Final Fantasy X Cheats

Lady Yunalesca easy battle
first obtain yojimbo and take him for a test drive try him in a few battles and once your satisfied you like the aeon raise everyones overdrives up. Then go to yunalesca and get ready to fight if you don't feel your ready you can get on teleport pads and go back to mt. gagazet. if you feel your ready continue and fight her after a long boring movie she fights you. her first form has 28,000hp or around that attack her mostly with characters and use first3 aeons if you really have to. BIG TIP do yourself a favour and get zombieproof armour if you can't don't worry i did not have and i still bet her. now after a quick fight first form, now its on too the 2nd form which has round about 48,000 hp you should have some aeons left mine where bahamut and yojimbo i attacked her with bahamut and did his overdrive mega flare (DO NOT USE YOJIMBO) this did around 12,000 dmg then i used most character over drives i used rikkus overdrive MIX and mixed fire gem with lvl 4 keysphere and wot a special that was did 900 about 8 times then i mainly kept attacking with auron and lulu and had yuna healing and de zombieing them after her second form died its on to third. i summoned yojimbo with grand summon and paid him 11111 (don't even ask me y?) he did zanmato which obliterated her third form which had 78,000 hp this should work for you because it was the amount of money i gave him that did it well done you beat her now look around the platform for a chest containing the sun crest and on to the next chapter of the game! good luck