Final Fantasy X Tips

Unstoppable Blitz Team
Well you know, The Besaid Aurochs aren't really a good team. I mean Keppa starts at 5 CA. You're crazy to keep him or Letty, Botta, and Jassu. What I did was wait after I defeated Sin(On Airship) reset your data you have for blitz. And all the blitz players will return to their teams, but was best, all the blitz scouts were free.
Here's my Blitz Team
FWD-Datto and Tidus(OR if you renamed him)
CEN-Shammi and Brother
DEF- Zev Ronso and Wedge
GOAL- Jumal

Here's what I think will be the perfect team for you:
FWD-Tidus and Wedge or Brother
CEN-Shammi, Biggs, or Nedus or Mep or Rin
DEF- Zalitz, Ropp, Kyou
GOAL- Kyou, Jumal or Miyu or Yuma Guado

Email me if there is anything wrong with your team