Final Fantasy X Tips

Alternate Ultimate weapon for Tidus
If you're like me, finishing the chocobo race at 0:00 is a pain in the ass. Instead of getting the Caladbolg for Tidus, you can get something a little better in my opinion. This requires 20x three stars, 30x winning formulas, and 60x dark matters. You can obtain the three stars by capture monsters in two areas of Spira, then go back to the monster owner-he'll give you 60x three stars. To obtain the winning formulas, capture all monsters in all of Spira then go back to the monster owner. To obtain the dark matters, go to the monster arena and repeatedly overkill Chimerageist-he'll drop x2 dark matters a time. Then simply find a 4 open slotted weapon for Tidus and customize them with: Break Damage Limit-60x dark matters, Triple Overdrive-30x winning formulas, and One MP Cost-20x Three stars. Once you customize your weapon, it'll be named "Excalibur." Pretty nice, eh? This may be somewhat time consuming but it's much easier than the Chocobo Race in my opinion. The leftover slot can be for anything you want. I recommend piercing for the bosses in the monster arena.