Final Fantasy X Tips

Leveling Tip
One thing about Final Fantasy has caught my eye. That the game encourages players to use as many members as they can. The battling system is not as grinding as others are. Here is an example.

You enter the battle against a canine enemy, a hard shelled enemy, and a flan enemy. I first use Tidus to kill the canine. the I use Auron to kill the hard shelled enemy. Some may say to use Lulu and end the battle there. I say have Rikku steal an item from the flan. Then have Kimahri defend (or in my case, also steal an item cause I taught him steal.) The have Yuna defend or heal a character if needed. Then have Wakka defend. and finally have Lulu defeat the flan.

Exp is not divided based on how many characters participated so you really screw yourself over if you do not try to get everybody to perform an action at least once. This method is the most useful earlier, but is still an asset to me later in the game. The method described is actually quite fast and far less time consuming than trying to train characters more individually.

Also try to set a goal whenever you enter an area on how many sphere levels you will try to earn for each character. This helps spread grinding and keeps it to a minimum. I usually go for four sphere levels for each character. Don't stop using the character when their goal has been met though that way they continue to grow.