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Final Fantasy X Boss FAQ

by Haunter120   Updated to v1.9 on
Written By Haunter120
System: Playstation 2
Version 1.9

-UPDATE NOTE (1/16/02)-
Okay, I lied. This isn’t the final update.

-UPDATE NOTE (1/11/02)-
This will probably be my next to last update until I add my own strategies 
on the final three bosses if I feel like it. Please send me only original 
strategies (read update note below). I MIGHT consider adding strategies for 
the Monster Arena bosses, but since I can’t even beat one of them (I’m too 
lazy to spend 50 more hours getting Break Damage Limit and Break HP Limit), 
don’t cheer just yet.

>From now on, I will NO LONGER accept boss strategy e-mails. I will start 
accepting them later on, but not now. I have simply received too many, and 
I’m too lazy to post all of them. If I didn’t post them all, it would upset 
many people who spent a lot of time working on their own strategy. So...

I’m still accepting ORIGINAL strategies!!! This means that if your strategy 
is somewhat unique, I’ll post it up. If your strategy is dull, unoriginal 
(ie “Use Steal on Guado Guards, use Reflect on Sanctuary Keeper), or just 
too error-full, I’m throwing it into the dumpster.

I also still accept correction e-mails.

to put the FAQ on your site, go ahead. Make sure, however, that you send me 
a message verifying that you put my FAQ on your site. If I find my FAQ on 
your site and look at my e-mail and not find a message your site verifying 
that you have my FAQ on your site, you’re in trouble.

I would also like to thank ‘Hibb’ for three VERY helpful boss strategies. 

That’s all. Stick around for next update.

First off, thanks for everyone who sent me boss strategies/thanks notes. I 
appreciate it. Now that I have updated, I’ve a added little more boss 
strategies, but I updated mainly so I can give you a few notes...

1. Don’t send me e-mail saying “Cast Reflect on Sanctuary Keeper” or 
anything like that, because I’ve gotten tons of that already (if you scroll 
down and look...)

2. This one’s important – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use correct grammar, spelling 
and punctuation! Look below at the new boss strategies that people have sent 
me – most of those are really hard to read! Don’t double space, don’t skip 
to a new line when you’re halfway through the first line, and don’t wirte 
like this u little fool.i don t like to get stffu like this lolollol!!!!111 
You can send me a nice strategy if it’s written pretty bad, but if I get two 
of the same – one with good spelling/grammar/punct. – one with bad, I’ll 
post the one with good. Many more things on why I’m not going to be posting 
so much non-understandable stuff anymore, so please try to make your 
submissions clear!

That’s all. Stick around for next update.

The best thing you can send me is boss strategies. Read the Game Related 
Questions in the Frequently Asked Questions section in this FAQ—err, guide 
for more info.

Please DO NOT send me ‘thanks’ notes with titles other than “thank you note” 
or “thanks for helping”. I have lots of work to do, and I don’t want to 
waste 30 seconds of my life looking at some message that says “Thank you!” I 
appreciate all the thanks notes sent to me, but don’t blow it...

Keep in mind that I will not always reply to your e-mails! I get lots of 
junk, so I may either lose yours or I just don’t want to reply to the same 
question people have been asking me over and over. If I don’t reply, do NOT 
send me something like “WHY HAVEN’T YOU REPLIED MAN!!”

I won’t reply if I can’t understand what you’re saying, so try to use 
correct punctuation and grammar.

And finally, I will not help you if you’re asking me questions like “How do 
I beat the Chocobo race at 0:00” or “How do I get Anima” or “Where are all 
the Al Bhed Primers”. This is a BOSS FAQ.

FAQ % Done: 107%

This FAQ is solely written by me, Haunter120, and is not to be used in any 
site without permission. Therefore, you must e-mail me and ask permission 
for use of this FAQ. Some sites are already able to use this FAQ, or any 
information within it, without permission. They are:

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Copyright 2001-2002 Haunter120


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2.	Version History
3.	Bosses
4.	FAQ
5.	Credits



Even more strategies added...

More strategies added...

Corrected and added remaining strategies sent by people before the big 
strategy shutdown.

Bosses Completed:
Seymour Omnis – Yu Yevon (by Hibb)

Bosses Completed:
None. Strategies added, though.

Bosses Completed:
Sin – Sin 2
Optional Bosses: Ultima Weapon

Bosses Completed:
Spectral Keeper – Yunalesca. Released.

Bosses Completed:
Defender X – Sanctuary Keeper

Bosses Completed:
Wendigo – Seymour Natus

Bosses Completed:
Gui - Seymour

Bosses Completed:
Lord Ochu – Chocobo Eater

Bosses Completed:
Klikk – Echilles



A complete list of bosses is located below. I’ll add secret bosses 

Before going on to the boss list, I’d like to add an overall boss strategy 
list submitted by TechMan (thanks dude). The boss strategies you need aren’t 
completely accurate, so you’ll want to refer to TechMan’s submission if you 
can’t find a different way to banish the boss you’re stuck on...

Here are some general strategies to try if you just need a little helping 
hand but don't want the challenge totally ruined.

-Keep everybody hasted as much as possible.  Until you get hastega you 
should haste Tidus or Yuna first.  The faster Tidus gets his turns, the 
faster everybody else gets hasted.  Sometimes though you need to get your 
protects/shells off really fast so get Yuna hasted first. At the beginning 
of the fight have the people you're going to use most throughout the fight 
out so Tidus can haste them immediately.  Remember that even if a character 
is switched out they retain their haste so don't hesitate to switch a lot.

-If the boss is healing himself then try casting reflect on him.

-If the boss is using predictable elemental magic then use Yuna's nul____ 

-If the boss is using black magic on you try reflecting your own guys or 

-Use dispel to get rid of "positive" magic effects.  The game counts shell, 
protect, reflect and regen as positive however sometimes you don't want your 
characters to have these.  A zombied character + regen = poison :(

-If the boss is using damaging physical attacks use protect.  Sometimes it 
can be hard to tell what's a physical attack and what's a magic attack.  
Just because it says the name of the attack at the top of the screen doesn't 
mean that it counts as being "magic" damage.

-Rikku can use Al Bhed potions.  These cure 1000hp on everybody as well as 
poison, petrification, and silence.  Eventually you will be able to buy 
these in stores so don't worry too much about using them all up.  Rikku is 
also very fast so don't be afraid to switch her in from a hasted character 
as her turn will come back fast and you'll get your other character back 

-Figure out how much damage the boss can possible do in one turn, then you 
only need to, at minimum keep one of your characters above that although 
keeping them all above is preferred.  If there's a pattern to when they use 
this "ultimate attack" even better.  Remember, sometimes the best defense is 
a good offense (i.e. kill them before they kill you) so if you can get away 
with it, attack instead of heal.

-Some bosses will counter attack after you attack them.  A counter attack 
allows the boss to take a turn right after being attacked without 
sacrificing any of their turns.  It's a free turn for them.  Try seeing if 
they still counter if you use magic attacks.  If you need to, only have your 
highest HP character attack (and thus be the one who takes the counter) then 
use Tidus to cheer him/her on and the other characters to heal.

-Most bosses follow a pattern, as long as you're doing more damage than they 
can heal in a "round" of attacks and not having to use any items that can't 
be bought it stores you're on the right track, don't worry if it takes a 
long time, they'll die eventually.

-If you lose at first try going in with all your character and aeons' 
overdrives maxed.  You know those little computer terminals you find in 
various places (there's one on the airship in the hallway right outside the 
bridge and one in that circled off area in the calm lands, left of  the 
shop)?  Well you can go to the "fiends" section to fight a practice fight 
with an enemy.  Use this to get your overdrives up because you can choose 
what enemy to fight).

-Some of the very early bosses or mini-bosses (enemies with high HP but 
aren't actual bosses) are vulnerable to Valefor's sonic wings attack.  This 
will delay the enemies movement as well as doing damage.  I've gotten 20-30 
turns in a row using this.

-If you've followed these steps and a boss just seems impossibly hard then 
perhaps they're vulnerable to some kind of status effects.  Always try power 
break, armor break, magic break, mind break and all that stuff.  Try sleep, 
silence, dark, zombie and anything else you have.

Most important:If you never run from a fight and always have all your 
characters take at least one turn in every fight you will rarely have to 
level up, or get secret stuff in the game.  All bosses have some sort of a 
"trick" to them that you have to find.May the force be with you.


HP: 1800
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Ruins

Easy. Rikku will join the fight after a while, so have her throw grenades at 
the enemy. If she runs out, have her steal from the enemy and she’ll get 
some grenades. Have Tidus attack meanwhile.

HP: 2200
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Sunken City

Well, destroy the piranhas first, then aim for the octopus. He has an all 
attack against you and Rikku. Have Rikku steal grenades from him and Tidus 
attack. When the octopus gets out of range, just stand by until the option 
‘Pincer Attack’ appears. You’ll surround the enemy, and now you can defeat 

HP: 800
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Besaid Road

This is a one-on-one against Kimahri, with Tidus. Have Tidus attack, and 
heal when his HP gets below 175. Kimahri will either attack or use jump. He 
is easy, so no need to worry.

Sin, Sinscale x3
HP: 2000
Difficulty: Easy
Location: S.S Liki

If you kill all three Sinspawns, Sin will send out more to attack you, so 
kill two of them and leave the last one there. No matter what, Sin is out of 
range. Get Lulu and Wakka out on your team and have Wakka attack while Lulu 
uses Fire or Thunder on the fin. Sin never attacks, and will only move 
around the ship, so don’t worry about him. Heal if the Sinspawns bring your 
HP down. Also, it might be wise to bring Yuna and Kimahri out sometime. If a 
character is active at least once in the battle, they gain AP. You want 
everyone to gain AP, right?

HP: 2000
Difficulty: Easy
Location: S.S Liki, Underwater

Wow! I forgot all about this fight! You only have Tidus and Wakka, so have 
Wakka use Dark Attack to blind Sinspawn, and then just have both of the 
characters attack. The piranhas will keep on re-appearing, so avoid them.

Lord Ochu
HP: 4675
Difficulty: Medium
Location: Kilika Woods - Central

This guy is a bit harder than the previous bosses you’ve fought, but it’s 
not too overwhelming. Ochu can poison you, so I suggest you bring Yuna out. 
First of all, get Valefor and have him use Fire on Ochu. Whenever his 
Overdrive is up, have him use it because it will cause around 900 HP to 
Ochu. Just keep Valefor out until either he or Ochu dies. If Valefor does 
die, just have Lulu use Fire, Yuna use Esuna or Cure, and everyone else 
should attack.

Difficulty: Easy
Location: Kilika Woods – Pilgrimage Road

First and foremost, destroy the tentacles on the sides, then aim for 
Geneaux. He’s extremely easy, and you shouldn’t worry a bit! He does have 
some ‘all’ attacks, but they’re not too bad.

HP: 6000
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Al Bhed S.S, Luca

His HP may seem high, but he is, in fact, easy. First, have Tidus examine 
the crane on his right a couple of times, while Kimahri and Lulu do their 
stuff on the enemy, until Tidus asks Lulu if she can use her Thunder spell 
on the crane. Have Lulu use Thunder on the crane three times, and then have 
Tidus activate. This will do around 3000 damage to Oblitzerator, and by now, 
Kimahri and Lulu should’ve weakened him down to less than 1000, so it’s easy 
by now. Oblitz has a Blitzball attack that throws a bunch of Blitzballs on 
the party, and some negative status effect attacks. For the negative 
statuses, just watch out for Silence on Lulu. Also, I said that “Tidus needs 
to examine the crane three times” however, I have not verified that this 
needs to be done. Try using Thunder beforehand...

Sahagin Guard x18
HP: 200
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Blitzball Sphere, Luca

First, you’ll fight three of them. They’re extremely easy to defeat. Tidus 
should be able to destroy one in one hit, and Wakka should come close. After 
the first fight, you’ll fight another three. When you destroy two, two more 
will come, and then one more until you’ve destroyed all six. In the next 
fight, you’ll fight 9, as more will take place of their fallen comrades. 
This is very easy!

Chocobo Eater
HP: 10000
Difficulty: Medium
Location: Mi’ihen Highroad - Central

His HP is high up there, but he really isn’t tough at all. You don’t need to 
even BEAT this fight, you can lose, but it’s better to kill him, since 
you’ll get not only AP, but a Chocobo to ride on (which I’m not sure of, 
actually). You really want a Chocobo, don’t you? Besides, the enemies ahead 
will be tough. Anywho, his main attack is an all attack, which brings you 
close to the edge of the cliff. If he does this again when you’re next to 
the cliff, you’ll fall down and lose (but you’ll be able to continue from 
there, just no AP and no Chocobo, if Lucil actually lends you one). What you 
need to do is attack him a couple more times until he falls down on his 
back, then keep on striking him until he moves back. Continue the process 
until he is defeated. You don’t NEED to win this fight, but it is advised 
you do so. I was careless and I lost, damn me! Don’t be like me...

>From “Daniel Quintero”

Sinspawn Gui
HP: 12000
Difficulty: Hard
Location: Operation Mi’ihen Central, Mushroom Rock

Well, here’s your first real boss fight. Gui will remind you a lot of the 
second Virage from Legend of Dragoon, if you’ve played that. Gui has two 
arms, a body, and a head. You need to destroy the body to win, but I heavily 
recommend you take care of the head first. The head will poison you a lot, 
and since poison is hell on earth in this game, you’ll have to waste a turn 
getting Yuna out to use Esuna or using an item. You don’t want to do that, 
do you? Quickly take care of the head. You’ll need to use magic and Wakka’s 
attack to destroy it, since it’s out of range. If you have Fira, or 
Blizzara, or any of those, use them! Lulu should have them by now. If not, 
just have her use Fire. Sometime in the fight, mainly after the head is 
destroyed, I recommend getting Yuna out and summoning Valefor or Ifrit. The 
arms will regenerate and reduce damage done to the body, but the Aeons’ 
attacks won’t cause that. Summon either of them and use their best attacks 
until their Overdrive occurs, then use that! It should take care of the arms 
easily, but they’ll regenerate. Summon both Ifirt and Valefor and have them 
fight to the death. If the body doesn’t die yet and the Aeons fall, take out 
Yuna and bring out Kimahri and Auron, while keeping Lulu in. Have Lulu cast 
spells on the body, since the arms don’t protect the body from the spell. 
Have Kimahri and Auron either heal with Potions or jack around, but keep 
them there since they can serve as shields with their massive amounts of HP. 
Gui likes to cast Demi a lot, which reduces your HP down to 3 quarters, and 
sometimes Thunder. Keep youjr party healed and use Mega Potions when 
necessary (you should have three of them if you actually talk to the people 
you find on the highway).

Sinspawn Gui
HP: 6000
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Mushroom Rock

This may seem overwhelming, due to the fact that you fight this battle 
consecutively after the previous one without any resting or saving in 
between. However, don’t fret. It’s much easier now, since you have Seymour. 
The body also has only 6000HP now instead of 12000. Have Seymour cast 
Thundara on the body every round while Yuna and Auron do whatever they want. 
Don’t try to kill the whole thing, as it’ll take forever. Since Seymour’s 
more advanced spells do around 1300HP to the body, you should be able to 
kill Gui in no time.

HP: 4000
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Moonflow - Underwater

This is an underwater fight, so only Tidus and Wakka can participate. The 
only thing you should do here (and the only thing that’s useful in this 
battle) is to attack, unless you miraculously got Tidus or Wakka to learn 
some fascinating spells. The Extractor will use Aqua Cannon, then rise up, 
then come back down. Aqua Cannon is the only spell it knows so don’t worry 
too much about it.

HP: 11000
Difficulty: Medium
Location: Macalania Woods

Spherimorph is a boss that resembles many other bosses you’ve fought before. 
In other RPGs, that is. Basically, if you’ve played some other FF games, 
then you would know that there is a boss that changes its’ elemental 
weaknesses/strengths at certain times. Well, this boss is another version of 
them. Get Lulu out, and have Auron and someone else in the main party. Auron 
should attack and Lulu should cast the Spherimorph’s current elemental 
weakness. Since Spherimorph is immune to sensors, you’re going to have to 
figure out his weakness yourself. It’s quite easy, actually. Wait for him to 
cast a spell, then use the opposing elemental against him. The –ra’s (Fira, 
Thundara, Blizzara and Watera) will do around 1200 damage against him. Once 
you cast a spell, he’ll change elements. Continue the process. I recommend 
you don’t summon Aeons, either, since they may sometimes heal Spherimorph 
instead of damaging him. Spherimorph also has Press, which does around 400HP 
damage to the whole party. As long as you stay healed, he shouldn’t be too 
much of a problem.

>From “Sandeep Bodige”

Boss Sphereimorph:
Pull out Ifrit and cast fire on it.  It will change its elemental counter to 
fire, which of course Ifrit absorbs.  Just keep attacking it and it will 
eventually die.

Crawler, Negator
HP: 16000, 1000
Difficulty: Hard
Location: Macalinia Lake, near Rin’s Agency

Okay, this is where bosses officially start to get tough, starting with yet 
another Al Bhed machine by the explanatory name of, well, Crawler. The 
machine comes with a flying sensor named Negator. As long as Negator is 
alive, both the enemy and allies cannot use magic. Since that’s the case, 
kill the Negator. Only Wakka can attack him, but you can also use stuff like 
Grenades. Once he’s dead, get Lulu out and start casting Thundara on 
Crawler. Here’s the catch – the Crawler will start counting down from 3 to 0 
every turn, then casting a powerful spell called Mana Beam. Hopefully, 
you’ve been saving up Mega Potions, so use them after you get damaged by 
this spell, otherwise get an Aeon out right before Crawler’s Mana Beam out 
and have the poor guy suffer. Now, Crawler will summon another Negator, and 
start counting down from 3 again. Remember, Mana Beam CANNOT be cast as long 
as the Negator is around, but neither will your magic. If you want, you can 
kill the Negator and do a lot of damage with magic against the Crawler, but 
Mana Beam’ll strike you until another Negator appears. Do whatever you want, 
and remember that Crawler’s weakness is Thunder. He likes to counterattack 
you with Assault, and use Gatling Gun, but they shouldn’t hurt too much.

Seymour with guards, Anima, and Seymour again
HP: 6000, 18000, 6000
Difficulty: Hard
Location: Macalania Temple

This battle is actually three fights, but they’re all in one battle. This is 
also a hard one, as it took me three tries. I’ll guide you through each 
fight below.

Fight 1: Seymour and two Guado Guards
As long as the Guado Guards are around, you won’t be able to damage Seymour. 
The other problem is that the guards will ALWAYS heal 1000HP when you attack 
them with no matter what. This means that you’ll need to do more than 1000HP 
to get rid of them, otherwise they’ll just stay there. When the fight first 
begins, have Tidus use the Trigger Command Talk, and talk to Seymour to 
raise Tidus’s strength by A LOT. Do the same with Wakka and Yuna to raise 
their Magic Defense. After that, summon your best Aeon (you may notice the 
Aeon “???” at the very bottom of Yuna’s summon list, but don’t summon her 
yet) and try to get that Aeon to Overdrive. If you have a Sensor for your 
weapons, look at Seymour’s description. Notice how he uses different 
elemental spells in order? Summon Ixion if he’s about to cast Thunder, Ifrit 
when he’s about to cast Fire, and etc. Have the Aeon get into Overdrive and 
use their Overdrive spell. This should Overkill those damn annoying Guado 
Guards and do more than half the HP Seymour has. He will immediately summon 
his Aeon, Anima.

Fight 2: Anima
Anima will use only three commands – Pain, which will probably instantly 
kill a party member; Boost, which boosts Anima’s overdrive gauge; and 
Oblivion, which is Anima’s Overdrive spell that you seriously DO NOT want to 
see. If you still have your Aeon from last round, keep them out. Anima’s 
Pain spell will only do around 500 damage to them, so you might still be 
able to get that Aeon up to Overdrive. If not, get Tidus to attack, Lulu to 
use spells, and someone powerful such as Kimahri or Auron to attack. Always 
keep an eye on Anima’s Overdrive gauge. If it’s nearly full, get Yuna out 
and have her summon her weakest Aeon to take the damage in place of your 
main characters. After Anima uses Oblivion, finish him off. He should be 
near death. Before killing him, however, have Tidus cast Haste on all of 
your characters and heal them up to max, then deliver the finishing blow to 
Anima. He’s not that hard, just watch out for his Oblivion spell.

Fight 3: Seymour
He starts with 6000HP at max, and he’s one bad-ass mofo this time. If you 
hastened your characters with Tidus, however, you should be able to kill him 
before he unleashes his multi-element spells. Make sure to have Tidus, Lulu, 
and someone else out, like Kimahri or Auron (haste Lulu during the Anima 
fight!) and have Tidus attack, Auron or Kimahri attack, and Lulu use magic. 
Seymour’s multi spell is devastating, keeps me wondering how a simple 
Thundara/Fira/Blizzara/Watera can do so much damage, but if he is able to 
cast it, forget healing. Instead, keep on attacking him. And if you had your 
characters hastened, you should be able to defeat Seymour before he casts 
his spell again. Remember to keep Tidus out at all times. If you had Tidus 
talk to Seymour in the first round of this fight, Tidus’s strength would 
risen. By A LOT.

>From Derek Hubbs

Thanks for putting out the great Final Fantasy X FAQ, I wanted to add a 
strategy to it for the Macalania Seymour battle. Yes, it is an easy battle, 
but it was somewhat hard for me. I developed this strategy for
making it where you will never take an ounce of damage when Seymour uses the 
multiple castings on you, which can kill characters that are under 
developed, such as mine. You will need to use Yuna, Kimarhi, and Auron in 
this battle. If your Kimarhi doesn't have Haste, use Tidus instead, but it 
is much easier with Kimarhi. Yuna must have all the Nul White Magics, which 
she should have learned earlier on anyways. Cast Haste on Yuna. Every time 
it is Yuna's turn, caste a Nul Spell. Since a Nul Spell disappears once 
attacked, cast it again every time Seymour attacks it. For example, if 
Seymour uses Thundara, then recast Nul Shock. Sounds tedious, but since Yuna 
tends to get more turns than the other two fighters, it is incredibly easy. 
Since Seymour will only cast magic spells, and no physical attacks, your 
characters will never take damage as long as Yuna keeps casting Nul Spells. 
I noticed Kimahri can take multiple element attacks without the spell 
wearing off for some reason. While your characters are protected from 
Seymour’s attacks, use Auron and Kimarhi to inflict heavy damage on Seymour. 
Since he only has 6,000 HP, it will be over quickly. If you start to run out 
of MP on Yuna for some reason, which you most likely won't (I had 100 MP 
left over after casting many Nul Spells), then use Auron's Magic Break to 
weaken Seymour's attacks, and inflict heavy damage at the same time. Yes, 
this strategy sounds stupid, but it really helped me. Thanks for writing the 
great FAQ, enjoy!


>From “Kenny Adams”
Hey on Final Fantasy X in the boss fight against Seymour, use Rikku at the 
beginning to steal from both the Guado Guards. This takes away the annoying 
auto-potion and allows you to kill them very easily.

>From Paul
Hey, your guide’s awesome, it helps me out a lot. I got a tip for those 
really annoying Guado Guardian guys through the middle of the game. If you 
use Rikku or Kimahri or whomever you taught steal to, you could take the 
potions the Guados heal themselves with!! I know it’s cheap, and kind of 
logical, but once you steal from them once, they don't use potions anymore. 
I know it's not much of a tip, but I thought it was cool and I'll let you 
know more as I get farther in the game.


>From “Templar May Cry”
Strangely, before I fought Seymour for the first time, I had reflect with 
Rikku.  That fight was as simple as pie after I cast reflect, but it still 
took a while, same with the second Seymour..  I haven't fought the 3rd and 
final seymour yet, so I wouldn't know if it works on them. But from the way 
it sounds, when Seymour casts Full Life on you after one of your characters 
are infected with zombie, Full Life will just reflect back to Seymour, that 
is if you have reflect, am I right? Well, anyhow, im happy to help, and if 
this didn't help at all, sorry for filling your mailbox with one more 
useless mail.

P.S: I think it would also help to have an armor or weapon that has SOS 
Shell, or an item (Chocobo wing?) that casts reflect on a character. Ugh, 
and also, for Ervae, the second one, if you use X-potion on it, it does 9999 

>From Mandos
In this part of your FAQ, you say that the 2 guards
for Seymour have to be damaged over 1000 because they
*always* use hi-potion.  Not the case if you use Rikku
to steal their potion.  If you steal just one, they
can never use it again in the battle.  Much, much


>From Garrett Smith
Seymour with guards, Anima, and Seymour again

I have something you might find intersting...
In this fight with the guado faggots, ya knwo the ones that always take the 
damage for seymoure thne heal eachother? yeah thos eone, well i found that 
all you really have to do is use "Rikku" and use her skill "Steal", this 
steals the guado dude's potions and he can't do shit about it, all you have 
to do is steal from each of them once, then they can take the damage for 
seymoure but can't heal each other.

>From “Raiden Chan”
Seymour strategy(3in1)

First, Have Yuna, Tidus, and someone who does damage out. Next have Yuna 
cast Nul Freeze(I forgot the name), Nul Shock, Nul Blaze, and Nul Tide in 
that order. Cast the null spells from whatever seymour's sensor says about 
the elemental spells in that order. Then have Tidus cast Haste on the party 
and of course have him talk to Seymour since it does increase his strength 
by alot. Anyways next, just use your damage dealing people(Tidus and some 
other person) attack the guards and then attack Seymour. Have Yuna 
continually cast nullifying spells in the order so that Seymour cannot hurt 
your party. After that Seymour would summon Anima.

Here Tidus will tell Yuna to cast ???? (Shiva) and do that. Have Shiva 
attack Anima with the special attack and if you have to, cast Blizzara on 
yourself to heal. Then when you have Overdrive and have steady life point on 
Shiva, use Overdrive. Continue this process and Anima should go down easily.

Next Seymour will come back to battle and this will be harder than the other 
battles. Have Yuna continually cast Nul spells and heal if needed. Use 
damage dealing people to attack and then he should gradually lose. That 
wasnt that hard now, If you try it.

Anyways I’m also having trouble with Seymour Natus, as you said it was easy. 
It wasnt so easy to me and havnt won yet. I’ll give any other better 
strategy guide for bosses after I beat it, aight thats all I have to say, 
gotta jet

>From “Gord Mills”
Hey Haunter120

I have a few suggestions for your boss guide

I noticed you seem to be having trouble with the Seymours: the Nul
spells are very useful here. Especialy when you fight Seymour after
getting Shiva. Follow his pattern, casting each of the Nul spells in
turn. Haste on Yuna makes this easier.

>From “Christopher Jackson”
Hello, Nice FAQ man!  I just wanted to tell you another strategy for beating 
the Seymor, Anima, guards fight, that made it MUCH easier for me.  You 
remember when you said that when you scan seymor you will find out that he 
cast his magic in order ( ice, lightning, water, fire I think ).  Well what 
I did is keep in Yuna and use Nulfrost, Nulshock, Seymor's attacks 
would not hurt any of my party members.  I also did not use a sommon on the 
guards. I just simply used Rikku and stole there auto-High Potions so they 
could not heal.  In the second round against Anima I just used Shiva and my 
other summons to beat him ( not a real strategy there I know).  But in the 
final and easiest round of them all, I found out that Seymour still used his 
Multi- attacks in the same element order. So I left in Yuna for the Nul 
stuff( in the same order as before ), and left in Tidus and Auron to just 
attack him until he died .  That it!!!!!!  ( Easy Huh? )

>From Jeff Efros
The battle of:

"Seymour with guards, Anima, and Seymour again"

*VERY* easy battle... if you find the trick :)  Takes all of a minute to do.

Use Kimari to Self-Destruct - Guards immediately gone and Seymour summons 

Use Yuna to summons Shiva and finish the battle.

>From Willie Martin
I also found an easy way to kill both of the guado guards in one hit and 
still keep khimari alive.  It requires you go have khimari in overdrive, but 
the stone breath enemy skill will turn both guards into stone.

Willie Martin

>From “Thomas Kurtz”
Just a quick note here. I felt stupid holding onto
Wakka's TKO ball, and the Break Spear for everybody's
favorite Ronso. Use the TKO ball against one guard,
the Break Spear against the other. That will Stone the
guards in one turn, making the battle move along quickly.

okay     first  i have to say seymore sounds like a fag.   okay   i didn’t 
look at your strategy for the first fight with him  so i made up my own. 
well   i had tidus yuna and auron in my party to start with         since 
seymore casts spells in a sequence,  i waited till right before he casted 
water and summoned Ifrit.  The water spell may or may not give ifrit his 
overdrive but then seymor casts fire next   so that refills ifrits health. 
When you get his overdrive   use it to obliterate the dumb guado homos. This 
will half Seymores health and anima pops up....  well obviously anima will 
kill ifrit  so that sacrifice had to be made.   keep attacking him till he 
is almost in overdrive mode and summon valefore      bye bye valefor       
anima shouldnt use her qverdrive but once before she is dismissed.   Then 
have yuna with haste start casting the NUL magics before seymore casts the 
corresponding elemental     and i also used magic break for auron   but its 
not neccesary.    then attack the crap out of him till you beat him down 
congrats!    you beat the queer seymore       just 3 more times to go....

Wendigo, 2 Guado Guards
HP: 18000, 1200
Difficulty: Medium
Location: Macalania Lake – Crevasse

In this battle, negative statuses will matter. Especially when you’re 
casting them on Wendigo. Before the fight, get your Aeons to Overdrive so 
you can kill those guards instantly without them having to use Auto Potion. 
Once you get in the fight, one of the guards will use Berserk on Wendigo. 
Summon an Aeon quickly and use their Overdrive attack. Ifrit’s Hellfire 
works best, since Wendigo is weak against fire. After defeating the guards, 
get Yuna to use Esuna on Wendigo to get rid of his Berserk status, then use 
Dispel to get rid of his Protect and Shell. Then get Wakka to use Dark 
Attack on Wendigo to make him blind, and Tidus use Haste. Now just have Lulu 
cast Fira or Firaga and Wakka attacking, mainly with his status effecting 
abilities, like Sleep Attack or Dark Attack. Make sure Wendigo is always 
blinded, since he can do a lot of damage. It’s not too hard as long as 
Wendigo isn’t able to kill you in one hit.

>From Stephanie
First off before the battle try to get all your chararters into overdrive I 
know its a pain in the neck but its very helpfull. Start of with Rikku Auron 
and Tidus, Have Rikku use her mix overdrive and mix sleeping powder and 
level one sphere, trust me it dose alot of damege it kill the guards and it 
silences blinds and puts to sleep that big ugly thing. Then pull out yuna 
have her call ifrit and do the nast overdrive., keep using his special and 
see if you can get him to do overdrive at least twice. When he dies have 
auron and tidus do there overdrive. then yuna call all her summons Shiva, 
ect.... this should defeat him in a sec. i was very surprised how well this 
worked for me since i had so much trouble with it.

HP: 32000
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Al Bhed Ship – Deck

Oh my god, this fight was way too simple! Don’t worry about his HP, Evrae is 
a total wuss. He only has 4 attacks, and one (so far) when the ship isn’t 
close to him. Start by having Wakka, Tidus, and anyone who has Steal/Use (I 
used Kimahri instead of Rikku since he had Steal and Use). Have Tidus haste 
the characters, and Wakka and your third character attack. If Evrae lowers 
anyone’s HP down or petrifies/poisons your characters, simply have whoever 
has the ability ‘Use’, spend an Al Bhed Potion. You should have 50 or more 
of them by now, and man, are they useful! Just read their descriptions... 
anyway, after a while, have Tidus use the Trigger Command ‘Pull Back’. Now 
wait for Cid’s turn (shown on the bar on the right) and the ship will move 
back. From here, you and Evrae are out of range, so Wakka can only attack 
(or Lulu, but her spells won’t do too much damage against Evrae). Evrae can 
only use his Photon spell from afar, and it does very little damage. So, 
basically, have Wakka continuously attack, Tidus use Cheer to raise Wakka’s 
attack (Wakka was doing 2000 damage to Evrae per turn), and your third 
character just chill. Another advantage to being far away from Evrae is that 
Cid may fire a salvo of missiles at Evrae. They won’t do too much damage, 
but they help. When Evrae casts Haste, move in and cast Dispel, then just 
finish him off. And I thought this battle would be hard...

Isaaru and his Summons
HP: ???
Difficulty: Hard
Location: Via Purifico

I read one of the FAQs and it said I could get Kimahri AND Auron in the Via 
Purifico. I never found Kimahri though, since I rushed through this 
god-forsaken piece of crap dungeon. Anyways, only Yuna and her Aeons matter 
in this battle. It’s composed of three battles, just like the Seymour battle 
you fought before. You just have to know one thing before taking on Isaaru: 

Fight 1: vs. Ifrit (Grothia)
Summon Shiva and have her use Diamond Dust. Ifrit is already on Overdrive, 
so he’ll probably kill Shiva. If she does die, just summon Bahamut. This new 
and VERY powerful Aeon is 4 times the size of Ifrit and has almost all of 
the Black Magic elemental spells, so your enemy won’t pose a challenge here. 
Do not use Bahamut’s Overdrive though!!! Well, you could, but maybe you 
should save it up for the next Aeon. Just have Bahamut use Blizzaga and 

Fight 2: vs. Valefor (Pterya)
Again, summon Bahamut. If you saved up your Overdrive, use it here. Then, 
just use Impulse. Valefor could kill Bahamut. If he does, then summon a 
faster Aeon, but don’t use your Overdrives yet.

Fight 3: vs. Bahamut (Spathi)
You can’t get your own Bahamut out in this battle, so get out Ixion first. 
Bahamut will use his countdown every turn and then use Mega Flare. Have 
Ixion use his Overdrive and fight to the end. Then get Ifrit and Valefor 
out, use their Overdrives, and have them fight until Spathi/Bahamut is 
defeated. Sometimes Shield will help, but not by much.

An easy way to beat any Aeon here (only one) without any trouble is to get 
Bahamut AND Yuna into Overdrive. This will let you do Mega Flare twice, so 
use it against either Pterya or Grothia.

>From SpeK
1) Isaaru and his summons:
Get out Shiva vs Isaaru's infrit, cast Nullblaze on herself and smack him 
silly. Nul Blaze neutralizes all of Ifrit's attacks I believe. After that, 
it should be much easier to win the rest with Shiva still  at full health.

>From “Jeff Brown”
On the boss fight against Isaaru and his Summons, there is a very easy way 
to defeat the aeons. First you get Yuna to get her overdrive and use Shiva 
to do Yuna's overdrive. That will take care of Ifrit and you still have 
Shiva's overdrive! Take care of the next aeon, Valefor with Shiva also, 
since he is not strong against Shiva, which gives you 3 more aeons left to 
defeat Bahamut. Piece of cake!

>From Brian Johnson
Just wanted to let you know...You mentioned in your Boss Guide FAQ on
gamefaqs that you had read another FAQ that indicated you could get Kimahri 
AND Auron in the Via Purifico.  Actually, I went through the area last 
night, and Lulu is in there, too (I managed to get all three of them).  If 
memory serves correctly, she's in a short dead-end on the left-hand side of 
the map.  Not really all that important, because, like you said, only Yuna 
fights Isaaru, but it is nice to get everyone a little bit of AP while 
you're there.

Also, for the Zombie Evrae battle, there are trigger commands that allow you 
to open gates (there are two gates with two locks on each).  If you open a 
gate, there is a short "swim for your life" scene where Tidus, Wakka, and 
Rikku swim to another area with Evrae in hot pursuit and the battle 
continues.  After the second gate and subsequent swim, your characters will 
be in a place where Evrae will not be able to reach them.  I'm not sure if 
he can attack your party, since I used two phoenix downs to dispatch him. 
After defeating him, I fought him again and killed him before using the 
trigger commands on the first gate.  I believe you get better spoils for 
going the trigger command route, but I'll have to verify that...hope I still 
have a save nearby.

Reply from Haunter: Yes, if you don’t open the floodgates, you get two extra 
floating treasures that contain some nice weapons for Tidus and Wakka.

Lastly, DO NOT USE DEMI on Defender X.  I had Lulu with a full overdrive and 
I must have turned about seven or eight circles with Demi Fury (probably the 
most I had ever done for her overdrive).  It sucked so bad every time I saw 
that "IMMUNE" pop up...I wanted to scream!  I finally did manage to defeat 
him, but it would have been nice to have done some damage to it.

Brian Johnson.

Evrae Altana
HP: 16384
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Via Purifico – Underwater

Yeah, he looks big and scary. But if you have Sensor, take a peek at his 
stats... it says “Zombie” meaning that he is weak against healing potions 
and healing magic. Simply use a Phoenix Down to inflict 8192 HP of damage 
against him, and use another one to shave off another 8192, killing the 

>From “TemplarMayCry”
Also, for Ervae, the second one, if you use X-potion on it, it does 9999 

Seymour Natus and Mortibody
HP: 36000, 3000
Difficulty: Medium
Location: Bevelle – Highbridge

Well, well, well... Seymour just won’t give up. He comes with an enemy 
called Mortibody here, which cannot be “defeated”. Have Tidus, Wakka, and 
Lulu in here first and cast your –ga’s on Mortibody, as well as attack it. 
When the Mortibody dies, it’ll replenish itself by draining HP from Seymour. 
And yes, it could drain a nice amount of HP from Seymour. You can keep on 
killing Mortibody to have Seymour’s HP taken away, but I don’t recommend it. 
Summon Aeons and put them on Overdrive. Their Overdrives can do as much as 
9000 damage to both Seymour and the Mortibody, too! When Seymour has less 
than 12000HP, the Mortibody will start casting Cura on him every round. Just 
keep on using Blizzaga on Seymour and attacking with your most powerful 
units (Auron should definitely be one of them). Seymour uses Flare, which 
can drop 2000HP off of one character, so heal that with Curaga or a 
Hi-Potion. He’s not too hard... I thought he would be MUCH harder than this!

>From “The Infamous SNX”
Hey, I got a good boss strategy for Seymour Natus.  It makes the fight very 
easy.  First off, Yuna has to know the spell Reflect.  Go into the battle 
with Tidus, Auron, and Yuna.  Have Yuna cast Reflect on Auron first, then 
Tidus, and then herself.  Physically attack Seymour so that he will start 
casting Flare.  This will reflect off of you, and damage him!  Then have 
yuna cast Reflect on Seymour.  Now whenever Mortibody tries to use Cura on 
Seymour, it will reflect off of Seymour and cure whoever is in front of 
Mortibody.  Just keep using physical attacks and overdrives.  If you do want 
to use magic, be sure to cast it on yourself.  This strategy made the fight 
so much easier.

Defender X
HP: 64000
Difficulty: Medium
Location: Calm Lands – Near Bridge

WHOA! His HP is almost double the previous boss’s! Plus, his ability to 
withstand physical attack and him having absolutely no magical weakness 
makes him a toughie. His attacks are quite powerful, and you’ll need to be 
healing every round. Get Tidus out, Auron, and Lulu. Have Tidus cast Haste 
on Auron and Lulu, and then replace him with your best healer (in my words – 
Kimahri). Now just have Lulu cast Blizzaga, Auron use Armor Break and 
attack, and your healer healing. Do NOT summon Aeons, because Defender X 
will destroy them quickly. He has Blast Punch, which won’t hurt much, and 
Haymaker, which is probably an instant kill to you. That’s all he has, 
basically. He can’t heal (thankfully) and you won’t need to fear any type of 
attack that damages your whole party, cause this boss don’t got it. Still, 
Phoenix Downs, Al Bhed Potions, and Ethers are a must! It’ll take long for 
him to die, but it’s possible.

>From ExTidus
I Have a easy strategy for defeating Defender X

I accidently used Provoke on it (I was gonna use Hastega on everyone) but 
then I found something, he keep using his Blast Punch (acts like Demi 
reducing you to 1 hp but can't kill you) after this I got Auron into the 
fight and used armor break and got Wakka/Kimahri in and attacked when their 
overdrives were full (they where warriors). I used them. This boss only took 
me like 15 minutes to beat with this. Anyway, great job with the boss faq 
and good luck


>From Brian Johnson
Lastly, DO NOT USE DEMI on Defender X.  I had Lulu with a full overdrive and 
I must have turned about seven or eight circles with Demi Fury (probably the 
most I had ever done for her overdrive).  It sucked so bad every time I saw 
that "IMMUNE" pop up...I wanted to scream!  I finally did manage to defeat 
him, but it would have been nice to have done some damage to it.

Biran and Yenke Ronso
HP: Randomized, but near Kimahri’s HP (for both)
Difficulty: Medium
Location: Mt.Gagazet

These guys aren’t too hard, even though you fight them with Kimahri alone. 
Both of them have low HP (somewhat related to Kimahri’s). If you try to use 
your regular attack, the other Ronso will block it, unless they’re not close 
to each other. Wait for one of them to charge you, and then you can use your 
regular attack. I had Kimahri with Steal and Use, so I just threw a bunch of 
Grenades at them. Once one of them is down (I recommend taking Yenke down 
first, since his Fire Breath and Ice Breath are annoying), the other one 
will cast Berserk on himself. If you try to Esuna it, he’ll just cast it 
again, and keep on charging you. Just keep attacking him. I had Kimahri with 
Curaga, so I just kept on using it every time his HP dropped down below 
1000. I don’t know how you’d do it, but try some weird things like Lancet 
and protect/shell.

>From “Rm”
In you FAQ section about Biran and Yenke Ronso:

Take your time in the fight and have Kimahri use LANCET to learn these:

Thrust Kick
Stone Breath
White Wind
Mighty Guard

Whenever either Yenke or Biran use blue magic,  have Kimahri use Lancet
and he will learn it.


>From “Daniel Smith”
For the Biran and Yenke battle there's an even easier strategy. They both 
have a lot of moves you can learn from them if you already haven't, and 
everytime Kimahri learns a new Overdrive move he goes into Overdrive 
automatically so he can try it out! This way if you've been slacking off you 
can get almost every move in this fight alone. You can get around six 
Overdrives easy with this strategy.

>From Chirubael
Yenke casts Haste on himself, not Berserk. Also, you can learn 8 enemy
skills altogether from them.

>From Edwan Bonet
Hi. Nice FAQ's.

Well, when I the battle with the Ronsos, i accidentaly
leaved an armor with the SOS Regen ability on it. To
my surprise it turned out to be quite great since both
Ronsos could not kill me. Kimahri just kept
regenerating himself and that gave a lot of time to
get all the overdrives and kill the Ronsos without any
trouble. Thanks a lot.

Edwan Bonet

Seymour Flux, Mortiorchis
HP: 70000, 4000
Difficulty: Hard
Location: Mt.Gagazet

My god, this is the hardest boss so far, no contest between other bosses. 
Get Tidus, Wakka, and Auron out. Have Tidus cast Hastega one everyone and 
the others attack. Anytime you see the words “Lance of Atrophy” on the top, 
immediately use a Holy Water on the person who suffered from that attack, 
because Zombie was caused on that person, and Seymour will ALWAYS use Full 
Life on that person after Lance of Atrophy, and since Zombie condition is 
damaged by curatives, Full Life is an instant kill. If you do use a Holy 
Water/Esuna/Remedy, Seymour will still use Full Life, but it’ll just miss. 
Stupid idiot. Anyways, just keep attacking Seymour and sometimes, get Lulu 
out to damage the Mortiorchis so it’ll absorb some HP from Seymour. When 
Seymour uses Dispel on all of your characters, heal everyone fully and put 
your best HP characters out, because he’ll use an attack called Cross 
Cleave, which does a lot of damage to each character. Heal everyone, and 
have Tidus cast Hastega. Seymour will repeat this step until his HP is 
somewhere around 20000. The Mortiorchis will then start charging up and, 
after a while, it’ll cast Total Annihilation. This spell is sure to kill 
probably all your characters (it does around 4000 to each!!) so have Auron 
out (he probably has the most HP) and immediately heal up and revive the 
others. From here on, try to kill him as quickly as possible; otherwise 
Total Annihilation will be cast again. I heard from PlayOnline that you can 
kill the Mortiorchis to slow down the Total Annihilation charge-up, but it 
didn’t help much, since the Mortiochis can’t actually die. Just stay on your 
toes and make sure to be healed up in this battle. Seymour fit in two Total 
Annihilations at me, but I was able to survive (don’t try to have him do the 
same thing on you, though).

>From Paul Johnson
I just finished reading through your Boss faq at Gamefaqs and I noticed that 
some of the tactics that I used against Seymour Flux that greatly increased 
my strength were not listed in the faq. It isn't much in text, but it helped 
a lot in the fight.

Buy about 200+ Holy Waters and use them to add Zombie Ward on some spare 
armor (30 per addition). It costs a lot but it helps tremendously. It would 
help even more if Full Life would hit without Zombie on then.

Have Yuna cast Shell (Not Protect, Shell) on everyone when the Mortiorchis 
is charging to use Total Annihilation. This more than halved the damage 
done, from roughly 4,000 to 1,500.

Like I said, it isn't much in text but it helped tremendously for me at 

>From “Niteryder125”
Seymour is actually much easier than Yunalesca in my opinion...

Just unleash Aeon overdrives until about 20000 hp. When mortibody is getting 
ready for Total Annihilation, have Kimahri cast Mighty Guard (Ronso Rage 
learned from Yenke/Biran via lancet) as long as your characters have more 
than 2000hp they should survive. If you built up Yuna at all, all your Aeons 
except Bahamut should do maximum damage (9999), and bahumat should do about 

Hope that helps.

>From “bob rogers”
Hello, i can see why people have so much trouble on
this little rat, but it only took me one try.
You people think way to much on strats and crap.
This is what u do start with auron, tidus and rikku. i did not have
hastaga at this piont so i just used hast on rikku
only. while walking through the mtns i managed to
gather up a total of 25 fire gems!!

I just pounded on seymour with the fire gem ( 2,500)
per gem and when i got mix i mixed it woith dream power to cat poison on him 
keep it up he will fall is he tries to annilate bring out an aoen and absorb 
the damage gg seymour!!

>From “Thief624”
for the 3rd fight with seymour, have Rikku mix a grenade and a Lv.1 key 
sphere. that will poisins seymour. then, cast silence( i had a silence 
strike ability for wakka). that will stop seymour from using flare. and 
then, the rest of the fight should be pretty easy if you use your charactor 
and aeon overdrives.

i forgot to add something for the Seymour 3rd tip...jus wanted to note that 
if you poisen seymour, the machine thing will absorb about 4000 points from 
seymour whenever it goes down, plus 2000 from the poison, plus the amount of 
damage from your party alone... doesnt take long to take him down with that 
setup. and also, if you cast silence on him, flare will hit seymour when he 
uses it, and say "counterattack failed". pretty nifty eh?  with that, i 
killed him before he could cast annhiliation. o yea, and before the fight 
you should add the zombieproof ability to the key members of your party. run 
back to wantz to buy more holy waters if you dont have enough to make zombie 
proof armor. hastega isnt totally neccesary, but it helps a bit.

>From Xezoth
Hello Im Xezoth,
I got a small tip for killing Seymour Flux, Mortiochis
Cast bio on him. it does 7000 dmg to him. hes not immune.

>From “Wade Fralic”
Seymour is able to be poisoned.  Use Rikku's Overdrive and mix a flame gem 
and a sleeping powder to make Abbadon Flame this will cause poison on 
Seymour (it can also cause silence on him).  this will take 1400 hit points 
off of him every time he does anything. Also if you don't have enough holy 
waters to put Zombie ward on your armors (which helps greatly) there is an 
armor for Auron and an armor for Yuna back
at the O'oaka’s shop a couple battles away. They are inexpensive.
These two tips, casting shell on Auron,  using Aurons overdrive,and four 
Aeon overdrives (make sure Bahamut is one of them) helped me overkill 
Seymour. (using hastega or haste doesn't help because he dispels it.  It 
just wastes a good attack) Note: power auron up so each of his normal 
attacks takes off at least 3000hp.  His banishing blade overdrive doesn't 
hurt either.

Haunter’s Note: Wantz’s shop. Not O’aka’s.

>From “Tefari.”
On the topic of Seymore Flux, don't bother with trying to get Zombie Guard, 
its for to time consuming. Just go in with all Aeon Overdrives blazing. That 
should to a good bit of damage, and get Seymore into either 'Flare' or 
'Total Annihilation' mode. If he's in Flare mode, just heal and attack until 
he hits TA mode. When it says Mortiochis is preparing to kill (or 
something), either use Kimhari's Might Guard OR Rikku's Mighty G mix. This 
is done by mixing a Remedy with a **** Curtain. Thats Luner, Light, or 
Steel. You should have picked up one of these over the course of the game, 
and Remedies are very common. Seymore will 'watch and wait' when his turn 
comes up, so be prepared for Boss1 to come up in the turn bar, not Boss. 
That should take care of him. If not, TA will do about 1000-2000 damage, and 
my team is grossly underpowered. After you live through that, heal with Al 
Bhed Potions and take him out. You should be able to survive everything he 
does after using the Mighty Guard.

>From Bulja
There is a very helpful (yet simple) tip that will take care of most of 
Seymore's combos. Bring Wakka out and use Silence Buster on him constantly. 
That way, he can use neither Full-Life nor Dispel. This Not only keeps your 
status effects (whether its Haste, Shell, or Protect) up, and prevents him 
from instantly killing you. The only advise I can give you against Total 
Annihilation (if you know its coming before you can kill him) is to use 
shell (or mighty guard) and triangle (block). It actually helps you against 
the attack. Done successfully, it reduces the damage to about 1000 
(depending on your magic defense). Otherwise, good luck cause you'll need 


>From Piro
you dont have to give me any credit or anything, but i thought that if you 
added this one lil tip in your FAQ, it'll help out a lot. i suggest "bio"ing 
seymour because he is not weak against it, but it really levels the playing 
feild. everytime he attacks with anything, or just watching mortichius 
charging, it takes away about 1400 HP. It might not seem like a lot, but 
after a while, it really adds up. just keep alive with holy waters and 
potions/cure magic and he'll die before you know it.

since you get a lot of e-mails, i wont be like crossing my fingers in hope 
of seeing this on ur faq so dont worry about it if you dont have the time to 
put this up. of yeah, btw, cast reflect on the sanctuary keepe! lol, just 
j/king. great job with the faq though.


>From “Bobby Lee”
battling seymour flux and allowing him only 1 attack:

i found that while seymour flux really beat the tar out of me when trying 
conventional battle techniques, simply getting all 5 of your aeons in full 
overdrive mode should be sufficient.which should take 2 regular battles 
where you allow the opponents to beat on them mercilessly. then in the boss 
battle, have tidus cast hastega. seymour flux should be able to get off one 
zombie/full-life, but who cares, leave em dead. simply having yuna go 
through each aeon's overdrive (each taking 9999 + 4000...3000...) should be 
good for a total of about 60000HP. inbetween each summonning, have the 
remaining character deal  one good hit. seymour flux is so busy banishing 
aeons, sending HP to Mortiochis, and protecting itself, that he never has 
the opportunity to attack again for the rest of the battle. whole process 
takes under 5 minutes.

>From “Zach Seaton”
Howdy, everyone this is a very easy way to beat Seymour Flux. It takes a 
long time to do but the actual fight will be very easy. Stay by the save 
sphere and walk around it until you get in a battle have everyone's 
overdrive set to "warrior". Then just attack until everyone's gauge full. 
(Note: You don't need to get Yuna's because he still uses Banish.) You maybe 
saing "You can't beat a boss" The other part is have your strongest two 
fighters out and Yuna. Have Yuna summon any aeon and have it use Boost. Try 
and get every aeon at full power. If you raised Yuna enough each of your 
aeons (except Bahamut) should do about 9,999 damage and Bahamut should do 
about 15,000!

>From “Bardock77”

Seymour Flux is pretty easy if you do a few things.  Start with a party of 
Tidus, Wakka, and Yuna.  Have Tidus cast Hastega or if you don't have it 
haste on everyone starting with Yuna.  Have the now super-fast Yuna use 
protect on everyone.  Make sure to use Holy Waters after The Lance of know why.  Have Wakka silence Seymour and keep him silenced so 
he can't use dispel on your group.  Have Yuna heal as needed and Wakka and 
Tidus attack Mortichus when Seymour is silenced.  Once he starts powering up 
for Total Annihilation cast Shell on everyone.  You can attack Mortichus to 
keep him from doing the attack, but it will only delay the inevitable.  
Hopefully you will survive the Total Annihilation.  Use Phoenix Downs to 
revive everyone and then use a Mega Potion to get to full health.  Now 
summon aeons in overdrive mode to finish off Seymour.  Make sure to use the 
overdrives on the first turn, because after your aeon's first attack Seymour 
will cast Banish automatically taking your aeon out of the battle.  Switch 
in other characters before the final blow, so they can get AP.  Then you can 
finish off Seymour.

Sanctuary Keeper
HP: 40000
Difficulty: Hard
Location: Mt.Gagazet

Despite his semi-low HP, Sanctuary Keeper is one big bastard. He casts a lot 
of white magic on himself, and may get on your nerves casting multiple 
Curagas. Make sure you have Esuna ready, since his Photon Wings attack 
inflicts multiple status effects on all your characters, including Confusion 
and Darkness. First things first, cast Hastega, then have Auron use Armor 
Break to penetrate Sanctuary Keeper’s defense. While he’s in this state, he 
won’t do much except continually cast Photon Wings and his weak-ass tail 
attack. You might want to get Lulu out as well as Wakka and/or Auron. When 
Sanctuary Keeper casts Protect or Shell, just use Dispel. This will cure 
Armor Break too, but it’s not hard casting it again, is it? Now, his Curaga 
heals him for 9000+, so try not to fall back and mess around. His worst is 
Regen, as it will heal him 1200+ every single character move, so get that 
Dispel out quickly! If he just keeps on casting Curaga or Regen, just reset. 
Keep on trying if that happens, and you should eventually beat him.

>From Niall C
Just a little thing to put in your faq. For the ground guardian in the 
Zanarkand Ruins to stop his Curagas cast reflect on him. That way it will 
bounce his Curagas onto your party. Later he’ll try to cast reflect on your 
people to bounce it past his reflect. Then just use dispel to get rid of the 
reflect on your character. Please mention my name. It’s Niall C
>From “k o”
To beat the Sanctuary Keeper, all you gotta do is reflect him so he can't 
heal. Forget magic.
>From Cyrille104
If you have Yuna, cast reflect on the Sanctuary keeper and it won't be able 
to heal itself. Instead it will try to cast reflect on a party member and 
then bounce regen or curaga off of you onto himself.  Then all you have to 
do is dispel the reflect. This way, he won't be able to heal himself.
>From SpeK
2) Sanctuary Guardian:
Cast reflect on him so he can curaga/regen himself. He will then try to cast 
reflect on my guys and bounce his Curagas back, dispel yourself ASAP. As 
long as you keep off his curagas, he shouldn't be hard at all.
>From FF Fan
Hi, I was just looking over some of the ways you killed some of the enemies 
in the game and I dont know if you knew this or thought it was just too 
annoying to do but on the Sanctuary Keeper, if you cast reflect on you and 
him and when he casts Curaga and regen it will deflect off of him and heal 
you because it goes through your reflect you can also use black magic on him 
by deflecting it off yourself.... you can do that with Yunalesca also.....I 
remembers about this trick from the older FF's when this was used a lot. 
Just thought
I'd tell you. Oh and you did a great job with the guides...they helped me 
out a lot.....keep up the good work ^_^......thnx again.

>From RayM

My name is Ray Martinez, an FF addict.

I was reading your FAQ on FFX and have a suggestion for defeating the
Sanctuary Keeper.

What I did was cast REFLECT on him immediately.  Whenever he casts
CURAGA, it would cure MY party and not him. Very effective.   Eventually, he 
will cast REFLECT on one of your characters to try to cure himself, but just 
have Yuna DISPEL and it will nullify that

The rest was simple, just attack him physically (I used Tidus, Auron and 
Yuna for the entire battle) and keep yourself healthy and he goes down 
quickly. Hastega helps also. Auron's THREATEN freezes him for a turn or two 
if you need to recoup or just attack, also.

Hope you find this useful.
>From “Joe Macavinta”
Just so you know, there's a old FF strategy to prevent that stupid Sanctuary 
Keeper from using Curaga, Regen and other stupid healing spells on himself: 
Cast Reflect on the Sanctuary Keeper. This way, when he TRIES to cast a 
healing spell, it goes to your party. :)
I used that trick in FFII against Queen Asura. It worked here. :)
>From “Jeff Albert”
A few things about the Sanctuary Keeper. First off, use magic break on him, 
now his cure spells only heal him for about 5000HP instead of 9000+.  Second 
don't bother with Hastega, his tail attack cancels it on all of your 
characters.  (VERY ANNOYING)  Also, I don't think you mentioned his photon 
wing attack casts Curse on all of your characters (well at least some of 
them, doesn't always hit) and curse prevents you from using overdrives and 
building up you overdrive bar, and the only way I have found to cancel this 
state is to kill the character with it on them.  The last too things are 
NEVER EVER cast slow on him, it will hit him everytime, but he will counter 
by casting Haste on himself, which is bad, very bad.  And this boss is SMART 
very smart, I tried to cast reflect on him so he wouldn't be able to cure 
himself (thinking back to Asura in FF4) and he counters by casting Reflect 
on one of your characters, and then cures himself by casting curaga on that 
character of yours.   Just some warnings about this guy, I fought him for 45 
minutes+ before I Just gave up and reset, built everyone overdrive up to 
full, and took him out in one or 2 rounds.
>From Shadow Wolf
Unless you rely solely on magic to kill a boss, if he's big on healing 
himself cast reflect on him.  It will reflect his healing spells back to 
you.  Some bosses have the dispel, but they don't use it often usually so 
keep casting reflect on him once you get it.
-Shadow Wolf
>From “Christopher Williams”
First off, you have a pretty good boss guide there. Second off, there's an 
easier way to beat Sanctuary Keeper. Start off by either casting Reflect on 
him or use a Light Curtian. Now when ever he uses magic on himself, it'll 
bounce off and heal you instead. Follow up with Armor Break and physcial 
attacks. If you want, you can also use Smoke Grenades to blind him and 
Poison Fangs to poison him. The Poison/Blind thing works on other bosses 
>From “Thief624”
i have a tip for the boss fight with the sanctuary keeper. what i did was 
cast bio on him, then jus let loose with summon and charactor overdrives. 
also, it really helps to make him waste his turns, and divert his attention 
from using curaga by making him heal his status ailments. as you know, he 
heals himself of slow and bio and stuff like that with haste and esuna. so 
what u do, is cast bio, then slow on him. he will react by using esuna, or 
haste to get rid of slow and bio, and what that does is divert his attention 
from using curaga. bio really helps, so keep casting it as he removes it, 
and cast slow so that he wastes his turn with haste instead of curaga. all 
while letting loose with overdrives. note that when you use summons, some of 
your aeons may be slow, allowing keeper many turns to heal all his ailments 
and status use aeons at your own risk, unless they have lots of 
using this strategy i had him down in 15mins.
>From –DJ-
The way I found to kill the Sanctuary Keeper is like this,
Party:Tidus, Auron(Both always in), Yuna, Rikku, Wakka. Have Auron use all 
of his breaks (Magic, Mental, Power, and Armor). Even if the Sanctuary 
Keeper has "Protect" cast on himself it will still hit for around 3000. Then 
have Tidus attack normally, Wakka use a Dark Attack or some status ailment 
along those lines, have Rikku mug him if possible, and have Yuna act as a 
healer. If you keep Yuna in all the time have her cast "Protect" and "Shell" 
on everybody. Then cast "Reflect" on the Keeper. When he counters and uses 
"Reflect" on one of your characters have Yuna turn around and cast "Dispel" 
on that character. Chances are he won't come around and use "Reflect" again, 
but if he does have her use "Dispel" again. Keep this up and use Ethers when 
you need them and he should fall within 15 minutes or so.
>From “james zeman”
I was messing around with this boss because i was
losing to it a whole lot and had used rikku's
Overdrive "mix" and mixed a ice gem with a sleeping
powder to get the krysta. I do not know if it will
work again but he just stoped using all his strong
attacks so i used all of aurons breaks and killed him
within 5 minutes.

-The person who knows!

Spectral Keeper
HP: 52000
Difficulty: Medium
Location: Zanarkand Ruins – Dome

This guy is a bit fun to fight. See the six spheres on the ground? You can 
stand on any of them by using the Trigger Command ‘Move’. The point of this 
is to avoid Spectral Keeper’s annoying counterattack, which can do 2000+ 
damage to anyone within the area. Move your character so they will be 1 
sphere away from each other for the best results. Spectral Keeper 
counterattacks towards everything, including magic or steal, and he may 
counterattack against a different character. Remember that his counterattack 
will smash the spheres a character is on and the spheres adjacent to 
him/her, too! He can also put a character into berserk. If he does, 
Esuna/Remedy them quickly! If you don’t, they’ll keep attacking the Spectral 
Keeper, which will result in a counterattack! The only other thing the 
Spectral Keeper can do is to place Glyph Mines on spheres. If a character is 
on a sphere when a Glyph Mine explodes, it’s instant death to them. Look at 
the bar to the right to determine when the Glyph Mine explodes. I wouldn’t 
recommend summoning Aeons here unless they’re in Overdrive. The Spectral 
Keeper can place a Glyph Mine on the rock the Aeon is standing on, and BOOM! 
they go. Just know that the Spectral Keeper WILL counterattack no matter 
what, so I suggest you get someone like Auron to Armor Break and attack him, 
since Auron should have the most HP/Strength by now...

>From “Tefari.”
For Spectral Keeper, if you are compleatly lacking a competitive spririt, 
use Aeon Overdrives. The full set (sans Yojimbo) will kill him. Just 
remember to set up the Overdrives BEFORE the fight. ;)

>From “Nishal R. Narechania”
One thing that will reduce the damage done by the counter attack is to cast 
Protect on all your characters.  It reduces his counter damage down to 
somwhere around 1500-1000, and his Berserk Tail attack to ~800.

>From Ryan Hyatt
For the Spectral Keeper, I equipped Tidus with a Bezerk Ward armor and used 
Provoke on the monster. I had Yuna cast Protect on Tidus and attacked with 
Auron and Tidus, using Yuna to heal. I didn't have to use any summons. Just 
keep attacking and healing Tidus.

>From Justin
ok i have a really good way to beat the spectral keeper.  first makes sure 
tidus has a shield with "berserk ward".  when you start off have yuna cast 
protect on tidus.  then have tidus caste hastega and then provoke.  you will 
need to cast provoke more than once seeing as it wears off.  now get 2 
people behind the boss ( i used auron and lulu) and have tidus on the 
opposite side.  after the boss hits tidus with his tail, switch him to 
behind the boss and then attack.  keep repeating this till he dies.   this 
strategy works really well.  thats all there is.  later


Yunalesca (Three Forms)
HP: 24000 (first form), 48000 (second form), 60000 (third form)
Difficulty: Hard
Location: Zanarkand Ruins – Dome

Lady Yunalesca has three forms, and if you’ve been to the Final Fantasy X 
GameFAQs messageboard before, you’d probably have seen massive amounts of 
topics requesting help/strategies on defeating her. Let’s just put it 
straight: She’s hard, but not THAT hard. You’ll definitely find harder 
bosses in the game. In fact, Seymour Flux was MUCH harder than Yunalesca. 
Anyways, the strategies are below.

Form 1:
Easy! Don’t worry about anything here. She will counter with Darkness when 
attacked, so cure that with Eye Drops and Remedies. She has some other 
spells too, but nothing too serious. 24000HP is nothing.

Form 2:
Okay, now she’s getting bigger. She’ll use Hellbiter, a very annoying attack 
that puts your characters in Zombie status. All of them. Now, you HAVE to 
make sure to cure this as quickly as possible, because Yunalesca will start 
using Regen and other curative spells on any character in Zombie status. Get 
Esuna or Holy Water out and cure this quickly. If you do, Yunalesca will 
slip and cause Regen or other cure spells on you, which would help instead 
of damage. Other things she may do is cause Darkness, but that’s nothing too 
bad if you’re using magic. Summon Aeons here if needed. You might want to 
leave some of your characters in zombie status before killing off this form.

Form 3:
If you listened to me and left some of your characters in zombie status, you 
won’t be dying so much here. Yunalesca has a Mega Death attack, which may 
instantly kill all of your party members. But zombies are immune to it; so 
only those that aren’t inflicted by zombie status will die. Don’t fret if 
you don’t have Zombie status though, Yunalesca still uses Hellbiter. When 
you’re in Zombie, watch your HP. If it gets low, quickly use Holy Water, 
cure up, and wait for Yunalesca to cause Hellbiter again (or use an attack 
that inflicts Zombie status on that party member). Yunalesca counters a lot 
for weak damage, too. If you have any Stamina Tonics, USE THEM! HP is a must 
in these battles, so the more you have, the better. As long as you stay 
healed up and protected from instant death, you’ll be fine...

>From “Tefari.”
Ok, Yunalesca, if you have trouble with her you need to be beaten with a 
stick.*grins* The biggest thing I think people have trouble with is not 
moderating their resources and expending everthing before the 3rd form. 
Also, leave Lulu out of this unless she is really fast. You need to be fast 
in this fight. Oh yes, the prefight ritual, full Aeon Overdrive charge up. 
This MO also relies on Yuna having Reflect and Dispel, as well as a good 
supply of Phoenix Downs. And patience.

Form 1: First off, Haste Yuna. Then Haste your 2 strongest fighters, for me 
Wakka and Auron. Then cast Reflect on the fighters. Yunalesca will cast 
Blind on anyone who attacks her, and the Reflect will counter the Blinding. 
Just beat on her until she morphs. If you can do 1600-2000 each hit, you'll 
be fine. Ah yes, use no Aeon Overdrives on her, right now.

Form 2: Not much more all. Dispel the Reflect if you wish. 
Your fighters will die soon enough.*grins* I will allow one Aeon Overdrive 
in this form, to speed things up. When she uses Hellbiter, ignore it. Your 
charactors will die.*grins* As long as you can get them back up in one or 
two turns, you'll be fine. Continue to beat upon her. Yes, it takes time, 
but as long as you can wait it out, you'll be fine.

Form 3: Alright, now unleash upon her all the Aeon Overdrives you can. This 
will do a good amount of damage, hopefully half or more. After that, keep it 
up. Attack attack attack. I know you're tired of it, but it works. Mega 
Death, aside from being a good band (critisize me NOT I TELL YOU!), will do 
nothing. It will miss every time. She brings Absorb back in this round, but 
its nothing really. Just continue to keep reviving people.

Thats exactly how I did it, and I did it on the second try. first try was to 
asses the situation. Second time in, she went down hard.*coughcough* Hope 
this helps. It should.

>From Furby
ok.... I discovered a way to beat her without having cure alot of the status 
that she inflicts.... to start with cast Reflect on all ur characters and 
everytime she counter with blind or something it bounces of u, and it hits 
her.... It ddoesn't do anything to her, but now U dun have to keep healing 
urself for all those status changes.


>From Jimmy
For the third form of Yunalesca, it took me about a half dozen tries before 
I found out a good strategy to get through the fight with very little pain. 
First get all of Yuna's aeons to their full overdrive before the battle 
starts, as well as earn around 150000-200000 gil and make sure someone (most 
likely Rikku) has the Spare Change ability. Don't use Spare Change or any of 
Yuna's aeons until the third form. When you reach the third form, have every 
aeon use their overdrive. If they were as strong as mine, they should hit 
for 9999 each (adding up to almost 50000 damage!), but Yunalesca will absorb 
their HP completely, healing her for about 10000, and will probably end up 
with about 20000 left. No problem, as if you have the gil and Spare Change, 
you can use about 200000 gil to finish her off. If she somehow lives, use 
strong attacks, such as Auron's physical attack or Lulu's high level black 
magic spells.

Sent by Jimmy

Ultima Weapon
HP: 75000
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Omega Ruins

Wow! And I thought this boss would be hard... he is actually a joke compared 
to his older brother from FFVIII. The easiest way to kill him is to bribe 
him. If you have 1,400,000 gil, give it to him to obtain 99 Pendulums! If 
you don’t do that, you can still kill him without many problems. Just have 
Tidus cast Hastega and someone use a Stamina Tonic, then recover the HP 
gained from the Stamina Tonic. Now use Armor Break and attack him many 
times. He has Core Energy, which does around 4000 damage to a character, and 
some negative status effects spells as well as his regular attack (which 
does about 2500-3000 damage). He may also sometimes use Shimmering Rain. 
It’s rare, but it can do a lot of damage (around 3500-4000 to the whole 
party). Once again, I don’t recommend summoning Aeons unless they’re in 
Overdrive. This boss is among the easiest of all the optional bosses.

>From Edwan Bonet
Hi. Very good FAQ's posted in

Well, just for a tip in the battle against the really
easy Ultima Weapon. STEAL. Use Rikku's or Kimahri's
steal ability and you could get Door to Tomorrow x10
for each succesful steal you make. Door of Tomorrow is
used in adding the Overdrive -> AP to a weapon, very
useful in AP gaining. Hope is useful. Thanks.

Edwan Bonet

>From “Maxisku2”
Ultima Weapon: 75000 Hp, Omega 100000 Hp
Give Auron the Masamune and Quick Hit.  Just before the fight, kill him and 
Flee.  His HP should be 1/?????.  Now go fight the Weapon.  Since Auron's 
Masamune does more damage when he's weaker, and it has First Strike, he will 
attack first for a lot of damage.  Use Quick Hit if his Attack does less 
than 40000 damage.  If you have high attack power, you can kill both of them 
in less than 5 moves.  Simple, hm??

Sin – Left Fin, Right Fin, Core, and Sinspawn Genais
HP: 65000 (both fins), 36000 (core), 25000 (Genais)
Difficulty: Medium
Location: Airship – Near Bevelle

This battle is divided into three battles. Like then battle with Evrae, the 
first two battles take place on the airship, so you can ask Cid to pull out 
or move in. I’ll divide this section into three...

Sin’s Left Fin:
When you start, just have Tidus cast Hastega and someone else use possible a 
Stamina Tonic. When you’re away, Sin can only use his preset attack, which 
does around 1800 damage to all. Move in (keep in mind that you have to wait 
till Cid’s turn on the bar on the right) and use Auron’s Armor Break. Sin 
can cure it with Negation, but it misses many times. Just use Armor Break 
again if Negation succeeds. From here, just keep on attacking him until the 
Core starts gathering power. At that point, immediately get Cid to pull 
back. Sin will cast Gravija, but it has no effect if the airship is away. If 
Cid’s turn doesn’t come before Sin’s Gravija, just heal up. Gravija won’t 
you too much, but it WILL lower your HP down to the thousands. Repeat the 
process until this fin is destroyed.

Sin’s Right Fin:
This is exactly the same as the previous fight, but you’re on the other 
side. One thing that’s new here is that, when the fin is close to death, Sin 
may slam the airship up to three times! He did up to three slams on me, and 
did it again his next turn... Immediately heal up, because the next fight 
will start off with your characters in the same stats.

Sin’s Core, Sinspawn Genais:
You can’t harm the core when Genais is present. To make matters worse, 
Genais is ANNOYING. He’ll cast many negative statuses as well as spells, so 
get Lulu out and cast Firaga. When Genais goes into his shell, the core will 
start charging up Gravija. Summon Bahamut and use Shield. This will protect 
him from Gravija, and then dismiss Bahamut. Now, get a lot of hits on Genais 
(preferably with Firaga since Genais is in his shell), and once Sin starts 
charging Gravija up again, summon Bahamut and shield the Gravija, then 
dismiss. Repeat the process until Genais is dead, you’ll be able to attack 
the core. Use Armor Break and attack it. Summon an Aeon and use Shield when 
the core is charging Gravija, and once it’s cast, dismiss. Just repeat this 
process until the core is gone.

>From TechMan
Here's a strategy for sin's fins.  Feel free to edit it so it sounds all 
professional and not like it's written by a three year old.

The first time I fought Sin's fins I went in close (I did the same thing to 
Evrae because I'm stupid).  This made the battle very intense.  He was doing 
a lot of damage but I was too.  But more importantly I had to use lots of 
Hastes and Hastegas so by the time I had to fight Gui I was out of MP with 
Tidus and Yuna (not good).  So the second time I did a longer and cheaper 
strategy.  The first part is optional.  I didn't do it on the first fin but 
I did on the second.  Get Auron (or whoever has armor break) and your 
characters with the most HP out.  Haste everybody if you have the MP to 
spare.  Have auron armor break it then you'll probably have to take a hit 
from sin.  Switch with Tidus or Rikku and give the command to pull away.  
Get Wakka (or lulu I guess if she can do more damage) Yuna and tidus out 
once you've pulled out.  Have Tidus keep everybody hasted (you won't need 
very much mana since he can't dispel) and have Yuna use her skill "pray" 
this will save on mana and you should be able to heal just slightly less 
than the damage that photon spray does.  This means that you only need to 
use MP to heal every three attacks or so.  Once everybody's hasted have 
Tidus cheer on each of his turns or if Yuna needs help with her healing have 
him use Hi-Potions.  Wakka should keep attacking.  Once you get to Gui 
you'll have lots of MP to keep everybody Hasted and healed which should make 
the battle fairly easy.  I'll leave more detailed strategies with Gui to 
somebody that remembers it better.  (I do remember slowing him though...)


Reply from Haunter120: Are you talking about Gui, or Genais? Confusing, 
since there’s another boss earlier in the game named Gui...

>From Lee
Hey :)  I didn't have my characters perpared to battle sin at all but I 
thought I'd give it a try to see how it was.  To defeat Sin's fins just use 
Ifrit.  Have Cid move the ship away from Sin and keep using his Meteor 
attack.  Not sure exactly what its called but its under "Attack" and throws 
a ball of fire at Sin.  It usually hits for about 1500 which charges up 
Ifrits overdrive every time.  The odd time Sin will hit you, but it will 
just charge it up more.  Simply use a fire spell on Ifrit to heal him.  
Because "hell fire" doesn't require you to be close to sin, use it when you 
get your overdrive.  It will hit Sin for about 9999hp.  Having Auron use an 
armor/magic break before summoning will also help.  It takes awhile but 
eventually the fins will be defeated effortlessly.


>From Arthur
Well, I just thought I'd email you a simple strategy for Sin that has worked 
for me repeatedly.... To begin, make sure Anima is at full overdrive (but 
don't use it until you're at the core).  Also make sure Yuna is at full 
overdrive (don't use this until fighting Sin head on).  When fighting the 
first fin, I used the summon Anima.  While it can't do it's overdrive 
because of the distance, Pain hits for around 18000-20000 each time, so the 
fin was gone before it could do any major damage.  The second fin does the 
same thing, but it did hit me once for like 800hp, which is almost nothing. 
When it came to the Sin Core & Sinspawn Genais, I pretty much used the same 
strategy.  I summoned Anima, and used Pain twice.  It killed Genais, 
allowing me to attack the Core.  I then unleashed Anima's Overdrive, which 
took the Core for over 60,000, killing it in one hit.  I took one hit from 
Genais in this battle.  Very simple. The last piece of Sin has 140,000hp, 
and took a little different strategy.  I still started with summoning Anima, 
and continued with my usual Pain attack.  I hacked away with Pain until Sin 
had around 50000-60000hp remaining.  At this point, Sin is close to opening 
his mouth completely, so I had to dismiss Anima, and have Yuna use her Grand 
Summon (which we've saved from earlier) to summon the Magus Sisters.  I 
simply told them to use their combined powers, which in one hit will hit for 
around 60000-80000 every time.  That was the last hit.  I got through all of 
the Sin parts without taking a scratch to any of my characters, and only to 
2400hp TOTAL against my Aeons.  I thought this was pretty simple.   ...      
-Arthur "Nobody can know for sure what a deserted area looks like."


HP: 140000
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Airship – Near Calm Lands

His HP is high, but he’s pathetically easy. You HAVE to beat this battle 
before he opens his mouth (or when his Overdrive gauge fills up) so you 
gotta be quick, meaning that you’ll need to preserve healing and attack 
more. Before the fight, make sure to have your strongest three characters 
out in your front party (mainly ones with more strength and HP). I also 
prefer the abilities Hastega and Quick Hit, which Tidus should have right 
now, and Armor Break. Have Tidus use Hastega and for the rest of his turns, 
use Quick Hit. Sin has one attack, which will damage all characters for 800 
damage, so it’s nothing to worry about. Just keep attacking with Hastega on 
and Quick Hit. I was able to do 20000-30000 damage to Sin every turn, so he 
wasn’t any challenge for me. Use a Mega-Potion when your HP drops below 
1000, and LIMIT YOUR HEALING! Otherwise, Sin’s Overdrive will reach it’s 

Omega Weapon
HP: 99999
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Omega Ruins

If you have Break Damage Limit and lots of strength, you can easily take 
this guy out in one hit – he’s pretty easy! I thought he would be FFVIII 
Omega tough, but this was a pure joke. Most of the attacks he uses are the 
same as Ultima Weapon’s, except he uses Shimmering Rain more often and 
Ultima sometimes. Just make sure you use a Stamina Tonic at the beginning of 
the battle, and then Curaga all your characters as well as Hastega them. He 
really isn’t too hard... Ultima might hurt a bit, but if you used a Stamina 
Tonic (especially if you have Break HP Limit active as well), you’ll beat 
his ass in no time. Even better – get Break Damage Limit and raise someone’s 
Strength to 220+. This way, you’ll automatically do over 50000HP of damage 
to him (and maybe even 99999HP, killing him completely) in one hit. If you 
want a real challenge, go fight some of the bosses in the Monster Arena 
(preferably the ten-million HP Nemesis, and that annoying ****er Shinryuu).

>From “Maxisku2”
Ultima Weapon: 75000 Hp, Omega 100000 Hp
Give Auron the Masamune and Quick Hit.  Just before the fight, kill him and 
Flee.  His HP should be 1/?????.  Now go fight the Weapon.  Since Auron's 
Masamune does more damage when he's weaker, and it has First Strike, he will 
attack first for a lot of damage.  Use Quick Hit if his Attack does less 
than 40000 damage.  If you have high attack power, you can kill both of them 
in less than 5 moves.  Simple, hm??


The below strategies below are sent in from Hibb. I can’t thank him enough 
for helping me so greatly (hell, I was stuck on Braska’s Final Aeon for 
quite a while, and this strategy helped me beat him). Hibb gets A LOT of 
credit. I may also write strategies for these bosses too (I was considering 
writing my Seymour Omnis strategy, and still might) so stick around for more 
than one strategy on these bosses.

Final Seymour (Omnis)
HP: 80000
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Sin, Sea of Sorrow

If you've got armor with elemental-Proof or elemental-Eater, this battle is 
a breeze.  If not, Nul- like there's no tomorrow.  Seymour's out of range, 
so you'd be best off using Wakka, Lulu, and Yuna.  There are four wheels 
with four different colors on them.  Each turn, Seymour will cast four 
spells on random characters corresponding to the color closest to him on 
each of the wheels.  The more wheels of the same color, the more powerful 
the spells.  Attacking the wheels will turn them, but it's easier to deal 
with if they're all one color.  If you've got -proof or -Eater armor, wear 
the corresponding color, and he can't touch you.  If not, make sure you've 
always got the right color Nul- on each turn.  You'll need to heal the 
fourth spell first chance, cause they're pretty powerful when they're all 
one color. Just keep attacking with whatever characters aren't casting 
protective magic.  After a while, Seymour gets upset, and turns red.  At 
this point, he will cast Ultima on his upcoming turn.  Shelling your 
character with the highest chance of survival would not be a bad idea here, 
but he probably won't kill you anyway.  If you don't have very high M. Def., 
you might wanna make sure you've got a couple Mega Phoenixes handy.  Once 
Seymour casts Ultima, the wheels change color.  Change your armor and/or 
Nul- spells accordingly.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  It shouldn't take long to 
take Seymour down, and finally put an end to the annoying git.

CORRECTION: Seymour is _not_ out of range. The Mortiphasms are, but Seymour 

Braska's Final Aeon (2 forms)
HP: First form: 60000
    Second form: 120000
    Yu Pagodas: 5000 each (the first time; they revive with more each time 
you defeat them)
Difficulty: Whorish
Location: Sin, Tower of the Dead

This strategy is pretty much a battle of attrition.  It's the best I could 
come up with, but if you keep up with everything, you should eventually win. 
Here's the rundown on how this guy operates:  During his turn, he will 
attack a single party member for over 2000 damage, or use the Jecht Beam to 
deal a small amount of damage and possibly petrify a single character. The 
Yu Pagodas on either side of him, on their turns, will pump his overdrive 
bar up significantly, and at the same time heal him for 1500HP.  Note this 
also removes all status effects to Jecht, so don't bother.  To beat him the 
way I did, make sure you have lots of Mega-Potions, Phoenix Downs, some 
Ethers and Softs or Remedies, and it doesn't hurt to have some X-Potions and 
Mega Phoenix's as well.  You'll pretty much only need Yuna, Tidus, and Auron
for this.  If Lulu has Holy, you might try her too, but I found it was more 
beneficial to keep the above three.  Yuna MUST have Osmose or Lancet, or 
you'd better have a bottomless bag of Ethers and Turbo Ethers.  Stone Ward 
and Stoneproof aren't absolutely necessary, but it'll save you turns, and 
could keep you alive in a pinch.  Basically, the only thing gonna do much 
damage to this guy is Yuna's Holy.  If you have other spells, such as 
Ultima, doing more than 5000 a pop, there's probably a better way to do 
this.  The basic strategy here is to keep everyone Hasted, at full HP, and 
just have Yuna cast Holy over and over and over on Jecht.  It should do 
around 9999 damage, or you may be in trouble.  Ignore the Yu Pagodas, you'll 
do more than 3000 damage between times they get to heal, and if you kill 
'em, they just come back more powerful.  If you only kill one, the other 
will Osmose you or do all kinds of nasty status ailments to you, so don't do 
it.  Save Tidus' Talk command for later.  Have Yuna Holy at every 
opportunity, and Osmose the Yu Pagodas when she runs out of MP.  Have Tidus 
haste revived characters and use Mega- and X-Potions to heal.  Auron should
be standby healer/reviver, and Power Breaking at all other times. Don't use 
Auron's Overdrives, as it takes too long for him to recover from them. 
Ignore Jecht's overdrive bar for now; when he overdrives, the unlucky 
recipient will die, so get ready to Phoenix Down and re-Haste them.  Once 
you burn through his initial 60000 HP, he pulls out a hefty sword and comes 
at you with 120000 more HP.  Just keep doing the same thing.  Here the Power 
Break becomes more important, because now Jecht's attacks hit everybody for 
around 3000 HP.  Again, don't use Tidus' Talk command just yet, and live 
with Jecht's overdrives.  Once Jecht gets below 60000 HP, he gets a new 
overdrive that hits everyone.  THIS is when you want to use the Talk 
command.  Wait until the bar gets as full as possible, but Tidus still has a 
turn before Jecht.  You can still talk him down even if his overdrive bar is 
completely full.  Remember that you can only talk him down twice, so try to 
make him dead before he fills his guage 3 times.  If you have overdriven 
Aeons, you can call them if you want, but only Bahamut (or anyone else who
can do more than 9999 damage) is worth it.  They'll almost invariably die, 
but you don't need them anymore.  Keep using the Holy/Revive/Haste/Potion 
strategy until Jecht bites it.  Congrats, you've effectively beaten the 

>From SAMIAM779
So, anyway, it's 6 AM, I just beat the game for the first time, and it's 
been a while since I did the "all-nighter" for a game, so I'll make this 

Go into the Braska's Final Aeon (2 forms) battle with Tidus, Yuna, and Lulu. 
Yuna and Lulu should both have 1. Ultima and 2. the Double Cast ability.  
Both of them need to be doing over 5000 damage with EACH casting of Ultima. 
(when I did this, Yuna was hitting for about 8,000 with each cast, while 
Lulu was doing about 5,200).  Have Yuna and Lulu continually do Dual-cast 
Ultimas, while Tidus uses Haste and curative items.  Now, the beauty of this 
strategy is that as long as both Lulu and Yuna are doing 5,000 with each 
Ultima, each of them should easily be doing over 10,000 damage to ALL 
ENEMIES.  So, the Yu Pagoda's well get shut down with every attack you do, 
which means no healing the main boss and no charging his overdrive.  When I 
used this strategy, Braska's Final Aeon didn't even come close to reaching 
his Overdrive until well into his second form, where I only had to use 
Tidus' talk command one time.

Again, thanks for the great faq, if you do use this strategy in a future 
update, please credit me as SAMIAM779.



>From TechMan
Braska's final aeon:    Okay first of all, ignore the stupid people on the 
message board.  You don't need yojimbo, anima, magus sisters, ANY legendary 
weapons and if you've never run from a battle you don't need to ever level 
up in the game at all.  I used wakka, tidus, and yuna.  Wakka at this point 
had just begun to be more powerful than auron plus he's faster so he gets a 
lot more turns.  So unless your wakka does less than 2/3 the damage of auron 
I would suggest wakka (or kimahri if you made him strong) instead of auron.

You will, however need to have wakka or auron have the ability quick hit. I 
got this with tidus and then right before the fight got an ability sphere 
from that little crystal minigame.  After you get it mash on triangle to get 
into the menu so you can get wakka to have quick hit.    Okay, onto the 
fight.   The first form is fairly easy.  For most turns here's what each 
character should do:

-Yuna: Keep everybody protected, regened, and at max health (and mana).  If, 
and only if all of these conditions are met OR wakka doesn't have quick hit 
you can use her to cast holy

-Tidus: Keep everybody hasted and it full health (and mana).  Either cheer 
or quick hit depending on how powerful your tidus is

-Wakka: Quick hit.

-Auron: (I just thought of this as I was writing this so I haven't actually 
tried it) If you have your turns lined up correctly you can get auron in to 
use power break but supposedly the pagodas will get rid of it on their 
turns.  I would swap wakka out with auron, then have auron power break, then 
swap the next character in for tidus so he can haste auron, the next 
character should swap wakka back in and he should quick hit, then auron can 
swap back with yuna.  Obviously you'll need quite a few turns in a row for 
this and like I said I never tried it.

Jecht (First form):
His overdrive will instantly kill one of your characters which in the grand 
scheme of things really isn't that bad.  It's better than anima's overdrive 
:D  When a character dies you kind of have to wing it.  If you're playing 
cautiously you need to do whatever it takes to make sure that the dead 
character is revived, healed, and hasted.  Remember, an item takes less time 
than casting curaga so even if it's yuna's turn in an emergency she should 
still use items to heal so her next turn comes quicker.  I usually just 
revived the character and then went on with the usual battle plan, keeping 
wakka attacking and only healing with the other chars.

Jecht (Second Form):
Before you kill jecht everybody needs to have protect on them.  Preferably 
only go in with full health, regen, and protect on everybody.  So get him 
down to like 5k hp or however much wakka can do it one hit and then only 
attack when these conditions are met.  He's much less powerful when your 
characters have protect and regen on them.  Use tidus' talk command to keep 
his overdrive down but keep your eye on the turn gauge to make know when to 
use it.  Even if he's not at max quite yet if the pagodas get two turns 
followed by jecht's turn then he might still be able to use his overdrive. I 
never had him use his overdrive so if it does use it then you need to send 
me $50 so I can buy the game (I only rented it).

>From Keith
Regarding Braska's Final Aeon:

The key to defeating Braska--indeed, the whole time you're on Sin if you 
want easy fights--is an aeon or two with an unlocked damage maximum. 
Valefor's better ("blast" that you go back and get from the dog in Besaid, 
not the wimpier "beam" attack he comes with) overdrive attack did 99,999 
damage to Braska, first or second form.  First time through, I wasted it on 
the first form; second time through, I had Tidus casting hastega and using 
phoenix downs and mega-potions, Yuna double-casting Flare (best she had), 
and Lulu double-casting Thundaga (the best she had, since Braska was immune 
to Demi).  As per the advice here, I ignored the pagodas.  Once Braska's 
second form was down below 100,000, I just did that Valefor overdrive and it 
was all over.  If you have more ultimate weapons, great, but if your Aeon is 
maxed out at 9,999, two double-casters at a time is far better than one 
aeon.  I'm not sure if Valefor is just supposed to be a sleeper who comes 
from behind, or if I had to use him a fair bit to get him that good.


Yu Yevon
HP: Aeons: (Current Stats)
    Yu Yevon: 99999
Difficulty: Push X and watch the pretty colors
Location: Sin, after defeating Braska's Final Aeon

This battle is akin to the third battle with Sephiroth in FFVII; I don't 
think you could lose if you wanted to.  All your characters have Reraise 
already cast on them.  I don't know if that goes away when you die once, but 
you shouldn't ever die.  First you must fight and defeat each of your Aeons. 
They have the same stats as they do in your party, which means they all have 
3000-5000 HP.  The Yu Pagodas are there, but you can ignore them as usual. 
They probably won't even have a chance to go.  You can do just about 
anything and kill these guys, Auron can even take down Bahamut in one 
critical.  Go wild.  Once you defeat all the Aeons you have, you fight Yu 
Yevon himself (he looks like a Metroid, tee-hee!).  This is also easier than 
Sin (Get it! Easier than Sin!  HA HA!)  He will cast Gravija each turn, and 
I'm not sure that can actually kill you.  Plus it hits him for 9999 as well! 
If you attack him, he will counter by Curaga-ing himself for 9999 HP.  Just 
cast Reflect on him, and you've got free healing.  Do whatever you like to
him, he is your bitch (Demi works well, for starters).  Just make sure to 
keep casting Reflect on him when it goes away, and the battle's yours.

Well, I hope these strategies help someone else out, no one else should have 
to see Tidus' tearful reunion with Jecht as many times as I did.

Keep up the good work on the FAQ!


>From Kevin
it was dissapointing, it was so easy, i thought it wasnt the end of the 
game, i casted, the ronso rage DOOM for laughs, and ...over in 3 rounds... 


>From Kenny Stachovich
I just finished FFX and was quite upset with the final boss battle.  
Everyone was talking about how hard the final boss is.  I found it very easy 
to beat the final boss.  I just summoned the Magus Sisters and he was 
destroyed in two hit using Yuna's "Grand Summon" for the first attack and a 
normal "Fight" command for the second attack...before I knew it the game was 
over...and I didn't even break a sweat.  I do have to say, this was one of 
the most disappointing final boss fights yet.  Other then the gimmick boss 
fight in FFVII.

>From “Reagan911”
I m also giving advice to kill Yu yevon who has about 99999 life, instead of 
casting reflect, cast zombie on yu yevon and kill it with only 1 Phoenix 
down you can get zombie with one of aurons weapons.

>From “Mohammed Bannani”
Hi, I'll tell you a great way to kill yu yevon. Here it comes :
  1. Make him zombi by ZOMBI ATTACK.
  2. Cast the spell LIFE on him.
  3. Yu yevon will be dead.
  NOTE : Make sure he is still zombi .
     That's it.

>From “Benji Schrager”
This is a small error but when I fought Yu Yevon, he
cast Ultima on my party as opposed to just Gravija.

You can also magic break him so his Curaga does only
5600 hp and beat him quicker.


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