Final Fantasy X Cheats

Nemesis Guide


HP: 10,000,000 MP: 9999

Strength - 255 Defence - 150 Magic - 255 Agility- 200 Luck - 0 Evasion- 0 Accuracy - 105 Magic Defence - 150


In order to breed this monster you will have to capture ten of each of the fiends roaming around in all the areas AND defeat all the original, area creations and species conquest monsters. You will be rewarded with 10 Master Spheres. Before the battle make sure you stock up on lots of healing waters (steal from admantoise) so you can restore 9999 hp to all party members at in one turn. Wakka and Tidus are a must for this battle as their overdrives will do major damage to Nemesis. Do not attempt to fight Nemesis until you have very if not perfect stats (besides luck) and have at least 35 to 40 thousand hp.
Nemesis will counter all overdrive attacks. One of his attacks causes curse (have holy water) and another ‘Armageddon’ will inflict maximum damage on all your fighters. Your best bet is to sacrifice aeons to protect you characters. Also don’t forget to uses Wakka and Tidus’ overdrives and have all party members bars up and make the uses the ‘entrust’ ability so that their full overdrive bar is transferred to Wakka and Tidus’ empty ones. Preferably to Wakka because attack reels is stronger. This means millions of damage to Nemesis, if your strength is around 255. At the same time use Quick hits and heal with healing water when your HP goes down. You should get sufficient turns if you agility levels are in the region of 200 to 255. If you follow this guide then you should have no problem defeating Nemesis. After he is defeated the area owner will present you with the Mark of Conquest Key item as proof of your heroism.