Final Fantasy X Tips

Easy mana / ability / speed / power spheres
You need to have:

*Ability Distillers*
*Power Distiller*
*Mana Distiller*
*Speed Distiller*
*Kottos in Area conquest*
*Good aeons / characters*

You can obtain kottos by capturing 1 of each fiend in Mi'ihen Highroad
Raldo / Floating eye / Mi'ihen Fang / White element / Bomb / Dual horn / Vouivre / Ipiria
Kottos as a counter attack that does 1500 dommages on a 255 defense, and he as 440 000 hp

If you managed yo kill him, he will give you 20 sphere of the distiller you used on him. You CAN'T USE TWO DISTILLERS and hope to get 20 spheres of 2 kinds, you can only use one at the time. If you overkill him, you will obtain 40 spheres.
If he gives you 1 or 2 spheres, then you're unlucky, you would have get some Dark Matters, but because of your Distiller, you will obtain some spheres.

*Note ----> I heard it works with Fafnir too but it's a little bit harder, since he as a lot of Evasion.

Good luck in completing your sphere grid! I hope that helps.