Final Fantasy X Tips

how to defeat Braskas final aeon easy
okay so first use the wht magic sphere you get before the battle on lulu to give her holy.Then on lulus sphere grid next to flare use the skill sphere to raise yunas magic.make sure that yuna and lulu have equipment that raises their magic attack (not mp) and one mp cost. so now lulu and yuna know holy and when they use it it should cause about 5000-9999 of is rikku,have a stamina tablet and healing waters.the stamina tablet will double your partys hp (possibly 9999). the healing water will heal your partys hp completly.also dont use talk for tidus till bfa's 2nd form. for the 1st form attack him with holys from yuna and lulu and have a strong character like wakka or auron pound him.(dont attack the pagodas because killing one makes the other one attack with nasty status effects).for the second form his first attack is slicing all of your characters with a sword. in this form his overdrive for aeons is still jecht bomber. but for the chararacters its the ultimate jecht shot(you will have a little chance of survivng it so use the action command talk from tidus).keep doing the holys and heal constantly.use moves like esuna(because he can petrify you with stone gaze and can effect you with zombie status)when he has low hp like 30,000 use anima's oblivion or bahamuts mega flare.After this he will most likely die. GOOD LUCK