Final Fantasy X Cheats

Fixing the Blitball Item Payouts sorta
At any point in the game when you are low on valuable items and the just happen to love to play blitzball, then I've found a way to constantly change what appears on the payouts for league games and tournaments.

While this can be done at any save sphere, I am usually at the calm lands so I can take a quick jog to the monster arena if I want to have some fun killing the original monsters.

Fixing tournament payouts is easier since they occur every two or three league games after the last tournament. Play a few league blitzball games and save after each victory. Make sure to exit the blitzball mode after each game before you save so that you aren't able to view to blitzball menu.

Once you save, re-enter the blitzball menu by clicking on the save sphere and repeat the process of playing games, leaving and saving until the tournament option is highlighted.

Scroll down to the highlighted tournament option and view it BUT DO NOT CLICK ONTO IT IF THE ITEMS FOR PAYOUTS AREN'T TO YOUR LIKING. If you click to play that tournament, then the cheat won't work and you'll be stuck playing for those items.

To change the items in the payout slots, simply reset the game. I usually use the SELECT, START, R1, R2, L1, L2 method so that it works faster (all pressed at the same time). Load the saved data and re-enter the blitzball menu. The tournament option should still be highlighted, but if you scroll down the payout list should have changed. Repeat the process of ONLY VIEWING the tournament payout list and reseting until you have found items to your liking.

This process also works every ten games for the league pay out list.

Because I have already beaten the game many times, I find that blitzball is the only thing that keeps me coming back to play. Therefore, I mostly use the payout list change to aquire the TECH FIND ability and any other abilities that can't be aquired by marking like Pile Wither or Hi-Risk.

Since TECH FIND allows you to open up new options for your players, I've found that I can switch players to almost any position for a more interesting change up.

On another blitzball note, to aquire multiples of a payout highest scorer item or Tech, score the most goals with multiple players on your team. Though most of you probably know that, its interesting competition trying to get exactly the same amount of goals scored for a few of your team members. Multiple payouts of TECH FIND for being the highest scorer will get your players pumped up on all sorts of new Techs to mark and keeps blitzball even more interesting. Especially if your defense turn into team members that try to score too.

And if you're looking for items like Dark Matters, Underdog's Secrets, and the such, then multiples of them can fetch a nice sell price or help with your customization.