Final Fantasy X Anima Guide/FAQ v1.2
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Final Fantasy X Anima Guide/FAQ

by Toan91   Updated to v1.2 on
Anima Guide/FAQ By Toan91 v 1.2 7/31/02

IMPORTANT INFO: This guide is also in the secret aeon guide, wich I also wrote.
This info AND a bit more is in it. I suggest reading that too! ^_^

i.    Contact Info
ii.   Updates
iii.  Legal Info
iv.   Credits/Thanks
I.    Things To Come
II.   Before You Begin
III.  Starting Off
IV.   The Statues And Their Meaning
V.    Now What?
VI.   Anima's History Book
VII.  Using Anima In Battle
VIII. Attributes & Skills
IX.   Defeating Seymour's Anima
X.    Oblivion's Oblivion
XI.   Anima FAQ
(This spot reserved for any new sections!)

i. Contact Info

If you _must_ contact me, Joey Paquette, my email adress is: 

Please Mark That You Have A Question In the Topic, For I have many emails. 
My AIM is tigforevr, and my YIM is neo_oholic if email fails. My name is 
Toan91 on the GameFAQS boards.

9/3/02   Okay, read the big update thingy ^_^
7/30/02  I polished up a bit.

iii.Legal Info

This document and its entire contents are absolutely copyrighted to Joey 
Paquette. Under no circumstances is this document, in ANY amount to be, 
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Info Below). Final Fantasy X is a registered trademark of Squaresoft. 
(Japan, Europe and America). All other trademarks acknowledged.

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****CJayC for posting***
***Brady Games for Information***
***Andrew McKendry ( for letting me use
   his legal info and for helping me ALOT***
***Everyone on the Contributer And Final Fantasy Boards For Help When I 
   Needed It***
***You, For reading This!***                         

I. Things To Come:

I need Ideas for my Guide. Contact Me With Ideas!

II. Before You Begin:
The first thing you need to know is that this is a time process. It takes 
concentration, and it _CAN_ be done!
First things first... get comfortable. Don't be too cold because shivering 
might make you loose concentration! (this sounds like a chocobo racing 
guide hehe) but believe me! It does help! Don't get mad either! We don't 
want you paying money because you got mad at the game or something. Relax. 
R.E.L.A.X!!! If you can't get it done in the end, get a mate to do it (but 
only if you really really need it) So here we go! (Just a summary I guess, 
so you don't forget!)
1.  Keep In Mind It _Is_ Possible to do!
2.  Get comfortable! Get the room at a nice & comfy temperature!
3.  Try to clear your mind!
4.  _RELAX!_ (Probably the most important rule)
5.  Take Often Brakes
6.  If you try and try, but you keep failing, get a mate to do it as a 
    last resort!

Now that we covered the rules, you might want to get a coffee or something 
and chill =D Remember to take brakes from the game, or your eyes might fry 
or something (If I play to long, I get dizzy) Even though you think 
getting Anima Is simple, It's a little complex too!

Now that we're done In this section, you can turn on your PS2 ;)

III. Starting Off:

Now, Make sure you have the airship. Make sure you talked to Yuna And 
Kimahri to have the Highbridge as a location on your Navmap. Go there and
Follow through until you can board the airship again. (The reason of 
this is so you can go back the the temples you might of missed. Now go to 
the "Search" option on the NavMap and Have the arrow on these coordinates: 
(Note: The "~" Means Any Number Between the 2 numbers. The coordinate 
doesn't have to be exact) X Coordinate 11~16 Y Coordinate 57~63

A new location should be added that's called "Baaj Temple" You will need 
Stoneproof Armour For Tidus, Rikku, And Wakka. The Legendary Weapons Help
Too! Now run until you get to the place where you dive in to a circular 
area of water. Swim towards the green dot on the map and then... 
Geosgaeno!!! Looks like our old friend Geosgaeno Is back, but seeking 
~*~*~*~*~BOSS FIGHT!!!~*~*~*~*~
Name: Geosgaeno
HP: 32,767

Strategy: This fight is tough for many people, but this might help!
Easy Way: Mix 2 Wings To Discovery For A Trio Of 9999.
This means that every hit is 9999 damage, and healing items are 9999 too!
Then use any gem or Tidus' Slice&Dice For An Overkill!

Longer & Tougher Way: Cast Hastega And Protect If available. This boss is 
weak against all elements so cast magic with Rikku & Tidus, Skills With 
Wakka, Physical With Tidus, And Healing And Mixing With Rikku. This Way 
should take about ten minutes.

IV. The Statues And Their Meaning

Once you get inside, go into the chamber with the 6 statues Go up to each 
statue to watch them light up. They light if you used the destruction 
sphere in that corresponding temple. Not all of the Statues Will Light 
up however. So here is a list to show you which temple statue is.

Top Left: Besaid
Middle Left: Macalania
Bottom Left: Zanarkand
Top Right: Bevelle (This One _Can't_ Be Missed)
Middle Right: Djose
Bottom Right: Kilika

Now once you find out which one you are missing (you will be missing
Zanarkand no matter what) Go back to that temple. I have provided a 
Destruction Sphere Guide.

After you insert the Glyph Sphere Into the door to open it, take it out
of the recess and insert it to the next recess down the hall. It will reveal
a room with the Destruction Sphere Don't take it . Continue through the hall
until you come upon a pedestal. Directly across from that is some rune 
writing. Examine those to reveal a room containing the Besaid Sphere. 
Put that into the pedestal and leave it there for now. Take the D.Sphere 
and put it into the chamber where the Besaid Sphere Was. It Reveals A Room 
With A Treasure Chest. Examine the chest to get the Rod Of Wisdom.

Once You Get to the Final Chamber (The one with the fire walls) Step on the
pedestal transporter thing (that shiny ball on the floor) To move the 
pedestal in that room. Take the Kilika Sphere from the right wall to free 
the recess. Then Put the Kilika Sphere into the pedestal and go to the 
previous chamber and grab the Glyph Sphere. Go back to the "Fire Room" and
put the Glyph Sphere Into the recess where you first obtained the Kilika 
sphere which will put out the flame, and, as an added bonus, reveal a 
chamber with the D. Sphere ;)Don't take it just yet though. Now push the 
pedestal onto the floor switch to make the section of that platform drop 
down. Go downstairs to where that platform went and nag that Kilika Sphere.
Put it into the recess by the door on the north wall. Leave it there for
now. Go back to the D. Sphere chamber and carry it down to that platform
with recess. Insert it and claim your prize!

After you have access to the top level, you will notice 5 pedestals with
Djose Spheres equipped. Go up to each and press   the "X" button to push 
them in. Ride the magic lift back down and go to the west wall near the
floor switch. Touch it and take the D. Sphere from the inside chamber. 
Ride the magic lift back up and insert the D. Sphere into the pedestal
in the central passage and claim your well deserved prize!    

Once you completed the bridge step on the Glittering Panel on the newly
made bridge so the pedestal appears. Push the pedestal so it slides down
the slope. Now take Macalania sphere you took from the pedestal (make 
sure you have it before you slide it) and put it anywhere. Now step on 
the panel again and take the D Sphere from the pedestal. Put the D 
sphere in the lower room in the left hand recess, to reveal a chamber 
that holds your prize.

You _CANNOT_ miss this one. You need the D.Sphere to get out. You don't
need the treasure. It lights up automatically anyway.

Go back to the first room and notice a new puzzle on the screen. Step
on all the white spheres in _BOTH_ rooms. (3 in the first, 4 in the second)
This reveals the chamber where the D.Sphere "lives" ;) in the first room.
Take that to the larger room and insert it into the right recess to make
the screen blow up and reveal your prize.

V. Now What?

First Of, _SAVE!!!_ This is very important! Go ahead and congratulate 
yourself because your practically done! ^.^ Now board the airship and fly 
back to Baaj Temple. Proceed to the statue chamber and light each one up. 
After that, follow through to the Chamber of the Fayth and you will 
Finally gain your very own, well deserved Aeon, Anima! As well as a short 
history on Seymour. Congrats!

VI. Anima's History Book

I have researched for hours to find the most interesting facts about our 
very own, Anima. It is fabled that she is Female. She wears a pendant on the
chain that goes around her neck.

On the pendent, there is resemblance of a woman. That woman is Seymour's 
(yes Seymour) Mother! She's the fayth of Anima you know. How did she become 
a fayth you ask? Well, It's kind of a long story. Long ago, In Guadosalam,
There lived A Man named Jyscal. Now Sir Jyscal was a Guado, a highly
respected one at that. Now one one cloudy day, the truth broke free. Sir 
Jyscal married a human woman who gave birth to a half guado, half human. 
Now the people of Guadosalam were very ashamed of their tradition being 
broken. Soon, Jyscal started to cave in on the people of Guadosalam.
Ashamed of his actions, he stranded the woman and child to the island of
Baaj. The boy wanted revenge, but the mother couldn't sense it. In time,
the mother became a fayth to help her child be strong. That wasn't a very
good choice, but for now, that's that. About ten or so years later, the 
boy emerged from the island of Baaj. He traveled until he reached his
homeland. This boy hadn't learned how to control himself. He had built in
anger, striving on it to keep on. But one day, that would change. His 
mother, dead, now a fayth. She sacrificed herself to give her son an 
ultra powerful Aeon, Anima, to make him a summoner. After spending many
days in Guadosalam, he reached his father. He killed him, but secretly. 
Jyscal was an unsent, so no one knew. This started Young Seymour's life
of hatred and death.

VII. Using Anima In Battle

This is probably the most simplest of all the sections. Why? Because Anima
is easy to control! Anima is my favorite Aeon, but I have a few likes and 
*She has a very high recovery time when she uses Pain or Oblivion
*She DOES have that high chance of instant death.
*Look at all those skills!
*And black magic too!
*She is fierce looking!
So the only things you need to know when using Anima in a battle is that
don't use Pain a lot, or, just teach her healing magic and haste if you do.

VIII. Atrributes & Skills

For Anima, you want mainly high Agility and Strength. High Agility is for
Anima's recovery time. She takes very long to recover so high agility will
work wonderfully! High Strength is a must too! At 255 strength, Her normal
attack can do 99,999 Damage!!! For Skills And Magic, Haste Is a must!
She doesn't really need any skills because she has almost all of them
(correct me?)

IX. Defeating Seymour's Anima

Yes, as an added bonus, I have added a section to defeating Seymour's

~*~*~*~*~*BOSS FIGHT!!!~*~*~*~*~*
Overdrive: Oblivion
Strategy/Tips & Hints:
When It gets to Yuna's turn, Summon the Aeon ??? (Shiva) And Use
Heavenly Strike To Inflict Damage. If Shiva gets low on HP, use her spell
"Blizzara" On herself to heal her. Once her Overdrive charges, use it to
inflict 9,999 damage to Anima. Rinse and repeat.

X. Oblivion's Oblivion

Anima's Overdrive "Oblivion" Does different things depend what game format
you have. The NTSC version has Anima's Lower Half do a Magical Hit wich
causes major damage.  Max of 99,999 damage. Now the PAL version is a bit
different. It consists of 15 hits totaling in around 1 and a half MILLION
damage max. Sounds cool eh?

XI. Anima FAQ

Q: How do I get Anima?
A: The procedure is listed in the guide.

Q: Is Anima worth getting?
A: Yes, If you want to get the Magus sisters and have any chance of beating
   the game I guess she is.

Q: Who is on Anima's pendant?
A: Maester Seymour's Mother, The Fayth of Anima.

Q: Do I need the treasures that I got with the Destruction sphere in my
   possession to get her? Or can I sell them?          
A: You CAN Sell them! The only reason the statues light up is because you
   solved the Destruction Sphere puzzle.

Q: Why have an Anima guide?
A: Why Not? :P

Q: Can I use your guide on my site?
A: You need my permission first.

Q: Does Anima Have A "Secret" Second Overdrive?
A: No. Only Valefor does.

Your Question Not Answered? Contact Me!

Thank-you for reading my very own Anima Guide!

This document is copyright 2002 Joey Paquette (c) Anyone who steals this
document to sell or make profit in any way without my permission will
be notified by a court of law.