Final Fantasy X Tips

Beat Stratoavis Easy
For anyone who likes collecting monsters and then fighting the area conquests in the calm lands you know who this monster is. I found this way to beat it without taking any hits to your people.

*Warning this is very time consuming* When you first start have someone who has the First Strike ability in your party so even if it's an ambush then you can get the one move needed off. Then switch that person to Yuna (or have it already be Yuna, either way is fine) and have her summon Yojimbo. All you have to do now is pay him 1 gil for each attack and that's it. Yojimbo should dodge each time the stratoavis attempts an attack, therefore only requiring you to pay 1 gil each turn until he is killed.

I did this when my characters were quite weak and beat the statoavis rather easily. It will take approximately 20 minutes to beat it, but if your people are weak then this may be the only way to beat it without going through a lot of your items. You could just go level up, get good armor and take it on afterwards, but that's your choice.