Final Fantasy X Cheats

Make Penance as a HISTORY>>>>>>>
HP: main body:7,000,000
arms :600,000 each
Requirements : defeat all dark aeons and the new option will appear

Welcome to your worst case scenario in FFX,
Penance posibly the second hardest monster in Spira after Nemesis the monster arena creation.

So this how you kick-his-ass right on the spot...
gift them autolife and cast hastega on your party!
Kill the left arm ASAP. You may need dispel for Yuna and Purifying salt for Riku or anyone who knows how to use : "use".
You also may need to learn double cast for ultima as an additional requirements!
DON't use HOLY! nor other elements since it may absorbed all elements!
Prepare to get your pillow since this fight may take a long time, cause the arms will easily regenerated!
Use your aeons overdrive (should i repeat it again ?) especially magus sister and anima.
saves Yuna's overdrive for Yojimbo and pay him 1756 gill, hopefully he will use Zanmamoto.
Use counter attack ability, triple overdrive, magic booster, and break damage limit is also a plus for your character,
REMEMBER: ribbon does not protect you as what deathproof does!
Do this over and over again and hey! you got a nifty rewards such as master spears and dark matters! so, bye-bye Penance