sucked in by Sin. Here you can fight Geosgaeno, and obtain the secret aeon 
Anima. See the Baaj Temple section of the side quests for more details.

Search:    X: 39-43
           Y: 56-60
Location:  Battle Site

And we're on the Mushroom Rock Beach, near where Operation Mi'ihen was staged. 
Head up the crater to find a chest with a Phantom Bangle. Pretty, no? It eats 
three elements, giving Lulu HP for getting hit with them, instead of taking it 
away. Re-board the airship.

Search:    X: 29-32
           Y: 73-76
Location:  Besaid Falls

Yet another secret place in Besaid, with a small threasure chest containing 
Kimahri's Dragoon Lance. It has the Magic Counter and Evade & Counter 
abilities, so can come in handy. Nothing much else to see here. Re-board.

Search:    X: 33-36
           Y: 55-60
Location:  Mi'ihen Ruins

Heh, and you're out on the machina ruins you saw, outside the travel agency on 
the Mi'ihen Highroad. Head as far left on screen as you can, and examine the 
far side of the tanker to find a chest with a Sonar. This claw for Rikku comes 
with Initiative, and Poisonstrike.

Search:    X: 69-75
           Y: 33-38
Loaction:  Omega Ruins

The main optional dungeon in the game. Home to two resident Weapons, Ultima 
and Omega, this is where the hardest fights but also the biggest rewards can 
be found. See the Omega Ruins section for more info.

Search:    X: 12-16
           Y: 41-45
Location:  Sanubia Sands

This small off-shoot of the Sanubia Desert has a treasure chest with the 
Ascalon in it. This weapon, for Tidus, comes with the Double AP ability. 
Re-board the ship.

                            8.10     Remiem Temple

Remiem Temple is a hidden temple, located near the Calm Lands. To access it, 
you'll need to train a chocobo at least past the first stage (see: Chocobo 
Racing) then ride it across the Calm Lands to the south-eastern tip, near the 
exit to Macalania. There, you'll find a chocobo feather on the ground, examine 
it and your chocobo will jump the gap. From there, you can leave your chocobo 
behind and run in to the temple.

Across the gangplank, you can save, then see what there is to do here. Three 
things: Obtain the Cloudy Mirror, battle Belgemine, and obtain the Magus 
Sisters, a secret aeon.

                    The Cloudy Mirror

To get the Cloudy Mirror, a necessity for getting celestial weapons, head 
around to the left side of Remiem Temple. Examine the sphere, near the 
champion chocobo, and it will give you directions, to mount the chocobo on the 
far side of the temple and race.

On the right side of the temple, examine the chocobo, and you can choose to 
race. All you're trying to do here, is beat the champion chobobo to the centre 
of the circular track. If you do this, you will get the Cloudy Mirror as a 

You can also get other rewards, by opening treasure chests scattered around 
the track as you race, not bumping into any of the coloured poles, and still 
beating the champion chocobo. The items you can receive are: 

0 Treasure Chests: Potion
1 Treasure Chest : Elixir
2 Treasure Chests: Mega Elixir
3 Treasure Chests: Wings to Discovery x30
4 Treasure Chests: Pendulum x30
5 Treasure Chests: Three Stars x60

Enjoy racing.

                    Battling Belgemine

Inside the temple itself, you will find Belgemine. She gives you a little 
history of the temple, it used to be a great religious centre of the Calm 
Lands, but was lost after the battle with Sin.

This is her home, and it's not that she doesn't dislike company, it's just 
that she prefers being alone. She decides to show you why - as the pyreflies 
circle, Tidus is shocked to see that she's dead too. Don't send her just yet, 
though. She wants to help you, before you can send her.

Here you can fight her versions of all your own aeons one at a time, starting 
with Valefor. In order:

Valefor        (20000 HP)
Ifrit          (28000 HP)
Ixion          (30000 HP)
Shiva          (20000 HP)
Bahamut        (35000 HP)
Yojimbo        (32000 HP)
Anima          (54000 HP)
Magus Sisters  (Mindy - 48000 HP, Sandy - 35000 HP, Cindy - 20000 HP)

The best thing is, it's not exactly a one-on-one battle. If the aeon you're 
fighting with dies, you can simply summon another one to continue the battle, 
until you either run out of aeons, or win the battle. Kinda hard to lose, eh?

You can only fight the aeons you have, and you must fight them in the order 
listed. You will get some nice prizes for beating Belgemine's aeons, too.

After you defeat her last aeons, Yuna will ask to be taught some more, but 
that is not possible. It's time for her to go, so get Yuna to perform the 
sending. For sending Belgemine, you will receive the Moon Sigil.

                    Obtaining the Magus Sisters

To obtain these hidden aeons, you need two items:

1) Blossom Crown
   Obtainable by capturing one of every fiend in Mt Gagazet

2) Flower Scepter
   Obtainable by defeating Belgemine's Bahamut

Once you have these, and have defeated ALL of Belgemine's aeons up to and 
including Anima, approach the door at the back of the interior of Remiem 
Temple. The door will be sealed by a strange energy, but the seal will break 
when you use the two items. After the seal is broken, Yuna will enter the 
chamber, pray, and return with the Sisters, for three new aeons that you 
summon as one. 

                           8.11     Locations Of...

Things to collect in this game. Might be an idea to know where to get them 
all, eh?

                          8.11.1     Al Bhed Primers

Al Bhed Primers are the key to deciphering the Al Bhed's words into actual 
English. There are twenty-six to collect around Spira, one teaching you each 
letter of the alphabet. Without further ado, here we go...

Primer I     - Teaches the letter 'A' in Al Bhed
               Get it on the Al Bhed Salvage Ship, after being rescued by 
               Rikku in the Baaj Temple. When you get free reign, it will be 
               in the top-right corner of the ship.

Primer II    - Teaches the letter 'B' in Al Bhed
               Get it in the Crusader's Lodge, in Besaid. When you enter, it's
               on the counter on the right, near the Sphere Monitor.

Primer III   - Teaches the letter 'C' in Al Bhed
               Get it in the engine room of the S.S Liki, which is the 
               southern door from the cabin where you find O'aka. It's in the
               far corner, past the chocobo.

Primer IV    - Teaches the letter 'D' in Al Bhed
               Get it in the bar in Kilika, the closest hut to the S.S. Liki.
               It'll just be lying on the counter.

Primer V     - Teaches the letter 'E' in Al Bhed
               Get it on the bridge (the inside cabin with the guy navigating
               the ship) of the S.S. Winno, on the way to Luca. You'll find it
               in the bottom-right corner of screen.

Primer VI    - Teaches the letter 'F' in Al Bhed
               Get it in the Luca Stadium. Once you have free reign, leave the
               Auroch's corridor and enter the corridor on the left, to find 
               it in a corner.

Primer VII   - Teaches the letter 'G' in Al Bhed
               Get it in the Luca Sphere Theater, by heading north at the 
               first intersection outside the stadium. You'll find it on the 
               ground on the left.

Primer VIII  - Teaches the letter 'H' in Al Bhed
               Get it from the Travel Agency on the Mi'ihen Highroad - Rin 
               will automatically give it to you.

Primer IX    - Teaches the letter 'I' in Al Bhed
               Get it on the Mi'ihen Highroad after the Travel Agency. Just
               past where Shelinda falls from the chocobo, near the hairpin 
               turn, it will be on the ground.

Primer X     - Teaches the letter 'J' in Al Bhed
               Get it in the Mushroom Rock Precipice, around the west spirally
               path. It's almost impossible to see, so just mash X when you 
               get to the end section, where you can see the main path again,
               to get it.
Primer XI    - Teaches the letter 'K' in Al Bhed
               Get it on the Djose Highroad. Just past the fourth tall column
               on the right, in a patch of sunlight, ti will be lying on the 

Primer XII   - Teaches the letter 'L' in Al Bhed
               Get it on the north wharf of the Moonflow. It's the tiny dot on
               the left, at the top of the ramp, near where the shoopuf is 

Primer XIII  - Teaches the letter 'M' in Al Bhed
               Get it in Guadosalam, at the back of the house left of (and up 
               the hill from) Seymour's manor. It's behind the tree growing 
               in the centre.

Primer XIV   - Teaches the letter 'N' in Al Bhed
               Get it in  the Thunder Plains Travel Agency. When Rin asks you 
               how your Al Bhed is going, tell him 'so-so', and he will give 
               it to you. As far as I know, there's no other way to get it, 
               should you answer 'not good'.

Primer XV    - Teaches the letter 'O' in Al Bhed
               Get it on Macalania Lake Road, just across the road from 
               O'aka. It's on the south-east path leading off the road.

Primer XVI   - Teaches the letter 'P' in Al Bhed
               Get it outside the Macalania Travel Agency, on the ground on 
               the left of the entrance.

Primer XVII  - Teaches the letter 'Q' in Al Bhed
               Get it in the Sanubia Desert. On the third screen, Central, 
               you'll find some ruins in a western section, left of the save 
               sphere on the left side. Inside the ruins on the north-east 
               corner of the screen, you'll find the primer.

Primer XVIII - Teaches the letter 'R' in Al Bhed
               Get it in the Sanubia Desert Central, on the ground just left
               of the sign pointing to the East section saying "Home is near".

Primer XIX   - Teaches the letter 'S' in Al Bhed
               Get it in Al Bhed Home, in the open courtyard. On the left, 
               just in front of the flames, you'll spot it on the ground. All
               Al Bhed Primers in Home are one-time only things, ou miss them,
               they're gone for good.

Primer XX    - Teaches the letter 'T' in Al Bhed
               Get it in Al Bhed home. Down the first set of stairs, enter 
               the first doorway on the left, kill the beast, then hunt around
               for it on the floor.

Primer XXI   - Teaches the letter 'U' in Al Bhed
               Get it in the Al Bhed Home. Down the second set of stairs, take
               the eastern passage, and you'll find it in the far corner past 
               the green-rimmed door.

Primer XXII  - Teaches the letter 'V' in Al Bhed
               Get it in Bevelle, upon entering the Priest's Passage (where 
               Rikku uses the first Al Bhed machina.) It's blended in with the
               floor at the top of the stairs, so mash X madly looking for it.

Primer XXIII - Teaches the letter 'W' in Al Bhed
               Get it in the Calm Lands, in the very north-east corner near 
               where you find the champion chocobo. It's on the very edge of 
               the cliff, hard to see.

Primer XXIV  - Teaches the letter 'X' in Al Bhed
               Get it in Remiem Temple. On the left wing of the outside 
               perimeter, it's just past the champion chocobo and the 
               instructory sphere.

Primer XXV   - Teaches the letter 'Y' in Al Bhed
               Get it in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. At the first save 
               point head left towards the dead end to spot it on the ground.

Primer XXVI  - Teaches the letter 'Z' in Al Bhed
               Get it in the Omega Ruins. In the room in the north-west with 
               the four chests in a circle, the primer is against the far 

                           8.11.2     Jecht Spheres

Jecht Sphere #1 - Macalania Woods Spring
                  After defeating Spherimorph, you'll be rewarded with the 
                  first sphere that unlocks all the other spheres.
                  Jecht realizes that he's never going to go home, and tells 
                  Tidus that if he is watching it, he is suffering the same 
                  fate. He wants Tidus to know that he loves him, but can't 
                  bring himself to say the words.

Jecht Sphere #2 - Besaid Village
                  Just left of the entrance to the Temple of Fayth, you'll 
                  find the second sphere.
                  Braska likes the look of the town, and he asks Auron to 
                  bring Yuna here after he's completed his pilgrimage. Jecht
                  just wants to get on with it, he's so hungry he could eat 
                  an entire shoopuf!

Jecht Sphere #3 - Bridge of S.S Liki
                  On the Winno there is Al Bhed Primer Vol V, on the Liki 
                  there is the sphere.
                  Jecht is on the S.S Liki, getting sad, and homesick. He 
                  wants to go home, but doesn't see a way, and Auron is 
                  trying to cheer him up. He just misses his wife and kid.

Jecht Sphere #4 - Luca Stadium
                  This sphere is in the corner of the corridor, just outside 
                  the Aurochs' locker room.
                  Jecht is practicing his blitzball, getting teases from Auron
                  and Braska. One day he'll get to show Tidus his new 
                  techniques, and he hopes Tidus has grown up big and strong, 
                  and put some muscle on. He also hopes he never gave up 
                  blitz, becuase he showed a lot of promise.

Jecht Sphere #5 - Mi'ihen Highroad
                  In the corner of the Lowroad, near where you got the Mars 
                  Crest, you'll find the next Jecht Sphere.
                  The Chocobo Eater is also present when these three are on 
                  their journey, and they don't know what to do. Braska is 
                  unsure, Auron wants to just leave it and keep going, but 
                  Jecht wants to fight it. "It's the right thing to do!"

Auron Sphere    - Mushroom Rock Precipice
                  Just south of the elevator leading to where Operation 
                  Mi'ihen was staged, where you saw the scene with Luzzu.
                  Kinoc and Auron are exchanging farewells, as Auron leaves on
                  his journey. Kinoc was recently promoted, to a job that 
                  should have been Auron's, but no hard feelings, ya? Auron 
                  promises to tell Kinoc about Zanarkand when he gets back.

Jecht Sphere #6 - Moonflow, South Wharf
                  Outside the tent near the save point, you'll find the sphere
                  in the right corner of screen.
                  Jecht is very drunk, and profusely sorry for attacking the 
                  shoopuf. Auron chides him, but he apologizes again, and says
                  that the only thing he drinks from now on is shoopuf milk!

Jecht Sphere #7 - Thunder Plains South
                  In the first section of the plains, you'll find it tucked 
                  near a lightning tower on the right side of the field.

Jecht Sphere #8 - Macalania Woods, South
                  From the south entrance, head east towards Bevelle and you 
                  can't miss it on the ground.

Braska Sphere   - Mt Gagazet
                  Just east of where you find Wantz, you'll find a small path
                  leading down to the sphere.
                  Details Braska's final message to Yuna. Almost tear-worthy, 
                  he tells her to find her own path in life, to work hard, and
                  doors will open for her. Don't let anyone dissuade her from
                  doing what she wants to do, she is strong, she will make it.

                          8.12 Returning to Temples

A little known fact in FFX is that if you return to the temples as early as 
the story will permit, you will be given snapshots of storyline from the 
fayth, and also some worthy rewards. (This means going all the way to the 
Chamber of the Fayth, through the cloisters of trials again. Don't moan like 
that, it's not so bad.) Anyways, I was recently astounded at the rewards I 
got when returning to Besaid Temple, so I wrote down what I got. Of course, 
I then went back to all the other temples and recorded them too. Here goes.

Note: I'm not sure if these were randomized, but this is what I got.

                    Besaid Temple

(If playing PAL, must go through Dark Valefor to get to it)

Main Prize - Evasion Sphere
Chests     - White Magic Sphere
           - Elixir
           - Hi-Potion
           - 2x Potion

                    Kilika Temple

Main Prize - Luck Sphere
Chests     - Accuracy Sphere
           - Defence Sphere
           - Agility Sphere

                    Djose Temple

Main Prize - Luck Sphere
Chests     - Magic Defence Sphere
           - Agility Sphere

                    Macalania Temple

(if playing PAL, must go through Dark Shiva to get to it)

                    Bevelle Temple

You cannot return to Bevelle Temple. Never! Ever! GRAWR!

                    Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

(Teleport in from the entrance, enter the chamber, and teleport out to avoid
Dark Yojimbo)

Main Prize - Strength Sphere


                            9.0     OVERDRIVE INFO


Unlike previous FF games, FFX does not contain limit breaks as such. Now we 
have Overdrives, and when a character has their Overdrive bar (below their HP 
and MP) completely full (and red), they will be able to perform an Overdrive. 

Once an Overdrive is active, press <- (on D-pad) when that character's turn 
comes up to access their Overdrive. Each character has a unique set of 
Overdrives, and a different method of performing them. Some are simple (rotate 
right analog stick), some are trickier (input sequence of buttons in right 

There are different ways in which each character's Overdrive bar can fill up - 
17 different methods in all. These range from it filling on your turn (Ally), 
to filling when you sustain damage (Stoic), to filling then you escape battle 
(Coward). First I have detailed each character's respective Overdrive, then 
section 10h deals with the different Overdrive modes, and how to 'learn' them.

                              9.1     Swordplay

Swordplay belongs to Tidus. When you select it, you'll be given a 
horizontal bar, with a orange section in the middle. As well, you have a 
slider moving up and down the bar fairly quickly. You have three seconds to 
stop the slider (by pressing X) when it's in the orange section of the bar. 
Fairly standard, no?

There are four different types of Swordplay for Tidus to learn (each is 
executed the same way):

                    Spiral Cut

Tidus starts with this. He runs, flips, and comes down hard with his sword on 
one enemy for massive damage.

                    Slice and Dice

After performing 10 Overdrives, Tidus will learn Slice and Dice. He will rush 
forward and make six physical attacks on random enemies, for increased damage 
with each strike.

                    Energy Rain

After performing 30 Overdrives, Tidus will learn Energy Rain. He jumps and 
bounces off one enemy, gathering massive energy with his sword and unleashing 
it on the enemy party for massive damage.

                    Blitz Ace

After performing 80 Overdrives, Tidus will learn Blitz Ace. I can't exactly 
describe it, as I've never seen it :/ It is the most powerful of Tidus' 

                            9.2     Grand Summon

Grand Summon is Yuna's unique Overdrive. There's not that much to it, she can 
simply use it to summon an aeon with a full Overdrive bar. (Yes, aeons have 
Overdrives just like characters do.) Then, the aeon can unleash an Overdrive 
of its own. If the aeon you select already had a full Overdrive bar, they can 
perform two consecutive Overdrives in two turns. 

Note with Grand Summon: If you Grand Summon an aeon and then dismiss them, 
they will lose the full Overdrive bar.

                                9.3     Slots

Slots are Wakka's Overdrive. By spinning reels on a slot machine, he can match 
up symbols to deal out different types of damage. It's simple to control, just 
press X to stop one moving reel at a time, and you get ample time to match 
them up.

Wakka learns new Overdrives from blitzball. So, if you want them all, you'll 
have to become rather good at Blitzball. He has four in all:

                    Element Reels

Wakka starts with these. Red is fire, white is ice, blue is water, and yellow 
is lightning. Match up three of one symbol to deal out massive damage of that 
element to the entire enemy party. If you can only manage to match up two, you 
still deal out the elemental damage, but to one enemy only.

                    Attack Reels

Arguably the best character Overdrive in the entire game, these will appear as 
a random first prize in a Blitzball tournament. The symbols here are 2 Hit 
(2), 1 Hit (1), and Miss (0). When you match up the reels, Wakka will attack 
the number of times from all the reels added together (x2 if all three reels 

Confused? If he gets 2 Hit - 2 Hit - 2 Hit, he'll hit (2 + 2 + 2) (x2 for 
perfect match) = 12 times. But if he gets 1 Hit - 2 Hit - 1 Hit on the reels, 
he'll attack 1 + 2 + 1 = 4 times. If you can match the three 2 Hit reels, with 
Wakka at optimal strength (255), you can hit 12 times at 99,999 damage. See 
what I mean by best?

                    Status Reels

After winning 250 battles total, these will appear as a random prize in a 
Blitzball League. We have the symbols skull, arrow, and lock. It might be 
easier for me to list a few combinations and what they do, here...

3x Skull - Poison, Sleep, Silence and Darkness on enemy party
3x Arrow - A physical attack plus Full Break (Power, Armour, Magic, Mental) 
           on enemy party
3x Clock - Wakka will attempt to attack and Petrify the whole enemy party
2 of one symbol - The effect will occur on one enemy, not the whole party
Three different - normal physical attack.

Here's hoping that makes sense.... moving on...

                    Auroch Reels

After winning 450 battles total, these will appear as a random prize in a 
Blitzball tournament. They're a combination of the Element and Status reels, 
with the coloured orbs and the symbols, plus one added symbol - the Auroch. 
Matching up three Aurochs deals out one very powerful physical attack against
the whole enemy party, while matching up other symbols has the same effect 
as the previous sets of reels.

Stick with the Attack Reels, I say.

                               9.4     Bushido

Bushido is Auron's Overdrive. After selecting Bushido, then the name of an 
Overdrive, you will have four seconds to input a series of six buttons, to 
successfully perform the move. If you fail to input them correctly, the move 
will still execute, but without the added 'bonus' effects such as Eject or 

Auron learns new Overdrives by collecting Jecht Spheres. Overall, he has four
attacks at his disposal:

                    Dragon Fang

Auron has this at the beginning of the game. 
Key Combination: Left, Down, Up, Right, L1, R1, X, O
He stabs his sword into the ground, causing an earthquake effect that hits all
enemies for massive damage, as well as inflicting Delay upon them all.

                    Shooting Star

Auron learns this after collecting one Jecht Sphere (after Spherimorph battle)
Key Combination: Triangle, O, Square, X, Left, Right, X
He charges at one enemy, hitting it with extreme force and adding Eject status
to the attack (ejects enemy from battle.)

                    Banishing Blade

Auron learns this after collecting three Jecht Spheres.
Key Combination: Up, L1, Down, R1, Right, Left, Triangle
He takes a sip of nog, and spits it at his blade, then attacks one enemy for 
massive damage, inflicting Full Break for good measure (Armour, Power, Magic, 
Mental Breaks).


Auron learns this after collecting all ten Jecht Spheres.
Key Combination: X, Right, R1, Left, L1, Triangle
He creates a tornado of fire, sucking the entire enemy party in it and dealing
out massive non-elemental damage. 

                             9.5     Ronso Rage

Ronso Rage is the specific technique of Kimahri Ronso, who is learned in the 
fiend's way of fighting. When the command appears, Kimahri can use the 
particular skills he has Lancetted from his enemies, in the form of blue 
magic. For a full list of blue magic he can learn, and where he can learn it, 
see the Blue Magic section.

                                9.6     Fury

Fury is what happens when Lulu gets furious. (Geddit?) It's a very simple 
Overdrive to perform, and involves casting one spell over and over again. Once
you select Fury, you'll be prompted to select a spell to use. Then, you have 
three seconds to rotate the right analog stick (clockwise or anticlockwise, 
doesn't matter) as fast as you can, as many times as you can in the allotted 
period. The game will count the number of times you turn it, and use it to 
decide how many times the spell will be cast repeatedly. For higher-level 
spells like Ultima, more turns are required per casting.

Spells Lulu can use in Fury:


                                 9.7     Mix

Rikku's power as an Al Bhed gives her the power to Mix two items to create one
super-item. You can choose any two items from your inventory to mix, for 
varied effects ranging from completely curing your entire party, to making 
every attack deal out 9999 damage (the fabled Trio of 9999). I'm not going to
list all possible combinations (as I don't have a few hundred KB to spare here
today), but I'm simply going to point you towards:

Christine Bomke's amazing Mix List, at GameFAQs. This has every possible 
combination of items you can use, and the result of each combination. Enjoy 

                           9.8     Overdrive Modes

Well now, how does our Overdrive bar fill up to perform these crazysexycool 
attacks? Differently, depending on what our Overdrive mode is. There are 
seventeen Overdrive modes in all, but each character starts with only one, 
Stoic. Each character learns each mode individually, and once you've learnt 
some, it can be changed from Set Mode in the Overdrive menu.


What?     Charges on character's turn.
How?      Take a set number of turns in battle:
          Tidus 600 turns, Yuna 500, Wakka 350, Lulu 480, Kimahri 300, Auron
          450, Rikku 320


What?     Charges when allies are killed in battle.
How?      Let a characters' allies be killed a set number of times:
          Tidus 100 times, Yuna 80, Wakka 100, Lulu 150, Kimahri 100, Auron
          120, Rikku 90


What?     Charges when your allies sustain damage.
How?      Let your allies sustain damage a set number of times: 
          Tidus 300 times, Yuna 240, Wakka 100, Lulu 100, Kimahri 100, Auron
          220, Rikku 100


What?     Charges when character escapes from battle.
How?      Escape from battle a set number of times:
          Tidus 600 escapes, Yuna 900, Wakka 400, Lulu 980, Kimahri 700, Auron
          1000, Rikku 450


What?     Charges when character evades an enemy attack.
How?      Evade a set number of enemy attacks:
          Tidus 250 attacks, Yuna 200, Wakka 200, Lulu 300, Kimahri 130, Auron
          200, Rikku 200


What?     Charges when character takes turns under critical (yellow) HP.
How?      Take a set number of turns under critical (yellow) HP:
          Tidus 170 turns, Yuna 90, Wakka 140, Lulu 150, Kimahri 200, Auron 
          260, Rikku 110


What?     Charges when your character heals allies.
How?      Heal allies a set number of times:
          Tidus 80 times, Yuna 60, Wakka 110, Lulu 170, Kimahri 100, Auron 
          200, Rikku 170


What?     Charges when character defeats an enemy by 20x necessary damage
How?      Defeat a set number of enemies by 20x the necessary damage:
          Tidus 50 enemies, Yuna 50, Wakka 50, Lulu 70, Kimahri 45, Auron 40,
          Rikku 50


What?     Charges when character takes turns alone in battle (allies either 
          all dead or all fled)
How?      Take a set number of turns alone in battle:
          Tidus 60 turns, Yuna 180, Wakka 110, Lulu 45, Kimahri 90, Auron 35, 
          Rikku 170


What?     Charges when a character nullifies status/elemental attacks 
How?      Nullify a certain number of status/elemental attacks:
          Tidus 120 attacks, Yuna 110, Wakka 120, Lulu 120, Kimahri 120, Auron
          120, Rikku 120


What?     Charges when your character kills an enemy
How?      Kill a certain number of enemies:
          Tidus 100 enemies, Yuna 110, Wakka 90, Lulu 130, Kimahri 120, Auron
          80, Rikku 200


What?     Charges when your character sustains damage.
How?      You start off with this, silly.


What?     Charges when character takes turns under a negative status
How?      Take a set number of turns under a negative status:
          Tidus 100 turns, Yuna 80, Wakka 100, Lulu 110, Kimahri 130, Auron 
          120, Rikku 90


What?     Charges when character inflicts a status ailment on enemy
How?      Successfully inflict a set number of status ailments on enemies:
          Tidus 75 ailments, Yuna 100, Wakka 80, Lulu 75, Kimahri 60, Auron 
          110, Rikku 90


What?     Charges when character is hit with a negative status ailment
How?      Let your character successfully be hit with a set number of status 
          Tidus 120 ailments, Yuna 100, Wakka 110, Lulu 130, Kimahri 100, 
          Auron 160, Rikku 125


What?     Charges when your character is part of the winning party in battle.
How?      Include your character as part of the winning party in battle a set 
          number of times:
          Tidus 120 times, Yuna 150, Wakka 160, Lulu 200, Kimahri 120, Auron 
          200, Rikku 140


What?     Charges when you inflict normal physical damage upon your enemies.
How?      Inflict normal physical damage a set number of times:
          Tidus 150 times, Yuna 200, Wakka 160, Lulu 300, Kimahri 120, Auron
          100, Rikku 140


                  10.0     A BEGINNER's GUIDE TO STAT MAXING


Say what now? WTF is stat maxing? Simply put, it's getting all of your 
character's stats (Str, Mag, Def, etc.) up to the maximum of 255. Who would do 
such a thing? Well, it's pretty much a necessity for fighting things like some
Dark Aeons, the evil Penance, and Nemesis. So, how does one go about stat 
maxing? Well, with the help of the fabulous Chris Hackney AKA Masamune3, I've 
started stat maxing in my own game, so I thought I'd share my methods with 

I know you said I could copy your guide verbatim, Chris, but I think you 
phrased a few things oddly. So, I will take all your hard work, re-write it, 
slap my own name on it, and thank your mother for the rabbits :) Just kidding,
much thanks to you, Chris, you're a lifesaver.

Let's start. To get your stats up to 255, you need a few things:

1) An easy way of getting your characters a lot of sphere levels fast. They'll 
   need to cover pretty much the whole grid each, to get there.

2) A lot of Stat Creation Spheres (eg. Strength Sphere, Magic Sphere), to 
   fill in the empty nodes. Without them, covering the whole grid with one 
   character will give them stats similar to: 19400 HP, 1260 MP, 187 Str, 150 
   Def, 142 Mag, 124 MDef, 174 Agl, 18 Luck, 124 Eva, and 70 Acc. (Plus their 
   starting stats.) This is what the sphere grid holds. Obviously those stats 
   aren't anywhere near 255 each, so we'll have to fill the empty nodes with 
   lots of stat creation spheres to make up the difference.

That's basically it. Fill the gaps, then run your characters over the whole 
grid. It sounds simple, eh? Let's go through, really slowly, how to do this.


First, you need to get to know the Monster Arena. You'll need to unlock a lot 
of the bosses - namely, Juggernaut, Tanket, Jumbo Flan, One-Eye, Fenrir, 
Hornet, Pteryx, Earth Eater, and Greater Sphere. For the requirements of each 
of these bosses, check the Monster Arena section of the guide.

These bosses are what give you the stat creation spheres. You prolly won't be 
able to kill them just yet (with the exception of maybe One-Eye, the pansy), 
but unlock them for now. That's the easy bit out of the way (but it can be 
frustrating, if one particular enemy decides to elude you *cough Floating 
Death cough*.)

Now for some training. We need to get you tough enough to fight these bosses. 
Yuna is the most important one to train here, first, as her aeons can wipe out 
pretty much everything. Where do you go for serious training, first? Omega 
Ruins. This place can be daunting, so if you can't tackle it just yet, other 
good levelling up places are the Zanarkand Ruins, Inside Sin, or the Gagazet 
Cave. Travel around a lot, and level Yuna up. WHen she gets to the end of her 
own section of the sphere grid, use a Teleport Sphere to send her to the start 
of Auron's grid and get her levelling up there. Auron has a lot of Str nodes 
in his section of the grid, and for every Str point Yuna gets, her aeons get 
quite a few. You can simply use aeons to fight all these battles for you, to 
level Yuna up, if you wish.

When Yuna gets to around 50 Str, her aeons (especially Anima, Yojimbo, and the 
Magus Sisters) will start hitting 255 Str. Maximum. Perfect. Time for the 
serious stuff!

                     Setting Up For The Infamous AP Trick

Now, we're going to get ourselves some weapons that can get us a lot of AP 
fast. By combining a few rare and obscure weapon abilities, we can get 
ourselves a LOT of AP. There's three abilities we need:

1) Triple AP. 
   Of course, this gets you three times the AP from the battle, therefore 
   three times the sphere levels. This is hard to customize, but the good 
   thing is, with your ass-kicking aeons you can easily defeat One-Eye with 
   his wimpy 150,000 HP. One-Eye often drops weapons with Triple AP already 
   customized, so just beat his ass a few times until you get a few for your 
   favorite characters. You'll need weapons with Triple AP and two slots free, 
   for the other two abilities we need. If you get weapons with Triple AP and 
   one slot free, or any armour, just sell them.

2) Overdrive -> AP. 
   This is an interesting one, and one I'd never actually heard of until I 
   started writing up abilities for this guide. What does it do? Well, instead 
   of charging your Overdrive bar following your set Overdrive mode (eg. 
   charging when you take damage), the game converts the charge to AP instead. 
   So, if your mode is Stoic, and you get hit, the bar stays the same, but you 
   get more AP at the end of the battle! Plus, you'll get this AP even if you 
   flee! Coupled with Triple AP, we've got the makings now...

   Customize this onto your Triple AP weapon with 10x Door to Tomorrow. If you 
   unlock Catastrophe in the Monster Arena, you'll get 99 of these, enough for 
   everyone's weapons.

3) Triple Overdrive
   Normally, this ability charges your Overdrive bar three times faster than 
   normal. A good ability, no matter what you put it with. But with our 
   weapons here, seeing as we're converting Overdrive charge to AP.... we get 
   three times the AP we would get using Overdrive -> AP. Plus, we've got 
   Triple AP as well.... is all this sounding like a LOT of AP, or what? You 
   can customize Triple Overdrive onto your weapon using 30x Winning Formula. 
   Unlock Neslug for 99 of these, enough for three weapons. For the other 
   four, you'll have to do things the hard way and bribe some Sand Worms for 
   around 600,000 gil, for around ten of the suckers. Expensive, but much 
   easier than the alternative of beating Ultima Buster.

*Side note* - Use One-Eye as a way of making gil for this. Fight him 
constantly (8000 gil cost), and sell the profits (9000-60000 gil reward).

So now (a zillion hours later), you have (hopefully) a full set of seven 
kick-ass weapons for your characters, each with the abilities Triple AP, 
Overdrive -> AP, and Triple Overdrive. With these, the more you charge your 
Overdrive, the more (lots LOTS more) AP you get. We're gonna use this to our 

                          Gimme Those Sphere Levels!

Now we're ready to get 99 Sphere Levels in one battle. You can do this for 
three characters at a time, and it goes something like this. Unlock Don 
Tonberry, buy 99x Phoenix Downs, set your selected characters' Overdrive modes 
to Comrade. We're gonna get hit with a shitload of damage here, and turn it 
all into AP.

To make this trick work best, you could also get some kick-ass armour with 
Auto-Phoenix on it. But really, it's not necessary, we can do fine without it. 
And in terms of armour, the more damage we get with the Comrade mode, the 
better because our Overdrive bars will charge faster, so take off that Defense 
+10%/+20% armour, please.

Now, get yourself into a fight with Don Tonberry, and attack. Every time you 
attack, he will counter with Karma - an attack with strength directly 
propertional to the amount of enemies that character has killed in the game. 
You've killed a lot, you'll get hurt a lot. Of course, when Karma hits, that 
character will most likely die, and the other two characters' Overdrive bars 
(that are getting converted to AP) will go through the roof due to Comrade. 
Revive the character with a Phoenix Down, rinse lather repeat. Soon, he'll get 
close enough to stab you for 9999 damage. Just let him do this, while you keep
reviving people.

When you run out of Phoenix Downs, if you haven't already killed Don Tonberry, 
Flee the battle. You keep all AP you get from the fight in terms of Overdrive 
-> AP. 

I tested this out, and used ten Phoenix Downs. My characters each got in the
hundreds of thousands of AP. Use all 99 Phoenix Downs, and you will most 
definitely get 99 Sphere Levels.

Was that worth it, or what?

Now, what to do with all these sphere levels... 

                        Getting Stat Creation Spheres

The tedious part. This uses the base stats I listed earlier, that your 
characters would have if they travelled over the entire Sphere Grid. We need 
to get enough stat creation spheres to make up the difference between those 
stats and 255.... ergo, we'll need....

255 - 187 Str == 68 Str points
255 - 150 Def == 105 Def points
255 - 142 Mag == 113 Mag points
255 - 124 MDef = 131 MDef points
255 - 174 Agl == 81 Agl points
255 - 18 Luck == 237 Luck points (impossible, and we don't need them anyways)
255 - 124 Eva == 131 Eva points
255 - 70 Acc === 185 Acc points.

That's what we need to get 255. Seeing as each stat creation sphere we use 
gives us +4 of that stat, we'll need...

68/4 == 17 Strength Spheres
105/4 = 27 Defence Spheres
113/4 = 29 Magic Spheres
131/4 = 33 Magic Defense Spheres
81/4 == 21 Agility Spheres
237/4 (luck is unnecessary, so we'll leave that out)
131/4 = 33 Evasion Spheres
185/4 = 47 Accuracy Spheres.

Okay. That's what we need. How do we get it?

We fight the Monster Arena bosses I asked you to unlock, as part of the 
preparation process. Oh boy. 

- Juggernaut (drops Strength Spheres)
- Tanket (drops Defence Spheres)
- Jumbo Flan (drops Magic Spheres)
- One-Eye (drops Magic Defence Spheres)
- Fenrir (drops Agility Spheres)
- Hornet (drops Accuracy Spheres)
- Pteryx (drops Evasion Spheres)

If you want to max Luck the best you can (utterly boring and ultimately 
pointless), you'll also be fighting:

- Earth Eater (drops Fortune Spheres)
- Greater Sphere (drops Luck Spheres)

Each boss will drop one sphere per battle, or two if you overkill it. Fight 
the amount of times to get the required spheres. Now, take one character, and
start moving them around the grid, filling in all the gaps with stat creation 
spheres, starting with Str. Max Str will make it much easier to fight hard to
get the other spheres, so do that first. Plot one person around the grid 
(covering parts they might have already covered, to get to the empty nodes) 
until they've used all the stat creation spheres, activated them all, and got
max stats.

                   Help, I Ran Out of an Activation Sphere!

Activation Sphere meaning, Power/Mana/Speed Sphere. This will happen a LOT, 
running out of them. Good thing is, there's a method to combat this. Simply 
unlock Kottos in the Monster Arena, and use a Distiller of the sphere you 
need, on him (or use Distil <sphere name here> ability, if playing PAL). Now 
overkill him, and you'll get 40 of the sphere you need. Easy, eh?

                                  Now What?

Once you've got one character maxed out like this, use the AP Trick (fighting 
Don Tonberry with the kick-ass weapons, 99x Phoenix Down, and Comrade) to get 
enough sphere levels for your other six characters. Transfer them (using a 
Teleport/Friend Sphere) to either end of the first character's path, then send
them through the newly-filled grid. At the end, you should have seven 
characters that have traversed the whole sphere grid, and each should have 
max stats of 9999 HP, 999 MP, and 255 for all stats (except Luck.)

Congrats, you just achieved yourself uberness!

What to do with uberness? Well, normal fiends are now a snap, including bosses
like the big final boss. Monster Arena bosses will taste your uberness and die
screaming. Dark Aeons are the challenges you have left, if you're playing PAL 
as I am.

See the Dark Aeons section, including the boss of them all, Penance.


                                11.0     AEONS


Aeons are the summons and supreme entities of FFX. Anyone who's played a FFX 
game will know the idea - in FF6 they were called Espers, FF7 had Summons, FF8 
had GFs, and FF9 Eidolons. The beings in FFX are called Aeons, and they work 
differently than in any other Final Fantasy game.

No longer do you summon in these beings to deliver one attack and one attack 
only. In FFX, Yuna summons aeons in to fight for your party. You control these
aeons as you would any normal character - they attack, they have special 
moves, they can cast magic (if you teach them spells), and they have 
overdrives. They have turns on the CTB just like any other character. When an
aeon is summoned, your party disappears and the aeon takes over, until either 
the aeon dies or is dismissed by Yuna. Nifty, eh?

Like characters, aeons can be customized and strengthened. They do not have a 
sphere grid, but rather you can raise their attributes once you have recieved 
the Aeon's Soul, and raise their abilities once you have received the 
Summoner's Soul. Both of these items are available from Belgemine, either on 
your travels through the game or in the Remiem Temple. Items are required to 
teach your aeons abilities, and spheres are required to raise their 

Abilities an aeon can learn (after obtaining the Summoner's Soul): 
(entries marked with a * are completely useless as they cannot be used)

Aim             (5x Speed Sphere)
Armour Break    (2x Level 4 Key Sphere)
Bio             (8x Poison Fang)
Blizzaga        (4x Ice Gem)
Blizzara        (2x Arctic Wind)
Blizzard        (1x Antarctic Wind)
Cheer           (5x Power Sphere)
Cura            (30x X-Potion)
Curaga          (60x Mega-Potion)
Cure            (99x Hi-Potion)
Dark Attack     (6x Smoke Bomb)
Dark Buster     (12x Smoke Bomb)
Death           (30x Farplane Shadow)
Delay Attack    (20x Silver Hourglass)
Delay Buster    (30x Gold Hourglass)
Demi            (8x Shadow Gem)
Dispel          (3x Purifying Salt)
Drain           (60x Stamina Spring)
Doublecast      (5x Three Stars)
Extract Ability (20x Ability Sphere)
Extract Mana    (20x Mana Sphere)
Extract Power   (20x Power Sphere)
Extract Speed   (20x Speed Sphere)
Fira            (2x Bomb Core)
Firaga          (4x Fire Gem)
Fire            (1x Bomb Fragment)
Flare           (60x Shining Gem)
Focus           (10x Mana Sphere)
Full Break      (2x Dark Matter)
* Full-Life     (1x Megalixir)
Haste           (10x Chocobo Feather)
* Hastega       (16x Chocobo Wing)
Holy            (60x Blessed Gem)
Jinx            (2x Fortune Sphere)
Lancet          (20x Soul Spring)
* Life          (8x Elixir)
Luck            (2x Fortune Sphere)
Magic Break     (4x Mana Spring)
Mental Break    (4x Shining Thorn)
NulBlaze        (2x Bomb Fragment)
NulFrost        (2x Antarctic Wind)
NulSpark        (2x Electro Marble)
NulTide         (2x Fish Scale)
Osmose          (10x Mana Spring)
Power Break     (8x Stamina Spring)
Pray            (5x Healing Water)
Protect         (6x Light Curtain)
Reflect         (3x Star Curtain)
Reflex          (10x Speed Sphere)
Regen           (60x Healing Spring)
Scan            (10x Ability Sphere)
Shell           (4x Lunar Curtain)
Silence Attack  (3x Silence Grenade)
Silence Buster  (10x Silence Grenade)
Sleep Attack    (3x Sleeping Powder)
Sleep Buster    (10x Sleeping Powder)
Slow            (4x Silver Hourglass)
Slowga          (8x Gold Hourglass)
Thundaga        (4x Lightning Gem)
Thundara        (2x Lightning Marble)
Thunder         (1x Electro Marble)
Triple Foul     (4x Skill Sphere)
Ultima          (99x Supreme Gem)
Water           (1x Fish Scale)
Watera          (2x Dragon Scale)
Waterga         (4x Water Gem)
Zombie Attack   (99x Holy Water)

Attributes of aeons are linked to the attributes of the summoner. As Yuna 
levels up normally and her stats increase, her aeons' stats will also 
increase. You can also increase aeons' stats 'manually', however, using 
incredible numbers of Spheres (Mana, Speed, Power and Fortune) once you have 
the Aeon's Soul.

Spheres required to increase aeon's attributes:

HP   (Power Sphere)    100 Increase = (Max HP/50) spheres needed
MP   (Mana Sphere)     10 Increase  = (Max MP/10) spheres needed
STR  (Power Sphere)    1 Increase   = (Str/2) spheres needed
DEF  (Power Sphere)    1 Increase   = (Def/2) spheres needed
MAG  (Mana Sphere)     1 Increase   = (Mag/2) spheres needed
MDF  (Mana Sphere)     1 Increase   = (MDf/2) spheres needed
AGL  (Speed Sphere)    1 Increase   = (Agl/2) spheres needed
LUK  (Fortune Sphere)  1 Increase   = (Luk/2) spheres needed
EVA  (Speed Sphere)    1 Increase   = (Eva/2) spheres needed
ACC  (Speed Sphere)    1 Increase   = (Acc/2) spheres needed

There are a total of eight aeons in FFX. Five are compulsory, you have to get 
them on your trip through the game. Three are hidden, and require completing 
side quests to obtain.


Obtained:          Besaid Cloister of Trials

Base Stats:        HP: 725     MP: 24
                   STR: 18     DEF: 23     MAG: 21     MDF: 23     AGL: 10
                   LUK: 17     EVA: 19     ACC: 11

Abilities:         Fire, Water, Blizzard, Thunder

Special Attack:    Sonic Wings - inflicts physical damage and Delay status on 
                   one opponent.

Overdrives:        Valefor is the only aeon with two overdrives.
                   Energy Ray - the default overdrive. A ray of energy lines 
                   the ground and then explodes, causing massive physical 
                   damage on all enemies.
                   Energy Blast - obtainable from the girl with the dog in 
                   Besaid, after returning in the airship. 

Valefor will probably be your weakest aeon over the course of the game. It can 
break the damage limit (ie. do over 9999 damage) only when Yuna's Nirvana is 
powered up with the Moon Crest. It's also one of the two compulsory aeons 
without an elemental affinity, which can prove to be a downside.


Obtained:          Kilika Cloister of Trials

Base Stats:        HP: 857     MP: 23
                   STR: 19     DEF: 29     MAG: 21     MDF: 21     AGL: 9
                   LUK: 17     EVA: 10     ACC: 11

Abilities:         NulBlaze, NulFrost, Fire

Special Attack:    Meteor Strike - inflicts special-type physical damage to  
                   one opponent.

Overdrive:         Hellfire - Ifrit throws the piece of ground with your 
                   enemies on it, high into the air, then throws another piece
                   of fiery earth at them, causing them to fall to the ground
                   and dealing massive fire-based damage.

Ifrit is better than Valefor, but not by a lot. He can break the damage limit
(ie. do over 9999 damage) only when Wakka's World Champion is powered up with
the Sun Crest. Being a fire aeon, using Fire spells on him will cure him, 
which can be a big bonus, and saves you teaching him curative spells. In the 
early parts of the game, he is more powerful than Valefor, so use him when you
need added oomph.


Obtained:          Djose Cloister of Trials

Base Stats:        HP: 891     MP: 25
                   STR: 20     DEF: 26     MAG: 20     MDF: 29     AGL: 8
                   LUK: 17     EVA: 11     ACC: 12

Abilities:         NulSpark, NulTide, Thunder, Thundara

Special Attack:    Aerospark - deals out lightning-elemental damage as well as
                   using Dispel on one opponent.

Overdrive:         Thor's Hammer - Ixion charges up a massive thunder-
                   elemental attack, using his horn, and then dishes it out 
                   for a quick 9999 (or more) damage. 

Ixion is better than Ifrit, again. You can cure him up well using his own 
Thundara spells on him, which works in tough situations. He can break the 
damage limit (ie. do more than 9999 damage) when Kimahri's Spirit Lance is 
powered up with the Saturn Crest. 


Obtained:          Macalania Cloister of Trials

Base Stats:        HP: 820     MP: 26
                   STR: 19     DEF: 17     MAG: 23     MDF: 24     AGL: 14
                   LUK: 17     EVA: 32     ACC: 11

Abilities:         NulBlaze, NulFrost, Blizzard, Blizzara

Special Attack:    Heavenly Strike - deals out a swift kick for damage and 
                   Delay, on one opponent.

Overdrive:         Diamond Dust - Shiva creates waves of ice around the room,
                   and with a snap of her fingers, shatters them all including
                   your frozen enemies for massive ice-based damage. 

Shiva's main advantages are her high agility and high evasion, and she works 
best in the very first battle you can use her in (against Seymour in 
Macalania.) She will take turns fast, and use them to cure often because of 
her low HP. She can use Blizzara to cure herself, which works as a bonus, and 
she can exceed the damage limit (ie. do more than 9999 damage) when Lulu's 
Onion Knight has been powered up with the Venus Crest.


Obtained:          Bevelle Cloister of Trials

Base Stats:        HP: 1210    MP: 35
                   STR: 23     DEF: 27     MAG: 18     MDF: 28     AGL: 10
                   LUK: 17     EVA: 20     ACC: 11

Abilities:         Fire, Thunder, Water, Blizzard, Fira, Thundara, Watera, 
                   Blizzara, Firaga, Thundaga, Waterga, Blizzaga

Special Attack:    Impulse - Hits all enemies for physical damage.

Overdrive:         Mega-Flare - BYE BYE BAD GUYS, this one is a massive non-
                   elemental flame (go figure) that will decimate your entire
                   enemy party.

Bahamut is the second compulsory aeon without an elemental affinity, but with
this big brute, who cares? He's slow, but when he hits, he hits HARD. He can 
withstand a lot, with high HP, and breaks the damage limit (ie. does more than
9999 damage) by default. Seriously, the best compulsory aeon you can get, by 
far, and better even than some of the secret ones.


Obtained:          Cavern of the Stolen Fayth (see side quests)

Base Stats:        HP: 1030    MP: 0
                   STR: 29     DEF: 25     MAG: 16     MDF: 23     AGL: 9
                   LUK: 17     EVA: 59     ACC: 19

Abilities:         none

Special Attack:    Yojimbo has four.
                   Daigoro - Yojimbo's dog attacks one enemy for small damage.
                   Wazikashi - depending on how much Yojimbo likes you, he'll
                   deal out moderate damage to one or all enemies.
                   Kozuka - Large physical damage to one enemy.
                   Zanmato - instant death to ALL enemies. No creature is 

Overdrive:         none

If it wasn't for Zanmato, Yojimbo would be the worst supreme being in 
existence. He's a bodyguard for hire, and how much you pay him on each turn 
will decide the attack he performs. You pay him a lot, and summon him often, 
and there's a small chance he will perform Zanmato. Of course, Zanmato is the 
ultimate move. But is it worth shelling out the gil to get it? Yojimbo can 
break the damage limit (ie. do more than 9999 damage) when you power up 
Auron's Masamune with the Mars Crest.


Obtained:          Baaj Temple (see side quests)

Base Stats:        HP: 1410    MP: 45
                   STR: 33     DEF: 26     MAG: 22     MDF: 23     AGL: 9
                   LUK: 17     EVA: 20     ACC: 11

Abilities:         Sleep Attack, Silence Attack, Dark Attack, Sleep Buster, 
                   Silence Buster, Dark Buster, Zombie Attack, Fire, Thunder, 
                   Water, Blizzard, Fira, Thundara, Watera, Blizzara, Firaga,
                   Thundaga, Waterga, Blizzaga, Bio, Death

Special Attack:    Pain - deals out large physical damage and inflicts Death 
                   upon one enemy

Overdrive:         Oblivion - the ultimate Overdrive. In the US version, the 
                   dark soul of Anima hits once for large special type damage.
                   If you're playing PAL, she will hit 16 times. (Whoa! At 
                   max stats... 16 x 99,999.... you do the math...)

The single most powerful aeon. She is Seymour's aeon, but she becomes yours. 
Her Pain attack will kill any non-Deathproofed creature, and her Oblivion is 
the most powerful attack you will have. Her weakness is her agility, but if 
you boost that up, she can become unstoppable. She can break the damage limit
(do more than 9999 damage) by default.

                    Magus Sisters

Obtained:          Remiem Temple (see side quests)

Base Stats:        Mindy:      HP: 1237    MP: 58
                   STR: 23     DEF: 24     MAG: 28     MDF: 28     AGL: 12
                   LUK: 17     EVA: 23     ACC: 12
                   Sandy:      HP: 1790    MP: 35
                   STR: 35     DEF: 42     MAG: 26     MDF: 28     AGL: 10
                   LUK: 17     EVA: 17     ACC: 13
                   Cindy:      HP: 2190    MP: 46
                   STR: 28     DEF: 32     MAG: 21     MDF: 28     AGL: 10
                   LUK: 17     EVA: 20     ACC: 11

Abilities:         none

Special Attack:    Mindy - Passado - 15 powerful hits to one enemy
                   Sandy - Razzia - a single powerful hit to one enemy
                   Cindy - Camisade - a single powerful slam on one enemy

Overdrive:         Delta Attack - when all three Magus Sisters are at 
                   Overdrive, use Delta Attack for a very cool (but long) 
                   scene, and 6 hits dealing out MAJOR special-type damage.

A book could be written on these three unpredictable sisters. They do not have
normal commands like normal aeons, but rather obscure commands like "Go, go!",
"Fight!", "Do as you will.", "One more time!" and the like. Each command has 
different actions - Defence could mean the casting of Shell, Protect, or Life
for example. Fight and One More Time are most likely to bring up the special
attacks, some of the most powerful weapons you have. And these sisters are 
lazy - if they don't wanna attack, they'll take a break and waste a turn. 
For their craziness, they're powerful, very powerful, and if you can utilize
them well you can slice and dice powerful enemies with ease.


                         12.0     STANDARD RPG LISTS


You all know how this section works. All the important (and repetitive) lists 
and stuff.

                             12.1     White Magic

Yuna is our one dedicated white mage in this game, so she will learn the 
majority of these spells. Some other characters have basic white magic spells 
on their paths, so they will learn them too.


Cost:              97 MP
Description:       Automatically revives an ally the next time he is KO'd. The 
                   target will instantly awaken from KO with a small amount of 
                   HP. Effective only once per casting.


Cost:              10 MP
Description:       Restores a substantial amount of the target's HP. The 
                   caster's magic attribute influences the strength of this 


Cost:              20 MP
Description:       Restores a massive amount of the target's HP. The caster's 
                   magic attribute influences the strength of this spell.


Cost:              4 MP
Description:       Restores a small amount of the target's HP. The caster's 
                   magic attribute influences the strength of this spell.


Cost:              12 MP
Description:       Negates any spell effects that are currently active on the 
                   target, such as Shell, Protect, Haste and Reflect.


Cost:              5 MP
Description:       Cures the target's status ailments. Removes poison, 
                   darkness, silence, sleep, petrification, confusion, 
                   berserk, and slow. Ineffective against zombie, curse, doom, 
                   and KO.


Cost:              8 MP
Description:       Accelerates the target so that his turns in battle come up 
                   sooner than normal.


Cost:              20 MP
Description:       Accelerates the entire party so that all member's turns in 
                   battle come up sooner than normal.


Cost:              60 MP
Description:       Revives a KO'ed ally and restores his HP to maximum.


Cost:              85 MP
Description:       Deals holy damage to the target.


Cost:              18 MP
Description:       Revives a KO'ed ally.


Cost:              2 MP
Description:       Grants each party member immunity from one fire attack. 
                   Nullifies fire-based physical attacks as well as spells 
                   like Fira.


Cost:              2 MP
Description:       Grants each party member immunity from one ice attack. 
                   Nullifies ice-based physical attacks as well as spells like 


Cost:              2 MP
Description:       Grants each party member immunity from one lightning 
                   attack. Nullifies lightning-based physical attacks as well 
                   as spells like Thundara.


Cost:              2 MP
Description:       Grants each party member immunity from one water attack. 
                   Nullifies water-based physical attacks as well as spells 
                   like Watera.


Cost:              12 MP
Description:       Protects the target from physical attacks by increasing his 


Cost:              14 MP
Description:       Bounces spells cast at the target towards the enemy. 
                   Deflects both damaging and healing spells alike.


Cost:              40 MP
Description:       Gradually restores the target's HP for a time.


Cost:              1 MP
Description:       Displays key information about the target, such as its HP, 
                   attributes, immunities, weaknesses, and methods of attack.


Cost:              10 MP
Description:       Helps the target better withstand magic attacks by raising 
                   his magic defence.


Cost:              12 MP
Description:       Slows the target down.


Cost:              20 MP
Description:       Slows all enemies down.

                             12.2     Black Magic

Lulu is our one dedicated black mage in this game, so she will learn the 
majority of these spells. While most are on Lulu's path only, a few are 
scattered around the grid for other characters to enjoy.


Cost:              10 MP
Description:       Poisons the target, which drains HP from it after every 
                   turn it takes in battle.


Cost:              16 MP
Description:       Deals a massive amount of ice damage to the target. The 
                   caster's magic attribute influences the effect of this 


Cost:              8 MP
Description:       Deals an impressive amount of ice damage to the target. The 
                   caster's magic attribute influences the effect of this 


Cost:              4 MP
Description:       Deals a relatively small amount of ice damage to the 
                   target. The caster's magic attribute influences the effect 
                   of this spell.


Cost:              20 MP
Description:       Can instantly KO the target.


Cost:              32 MP
Description:       Reduces the current HP of all enemies by 1/4.


Cost:              12 MP
Description:       Transfers HP from the target to the caster.


Cost:              8 MP
Description:       Deals an impressive amount of fire damage to the target. 
                   The caster's magic attribute influences the strength of 
                   this spell.


Cost:              16 MP
Description:       Deals a massive amount of fire damage to the target. The 
                   caster's magic attribute influences the effect of this 


Cost:              4 MP
Description:       Deals a relatively small amount of fire damage to the 
                   target. The caster's magic attribute influences the effect 
                   of this spell.


Cost:              54 MP
Description:       Deals non-elemental magic to the target. Works well on 
                   enemies that resist or absorb certain elements.


Cost:              n/a
Description:       Transfers MP from the target to the caster.


Cost:              16 MP
Description:       Deals a massive amount of lightning damage to the target. 
                   The caster's magic attribute influences the effect of this 


Cost:              8 MP
Description:       Deals an impressive amount of lightning damage to the 
                   target. The caster's magic attribute influences the effect 
                   of this spell.


Cost:              4 MP
Description:       Deals a relatively small amount of lightning damage to the 
                   target. The caster's magic attribute influences the effect 
                   of this spell.


Cost:              90 MP
Description:       Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies. Useful against 
                   enemies that resist or absorb certain elements.


Cost:              4 MP
Description:       Deals a relatively small amount of water damage to the 
                   target. The caster's magic attribute influences the effect 
                   of this spell.


Cost:              8 MP
Description:       Deals an impressive amount of water damage to the target. 
                   The caster's magic attribute influences the effect of this 


Cost:              16 MP
Description:       Deals a massive amount of water damage to the target. The 
                   caster's magic attribute influences the effect of this 

                             12.3     Blue Magic

Blue Magic is Kimahri's special skill, as a Ronso. Using the Lancet ability on
certain enemies, Kimahri can learn their skills for his own personal use. Even
though other characters can learn Lancet, no-one else can extract blue magic.
These blue magics are used for Kimahri's Overdrive, Ronso Rage.

                    Aqua Breath

Learn From:        Chimera, Yenke Ronso
Description:       Water damage to all enemies.

                    Bad Breath

Learn From:        Marlboro, Great Marlboro
Description:       Inflicts Berserk, Confusion, Poison, Darkness, Silence, 
                   Petrification, and Curse (was there any I missed out?) on 
                   all enemies.


Learn From:        Ghost, Wraith, Biran Ronso
Description:       Casts Doom on one enemy.

                    Fire Breath

Learn From:        Dual Horn, Valaha, Grendel, Yenke Ronso
Description:       Fire damage to all enemies.


Learn From:        n/a (already learned)
Description:       Non-elemental damage to one enemy.

                    Mighty Guard

Learn From:        Behemoth, Behemoth King, Biran Ronso
Description:       Casts Shell, Protect, and NulAll on your party.


Learn From:        Nemesis, Omega Weapon
Description:       Non-elemental damage to all enemies (most powerful blue 

                    Seed Cannon

Learn From:        Grat, Ragora, Sandragora
Description:       Non-elemental damage to one enemy

                    Self Destruct

Learn From:        Bomb, Grenade, Puroboros, Biran Ronso
Description:       Sacrifices Kimahri to deal large non-elemental damage to 
                   one enemy.

                    Stone Breath

Learn From:        Basilisk, Anacondaur, Yenke Ronso
Description:       Petrifies all enemies.

                    Thrust Kick

Learn From:        YKT-11, YKT-63, Biran Ronso
Description:       Non-elemental damage to one enemy; will not eject an enemy

                    White Wind

Learn From:        Dark Flan, Spirit, Yenke Ronso
Description:       Heals your party for half of Kimahri's HP.

                               12.4     Skills

These nodes are scattered around the grid, and each character will most likely 
learn several over the course of the game.

                    Armour Break

First Learner:     Auron
Cost:              12 MP
Description:       Lowers the target's defence, leaving it vulnerable to 
                   greater physical damage. Also negates the target's armour, 
                   allowing non-piercing weapons to deal normal damage.

                    Dark Attack

First Learner:     Wakka
Cost:              5 MP
Description:       If successful, this ability inflicts darkness on the target 
                   for three turns, greatly reducing the accuracy of its 
                   physical attacks.

                    Dark Buster

First Learner:     Wakka
Cost:              10 MP
Description:       Inflicts darkness on a target for one turn. Success is 
                   virtually guaranteed, unless the target has some form of 

                    Delay Attack

First Learner:     Tidus
Cost:              8 MP
Description:       Slightly delays the target's next turn.

                    Delay Buster

First Learner:     Tidus
Cost:              18 MP
Description:       Greatly delays the target's next turn.

                    Extract Ability

First Learner:     Wakka
Cost:              1 MP
Description:       Adds Ability Distiller effect to attacks and skills. Like 
                   the item of the same name, this makes an enemy drop Ability 

                    Extract Mana

First Learner:     Wakka
Cost:              1 MP
Description:       Adds Mana Distiller effect to attacks and skills. Like the 
                   item of the same name, this makes an enemy drop Mana 

                    Extract Power

First Learner:     Wakka
Cost:              1 MP
Description:       Adds Power Distiller effect to attacks and skills. Like the 
                   item of the same name, this makes an enemy drop Power 

                    Extract Speed

First Learner:     Wakka
Cost:              1 MP
Description:       Adds Speed Distiller effect to attacks and skills. Like the 
                   item of the same name, this makes an enemy drop Speed 

                    Full Break

First Learner:     Auron
Cost:              99 MP
Description:       Lowers the target's strength, defence, magic, and magic 
                   defence. Also negates armour.

                    Magic Break

First Learner:     Auron
Cost:              8 MP
Description:       Lowers the target's magic, thereby reducing the damage 
                   inflicted by its magic attacks.

                    Mental Break

First Learner:     Auron
Cost:              12 MP
Description:       Lowers the target's magic defence, leaving it vulnerable to 
                   greater magic damage.


First Learner:     Rikku
Cost:              10 MP
Description:       Steal items from an enemy while simultaneously unleasing a 
                   physical attack.

                    Nab Gil

First Learner:     Rikku
Cost:              30 MP
Description:       Steal Gil from an enemy while simultaneously unleashing a 
                   physical attack.

                    Power Break

First Learner:     Auron
Cost:              8 MP
Description:       Lowers the target's strength, thereby reducing damage 
                   inflicted by its physical attacks.

                    Quick Hit

First Learner:     Tidus
Cost:              36 MP
Description:       Strike a target quickly with reduced recovery time. The 
                   damage inflicted is no greater than that of a standard 
                   attack, but the character's next turn comes up much sooner.

                    Silence Attack

First Learner:     Wakka
Cost:              5 MP
Description:       If successful, this ability inflicts silence on the target 
                   for three turns, preventing it from casting any spells.

                    Silence Buster

First Learner:     Wakka
Cost:              10 MP
Description:       Inflicts silence on a target for one turn. Success is 
                   virtually guaranteed, unless the target has some form of 

                    Sleep Attack

First Learner:     Wakka
Cost:              5 MP
Description:       If successful, this ability puts the target to sleep until 
                   either three turns pass or it is hit by a physical attack.

                    Sleep Buster

First Learner:     Wakka
Cost:              10 MP
Description:       Puts a target to sleep for one turn. Success is virtually 
                   guaranteed, unless the target has some form of resistance.

                    Triple Foul

First Learner:     Wakka
Cost:              24 MP
Description:       If successful, this ability inflicts silence, darkness and 
                   sleep status ailments on the target for three turns.

                    Zombie Attack

First Learner:     Auron (surprisingly enough)
Cost:              10 MP
Description:       Inflicts the target with zombie status, causing restarative 
                   items and spells to damage the target.

                               12.5     Special

Similarly to skills, these are also located liberally around the grid. Some 
are semi-job-specific (ie. Yuna's Pray) but they can be learnt by any 


First Learner:     Wakka
Cost:              n/a
Description:       Raises the party's accuracy.


First Learner:     Rikku
Cost:              n/a
Description:       Pay off enemies in return for safe passage. Offer more Gil 
                   for a more favourable response.


First Learner:     Tidus
Cost:              n/a
Description:       Raises the party's strength and defence. Party members deal 
                   greater damage to enemies while sustaining less damage 


First Learner:     n/a (not on any character path)
Cost:              28 MP
Description:       Mimic the action of the last ally to take a turn in battle, 
                   even if it requires an ability the character has not yet 
                   learned. Summoning and Overdrives cannot be copied.


First Learner:     Lulu
Cost:              n/a
Description:       Cast two black magic spells in a row.


First Learner:     Auron/Tidus
Cost:              8 MP
Description:       Transfers a character's entire Overdrive charge to an 
                   ally's gauge, adding to his total.


First Learner:     Tidus
Cost:              n/a
Description:       Aid the party's escape from battle.


First Learner:     Lulu
Cost:              n/a
Description:       Raises the party's magic and magic defence. Party members 
                   deal greater magical damage to enemies while sustaining 
                   less damage themselves.


First Learner:     Auron
Cost:              n/a
Description:       Intercept physical attacks that are directed at any party 
                   member, and take damage in place of the intended target. 
                   Cannot intercept magic attacks or attacks that strike the 
                   entire party.


First Learner:     n/a (not on any character path)
Cost:              n/a
Description:       Lowers all enemies' luck, thereby reducing their accuracy, 
                   evasion, and critical hit rate.


First Learner:     Kimahri
Cost:              n/a
Description:       Transfers HP and MP from the target to the character. 
                   Kimahri can also use this ability to learn enemy skills.


First Learner:     Rikku
Cost:              n/a
Description:       Raises the party's luck, thereby enhancing the party's 
                   accuracy, evasion, and critical hit rate.

                   Pilfer Gil

First Learner:     Rikku
Cost:              20 MP
Description:       Steal Gil from an enemy.


First Learner:     Yuna
Cost:              n/a
Description:       Restore some of the party's HP.


First Learner:     Tidus
Cost:              4 MP
Description:       Draws the target's attacks towards the character.

                    Quick Pockets

First Learner:     Rikku
Cost:              70 MP
Description:       Use an item quickly with reduced recovery time. The 
                   character's next turn comes up much sooner than when using 
                   items normally.


First Learner:     Tidus
Cost:              n/a
Description:       Raises the party's evasion.


First Learner:     Auron
Cost:              n/a
Description:       While maintaining a defensive stance, intercept physical 
                   attacks that are directed at any party member. Cannot 
                   intercept magic attacks or attacks that strike the entire 

                    Spare Change

First Learner:     Rikku
Cost:              n/a
Description:       Attack by throwing Gil. The damage inflicted is 
                   proportional to the amount thrown.


First Learner:     Rikku
Cost:              n/a
Description:       Steal items from an enemy. Also useful for destroying 
                   machina by dismantling their vital parts.


First Learner:     Auron
Cost:              12 MP
Description:       Immobilises the target with fear.


First Learner:     Rikku
Cost:              n/a
Description:       Use powerful offensive, defensive, or healing items in 

                                12.6     Items

                                COMING SOON!!


                   13.0     CUSTOMIZATION (AUTO-ABILITIES)


Let's face it, most of the weapons and armour you pick up are pretty boring. 
Apart from maybe one useful ability, they'll just have a couple of empty slots 
each. Empty slots are boring. Luckily, once we get our resident Al Bhed on our 
side, we can use her mad skillz to customize our armour and weapons to our 

Each different auto-ability requires different amounts of different items to 
customize. To customize a weapon, enter the Customize section of the menu, and 
choose a weapon or a piece of armour from those listed in white. Those in grey 
are not customisable, either because they're un-powered-up celestial weapons 
or they have no free slots to customize. 

Once you've chosen, a list of possible auto-abilities will pop up. Again, only 
those in white are customisable. On the right you'll see the type of item 
needed to customize the ability, and the amount of the item you'll have pre- 
and post-customisation. To add it to the weapon/armour, just select the 
ability and confirm it.

What follows is a list of all possible auto-abilities, how to customize 
them, and most importantly, what they do.

                               13.1     Armour

The descriptions of the abilities are taken straight from the Help section of 
the menu, of the game itself.


Requires:          80x Chocobo Wing
Description:       Accelerates the character by automatically casting Haste 
                   each battle.


Requires:          20x Remedy
Description:       Makes the character automatically cure his own status 
                   ailments with the corresponding item, like Antidotes for 
                   poison and Eye Drops for Darkness. Characters will use 
                   Remedies if they lack the corresponding item. If no 
                   suitable items are in stock, nothing happens.


Requires:          20x Mega Phoenix
Description:       Makes the character automatically revive KO'ed allies with 
                   Phoenix Downs. Only works when Phoenix Downs are in stock. 
                   Does not autmatically revive the user of this ability 


Requires:          4x Stamina Tablet
Description:       Makes the character automatically use healing items after 
                   losing more than half of his maximum HP. Characters use 
                   Potions first, then Hi-Potions, and finally X-Potions, 
                   until all restorative items are used up.


Requires:          80x Light Curtain
Description:       Raises the character's defence by automatically casting 
                   Protect each battle.


Requires:          40x Star Curtain
Description:       Deflects spells cast on the character by generating a 
                   constant Reflect effect in battle.


Requires:          80x Healing Spring
Description:       Gradually restores the character's HP by casting Regen each 


Requires:          80x Lunar Curtain
Description:       Raises the character's magic defence by automatically 
                   casting Shell each battle.

                    Berserk Ward

Requires:          8x Hypello Potion
Description:       Helps prevent berserk. Berserk characters will attack 
                   enemies relentlessly until they are cured or KO'ed.


Requires:          32x Hypello Potion
Description:       Grants almost complete immunity to berserk.

                    Break HP Limit

Requires:          30x Wings of Discovery
Description:       Allows the wearer to possibly have more than 9999 HP.

                    Break MP Limit

Requires:          30x Three Stars
Description:       Allows the wearer to possibly have more than 999 MP.

                    Confuse Ward

Requires:          16x Musk
Description:       Helps prevent confusion. Confuse characters will keep 
                   attacking allies until the confusion is cured or wears off.


Requires:          48x Musk
Description:       Grants almost complete immunity to confusion.


Requires:          12x Tetra Elemental
Description:       Grants almost complete immunity to curse. Cursed 
                   charactrers cannot use Overdrives, and their Overdrive 
                   gauges freezes.

                    Dark Ward

Requires:          40x Eye Drops
Description:       Helps prevent darkness. Characters afflicted with darkness 
                   are unable to strike enemies acccurately.


Requires:          20x Smoke Bomb
Description:       Grants almost complete immunity to darkness.

                    Death Ward

Requires:          15x Farplane Shadow
Description:       Helps prevent death. Death will instantly KO characters 
                   unless they're protected.


Requires:          60x Farplane Wind
Description:       Grants almost complete immunity to death.

                    Defence +3%

Requires:          3x Power Sphere
Description:       Reduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by physical 
                   attacks. The benefits are cumulative.

                    Defence +5%

Requires:          2x Stamina Spring
Description:       Reduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by physical 
                   attacks. The benefits are cumulative.

                    Defence +10%

Requires:          1x Special Sphere
Description:       Reduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by physical 
                   attacks. The benefits are cumulative.

                    Defence +20%

Requires:          4x Blessed Gem
Description:       Reduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by physical 
                   attacks. The benefits are cumulative.

                    Fire Eater

Requires:          20x Fire Gem
Description:       Converts fire damage to HP.

                    Fire Ward

Requires:          4x Bomb Fragment
Description:       Halves damage from fire attacks and magic.


Requires:          8x Bomb Core
Description:       Grants immunity to fire damage.

                    HP +5%

Requires:          5x X-Potion
Description:       Increases the wearer's maximum HP. The benefits are 

                    HP +10%

Requires:          3x Soul Spring
Description:       Increases the wearer's maximum HP. The benefits are 

                    HP +20%

Requires:          5x Elixir
Description:       Increases the wearer's maximum HP. The benefits are 

                    HP +30%

Requires:          1x Stamina Tonic
Description:       Increases the wearer's maximum HP. The benefits are 

                    HP Stroll

Requires:          2x Stamina Tablet
Description:       Gradually restores the character's HP as he moves around.

                    Ice Eater

Requires:          20x Ice Gem
Description:       Converts ice damage to HP.

                    Ice Ward

Requires:          4x Antarctic Wind
Description:       Halves damage from ice attacks amd magic.


Requires:          8x Arctic Wind
Description:       Grants immunity to ice damage.

                    Lightning Eater

Requires:          20x Lightning Gem
Description:       Converts lightning damage to HP.

                    Lightning Ward

Requires:          4x Electro Marble
Description:       Halves damage from lightning attacks and magic.


Requires:          8x Lightning Marble
Description:       Grants immunity to lightning damage.

                    Magic Defence +3%

Requires:          3x Mana Sphere
Description:       Reduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by magic 
                   attacks. The benefits are cumulative.

                    Magic Defence +5%

Requires:          2x Mana Spring
Description:       Reduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by magic 
                   attacks. The benefits are cumulative.

                    Magic Defence +10%

Requires:          1x White Magic Sphere
Description:       Reduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by magic 
                   attacks. The benefits are cumulative.

                    Magic Defence +20%

Requires:          4x Blessed Gem
Description:       Reduces the damage inflicted on the wielder by magic 
                   attacks. The benefits are cumulative.

                    Master Thief

Requires:          30x Pendulum
Description:       Allows the character to steal only rare items from enemies.

                    MP +5%

Requires:          5x Ether
Description:       Increases the wearer's maximum MP. The benefits are 

                    MP +10%

Requires:          3x Soul Spring
Description:       Increases the wearer's maximum MP. The benefits are 

                    MP +20%

Requires:          5x Elixir
Description:       Increases the wearer's maximum MP. The benefits are 

                    MP +30%

Requires:          1x Mana Tonic
Description:       Increases the wearer's maximum MP. The benefits are 

                    MP Stroll

Requires:          2x Mana Tablet
Description:       Gradually restores the character's MP as he moves around.

                    No Encounters

Requires:          30x Purifying Salt
Description:       Prevents most random enemy encounters.


Requires:          30x Amulet
Description:       Improves the character's chances of stealing rare items 
                   from enemies.

                    Poison Ward

Requires:          40x Antidote
Description:       Helps prevent poison. A character afflicted with posion 
                   loses 1/4 of his maximum HP after each turn.


Requires:          12x Poison Fang
Description:       Grants almost complete immunity to poison.


Requires:          99x Dark Matter
Description:       Grants almost complete immunity to all status ailments.

                    Silence Ward

Requires:          30x Echo Screen
Description:       Helps prevent silence. Silenced characters cannot cast 


Requires:          10x Silence Grenade
Description:       Grants almost complete immunity to silence.

                    Sleep Ward

Requires:          6x Sleeping Powder
Description:       Helps prevent sleep. Sleeping characters cannot act until 


Requires:          8x Dream Powder
Description:       Grants almost complete immunity to sleep.

                    Slow Ward

Requires:          10x Silver Hourglass
Description:       Helps prevent slow. Slowed characters cannot act as often 
                   as usual.


Requires:          20x Gold Hourglass
Description:       Grants almost complete immunity to slow.

                    SOS Haste

Requires:          20x Chocobo Feather
Description:       Accelerates the wearer by casting Haste whenever his or her 
                   HP falls below half. The effect lasts until the wearer's HP 
                   climbs above half again.

                    SOS NulBlaze

Requires:          1x Bomb Core
Description:       Blocks fire damage by casting NulBlaze on the wearer 
                   whenever his or her HP falls below half. Once cast, 
                   NulBlaze remains in effect until the wearer's HP climbs 
                   above half again.

                    SOS NulFrost

Requires:          1x Arctic Wind
Description:       Blocks ice damage by casting NulFrost on the wearer 
                   whenever his or her HP falls below half. Once cast, 
                   NulFrost remains in effect until the wearer's HP climbs 
                   above half again.

                    SOS NulSpark

Requires:          1x Lightning Marble
Description:       Blocks lightning damage by casting NulSpark on the wearer 
                   whenever his or her HP falls below half. Once cast, 
                   NulSpark remains in effect until the wearer's HP climbs 
                   above half again.

                    SOS NulTide

Requires:          1x Dragon Scale
Description:       Blocks water damage by casting NulTide on the wearer 
                   whenever his or her HP falls below half. Once cast, NulTide 
                   remains in effect until the wearer's HP climbs above half 

                    SOS Protect

Requires:          8x Light Curtain
Description:       Enhances defence by casting Protect on the wearer whenever 
                   his or her HP falls below half. The effect lasts until the 
                   wearer's HP climbs above half again.

                    SOS Reflect

Requires:          8x Star Curtain
Description:       Bounces spells away from the wearer by casting Reflect 
                   whenever his or her HP falls below half. The effect lasts 
                   until the wearer's HP climbs above half again.

                    SOS Regen

Requires:          12x Healing Spring
Description:       Gradually restores the wearer's HP by casting Regen 
                   whenever his or her HP falls below half. The effect lasts 
                   until the wearer's HP climbs above half again.

                    SOS Shell

Requires:          8x Lunar Curtain
Description:       Enhances magic defence by casting Shell on the wearer 
                   whenever his or her HP falls below half. The effect lasts 
                   until the wearer's HP climbs above half again.

                    Stone Ward

Requires:          30x Soft
Description:       Helps prevent petrification. Petrified characters cannot 
                   act until the battle ends or the petrification is cured.


Requires:          20x Petrify Grenade
Description:       Grants almost complete immunity to petrification.

                    Water Eater

Requires:          20x Water Gem
Description:       Converts water damage to HP.

                    Water Ward

Requires:          4x Fish Scale
Description:       Halves damage from water attacks and magic.


Requires:          8x Dragon Scale
Description:       Grants immunity to water damage.

                    Zombie Ward

Requires:          30x Holy Water
Description:       Helps prevent zombification. Zombified characters take 
                   damage from healing spells and items.


Requires:          10x Candle of Life
Description:       Grants almost complete immunity to zombification.

                               13.2     Weapons

The descriptions of the abilities are taken straight from the Help section of 
the menu, of the game itself.


Requires:          4x Healing Water
Description:       Doubles the amount of HP and MP that healing items restore. 
                   Works well with Auto-Potion.

                    Break Damage Limit

Requires:          60x Dark Matter
Description:       Allows the wielder to deal out more than 9999 damage with 
                   either physical or magic attacks.


Requires:          n/a (not customisable)
Description:       Allows the wielder to capture fiends for the Monster Arena. 
                   The wielder must have the finishing blow for this to occur.


Requires:          1x Friend Sphere
Description:       Makes the character automatically retaliate whenever he is 
                   physically attacked.


Requires:          20x Smoke Bomb
Description:       Almost always adds darkness to attacks and skills.


Requires:          60x Eye Drops
Description:       Sometimes adds darkness to attacks and skills.


Requires:          60x Farplane Wind
Description:       Almost always adds death to attacks and skills.


Requires:          30x Farplane Shadow
Description:       Sometimes adds death to attacks and skills.

                    Distil Ability

Requires:          2x Ability Sphere
Description:       Adds Ability Distiller effect to attacks and skills.

                    Distil Mana

Requires:          2x Mana Sphere
Description:       Adds Mana Distiller effect to attacks and skills.

                    Distil Power

Requires:          2x Power Sphere
Description:       Adds Power Distiller effect to attacks and skills.

                    Distil Speed

Requires:          2x Speed Sphere
Description:       Adds Speed Distiller effect to attacks and skills.

                    Double AP

Requires:          20x Megalixir
Description:       Doubles the amount of AP earned for each enemy defeated 
                   while the wielder is present in battle.

                    Double Overdrive

Requires:          30x Underdog's Secret
Description:       Makes the character's Overdrive gauge charge at double the 
                   normal speed.

                    Evade and Counter

Requires:          1x Teleport Sphere
Description:       Makes the character automatically evade physical attacks 
                   wherever possible, and then retaliate.


Requires:          4x Bomb Fragment
Description:       Adds fire element to attack and skills.

                    First Strike

Requires:          1x Return Sphere
Description:       Lets the wielder act first at the beginning of a battle.


Requires:          30x Designer Wallet
Description:       Doubles the amount of Gil recieved after each battle. Only 
                   works if a character with this ability has participated in 

                    Half MP Cost

Requires:          20x Twin Stars
Description:       Reduces the MP cost of all abilities by half. Effective 
                   only during battles.


Requires:          4x Antarctic Wind
Description:       Adds ice element to attacks and skills.


Requires:          6x Chocobo Feather
Description:       Increases the probability of pre-emptive strikes and lowers 
                   the probability of being ambushed if wielded by one of the 
                   three characters on the front line.


Requires:          4x Electro Marble
Description:       Adds lightning element to attacks and skills.

                    Magic +3%

Requires:          3x Mana Sphere
Description:       Increases the effectiveness of both black and white magic. 
                   The benefits are cumulative.

                    Magic +5%

Requires:          2x Mana Spring
Description:       Increases the effectiveness of both black and white magic. 
                   The benefits are cumulative.

                    Magic +10%

Requires:          1x Black Magic Sphere
Description:       Increases the effectiveness of both black and white magic. 
                   The benefits are cumulative.

                    Magic +20%

Requires:          4x Supreme Gem
Description:       Increases the effectiveness of both black and white magic. 
                   The benefits are cumulative.

                    Magic Booster

Requires:          30x Turbo Ether
Description:       Increases the effectiveness of all black and white magic by 
                   spending more MP.

                    Magic Counter

Requires:          16x Shining Gem
Description:       Makes the character automatically retaliate whenever he is 
                   attacked with magic.

                    No AP

Requires:          n/a (not customisable)
Description:       Recieve no AP after battle.

                    No Encounters

Requires:          30x Purifying Salt
Description:       Prevents most random enemy encounters.

                    One MP Cost

Requires:          20x Three Stars
Description:       Reduces the MP cost of all abilities to one. Effective only 
                   during battles.

                    Overdrive -> AP

Requires:          10x Door to Tomorrow
Description:       Suppresses the Overdrive gauge in exchange for more AP. 
                   Although the Overdrive gauge stops charging, Overdrives are 
                   still usable if the gauge happens to be full.


Requires:          1x Lvl 2 Key Sphere
Description:       Allows the wielder to damage armoured enemies normally.


Requires:          24x Poison Fang
Description:       Almost always adds poison to attacks and skills.


Requires:          99x Antidote
Description:       Sometimes adds poison to attacks and skills.


Requires:          2x Ability Sphere
Description:       Displays data about the character's current target, such as 
                   HP, elemental affinities, status ailments, and immunities.


Requires:          20x Silence Grenade
Description:       Almost always adds silence to attacks and skills.


Requires:          60x Echo Screen
Description:       Sometimes adds silence to attacks and skills.


Requires:          16x Dream Powder
Description:       Almost always adds sleep to attacks and skills.


Requires:          10x Sleeping Powder
Description:       Sometimes adds sleep to attacks and skills.


Requires:          30x Gold Hourglass
Description:       Almost always adds slow to attacks and skills.


Requires:          16x Silver Hourglass
Description:       Sometimes adds slow to attacks and skills.

                    SOS Overdrive

Requires:          20x Gambler's Spirit
Description:       Doubles the charge rate of the wielder's overdrive gauge 
                   whenever his or her HP falls below half. The effect lasts 
                   until the wielder's HP climbs above half again.


Requires:          60x Petrify Grenade
Description:       Almost always adds petrification to attacks and skills.


Requires:          10x Petrify Grenade
Description:       Sometimes adds petrification to attacks and skills.

                    Strength +3%

Requires:          3x Power Sphere
Description:       Increases the damage output of physical attacks by 3%. The 
                   benefits are cumulative.

                    Strength +5%

Requires:          2x Stamina Spring
Description:       Increases the damage output of physical attacks by 5%. The 
                   benefits are cumulative.

                    Strength +10%

Requires:          1x Skill Sphere
Description:       Increases the damage output of physical attacks by 10%. The 
                   benefits are cumulative.

                    Strength +20%

Requires:          4x Supreme Gem
Description:       Increases the damage output of physical attacks by 20%. The 
                   benefits are cumulative.

                    Triple AP

Requires:          50x Wings of Discovery
Description:       Triples the amount of AP earned for each enemy defeated 
                   while the wielder is present in battle.

                    Triple Overdrive

Requires:          30x Winning Formula
Description:       Makes the character's Overdrive gauge charge at triple the 
                   normal speed.


Requires:          4x Fish Scale
Description:       Adds water element to attacks and skills.


Requires:          30x Candle of Life
Description:       Almost always adds zombie to attacks and skills.


Requires:          70x Holy Water
Description:       Sometimes adds zombie to attacks and skills.


                               14.0     CLOSING


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