Final Fantasy X Tips

A few helpful tips
1.) Level Tidus/Yuna/Auron/Lulu/Rikku/Khamari
An easy way to this is to through them in while walking around the areas before a boss. Wakka is useless and only through him in a battle near the begining let him hit once and pull whoever you had in to begin with. Therefore he gets a share of the ap too. But Tidus and Auron are the main hitterswith Yuna as the healer. Khamari should learn all his lancet abilities and then have him go through Wakka's sphere grid area and learn the dark/sleep/silence abilities and soon Khamari will be a hard hitting Wakka with an extra punch.

2.)ya go to Bajj Temple fight the big fish and he drops or dropped me a shimmering blade with no encounters ability then go to Omega dungeon and have sentinel with both Tidus and Auron with evade&counter on their weapons if not their ultimate weapons then walk up to Ultimate weapon and use Behemut to smack him for somthing like 23k of damage and smack him a few times with Tidus and Auron and wow he's dead and 0.5 sec.
Then continue on to Omega just flee from the upcoming battles untill tonberry just unleash a blitz ace on him and wow he dies fast then comes Omega ok use all your aeons besides Behemut of course u got all your aeons to overdrive before this right ya smack him with all your aeons and ofcourse they will all perish in this battle but you have dropped him by 9999hps each aeon wow huh then smack him dead with Tidus and Auron.

3.) ok to back a little before this for when u fight Seymore the 3rd time on Mnt. Gagazet everyone says smack the the Morphious thingy no hit Seymore and of course u have all your aeons to overdrive before this battle he may dismiss them but you get one shot at him first wack him with the overdrive. expecially with Behemut but when Tidus does 2,000 to 4,000 dmg and Auron is just behind him in dmg Seymore will die in 0.5 sec. I think the only battle that took me longer than 0.5 sec was that Osmoses thing but I had under developed characters at that time.
but use this strategy it will clear all in your path.