Final Fantasy X Tips

beat the hell out of the SANCTUARY KEEPER!!!
This battle isn't really a hard one, just a very annoying one, because the Sancutary Keeper is unusually, very smart. In fact it's very very smart. It has an amazingly high defense stat, and no it's not armored. Don't think you can lower it's defenses though, because if you do it'll counter by casting Protect or Shell on itself depending if you used Armor break or Mental Break, or even Auron's Banishing Blade inwhich case it'll counter with both spells at once. And if you think using Dispel to get rid of them works, it doesn't because it also negates all the Break statuses as well. You can however inflict Power Break and Magic Break on this boss with no worries, and it's reccomended you do so because this boss likes to heal for 9999 HP every now and again for a few turns. Magic Break will make that healing become arund 4900 now. If you're thinking why not use Reflect on this boss to make him heal your characters, well the boss has prepared for that and will either cast Dispel on himself on his next turn, or cast Reflect on one of your characters immediately before Reflecting Curaga back onto himself. On occasion the Sanctuary Keeper will cast Regen on himself, and this is very bad as he'll start recovering massive amounts of HP each every turn you take as well as his. You'll have no choice but to cast Dispel on the Sanctuary Keeper ASAP to get rid of it. The Sanctuary Keeper isn't just smart defensively, it's also very deadly offensively. If you cast Haste on your chaarcters be very aware that if you hit it, this boss will have a tail swipe that does a sizeable amount of damage as a counterattack which gets rid of all your character's Haste status should it hit. Don't even think about casting Slow on the Sanctuary Keeper as it'll immediately counter by casting Haste on itself, which you will have to use Dispel to get rid of. It's main attack you should watch out for is Photon Wings. On top of it doing a lot of damage to all characters, it inflicts a variety of status ailments including confusion. Having all characters confused is the most deadly thing that can happen. So be prepared by having some Confusion protection armors for your characters. Also watch out for it's Mana Breath attack which does a tremendous amount of damage to s ingle character, but becomes survivable if you Magic Break the Sanctuary Keeper. So you'll basically have to tough it out with this boss and heal normally. Using Magic Break is highly reccommended as it lowers the strength of his Curaga by half. Keep up the pressure and when he's almost dead and has around 10,000 HP charge up an Aeon's Overdrive gauge and use it to Overkill the boss.

Cheap and Dirty strategy:
This boss is vulnerable to Threaten. Threaten makes it so that a monster is frozen stiff with fear until the character who is threatening the monster makes another action. if you keep Threatening the Sanctuary Keeper, it'll just stand there and do absolutly nothing. Enabling you to kill it at your leisure.