Final Fantasy X Cheats

This is so easy and gets so much AP!

First thing you need to do is unlock the Area Conquest, Cactaur King, to do so capture all monsters at Bikanel island.

Next you need the Overdrive=Ap stat, customize it to your weapons with the Underdogs secret, Give it to everybody.

You should try to give it to a weapon with double overdrive doubling the AP gain rate.

Now set your overdrive mode to stoic and fight the Cactaur King.

Put Yuna, Tidus, And the person you want to level up in at the same time, Cast Hastega, and have Yuna Heal and Revive all you characters, and have plenty of Pheonix downs ready to heal yuna, Since your overdrive mode is stoic and you have the Overdrive=Ap ability on, when ever he uses 10,000 or 99,999 needles you get that much AP.

Now try this, with double overdrive on you will get 20,000 and 199,998 AP!

Now, if you have the right supplies to have Double Overdrive AND Triple overdrive, you will get 60,000... and a whopping 599,994 AP For EVERY ATTACK!

I fought long enough once and got over 100 level ups with Tidus, Good Luck.