Final Fantasy X Tips

Excalibur, easier way to get it
To get an Excalibur more easier u need the following items:

*Have Sleep Sprout in monster arena;
*Earth eater in monster arena;
*60 Dark Matters
*22 Shining Gem
*1 Teleport Sphere
*400,000 Gil

Ok, lets gets started, first fight with Earth eater till he drops a sword called Heartbreaker with Triple Overdrive and +3 slots opened, now u need to get 60x Dark Matters, u can get that by capturing 5 of every fiend on Spira (whole world) or if you have already gained and spent all your Dark Matters, u can also kill the Sleep Sprout he give 2 Teleport Spheres for an overkill, and 1 for normal kill, and Rare Drops 2 Dark Matters for an overkill and as well 1 for normal kill, next u need 22 shining gem, u can Bribe Puroboros for 36x Shining gem for 400,000 Gil, after u get All the necessary items, its time for Customize!!! and after that, Be happy =)

...Hope it Helps...