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Final Fantasy X Cloister of Trials FAQ

by northStar   Updated to v1.2 on
*    FINAL FANTASY X       *
*  Cloister of Trials FAQ  *
*      version 1.2         *

****by C. Page aka northStar****
     ****May 27, 2002****

Table of Contents
I. Overview
II. FAQ History
III. Purpose of Trials
IV. Destruction Spheres
V. Besaid Trials
VI.  Kilika Trials
VII. Djose Trials
VIII. Macalania Trails
IX. Bevelle Trials
X. Zanarkand Dome Trials
XI. Questions & Answers
XII. Final Fantasy Links
XIII. Copyright
XIV. Contact
XV. Credits

I. Overview

This FAQ is created for the US Playstation 2 version of Final Fantasy X
It is an in-depth FAQ for the Cloister of Trials, which includes info on
items found in each trial, and Yuna's Aeons acquired after the trials. The
outlined in this FAQ include more actions than you might find elsewhere
because I
am a meticulous person and had to see just about everything during the
trials. So,
if you happen to find a shorter way to do things, by all means do it and
drop me a
line so we can both update this FAQ if needed.

To reiterate, this is not a Final Fantasy X complete walk-thru, nor is it an
guide. This is just a FAQ about The Cloister of Trials puzzles. You should
visit for updates of this FAQ and for complete walkthrus & guides
Final Fantasy X. Some FAQs by nature contain spoiler information, so if you
a gaming purist who frowns upon game guides, cheats & secrets then you
read this FAQ as some secrets are revealed.

NOTE: It is recommended that you skim the trial directions to get a general
for what you have to do. Then read them carefully as you do the trials.

II. FAQ History

Version 1.0. Created mid-April 2002 and submitted to Gamefaqs early May
This version has some trouble spots in the BEVELLE Trials directions. It did
include gif maps or ASCII text maps.

Version 1.1. Created mid-May 2002 and submitted to Gamefaqs on May 25, 2002.
This version has some serious changes in the BELLEVE TRIALS. I cleared up
confusing & incorrect directions. We tested the new directions and they are
on the money. I had sprinkled helpful hints in the directions, and I admit
sometimes they distracted from the fast-paced action of the Bevelle Trials.
So I
have moved the hints to the beginning of the sections. Also, no maps yet.

Version 1.2. Created May 26, 2002 and submitted to Gamefaqs on May 27, 2002.
Only new updates to version 1.1 are as follows: corrected glaring typos and
moved all hints to the front section to minimize direction interruptions.

III. Purpose of Trials

While Yuna weaves her summoner talents to acquire Aeons, Tidus must solve
in order to obtain Destruction Spheres that reveal the hidden treasures in
temple. Tidus also has to master the Cloister of Trials in order to enter
Chamber of Fayth where Yuna prays for her Aeons. In other words, in order
the game to progress and for Yuna to receive the main storyline Aeons
Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva, Bahamut) Tidus must finish the Trials. But, Tidus
have to retrieve all of the Destruction Sphere hidden treasures during their
respective trials in order to proceed through some parts of the game--up to
a certain point.

For instance, you can complete the Djose trial without getting its treasure.
In fact, during the last trial you will not receive a Destruction Sphere
You won't receive it until later in the game when you return there and
repeat the
trial anew. Also, in order to receive the 5 hidden Aeons (Yojimbo, The 3
Sisters, Anima), Tidus must have all the Destruction Sphere hidden treasures
complete side quests where battles, creature fetching & Yuna praying at
Fayths occurs. There are 6 Cloister of Trials to master, and this FAQ will
you step-by-step how to master them. Lucky you!

IV. Destruction Spheres

The Destruction Spheres are very important. It is paramount that Tidus
obtains them
all at some point during the game. The Destruction Spheres unlock the hidden
in each temple. Tidus and company will need to collect all the Destruction
Sphere hidden
treasures in order to unlock the Hidden Aeons later in their quest. If you
miss one of
the Destruction Sphere hidden treasures during the game (which I did my
first time playing
the Djose Trial), don't worry because you can return to the temples to get
them later in
the game after beating a certain boss, or if you must you can always re-load
your game
and repeat the trial if you have not saved the game after exiting the

As mentioned above, during the last trial you will not find a Destruction
Sphere anyways
until you go through the trial for a second time later on in the game. So,
don't fret but
do try to get the Destruction Sphere treasures that are immediately
available to you as
soon as you can.

V. Besaid Trials

Location: Besaid Temple
Spheres Used In Trial: 3 types, Glyph, Destruction, Besaid
Hidden Treasure Item: Rod of Wisdom
Aeon Acquired: Valefore

HINT: Sometimes the spheres and the sphere holes are hard to see, so if you
cannot see
them immediately in the wall, just examine the whole length of the wall and
look for a
glowing round object or a black-within-brown openning. You can't carry more
than one
sphere at a time, so the trials are all about swapping spheres and sticking
them into
holes that are sometimes hard to see.

HINT: pushing the pedestal requires that you orient yourself in the
direction that you want
to move the pedestal and press X

Walk forward to the the back of the room and choose the option to examine
the glowing
glyph on the wall. Another glyph, a set of symbols, will then glow on the
right side
of the room. Choose the option to examine these symbols next. Go down the
grabbing the GLYPH SPHERE from the wall as you proceed.

Go to the door at the bottom of the stairs, and put the Glyph Sphere into
it. This opens
the door to a room with the DESTRUCTION GLYPH, but don't go through it just
yet. Take the
Glyph sphere out of the door you just opened, then put it into the sphere
hole on the wall
on the left side.

Go around the corner to the next area and examine yet another glowing glyph
on the wall
opposite the pedestal to open yet another room. Take the BESAID SPHERE from
that room and
place it on the pedestal to reveal another room. Go back to the room that
you opened with
the Glyph Sphere (and didn't enter before) and take the Destruction Sphere

Place the Destruction Sphere in the hole in the room where you found the
Besaid Sphere to
open the treasure, the Rod of Wisdom, located in the room that was revealed
by the Besaid
Sphere. Now, push the pedestal into the room until it locks into place
(centers into the
circle) and exit.

VI. Kilika Trials

Location:Kilika Temple
Spheres Used In Trial: 3, Kilika, Glyph, Destruction
Hidden Treasure Item: Red Amulet
Aeon Acquired: Ifrit

HINT: You can also reset rooms in order to start over with the sphere
placement if you
happen to place a sphere in the wrong hole.

Take the KILIKA SPHERE from the pedestal on the left and put in into the
sphere hole on
the right of the door. The door will burst into flames, and Tidus has to
remove the
sphere in order to put out the blaze and go through the door. Take the
Kilika Sphere
with you through the door and go to the next area.

Place the Kilika Sphere into the central hole (sphere hole to the north) to
make a glyph
appear. Take the Kilika Sphere from the hole and place it into the left side
hole, then
examine the glyph to open the wall. Take the GLYPH SPHERE you find behind
the wall, and
put in the hole on the right (in the room where you put the Kilika Sphere).

Now examine the seal that appears. Enter the room that is bursting with
flames. Walk
forward and step on a glowing spot on the floor to reset the room which also
in the pedestal.

Take the Kilika Sphere from the wall to get rid of the fire in the room, and
put into
into the pedestal. Return to the previous room and take the Glyph Sphere,
then place
it where the Kilika Sphere was in the next room. Now, push the pedestal with
the Kilika
Sphere on the spot on the floor with the glowing switch.

Go down the stairs and grab the Kilika Sphere. Put the Kilika Sphere in the
sphere hole
to the right of the door and exit. Now return to room that was opened by the
Glyph Sphere

Head back downstairs and put the Destruction Sphere in the hole that the
Kilika Sphere was
once in. Collect the treasure, The Red Amulet, take the sphere near the door
and exit.

VII. Djose Trials

Location: Djose Temple
Spheres Used In Trial: 2 types, Djose, Destruction
Hidden Treasure: Magic Sphere
Aeon: Ixion

Prepare yourself for mundo repetitive sphere swapping. Take the two DJOSE
SPHERES from the
right and left and place them into the door to open them. Now take the two
Djose spheres
and bring then with you as you walk along the platfrom. Put them into the
sphere holes.
It doesn't matter which sphere goes into what hole.

Push the pedestal holding the Djose Sphere (a different one so do not remove
it!) to the
right under the glowing spot on the ceiling. This charges the Djose Sphere,
read: lots of
light F/X's. Reset the room by stepping on the floor switch.

Take the charged Djose Sphere, which should be glowing bigger and brighter
now, and put it
into the sphere hole to the right of the main door. This opens a door to a
room with more
cool light F/X in the way of a whole pit full of lightning!

Remove the Djose Spheres you first placed in the two sphere holes, and place
them both on
the pedestal. Push the pedestal with the two Djose Spheres into the room of
Pushing the pedestal into this room makes it fall into the pit and float.
Tidus can then
jump onto the pedestal to get to the other side.

Once on the other side Tidus will find another pedestal. Do not remove the
sphere in this
pedestal! Simply push the pedestal forward making it go back into the wall.
Go back into
the main room via the floating pedestal. Use the floor switch to reset the
room which will
get the pedestal from the pit.

Take the Djose Spheres from the pedestal, go back to the first room you
entered (when you
started the Trial) and place the Djose Spheres in the holes in the first

Take the charged Djose Sphere from the slot to the right of the door, and
place it into
the sphere hole to the left of the door. The pedestal turns into an elevator
(well, the
pedestal disappears and the platform will glow when Tidus steps on it). Ride
the platform
up to the next level.

There are 5 pedestals with Djose Spheres in them on this upper level (you
will see 3 of
them immediatley, the other two are in the same room and off to the sides
behind you).
Do not remove these spheres! Instead, press X at all 5 pedestals and push
them into the wall.

After you push all 5 pedestals, a stairway appears as well as a another
pedestal in the
center of the room. Do not go up the stairway! This will end the trial
before you can get
the hidden treasure which is just a couple of steps away. Also, do not touch
the pedestal.

Instead go back downstairs via the elevator platform. Find the glowing spot
on the wall to
the west near the floor switch (it's a faint glowing circle). Examine the
glowing circle to
reveal a glyph. Examine the glyph to open the wall with a DESTRUCTION SPHERE
behind it.

Take the Destruction Sphere and go back upstairs. Place the Destruction
Sphere into the
pedestal (the that one you shouldn't have touch before). This blows up a
section of the
wall right near you and reveals the treasure, a Magic Sphere, so take it. Go
up the stairs
and listen to Auron yell at you as the trial is now finished.

VIII. Macalania Trials

Location: Macalania Temple
Spheres Used In Trial: 3 types, Macalania, Glyph, Destruction
Hidden Treasure Item:Luck Sphere
Aeon: Shiva

This is a nice icy and confusing puzzle. Tidus and company will receive the
Aeon Shiva before
the Trial begins. HINT: Be aware of the floor switch in the trials near the
bottom of the
entrance ramp. If you step on it at the wrong time you will reset your hard
work accidently.

Walk down the ramp and take the GLYPH SPHERE from the center pole and place
it in the
nearby pedestal. Push the pedestal, with the sphere you just placed in it,
all the way
to right (forward if you are standing with your left to the central pole) to
break some ice.

Now push the pedestal again towards the sphere glowing on the far wall (near
the ramp you
first came down on off to a slight right) to break more ice and reveal a
ramp going down.
Go down the ramp and then remove the Glyph Sphere from the pedestal and
place it in the
left sphere hole. This reveals a MACALANIA SPHERE.

Go back up the ramp, retrieve the newly revealed Macalania Sphere and go
back to the pedestal
and place the Macalania Sphere in it. Now push it to the right (forward if
you are standing
with your left side to the lower level's entrance) to complete a column.

Go back to the upper level and remove the Macalania Sphere from the slot
near the entrance
(the one that is far off ahead in a half-circle-like podium base not the one
at the ramp),
and go down the ramp. Place the Macalania Sphere in the pole on the left.
Take the Macalania
Sphere from the slot at the top of the ramp (the one right near the ramp)
and place it in the
center pole. A floor switch appears.

Go up the ramp and step on the floor switch. This resets the room by
bringing the pedestal
with a Macalania Sphere to the upper level near you. Take the Macalania
Sphere from the
pedestal and then push the pedestal down the ramp.

Place the Macalania Sphere in the sphere hole under the entrance to make the
downward ramp
reappear. Don't go down the ramp to the floor below, instead step on the
glowing floor
switch on this same level. This makes the pedestal appear with a DESTRUCTION

Take the Destruction Sphere from the pedestal and now go to the lowest
level. Now place
the Destruction Sphere in the sphere hole on the wall to the left of the
entrance. The
Treasure, a Luck Sphere, appears so take it.

Head back up the ramp, making sure that you take the Macalania Sphere at the
top of the
slope (the one in the far right that looks like a circle-podium base). Put
the sphere into
the pedestal, and push the pedestal to the right to break the ice again, so
it slides down
the ramp again.

Follow it down and push it to the right to complete the column again. This
makes the first
part of the ice bridge needed to leave the trials. Get the Macalania Sphere
from the sphere
hole that makes the ramp appear/disappear and put it into the central pole.
This makes the
last part of the exiting ice bridge. Go up to the level above and cross the
ice bridge to
exit the trials.

IX. Belleve Trials

Location: Bevelle Temple
Spheres Used In Trial: 3 types, Bevelle, Glyph, Destruction
Hidden Treasure Items: HP Sphere, Knight Lance
Aeon: Bahamut

NOTE: Do not pull the sphere out from the pedestal because it will not move
without it.
Also, this puzzle moves fast and requires some precise timing skills. Press
the X button
to confirm your choice on which way to go at the arrows.

HINT: Be sure to watch the the green flashing arrows when navigating this
puzzle. If you
miss a turn (and you will, trust me), just keep riding the path until you
hit the end and
your screen goes black for a moment. This starts you over at the beginning
because two of
the track paths are long strips that repeat at the ends. It is very tricky
to catch the
right arrow because you move fast, so time your button presses wisely.

Push the pedestal with a sphere onto the track (onto the spot that is
glowing). This will
make the track turn into a moving platform. You will head down the path.

You will stop at the lower track, just press the arrow to continue forward.
You will turn
and finally come to a spot with a BEVELLE SPHERE so take it and put it in
the pedestal.
Push the pedestal back onto the track and ride the platform heading up (all
the way up
to the starting long path with the flashing arrows--up the turns, pass the
stop, then
up to a point where you automatically orient to the right). At the top,
Tidus will orient
himself to the right.

At the next arrow turn right. Take a Bevelle Sphere from the pedestal and
place it into
the sphere hole. Then push the pedestal back on the track. Ride down to the
last arrow
and turn around and go back down the long path in the direction that you
just came from.

Next turn right with the middle flashing arrow. Take the Bevelle Sphere from
the sphere
hole and put it in the pedestal. Push the pedestal back on the track and
ride until your
screen goes black.

Hang a right at the first arrow and go to the lower track (just one stop
down). You may
notice that you now have the option to turn left.

Turn left at the crossroads and go toward the end of the track. Turn right
at the very
last flashing arrow and take a Bevelle Sphere from the pedestal. Put it in
the sphere hole.
You will see a new part of the track appear.

Don't go down there yet--all that is down there is a sphere hole you will
use later. Push
the pedestal back onto the path and ride it to start over.

Take the track to the arrow before the last arrow. Turn right and go to the
very end of
the path until you find the GLYPH SPHERE. Put the Glyph Sphere in the
pedestal and get
back on the track. Ride the track to the very end and turn right.

Go to the sphere hole that you didn't go to before at the end of the path
(pass the
platform where you stop with the pedestal) and now put the Glyph Sphere into
it. This
will reveal a DESTRUCTION SPHERE. Take it and ride the track until you start

Take the path to the arrow before the last arrow and turn right. Go down the
path and
put the Destruction Sphere in the sphere hole where you found the Glyph

Ride the track to the last arrow on the lower level and turn right. Take the
Sphere from the sphere hole and put it in the pedestal. Ride the track to
its end
(screen black) and start over.

At the second arrow turn right. Next push the pedestal across the track
where you come to a stop and the pedestal reappears) and ride it to the path
the stairs. Go up the stairs. Here you will find the HP Sphere.

After you take the HP Sphere a glowing floor switch appears. Step on it to
the room and have the pedestal come up the stairs.

Take a Bevelle Sphere from the pedestal and put it in the sphere hole. Now,
push the
pedestal onto the path and ride it to its end. You will get the Knight Lance
Go back pass the floor switch to the right (near the stairs) and exit. The
trial is finished.

X. Zanarkand Trials

Location: Zanarkand Dome
Spheres Used in Trial: 4 types ; Kilika, Besaid, Save; Destruction during
the second time
Hidden Treasure Item: none the first time around; repeat the trial to get
Magistral Rod
Aeon: none; but obtaining all treasures will allow you to get Anima, The 3
Magus Sisters
& Yojimbo through side-quests

You go through this trial twice in the game. The first time doesn't result
in a Destruction
Sphere treasure, and after you beat it you have to fight a boss. The second
time you
encounter this trial you will then find the final treasure. But you cannot
access the
repeat trial until later in the game. The second time around this trial also
has a
different set of goals and puzzle solutions.

HINTS: The puzzle solution is displayed on the farthest wall so look at it
to find where
to step. Step on the right white floor switches to activate each piece of
the puzzle.
Stepping on the wrong white floor switches will reset the puzzle so be

For the first time going through the trial, go to the first room and step on
the green
square to start the floor puzzle. There are different color squares in the
room on the
floor. You must step only on certain ones in order to pass.

After you activate all the right floor patterns the door will open. Six
pedestals will
appear. You have to push four of them to activate the puzzles in the next
room. The four
pedestals to push are as follows: every one but the two central pedestals.
You push the
pedestals one at a time but NOT right after each other. Push one pedestal,
then go into
the next room to complete the puzzle.

Push the upper left pedestal first. The solution to the puzzle you start
after you push
the pedestal is displayed on the wall. Complete this puzzle and a glowing
symbol appears
on the floor. Go back to the pedestals and push the next one in the series
(another of
the 3 left for you to push). This back-n-forth process is repeated 2 times
for a grand
total of four pushed pedestals.

After you complete this set of puzzles a BESAID SPHERE and a KILIKA SPHERE
appear in the
glowing green area of a wall. Grab the Kilika Sphere and take it to the next
room. Place
it in the center pedestal on the right.

Go back and get the Besaid Sphere. Place it in the other pedestal in the
center. You are
now done with the first encounter of this trial. You should find a SAVE
SPHERE that will
allow you to save the game right before a boss fight.

*Zanarkand Trial Revisted*

In this revisit to the Zanarkand Trials you will receive the Destruction
Sphere treasure.
After you have boarded the airship, which happens for the first time after
the Macalania
Trials, return to this trial when the option allows.

Now you will have to step on the white squares only in both the rooms to
complete the
puzzle. When you have stepped on all the necessary white sqaures a
will appear in one of the rooms.

Take it and place it the wall sphere hole in the other room. You will unlock
the final
treasure, the Magistral Rod so take it. You are finished with the Trials and
now (should)
have all the required Destruction Sphere hidden treasures to unlock the

XI. Questions & Answers

1. Are there any monsters to fight during the Trials?

a: No, there are no creatures to battle during the trials. The trials just
consist of many
sphere placement puzzles, tricky floor puzzles, and moving platforms.
However, after the
Zanarkand Trials you will fight a boss.

2. Can I get all the Aeons without finishing the Trials?

a: No. In order to get the main storyline Aeons you have to finish the
Trials. You do this
in order to get to Yuna in the Chamber of Fayth where you learn that Yuna
has become friends
with the Aeon. You can proceed far into the game without finding all of the
Sphere treasure items, but you need to get them all at some point in order
to get the
hidden Aeons. Also, you get one Aeon, Shiva, before the Macalania trial

3. How long do the Trials take to complete?

a: Honestly it depends on how fast you move. It shouldn't take more than an
45 minutes for
the longest and hardest trial. Most are fairly quick if you know what to do,
and if you
don't know what to do and make many mistakes it can take as long as you take
to complete them.

4. When can I repeat the last Trial (Zanarkand) in order to receive the
final Destruction
Sphere treasure?

a: Return to the Zanarkand Dome where the trial occured after you board the
airship. The
objectives of the trial will be different and you can get the treasures
then. Refer to
the "Zanarkand Trial Revisted" part of section X for details on how to
complete the
repeated trial.

5. Do you have detailed maps of the trials to refer to?

a: At this point, no. I have tried to outline the method that I actually
used myself to
complete the trials. I have tried to be as clear as possible, but I know
some steps can
be shorten or done in a different order by the most savvy & tenacious
players. To post
maps made by someone else is illegal. I will not do it under any
circumstance. I may in
the future provide my own original maps, but I will do that only if I
receive a high number
of requests for them.

XII. Final Fantasy Links
-------------------------    best collection of guides, walkthrus and hints on the
net    best Final Fantasy site, has great forums & graphics    great coverage of the FF series & news about FFXI    the source site with
wonderful Flash
incorporation, offers backstory but not in-depth guides  good sotries, news and all things Final Fantasy    an index of the Top Final
sites belonging to the webring. Check it out

I know that there are many more great Final Fantasy sites on the net, but
these are
the ones that I visit the most and have found to be very helpful.

XIII. Copyright

Here's the section where I tell enterprising minds out there that this FAQ
is copyrighted
by C. Page. Copyright(c)2002 C. Page. All Rights Reserved by C. Page.

That means you CANNOT distribute, sell, give this FAQ away as a bonus to any
rendered, post this FAQ on your website, quote this FAQ in any manner,
plagarize, reformat,
weak, incorporate any part of this FAQ into another document or writing
(even updates
without my permission), print (except for personal non-commercial and
non-distributive use),
or use this FAQ in any publication without my written permission.

As in my hand-written permission, or permission granted in an e-mail from my
e-mail that I have NOT listed in this FAQ. That way, I know whose's lying
about having
received an e-mail from me saying that I granted them permission. You have
to have my
other non-listed e-mail for that to be true!

All credit should be given to me for this FAQ, even if you obtain
information from it
that you think is universal. I have accredited the proper references for
information that
I deemed as universal. You should include them as well in addition to a
credit granted to
me if you are fortunate enough to update or alter this FAQ.

Using this FAQ for any reason other than personal use (you may print it out
for your own
use) is against the law. *You have been warned.*

The following 3 sites have my permission to post this FAQ without asking:    (duh!)    (my internet friend Kaiser's Phantasy Star
Online site
coming in mid-June 2002 that will include a small section--links--for
cheats, guides,
and hints for other popular games like FFX and Grand Theft Auto 3. Check it
out in
mid-June 2002. Aw, the shameful personal site plug).

If you see this fact posted anywhere else, or have obtained a copy through
sale or
other illegal means (such as give-a-ways), please contact me at the e-mail
provided below.

I will honor your confidentiality and will only confront the guilty party
distributing or posting the FAQ. Obviously you won't confess to selling the
(but I hope you do feel a tinge of guilt), but if you are cheated into
buying it
then plz e-mail.

XIV. Contact

Perhaps you found something wrong with my FAQ or just couldn't understand a
couple of
the directions. Hey, I will not hold it against you. Afterall, English is my
language and I wrote this FAQ an eon after I completed all of the Cloister
of Trials

So, if my memory sux and I gave less than stellar directions, or you found
information that I didn't include here and want to receive credit (or
money--just kidding!)  simply e-mail me at:

I will try to answer all inquires in a timely manner and personally. If I
answer them myself, please know that my little pet monkey Jeeves is fluent
in smilie-speak
and will answer your e-mails in my absence only with winking faces, happy
faces, angry faces,
and the elusive eye rolling faces.

XV. Credits

SPACEDRAGON for his dsl connection that gave me fast access to online
research and media
downloads  plus FTP

KAISER for finishing Final Fantasy X with me and letting me work on his game

Expert Gamer & Brady Games for cross-reference material on the treasure item
names, the
sphere names & the Aeon names, and some general clarification.

Gamefaqs for hosting this faq and so many others

Anyone else who I may have unintentionally forgotten to mention. Thx folks!