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Third way of how to beat Nemesis
Okay, I've seen lots of people talking about how to beat Nemesis. They say there are just TWO ways of beatin' his ass.

These two ways are:
1: Quick Hits and stuff...
2: Yojimbo's Zanmato...

Well, I found out a third way of beating him. But first I wanna tell you why. I've already done the Zanmato way, but that was too boring (just seeing that beast torn in two).

I wanted to see him like, really DIE, SUFFERING.

So here's the way.

First of all go to the menu Config and set the cursor the Memory, I'll explain later. Then you need at least one character with a maximum of 255 Agility. You don't need over 9999 HP or 255 Strengh and all that stuff... The Agility is most important for now.

Next, have an armor with Auto-Haste. You also need the white magic Auto-Life. Furthermore, Kimahri should have his overdrive Doom (that is the key to defeating Nemesis without seeing him cut in two).

Along with the Auto-Haste armor, you need a weapon with the One MP Cost ability.

Allright, now that you have everything, challenge Nemesis. Then immediately cast Hastega and Auto-Life on everyone.

Now, have Kimahri use the overdrive Doom (trust me it works). The countdown is 255 turns. That means Nemesis should do 255 turns for the countdown to reach 0.

After the overdrive, Nemesis will retaliate with Ultima. Make sure your party is Auto-Lifed and Auto-Hasted (on Armor).

Normally, Auto-Life would cost 97 MP, but now you have the One MP Cost ability it should be no problem. Your character should (at least) have 300 MP for now.

Now that the countdown has started and you've revived from Ultima, keep using Auto-Life and let him attack you.

Thanks, to Auto-Haste (Armor), Auto-Life (Wht. Mgc.) and One MP Cost (Weapon) Nemesis will be taking lots of turn during his countdown, but you will still be the one making the initial turn.

This means that you can use Auto-Life, then let him attack you. You will be KO'd after his attack, then revived be Auto-Life. Then you have the first turn before another one of his attacks. Use Auto-Life again and again.

Keep this up, then eventually the countdown will reach 0 and Nemesis is (this time) REALLY doomed.