Final Fantasy X Al Bhed Primers FAQ v1.6
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Final Fantasy X Al Bhed Primers FAQ

by Krunal   Updated to v1.6 on
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                  FF*FFF  I   NNN    NN**** AAA     LL
                  FF***F  I   NNN    NN*** AA AA    LL
                  FF F*** I   NN N   NN** AA   AA   LL
                  FFFF****I   NN N  *NN*  AA   AA   LL
                  FF F ***I   NN  N**NN   AA   AA   LL
                  FF    **I*  NN  *N*NN   AAAAAAA   LL
                  FF     *I** NN ***NNN   AA   AA   LL    L
                  FF      I***NN****NNN   AA   AA   LL  LLL
                 FFFF    III'NNN***  NNN AAAA AAAA LLLLLLLL
     FF FFF    AAA     NNN****NN *TT* TT  TT   AAA   SS   SS YY      YY
     FF   F   AA AA    NNN*** NN  T***TT   T  AA AA  SS   S   YY    YY
     FF F    AA   AA   NN*N*  NN   ***TT     AA   AA  SS       YY  YY
     FFFF    AA   AA   NN*N   NN    **TT     AA   AA   SS       YYYY
     FF F    AA   AA  *NN* N  NN     *TT*    AA   AA    SS       YY
     FF      AAAAAAA **NN   N NN      TT**   AAAAAAA     SS      YY
     FF      AA   AA***NN    NNN      TT***  AA   AA  S   SS     YY
     FF      AA   AA***NN    NNN      TT**** AA   AA SS   SS     YY

Final Fantasy X for PS2
Al Bhed Primers FAQ
Version 1.6

Created by: KSheth A.K.A Krunal Sheth
Date: June 2002
Email @:

Updated Versions
-Version 1.0: (Started 20/06/02)
   - Finished simple Explanations of where to find the Al Bhed Primers
-Version 1.1: (Started 21/06/02)
   - Added more better routes to get the Al Bhed Primers (With special help of 
-Version 1.2: (Started 22/06/02)
   - Added a Frequently Asked Section contributed by Volrath16
-Version 1.3: (Started 24/06/02)
   - Added more information on where to find Primer Vol. X and added new section
-Version 1.4: (Started 28/06/02)
   - Not much just added the last Al Bhed Rating
-Version 1.5: (Started 25/07/02)
   - Went through the whole thing updating bits and pieces
-Version 1.6: (Started 21/12/02)
   - Updated many parts again

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. General Game Info
III. What are Al Bhed Primers?
IV. Locations of the Al Bhed Primers
V. Al Bhed Ratings
VI. Al Bhed Language Translation
VII. Frequently Asked Questions
VIII. Credits
IX. Legal Thingamajig


Finally, Final Fantasy X for PS2 has been released in Europe. After a very long 
wait, I got the game. I played it and saw that the Al bhed primers while fun to 
get were also hard to find. 
Therefore, I will create a FAQ just for the Al Bhed Primers. I will try to give 
you more then one route to find the Al bhed primer in question. I hope that, this 
FAQ will be very helpful.
If you have any questions just e-mail them to me at the given e-mail address and 
I will reply as soon as possible.
This FAQ includes a few spoilers, if you are trying not to learn about the game 
before you get to that point then please remember it contains spoilers. I will 
not be held responsible for any bits that spoil your game. You have been warned.

General Game Info

The game can take as long as you want, it can take 100 hours or it can take 200 
hours. It is all up, to how you want to play it.
There are many mini-games in the game, like Chocobo Racing and Blitzball. I
recommend you try all of them for fun. There are some great games and I know that 
you will have a great time playing them. You can also only find a few items only 
after completing a mini-game such as the Cloudy Mirror can be obtained by doing 
the chocobo racing.

More to come soon…

What are Al Bhed Primers?

You can find Al Bhed Primers the whole way through out the game. They translate a
letter from Al Bhed into English, so when you talk to any of the Al Bhed, you can
understand what they are saying. The letters that you decipher are the red letter,
and the blue letters are still in Al Bhed. There are 26 Al Bhed Primers to find and
coincidently there are 26 letters of the English Alphabet. After you find an Al 
bhed primer, you will understand a letter. The more primers that you find, the 
more you understand the Al Bhed. After finding 26 of the Al Bhed Primers, Rin, 
who is the Al Bhed that owns the shop should give you 99 Underdogs Secret (This 
is now confirmed). You can use 30 Underdogs Secrets to customize a weapon for the 
ability [Double AP].

Location of the Primers

As I said there are 26 Al Bhed primers to find, and some of which you may never be 
able to find after a certain point in the game. If an Al Bhed primer is like that, 
I will tell you so you can get it as soon as possible.

*Al Bhed Primer Volume I*
NOTE: You can only get this primer once in the game.
Al Bhed Salvage Ship, Deck – This primer is located to the back- right side of the ship.

Al Bhed Primer Volume II*
Besaid Village, Crusader’s Lodge – the primer should be near the entrance at the counter. 

*Al Bhed Primer Volume III*
NOTE: You can only get this primer once in the game.
Transport Ship S.S. Liki, Power Room (The room with the Chocobo’s), on the far side of screen.

*Al Bhed Primer Volume IV*
Kilika: Tavern – After Yuna performs the sending and you wake up, you will find the 
primer on the counter in the tavern

*Al Bhed Primer Volume V*
Transport Ship S. S. Winno, Bridge - this one is located behind the captain on the bridge.

*Al Bhed Primer Volume VI*
In Luca, Luca Stadium, in font of the Luca Goers Room (Basement B)

*Al Bhed Primer Volume VII*
Luca, Luca Sphere Theatre, at the Reception. Can be found at the big theatre in Luca 
where you can purchase and use movie/music spheres (on the red carpet).

*Al Bhed Primer Volume VIII*
Mi’hen Highway, Travel Company, you receive it from Rin when you leave the agency, 
after watching the sunset with Yuna.

*Al Bhed Primer Volume IX*
Mi’hen Highroad: Newroad – Near Shelinda, right after the U-turn in the road.

*Al Bhed Primer Volume X*
Mushroom Rock Road, on the Precipice – Located at the end of the big circle like
Extra: As a few people have e-mailed me saying where exactly is the Primer I will
try to give you better directions (it may make you more confused). 
Go to the guard who gives you 400 Gil. Around that area (the area under the save 
sphere Where Luzzu and Gatta are waiting) is the Al Bhed Primer Vol. X. It is on 
a type of cliff at the end of the big circle (cannot describe it better) look on 
you map for the curl in the cliffs and it should be there.

*Al Bhed Primer Volume XI*
Djose Highway - After meeting up with Seymour on the beach, this primer can be 
found down the highroad behind a stone pillar.

*Al Bhed Primer Volume XII*
Moonflow, North Wharf – After getting off the shoopuf, the primer is on the ramp.

*Al Bhed Primer Volume XIII*
Guadosalam, This primer is located in a house in the southwest part of Guadosalam.

*Al Bhed Primer Volume XIV*
Thunder Plains, Travel Company, you receive from Rin after talking to Rikku. 
Remember to answer him positively to get the Primer.  Warning if you do not talk 
to Rikku and go straight into Yuna’s room, you will not be able to get this Primer
until later in the game.

*Al Bhed Primer Volume XV*
Macalania Woods, Lake Road – Across from the save point, right near the entrance 
to where you fight Spherimorph

*Al Bhed Primer Volume XVI*
Macalania Lake, In front of Rins Travel Agency

*Al Bhed Primer Volume XVII*
Sanubia Desert (Bikenel Island) Central – In the northwest corner of the third 
section of the desert.

*Al Bhed Primer Volume XVIII*
Sanubia Desert (Bikenel Island) Central – Near the sign that is at the top exit 
of the third section of the desert.

*Al Bhed Primer Volume XIX*
NOTE: You can only get this primer once in the game.
Al Bhed’s Home - the left side outside of home, next to a fire

*Al Bhed Primer Volume XX*
NOTE: You can only get this primer once in the game.
Al Bhed's Home, Resident Area - After entering the main corridor, backtrack and 
search the wall for a door inside will be vol. XX.

*Al Bhed Primer Volume XXI*
NOTE: You can only get this primer once in the game.
Al Bhed's Home, Resident Area - Along the right side of the main corridor is this 

*Al Bhed Primer Volume XXII*
NOTE: You can only get this primer once in the game.
Bevelle: Priest’s Village – Right before the trials, at the bottom of the staircase 
is the primer
*Al Bhed Primer Volume XXIII*
Calm Lands – At the very northwest corner of the Calm Lands lays this volume

*Al Bhed Primer Volume XXIV*
Remiem Temple – On the left side on the outside of the temple near the chocobo

*Al Bhed Primer Volume XXV*
Cavern of the Stolen Fayth – In the very short path near the save point in the 
middle of the cavern

*Al Bhed Primer Volume XXVI*
Omega Ruins – By a blue lamp where the ring of four chests are located

If you miss the primer volumes 1, 3, 14 because they are limited, time items 
whose locations will not appear again because of the storyline, you can get these 
three books again at the Desert Oasis. However, you cannot get the Al Bhed Primers 
from Volume IX – XXII if you miss them.

Al Bhed Ratings

After collecting a certain number of primers, you will see that you get an Al Bhed 

Here they are with the number of books that need collecting:

No. of Books_|___________________Al Bhed Rating
1            | Al Bhed Hujela
4            | Al Bhed Pakehhan
7            | Al Bhed Typpman
10           | Al Bhed Maynhan
13           | Al Bhed Cbaygan
16           | Al Bhed Hydeja
19           | Al Bhed Vnydun
26           | Al Bhed Sycdan

Al Bhed Language Translation
Here is the proper A = Y translation for the English to Al Bhed and Al Bhed to 


A = Y
B = P
C = L
D = T
E = A
F = V
G = K
H = R
I = E
J = Z
K = G
L = M
I = E
J = Z
K = G
L = M
M = S
N = H
O = U
P = B
Q = X
R = N
S = C
T = D
U = I
V = J
W = F
X = Q
Y = O
Z = W

AL BHED TO ENGLISH:                            

A = E
B = P
C = S
D = T
E = I
F = W
G = K
H = N
I = U
J = V
K = G
L = C
M = L
N = R
O = Y
P = B
Q = X
R = H
S = M
T = D
U = O
V = F
W = Z
X = Q
Y = A
Z = J

Frequently Asked Questions (Contributed By Volrath16)

1. What is the Al Bhed language?
If you have not already figured it out, Al bhed is a language spoken by many people 
all over Spira.

2. Do I have to learn the language to beat the game?
No, you do not need to learn the entire language to beat the game, even though it is 
quite helpful to be able to understand what all those Al Bhed’s are saying.

3. What is an Al Bhed Compilation Sphere?
An Al Bhed Compilation Sphere is where you can scan memory cards for Al Bhed Primers. 
In other words, if you collect all 26 in one game and then start a new game, you can 
transfer all of them primers to your new game using the compilation sphere.

4. What if I missed the primer in Bevelle?
If you do not pick up the primer in Bevelle the first time you are there, then you 
will not be getting that primer. The primer in Bevelle is a one-time only deal, 
seeing as you are only allowed in Bevelle once.

5. What if I missed the primer(s) at Home?
The same is true for Home as in Bevelle. Seeing as your there only once, if you 
didn’t pick them up, then you can’t get them.

First off, I want to thank the all the people in the Neoseeker forum that helped 
me put this FAQ together. 

I would also like to thank Neoseeker for giving me an opportunity to waste so much 
of my time writing FAQ's and talking on the message board, also to Volrath16 and 
Gary15 whose contributions helped me in this FAQ.

One more time, if you need/want to contact me for any reason, my email address is .  
Please feel free to tell me how much you loved my FAQ. Moreover, if you have to,
tell how much you hated it.  Whatever it is, I will try to reply.

Finally, thanks to all of you for reading this FAQ and not making it a COMPLETE 
waste of my time.  Hope it helped you out!

Legal Thingamajig

Please do not use this FAQ without my permission, use can be granted under the 
agreement that nothing shall be changed. The above and all contents herein are 
copyright to myself. I am known as KSheth and all want to use this FAQ must do 
with my permission. You are allowed to print out this FAQ for personal use but 
it is not to be changed or altered, and you are not to claim credit for it.