Final Fantasy X Tips

Easy Dark Aeons
Well if you ask me this is kind of cheating,so if you want to beat those dark aeons without getting extremely high levels of experience you need 3 things.1.You need Yojimbo(obtained from cavern of the stolen faith for 250000 gil)2.You need loads of gil to pay Yojimbo so he can attack.3.You need Yojimbo's or Yuna's overdrive(if you only have Yuna's grand summon Yojimbo). If you have those three things then grand summon Yojimbo or summon him with his overdrive and pay him loads of gil so he can attack.Yojimbo is very likely to do his one hit kill attack (Zanmato) if you pay him more than 1000 gil.Beware because dark yojimbo can also use this move if he has his overdrive too.just keep on using Zanmato to kill all the dark aeons.