Final Fantasy X Tips

HP: 52000 AP: 12000

The Spectral Keeper is surrounded by six platforms 3 of which are occupied by your fighters. You can use trigger commands to position them on any platform. Hastega is very useful in this battle. Your opponent uses attacks, which cause Berserk: If you have amour with berserk ward or proof equip it beforehand. If not, get ready to use lots of remedy's or Esuna. If you attack Spectral keeper he will counter by attacking the 3 fields in front of him. So position Tidus in front of him make sure you cast protect on Tidus. And put the other 2 fighters behind him. If you position all of them behind him he'll just turn around. Get Tidus to use provoke so that he is the only being attacked, make sure you heal and revive him when his hurt or dead. Spectral Keeper uses glyph mines on 2 of the platforms. These will explode after a number of turns causing instant death. Don't waste time moving player, just summon. The aeon will take the hit for you. This means when you summon your aeon will only get one turn to attack him so beforehand make sure your aeons overdrives are up so you can use it. There's no point dismissing your aeon. If you dismiss, the characters will be blown up. Keep doing this and you'll have no trouble defeating the Spectral Keeper.