Final Fantasy X Cheats

1,000,000 AP
For this, you will have to do:

The Cactuar Village side quest.

You will also need to capture every monster in the Bikanel Cave.

Once you have that done, you go to the Monster Arena.

Once there, talk to the guy and go to Fight Monsters.

In the selection area, go to Area Conquest.

On the second page, you should see Don Tonberry.

Also, for this to work:

You need to have your party with:

A weapon with:

Triple AP
Triple Overdrive
Overdrive --> AP

When you have that, you also need to switch the other members of the party, other then Tidus to Comrade.

Once all of that is done, go into battle with the Don Tonberry.

In the battle, have ONLY Tidus attack, and the others heal him since the Don Tonberry does close to 100,000 damage every turn.

Keep attacking the enemy with only Tidus until he doesn't use his Karma attack anymore.

Once he stops using it, Flee from battle, and then all of you should get over 1,000,000 AP.