Final Fantasy X Tips

Dark Aeon Tips
If you are stuck on any of the Dark Aeons, then here are some tips that you may want to try:

*Have at least 2 characters with Auto-Phoenix to prevent you from using Phoenix downs yourself and wasting your turns.

*A combination of fully charged Aeon Overdrives can be useful when used against a weakened Aeon.

*Ribbon is useful here to protect against the Dark Aeons' extra effects, however, this cannot protect against Shiva's Heavenly Strike, Anima's Pain or Mindy's Passado.

*Yojimbo's Zanmato. It will kill any Dark Aeon regardless of its HP, or anything else.

These are the basics if you have only just recently heard about the Dark Aeons and if you are wondering on how to have a chance at them, the above tips should help.