Final Fantasy X Tips

Amazingly fast teleport spheres
Firstly I'll tell you the requirements for this.
1.You must have unlocked the "Sleep sprout" in the calm lands arena. To unlock you musth ave captured 5 of the following; Funguar, Thorn, Exoray.

2.Enough power to deal at least 10k+ each hit.

Anyway onto how to get these things. By killing the sleep sprout you get 2 tele spheres each time you win and 10k ap. To win this i advise you to use aeons or you can just say "Goodnight"

It has 98k hp so it isnt that hard to kill. My most of my aeons can almost overkill this guy in 1 hit lol. Sadly i cant hit more than 100k so I wont be able to.