Final Fantasy X Tidus/Yuna/Wakka/Rikku Boss Guide v2.0
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: : : : Final Fantasy X Tidus/Yuna/Wakka/Rikku Boss Guide

Final Fantasy X Tidus/Yuna/Wakka/Rikku Boss Guide

by yuffielover   Updated to v2.0 on
Final Fantasy 10 Tidus, Yuna, Wakka and Rikku Boss Strategy Guide
Version 2.0
by yuffielover
Table of contents
1. Essentials for defeating each boss
2. Equipment
3. Rules
4. Main bosses
5. Optional Bosses
6. Area Conquest Bosses (Monster Arena Bosses)
7. Species Conquest Bosses (Monster Arena Bosses)
8. Original Creation Bosses (Monster Arena Bosses)
9. Dark Aeons and Penance (FF10 international)
10. Frequently Asked Questions
11. Final Words and Contact Info
1. Essentials for defeating each boss
Tidus should get Blitz Ace as fast as possible, Hastega, Shell, Protect, Dispel, 
Auto-Life and Quick Hit.
Yuna should have all 8 Aeons as fast as possible (even Anima and The 3 Magus 
Sisters, they will be required to beat most of 
the arena bosses!), Auto-Life, Full-Life, Hastega, Curaga, Ultima and Doublecast
Wakka should have Attack Reels, Quick Hit, Armor Break and Mental Break.
Rikku should have Mug, Steal, Quick Hit and anything else that you'd like
2. Equipment ( required for Monster Arena Battles and late main game bosses )
Weapon: Caladbolg
Abilities: Break Damage Limit
Triple Overdrive
Magic Counter
Evade and Counter
Armor: Abilities: Break HP Limit
HP +30%
HP +20%
HP +10%

Weapon: Nirvana
Abilities: Break Damage Limit
Triple Overdrive
One MP Cost

Armor Abilities: Break HP Limit
HP +30%
HP +20%
HP +10%

Weapon: World Champion
Abilities: Break Damage Limit
Triple Overdrive

Armor Abilities: Break HP Limit
HP +30%
HP +20%
HP +10%
Weapon: Godhand
Abilities: Break Damage Limit
Triple Overdrive
Double AP
Armor Abilities: Break HP Limit
HP +30%
HP +20%
HP +10%
Notes: if you’re playing FF10 International, replace HP +10% with Ribbon. With 
any wersion, alternatively, you can replace HP +20% with Auto-Haste and HP +10% 
with Auto-Protect. Also, if you’re playing FF10 International, if you are going 
after the Dark Aeons and Penance Have the following abilities on your armor: 
Break HP Limit, Auto-Haste, Ribbon and Auto-Phoenix (swap Auto-Phoenix with 
Auto-Regen for Tidus).
3. Rules
You must use only Tidus, Yuna, Wakka and Rikku (unless noted otherwise)
Customizing equipment is allowed
4. Main Bosses
Boss 1: Sinspawn Ammes HP: 2000 
Sinscale x5 HP: 100 
For the first two bosses, you'll use Tidus and Auron. Kill the sinscales first, 
thek kill Sinspawn Ammes. This battle is impossible to lose, since Sinspawn 
Ammes' only attack is Demi, so don't bother healing. Just attack the boss until 
it's dead.
Boss 2: Sinscale x7 HP: 100 
Tanker HP: 500-750
Once you have defeated enough sinscales, the tanker come out. You need to hit it 
5 times to take it out, which I think is about 500-750 damage overall.
Boss 3: Sahagin x3 HP: 100 
Geosgaeno HP: 32767 Damage x1.5 : Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Holy
You fight alone in this fight, and you won't die in thisn fight either. When 
Geosgaeno comes out, on the first 2 turns, he'll drain 1/2 of your health. On 
turn 3, he'll escape. Just keep attacking.
Boss 4: Klikk HP: 1500 Steal: Grenade x1
This battle is the first hard boss you'll face. In the first part,. you'll be 
fighting alone, so use your physical attack, and use a potion if needed. When 
half of his HP are gone, or 750 HP, ????? (Rikku) will join you in the second 
part of this battle. However, his HP goes back to 1500. Have Rikku use grenades 
on Klikk while Tidus uses his physical attack. If you need more Grenades, Have 
Rikku steal from Klikk until you get another Grenade or the fight ends.
Boss 5: Tros HP: 2200 Steal: Genade x1
Strategy is required to beat Tros if you're playing for the first time. Have 
????? (Rikku) steal grenades a lot. Tidus should use his normal attack. When you 
ght your first chance to use trigger commands, use stand by, since it heals a 
little HP and defends. If any character or both have full health, just use a 
standard defend. Then Nautilus chargen will come out, and after that, use 
potions to heal. When Trigger commands are available again, use Pincer Attack. 
That way, he can't use Nautilus Charge again for the remainder of the battle. 
After that, just attack and heal whenever needed. If someone dies, it can be 
tough, and if you're not careful, it could be Game Over.
Boss 6: ??? (Kimahri) HP: 750 
If you have an overdrive ready, save it until he has less than 300 HP left. If 
you have Slice and Dice, use it and it's a one-move win. Use a potion if you 
need it. Use physical attacks if you don't have Slice and Dice and/or an 
overdrive ready.
Note: Be sure to get energy blast, Valefor's second overdrive now, or it will be 
a long time before you'll be able to get it.
Boss 7: Sin HP: 2000 
Sinscale x3 HP: 200 
Have Yuna use her Aeon, Valefor during this fight. With Energy Blast, you might 
be able to take this battle with that one move alone! Wakka should use his 
Blitzball to attack and Tidus should heal.
Boss 8: Sinspawn Echuilles HP: 2000 
Sinspawn HP: 200
This battle, you'll be using Tidus and Wakka. Try to have an overdrive ready for 
this fight. Every third turn, he uses an attack called Blender, which can 
sometimes instantly kill one of your allies. Heal and/or revive after he uses 
Blender so you'll be in good shape. If you have any Hi-Potions, only use them 
when you're dangerously low on HP.
Boss 9: Lord Ochu HP: 4696 Damage x1.5: Fire Steal: Potion (Only if you fight 
later in the game) Bribe: Remedy x80 (Only if you do it later in the game)
Have Yuna summon Valefor and have him use energy blast. He should lose about 1/2 
to 3/4 of his health. Then, have Valefor use fire until the boss is dead. If 
Valefor dies, have Tidus and Wakka go to town on it and cure poison status if 
Boss 10: Sinspawn Geneaux HP: 3000 Damage x1.5: Fire Absorbs: Water
Genaux's Tentacle HP: 450 
Yuna should summon Valefor, but be sure that he and/or Yuna have an Overdrive 
ready. If both have an overdrive ready, Have Yuna Grand Summon Valefor, use his 
overdrive to kill the tentacles and damage the main body. On the next turn, use 
it again, and it's over! If not, take out the tentacles first, then it gets 
hard. you will now have to strike it with 
physical attacks, and when his body's opened, your physical attacks will do more 
damage. Keep healing until he's dead.
Boss 11: Oblitzerator HP: 6000 Damage x1.5: Lightning
Crane HP: 65535 0 Damage: Fire, Water, Ice Absorbs: Lightning
Here, you're forced to use Tidus, Kimahri and Lulu for this fight, since Yuna 
has been kidnapped by the Al Bhed, and Wakka is currently in the middle of a 
Blitzball game. Have Lulu use lighting spells against the crane while the others 
defend. Once the crane as absorbed 3 lightning spells, have Tidus select "use 
crane". The crane will inflict 700 damage on the Oblitzerator. Now, just finish 
him off with a few physical attacks or a single lightning spell.
Boss 12: Chocobo-Eater HP: 10000 Overkill: 800 Damage Damage x1.5: Fire
Have Yuna summon Ifrit immediately, and use his overdrive, Hellfire. This will 
inflict at least 3000 damage to the Chocobo-Eater. If possible after his 
overdrive, use a few fire spells. Then, have Yuna summon Valefor and use Energy 
Blast on him. You should have inflicted about 6000-7000 damage already. Then, 
have Wakka use his Attack Reels and he should be dead. If not, have Tidus and 
Wakka hit him a few times and he'll be dead. Please note that you don't have to 
win this battle in order to advance the story.
Boss 13: Sinspawn Gui HP: 12000 (Round 1) 6000 (Round 2) 
Head HP: 4000 (Round 1) 2000 (Round 2) Damage
Arms HP: 800 (Both rounds) 
Your first priority in this fight is to have Wakka attack the head, or have Yuna 
call in an aeon and use it's overdrive to kill both arms and the head at once. 
Once the arms and the head are gone, inflict as much damage as you can to the 
body, and when the arms regenerate, repeat the process but note that the head 
will never regenerate during the round. For round 2, you're forced to use Yuna, 
Auron and Seymour. Have Seymour use his level 2 magic spells constantly and have 
Auron use his standard attack. Yuna should heal in both rounds.
Boss 14: Extractor HP: 4000 Damage x1.5: Lightning Damage x0.5: Fire, Water, Ice
Have Tidus use Haste on himself and Wakka, and then just hammer away! He'll be 
dead in no time. Use Potions and Hi-Potions to heal if you need it.
Boss 15: Spheremorph HP: 12000 Damage x1.5: Varies Absorbs: Varies
This boss can be tough. Rikku should use her elemental items against the boss, 
overdrive if possible. If Yuna has an opening, she should summon an Aeon, and at 
all other times, she should cast NulBlaze, NulShock, NulTide and NulFrost to 
nullify spells and Cura. Wakka should use an Elemantal attack reel if possible. 
Tidus should speed up the party.
Boss 16: Crawler HP: 16000 Damage x1.5: Lightning Damage x0.5: Fire, Water, 
Ice Steal: Lunar Curtain Rare Steal: Lunar Curtain x2
Negator HP: 1000 Damage x0.5: Fire, Water, Ice
Yuna should summon Ixion right away and use his overdrive. This should take off 
at least half of his health, but be sure to have Wakka or Rikku take care of the 
Negator first. After that, attack like crazy. Yuna should heal, as always.
Boss 17: Seymour HP: 6000 
Guado Guardian x2 HP: 2000 
Yuna should use her Nul magic spells in this fight, since Seymour's magic is 
pretty deadly. If Wakka has his overdrive gauge full, use it, and if it's 12 
hits, The Guado Guardians should be gone, and Seymour will take major damage. 
Note that the Guado Guardians can heal themselves for 1000 HP after each attack, 
so don't hit thm with attacks that deal 1000 damage or less. Alternatively, have 
Rikku steal from them.
Boss 18: Anima HP: 18000 
Steal: Silance Grenade x3 Rare Steal: Farplane Shadow
This guy looks tough. Call out your newest aeon, Shiva at the start. Use 
Heavenly Strike first, then put up your shield to defend against his Pain 
attack. If he gets off his Overdrive, you could be dead, even if you are 
defended. cast Blizzara on Shiva to regain lost HP if it gets low. Call another 
Aeon if needed.
Boss 19: Seymour HP: 6000 
This time, Seymour does not attack with his Guado Guardians, but instead uses 
multiple Level 2 magic spells each turn! It could be Game Over if you're not 
careful with this battle. Have Yuna constantly cast Nul Magic spells, and have 
Tidus haste Yuna first. Wakka should use his normal attack. If Tidus has 
Hastega, you can Haste all 3 allies at once.
Boss 20: Wendigo HP: 18000 
Guado Guardian x2 HP: 1200 
Tidus should use his physical attack, Slice and Dice or if you have it, Energy 
Rain (Blitz Ace would be nice!). This should deal some major damage to Wendigo, 
and kill the Guado Guardians, but be sure to use Haste (or Hastega if you have 
it). Rikku should use Magic items, while Wakka should use his Attack reels. Once 
you get his HP down to 9000, he'll put up his dukes, This is your cue to switch 
Rikku for Yuna. Summon any aeon (I prefer Shiva) and use her overdrive. He 
should be gone after that. If not, the next hit will!
Boss 21: Evrae HP: 32000 Damage x0.5: Fire, Ice, Water, Lightning
Steal: Water Gem
This guy is tough for a lot of FF10 players. He does not have any weaknesses, 
but you can have Wakka inflict darkness on him with Dark Attack or Dark Buster, 
and Tidus can slow him down. Also have Tidus use Hastega and physical attack. 
Rikku should use an Al Bhed Potion on every turn. This battle is hard, but once 
you get it down, you shouldn't have too much trouble taking it down. Please note 
that Yuna can't participate in the battle, so you're forced to use Tidus, Wakka 
and Rikku.
Boss 22: Grothia HP: 8000 Absorbs: Fire
Grothia is Issaru's version of Ifrit, and starts with a full overdrive! So what 
do you do? Shiva would get killed unless she has learned NulBlaze, and Valefor 
may not have enough HP to survive. Use Ixion for this fight. Use shield first to 
block against his Hellfire. Then, just use Aerospark constantly, and use 
Thundara on Ixion to heal if needed. Any combination of normal attack, Meteor 
Strike and Fire will get him an overdrive. Use it, Overkill!
Boss 23: Pterya HP: 12000 
Pterya is Issaru's version of Valefor. Use Bahamut for this fight. Even Pterya's 
Energy Ray is not very damaging to Bahamut. His attacks will only do about 350 
damage at the most. Just use your normal attack and when you get an overdrive, 
use it, overkill!
Boss 24: Spathi HP: 20000 
Spathi is Issaru's version of Bahamut. Use Shiva for this fight. She should 
attack him with Blizzara, since it deals pretty decent damage. When it says 
"Countdown: 1" use your shield. You'll survive the Mega Flare, but keep in mind 
that a second Mega Flare will kill her. When you get an overdrive, use it, 
Boss 25: Evrae Altana HP: 16384
You're underwater for this fight, so you'll be forced to use Tidus, Wakka and 
Rikku for this fight. The boss is under constant Zombie status, have one 
character defend, then just use 2 Phoenix Downs and he's dead!
Boss 26: Seymour Natus HP: 36000
Mortibidy HP: 4000/3000/2000/1000
The fastest way to defeat this boss is to have just 3 or 4 Aeons on overdrive 
before the start of this fight. Call Bahamut first, since he can do the most 
damage, due to Break Damage Limit. Be sure that the Overdrive is the first move, 
cause after the first move, he will banish them from the fight. After that, when 
Yuna gets another turn, have Tidus cast Hastega, and have Yuna call another Aeon 
when she gets another turn. Keep calling Aeons until the battle is over.
Boss 27: Defender X HP: 64000
This guy can be tough. If Wakka somehow has Armor Break, use it! Blast Punch 
halves your HP, and Haymaker does around 4000 damage! Luckily, those attacks 
only hit one character. Tidus should use Hastega, Yuna should summon Aeons and 
heal, and Rikku should use any elemental gems she's got. Wakka should use an 
Attack Reels for some major damage if possible. Also, if you powered up Yuna's 
Ultimate Weapon by giving the big plant in Macalania Woods the Moon Crest, 
Valefor will gain Break Damage Limit.
Boss 28: Biran HP: 185% of Kimahri's HP
Yenke HP: 133% of Kimahri's HP
These guys are pretty easy compared to Kimahri's HP. Biran and Yenke have only 
around 1000 HP compared to Kimahri's around 600 HP. Just use 3 or 4 hits on each 
and they'll be gone, but only attack when they are not guarding. Use Hi-Potions 
to heal.
Boss 29: Seymour Flux HP: 70000
Mortiorchis HP: 4000/3000/2000/1000
This Battle can be hard. Bahamut with Energy Blast and Break Damage Limit and 
Bahamut's Mega Flare will damage him seriously, if not, kill him outright. If 
he's not dead after those 2 overdrives, but be sure to have Tidus cast Hastega 
in between the first and second Aeons or before the first. Lance of Atrophy will 
Zombie someone and follow with Full-Life to cause instant death to one ally most 
of the time. If you do get a turn before Full-Life is cast, cure Zombie status 
to stay alive. Do not let him get off Total Annihilation or it's Game Over.
Boss 30: Sanctuary Keeper HP: 40000
Have Yuna cast Reflect on Sanctuary Keeper immmediately and have Tidus cast 
Haste. Wakka should Armor Break him, then have Yuna call Valefor with a full 
overdrive gauge before she gets cursed. Energy Blast should deal at least 40,000 
damage at this point of the game. If not, just hit him a few times and he'll be 
Boss 31: Spectral Keeper HP: 52000
This guy is insanely hard, but there is an easy way to take him out. Have 
Valefor and Bahamut with Break Damage Limit and Overdrives ready to be 
unleashed. Have Tidus start the battle with Hastega, and try to have armor that 
has berserkproof. Then, have Yuna summon Valefor. This will drain off almost all 
of his health, if not, kill him outright. If you killed him with Valefor, great! 
If not, when Yuna gets another turn, call in Bahamut. Use his overdrive, 

Boss 32: Yunaleska HP: 24000 (Round 1), 48000 (Round 2), 60000 (Round 3) 
Overall HP: 132000
For her first form, she counters everything. Normal attack or skill, she uses 
Blind. Magic attack, she uses Silence. Special attack or overdrive, she uses 
Sleep. After any counter, she removes any positive ststus ailments that you may 
have up. She also does 2000-3000 damage with absorb. Her second form, she can 
use Hellbiter. This inflicts Zombie status and damage, but only causes 200-400 
damage. She can also use Cura now to inflict 1500-2500 damage. Keep your Zombie 
status, because this causes her third form's Mega Death attack to miss. Regen 
gradually kills the target. Just before one ally gets killed, swap them for 
another ally. Third form, however, is hard. She opens with Mega Death, which 
actually means Game Over, but if you kept the Zombie status like I told you, the 
battle will continue. She now has a Curaga attack which deals 4500-7000 damage, 
almost always killing one target instantly. If you have Reflect up, you 
shouldn't have a big problemwith this form. Just call Valefor and Bahamut, and 
have them use their overdrives and this battle is a wrap!
Bosses 33-36: Sin’s Left Fin HP: 65000
Sin’s Right Fin HP: 65000
Sin HP: 36000
Sinspawn Genais HP: 20000
It’s just one boss after the next here! For the left and right fins, Start off 
by having Yuna cast Holy. If she has Nirvana powered up to full potential, it 
does over 15000 damage! Also, Tidus should cast hastega and attack whenever 
possible. Wakka should Armor break him, and Rikku should use Blessed Gems, 
Supreme Gems, and Shining Gems. For Sin, and the others, just use the same 
techniques, but theb battle is much shorter, and Yuna will probably Overkill him 
(or Tidus if he has Blitz Ace).
Boss 37: Sin HP: 140000
This part is tough, since if he gets his overdrive off, it’s Game Over, so you 
must defeat him before this happens. Still, your best attacks will defeat him 
here, except that you must Quick Hit here to be successful.
Boss 38: Seymour Omnis HP: 80000 Damage x1.5: Varies Absorbs: Varies
For this fight, know what color the wheels are. Use the opposite element that he 
uses. If he uses fire, you hit with Ice, if he uses Lightning, you hit with 
water, and vice versa. Also, he may occasionally use Holy, Flare or Ultima, so 
watch out.
Boss 39: Braska’s Final Aeon HP: 60000 (Form 1), 120000 (Form 2), overall HP: 
Yu Pagoda HP: 5000 (initial, gains as much hp as killed by when revived)
This guy is tough. Try to have someone with Break HP Limit, this will make the 
battle much easier. Same goes for having the Magus Sisters. At the start, Cast 
hastega, then summon the Magus Sisters. Use Constant Razzia and Passado to give 
him the hurt. The same goes for his second form. After him, you’ll fight…..
Bosses 40-47: Aeon Battles HP: Varies for each Aeon
Use your best techniques to beat these battles, and you are now fighting your 
Aeons. Best Overdrives will beat him.
Boss 48: Yu Vevon HP: 99999
The Final boss is here! All you have to do is have 1 Ultimate Weapon and strike 
him down for 99999 damage and he’s dead and the game will be complete!
5. Optional Bosses
Boss 49: Yojimbo HP: 33000
Just beat him before Zanmato or it’s Game Over!
Boss 50: Geosgaeno HP: 32767 Damage x1.5: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Holy
This boss is pretty weak to elemental attacks, so use any 
Blessed/Fire/Ice/Water/Lightning Gems that you may have. Also, he can petrify 
you and cause instant death, so try to use Stoneproof and/or Deathproof Armor.
Boss 51: Ifrit HP: Varies
Ifrit is stronger than your Valefor, but if you have Energy Blast, you might be 
able to kill him with one blow. Start the battle with a full overdrive gauge, 
and activate Energy Blast and he should be dead. If not, Blizzard attacks to 
finish him off. If the fight lasts long enough, you may get another overdrive. 
Also, guard when he uses Meteor Strike, which he does after a normal strike, and 
when he uses his Overdrive, Hellfire.
Boss 52: Ixion HP: Varies
Ixion is slightly easier than Ifrit, since you have 2 Aeons to use in this 
battle. Start by calling out Ifrit, using Meteor Strike and Hellfire to damage 
him. Use Fire on Ifrit to regain lost HP. Note that he’ll use Haste at one 
point, and you may not be able to defend against his Aerospark attack, which he 
does every other turn. If Ifrit dies before you defeat Ixion, finish him off 
with Valefor.
Boss 53: Ultima Weapon HP: 70000 Bribe: Pendulum x99 for 1400000 gil Steal: 
Doorway to Tomorrow x10 Rare Steal: Doorway to Tomorrow x20
Easy. Just have at least 1400000 gil before entering this battle and be sure 
someone has learned Bribe. Have the one with Bribe use 1400000 gil and he’ll 
almos always flee. If not, pay him like another 10000 gil and he’ll flee for 
sure! You’ll get 99 Pendulums for bribing Ultima Weapon, enough to give 3 of 
your characters the Master Thief ability! If you don’t have those, then the 
battle can be tough. Use a party of Tidus, Wakka and Yuna. Try to have Blitz Ace 
for Tidus. Holy inflicts 2500+ damage, but can be reflected and halved with 
Shell. Shimmering Rain also inflicts 2500+ damage, but it can’t be reflected and 
it attacks all. I’m not sure if it can be halved by Protect or not. He can put 
one character to sleep, and can silence a character as well, but silence can be 
reflected back to Ultima Weapon, like Holy. Core Energy does 3000-15000 damage 
to everybody, so that is one of his most devastating attacks. Physical attack 
hits for 2000-4000 damage, and can be halved by Protect.
Boss 54: Omega Weapon HP: 99999 Steal: Gambler Spirit x30
Omega Weapon is much tougher than his deadbeat foe, Ultima Weapon. Core Energy 
inflicts 4500+ damage and that is powerful. He uses Break as well, which 
petrifies a character, otherwise inflicts damage. Physical attack does 3500+ 
damage. Demi reduces your party’s HP by 25%, and his most devastating attack, 
Nova, deals 6000-20000 damage to all. I would suggest Quick Hit, Hastega, 
Ultimate Weapons for Tidus and Yuna if possible and at least 1 Break HP Limit 
armor if possible. Overdrives, well let’s see…Blitz Ace would be strongly 
The first thing to do is to have Tidus use Hastega and Blitz Ace and Wakka use 
Attack Reels to cause some serious damage. Then have Yuna heal and then call in 
Rikku and start stealing Gambler’s Spirits. After that, have Yuna call in the 
Magus Sisters if you have them, and finish off the weapon!
6. Area Conquest Bosses (Monster Arena Bosses)
Boss 55: Besaid Island: Stratavis HP: 320000 
Steal: Smoke Bomb x3 Rare Steal: Stamina Spring x2
Have Yuna call in Yojimbo for this fight, his evasion is so high that Stratavis 
will miss every time if his evasion is high enough! Get the Wakazishi’s to 
increase his compatibility and if you’re lucky a Zanmato will happen and spill 
instant death to Stratavis.
Boss 56: Kilika Forest: Malboro Menace HP: 640000 Steal: Remedy x4 
Rare Steal Mana Spring x2
This guy is hard, even though he only has 640000 HP. You’ll also be ambushed at 
the start, so have a weapon with First Strike ready. Have Auron in with Ultimate 
Weapon equipped, and switch Auron for Yuna. Next, call in the Magus Sisters and 
they should kill him with little trouble.
Boss 57: M’ihen Highroad: Kottos HP: 440000 
Steal: Stamina Spring x4 Rare Steal: Soul Spring x2
Kottos counterattacks everything. Stealing, Physical attacks, Magical attacks. 
Overdrives, Special attacks, you get the idea. For this reason, have Yuna call 
either Anima or the Magus Sisters. You can also use Bahamut if you pumped his 
stats up a lot. Use your strongest attacks and he’ll go down in a hurry.
Boss 58: Mushroom Rock Road: Coerulregina HP: 380000 
Steal: Farplane Wind x2 Rare Steal: Blessed Gem x1
This guy uses an attack called Chaos, an Curse/Doom/Confuse attack. 
Occasionally, he’ll use Hyper Blaster, which is instant Death to one character. 
Anyway, he’s another pushover. He is also pretty weak to Flare, Thundaga and 
Drain spells.
Boss 59: Djose Highroad: Jormungand HP: 520000 
Steal: Petrify Grenade x4 Rare Steal: Three Stars x1
This boss is relatively slow. If you are fast enough, you’ll drain 520000 HP 
before he even gets off his first attack! He can petrify you and has a few other 
attacks: a physical attack and Sonic Tail. These are relatively weak attacks. He 
isn’t completely immune to all 4 breaks, but has a 90% resistance to them, so 
you’ll have to get lucky to Armor break him.
Boss 60: Thunder Plains: Cactaur King HP: 100000 
Steal: Chocobo Wing x2 Rare Steal: Designer Wallet x1
Try to take him out with 2 blows. You need to do at least 50000 damage with each 
blow to do that, which can be done with Ulimate weapons, or try to kill it with 
one perfect attack Reels. He has a attack called 10,000 Needles which causes 
10000 damage to 1 character, and his most devastating attack is 99,999 Needles 
which is instant death to 1 character regardless of HP, since it inflicts 99999 
damage. He will also run away 10% of the time.
Boss 61: Macalania Forest and Snowfield: Espada HP: 280000
Steal: Farplane Shadow x4 Rare Steal: Farplane Wind x1
Espada has a counterattack that inflicts instant death, but he has low HP. Use 
Armor Break and Mental Break, since he has 0% resistance to all 4 breaks. 
Anyway, enjoy this easy fight.
Boss 62: Sanubia Desert: Abyss Worm HP: 480000 
Steal: Shadow Gem x4 Rare Steal: Stamina Tonic x1
His defenses are weak, so use anything that you like except for Gravity-based 
attacks. If someone can hit for 99999 damage, then this battle is over I a 
hurry. Even if you can’t hit for 9999 damage, this battle is still easy, since 
he’s extremely slow.
Boss 63: Calm Lands: Chimerageist HP: 120000 
Steal: Mana Spring x2 Rare Steal: Stamina Spring x1
Very easy. He’s 50% resistant to all 4 breaks and 0% resistant to Doom. Use 
Nultide to nullify water damage. Just like with Cactaur King, try to kill him 
with 2 hits or 1 Perfect Attack Reels.
Boss 64: Cavern Of The Stolyn Fayth: Don Tonberry HP: 480000
Steal: Candle Of Life x2 Rare Steal: Designer Wallet x1
Tough. He counters with an insanely powerful version of Karma when you’re far 
away, 10x stronger than normal, which will almost always be instant death. When 
you’re staring at him in the face, he’ll no longer counterattack, he’ll just use 
Knife. Just for laughs, use an Aeon and see his Voodoo attack!
Boss 65: Mt Gagazet/Mountain Cave/Zanarkand: Catoblepas HP: 550000
Steal: Healing Spring x3 Rare Steal: Stamina Tonic x1
Treat this boss as an Ultimate Behemoth and keep in mind that he uses Ultima as 
Final attack, so have Shell up before he uses this or call in an Aeon if your 
Magic Defense is not very high. He’s also 50% resistant to all 4 breaks.
Boss 66: Inside Sin: Abadon HP: 380000 
Steal: Purifying Salt x3 Rare Steal: Shining Gem x1
His attack are Pharoah’s Curse, an attack that you’ve seen from Demonoliths, all 
of the Level 3 Magic spells, Flare and Demi on occasion. Don’t cast any fire, 
ice, water, and lightning magic, since he’s under constant NulAll status. Cast 
Hastega, and attack with Quick Hit.
Boss 67: Omega Ruins: Vorban HP: 630000 
Steal: Healing Spring x2 Rare Steal: Stamina Tonic x1
This gut is 100% immune to all breaks, so don’t even try to use Armor Break or 
Mental Break. Unless you can hit for at least 70000 damage every turn, this 
battle is a long one. He’ll also counterattack occasionally.
7. Species Creation Bosses (Monster Arena Bosses)
Boss 68: Wolves: Fenrir HP: 850000 
Steal: Chocobo Feather x2 Rare Steal: Chocobo Wing x1
Fenrir is insanely fast, and has 2 very powerful attacks. One attack is instant 
death to one character, even to Aeons, which penetrates Deathproof and Ribbon. 
The other causes 15000+ damage + Confusion. Even with Hastega you may still get 
defeated. The best method? Have Yuna call in the Magus Sisters and abuse Mindy’s 
Passado. Passado will cause serious damage and if her strength is maxed out, 1 
Passado may be enough to kill him. And I mean he’s FAST.
Boss 69: Lizards: Ornitholestes HP: 800000 
Steal: Rename Card x1 Rare Steal: Chocobo Wing x1
This guy is also fast, but not nearly as fast as Fenrir. He also has low 
strength and High evade rate, so this battle s relatively easy compared to the 
other Species Creations. He has 2 attacks: a damage + poison attack and a 
HP-draining attack. As a last resort, use Doom.
Boss 70: Birds: Pteryx HP: 100000 
Steal: Smoke Bomb x4 Rare Steal: Candle Of Life x1
Auto-Regen, high evade rate, medium speed, extremely low HP. Try to kill him 
with 2 hits or 1 perfect Attack Reels, just like Cactaur King and Chimerageist. 
The only big attack is his beak attack that causes damage + Curse.
Boss 71: Insects: Hornet HP: 620000 
Steal: Poison Fang x4 Rare Steal: Purifying Salt x2
This guy can inflict Poison and Instant Death, so this battle may be tough. And 
he has a high evasion rate and a 255 accuracy! Use the Magus Sisters for this 
fight. Abuse mindy’s Passado and try to kill him with that 1 move alone.
Boss 72: Floating Wizards: Vidadu HP: 95000 
Steal: Lightning Gem x4 Rare Steal: Mana Tonic x1
Try to kill him with one blow, since he has under 100000 HP, just be sure you 
can hit him for at least 95000 damage.
Boss 73: Eyeballs: One-Eye HP: 150000 
Steal: Lunar Curtain x3 Rare Steal: Blessed Gem x1
If One-Eye gets the first strike, he’ll use Shockwave, an attack dealing 10000+ 
damage to all. Try to have a first strike weapon, or Break HP Limit Armor if you 
have it. If you need First Strike, Start with Tidus, Wakka and Rikku, and have 
one call in Yuna, which will summon the Magus Sisters. Use Mindy’s Passado and 
he’s dead!
Boss 74: Flans: Jumbo Flan HP: 1300000 
Steal: Lunar Curtain x4 Rare Steal: Mana Tablet x1
Ultimate difficulty ahead! This guy has Auto-Reflect AND is immune to physical 
attacks and overdrives! So what do you do? You have 2 options: Cast Hastega at 
the start, then constantly Doublecast Ultima, or call in Anima if he has over 
20000 HP and cast Haste and Shell, then constantly use Pain. Also, cast Slow on 
Jumbo Flan, since he’s weak against Slow. He’s also vulnerable to Darkness and 
Doom. Remember, he’ll reflect any magic unless it’s Ultima.
Boss 75: Elements: Nega Elemental HP: 1300000 
Steal: Star Curtain x4 Rare Steal: Twin Stars x1
Ultimate difficulty ahead! Nega elemental counters all physical attacks and 
overdrives with Ultima, so don’t use thoseb unless you have a 255 Magic Defense 
on everyone. Unlike Jumbo Flan, he isn’t immune to physical attacks, overdrives 
and does not have Auto-Reflect. Use the same strategy as you used for Jumbo 
Boss 76: Armored Moles: Tanket HP: 900000 
Steal: Light Curtain x4 Rare Steal: Lunar Curtain x4
Armor Break him or use a Frag Grenade at the start and cast Hastega. His only 
attack is a body blow attack, which inflicts damage + Berserk. Alternatively, 
call in the Magus Sisters and Passado him to death.
Boss 77: Dragons: Fafnir HP: 1100000 
Steal: Gold Hourglass x2 Rare Steal: Stamina Spring x2
Fafnir isn’t completely immune to all 4 breaks, but is 95% immune to them, and 
0% immune to Doom. On his first 2 turns, he’ll use a physical attack, and then 
on any other turn, it’ll use a 3-Stage attack. Stage 1 is a physical attack, 
Stage 2 is a random elemental breath attack and Stage 3 is another physical 
attack. Try to beat him before he starts to use his 3-Stage attacks, otherwise, 
he may defeat you.
Boss 78: Fungus: Sleep Sprout HP: 98000 
Steal: Poison Fang x4 Rare Steal: Farplane Wind x1
Kill him with a single blow, make sure it does at least 98000 damage or it will 
use Goodnight! Easy. If you can’t beat him with a single blow, use any Aeon that 
has Break Damage Limit and kill him with that.
Boss 79: Bombs: Bomb King HP: 480000 
Steal: Fire Gem x4 Rare Steal: Shining Gem x1
Bomb King is Easy. Just have Haste, Fire Eater Armor, and Weapons with Magic 
Counter. Haste the Bomb King, then just defend. You’ll counter all of his fire 
attacks, and he won’t swell nor cast Ultima. Unlike the other bomb creatures, he 
does not Self-Destruct.
Boss 80: Horned: Juggernaut HP: 1200000 
Steal: Lunar Curtain x4 Rare Steal: Shining Gem x1
Juggernaut isn’t too difficult, despite his 1200000 HP, he’s just hard to wear 
down. He’s 95% immune to all 4 breaks and 0% immune to Doom. He will charge up a 
fire breath on all attack on his first turn, giving you a free turn to attack. 
If you’re lucky, you’ll defeat him before he gets this attack off.
Boss 81: Iron Giants: Ironclad HP: 2000000 
Steal: Light Curtain x4 Rare Steal: Stamina Tablet x1
Ironclad is 95% immune to all 4 breaks. Anytime you attack him, he’ll 
counterattack with Reppageki, a medium-damge attack. Kill Pteryx lots of times 
before taking Ironclad on because if your evasion is high enough, he’ll never 
hit you! His attack pattern, excluding counterattacks is: Reppageki, Bushinzan, 
8. Original Creation Bosses (Monster Arena Bosses)
Boss 82: Earth Eater HP: 1300000 
Steal: Gambler’s Spirit x1 Rare Steal: Level 1 Key Sphere x1
While standing upright, he’ll attack and counterattack with Megaton Punch, which 
inflicts instant death or serious damage. When you deal about 100000 damage to 
him, he’ll go on it’s back. During this time, if you attack it, he’ll use Flare. 
Fortunately, Flare can only hit up to 9999 damage, so you shouldn’t have to 
worry too much about his Flare.
Boss 83: Greater Sphere HP: 1500000 
Steal: Gambler’s Spirit x1 Rare Steal: Return Sphere x1
This boss is tough. Use Shell and Protect constantly, as well as Auto-Life. Even 
at 255 Defense and Magic Defense, his 2 attacks, Aqua Press and Ultima are 
nasty. 2 12-Hit Attack Reels at 99999 damage per hit will dispose of him.
Boss 84: Catastrophe HP: 2200000 
Steal: Gambler’s Spirit x1 Rare Steal: Level 2 Key Sphere x1
The easiest of the Original Creations. You need to lower his HP to 1700000 in 
order for him to come out of his shell. Use the Magus Sisters to do this. Then 
he’ll use this pattern: Toxic Spray, Demi, Hundred Thorns. Toxic Spray does 
mimimal damage + Full Break, Demi is as usual: 25% damage to all, and Hundred 
Thorns causes around 30000 damage, but can be halved with protect.
Boss 85: Thu’ban HP: 3000000 
Steal: Gambler’s Spirit x1 Rare Steal: Teleport Sphere x1
Thu’ban loves to end the battle quickly. He’s got a Shockwave Pulsar-like attack 
which is instant death regardless of defense, since it inflicts 99999 damage. 
Rainbow hits all characters multiple times + Curse. Use the Magus Sisters again, 
and pray that you kill him before he kills you!
Boss 86: Neslug HP: 4000000 
Steal: Gambler’s Spirit x1 Rare Steal: Friend Sphere x1
This Battle may require some luck to beat. He goes into his shell after causing 
about 2000000 damage. However, there is an easy way to defeat him. Have Wakka 
use Attack Reels and get 12 Hits, then hit it 8 times, each hit dealing 99999 
damage. Then entrust someone’s Overdrive gauge into Wakka’s and do the same 
thing with your second Attack Reels to shatter his shell. Then, finish Neslug 
off with Quick Hits. Note that he is also weak against Silence status.
Boss 87: Ultima Buster HP: 5000000 
Steal: Gambler’s Spirit x1 Rare Steal: Level 3 Key Sphere x1
This boss is tied with Catastrophe for the easiest Original Cration, despite the
5000000 HP. Kill the arms and head first, then have Yuna call in the Magus 
Sisters and attack until he’s dead or the arms come back. If the arms come back, 
dismiss the Magus Sisters, and Repeat the process with the arms and body until 
he’s dead.
Boss 88: Shinryu HP: 2000000 
Steal: Gambler’s Spirit x1 Rare Steal: Three Stars x1
Because this battle takes place underwater, you’re forced to use Tidus, Wakka 
and Rikku. If your agility is high enough, just Hastega, Quick Hit, Blitz Ace 
and Attack Reels him to death. His Claw attack does 6000+ damage, and the same 
goes for his counterattack. Shining hits all allies multiple times for little 
damage, and his worst attack, Eraser, which shatters and eliminates one 
character from the battle.
Boss 89: Nemesis (aka Omega Gold) HP: 10000000 
Steal: Level 4 Key Sphere x1 Rare Steal: Warp Sphere x1
Here it is, the toughest of all creations, Nemesis! Cast Hastega, then Quick Hit 
until Nemesis’ turn comes up, then call in a Aeon to sacrifice. Repeat until 
dead. Note that Nemesis counters overdrives, but nothing else. Have an agility 
stat of at least 170, with 220-255 being incredible.
9. Dark Aeons and Penance (FF10 International)
Recommended stats:
HP: 35000+
MP: 999
Strength: 255
Defense: 255
Magic: 150+
Magic Defense: 255
Agility: 255
Evasion: 170+
Luck: 125+
Accuracy: 255
Note: Always have Yuna and/or Rikku heal for all Dark Aeons and Penance, and 
have Yuna summon when she gets the chance.
Boss 90: Dark Valefor HP: 800000
Steal: X-Potion x2 Rare Steal: Elixer x1
Overdrive: Energy Blast - Inflicts 50000+ Damage to all
Easiest of all Dark Aeons. First have Tidus use Blitz Ace and Wakka use Attack 
Reels, then have Rikku switch in for Yuna, and call in Anima, be sure his 
overdrive gauge is full. Use Oblivion to cause 600000 damage to kill Dark 
Boss 91: Dark Ifrit HP: 1400000
Steal: Mega Phoenix x2 Rare Steal: Elixer x1
Overdrive: Hellfire - Inflicts 33000+ Damage to all
He is relatively easy, but he has high defense. He can hit for 99999 damage with 
his standard attack, instantly killing one character, but can be halved with 
protect. It’s best to let him kill someone, then revive the dead character. Use 
Quick Hit a lot. When his overdrice gauge is full, call in Anima to block 
Hellfire. Or if his overdrive gauge is full, you can risk it by trying Oblivion, 
but it may not inflict much damage due to Dark Ifrit’s high defense.
Boss 92: Dark Ixion HP: 1200000 
Steal: Stamina Tablet x2 Rare Steal: Elixer x1
Overdrive: Thor’s Hammer - Inflicts 12000+ Damage + Full Break
You’ll fight Dark Ixion 2 times. Quick Hit him as many times as possible before 
he gets his first turn. When Wakka gets an Overdrive, get a 12-Hit Attack reels 
and he’ll be finished. In the second fight, he’ll use Thor’s Hammer, so be on 
the lookout for that.
Boss 93: Dark Shiva HP: 1100000
Steal: Mana Tablet x2 Rare Steal: Elixer x1
Overdrive: Diamond Dust - Inflicts 80000+ Damage to all
Better have an agility and accuracy at 255 or you may not even stand a chance 
against her. Try to beat her before she gets off her Overdrive. Quick hit Dark 
Shiva as many times as possible and when you have an attack Reels ready, get a 
12-Hit Attack Reels and she should be dead.
Boss 94: Dark Bahamut HP: 4000000
Steal: Twin Stars x2 Rare Steal: Elixer x1
Overdrive: Mega Flare - Inflicts 42000+ Damage to all
This guy counters every 5 times you hit him with Impulse, which causes 8000+ 
damage to all + Full Break. Use the Magus Sisters at the startand get in as many 
Passados as possible. When they are dead, Use Blitz Ace and Auroch’s Reels and 
they must be perfect in order to deal some lethal damage to him, this may have 
killed him by this point. If not, quick hit him until dead.
Boss 95: Dark Anima HP: 8000000
Steal: Three Stars x2 Rare Steal: Elixer x1
Overdrive: Oblivion - Inflicts 42000+ Damage to all + remove all positive status 
Use the Magus Sisters to start. Inflict as much damage as possible to him before 
they die. If they all have 99999 HP, they can get hit by 1-3 Oblivions before 
dying. Passado him as many times as possible as well. If you can drain 8000000 
HP before he kills the Magus Sisters, then you are great. If not. Just Quick Hit 
and call in Aeons to block Oblivion.
Boss 96: Dark Yojimbo HP: 1600000
Steal: Stamina Tonic x2 Rare Steal: Elixer x1
Overdrive: Zanmato - Game Over
Guess what? You need to defeat Dark Yojimbo 5 times to kill him! The fastest way 
to defeat Dark Yojimbo each time is to have Yuna summon the Magus Sisters and 
have Mindy use Passado twice. Then, save, and repeat the process each 
consecutive battle to defeat dark Yojimbo relatively easy.
Boss 97: Dark Magus Sisters
Dark Cindy HP: 3000000
Dark Mindy HP: 2000000
Dark Sandy HP: 2500000
Steal and Rare Steal:
Dark Cindy: Steal: Return Sphere x1 Rare Steal: Elixer
Dark Mindy: Steal: Teleport Sphere x1 Rare Steal: Elixer
Dark Sandy: Steal: Friend Sphere x1 Rare Steal: Elixer
Overdrive: Delta Attack - Game Over
Take out the Dark Magus Sisters one at a time. Please note that they start with 
all of their overdrive gauges full, so quickly summon an Aeon to block the first 
attack, which of course will be Delta Attack. Use Attack Reels and Blitz Ace to 
take down their HP. Rikku should use Trio of 9999 for later purposes. Dark 
Mindy’s Passado will instantly kill you unless you have Deathproof or Ribbon. 
Dark Sandy’s Razzia is also instant death unless your Max HP is at or 
ridiculously close to 99999. Dark Mindy can also opt to use Calamity at any time 
to cause Full Break, so use Dispel immediately after she uses this. Dark Cindy 
uses Camiscade, an attack that causes damage + Osmose, but fortunately it only 
attacks one of your characters. Dark Cindy can also opt to use a bash attack, 
that negates all positive status ailments. Dark Sandy can also inflict damage + 
Petrification on a character with a physical attack. This battle can be tough, 
but with some practice, you’ll defeat them.
Boss 98: Penance HP: 3000000 (Form 1), 9000000 (Form 2), Overall HP: 12000000 
Left Arm HP: 500000
Right Arm HP: 500000
Steal and Rare Steal
Penance: Steal: Elixer x1 Rare Steal: Megalixer x1 or x2
Arms (both of them) Steal: Elixer x1
After all of the Dark Aeons have been slain, get ready, this is the ultimate 
battle you have all been waiting for, the showdown with Penance! Yeah! I 
strongly suggest that you definitely have 99999 HP, 999 MP, and 255 stats on all 
8 attributes, including Luck. And I mean it because you are going to need it. It 
may take quite a while, but it’s worth it, trust me. Once you are set, let’s 
begin. Penance. Have Ultimate Weapons for all 4 characters, and your Armor 
should look like this: Break HP Limit, Auto-Haste, Auto-Protect, Ribbon. Please 
note that in Penance’s second form that if both arms are alive at any time, he 
may use his big attack, Judgement Day, which inflicts 99999 damage to all and is 
not halved be Protect nor Shell. Kill at least one arm at the start, and then 
he’ll use Obliteration, which normally inflicts 10000+ damage, but with 
Auto-Protect it only inflicts 5000+ damage. Now once the arms are gone, Blitz 
Ace and Attack Reels Penance’s body and quick Hit him after to deal as much 
damage as you can befor ethe arms regenerate. After you have drained 3 million 
Hp off of Penance, the real threat begins. Kill the arms at all costs, because 
of the elusive Judgement Day attack, since he can only use t when both of the 
arms are alive. If you get hit by the left arm’s Mega-Gravitation attack, this 
will cause about 75000 damage, since it drains off 75% of your HP. If you get 
hit by Calamity, Use a Holy Water, cast Dispel and use a Megalixer.Call in Anima 
and use Oblivion, then Penance will hit Anima, then Oblivion again, then dismiss 
if she isn’t killed. If your chances are running low, have Yuna call in the 
Magus Sisters and Razzia, Camiscade and Passado him to death. As a last Resort, 
call in Yojimbo and use Zanmato and kill him instantly.
10. Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1: How do I get The Magus Sisters?
Answer 1: You need 2 key items for this Aeon, plus winning all of Belgimine's 
Aeon Battles. This includes obtaining Anima, after you have got the secret item 
in all of the temples. To get one of the key items, win enough of the Aeon 
Battles in the Remiem Temple. To get the other, capture all monsters in the Calm 
Lands and Mount Gagazet and then, talk to the monster trainer. Once you have 
them both, go up to the door, use both Key Items and you'll get the Magus 
10. Final Words and Contact Info
I thank Square soft (now Square-Enix), for making this incredibly great game.
My grandmother, for getting me this computer for my 17th birthday
All of the Tidus fans out there
All of the Yuna fans out there
All of the Wakka fans out there
All of the Rikku fans out there

If you want to contact me about any strategies for these bosses, please give me 
an e-mail at