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omega ruin's ultimate(or sumthing) monster
ok first u gotta yuna's overdrive bar full, then make ur way through the cave and wen u get 2 the end, u will fite a monster called ultimate weapon or monster, he is pretty hard, i beat him eaisly, i was jus had a normal party.anyway gotta hav yojimbo, wen u start the battle, grand summon yojimbo and pay him 10,000gil. he will kill the ulitmate weapon in 1 shot!!then u keep going (oh and while ur walking get yuna's overdrive bar full) till u see a purle kind of protal-like. go through it and u will fite omega weapon. he is jus like the ultimate weapon but..a bit stronger but u jus do the same thing wit ultiamte weapon and ur finsihed.. oh if u see a treasure chest its a mp sphere..
hope this is helpfull!!