Final Fantasy X Cheats

Jecht Shot
The Jecht Shoot is Tidus Father’s signature move in Blitzball. You learn it on the boat journey to Luca. The move is learned in a basic "whack a mole fashion. I learned it pretty fast by using the smash the buttons a whole lot technique and got it on my third try. During the normal storyline, you only get one shot at learning the move. If you failed to get the move, return to the boat with your airship by visiting the second village (the one with Huts and docks) Get on the boat to the south and choose the second option (Luca) Now go to the deck of the ship. Press the O button on the Blitzball and keep at it till you get it. The move makes winning Blitzball games a lot easier. There is also a Jecht Shot 2 that you can win as a prize in the Blitzball tournaments, but you must have earned all 3 of Tidus Key Abilities listed on his data page. The Jecht Shot 2 hit’s 3 people and then turns the ball invisible before shooting to the goal.