Final Fantasy X Tips

Alright you will love this way of getting loads of AP. First you a need weapon that has any of the following:Triple Overdrive, Triple AP, Double Overdrive,and Double AP, but make sure you always have Overdrive->AP. You also have to have 2 ppl with Auto-Pheonix on there amors, next go to a fight with Don Tomberry and haveing Stoic equiped as your overdrive set. Make sure the ppl that you take to this fight have killed the most monsters so they will automaticaly die or come really close to it. If you have killed enough monsters then you will easily gian anywhere from 30 to 50 levels after you beat him.

Hint: the fight would be alot faster if your amor had Auto-Haste

Good luck <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> hope You can clear the Sphere Grid as quick as i did