Final Fantasy X Tips

Quicker than gettin' 255 stats -.-
lol everyone is saying how they haven't lost a game in blitzball cuz they got the "best" team well i haven't lost a game and i've won about over 200 so lemme tell you my "dream team"

LF:Tidus lvl 60 (gutto be the BEST shooter)
54 sh 46 en

RF:Wakka lvl 27 (training him up)
28 sh 24 en

MF:Jassu lvl 54
28 at 65 sp 33 en

LB:Gravv lvl 36
28 at 25 bl 33 pa

RB:Judda lvl 41
33 at 21 bl 41 pa

Goalie:Keepa lvl 43
24 ca

Subs:Nimrook, Datto (he has mega speed at begining - 80 at lvl 37 i think) i know nimrook is probaly the best goalie but i like keepa as his fat and looks the part

also some people think you need 255 stats to hit 99'999 lmao you don't my wakka has 105 str and 87 agility and lol im untouchable plus his ultimate weapon which has evade and counter for physical attacks - i can hit 99'999 even with yuna's staff! and i think Tidus's slice and dice isn't as good as Blitz Ace as blitz ace is weak at the first hits but only does 99'999 when he hits the blitzball where as with slice and dice he does 99'999 6 times (depending on if you get it as great or even perfect)

lol and i remeber someone saying his Tidus got 22,000 health or something....mine got 34,000 and i got loads of spare nodes my auron got 38,000 and wakka 36,000 and my yuna has 31,000 i find the other characters boring so i can't be bothered to train them

send me a email if you have better stats

lol try out my blitzball team