Final Fantasy X Cheats

Amazing Kimarhi and Amazing AP!!!!!!!!
Once u start the game train tidus yuna and kimari. It doesnt matter if you use other people but you need to use these three in EVERY battle. Once you get the airship and if you used the three in Every battle you should be able to win battles easily in the omega ruins especially if you have yuna with holy, ultima, flare, doublecast,and nirvanna(her ultimate weapon) These skills can help u do around 220000 or more easily. Fight your way through the ruins and get 2 ultima weapon. This fight is easy!!!!!!!MAKE SURE U HAVE ANIMA AND BAHUMUT!!!!!!! Have rikku or kimahri steal to get the wings 2 discovewrys u need for overdrive->ap then wipe him out easily with anima. should take u 1 overdrive and maybe a pain if you went into rikkus part of the grid. After that fight your way down to omega weapon and use steal with rikku, lancet with kimarhi, and use anima(if you went bak 2 recover him) or bahumut. again this shouldnt tak you that long. Return 2 airship and buy a shapeshifter from rin. Cuztomize double ap and overdrive->ap on it. Capture 1 of every monster in the sunken cave(the 1 where u get yojimbo) the only 2 monsters that might give you trouble findin is the ghost and the tonbeery. The ghost is ONLY in the first room and the tinbeery is ONLY in the room where you fight yojimbo. Buy 99 phonex downs then set yuna's and tidus' overdrive 2 stoic and have kimarhi's set 2 comrade. Go fight don tonberry and attack with ONLY tidus and yuna using tidus's overdrive after every hit while kimarhi only guards. Then once it stop using karma attack steal wit kimarhi or rikku and keep attackin wit tidus.Don will start using knife and killin 1 player instantly. Use phonex down and keep attackin. Use yunas overdrive(which she will have) and summon valefor. If you got energy blast USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS EVEN STRONGER THEN OBLIVION(if u got nirvanna like i said u should) After a few aeon overdrives(don tonberry will kill ur aeons instantly wit voodoo its funny 2 c him stab their clay bodies)don should die. dnt expect this 2 b a short fight because don has 480000 hp which is 4 times more then the final boss!!!!!!!!If you have done everything i have said up till now u should have 15-99 levels 4 kimarhi depeding on how much don karmad and stabbed ur teammates.