Final Fantasy X Cheats

Tidus Overdrives and Celestial weapon
To obtain tidus overdirives you must repeat his older ones. Example: To obtain "Slice-and-Dice" you must use "Spiral Cut" 10 different times

Spiral Cut---(Auto)
Slice-And-Dice---(Use Spiral cut 10 times)
Energy Rain---(Use Slice and dice or Spiral cut 20 more times...a total of 30)
Blitz Ace---(Use Energy Rain, Slice and Dice, or Spiral Cut, 50 more times... A total of 80)

I found this the easiest way to get all of them-
Get Tidus' Celestial weapon (explained below) and max it out, then go to an easy place such as the Thunder plains-(Thats the place i used) and find battles with at least 2 fiends,then use Slice and dice, You should get overdrive again thanks to his weapon, repeat every battle... it took me about a half an hour to get blitz ace

To get Tidus' Celestial weapon.. you must first obtain the Celestial do so, go to the remiem temple and examine the sphere to the left of the temple, then go to the right of the temple and talk to the chocobo to start the race, dont do anything except go circular downward and finish the race, you will obtain the cloudy mirror after that go to the Macalania Woods, near the Entrance, to see a boy and his mom lookig for the dad, talk to them both repetitively, then go right, then straight then left and talk to the dad, go back and talk to the mom and dad 3 times each and they will say that their son is missing, follow the shiny path until you can take a left, do so and you will find the son, near a rock, which will upgrade your mirror to celestial.

To obtain the weapon, crest and sigil-

Defeat the choc. trainer in a race, then go to the far north-west to find a small path, go down it, examine the board and Caladbolg, his celestial weapon will be yours, but you need the crest and sigil to max it out

Easy, After you obtain the airship, go to where you fought Yunalesca, to the left of the room to find it in a chest.

Not so easy, get a time of 0:00:0 in the chocobo race... to do so, grab the second balloon, dont worry about the first one, and saty in front down the hill collecting balloons,then turn, immediately dodging the birds and collecting the balloons, the most important thing is not to get hit by the birds... this took me about 2 hours to do... be patient

After you get the crest and sigil return to the big stone, first, give it the crest upgrading it to Dbl, overdrive... then upgrade it again to get his weapon maxed out!