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Final Fantasy X Tips

Easy Stratoavis Fight
Stratoavis is the most easiest boss in the Monster Arena. Tidus,Wakka, and Rikku is my favorite combination. Tidus and Rikku overdrive help very good. Tidus = Caladbolg, Rikku = Godhand, and Wakka = World Champion. Tidus Caladbolg with the Full Power should let you Dodge every attack that Stratoavis hit Tidus. My Tidus Shield has Auto-Haste, so I think you should have either Auto-Hatse or cast Hatse on your party. You should always use Tidus hit if you can make him deal 99,999 damage. Just keep repeating Tidus attack until Stratoavis go down. Once he go down, each one of your party members should be able to dodge his attack. Hope this works.