Final Fantasy X Tips

Defeating bosses easily
Many people believe that there are only 4 ways of defeating tough bosses: Using overdrives, getting your attacks really high so it will take off a lot, just attacking like crazy or using skills and items like poison, zombie, etc...

I have found the easiest way to defeat enemies as easily as 2 or 3 overdrives! This is called Trio Of 9999 and it makes every attack take off 9999 damage.

There are many ways of making this using Rikku's Overdrive mix table to find them but I think mixing 2x Wings to Discovery together is the easiest.

You need Wakka's Overdrive attack reels from blitzball and be good at it. Tidus's slice and dice is also helpful. This is what you need to do:

Your formation will be with Rikku, Tidus and Wakka. Get Tidus to go first and cast hastega on the party. Then use Rikku's overdrive "Trio of 9999" and Wakka's attack reels to do 12 attacks. If you miss one of them or it has more than 119,988hp use Tidus's overdrive slice and dice to finish it off! I use this cheat to defeat the toughest bosses I come against.

Now you need to find Wings to Discovery first but don't fret. You can look at the cheat submitted from "BahamutX" called "Obtain: Wings To Discovery..."